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face to face. i'm. somebody like. this is al jazeera. the whole romulan this is the al-jazeera news our life my headquarters here in doha are coming up in the next sixty minutes on the brink of defeat us back syrian forces have begun moving civilians out of a key village. in the region's refugee camps a new problem confronts western governments whether to allow i still fighters and their families to return home. also
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a new challenge for to reason may as three of her m.p.'s quit the party over breaks it. and as the vatican prepares for a conference on sexual abuse some survivors say the church isn't listening to their concerns. to the news are i still wants controlled most of eastern syria and a third of iraq but it's now on the brink of defeat with its territory reduced to just a sliver u.s. backed syrian democratic forces have started to move civilians from syria's eastern village of. is a crucial sign the standoff that's lasted more than a week could soon end several trucks have left the besieged area with men women and children now it's believed eisel fighters use civilians as human shields as many as five hundred fighters remain holed up in the area evacuated civilians are being moved to the whole come further north it's where many eisel brides including the
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british teenager shamima begum have ended up in camp is further south to syria's border with jordan and it lies inside the so-called de confliction zone set up by u.s. forces and controlled by the free syrian army rebels a twenty four hour window to allow people to leave the remote camp has now passed but no one used the card or set up by the russian forces now forty thousand people have been enjoying terrible conditions with little food or medicine and one can has more from gaza and with the latest developments on the syria turkey border. at least ten trucks have left the alba who's village pairing women and children now the civilians have been a real concern for both the united nations and the syrian democratic forces in effect both the united nations on the center and democratic forces say i see a using those civilians as human shields now it's in isis interest of keep the civilians there because it stops the s.t.'s from coming inside the village now the
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village most of it has actually been completely destroyed and the civilians and living in what is effectively tented camps in the outskirts of that village now given that they've now been able to leave yes the ethyl very confident they'll be able to go in and deal with isis fighters although the i suffices had a very long time to prepare for this fight they knew it was going to come at some point and they biased to dig tunnels and what we're hearing is a lot of those are suffices in those tunnels and still be a very tough fight for the syrian democratic forces now as i say whilst all this goes on we still have the situation in iraq a bond camp on camp is controlled by the f.s.a. there is a no man's land effectively about fifty five kilometers before you get to these russian and syrian opened kori doors now these corridors so-called humanitarian corridors allegedly going to allow syrians in the camp mostly women and children to
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be able to go north however there's a real suspicion let's hear what a few people have sight to see the crossings opened by the regime and the russian military police are claimed to be safe but the people here are not feeling any safety or stability people here feel as if they are drowning and looking for anything at all to rescue themselves the road to the camp has become my original i am for me personally if i leave it would be army to go from one death trap to another and if i found a safe place from a my kids and my family i would guard finishing the game on the shot by pulling the crossing is a good step but we wanted to be our the same by the un because i'm. lies we've been told before nobody believes these crossings are safe so despite the fact that there is a very desperate situation people are running low on food on oil on accommodation or water and they are living effectively on top of each other this is a very real situation of the russian and syrian motives. although the window came
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to an end this morning open for twenty four hours it's unclear whether the russians and the syrians will keep the corridors open for any longer. bangladesh's foreign minister says a british teenager who fled london to join eisel will not be allowed into his country on tuesday the u.k. move to strip shamima big u.k. citizenship believing she also holds bangladeshi nationality leave barca has more from london. finding clothes papers that relate to a decision taken by this is how nineteen year old mimi begum learned that she was being stripped of her british citizenship from a copy of a letter from the british home office begum is in a refugee camp in syria where she was discovered earlier this month. and a heartbreaking to read. i thought i would my family made it sound like me to come back to the u.k. when i was speaking. in twenty fifteen
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she and two friends left the u.k. to join i saw in syria she married a dutch eisel fighter soon after arriving and to be living in i saw his last stronghold before arriving at the camp can i say to you i think british prime minister said the decision to revoke begum citizenship had been carefully considered the overall point the friend makes is absolutely right which is how important it is for this government and this country to make very clear that we will take action against those who are involved in terrorism and the british government can withdraw a person citizenship if they deemed a security risk providing it doesn't leave things stateless it's. believe begum has bangladeshi heritage and is eligible for citizenship but when asked about the case the country's foreign ministry said teenage begum is not a bangladeshi citizen there is no question of begum being allowed to enter bangladesh bacon's infant son is a british national by birth the british government says his rights unaffected. this
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is bethnal green begum grew up an area with a large bangladeshi community in london's eastend the case is divided opinion here there's just so many factors in this and i'm actually quite a bit torn to that one hundred it was the truth about the citizenship i want them to bring her in the baby ava but the other hand i'm like she did go away and she did join you know terrorists agree. only fifteen when she left for syria there are some including the former head of britain's foreign intelligence service m i six people leave the british society should be strong enough to give her a second chance others want her to come to the u.k. to stand trial to possibly face a prison sentence and enter into a de radicalization program. begum says she doesn't regret travelling to syria she's also described the twenty seventeen manchester arena bomb attack is justified retaliation the comments haven't won her much sympathy but one former senior police
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officer believes begum should be seen as a victim you know we took him as sexual exploitation we were talking about individuals that were on the on the internet being radicalized parents had no idea whatsoever what was happening. an estimated nine hundred british nationals have joined eisel but only forty of being prosecuted the government wants to send a tough signal to others hoping to return to the u.k. but every right or wrong decision the government makes sets a precedent for others leave barca al-jazeera london. meanwhile president donald trump has directed the state department to stop an american born woman who joined us from the turn into the u.s. . says that she made a mistake joining the armed group and wants to return to america with her eighteen month old son but secretary of state might pompei or says the twenty four year old has no legal basis to claim american citizenship iran has accused the u.s. of hypocrisy of trying to merge that members of the trumpet ministrations or to share nuclear technology with saudi arabia the white house pulled out of the
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landmark twenty fifteen nuclear deal with iran in may last year the democrats have now launched an investigation into whether corporate interests were put ahead of the law in dealing with the saudis now this is the latest example of how the u.s. president sees his relationship with saudi arabia it's the first country donald trump visited after becoming president he's often talked about the importance of ourselves to the kingdom and says they're worth more than one hundred billion dollars and despite growing anger over the saudi over r.t. war in yemen trump has opposed congressional efforts to stop u.s. involvement in the conflict. the relations must not be undermined ignoring international calls for an investigation into crown prince mohammed bin saw man's role over the murder of jamal khashoggi. the iranian foreign minister referred to show she by tweeting first a dismembered journalist now illicit sale of nuclear technology to saudi arabia fully exposed u.s. hypocrisy mark fitzpatrick spent twenty six years in the u.s.
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state department and is executive director of the international institute of strategic studies he says it appears the trumpet ministration broke the law. there is a clear legal obligation before selling any nuclear technology to get a congressional approval the administration submits a. request and then in ninety days if congress doesn't oppose and it goes through but no approval was submitted secondly there's an ethical clear ethical violation of individuals in the administration who stood to profit from it advocating policy and then there are the proliferation concerns of even selling nuclear technology to saudi arabia which has made it clear its intentions to have a nuclear weapons option so there are strong reasons to be very concerned about this report the saudis have made it clear they want technology in order to have an
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option for nuclear weapons and it's the exact reason why the trump administration has been so harsh on iran because iran has had a similar nuclear hedging strategy there was a deal done to try to control it and trump blew up the deal so on the one hand. damning iran for adhering to a deal and giving a free hand wanting to give a free hand to the saudis who haven't agreed to any limits on their nuclear technology is a real yes it's hypocrisy no the u.k.'s exit from the european union has been thrown into further chaos of the three p's quit the ruling party over the prime minister's strategy they've joined eight other m.p.'s from the opposition who formed a new political group. has just wrapped up talks in brussels where she's trying to break the deadlock over bricks that pull bread that has the latest. britain and the
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e.u. are careering towards a bracks a deadline in less than forty days and the political tempo is only becoming more frantic and more uncertain in the british parliament internal party divisions have accelerated into full blown resignations three conservatives now joining eight labor m.p.'s in going independent i also hope it gives courage to members of the government who are deeply concerned about this no deal becoming a real a real possibility and it will give them the courage next week to do it but frankly some of them should on a long time. in their joint resignation letter the three former conservatives say that their final straw was the government's disastrous handling of it it was unconscionable they wrote that a conservative government was recklessly marching the country to the cliff edge of no deal and they lamented the failure of politics in general the resignations of the elephant in the room at the weekly session of prime minister's questions
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despite the eleven new independent tempi sitting very noticeably in new seats in the chamber by the theresa may nor jeremy corbyn acknowledge them here mark hurd. this place as at war with itself the tories and the labor party unemployment scotland deserves better of we. are here in france for it was the british prime minister's way out was to travel from london to brussels to meet the european commission president. and his chief negotiator michel barnier they did not shake hands for the cameras and in fact the fancy dress unicom protesters outside looked more optimistic than the diplomats inside. no breakthrough was predicted and by the time the prime minister's convoy departed no compromise had been reached but there is a growing sense of time running out and some suggest that the emergence of the independent group will embolden other dissenters we don't know how it will impact
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how it all turns out. it does make it look but now there's a new independent group of l. make more independent action from other m.p.'s more rather than less likely perhaps the most interesting aspect of the resignations of these eleven m. peace is not their individual grievances but the collective grievance that politics in the u.k. is broken and that the political landscape dominated by just two main parties is ill equipped to deal with the polarizing nature of the brics it debates the real test will be how many more m.p.'s they can persuade to join them ahead of the meaningful vote on the next step for bracks it next week paul brennan al-jazeera westminster. plenty more ahead here on the al-jazeera news hour including from lifesaving treatment to minor ailments venezuela's crisis forces people to seek treatment anywhere but at home plus. an estimated billion dollars worth of oil and gas was discovered off the coast of find out next how this newfound wealth
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is now part of the presidential campaign just days before the election. the united states senate says that captain for the twenty twenty ryder cup we'll have a story in sports. senior clergy from across the roman catholic world will gather at the vatican on thursday for a meeting aimed at halting sexual abuse by priests for decades the catholic church has been struggling with the scandal survivors were due to meet the pope on wednesday but he failed to show up rai chalons reports from vatican city. each of these people have stories to tell their own stories or other people's stories of years of suffering of the hands of catholic priests bishops and cardinals. on the eve of an unprecedented meeting on sexual abuse at the vatican they brought their stories to tell pope francis. speaking to journalists earlier in the day survivors
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explained what they wanted but zero tolerance if you've abused a child you're not going to be a priest anymore and if you've covered up for that abuser you two are not going to be a priest anymore. starting from when he was seven peter saunders was abused by three different men it was it was sexual assault i don't need i don't need to go into graphic detail but i was sexually assaulted by all these characters and whilst i have recovered in the physical sense it didn't have any long lasting effect on the what these creatures did to me i still actually have a weekly therapy session because it messes your mind up it's abuse like this that the vatican says it's determined to put a stop to and that the four day meeting is vital in impressing on senior clarity who've come from around the world that it's their shared responsibility to do so
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but although cardinals and bishops will hear video testimony from victims of sexual abuse no survivors have been given the chance to speak their own person so they were putting great importance on their expected separate meeting with the pope but it didn't go as planned first of all pope francis wasn't there but made it very clear some of us that's not ok where as a victim see it as a sign of disrespect that the leader of the catholic church sent bishops instead this vatican summits on sexual abuse maybe unprecedented in its size and its scope but survivors have still told us that they are skeptical that it's going to lead to any meaningful change and their experiences on wednesday have only reinforced that feeling for them the summit has got off to a bad start before it's even begun laurie chalons al-jazeera the vatican. catholic church has faced decades of child sexual abuse accusations from across the continent recent high profile cases of kept the issue in the headlines last week
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a retired u.s. cardinal theodore mccarrick who has to front up to a church court found him guilty of sexually abusing minors in december australian cardinal george pell became the highest ranking church official to be convicted in a criminal court on sexual abuse charges cardinal bernard law the long time archbishop of boston became a symbol of the church's systematic protection of paedophile priest see died in rome in two thousand and seventeen without facing criminal accountability and pope francis himself encountered strong protests last year during a visit to chile what critics call his failure to address abuse by senior bishops there must see more is church historian and visiting italian professor of theology and religious studies at villanova university and joins me now from philadelphia good to have you with us sex abuse scandals as we said have been hitting the catholic church for years now but how big is the crisis for the catholic church senior church figures gather in rome to try to sort the problem out it's
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a big crisis is there has entered a new phase in twenty eighteen because as you mentioned the case of karmic eric the case of chile and because the pontificate of both races has being remarkably honest on some issues regarding sexuality or sexuality saw these meeting happened in a very different context for the sex abuse crisis compared to just a few years ago i mean what can this gathering of senior clerics hope to achieve under the auspices of the pope's guidance. this meeting ease unprecedented but we shouldn't expect the production of new laws in these four days the most important aspect will be to raise. awareness especially in those countries the situation is not like in the west's or in canada australia
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were elder work has been included in my own in italy in my own country the situation is compared to other states twenty or thirty years be i saw here it's a problem of raising the level of consciousness in the global church because having a meeting in the vatican means the vatican finally acknowledges that global problem not just a few isolated cases and of course doing puts the paper do a lot of pressure certainly for more conservative elements of the church don't really like the direction of the speed in which he is proceeding to deal with these abuse claims why well because befriends this has been very very honest. there are some tensions or some inconsistency in the catholic teaching on sexuality and on or sexuality and some
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very conservative quarters within them have used are using the sex abuse crisis to make a case against for france's only fault is being to be more harnessed and more open to some changes to a different level of knowledge meant. level of the sex abuse crisis and when you talk about the sort of knowledge when to push back and much of the pushback comes from the u.s. and sort of the recent as we mentioned the public defrocking of u.s. cardinal theodore mccarrick that doesn't really help the in the bigger picture where the one of the largest groups of catholics are outside of italy. yes the headquarter of the opposition against war france's ease located in the united states this pontificate has been seen by some quarters of america follows
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ism since the very beginning in this brings summer after idea thirteen is not catholic enough. so. they have tried every possible. option to make a case against france's and in this last twelve months they have focused on the on the on describes is this is a problem for pope francis i predict it will remain a problem for global got always ism even after francis we will see what happens certainly in that meeting from rome for the moment. thanks so much for joining us from philadelphia. thank you. now our other top story venezuelan opposition leader one says he's going ahead with plans to bring in u.s. medical and food aid to find the military backed government but president nicolas maduro is vowing not to allow that aide to enter venezuela's health system is close to collapse forcing many patients to travel to neighboring countries looking for
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care let's join mohammed germany's in the brazilian town of mr near the border with venezuela. yes so haled let me try to tell you a little bit about what we've seen the past several days here in the bowl of his stuff we've been spending a lot of time in the main general hospital here it's called or i'm a general hospital we've been speaking with many venezuelans who came into this country because they needed treatment for very easily treatable maladies and illnesses we're talking about things like diabetes we're talking about the most fundamental care for pregnant women we're talking about men and women who had ailments with their stomachs that then they were told there was nothing it turned out to be appendicitis it really goes to show just how bad things are in
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venezuela right now as i said we spent a lot of time in the main hospital here here's our reports. frail of body but full of spirit rafael majorca exudes the kind of calm determination most people in his condition would find hard to muster. before being transported to this hospital in neighboring brazil the thirty year old venezuelan was at death's door and while he's still extremely weak he's also much improved. my why that is sexy he had skin rashes pneumonia and all of his conditions would derive from his diabetes which was uncontrolled that's most probably because access to things like insulin is writ and venezuela is insulin a medication for diabetes patients readily available in most countries the world over but rafael whose aunt watches over him now just as she had prayed over him when he was in a coma wasn't so lucky i've been afraid in venezuela we can't get anything life
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just isn't good we can't get medicine we can't get insulin nothing had verify all stayed there he wouldn't be alive today. for the time being rafael is unable to speak but he is communicative his doctor who studied medicine in venezuela still finds it hard to believe things have gotten so bad in her patients homeland and i have to go when i was a student venezuela had to acknowledge that we couldn't find in brazil not just equipment but also medicine we now see that in only a few years the house system deteriorated to the point that they don't even have the most basic needs. in this relatively poor part of brazil the influx of so many venezuelans in need of medical care has put further strain on the area's already stretched healthcare facilities walking through crowded corridors of where i'm a general hospital the director general shows me how they no longer have space for all the patients sadly rafael is one of many that is whalen's at this hospital
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suffering from a medical condition that should have been easily treatable another stark reminder of the near complete collapse of the health care system in venezuela. before coming to brazil thirty four year old ricci cordoba kept going to see the doctor about the pain in his abdomen he was assured many times it was nothing serious but months after arriving here in the city of boa vista he got the proper diagnosis appendicitis and an old server and i mean that it went to a minnesota man it's a shame venezuelans have to leave the country with a will born because of the economic situation and because of the lack of medicines for illness and go to other countries who receive us with the friendly breeze. some may call it an embrace others may call it treatment for many ailing venezuelans though it's a much needed road to recovery they simply cannot find at home. now so
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hale the government of brazil has insisted repeatedly over the course of the past few weeks that they would be involved in trying to distribute aid to venezuela as we heard yesterday finally that a date was announced for the beginning of this distribution of aid that it was going to be done in conjunction with the united states and that a comprise of medicines as well as foodstuffs would be placed on brazil's border with venezuela on saturday february twenty third and that venezuelans would then be crossing into brazil this is at the request we are told venezuelan opposition leader why go that they would then take that aid and transport it back across the border into venezuela distributed among the people there now that all sounds relatively simple obviously it seems as though it is going to be a lot more complicated we still don't know for example where exactly that aid is going to be distributed from some people believe it's going to be here in bolivia that it will be driven to the border which is about two hundred kilometers to the
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north others believe that it will be on the town called park i'm at which is exactly on the border with venezuela it's the main entry point for migrants crossing from venezuela into brazil still a lot of questions to be answered we're still seeking more confirmation from the government and as soon as we have that we'll bring you more in the coming days so him thanks very much for coming. in brazil. still ahead here on al-jazeera the tech industries answer to falling sales is a phone that you could solve but it's not worth two thousand dollars plus. on the road to nowhere twelve hundred meters underground mine david chain john on down the alley. williamstown in the can't stand for pre-season testing. story in schools if you stay with us.
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hello the heavy rain has been pouring in parts of north america recently the satellite picture is showing a winter storm as it's the working its way towards the northeast that's given us a lot of snow as well and as we head through the day on thursday that will continue to move away towards the east still for the northeastern parts and more wintry weather here but the systems trading his feet further south so if the some of us across the southern states there's going to be yet more wet weather on the ground his away ready waterlogged so we don't really need this wet weather we're told more rain still to come here as we head through friday and further west we'll also see another weather system make its way and that will turn increasingly wintery safe to some of us here there will be some fairly heavy snow during the day before this was the south of for most of us in the central america is this plenty of following dry weather to be had and lots of sunshine around too before a symposium nicaragua and through honduras this just the chance of seeing
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a few showers particularly as we head through the day on friday a bit further towards the south and for many of us here there's some good to dry weather to be found but not across many parts of brazil here the showers to be very active over the past few days some of them giving us around one hundred millimeters of rain just in a twenty four hour period so more showers there expected tehran thursday and friday don't be surprised if one or two of these turns out to be very heavy. between two thousand and two thousand and seven there one million racist murders in different parts of germany but the police were painfully slow to track down the killer. al jazeera will reveal the truth about the deaths linked by a single weapon the involvement of the far right and the serious political fallout that ensued the cheska murderous case solved on al jazeera.
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in a world where journalism as an industry is changing we had al jazeera fortunate to be able to continue to expand to continue to have that passenger drive and present the stories in a way that is important to our viewers. everyone has a story worth hearing. and coverage that are often ignored we don't weigh our coverage towards one particular region or continent that's why i joined al-jazeera . welcome back you're watching out serve me sell romney
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a reminder of our top stories this news our u.s. banks are in democratic forces have started to move civilians from syria's eastern village of but whose their staff says a number of civilians and i still fighters are still inside the armed groups remaining enclaves. also western governments are ruling on whether i still fighters and their families can return home one thousand euros shamima begum has had her british citizenship stripped the and donald trump has directed the state department to stop american board hodder from the turning as well. the u.k.'s prime minister trees may has visited. brussels for more talks aimed at breaking the deadlock visit came as three pro european union politicians broke away from her ruling conservative party over may's bricks strategy. mourner one of our top stories the return of ourselves supporters to the west on
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the political controversy that it's generating a u.k. study published last year more than forty thousand people from one hundred ten countries force alongside the group in iraq and syria more than thirty thousand were banned and five thousand were made wall were from the middle east africa but others traveled from europe and the americas as well as australasia the research has found at least seven thousand foreigners have since returned home. her son shibley is the legal representative for the family of turner that's the american born woman we told you about earlier who president trump says has ordered barred from the united states he joins me now from tampa florida good to have you with us on the program sir as far as your concerned as far as your client is concerned is she or isn't she an american national. she's absolutely an american national she's absolutely an american citizen she was born
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in the united states in new jersey and she did not do anything to renounce her citizenship and all she's asking right now is for due process she is actually asking to face our legal system as americans and be held accountable to our laws as americans and what's just mind blowing is donald trump appears to be wanting to give her a free pass by saying hey she's not a citizen and therefore not subject to our laws so it's very fascinating to see this woman wants to be held accountable to our legal system and donald trump is saying she's not part of our legal system she's not american in essence giving her a free pass and i think that's just an example of presidential overreach the president of the united states does not have the authority to strip citizenship ok from those born on u.s. soil they're saying that her father was a diplomat but we have proof we have evidence that just tweeted out that her father was not a diplomat as of the day that who was born ok mr shibley let's just step that if she is an american citizen should have an american passport why not just fly back
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to the u.s. . you know all right now if she surrendered herself to the forces on the ground in northeast syria she doesn't have freedom of mobility she can't simply board a plane to come back to the united states in fact the state department has revoked her passport so she does not have within her possession a passport with which she can travel and i personally spoke to the f.b.i. on sunday and i said listen. wants to turn herself in to american authorities we simply want the legal process that we believe in to play itself out and she's willing to pay whatever debts she has to society she's not asking for a free pass we were you know on behalf of her family we were the ones who contacted the f.b.i. when we first learned that without went to syria this is something that we absolutely condemn in the strong this of terms and the families always wanted her to come back and to face the legal system that we all believe in and now she's willing to do that and the government i think is missing out on a tremendous opportunity. the two won gain intelligence from her and to really be
2:36 am
able to utilize her as a strong voice against monstrous groups like isis that have brainwashed many individuals and manipulated them to do horrible things and i think somebody like renouncing isis speaking out against them at great risk to her personal life is a sign of victory for the us that after the experience you know she's listening and i just know it's actually because i just go in here it's all very well he's going to come in here because all very well to say that she wants to she's wants to renounce isis so she wants to be the voice of reason to say that they were very bad group how the shoe being on the other foot and isis had actually made their victory and the area of their victory but larger and wider do you still think she would want to come back home. i know she would because she had been trying to come back home for a very long time even before isis started having those serious losses on the ground i think once she went over there and witnessed the carnage firsthand you know she started waking up i mean she was completely brainwashed there was
2:37 am
a period when she considered her parents and even myself as infidels you know she was a young vulnerable woman who was completely brainwashed or manipulated by these terrorists masterminds and she's finally awoken and i think the family is very relieved that she found this is the error of her ways and it looks she's not asking for a free pass they're going to just want to turn herself into the american legal system let me play devil's advocate here then to americans who are not muslim watching this program in the united states and maybe globally as well i mean they will be certainly nervous apprehensive of somebody who wants to denounce the united states wanted to destroy the united states wants to come back to the united states why would they want to trust her even if she was to stand trial and to face the full. the full force of the american legal system against her. that's a great question i mean even i myself as the family's attorney took me quite some
2:38 am
time to be able to really have the trust that i do have in her that she genuinely remorseful in fact i've spoken to now three experts three experts who are experts at interviewing people like and they've all come back with the same conclusion that she was just a naive vulnerable girl who extremely regret and extremely remorseful at her actions and wants nothing more than to see her now young eighteen month old son who's done nothing wrong throw up safe and secure and i will say this look she's not asking to come back with a free pass or just blend in with society as if nothing happened that what she's asking for is just what you said to face our legal system and i think as an american i believe that our legal system has the ability to hold those who break the law accountable make sure they pay their debts to society and to protect us from those that do pose a threat and indeed she is a threat i don't think we want to just out there free. should be that there is this obviously this impasse between the state and your client but also there is a contradiction ongoing between the president and the secretary of state the
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president saying for example that he will strip her of her nationality the secretary of state confirming that yet president trump is telling europe to take back its fighters and to let them face the full face of the law in their respective countries but he's not willing to do it on the home ground is this going to be a schism which political groups civil society lawyers like yourself can explore it. you know i think it's very hypocritical in fact why did he get so much attention recently was exactly because donald trump tweeted that europe should take back its citizens who have joined isis so for him on one day to claim europe should take its citizens back because it would be dangerous to leave them just out and about and then for him to hypocritically almost the very next day deny taking back an american citizen who wants to turn herself in it just simply
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doesn't make sense i also think it speaks to a broader problem of presidential overreach which will affect more than just who it affects all americans when the president claims the authority now to direct the secretary of state to strip citizen and ship of americans that's a very very scary thing that u.s. citizenship is the most sacred thing and you don't lose it even by coming the worst of crimes i mean the united states you have people who commit murder mass murder and even get out of jail after serving twenty twenty five years and having paid their debt to society under their state laws and they still retain their citizenship this is a young woman she made serious mistakes that we condemn that frankly discussed us and her family but she's willing to pay the price and she want to speak out to make sure nobody else repeats those mistakes will see what does happen and we will follow this case very closely here on al-jazeera thanks for joining us. the discovery of oil is often received as a blessing but it can also create some problems. learning it had presidential elections corruption is one of them. had to the polls to elect
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a new president but. the candidates have been accusing each other of receiving kickbacks. the ocean often brings the unexpected. up until last year but. didn't know that beneath this ocean is an estimated fifty billion dollars worth of oil and gas. president has given exploitation rights to international oil giants this is says it will make them rich at least that's what they've been promised to. look at the neighboring countries patrol can be it can create divisions but it can also be a blessing. to be properly managed. and so they believe president for the job he's running for his second term in office in the northwest coastal town of san luis promising more subsidies for fishermen and
2:42 am
farmers the government is already investing in multi-million dollar development projects ahead of twenty twenty one when oil companies are expected to start drilling. for oil and gas hasn't started yet but already opponents of mike you sell accuse him of corruption it's part of this presidential campaign because so many here fear that foreign companies and the political elite will profit from this newfound wealth at their expense. this man wearing campaign t. shirts was recorded by a local journalist distributing cash at an election rally rémy party candidate has accused the president of drowning that country in debt while political newcomer says selling his brother who had an oil company or money laundering him personally profiting from the oil and gas discovery. the president has denied all these allegations and. marcie cell is a total disappointment he stole all of our resources he betrayed the people who
2:43 am
elected him with sixty five percent of the vote in the last elections he is a real disappointment in the two thousand and twelve election campaign promise to tackle corruption during his time in office two of his rivals opposition leader kerry unwired and former mayor of the car were jailed and convicted of embezzling millions of dollars they're now disqualified from taking part in the presidential race whoever wins this election will be in charge of a country wealthier than ever before and so each candidate is trying to attract voters with the promise of a better life. nicholas hawke al-jazeera. the trans-am pine will be one of europe's most expensive train lines once it's finished costing a whopping ten billion dollars the railing will reduce travel time between milan and paris from almost seven hours to just over four but the toll could fall victim to cooling relations between france and italy as david chase to report it's
2:44 am
europe's most ambitious engineering project a high speed train link being cut beneath the alps separating france and italy but as diplomatic relations continue to unravel it's proving to be a tunnel too far at the heart of the ten billion dollar peroration is this drilling machine two thousand four hundred tons of steel churning to the rock nonstop towards italy greece and a version of this is really the project of my life i hope to keep on and finish this tunnel. but emerging from a citizens guardhouse on the italian side of the border it's fulvio is a lifetime ambition to make sure the tunnel never breaks through. for years now thousands of locals here have been taking part in demonstrations against it done this to me we do so many things to be down things that would be useful to the community and let's say for progress what is being done with this tunnel is
2:45 am
a waste of frowns we waste a montane of found wasted. and fulvio has some backing in high political circles it leads deputy prime minister luigi dimaio head of the populous five star movement he's done most to fray relations with paris by meeting with members of the l. a vest rebellion besieging president macron the five stars deputy mayor of jurist described the project as insanity. the problem in our country the whole of europe and france with a get a vest is that their recent need for public investment but they must be for what are the united states is in its must. back in france president emanuel macro is struggling to keep the entente code he didn't help when he described new populist movements as a form of political leprosy lest the us to do it will be any transport link between the west and the east and that's why it is crucial a strategic once it's finished it will connect all the countries between porch
2:46 am
calling eastern europe it's like a small reconstruction of europe's version of the silk right. i let me tell you they got that the other right. thank you for the life five. dollars a year or if you wanted a rough day. like that without old europe but at the moment they. like to take me down every day telling you know what. each slab inserted into the tunnel wall was meant to cement relationships between france and italy instead a fiasco is in the making in the heart of europe david chase down under the french outs let's take a closer look now at why diplomatic relations between italy and france are being described as being that the low point since the second world war well earlier this month italy's deputy prime minister traveled to france to meet anti-government yellow vest protesters who each of my own claimed on twitter that the wind of
2:47 am
change across the alps that prompted paris to recall its ambassador to rome saying it's fed up with repeated the baseless attacks by italian leaders there's also been a war of words between fronts is president manuel macron the interior minister imitator salvini over each country's treatment of refugees. now there's a smartphone that you can bend in half some sort of his or some veiled it's next generation of devices including the galaxy fold that will be enough for the industry leader to overcome a shrinking market for instance a levy has more from new york. the next generation samsung smartphone will also serve as a tablet with its fold it has a four point six inch display it's compact and perfectly portable but. when the device opens up your world does too not surprisingly samsung's newest device is called the fold and it was unveiled with all of the fanfare you've come to expect from the world's leading smartphone maker. but here's where things get
2:48 am
really the call it goes on sale in april but it and samsung's new as tannen as ten plus are being released amid faltering worldwide sales people have a little bit of phone fatigue all the phones look the same they feel the same this new galaxy s ten is not really going to break the mold but we've seen some hints of things that are coming in the future that might get people really excited the issue whether buying samsung or an apple device is increasingly price with the fold costing about two thousand dollars samsung will have to convince consumers that they just have to have it pretty much all of the price to perform in the performance of their own looking for. a replacement phone every three or four years i'm not within the eighteen to twenty four month update cycle i'm not rich enough or that the global smartphone market is shrinking after years of rapid growth with consumers waiting for the next game changing feature and major markets like here in
2:49 am
the united states that saturation still smartphone sales are a vital part of the global economy. in two thousand and seventeen smartphone sales reached nearly four hundred sixty billion dollars but the rising price tag for the better known smartphones is not just an issue in the developed world and there is heavy headwind against the high and smartphones we saw that the i phone and the sales were not that great some macro issues as well china is slowing down. but europe is slowing down with the release of the full the industry leaders seem convinced that continuing innovation and the ability to access five g. data networks in the near future will be enough to keep smartphone consumers coming back for more christian salumi al-jazeera new york. was tough to support his leah. thank you so much former golf world number two steve stricker will captain the
2:50 am
united states in the twenty twenty ryder cup against europe stricker was announced as the man to take over from jim furyk on wednesday the fifty one year old becomes the first man to captain the americans without having won and major during his career he did win twelve times on the p.g.a. tour but had to wait until two thousand and eight at the age of forty one to play in his first right or cup the twenty twenty match will be played at whistling straits in wisconsin home state europe will be captive by project time you're playing for your country you're playing for the other team mates and it's something you want to win. at such a high level that that it sometimes get in get you know your your your play is it's tough to bring out the best of your play you know when it's when you wanted so badly and but from that point on i was hooked to play and wanted to make every team and to now captain a team is really really cool meanwhile eccentric former two time major champion
2:51 am
john daly also had an impact during the announcement of striker as u.s. ryder cup captain take a look at this. yes sir. but then on the floor. he wants only body that was. i got a. text from john daly there you go. i just saw his workout video i had no right to. question. tiger woods also congratulated stricker on his new post woods took time out in mexico city where he's been practicing for this week's world golf championship event to send the new captain a message. steve there's one more deserving. this can't see no need for a very long time. play together. partners have.
2:52 am
won our share loss a share but i'm grown to love you and you're going. to. start writing down. english champions manchester city have completed a three to come from behind victory at german club shall cut in the champions league last sixteen first leg two. penalties handed the germans the lead before city had a man sent off even so the ten men from manchester won three two and athletico madrid were two no winners against eventis in the night's other match the guitar's national football team were honored in doha for winning the asian cup last month and at tournaments played in the u.a.e. the president of qatar is football association shape how much has been been ahmed anthony was present to greet the team with a number twenty two jersey the year of the next world cup even with the recent victories of the team's coach felix sanchez he's already looking ahead to prepare
2:53 am
his young team for the twenty twenty two world cup three home. and in qatar well now that the next step to prepare the team for the world cup it's going to be that the better america we know already that. the opposition in the group stage so we know it's going to be very hard but we're going to try to prepare as best as possible to write that you know good conditions to compete well against these strong teams and to have this experience at these going to be key for our players to arrive. with a good experience and for the world cup. usa gymnastics has hired its fourth c.e.o. in just under two years as the organization tries to rebuild itself following one of the biggest sex abuse scandals in sport taking the helm having previously been a vice president of the n.b.a. and a former junior gymnast she says her priority will be to settle lawsuits with victims of larry nasser a former team doctor nasser is serving a life sentence for multiple sex abuse charges under the guise of medical treatment
2:54 am
he's accused of abusing hundreds of women and girls including a limping gymnast some of them like simone alley raisman and joran weaver have strongly criticized usa gymnastics for failing to protect them and in some cases helping to cover up his crimes. it's been a turbulent two years for us ag steve penny quit as c.e.o. at the height of the nasser scandal and twenty seventeen after twelve years in charge he was arrested last october and was accused of tampering with evidence something he pleaded not guilty to carry perrie then lasted nine months she was forced out after failing to make big changes to the organization in the wake of the nasser case and former house of representatives member mary bono came in as interim chief in october but was forced out after just five days she worked with a law firm that was helping advise us a.g. at the beginning of the nasser case she was also slammed by olympic gymnast simone biles for posting a tweet critical of nike sponsorship of calling the former n.f.l.
2:55 am
quarterback whose protested racial injustice all while usa was without a sport sponsorship of their own and to add to usa gymnastics problems the federation has filed for bankruptcy and the u.s. olympic committee is trying to strip it of its role as the sports national governing body world number two has progressed to the quarter finals at the dubai tennis championships on wednesday at the romanian face. of the ukraine this one in relatively straightforward fashion six three seven five the score to the twenty seven year old. is also through to the quarter finals in dubai but her win on wednesday was decidedly more complicated after taking the first set seven five against american qualifier and world number one seventeen jennifer brady the czech surrendered the second set six one fought back in the third to take the
2:56 am
honors six three and book her place in the final eight. williams f one car finally arrived in barcelona and made its way around the circuit two days after its rivals began their pre-season testing george russell managed as many as twenty three laps on wednesday as williams finally got their car on the track the team finished bottom of the constructors' championship last year and the new season has not started very well with this delay in getting their car on the track. riccardo set the fastest time on wednesday before. that bettered that with the best time of the testing week so far but of course most of the attention was on the families of williams. yeah we've been very lucky jordan robot had been very understanding clearly it's not the start that they wanted in the start that we wanted for them we wanted to get in the race car and one day that they could get as many laps under their belts before starting in australia that
2:57 am
they could but that hasn't happened and you know we can't keep thinking about that now we've got to look forward and we've got to capitalize on the time that we do happen. and they've been great. mexico's president announced he's cutting state funding for the grand prix throwing and doubt if the race what happened at all the mexico city race was revived in two thousand and fourteen with a government subsidy of around twenty million dollars but the president says that money will now go towards a railway project. that's going to not just i don't know how the formula one contracts are if they're not signed we won't be able to continue with the mexican grown pretty in some cases events like this were financed with funds from tourism promotions and that fund is already committed to the construction of the maya train if it does not involve money or says the issue is whether we have to contribute that's it for me now but we'll have more later. thanks leon of course you can follow all of the sports on the news that we're covering here on al-jazeera by logging on to our website at al-jazeera dot com we'll be watching the observer news
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with me. about that more news on the other side of the bright sun to live thanks for your time and your company.
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of hard treasury. donald trump as told of a special loan with kim jong un. now the u.s. president a north korean leader ought to meet again this time in vietnam were both very garnered two eight months after making history in singapore and they strike a deal on nuclear weapons. and finally end the korean war followers on the twenty seventh of february for special coverage on al-jazeera. going green bacteria in a. gas escaping from. this is really. going to based on the threat what happened to experiments. and. how counter the impacts of climate change the science of capturing these big names. on the
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back of my meditation and why does happen temp tag on. the brink of defeat us back syrian forces start moving civilians out of a key village. in the region's refugee camps a new problem for western governments whether to allow i still find families to return home. romaña watching others their lives headquarters here in the.


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