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tv   Chinas TV Confessions  Al Jazeera  February 22, 2019 1:32am-2:01am +03

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trip to read should deal right now the whereabouts by marshall first it's unclear all right she had thanks for that she had written c. in washington how the rescue mission as been called off in bangladesh is capital dhaka after a huge blaze tore through several buildings in the old town at least seventy people were killed and forty others injured the fire broke out in a residential complex which housed the chemical and plastics warehouse it took hundreds of firefighters nearly twelve hours to bring it under control tanveer chandra he has more from the. we are in the dock a medical college hospital in the morgue it's a very tragic scene out here we saw many people actually carried their loved ones in their coffin i spoke to the authorities here police officer in charge who is supposed to identify and process this so far they were able to identify thirty seven bodies many other bodies might need even d.n.a. testing but a lot of relatives are waiting here they want to know and see if their loved one is
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among the dead bodies that is in the market very really tragic. as far as the government goes the industry minister made a statement saying the cause of the explosion was not the chemical warehouse but rather the gas cylinder the bang of the human rights commission made a statement and charming this is the third largest disaster in bangladesh which is quite dramatic actually after rana plaza and another chemical explosion near this one and today's one would be time the third largest now as far. in the medical lot of the forty one patients out there in the burn unit where when i love to get in there we don't know their real condition we heard that several of them are critically injured and their relatives are also waiting to find out their condition all right when we come back find out how social media is helping nigerians get politically active. the
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be. how the weather remains slow seats right now across the middle east. has been rather one settle recently. and some snow that's pulling out of the way couple will be dry friday four degrees clisp. sunshine coming through going to eleven degrees that task and eleven also for red terra not seep out across the eastern side of the med want to see showers just coming into northern parts of lebanon pushing into syria for a time in that wet weather just becoming a little more expensive as you guys first asked i seventeen celsius in by rates not great but at least it will be dry with some sunshine twenty three that fall back that week warming up in couple to around five degrees celsius plenty of sunshine
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plenty of sunshine too across the raben peninsula twenty three degrees here on friday with this cloud just to the south of the southern palls the saudi pushing up towards year a pushing across into armada much as we think enough in time to time to bring a few spots of bright we warm up in doha to twenty five celsius in the southerly on saturday so really will feel pleasantly warm inside say what crossed much of south africa now still a little line of showers across the channel northern parts of madagascar could see some right by the pushes into northern missouri and bake at all so tanzania. explores prominent figures of the twentieth century and how and why bill rates influence the course of history. shows that he did not get enough credit for anything above that you want to be the big historical figure but he was mandela the biggest con in the world the prisoner and the president who came together to end up
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apartheid in south africa nelson mandela and f.w. de klerk face to face on. well again you're watching a reminder of our top stories this hour two explosions in syria in different parts of the country a suspected car bomb near a sure haleigh village and there is or killed at least fifteen people at least four people died from the other blast which was in africa. chinese vice premier knew her has arrived in washington d.c. for trade talks with the u.s. treasury secretary. the u.s.
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president has threatened to raise tariffs on a range of chinese imports worth two hundred billion dollars if a deal is not reached by march the first. the rescue mission has been called off in bangladesh's capital dhaka after a huge blaze tore through several buildings in the old town seventy people were killed and forty others injured. a pope francis says the roman catholic church needs to heal the wounds after decades of sexual abuse by priests he's been speaking at a meeting of bishops to address the scandal and called for concrete and effective measures many of those abused by priests around the world are also attending the event at vatican city. the plague of sexual abuse by the church's milligan's minors i thought to consult you because all together we should hear the holy spirit and listen to the cry of the young justice the way to pass on ecclesiastic responsibility which forces us to discuss this
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together is a burden on our meeting about how to face this evil which afflicts the church and the whole of humanity the holy people of god are watching us and wait not just for simple and expect a conviction but concrete and effective measures. of cardinal tagle from the philippines gave an emotional keynote speech in which he urged those gathered to think of the victims and what they've been through. the wounds of the risen christ carried the memory of in the sense of free but they also carry the memory of our weakness and sinful. if we want to be agents of healing let us not reject any and then see that this part of world the thinking that refuses to see and touch the wants of others which are prized moons in the wood the people those wounded by abuse and the
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scandal lead to be strong in faith in this moment only on huggins is a sex abuse survivor she's calling for transparent action by the end of the four day summit. i've survived my abuse i'm here to tell my story today and i'm here to tell the truth that happened to me and the truth of what i've experienced in the church and the truth of the stories of other survivors so i see myself as a truth teller i'm feeling skeptically optimistic i was it and fortunate to be involved in the meeting of survivors yesterday with the organizing committee and i we had the chance to tell our story so i now know that we have left our troops on the table as survivors twelve of us spoke representing survivors from around the world. there's no reason that the whole story shouldn't be known to the men in that room the pope called the summit there he's the head of this church in that meeting
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yesterday when we asked for a specific request. that cardinal. bishops could rich check to shoulders and said that i am not the pope. and that's why we wanted the pope in that room because on the pope could answer whether or not on monday morning we would have a credible credible action plan going forward some very direct action related to zero tolerance and zero tolerance means zero tolerance of any clergy that. that committed the crime and that means defrocking them landslides and taking away their license to practice and zero tolerance of any clergy who covered up those crimes and that means removing their clerics of them from the clerical state as well so on monday morning he has an opportunity one of the survivors in the group said there are five bishops who are on the stand in pennsylvania who stated that they actively covered up crimes and so for him to on monday morning to show up and say we remove
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those five bishops from the clerical state would be a beginning of direct concrete action and it would send a strong signal to the bishops who are returning to their diocese that they have to stop they have to open up the files they have to be transparent as i said if we don't get that there's a big problem i have to believe that we're going to get that. pro catalan independence protesters have blocked a motorway in northwestern spain they place burning tires on the road connecting the city of barcelona it's part of a general strike against the trial of catalan separatists doesn't form a local government leaders are facing up to twenty five years in jail for their role in a failed twenty seventeen independence bit a group of french politicians has proposed a bill to make auntie's ryan isn't a criminal offense in the same way that anti semitism is illegal critics argue that opposition to the israeli government is not the same as anti semitism president
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emanuel macross said legislation to fight hate speech on the internet will be introduced in may thousands of people have rallied the cross fire ants to condemn hostility towards jews david chaytor has more from powers. the french president emmanuel macron was saying that anti semitism has now reached its worst levels since the second world war figures published for last year show the number of anti-semitic attacks and risen by seventy four percent now france has the biggest jewish community in europe of course and he was speaking to community leaders at an annual dinner he promised a new legislation to ban hate speech on the internet he also asked his interior minister to take action to ban extreme right wing groups who were promoting and fueling violence and discrimination but perhaps the most significant thing is that he said that he would now consider taking action to make and zionism part of
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anti semitism legislation we don't know exactly what form or shape that will take or when it will take place but of course the zionist movement was the political movement that established israel israel as the homeland for jews in palestine now this is a very controversial measure it's been proposed by some of the m.p.'s in his own party before but he turned his back on it so this is a significant development to include anti zionism in the legislation against anti semitism. a thousand protesters have surrounded albanians parliament to demand early elections there's anger over allegations of corruption against the government police used barbed wire to protect a building in the capital tirana protesters used iron bars and petrol bombs to attack the prime minister's office at
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a similar rally on saturday i have any of my ties has more from tirana. for those of whom when you know opposition supporters gathered in front of the parliament building in the month the government rallied opposition poured is the man the resignation of prime minister it would be a rama who they accuse of being linked to corruption and criminal groups which they claim helped him win the elections in two thousand and seventeen prime minister rama the noise allegations that there is no need for early elections that they waste a would be indian parliament has council with plenary session planned for today fears for violent incidents against the peace and social unrest which could have been provoked by opposition supporters more than a thousand police officers were deployed in front of the parliament building however no incidents were reported among protesters were also representatives of all opposition parties who decided to give up their parliamentary mandates in order
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to put pressure in prime minister in the aroma to resign democrats opposition leader. wants a transitional cabinet to be put in place before early elections are held a sixteen year old swedish environmentalist has met the e.u. commission president to talk about climate change. spearheaded a global movement of school strikes to protest in action on global warming and she said out of politicians has criticised the students for skipping class. many people are trying to make the school strikes a question of whether we are promoting truancy or whether we should go back to school or not. they make up all sorts of conspiracies and call us puppets who cannot think for ourselves. they are desperately trying to stick to remove the focus from the climate crisis and change the subject. they don't want to talk about it because they know they cannot win this fight. india says it will dive we're
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water away from pakistan after last week's attack in indian administered kashmir under a deal signed in one nine hundred sixty pakistan and india agreed to divide water in the region india currently allow seven percent of its share to go to pakistan in his decision will not affect pakistan's access to the western rivers allowed under the treaty says jamil has more from new delhi. water has always been a contentious issue between india and pakistan that's why the world bank brokered this treaty in one nine hundred sixty s. it covers water lockin of six rivers the three western rivers that flow through india into pakistan that water law is for box on and won't be touched this concerns three eastern rivers now the water a lot meant goes to india but the access that it didn't use always strode into pakistan freely india says that's not going to happen any more going to take that excess water and divert it to its own people and its own projects in india to mr
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bashir and the indian state of punjab and parts of pakistan will really feel that because they are prone to drought and really did you rely on that excess water it also puts the nine hundred sixty treaty into a bit of a contentious place now under the treaty pakistan has complained many times on indian projects in fact and the end of january an india pakistan team came to india and objected to the height of a dam being built now those objections are likely to fall on deaf ears as part of the hard line that india is taking against pakistan in light of last week's attacks in india mr bush which india blames on a group based in pakistan if anything this shows that they are continuing their hard campaign against pakistan and at the very least not going to pakistan any favors several prominent opposition members have been arrested in sudan as protests against the government gather steam workers at a northern port and a telecommunications company have now joined the demonstrations there angry over
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the continuing detention of eight hundred people despite an announcement that they'd be released had been cold for president almost bashir to step down the protests started after the government cut bread and fuel subsidies in december. now it is the battle for the young vote in nigeria two men in their seventy's are contesting the presidential election on saturday in which hof the registered voters are below the age of thirty five one hundred edris reforms. nigeria's young new voters say they are to change their country. they want to see more young nigerians in politics but admit that it's not easy in a country where running for office is expensive. but they know what they want from those they would vote for. representing the people and that is trustworthy that the one that will help in the nope in the education think the whole thing to.


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