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tv   Maria Ressa War on Truth  Al Jazeera  February 21, 2019 8:32am-9:01am +03

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of sexual abuse before a four day conference at the vatican even begins the pope failed to show up to a meeting with victims on wednesday ahead of his summit with senior. the u.k.'s prime minister has been in brussels for more talks aimed at breaking the break that deadlock to resume is a visit came as three pro european union politicians broke away from her ruling conservative party over her bricks it strategy tech giant google says its failure to inform uses of a hidden microphone inside its nest god home security device was a quote era on its paws it emerged the product had built in microphones when google announced it would soon start supporting the fans a voice command assistant who says the microphones have to be activated those are the headlines witness is next and then they'll be more news to stay with us. the week began with views of ninety day for troops in the to protect us china trade . the world's largest supplier of liquefied natural gas is leaving the biggest oil
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cartel we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost on al-jazeera. digital media and maria ressa is the founder of all the inside. riyadh forty years if they can use it is whatever power doesn't like the president of the philippines abroad rico deter day says he wants to kill as many people involved with drugs doesn't possible and lists his critics as a public enemy. graph learned and online you cite and known to be critical of the government had its license revoked and he weeks ago the end goal is to silence dissent when people don't know what is real and what is faith when facts
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don't matter then the voice with the loudest megaphone gains more power every half i'm facing seven cases some of which can put him in jail up to fifteen years. now rock blues ball says a war of attrition is on the way when she and her colleagues are determined to weave guess what we know we know that arrest warrant has been issued obviously. it makes you feel i think it's quite right you know this is the time to fight this is the time to tell people here here's the mind and you have to make sure that our government doesn't cross it because when it does we're no longer in the.
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i am a pretend millennial but i'm turning fifty five fifty five years old wow i've been a journalist for. more than thirty years. alexa play best play list resuming spanish. when our president or a good detective was elected the campaign machinery that helped elect him was weaponized and went after anyone who was critical of the drug war and also journalists in particular were targeted. this is a war for troops and the biggest casualty in the world for is how many people have been killed in the drug war i'm at the front lines i feel it i know it i have the data to prove it. here's what happened in the philippines when facebook became too toxic i watch alexa ranking every day which is a website ranking of of all the weird computer the peano school and before.
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it's alexy. it doesn't really want to catch fire this information and the use of you would go out. and get you have a. ok new plan for the future of what we can become a few don't try it part of the problem with the old power right now is they don't understand new technology and part of the problem with the people who build the new technology is they don't understand old power that's what needs to merge. facebook changed. and in the philippines it really is the internet. the journalists will escape the first that's dead. in me and it comes down to the tech social media in particular will determine what gets delivered to people.
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in january twenty eighth the government of the philippines tried to shut down we're being investigated and that we're facing legal cases one on ownership that could land me in prison for anywhere from five to fifteen years. the court of appeals came out with a decision after midnight that night our appeal to harassment it is to distract us it is to stop us from reporting it's to intimidate us so we don't. so we don't challenge. i think that the biggest wake up call for the government was the day after they they tried to shut down rappler. there was a global reaction to it so i don't think they counted on that. they also didn't
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count that raptor would fight. rappler was a dream. in twenty eleven a group of friends and i kind of that there's this new technology that is that we can't completely try out in the traditional networks because everything that made traditional media successful will go against what we wanted to do. was. going to connect two weeks on. the trip folks. let's post that story that's the best statement glenda. yeah we started with twelve people four or five of us were about forty at that point. and and then we hired the smartest twenty somethings we could find.
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is a good look at that with the most yeah. i want to know how do i fix what i think it's largely unfixable i mean i've been trying to fix it for the forty years and it's why don't i start because you're here from the london school of economics i will introduce you to pomeranz and use that a lot of the groundbreaking work on looking at russia this information. peter pomerantz of welcome to manila let me just figure out we're being manipulated their dissent from asian and misinformation campaigns by both state actors and private interests what do we do about it there's a much deeper question is that social media has kind of few a new type of. what i might term populism is much more emotional. and with an enemy very abstract one who is blocking your very private grievances the
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establishment the elite foreigners doesn't matter so you you actually wrote a lot about russian this information how would you define think about it from the point of view of a leader with author a tarion tendencies so back in the twentieth century you could you could start off your population. with censorship you could just block off t.v. channels you can't do that anymore so instead of trying to censor things you spread as much cynicism as possible you on the mind the idea of trust you say yeah maybe our media isn't perfect the b.b.c. c.n.n. . they're all boards and once you undermine the idea that there is any kind of truth out there then all this kind of leftism motion and so only the most emotional . and viscerally emotional be the weapons it seem like in the short term only the tech giants have the ability to quickly fix certain things if we start uniting. the forces of good. diversity we could be tomorrow it is true. right now not only
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is it started it started and we need a little bit of maybe some resources to help with out so we start acting sort of strategically. facebook has admitted that the philippines is patient zero in the war against this information twenty sixteen the campaign machinery of now president detective used facebook and social media to win an election but they didn't stop there he began to see these vicious attacks on facebook against anyone who questioned the killings in the drug war and in october i wrote this three part series on the propaganda war when we released it i was attacked the propaganda machine came after us without gagging in then it was immediate you know i've been called every animal you can think of my sexual life has been dissected and at the beginning i faced it like
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a traditional journalist where you try to fight it and you realize no you can't it's not built up when you don't fight this by looking at content you fight this by looking at networks and looking at algorithms that's when i realized something new is going on and we began gathering data. so we call it the shark tank but what it is is it's truly being. treated with even the social networks that spread this information that have been used in attacks so we have more than three hundred fifty million comments more than fifty million accounts. so it's a big data set is probably the largest outside of facebook. the key thing here is to go back to the way the new tactic campaign ran the social media campaigns is so organized that they have a content creator for the elite then there's a content creator
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a blogger for the middle class and then the blogger for the mass base is now the head of the social media for the presidential palace by looking at that database you can pull out keywords you can pull out attacks and you can get to exactly how the attack began and the velocity spread. took the shark tank we connected it to a slack channel if something is spreading beyond a certain frequency it will send us all an alert once we fact check it we can send it to facebook and facebook of the president. in august of two thousand and sixteen i gave facebook the data that we had and i said you really have to look at this because you know you have u.s. elections coming up and this is so alarming that trump could win. and we all laughed we laughed. and then when trump won in november they asked me for the day. in the french elections that helped pull down thirty thousand feet of comics.
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this database this big data is is the story of how the mockers. became a dictatorship and that's certainly what we seem to have so we can still fight it and we're using the data to back. i'm going to do is a color is going to raise. very little when you have these legal processes are being used against us that does have impact on the business because the minute an advertiser now signs a contract with rappler there's a risk involved for that so what we did is very quickly when we saw the trend and that that advertisers were scared we then came up with a whole slew of different products that we could offer so discomforting the propaganda machine led us to our new business model if you think about it. it's
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just a big think we're selling your local it is what we did building community for what we did for rappler is what we were offering to do for them but it is indeed us driven social media narrative strategy and distribution strategy. and how you know political parties use social media. and the messaging. that's a lot of this is i'm just wondering if there's. so i can talk and then carlo can also talk so for me because the cynical view is this is psychological manipulation to tell the. story right like marketing in general. which is actually. there you go remember what was wrong. it was a psychological analysis it was the way they got their data breach the breach of.
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the senses it's ok to. influence your psychological outlook but it's not ok to steal that. companies don't know how to use social well except to put ads on facebook and they're realizing that that's not a good. time is it you think mom and dad are we should it's a anniversary yeah i'm on i was going to send you the photo from florida you got to see talk to talk to mom and dad i'm going to show you the sort of the. having dinner the kids are here nino see here. really briefly why guys love you love me martin a. large thank you for this meal these are the heads of protection
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around on the bass and those that we have. and those that we care for so that we. can walk in here and buy. one it's mine alone don't anyone touch it you see the case. yes yes reveals what you actually get i'm sure you know all this but. i'm not going to get emotional so i stop although you guys do you guys worry about teacher maria. don't worry about me. i worry about you. also i think you just tell me what you think i need to know which is probably ok too. but the end goal of all of this is to actually take up space so the less space it takes up the better right yes for me i fix it with a lot of prayer so what you have to do after hearing what i really have to work maybe i could finish but.
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when the case came and they were threatening to shut us down we were like we're not going to dock that's like an old way. right yeah. i'm connecting was connecting me. i bought me. we are looking for new products that rappler can build. obviously we're working on it but we'd like to work with you because every person in this room has not just displayed great talent at what they do but is also committed in a different way so that's our end goal this is my really gets me so i don't have kids really realize my my longest relationship was with truism guys and you will get i will send an e-mail of all of the awards that you got because they've been
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incredible it's been good to hear it even if it's been a bad default. start to the year ok. but i think the energy of the folks are one of the reasons we survived and we continue battling through the bush nothing it feels like when we act like a team nothing will get in our day we can barrel through it. people are throwing their lives into it right people it's not just me it's our it's raptors look at their face it's. like see they should be emotional. they believe. so i but you know but you know with. enemy stuff. actually the easy part is the rational is really taking to the.
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you gotta look for. in collaboration it's hope in solidarity. i came to paris to join this commission and it's an inaugural meeting of about twenty people who are working on this information in different parts of the world president kron will meet with us and it's something that is it's really an initiative by the reporters are s.f. porter sense for two years. i think the technology platforms the social media
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platforms are forced to confront what they've created what they've done now is allowed. evil networks to take over and that has actually had an impact on democracies around the world. so. it's going to interest. them. is a nice to see you get a question i have wife i think it's ok i will i will set up as i'll try to live stream for the event. if if if two one seven thank you. yes this is all. the details for you just
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a little of them because you feel some vision on the new. but it sure you were trying. to do the thing you know it's horrible when that it will be contra life you know with little fuss you see the remarks needed to see if you just got to turn on this one just you need to. go through the system to get the school you might always make some good to come up at our poll our how many choices. in the business she says infamous too little money from the government you don't get civil. that's perfect. so i'm honored to be the one who has its share momentum in this condition she received a noble and things arise she in the world and she is one of the chairs of this commission with arms that you just spoke to. the. wrong table about situations the world of. here has
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joined that is all wrong you know almost ninety seven percent of filipinos who are on the internet are on facebook for rappler social media is both a positive and a negative it is both good and evil depending on how it's used but free speech is being used to stifle free speech hate is used to pound you into silence and for all of our countries how do you give free speech with out the excesses of people who want to manipulate this new technology if they live in the philippines is offering a capsule into the future what we see to believe there is. this is an oncoming reception or in a bad mood the nobel prize winner from moscow want to manage the dual role. old
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british subject is painfully lots of that stuff it's good stuff what do you think the french understand it is facebook had taken down the thirty thousand take up now it's the fluff on may not present. or they don't really think that that's the back of how i suspect it goes the second order to me it's an interesting question of whether it is or it shows that centrist show in. the school on actual behavior yet runs out feel very very poorly studied and often you know how to use them to come to our countries. how would you describe journalism in turkey today. is risky and dangerous profession and. imagine a country. whose proven chance. despite removes.
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some heat from find solutions to this kind of instance this might be. leading to the fact that you feel it's a. given our president ron i want to understand how one head of state who's holding the line when the way he looks at it and what he thinks is even possible i want to ask him what can be done what are other leaders in democracies talking. you think we. will be live in london in manila yeah i had been among them though many many years ago. please if you ever come to show you the city how long have you been in exile says so valsin. and your family because it's going to go soon. and. i hope i don't have to go into exile.
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so you do the demos we need you. and i will say that those are. going. to be. looking just a click if you think the meeting is. on sufficiently similar call that many more we're expecting should be doing we have a head of state is due. that will be approved but essentially it will be a performance for so political but it was a remarkable assumes that you were to see a show with somebody who's not here. to influence political relations so we'll see what actually comes of it. it was an off the record discussion with him
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and that promise one of the leaders that was targeted by these bad actors on social media is he leader with liberal values that he stand for things that the geo political activist did not want who was behind those thirty thousand fake accounts that's interesting to me he probably knows he certainly did say anything about. the constitution of the philippines gives me certain rights that protect my ability to do my job all of that was stripped away by the social media platforms there is absolutely no accountability for the platforms to spread lies exponentially and should not allow it to spread that's what i'm looking for that's him to get the.
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welcome to both of us. a soviet era automobile manufacturing behemoth. with a decades old movie is being torn up and really written by side. of a western style management and socialist worker as he appeared destined for a car. the russian show a witness documentary on al-jazeera. the dissolute mother waits on the border between ukraine and russian occupied crimea for news of her missing son numerous young three men have disappeared following her arrest these disappeared other victims of a crackdown on the top population of crimea by russia since its occupation in two
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thousand and fourteen. before the invasion of two thousand and fourteen crimea was a part of another country ukraine we formed when the soviet union broke up into separate states but many russians including the president vladimir putin were unhappy with this. russia is determined to keep its alleged abuse of human rights away from public scrutiny. as the only indigenous group still openly opposing occupation russia sees this muslim minority as a threat. between two thousand and two thousand and seven their one million racist murders in different parts of jenin but the police were painfully slow to track down the killer. al jazeera world reveals the truth about the deaths linked by a single weapon the involvement of the far right and the serious political forum
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that ends here the cheska murders case solved on al-jazeera. hello i missed us here today in doha with the top stories on al-jazeera a devastating fire has raced through several buildings in an old pos of the bangladeshi capital dhaka at least seventy people are confirmed dead so far but that number is expected to rise media reporting that the building where the base started was home to at least seven families as well as plastics and chemical warehouses alexy o'brien reports. firefighters in dhaka struggle to bring the inferno under control battling flames amid the chaos of crowded alleyway. the blaze broke out now.


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