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bernie sanders candidacy again because it essentially means democrats will have more in fighting as they did just a few years back up it's no surprise that bernie is anti establishment on the left however in a way like your other guest said he has moved the party further to the left and that makes republicans who support the president even more assured that president truck can handily with reelection for those of us who have been from the beginning of his candidacy the beginning of the president kennedy rather this is really actually bad neo's because of the same thing we are hoping that the democrats can put up a candidate that is evil to take on truck to give him a good fight because the power of the incumbency is so great somebody on the left the challenge from the left is going to have to be very strong and frankly spenders don't represent that jeff i mean this is a crowded field compared to two thousand and sixteen but dontcha think at the same
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time people will still say this is the man who championed the principles of universal health care free education and taxing the wealthy i mean just by the fact that elizabeth warren came out a harris book saying the same thing but people would a clist give him some credit for this. absolutely i mean he is a living legend he is somebody who stands out there on the progressive wing of the party and is really beloved in a way but not really for this race they're wondering is he the right man for that this time the c have a plan this time around i mean he was the first person to go for universal health care the first person to say american student should get free college but now everyone says those things they're younger they're not old they're not whites they're not male and activists in this party actually are more excited about
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fresher blood you already see this a number of key activists fundraisers pollsters consultants have left centers surrogates so he really does not have the team that he had last time he doesn't have as much enthusiasm going in as he did last time because there are new kids on the block and there is more excitement surrounding them compared to this old warhorse even if he is a highly respected and highly regarded. the political landscape of the killer when it comes to the good arena do you. do you want to go out and say look you know you can't you can be a movement person but does that mean you're going to be a great elected official and i really think that's what democrats understand that now that we've had a few years and we've seen what this is like we see that there is a mess on our hands for me as a lifelong republican i'm seeing the trust in our public institutions in voting by the day because of this administration the action and arctics from the concert or
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any policy wise there is very little like with people like prince albert is he a movement person and yes he should be he deserves a lot of credit for interacting certain measures i think within the democrat having that conversation within the democratic party bringing these conversations to light however does that mean that he can do what is needed to appeal to the vast majority of americans were frustrated with how our government is working donald trump was an active because americans were frustrated with the status quo bernie sanders regardless of the easy age he doesn't represent fresh new ideas that. the public mind rather you know american by them the political landscape as clear as the democratic party is concerned will different you have to take some time before take a full shape we don't know whether biden is going to. go ahead and run for the nomination but don't you think that at least as many people are concerned bernie
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sanders is someone who has been unfairly treated by the superdelegates of the democratic party. clinton won and the rest was a blunder for the democratic party he could potentially be the only person to defeat trump among the twelve candidates so far. well i think there are a lot of people who think that bernie was hard done by last time for a lot of people who think he would have had a better chance of beating donald trump if you had been able to get the democratic nomination last time and given that hillary clinton lost and lost narrowly most people would probably pre-prepared to run that experiment again but you know the world is different in twenty twenty than it was in twenty sixteen you know bernie sanders has made an excellent political career by banging the drum of a very particular issue which is wealth inequality wealth redistribution but one of the things that donald trump being in the white house is a really really brought to the foreground other kinds of discrimination in american
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society issues around race issues around gender other bernie sanders cares about phish sure but has always made secondary and a lot of candidates going for the democratic nomination this time who by virtue of being women virtue of being from ethnic minorities don't just believe in progressive policies but their election would represent a blow in favor of those passes society that many people see president trump as attacking and many people see the fact the president trump was elected as having insulted him in a pretty grievous way people who have to people president trump makes feel like they are not real americans want someone who represents them in a broader way than bernie sanders can through no fault of his own hand by winning this nomination just is the struggle with the african-american voters an issue that he has to look into carefully in the coming weeks and months. that's one of them there is also the use last time around one of the most
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incredible things i mean i work for the other side i advised the other candidate last time and i remember getting into trouble at a hillary event when i said in a microphone that i i felt the burn at the time and that was not a very popular thing he's resented still today in the party for staying in the race too long but more to your point he's got not just a challenge with african-americans he's got a challenge with young people today as one of your other speakers just pointed out young people today in the u.s. are more excited about people that look like them sound like them are closer to age than them that wasn't around last time bernie was this exotic candidate he was pure he was fresh none of those things are the case anymore so he's got not only ideas that are well because of him he gets the credit they're more common now but he doesn't look like people that want to look he doesn't sound like people want to sound he sounds a little tired he's sort of been the guy that well he had
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a shot he didn't make it he gets the credit and people really now in the party are sort of saying thank you bernie but hey we're moving forward in a different way this time when would he be an easy target if he were to win the nomination given the fact that most of his ideas are seen as. an attempt to push for a socialist system in the u.s. oh there's no doubt president trump already mentioned that yesterday in discussing his candidacy discuss and sandhurst can't you see this is going to be an open and shut case if somehow makes it to the general election against from there is going to be so much ammo from the right and to the point that one of your other guest is making it certainly i my identity is that dr women who have a bit of color a young woman here in america and i reject a lot of the xenophobia and heat that i think has come to the surface in the era of
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trump however a lot of it has been there and that's a deeper discussion of course but another thing is this identity politics is what we're discussing and and i really want to reject that because frankly you know bernie sanders his campaign had sexual harassment issues within if well and those are going to be easy to peel out let's not forget the occupant of the oval office has massive issues the women is a proven massage ness and has issues again with women but but these other campaigns as most political campaigns in modern u.s. history have been rife with scandal within the closed doors as a longtime operative i can tell you i've witnessed them for a big and they've been on the campaigns of women and men and so. i want to project the identity politics i have i think most americans actually are willing to reject that it is exciting to see somebody who is different who looks different sounds different but let's not forget that that's also why trump was elected the people who gave him their vote believe that he would be different and so it's not going to
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be enough for kemal and hearses depp up as a woman of color it's not going to be enough or where booker to step up is a you know a male with brown skin so this of these things are just very very i think going to be diced out ok and if they're going to agree on the trail they're going to get very ugly jeff i feel lucky that we live it and that is to maintain bernie sanders because if you go back to his track record two thousand and sixteen he won thirteen million votes he was able to raise two hundred thirty eight million yesterday he wrote something like four million dollars. it is an impeccable record it is i mean he really is a grand individual in the party in the u.s. politics he is there's no argument he's a living legend he is somebody who has credibility right down the line he has basically made original ideas they're not original anymore but he gets the credit
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for that and he's very articulate on these issues even verging on eloquent does he have the kind of magic this time around he might he might well i don't know that's really tough because one of the tests that we watch early when people announces how they're treated on late night comedy television here and compared to the other candidates bernie got killed last night i meant every network every host went not just a few lines on him they went on and on and the crowds ate it this to me was one of the early signs that the magic for bernie despite all the respect that he deserves despite the fact that he will be there the whole way because he's a prolific money raiser and some of the activists will never leave him but this time around i'm afraid the larger number of people in the party and certainly the u.s. electorate probably are not going to be there for bernie in the end despite how much
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credit he deserves because of what he's done up to this point. but his son this would be seventy nine if inaugurated in twenty twentieth's do you see it as a disadvantage as here. you know well it's it's an irony of bernie sanders that of course he's actually very popular with younger voters that was the source of a strength in twenty sixteen many of those especially young men who are supportive of him now are on the the youth side of the party but at the same time he of course was old then is even older this time would be the oldest president ever elected by a comfortable margin if he got into office now i don't think there's any intrinsic reason why somebody who is old shouldn't be the president although of course it raises are all the concerns about someone's health and fitness that you might imagine but he seems like he's entirely alert and lively nevertheless this is a moment in which there's a big generational gulf in american society you know many young people are looking
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at who's in the white house and feeling like this does not represent even the present let alone the future they would like to see it so the symbolism of putting somebody who's from a new generation into power would be enormously important at this particular moment for that reason i think you know again it's not bernie sanders fault that he's old but i think it may be an unfortunate miss of timing in his time around but it just isn't it isn't what with the book we're trying to get rid of the democratic voters may think of the oldest president ever in the white house trying to replace him with someone older doesn't have the same kind of generational lift feel that they would like to have a really let me say what some of his sanders supporters advanced over the last few hours basically to the republicans they you should not basically share issue in the fact that this man could end up being a punch bag for trump if he were to be. if he won the nomination because
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if he manages to a second wave of revolution he could make history again. well i for one chance of a revolution i just don't see it let's just put it that way this is again going back to an original point about you know us in the american electorate not willing to give a chance to somebody who has stepped up to the stage before and hasn't been able to secure agreement by the way so look. if i may just is very solid when it comes to substance very articulate. and you can't compare him with trump his command of the issues that he talks about that the the fibers that touches the very end of missing girl and the dog in the united states of america then we really identify with the man. indeed indeed he has appealed to
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a lot of working class individuals and i certainly don't intend to compare him on an intellectual level what we see from president trump is is almost you know on the part of never seen this i think somebody who has such a deep disregard for anything substantive and no desire to govern either obviously senator sanders cares about governing he does care of articulating the issues and he's fighting the policy solutions that he can still help a certain set of americans right so there's that much but the way the style rather you know it is disruptor style i call it and and that means something because americans have a very short attention span when it comes to our elections so we tend to really go with what we've seen in the weeks just prior to an election and it does come down to style rather than substance often and i think that unfortunately leaves us at a disadvantage that we the american people because we don't really get the policy
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solutions we want to achieve but here is one major white is that we know a lot more about standards today than he had two or three years ago obviously right and one thing is that democrats are now saying you're ready you advocate for working class solution however you own three homes your wife was embroiled with a financial scandal at a university these are not people that really reflect looking cost values in our daily life jeff but couldn't see and being the man with some qualities that no one else has among the candidates it within the republican the democratic party the fact that he is an outsider an independent and the only one who could build bridges with the grassroots and with those who have always consider themselves to be sidelined by the. democratic establishment you look at the map and he could give a white address the right man to build all those bridges he could be he is the one candidate on the progressive left for the democrats that is
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a known entity that is already trusted that has a brand that appeals he has a program that appeals policy ideas that were originally his before anybody else in the party and this man does pull well against trump he's going to be able to raise the money so even if he's got a new field and basically a tougher road to hoe this time around he's going to be there in the race doing well enough to stay in the race for a very long time he'll be one of the king makers at the convention still and that influence will see something that he holds on to it's going to be a long shot though he is somebody who has a whole slew of snares this time around that he didn't face last time and probably the biggest one of all is that once you take a shot at the top of the very top you run for the presidency in the u.s. if you don't latch on to the vice presidency you rarely get serious shot again it's
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just something funny and it's ironic because ok in this country of all countries you're supposed to be able to begin again bernie is probably not going to be able to do it this time is a much as i see your point when's so we have a list of many many dozens of people here and their target is to defeat donald trump of all these candidates although they are all to the left of the to the spectrum of the democratic party how do you think has more appeal to the millions of americans determined to take to the polls this time and defeat trump of all the candidates that we know of the far. well you put your finger on a very important question which is electability because i think a lot of democrats in this contest in addition to thinking about what policies they personally favor are going to have an eye on who is most likely to accomplish what they sell they said told pollsters is objective number one which is defeating the
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president and it's going to be a lot of different theories of who's the best equipped to do that former vice president joe biden at the moment apparently tops the polls because i think that's mainly because of his name recognition being quite high senator sanders come second but maybe that's because his name recognition is quite high too and then behind that you have a very big field over elizabeth warren will come a lot harris kiersten jill a brand new to iraq lots lots of people but the main thing that they're going to be trying to convince the voters of is that whether they're progressive or whether they're to the center whether they're white man or whether they're representative of a minority or one of their or a woman the message they're going to want to sell everybody voting in these primaries is you can trust me to win this election for you and if they can convey that kind of competence and if they can get the kind of polling results with the general public that suggested democratic primary voters there's
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a strong candidate then i think that's going to go a long way because things are about policy but they're also inevitably about electability. thank you very much indeed for your contributions to the program today and thank you to forcing you can see the program again any time by visiting our website c.n.n. dot com for further discussion go to our facebook page that's facebook dot call forward slash a.j. inside story you can also join the conversation on twitter our hands it is a.j. and so story for me how long the whole team here in doha by for the.
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fly cats are always an experience the world like never before cats are always going places together. when you're from a neighborhood known as a hotbed of radicalism. you have to fight to defy stereotypes. but in the meeting all chunks of the stories we don't often hear told by the people who live them in all not enjoy what little make. it. sound other boxset this is us. on al-jazeera.
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al-jazeera explores prominent figures of the twentieth century and how why i've always influence the course of history the salt did not get enough credit for ending up but you want to be a big historical figure but he was london the biggest icon in the world the prisoner and the president who came together to end up apartheid in south africa nelson mandela and f.w. de klerk face to face on all just. hello i'm daryn jordan in doha with a quick reminder of the top stories here on al-jazeera u.s. forces in syria say they expect to rescue all remaining civilians in eastern the
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village of baquba in the coming hours that's where the battle for control of ice holds last remaining territories taking place syrian democratic forces say the armed group is fighting to the death imran khan has more now from gaza on the turkey syria border the fighting has slightly slowed down as the civilians that have been taken away now we're hearing that it's not just civilians that have been taken away in those convoys of trucks of left village as well some fighters have also surrounded and have been moved to a prison now this is the process that takes place. fighters and for brides and for. children as it were is very different so you the isis fighters actually go to a prison where they're interrogated and detained the eyes the wives and children actually go to a whole camp in an s.d.f. controlled area where they separated from the civilians but kept in
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a nother camp awaiting to be protests by either their home country or by the syrian democratic forces themselves but until there's some sort of resolution to the conflict it's likely that they're going to be held in that camp now as far as the fighting goes what we're waiting for is for the all clear from the syrian democratic paul says and then they'll go into the village itself you have to say the village is almost completely destroyed but there are tunnels underneath the village and that's where the isis fighters hiding out and all the ice and propaganda suggests that this is the hardcore of the fighters we will fight to the death i have to say that territory that i still have left i have left is less than one square kilometer meanwhile one hundred fifty eisel fighters detained in syria have been handed over to iraqi security forces. the handover happened in unbar province the fighters surrendered to the kurdish syrian democratic forces at least seventy people have been killed in a large fire that ripped through several buildings in the bangladeshi capital dhaka
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the blaze broke out in a residential complex which also housed a chemical where it's time to challenge me has more now from dhaka. what happened yesterday we have some conflicting reports from the witnesses in the neighborhood there said that there was an explosion in a pickup truck most possibly the cylinder because a lot of the cars and trucks natural gas that exploded and spread the fire into a nearby restaurant which also had a natural gas cylinder and that explosion caused this hard to mention doors a lot of chemicals for parts and that spread the fire all across the head of the roman catholic church says the religious body needs to heal the wounds left by decades of sexual abuse by priests pope francis has been speaking at a meeting of bishops to address the scandal and call for concrete and effective measures many of those abused by priests around the world are also attending the event in vatican city they're demanding transparency zero tolerance for abuse and
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accountability for religious appears to cover up for rapists. facing the plea of sexual abuse by the church's men against minors i thought to consult you because all together to hear the holy spirit and listen to the cry of the young justice the way to pass through an ecclesiastic responsibility which forces us to discuss these together is a burden on our meeting about how to face this evil which afflicts the church and the whole of humanity the holy people of god are watching us and wait not just for simple and expect a conviction but concrete and effective measures and a group of friends lawmakers are proposed a bill that would make anti zionism a criminal offense in the same way that on to semitism is illegal in france critics argue that opposition to the israeli government is not comparable to anti semitism . president emanuel micron said anti-semitism in europe has reached its worst level
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since world war two he says legislation to fight hate speech on the internet will be introduced in may it comes a day after thousands of people rallied across france to denounce hostility towards jews. all right so those are the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after witness.
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