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last on al jazeera. thank. you stan the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world. al-jazeera. civilians are ferried out of the village of. last stronghold in syria. could be recaptured soon. hello i'm maryam namazie in london you're with al-jazeera also coming up on the program the president of pakistan administered kashmir tells al-jazeera that a risk of war with india after last week's bombing in the disputed region. more
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british politicians resign from their political parties over breaks it this time three lawmakers from the ruling conservative party on the high speed rail link that's become a billion dollars symbol of the strained relationship between france and italy. i still wants control most of eastern syria and a third of iraq but it's now on the brink of defeat its territory reduced to a sliver of land that u.s. backed syrian democratic forces have started evacuating civilians from syria's eastern village of it's a crucial sign that it could be an end to a standoff that's lost it more than a week several trucks have left the besieged enclave carrying men women and children it's believed i still fight is use civilians as human shields or some five hundred fighters remain holed up in the area evacuated civilians have been taken to
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the camp in northern syria which has been coined the village of the damned it's where many eisel brides including the british teenager shamima begum have ended up a camp a segregated one park for ordinary citizens the other for suspected i still families meanwhile further south on syria's border with jordan is the camp it lies inside the so-called de confliction zones has helped by u.s. forces and is controlled by free syrian army rebels well there are around forty thousand. people mostly women and children living in the rock band camp they were given a twenty four hour window to leave by the syrian government in russia but many decided to stay because of safety concerns imran khan brings us the latest now from the at the turkey syria border. at least ten trucks have left the alba who's village carrying women and children now the civilians have been a real concern for both the united nations and the syrian democratic forces in
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effect both the united nations on the center and democratic forces say i see a using those civilians as human shields now it's in ices interest of keep the civilians there because it stops the s.t.'s from coming inside the village now the village most of it has actually been completely destroyed and the civilians and living in what is effectively tented camps in the outskirts of that village now given that they've now been able to leave yes the ethyl very confident they'll be able to go in and deal with isis fighters although the i suffices had a very long time to prepare for this fight they knew it was going to come at some point and they biased to dig tunnels and what we're hearing is a lot of those are suffices in those tunnels and still be a very tough fight for the syrian democratic forces now as i say whilst all this goes on we still have the situation in iraq up on camp now our camp is controlled by the f.s.a. there is a no man's land effectively about fifty five kilometers before you get to these russian and syrian opened corydoras now these corridors so-called humanitarian
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corridors allegedly going to allow syrians in the camp mostly women and children to be able to go north however there's a real suspicion let's hear what few people have sight to see the crossings opened by the regime and the russian military police are claimed to be safe but the people here are not feeling any safety or stability people here feel as if they are drowning and looking for anything at all to rescue themselves the road to the camp has been cut by bridges that i am for me personally if i leave it would be army to go from one death trap to another and if i found a safe place from a my kids in my family i would guard business religion not that i've been in the crossing is a good step but we wanted to be our the same by the un because of. lies we've been told before nobody believes these crossings are safe so despite the fact that there is a very desperate situation in the camp people are running low on food on oil on accommodation
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or water and they're living effectively on top of each other this is a very real situation of the russian and syrian motives and this although the window came to an end not him this morning it was a pretty tense for hours it's unclear whether the russians and the syrians will keep the corridors open for any longer. meanwhile bangladesh's foreign minister is saying that the british teenager who fled london to join i.c.l. and who is now in the other how can we mentioned earlier will not be allowed into his country on choose day the u.k. move to strip shamima begum citizenship believing she was a deal national with bangladeshi heritage the foka has more from london please find enclosed papers that relate to a decision taken by the this is how nineteen year olds should be maclagan learned that she was being stripped of her british citizenship from a copy of a letter from the british home office begum is in a refugee camp in syria where she was discovered earlier this month. and apart
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breaking to read and i thought i would my family made it sound like it would be a lot easier for me to come back to the u.k. when i was speaking to them involved. kind of. in twenty fifteen she and two friends left the u.k. to join i saw in syria she married a dutch eisel fighter soon after arriving and have been living in i saw the whole before arriving at the camp can i say to you i think it's british prime minister said the decision to revoke begum citizenship would be carefully considered the overall point my article friend makes is absolutely right which is how important it is for this government and this country to make very clear that we will take action against those who are involved in terrorism the british government can withdraw a person citizenship if they are deemed a security risk providing it doesn't leave them stateless it's believed begum has bangladeshi heritage and is eligible for citizenship but when asked about the case the country's foreign ministry said teenager begum is not
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a bangladeshi citizen there is no question of begum being allowed to enter bangladesh bacon's infant son is a british national by birth the british government says his rights and unaffected. this is bethnal green where should be begun grew up an area with a large bangladeshi community in london's eastend the case is divided opinion here . there's just so many fat and i'm actually quite a bit torn to the one hundred it was the truth but this is the ship i want them to bring her in the baby ava but the other hand i'm like she did go away and she did join you know terrorists agree. only fifteen when she left for syria there were some including the former head of britain's foreign intelligence service m i six people leave the british society should be strong enough to give her a second chance others want her to come to the u.k. to stand trial to possibly face a prison sentence and enter into a deal radicalization program. but says she doesn't regret traveling to syria
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she's also described the twenty seventeen bunches serina bomb attack is justified retaliation the comments haven't won her much sympathy but one former senior police officer believes begum should be seen as a victim you know we took intimate sexual exploitation we were talking about individuals that were on the on the internet being radicalized parents had no idea whatsoever what was happening. an estimated nine hundred british nationals have joined eisel but only forty of being prosecuted the government wants to send a tough signal to others hoping to return to the u.k. but every right or wrong decision the government makes sets a precedent for others. al-jazeera london. and leader of pakistan administered kashmir massoud khan has told al jazeera he fears there is a risk of war with india after last week's attack in the disputed region forty one
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indian paramilitary soldiers were killed on based on group jaish e mohammad claimed responsibility on and says that the pakistani government was not involved in the attack. we reject the allegations that the indian government has made and we all saw denounced the kind of frenzy that indian ruling party and the extremist groups have picked up there in india and the kind of anti pakistani anti sentiment that there we bring up there is a very very negative and this is pushing the two countries to the brink of war and we really are against this kind of warmongering the other reaction that i want to give is that there is a bigger reality there is this incident of course and pakistan has denied any responsibility has made but at the same time i would like to say that there is
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a bigger reality there and the bigger reality is that for the past so do one cheers midis have been brutalized and about half a million views have been killed in the past. seventy one cheers and killing are continuing people are being tortured and maimed and blinded. now kashmiris across n.p.r. saying that they have been harassed threatened and assaulted since last week's suicide bombing in indian controlled kashmir many blame indian news channels and social media for stoking the violence against them as jamil reports on this now from new delhi. from topps the suspect was standing working with us that for us was our city this is one of many videos posted on social media targeting anyone in india even suspected of being unpatriotic because he's living in india have become prime targets with many telling stories of being harassed threatened and worse. or this could marry student was studying in an indian
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university when a local mob forced him and other kashmiris to flee he doesn't want to be identified for fear of reprisals against him and other students. he says the violence began after a twitter post celebrating the deaths of indian troops in kashmir was spread on campus he believes the post was fake but the damage has been done and the people reported. there are spreading hatred. like many marys he says he left kashmir because of violence there made him feel unsafe but in light of what's happening to them in india. and nobody wants. to know some kashmiri say it's not just social media that stoking hatred against kashmiris in india they see the mainstream indian media as adding to the tensions and that leading to more violence several television channels have had near continuous coverage of the attack on indian troops some parents feel the media is
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partly to blame for kashmiri students now being targeted. the way indian media is provoking people and trying to incite trouble i don't think kashmiris are safe in india. but others blame india's leadership for not cracking down on the violence criticizing prime minister narendra modi for not condemning attacks against mary's or even appealing for calm the silence had been designed precisely. to give give space to every client he was to meet to come out you know come out with nukes and grand crevices and crannies every agree. the great is the people used to be ashamed of in the past are now being glorified. the result of that is being felt by kashmiris across india as many now make their way back to kashmir saying it's safer being in india as jamil al jazeera new delhi
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. still to come fully on the program. the historic summit at peace in the catholic church fails to meet any survivors also. an estimated fifteen billion dollars worth of oil and gas was discovered off the coast of senegal find out next how this newfound wealth is now part of the presidential campaign just days before the election. hello there it's still gloriously warm for many of us across europe february really hasn't turned into the dollar gray month that it normally is instead we've had plenty of sunshine and plenty of warm weather too with the temperatures generally
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around five or ten degrees above average you see all that bright weather extending across many parts of europe and for many of us it's going to stay bright sunny and warm as we head through the next few days so on thursday we're expecting the top temperature in paris to be around sixteen degrees at sixty one in fahrenheit and we do have this weather system in the northeastern parts of thursday and that's going to cause a few problems it's going to sink its way southward over the next few days and it is gradually intensify so on friday and on saturday is going to be the southeastern parts of europe where we see the windy conditions and some wet and wintery ones as well across the other side of the mediterranean the last we fine and dry for many of us here i think for about though is going to get a bit warmer as we head into friday so our temperatures will be topping this time at around twenty four degrees the central belt of africa is also going to see plenty of sunshine as we head through the next day or so i think for us in lagos we get to around thirty two just the chance of the old shower here but i think the greatest chance of a shower is going to be for the south so bone is likely to see quite
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a few during the day. welcome to all to. the soviet era automobile manufacturing. with the decades old has been torn up we were. selling to. the western style management and so she was at work and. appeared destined for a car. the russian regional a witness documentary on al jazeera. welcome
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back a quick look at the top stories this hour now u.s. spike syrian democratic forces have started evacuating civilians from my sil's last remaining pockets of land in eastern syria several trucks have left the besieged village of. the british teenager who fled london to join the ice will not be welcome in bangladesh this according to the country's foreign minister who made the announcement off the person move just a u.k. citizenship believing she was a jew national. leader of pakistan administered kashmir is told our jazeera he fears there's a risk of war with india after last week's attack in the disputed region forty one indian prime military soldiers were killed in a car bombing. or the british prime minister to reason may is just left to use headquarters in brussels off to holding more talks aimed at breaking the bricks that block may has been seeking legal assurances on the controversial backstop a mechanism which prevents
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a hard border between northern ireland and the republic of ireland well all this after dramatic developments three m.p.'s from may's own party and out saying that they will quit saying handling of rights it's on a subrace era wollaston and heidi allen have all joined eight of the m.p.'s from the opposition labor party who have formed a new political organization called the independent group. senior class from across the catholic wild will gather at the vatican on thursday for historic meeting aimed at halting sexual abuse by priests for decades the catholic church has been struggling with the scandal as thousands of cases of sexual abuse have been exposed some i was with you to meet the pope on wednesday but he failed to show up for a challenge reports now from vatican city. each of these people have stories to tell their own stories or other people's stories of years of suffering of the hands
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of catholic priests bishops and cardinals. on the eve of an unprecedented meeting on sexual abuse of the vatican they brought their stories to tell pope francis. speaking to journalists earlier in the day survivors explained what they wanted but zero tolerance if you've abused a child you're not going to be a priest anymore and if you've covered up for that abuse or. you two are not going to be a priest anymore. starting from when he was seven like i just saw and is abused by three different men but it was sexual assault i don't think i didn't really need to go into graphic detail but i was sexually assaulted by these characters and while still having recovered in the physical sense it didn't have any long lasting effect on me what these creatures did to me i still actually have a weekly therapy session because it messes your mind up. it's abuse like this that
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the vatican says it's determined to put a stop to that the four day meeting is vital in impressing on senior clarity who've come from around the world that it's their shared responsibility to do so but although cardinals and bishops will hear video testimony from victims of sexual abuse no survivors is being given the chance to speak with her in person now so they were putting great importance on their expected separate meeting at the party but it didn't go as planned first of all pope francis wasn't there probably made it very clear some of us that's not ok we're going to see victims see it as a sign of disrespect that the leader of the catholic church sent bishops instead this vatican summits on sexual abuse may be unprecedented in its size and its scope but survivors have still told us that they all skeptical that it's going to lead to any meaningful change and their experiences on wednesday have only reinforced that feeling for them the summit has got off to a bad start before it's even begun the return on al-jazeera the vatican. iran's
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foreign minister has accused the us of hypocrisy following the release of a report detailing how members of the trumpet ministration sought to share nuclear technology with saudi arabia. officials pulled out of the deal with iran in two thousand and fifteen one hour an investigation has been launched into why the corporate interests of put ahead of law the law in dealings with the saudis might counterpoints. the twenty four page report is extensive and reach in detail providing names dates and specific communications relating to u.s. nuclear technology in saudi arabia the oversight committee under representative elijah cummings based the report on what it calls whistleblower accounts evidence provided by career officials within the administration deeply concerned about what would appear to be a deeply corrupt process circumventing congress what is surprising us is the scope of u.s. government officials. directly involved and business to business
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talks. the way out this close and potential economic interest in the work that they were doing and that is certainly what is new among those named in the report to president trump's son in law and adviser jared cushion or who refinanced a deeply indebted new york building with a company called brookfield business partners which had just acquired a nuclear services company westinghouse electric under scrutiny as well question his ongoing relationship with the saudi crown prince mohammed bin salman. and central to the report longtime trump supporter and one time national security advisor michael flynn who the report says was deeply involved in pushing a nuclear plan for saudi arabia that included the construction of as many as forty saudi nuclear plants the report says michael flynn was a paid advisor to
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a company known as i p three international during the presidential campaign through the transition period and even while serving as national security advisor the report ends on february the twelfth that is last week president trump participated in a white house meeting with private nuclear power developers initiated by i p three international and as a democrat led oversight committee commences a large scale investigation the question is whether house republicans will commit to it as well mike hanna al-jazeera washington saudi state media say four soldiers have been killed while fighting who see rebels on the border with yemen and rebels say they are continuing with their military offensive at the border taking saudi military positions south of john and a large number of weapons near not tran. earlier on wednesday saudi led coalition
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fighter jets to raids on the. me at base in the capital sanaa local residents say they heard two loud explosions and saw smoke coming from the who sees base. egypt has executed nine people for the killing of its top prosecutor in two thousand and fifteen barakat was attacked just a day before the second anniversary of mass protests that prompted the military to oust former president mohamed morsy six others have had their death sentences lifted but will serve life in prison government blame the attack on the muslim brotherhood and gaza based hamas but both have denied any involvement. police in morocco fired water cannon at teachers protesting against low wages and working conditions several people were also injured when they were beaten by offices thousands demonstrated outside the education ministry in the capital rob but before attempting to move on to the nearby royal palace rallies mark eight years since the birth of morocco's own so-called arab spring protests unlike that country's
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neighbors moroccans did not bring down their oil ruler but have since mobilize regularly to protest against social injustice. and fuel supplies of cut the price of petrol in a bid to encourage people to travel to vote in presidential elections this saturday it was scheduled to take place last week but was delayed just a few hours before polls would choose to open both of the main parties have expressed concern that the delay would result in a reduced voter time hours well now to senegal where newly discovered oil reserves are taking center stage in the presidential election there it's hoped it will pump billions of dollars into the economy and rival candidates say they are the right person for the job as he expects nicolas hack reports. you should've known for an brings the unexpected. up until last year but. didn't know that beneath this ocean is an estimated fifty billion dollars worth of oil and gas.
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president has given exploitation rights to international oil giants this is says it will make them rich at least that's what they've been promised. look at the neighboring countries. it's going to divisions but it can also be a blessing. to be properly managed. and so they believe the president is the man for the job he's running for a second term in office in the northwest coastal town of san luis promising more subsidies for fishermen in farmers the government is already investing in multi-million dollar development projects ahead of twenty twenty one when oil companies are expected to start drilling the extraction of oil and gas hasn't started yet but already opponents of mike you sell accuse him of corruption it's part of this presidential campaign because so many here fear that foreign companies and the political elite will profit from this newfound wealth at their expense.
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this man wearing campaign t. shirts was recorded by a local journalist distributing cash at an election rally rémy party candidate has accused the president of drowning that country in debt while political newcomer says his brother who had an oil company our money laundering and personally profiting from the oil and gas discovery the president has denied all these allegations and. marcie shell is a total disappointment he stole all of our resources he betrayed the people who elected him with sixty five percent of the vote in the last elections he is a real disappointment in the two thousand and twelve election campaign promise to tackle corruption during his time in office two of his rivals opposition leader. and former mayor of deckard were jailed and convicted of embezzling millions of dollars they were disqualified from taking part in the presidential race. whoever
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wins this election will be in charge of a country wealthier than ever before and so each candidate is trying to attract voters with the promise of a better life. nicholas hawk al-jazeera. it's a project that will help link an entire continent the trans alpine rail link between its knees charin and leo in france will cost nearly ten billion dollars and one of europe's most expensive china lines once finished but the tunnel is cause divisions among residents and a diplomatic route between asli and france isn't helping either as they've achieved reports it's europe's most ambitious engineering project a high speed train link being cut but separating france and italy but as diplomatic relations continue to unravel it's proving to be a tunnel too far at the heart of the ten billion dollars operating is this drilling machine two thousand four hundred tons of steel churning to the rock nonstop
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towards italy greece and of course in the levies if this is really the project of my life i hope to keep on and finish this tunnel. but emerging from a citizen's guard house on the italian side of the border it's fulvio as a lifetime ambition to make sure the tunnel never breaks through. for years now thousands of locals here have been taking part in demonstrations against it the see me laurie that we don't really have so many things to be down or things that would be useful to the community and let's say for progress what is being done with this tunnel is a waste of fronts we waste a montane of found wasted. and fulvio has some backing in high political circles it leads deputy prime minister luigi mio head of the populous five star movement he's done most to fray relations with paris by meeting with members of the l a vest rebellion besieging president macro. the five stars deputy mayor of children
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described the project as insanity crystal pays enough to pay them at the program you know or con three hundred fewer of them friends with a get a vest is that their recent need for public investments but they must be for what are the united states is in its must back in france president emmanuel makkal is struggling to keep dion taunt cody alo he didn't help when he described new populist movements as a form of political leprosy less than us to do to hope it will be any transport link between the west and the east and that's why it is creation and strategic once it's finished it will connect all the countries between putsch calling eastern europe it's like a small reconstruction of europe's version of the silk right. that the italians make up that kills it the other and i don't take it that ninety five. dollars a year or if you run a brothel take it like that for the whole of europe but at the moment if they feel
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like they could meet it in the town every day telling you know what. each slab inserted into the tunnel wall was meant to cement relationships between france and italy instead a fiasco is in the making in the heart of europe david chase down to zero under the french alps. well there is more on everything we're covering right here the address al-jazeera delcam. just a quick look at top stories now u.s. backed syrian democratic forces have started evacuating civilians from last remaining pockets of land in eastern syria several trucks have left the besieged village of fishel say the presence of civilians in the area of sloth their advance as they were being used by i.c.l. as human shields but syrian fighters say they now expect to liberate the town
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within twenty four hours and run khan has moved. now in about a square kilometer of territory that they are holed up in but they've been prepared for this fight for a very long time and they know the village well they know the territory very well so it will be an easy fight for the syrian democratic forces they'll have to go in through the main routes into the village and that's where they'll face stiff resistance also a lot of the isis forces actually underneath the village in tunnels that they've been digging and they'll likely to be able to use those tunnels to try and get behind the as the air forces as they come in meanwhile in southern syria people living in the rock band camp of ignored a twenty four hour window given by russia on the syrian government to leave any of the cam fear that the humanitarian corridors setup would not be safe all the british teenager begum who fled london to join i still will not be welcome in bangladesh this according to the country's foreign minister made that announcement
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off to britain move to strip you k. citizenship it's thought begum has bangladeshi heritage the leader of pakistan administered kashmir is told al jazeera he fears there's a risk of war with india after last week's attack in the disputed region four she won indian paramilitary soldiers were killed in the car bombing the pakistan based on group jaish e mohammad claims to have been behind the attack. and three m. pays for a new u.k.'s ruling conservative party have resigned over the government's handling of banks it they've joined eight other m.p.'s from the opposition labor party who have formed a new political organization called the independent group the m.p.'s announcement was made hours before may headed to brussels for more talks aimed at ending the breaks that impasse and bring you more on those stories a little bit later on there will be another headline update in twenty five minutes time i'll see you then coming up next on al-jazeera it's the stream.
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ok and i'm really good and you're in the stream today catalonia separatist leaders on trial where examine this major court case and its impact on politics in spain what should happen to the people who lead apollonius failed bid for independence let us know what you think in our live youtube chat or on twitter. twelve cattle and separate incident is could see up to twenty five years in prison if convicted of rebellion and other offenses related to
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a failed independence brigade in late two thousand and seventeen madrid tried to stop catalonia from holding its independence referendum first by declaring the vote .


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