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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 21, 2019 1:00am-1:34am +03

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my return to kosovo and the little village of book one decade on i've come back to find out what happened to those hopes and dreams we want on al-jazeera. civilians levi's cells last stronghold in syria the village of but could soon be recaptured by u.s. backed fight is. no i'm in london a very warm welcome to the program also coming up how social media is being used to target kashmiris living in india after last week's suicide bombing in indian controlled kashmir a lifeline for patients in a war torn yemen we look at the app that connects them with people willing to donate blood and pope francis prepares to hold a historic some
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a stone it be used in the catholic church but fails to meet any survivors. i still want to control most of eastern syria and a third of iraq but it's now on the brink of defeat its territory reduced to a sliver of land that u.s. backed syrian democratic forces have started evacuating civilians from syria's eastern village of it's a sign that there could be an end to a standoff that's lasted more than a week several trucks have left the besieged enclave carrying men women and children it's believed eisel fighters use civilians as human shields will some five hundred fighters remain holed up in the area evacuated civilians are being taken to the camp in northern syria which has been the village of the damned camp a segregated one bought for ordinary citizens the other for suspected eisel families meanwhile further south on syria's border with jordan is the rock band
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camp it lies inside the so-called de confliction zone set up by u.s. forces and as controlled by free syrian army rebels there are around forty thousand people mostly women and children living in the rock band camp they were given a twenty four hour window to leave by the syrian government and russia but many decided to stay because of safety concerns imran khan brings us the latest now from gaza in the turkey syria border. at least ten trucks have left the alba who's village pairing women and children now the civilians have been a real concern for both the united nations and the syrian democratic forces in effect both the united nations on the center and democratic forces say i see a using those civilians as human shields now it's in ices interest of keep the civilians there because it stops the s.d.f. from coming inside the village now the village most of it has actually been completely destroyed and the civilians and living in what is effectively tented camps in the outskirts of that village now given that they've now been able to
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leave yes the ethyl very confident they'll be able to go in and deal with isis fighters now that the i suffices had a very long time to prepare for this fight they knew it was going to come at some point and they biased to dig tunnels and what we're hearing is a lot of those are suffices in those tunnels and still be a very tough fight for the syrian democratic forces now as i say whilst all this goes on we still have the situation in iraq up on camp on camp is controlled by the f.s.a. there is a no man's land effectively about fifty five kilometers before you get to these russian and syrian opened corydoras now these corridors so-called humanitarian corridors allegedly going to allow syrians in the camps mostly women and children to be able to go north however there's a real suspicion let's hear what a few people have sight to see the crossings opened by the regime and the russian military police are claimed to be safe but the people here are not feeling any
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safety or stability people here feel as if they are drowning and looking for anything at all to rescue themselves the road to the camp has been cut by richard i am for me personally if i leave it would be army to go from one death trap to another if i found a safe place from a my kids in my family i would guard finish it if that's not their fault opening the crossing is a good step but we wanted to be our the same by the un because i'm. lies we've been told before nobody believes these crossings are safe so despite the fact that there is a very desperate situation in the camp people are running low on food on oil of accommodation or water and they are living effectively on top of each other this is a very real situation of the russian and syrian motives. although the window came to an end not in this morning open for twenty four hours it's unclear whether the russians and the syrians will keep the corridors open for any longer. ella developments bangladesh's foreign minister says the british teenager who fled
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london to join and who is in the other how can we mentioned earlier will not be allowed into his country on tuesday the u.k. move to strip shamima begum of her or her citizenship believing she was a jewel national with bangladeshi heritage and you are has more means finding clothes papers that relate to a decision taken by this is how nineteen year old should be blood that she was being stripped of her british citizenship from a copy of a letter from the british home office. begum is in a refugee camp in syria where she was discovered earlier this month and. in twenty fifteen she and two friends left the u.k. to join i saw in syria she married a dutch eisel fighter soon after arriving and to be living in isis last stronghold before arriving at the camp can i say to you i think it's british prime minister
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said the decision to revoke citizenship would be carefully considered the overall point one of the friend makes is absolutely right which is how important it is for this government and this country to make very clear that we will take action against those who are involved in terrorism the british government can withdraw a person citizenship if they are deemed a security risk providing it doesn't leave them stateless it's believed begum has bangladeshi heritage and is eligible for citizenship but when asked about the case the country's foreign ministry said teenage begum is not a bangladeshi citizen there is no question of begum being allowed to enter bangladesh bacon's infant son is a british national by birth the british government says his rights unaffected. this is bethnal green which should mean the begum grew up an area with a large bangladeshi community in london's east end the case is divided opinion here
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. there's just so many factors in this and i'm actually quite a bit torn to the one hundred it was the truth but this is a ship i want them to bring her in the baby ava but the other hand i'm like she did go away and she did join you know terrorists agree. only fifteen when she left for syria there were some including the former head of britain's foreign intelligence service m i six people leave the british society should be strong enough to give her a second chance others want her to come to the u.k. to stand trial to possibly face a prison sentence and enter into a deal rather colonization program. but she doesn't regret traveling to syria she's also described the twenty seventeen bunches serina bomb attack is justified retaliation the comments haven't won her much sympathy but one former senior police officer believes begum should be seen as a victim you know we took intimate sexual exploitation we were talking about individuals that were on the on the internet being radicalized parents had no idea whatsoever what was happening. but estimated nine hundred british nationals have
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joined eisel but only forty of being prosecuted the government wants to send a tough signal to others hoping to return to the u.k. but every right or wrong decision the government makes sets a precedent for others. al-jazeera london meanwhile in the united states secretary of state might be an american born woman who joined i sill is no longer a u.s. citizen and will not be allowed to return to the country holding the son a says she made a mistake in joining the armed group in syria and now wants to return to america with her eighteen month old son but secretary. has no legal basis to claim american citizenship a lawyer for the woman's family says it was brainwashed online and could have valuable intelligence for u.s. forces.
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leader of pakistan administered kashmir massive colonist holdout is there he fears as a risk of war with india after last week's attack in the disputed region forty one indian paramilitary soldiers were killed pakistan based on good jaish e mohammad says it was behind the bombing khan insists that the pakistani government was not involved in the attack really reject the allegations that the indian government has made and we all saw denounced the kind of frenzy that indian ruling party and the extremist groups have whipped up there in india and the kind of anti pakistan a. sentiment that there will bring up there is a very very negative and this is pushing the two countries to the brink of war and we are against this kind of warmongering the other reaction that i want to give is that there is a bigger reality there is this incident of course and pakistan has denied any
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responsibility. but at the same time i would like to say that there is a bigger reality there and the bigger reality is that for the bar so do one cheers midis have been brutalized and about half a million pushed buz have been killed in the past. seventy one cheers and killing are continuing people are being tortured and maimed and blinded. meanwhile kashmiris across india say they have been harassed threatened and assaulted since last week's army an indian controlled kashmir many blame indian news channels and social media for stoking the violence against them. reports on that now from new delhi. from the tops of the suspect was standing working here in the us wishing that france would your city this is one of many videos posted on social media targeting anyone in india even suspected of being unpatriotic because he's living in india have become prime targets with many telling stories of being
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harassed threatened and worse. or this student was studying in an indian university when a local mob forced him and other kashmiris to flee he doesn't want to be identified for fear of reprisals against him and other students. he says the violence began after a twitter post celebrating the deaths of indian troops in kashmir was spread on campus he believes the post was fake but the damage has been done and the people who posted it. there are spreading hatred. like many marys he says he left kashmir because of violence there made him feel unsafe but in light of what's happening to them in india. and nobody wants. some kashmiris say it's not just social media that stoking hatred against kashmiris in india they see the mainstream indian media as adding to the tensions and that leading to more violence several television channels have had near continuous
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coverage of the attack on indian troops some parents feel the media is partly to blame for kashmiri students now being targeted. the way indian media is provoking people and trying to incite trouble i don't think mary's are safe in india. but others blame india's leadership for not cracking down on the violence criticizing prime minister narendra modi for not condemning attacks against kashmiris or even appealing for calm the silence has been designed precisely. to give give space to every claimed he was it took on lot. you know come out with nukes and ground crevices and crannies it reproduce agree he did this the great it is the people used to be ashamed of in the past are now being glorified. the result of that is being felt by kashmiris across india as
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many tao make their way back to push mir saying it's safer being in india says jamil al jazeera new delhi. still ahead for you on the program more british politicians resigned from their political parties over breaks at this time three lawmakers from the ruling conservative party. and that is when his health crisis spills over to neighboring countries as thousands flee abroad for treatment. hello there the weather is mostly dry for us in australia at the moment the satellite picture is it really picking up a great deal of cloud over satori instead you always are drawn out towards the east where we've got this swirling mass of cloud here this is all tropical so i clone omagh and it looks like that scratching tracking its way towards the west now
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there's a great deal of uncertainty to its forecast but it doesn't look like the eye of the storm will make landfall certainly not in the next few days instead it's going to throw plenty of cloud a rain ahead of it so we might see some around the coast of queensland but the eye of the storm won't be with us yet so once the west should be fine and dry for us here and the temperatures have broken in perth that twenty five would just be our maximum over towards new zealand and that storm that we saw before we can see the cloud all streaming down towards new zealand so now it's for the north of the north island that's where we're seeing the gray wet weather for the south largely fine and dry and that's the way things are going to stay as we head through the day and into friday friday just having a little bit more unsettled for some of us across the north island as we head up towards the northern parts of asia generally fine and settled for many of us here just a few showers around. to japan but one first in tokyo with a top temperature of around fourteen degrees towards the west is also attending a lot warmer for us too with a top temperature in beijing right help and eleven degrees on thursday.
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at the time it was the worst environmental disaster in brazil's history but it was also a tragic for paste of what was to follow. people in power investigates claims of warnings ignored. i'm good disturbing toys between lawmakers and the mining industry that led catastrophe on trial for dozens and dozens of corruption charges brazil river of mud. welcome back just a quick look at the top stories now u.s.
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backed syrian democratic forces have started evacuating civilians from the last remaining pockets of land in eastern syria several trucks of lefty besieged village of. the bush cheney begum who fled london to join or not be welcome in bangladesh this is according to the country's foreign minister who made the announcement after person moved to strip citizenship believing she was a jew national. and the leader of pakistan administered kashmir has told al-jazeera he fears there's a risk of war with india after last week's attack in the disputed region forty one indian prime ministry soldiers were killed in a car bombing. and all the new saudi state media says four soldiers have been killed while fighting who see rebels on the border with yemen rebels say they are continuing with their military offensive at the border taking saudi military positions south of jism and a large number of weapons now. earlier on wednesday saudi that coalition fighter jets launched two raids on the other lamie
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a base in the capital sanaa local residents say they heard two loud explosions and saw smoke coming from the who sees base was staying in yemen and a new phone app that links patients with blood done is helping thousands of people one of the main problems is storage hospitals and health centers have been devastated by war and getting blood delivered in time is proving a huge challenge now to abraham reports. when a brain cutoff learned his blood type was the right match he rushed to help the patient and knowing. her family called him after he joined a new blood donation and will do it in. large people suffering from cancer and diabetes not a disease called me for help i register my number in the app and people can just call me directly i ask where they're based and go to donate blood. the app connects those in need of blood to the closest donors. is an engineering student and came up with the idea after his friend was diagnosed with cancer and needed
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a transfusion. to work offline as the entire database can be downloaded on users if the person is in need of blood a donor with the same blood group can be easily found in contact at any time. i think this is vital in a country at war where the internet often does not work during food or years of conflict yemen struggle to keep its hospitals and clinics open many have been destroyed and with a growing number of patients the health system continues to deteriorate and the land then i cannot even afford the means of transportation to the hospital as a result of an air strike by wife died and i have shocks of a kidney failure i have seven children to feed and house rent to pay i am helpless only god knows my situation the living in new app is providing much needed help and there are many donors but the real difficulty is finally a way to preserve blood needed for transfusions and get it to the patients before
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it's out of date. the war has made travel difficult and even if they should seek a clinic there is no guarantee the blood will be available now there are fears that the mean transfusion center in the capital sana'a may be forced to close. down and we have a supply of solutions sufficient for one week only and if no help is provided the center will come to a halt many patients and beneficiaries will be affected including those suffering from cancer kidney failure and fallacy mia apart from victims to the war. in blood transfusion centers across yemen are facing similar conditions leaving the sick and their families with nowhere else to go and for him. egypt is exit. nine people for the killing of its top prosecutor in two thousand and fifteen. was attacked just a day before the second anniversary of mass protests that prompted the military to oust former president mohamed morsy six others have had their death sentences
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lifted but will serve life in prison government blamed the attack on the muslim brotherhood and gaza based to mass but both have denied any involvement in the u.k.'s exit from the european union has been thrown into further chaos after three m.p.'s quit the ruling party of the prime minister's breaks it strategy they've joined eight other m.p.'s from the opposition who have formed a new political organization meanwhile british prime minister series m a has just wrapped up talks in brussels where she's been trying to break the deadlock over brics it paul brennan explains. britain and the e.u. are careering towards a bracks a deadline in less than forty days and the political tempo is only becoming more frantic and more uncertain in the british parliament internal party divisions have accelerated into full blown resignations three conservatives now joining eight labor m.p.'s in going independent i also hope it gives courage to members of the
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government who are deeply concerned about this no deal becoming a real a real possibility and it will give them the coverage next week to do but frankly some of them should on a long time. in their joint resignation letter the three former conservatives say that their final straw was the government's disastrous handling of it it was unconscionable they wrote that a conservative government was recklessly marching the country to the cliff edge of no deal they lamented the failure of politics in general the resignations or the elephant in the room at the weekly session of prime minister's questions despite the eleven new independent tempi sitting very noticeably in new seats in the chamber by the theresa may nor jeremy corbyn acknowledge that he invited her to. this place as at war with itself the tories and the labor party out of political scotland deserves better of we. are hearing from you very often
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the british prime minister's way out was to travel from london to brussels to meet the european commission president. and his chief negotiator michel barnier they did not shake hands for the cameras and in fact the fancy dress unicon protesters outside look more optimistic than the diplomats inside. no breakthrough was predicted and by the time the prime minister's convoy departed no compromise had been reached but there is a growing sense of time running out and some suggest that the emergence of the independent group will embolden other dissenters we don't know how it will impact. turns out it does make it look right now there's a new independent group but they'll make more independent action from other m.p.'s moreover the most likely perhaps the most interesting aspect of the resignations of these eleven am peace is not the individual grievances but the collective grievance that politics in the u.k. is broken and the political landscape dominated by just two main parties is ill
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equipped to deal with the polarizing nature of the brics it debates the real test will be how many more m.p.'s they can persuade to join them ahead of the meaningful vote or the next step for brics it next week paul brennan al-jazeera westminster nigerian fuel supplies have cut the price of petrol in it between courage people to travel to vote in presidential elections this saturday now the vote was scheduled to take place last saturday but was delayed just a few hours before polls would you to open both of the main parties have expressed concern that the delay would result in a reduced voter turnout to allies and also offer discounts to people who showed their voting cards mexican navy sees six hundred thirty kilos of cocaine after high speed chase in the pacific a black hawk helicopter pursued a speedboat in mexico's west and sent a low a state's office is right down from the aircraft and detained fifteen crew members
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thank looted people from ecuador colombia and mexico again is commonly trafficked i see from south america to landing points in central america and mexico nest margulis move it to the united states now to venezuela where the economic crisis has meant the state health care system is in collapse as an acute shortage of medical supplies and doctors on many suffering from easily treatable problems are forced to travel to neighboring countries for care there is mohammad jump jhoom has looked into this speaking to patients in the brazilian city of boa vista near the venezuelan border. frail of body but full of spirit rafael majorcan exudes the kind of calm determination most people in his condition would find hard to muster. before being transported to this hospital in neighboring brazil the thirty year old venezuelan was at death's door and while he still extremely weak he's also much improved. my wife to just sexy he
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had skin rashes pneumonia and all of his conditions would derive from his diabetes which was uncontrolled that's most probably because access to things like insulin is writ and venezuela is insulin a medication for diabetes patients readily available in most countries the world over but rough ale whose aunt watches over him now just as she had prayed over him when he was in a coma wasn't so lucky that i've been afraid that in venezuela we can't get anything life just isn't good we can't get medicine to come get insulin and nothing had verify all stayed there he wouldn't be alive today. for the time being rafael is unable to speak but he is communicative. his doctor who studied medicine in venezuela still finds it hard to believe things have gotten so bad in her patient's homeland and i had to go when i was a student venezuela had to acknowledge that we couldn't find in brazil not just
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equipment but also medicine we now see that in only a few years the house system deteriorated to the point that they don't even have the most basic needs. in this relatively poor part of brazil the influx of so many even as whale is in need of medical care has put further strain on the area's already stretched healthcare facilities walking through crowded corridors of where i'm a general hospital the director general shows me how they no longer have space for all the patients sadly rafael is one of many venezuelans at this hospital suffering from a medical condition that should have been easily treatable another stark reminder of the near complete collapse of the health care system in venezuela. before coming to brazil thirty four year old ricci cordoba kept going to see the doctor about the pain in his abdomen he was assured many times it was nothing serious but months after arriving here in the city of boston he got the proper diagnosis appendicitis and an all sore and i mean. it's
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a shame venezuelans have to leave the country we will born because of the economic situation us and because of the lack of medicines for illness and go to other countries who receive us with a friendly embrace. some may call it an embrace others may call it treatment for many ailing venezuelans though it's a much needed road to recovery they simply cannot find at home mohammed atta. in what i'm a state visit. from across the catholic well will gather at the vatican on thursday for a historic meeting and halting sexual abuse by priests the decades the catholic church has been struggling with the scandal as thousands of cases of the sexual abuse of children have been exposed survivors but the pope on wednesday but t.v. failed to show up reports from vatican city and. each of these people have stories to tell their own stories or other people's stories of years of suffering
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of the hands of catholic priests bishops and cardinals on the eve of an unprecedented meeting on sexual abuse of the vatican they brought their stories to tell pope francis. speaking to journalists earlier in the day survivors explained what they wanted but zero tolerance if you've abused a child you're not going to be a priest anymore and if you've covered up for that abuse or. you two are not going to be a priest anymore. starting from when he was seven like i just saw and is abused by three different men but it was sexual assault i don't think i didn't really need to go into graphic detail but i was sexually assaulted by all these characters and while still having recovered in the physical sense it didn't have any long lasting effect on the what these creatures did to me i still actually have a weekly therapy session because it messes your mind up. it's abuse like this that
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the vatican says it's determined to put a stop to and that the four day meeting is vital in impressing on senior clarity who've come from around the world that it's their shared responsibility to do so but although cardinals and bishops will hear video testimony from victims of sexual abuse no survivors is being given the chance to speak with her in person now so they were putting great importance on their expected separate meeting at the party but it didn't go as planned first of all pope francis wasn't there but made it very clear some of us that's not ok we're going to see victims see it as a sign of disrespect that the leader of the catholic church sent bishops instead this vatican summits on sexual abuse may be unprecedented in its size and its scope but survivors have still told us that they are skeptical that it's going to lead to any meaningful change and their experiences on wednesday of only reinforce that feeling for them the summit has got off to
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a bad start before it's even begun the return on how does iraq the vatican. well this morning everything we're covering right here the address al jazeera dot com. just a quick look at the top stories this hour now u.s. backed syrian democratic forces have started evacuating civilians from my sil's last remaining pockets of land in eastern syria several trucks of left the procedure village of but goods officials say the presence of civilians in the area had slowed their advance they were being used as human shields but syrian fighters say they now expect to liberate the town within twenty four hours and run khan has more from gaza on tap. now in about a square kilometer of territory that they are holed up in but they've been prepared for this fight for a very long time and they know the village well they know the territory very well
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so it will be an easy fight for the syrian democratic forces they'll have to go through the main routes into the village and that's where the face stiff resistance also a lot of the isis forces actually underneath the village in tunnels that they've been digging and the likely to be able to use those tunnels to try and get behind me as to your forces as they come in. meanwhile bangladesh says it won't grant entry to a british teenager who fled london to join i still on tuesday the u.k. moved to strip shamima begum of british citizenship believing she was a deal national with bangladeshi heritage begum was one of three girls from east london who went to syria in two thousand and fifteen the leader of pakistan administered kashmir has told al jazeera he fears there's a risk of war with india after last week's attack in the disputed region forty one indian paramilitary soldiers were killed in the car bombing of pakistan based on group jaish e mohammed claimed to have been behind the attack. three m.p.'s from the u.k.'s
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ruling conservative party have resigned of the government's handling of bracks it's a joint eight of the m.p.'s from the opposition labor party who have formed a new political organization called the independent vote in la prime minister to resign may's wrapped up talks in brussels where she's been trying to break the deadlock of the brics it. and seen it from across the catholic wild will gather at the vatican on a for historic meeting aimed at halting sexual crimes by priests survivors of the abuse which used to meet the pope on wednesday but t. failed to show up well that wraps up all the top stories that's of myself in the teen here in london people in power is coming up next stay with al-jazeera. from sunrise to sunset across asia. and the pacific explore untold and
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fascinating stories one on one east on al-jazeera. of the toyman was the worst environmental catastrophe in brazil recently been late twenty fifteen to forty morning you discover state bush commuting ninety and causing widespread devastation in the off to more research on the roof for us it was quite the time for you and if you could have. the last moment. so now we're sharing her investigation she so you're promoting the book in your role were born into everything.


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