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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 21, 2019 8:00pm-8:33pm +03

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all that is of course on our website there it is on your screen main story the deadly fire in bangladesh all the details at the address al-jazeera dot com that's it for me and told of the news are done that way they'll all be back in a moment with more of the day's states. every dude is being analyzed it's being weighed and it's being measured. and it's not just i phones that's almost like it's i mean most not fans of these days at the moment we are in a state of the universe that. did something that was for a week act i would rather take the risks of democracy to the risks of the dictatorship digital dissidents on al-jazeera. and her husband gavin worst leak win for teenagers broke down the back door the teenagers described as being of african appearance still on the run before all of
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this happened i wasn't scared out of black people or people of color or. whatever the focus on african gang crime began in march twenty sixth seen when violence broke out at the festival at federation square in the center of melbourne to gird so that african young people coming together and knowing there was a fart crowd gathered because of my rolling all if you lot some of it was because the place becoming involved only started choice and they just tables and that crowd all narratives in the media at the top and a lot of political pressure on. these people to commit crime interesting to race whole human gets blamed for the actions of a few. people have to base cypher i have to feel saif side there's a lot of perception issues i think that we need to deal with this well. oh you an atheist for all practical purposes yes i support science untruth. one of the
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figureheads for the new atheist movement if you believe something without evidence then that justifies anything to do except that religion has done good things despite all of amada beliefs and americans who believe that science holds all the answers in the world be a better place if religion disappeared tomorrow yes mehdi has done goes head to head with richard dawkins on al-jazeera. the remaining civilians in syria could be evacuated within hours ahead of a final assault. from doha also coming up. in the bangladeshi capital killing at least seventy people. the pope called on bishops to
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take concrete steps to end years of sexual abuse by the clergy. poking fun at politicians but will voters in senegal have the last laugh when they elect a new leader. we begin the program with syria there are reports that civilians will no longer leave the eastern village of back on thursday that's where the battle for control of the last remaining territory is taking place syrian democratic forces say the group is fighting to the death on wednesday more than two thousand men women and children were evacuated from bag use is believed i still fight as i've been using them as human shields with syrian forces are getting help from the iraqi neighbors who are determined to members from fleeing across the border hundred fifty five just one hundred two iraqi security forces on thursday but more on that in
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a moment but first let's talk to him and khan who is in the end of the turkey syria border in his bring us up to date with the latest on the offensive to take what's happening with the fighting on the ground in. well there's been a little in the fighting the trying out civilians now in the morning and the am of . the syrian democratic forces. said that they were sending in trucks to pick up civilians but we're now hearing reports that those trucks have come back empty and no civilians are leaving today no we don't know why that is we are waiting for the s.d.f. to try and clarify whether she came back empty handed but certainly it's going to be a very tough fight for the s.d.f. now we were hearing that there were at least six thousand civilians within the village itself at the beginning of this operation we don't know how many civilians are left now like you say at least two thousand. wednesday so what's going on now
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is. on the outskirts of the village the village is completely destroyed by shelling and coalition airstrikes. left a hard cold to remain underneath the village and tunnels that they dug they've had a very long time to prepare for this conflict and then you have civilians that are in this village on the outskirts so we're looking at about a square mile square kilometer. that's left but it's proven to be very difficult to retake by the syrian democratic forces because of the civilians in that village and we don't know how many civilians there are yeah i mean it must be difficult given the uncertainty as to how many how long it will take for them to be released from. well what happens when the civilians are picked up and taken in trucks is that they get taken to a camp in the s.t. f. area then if there are any i saw prisoners in that have been of last few days they
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get taken to a to a prison within s.d.s. treat the women and children get taken to the elf whole camp which is one side of that is where the civilians on the other side is specifically for women and children but what we don't know is what happens to those are still women and children whether they'll be allowed to go back to their home countries if you take a look at the case which might have begun one of the british wives the home office in the u.k. of actually revoked assistantship and said she called them back to britain so there's a lot of political negotiations as to the ice was and children what happens to the ice of fighters themselves while they remain in territory until there's a rule that resolutions of the conflict. thank you. well as you mentioned the iraqi military is on high alert but i still fighters who attempt to flee across the border there are concerns that members could try and regroup in areas once controlled by i still in north and west iraq. has more now from mosul.
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iraq he forces far more to my sole targets across the syrian border the village of bug who's the last i still controlled territory in syria isn't far from here the mainly kurdish u.s. backed syrian democratic forces or s.d.f. estimate there are around three hundred eisel fighters still inside the iraqi military and pro iran armed groups are determined to stop them escaping across into iraq. they've set up cameras around ten kilometers inside syrian territory to monitor eisel fighters as the s.d.f. offensive goes on while the iraqi military operation against eisel across the border in syria continue we on this side are fortifying our positions we have installed thermal surveillance cameras across the border inside syria territory there is joint cooperation with us the pro iran armed groups and the tribal sheikhs
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we are getting aerial support from the u.s. led coalition u.s. intelligence says eisel evolved from the last remnants of al qaida in iraq and by two thousand and fifteen it controlled around ninety thousand kilometers of territory across syria and iraq an international coalition of more than seventy countries has been involved in the fight to reclaim that territory. this is all that remains of the square more than four. he declared himself all of what he described as the caliphate now is fighting continues on the syrian side of the border against the last. fight is there a fear of i saw sleeper cells among iraqis living close by. these are iraqi military checkpoints around the town of heat in western anbar province. weisel was defeated here in two thousand and fifteen but sleeper cells have
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kidnapped and murdered a number of people in recent weeks. and his wife son sit with their grandchildren at the home they both suffered under the brutality of isis rule and terrified by the thought the group could ever one day return. to more s.d.f. in syria have pushed toward the border the more difficult it has become for iraqis to work in the countryside nearby there i saw in the desert around here it's terrible that i kidnap innocent people the government and the army need to thoroughly search this area because i still are still hiding here the people here have suffered so much on their i celebrity. the head of iraq's intelligence says eisel fight is a regrouping and recruiting mainly in the rural areas of north and west in iraq they want controlled u.s. military intelligence believes the territorial battle against eisel across syria and iraq has been won but the fights against small groups of fighters and sympathizers across this vast region will go on. mosul. the
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rescue effort has been called off in bangladesh's capital dhaka roger a huge blaze told through several buildings in the old town at least seventy people were killed forty others injured the fire broke out in a residential complex which also housed a chemical and plastics warehouse it took hundreds of firefighters almost twelve hours to bring it under control and their challenge as more from dhaka. we are in the dark a medical college hospital in the morgue it's a very tragic scene out here with many people actually carried their loved ones in their coffin i spoke to the authorities here police officer in charge who is supposed to identify and process this so far they were able to identify thirty seven bodies many other bodies might need even d.n.a. testing but a lot of relatives are waiting here they want to know and see if their loved one is
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among the dead bodies that is in the morgue very really tragic. as far as the government goes the industry minister made a statement saying the cause of the explosion was not the chemical warehouse but rather the gas cylinder the bang of the human rights commission made a statement charming this is the third largest disaster in bangladesh which is quite dramatic actually after rana plaza and another chemical explosion near this one and today's one would be time the third largest now as far. in the medical lot of the forty one patients out there in the burn unit where when i love to get in there we don't know their real condition we heard that several of them are critically injured and their relatives are also waiting to find out their condition francis says the roman catholic church needs to heal the wounds of the decades of sexual abuse by priests has been speaking in a meeting of bishops to address the scandal uncalled for concrete and effective
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measures many of those abused by priests around the world are also attending the event and that's considered you don't see. the plea of sexual abuse by the church minicons minus i thought to consult you because all together she hears the holy spirit and listen to the cry of the young justice the weight of pasta in ecclesiastic responsibility which forces us to discuss this together. the burden on our meeting about how to face this evil which afflicts the church and the whole of humanity the holy people of god are watching us and wait not just a simple an expect a conviction a concrete and effective measures well one of the cardinals attending the conference was reduced to tears or making a keynote speech the wounds of the recession carried the memory of illustration suffering but they also carried the memory
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of our weakness and should. if we want to be agents of healing let us not reject any and they will see that this part of their thinking that refuses to see and touch the wants of others which are christ who is in the wood the people those wounded by abusing the scandal lead to be strong in faith in this moment. the sex abuse survivor she's calling for transparent action by the end of the day some of. i've survived my abuse i'm here to tell my story today and i'm here to tell the truth that happened to me and the truth of what i've experienced in the church and the truth of the stories of other survivors so i see myself as a truth teller i'm feeling skeptically optimistic i was it and fortunate to be involved in the meeting of survivors yesterday with the organizing committee and i
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we had the chance to tell our story so i now know that we have left our troops on the table as survivors twelve of us spoke representing survivors from around the world. there's no reason that the whole story shouldn't be known to the men in that room the pope called the summit there he's the head of this church in that meeting yesterday when we asked for a specific request. that cardinal. bishops. rich checked his shoulders and said that i am not the pope. and that's why we wanted the pope in that room because on the pope could answer whether or not on monday morning we would have a credible credible action plan going forward some very direct action related to zero tolerance and zero tolerance means zero tolerance of any clergy that. that committed the crime and that means defrocking the land size and taking away their license to practice and zero tolerance of any clergy who covered up those crimes
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and that means removing their clerics of them from the clerical state as well so on monday morning he has an opportunity one of the survivors in the group said there are five bishops who are on the stand in pennsylvania who stated that they actively covered up crimes and so for him to on monday morning to show up and say we remove those five bishops from the clerical state would be a beginning of direct concrete action and it would send a strong signal to the bishops who are returning to their diocese that they have to stop they have to open up the files they have to be. transparent as i said if we don't get that there's a big problem i have to believe that we're going to get. time for a short break here on al-jazeera when we come back depleted but not defeated the afghan army has front offensive to recapture territory from the taliban. broken machines rejected ballot some long lines all concerns raised over nigeria's upcoming election more in the states.
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how it was still got a little bit of wet weather into central parts of china over the next day but it's much better than it has been recently here's our latest area clad easing over towards the east of the country still it's also want to see showers there for shanghai dry weather comes back in behind home called twenty seven celsius there will be some cloud and ryan just sliding in as we go on into sas day having said that not a savy as a sort of wet weather that we saw last week but the showers they are still there nevertheless a little cold in hong kong so you drive around twenty four celsius handle i will be largely drive at the top to see here of around twenty eight degrees meanwhile we've had some dry weather across a good part of south asia but up towards the north some big showers rolling through head did lead to some flooding into the far north of the contrie really havey rain
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here those showers and now in the process of petering out want to two spots of rain a possibility to the north of new delhi as you can see twenty seven celsius in new delhi warm sunshine in that poor of about thirty eight degrees some of the picture as we go on into sassed i just notice it cools off a touch for new delhi the cloud just sinking a little further south was just freshen up a touch say high around twenty four. hours well on friday some bits and pieces of clout with the possibility of right to the south. donald trump has talked of a special bowl with kim jong un. now the u.s. president and north korean leader ought to meet again this time in vietnam were both very honored to eight months after making history in singapore and they strike a deal on nuclear weapons. and finally and the korean war follow us on the
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twenty seventh of february for special coverage on al-jazeera. arabic. welcome back a quick reminder the top stories on al-jazeera there are ports they'll be no further evacuation of civilians from last played in syria on thursday several truckloads of people have left the village but who was in the east of the past two days the battle to wipe out the young group is taking place in the area. the rescue effort has been called off in bangladesh is capital dhaka right for a huge blaze told through several buildings in the old town at least seventy people were killed forty others were injured. and the head of the roman catholic church says the religious body needs to heal the wounds left by decades of sexual abuse by
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priests pope francis spoke at a meeting of bishops to address the scandal and call for concrete and effective measures. army commanders in afghanistan say they're confident a spring offensive will help in taking back large areas of territory from the taliban twenty one districts of fall into the group in recent months fighting has resulted in the army's highest ever losses while its strength has fallen to its lowest level in years anybody reports from kabul. this remote afghan army outpost is one of thousands nationwide often isolated and in in hospice.


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