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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 22, 2019 6:00am-6:34am +03

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two deadly bombings have taken place in syria in separate locations a suspected car bomb has killed at least twenty people including oil workers in village and arizona an area held by the syrian democratic forces thousands of others have been engineered and then another suspected car bomb exploded in the city of offering which is under the control of a turkish backed militia at least four people thought to have died after the blast in the city center earlier there was a military parade in the city for a new free syrian army recruits on all this as the s.t.'s battles to oust eisel from its last chunk of territory in the town of. civilians that were being evacuated from the town in syria's east near the iraqi border but that process has now been put on hold al-jazeera is imran khan has moved from gaza on the turkey syria border. early on thursday morning it was announced by the s.d.f.
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spokesman for an old syria most probably that trucks would be sent to a village to pick up the remaining civilians now we're hearing reports of those trucks actually came back empty handed and we don't know why there's been no word from the s.d.f. as to the reason those trucks came back empty now at the very beginning of this conflict we saw. tell us that the really six thousand civilians in the village itself over those two weeks a number of those civilians have actually been able to leave the largest number was on wednesday when some two thousand civilians including some ice and fighters were able to leave now what happens is when they reach safe areas they are so far has it taken to a prison where they detained and interrogated the are so wives and children are taken to a separate part of a refugee camp where they are put and then the civilians are put on another side of that camp now before it is incredibly difficult for. village because of the
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civilians that remain there just give you an idea of the sense of the village itself most of it's actually been destroyed there's a tented city on the outskirts of the village and that's where all of the civilians that remain allegedly. to be. there for it itself is going to be incredibly difficult because i still had a very long time to prepare for this the hardcore of those fighters are now in tunnels waiting for the s.d.f. to come in but certainly there are enough civilians who remain in village to slow the fighting and for the to be very careful about going into the village. well joining me now is. the university of extra strategy and security issues here in the u.k. thanks very much for coming in. that has been a great deal of focus on developments in and around the east village of but whose hasn't there but when that final assault on i still is complete it doesn't mean and the war in that the instability in syria does it no this is just going to be the
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beginning of a new chapter of bloodshed unfortunately we're going to continue to see images like this background of destruction throughout syria for the next conceived even decade because the root causes behind all of this conflict all still present and still present the same cross the border in iraq as well well isis you know shockingly took over a third of the country in twenty fourteen. the symptoms have been treated to an extent using military power but when we look at the root causes of the conflict how they came about in the first place the kind of the sectarian policymaking that happened in baghdad and in damascus. people asking for reforms who are killed by government forces. exploits these kinds of environments and as long as that continues to exist then isis will continue to exist even if they are defeated for now militarily so there are going to be clearly challenges after the battle against i.c.l. and as you say that the root cause of much of what we've seen over the past years those issues have been resolved in the event of a u.s.
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military withdrawal because there is an expectation that that's going to happen going to scramble for power amongst competing forces in northeast syria be prevented what it depends again on which players are going to be involving themselves more so obvious the turkey for example has a an interest in stabilizing their border and then making sure that the s.d.f. tailed as a significant force specifically around you know to push them back east of the euphrates that's always been one of their policy objectives so if they then start to get involved more they arm and supply and train the free syrian army to a greater extent to balance against the s.d.f. that scramble could take on bigger fortunes and it depends on who steps in on the side of the s.d.f. it's unlikely that the united states is just going to completely abandon them. but again for example the russians may try to lever them away to gain more influence in the region so then to what extent would you say the u.s.
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military presence has deterred that's an aria. well the fact that the big danger for turkish forces to directly target the s.d.f. because if for example an american soldier or a military advisor were struck by a touchback force that's a big deal for a nato ally to be essentially directly targeting another nato ally cause a massive fallout diplomatically and we've already seen turkey is very hesitant to engage in such moves that may destabilize their relationships well thank you very much for sharing your and alice is for this. there from exeter thank you well as you mentioned the iraqi military is on high alert i still fighters who attempt to flee across the border are concerns that members could try and regroup in areas once controlled by i still in north and west of iraq strafford has more on this now from mosul. iraqi forces fire mortars at meisel
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targets across the syrian border the village of bug who's the last eisel controlled territory in syria isn't far from here the mainly kurdish u.s. backed syrian democratic forces or s.d.f. estimate there are around three hundred eisel fight is still inside the iraqi military and pro iran armed groups are determined to stop them escaping across into iraq. they've set up cameras around ten kilometers inside syrian territory to monitor eisel fighters as the s.d.f. offensive goes on is on my line while the iraqi military operation against eisel across the border in syria continue we on this side are fortifying our positions we have installed thermal surveillance cameras across the border inside syria territory there is joint cooperation with us the pro iran armed groups and the tribal sheikhs we are getting aerial support from the u.s. led coalition u.s. intelligence says eisel evolved from the last remnants of al qaida in iraq and by
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two thousand and fifteen it controlled around ninety thousand kilometers of territory across syria and iraq an international coalition of more than seventy countries has been involved in the fight to reclaim that territory. this is all that remains of the square more than for. the declared himself of what he described as the caliphate that was fighting continues on the syrian side of the border against the last pockets of eisel fight is there a fear. of sleeper cells among iraqis living close by. these are iraqi military checkpoints around the town of heat in western anbar province. weisel was defeated here in two thousand and fifteen but sleeper cells have kidnapped and murdered a number of people in recent weeks. and his wife son sit with their grandchildren
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at the home they both suffered under the brutality of isis rule and are terrified by the thought the group could ever one day return. to. the more s.d.f. in syria have pushed toward the iraq border the more difficult it has become for iraqis to work in the countryside nearby there i saw cells in the desert around here it's terrible that i kidnap innocent people the government and the army need to thoroughly search this area because i so are still hiding here the people here have suffered so much on their i celebrity. the head of iraq's intelligence says eisel fight is a regrouping and recruiting mainly in the rural areas of north and west in iraq they want controlled u.s. military intelligence believes the territorial battle against eisel across syria and iraq has been won but the fight small groups of fighters and sympathizers across this vast region will go on. mosul. francis
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says concrete measures are needed to combat the sexual abuse of children by priests on the catholic the historic four day meeting at the vatican that has brought thousands of forward to tell their stories or a challenge reports now from. the vatican our knowledge is that catholicism has an existential crisis it's described this sexual abuse meeting is an attempt to restore the very credibility of the church are opening the unprecedented events on thursday pope francis said action was necessary. facing the plague of sexual abuse by the churches many against minors i thought to consult you because all together to hear the holy spirit and listen to the cry of the young who will justice the way to pass on ecclesiastic responsibility which forces us to discuss this together is a burden on our meeting about how to face this evil which afflicts the church and
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the whole of humanity the holy people of god are watching us and wait not just for simple and expect a conviction but concrete and effective measures senior clergy have been summoned to the vatican from all over the world francis wants bishops and cardinals to understand that sexual abuse by priests is a scandal that they all have a responsibility to stop for a lot of years the first. to avoid the scandal of the good of the church now. is not going to happen. something is changing it is a process that needs time and i told about victims of abuse like canadian leona hawkins who was abused by a priest from the age of twelve reassured by what they've heard from the meeting so far as survivors were on the outside i'm concerned some of the things that i'm hearing coming out the bishop this morning that we're looking for mercy for both
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the survivor and the perpetrator this focus should be on the survivors only on the crime clergy you know they may be on the outside but survivor groups like ending clergy abuse and still trying to keep up the pressure hoping that their messages. getting through the phrase they keep you here is the reason i don't know why they wanted sex of them think you were going to throw the priest around so you know for those who don't have a name that needs and if you need this reward or anything at the vatican a rock is not produced by us and people here would be satisfied that the catholic church time is really facing up to its responsibility to protect i don't always read or examines this site is there a road. well i'm joined now from rome via skype by him again. he is the founding member and spokesman for ending clergy abuse global justice project thank you very much for taking the time to speak to us on the news hour as you well know child sex abuse within parts of the church has for decades
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haunted the catholic church to you feel that the meeting we are seeing today is perhaps a significant first step towards confronting it i don't think so i think that the but the going is on borrowed time they should have acted take it's a good thirty years ago there was the first internal report warning the church about the problem of clergy sex or sex abuse and they did nothing so they are already late but what's more concerning is that the proposal so far are being quite weak they are not specific they are not a strong they don't include zero tolerance every user that touches one child should be defrocked darts basically start there and the pope is not advocating that
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. this was a historic meeting in many ways and perhaps a public display by the pope been talking about the gravity of the crisis could that perhaps be viewed as some small sign of progress do you think that in time they could build upon this to incorporate some of the reforms that you describe when i think of the marsh bush at the outcome of this meeting is the god there is an acknowledgment by the about it that they are the ones running the show they are the ones who can implement the measures to solve the problem so for no one wart it's very clear it's their responsibility and if they fail it's their failure can i ask you specifically about the role of pope francis in all of this and how his approach to this crisis has perhaps differed from his predecessors
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well i think it has not deferred his part of the search so it's only acted in a reactive way when this scandal exploded in france it has done the same to try to avoid the issue for the five first five years of his bond difficult and it has only be enough churchill scandal exploded after defensive in your report after scandal in australia with cardinal bell being computed it's only that he has acted. can i ask you about the general atmosphere surrounding this meeting not just in rome but also in vatican city and how i'm not sure if you have spoken to some lives of sex abuse but how this is being viewed. i think it's a churning point because for the first time we are charging with the collective voice we are strong and together and i think that at the moment we have much or
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even more credibility than the about to go house so for this summit to be successful both francis has to persuade survivors that day global action plan of his present being makes sense well thank you very much for taking the time to speak to us this evening and again founding member of the spokesman for ending. joining us there still have for you on the program for metron political advisor raja stone is giving us is giving a strong warning after admitting he violated immediate gag order. revisiting hebron his palace in his prepared to protest to mark twenty five years since a mass shooting they claimed the lives of twenty nine palestinians. and as for hear from the sprinter he believes he can break the wall record set by the same old.
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and i bet things are gradually changing for some of us across europe we've got to be glorious for most of us over the past few days have been plenty of sunshine in the temperatures have been well above average for the west impost that that's going to continue now for the east hey we've got more cloud already and that system will be pulling itself together as we head through the next couple of days it's working its way southwards too so it's going to be the southeastern parts where we see the worst of the weather the temperatures will be dropping at this front makes its way across us and we also see a fair amount of wet and windy weather so do expect things to turn cooler and for some of us snowy as we head through the next few days athens then will have a top temperature on saturday just of ten degrees and it will be wet and windy too for the other side of the mediterranean well for severe back days fine enjoying
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fairly woman talk temperature of twenty three but elsewhere so ready a little bit cooler but actually only getting to fifty but i think the system over the eastern parts of europe makes its way south winds will also be driving more showers towards that north coast of africa say for some of us here will see the temperatures drop further as we head into saturday will city quite a few rather lively shower as i mean further towards the south most of the showers here around born but further west there's plenty of dry weather to be found in just the old shower if your lucky. between two thousand and two thousand and seven there one million racist militants in different parts of germany but the police were painfully slow to track down the killer. al jazeera will reveals the truth about the debt ceiling by a single one. the involvement of the far right and the serious political guidance
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you the chess committed to this case solved on al-jazeera. and then reported on. u.s. and british companies have announced the biggest discovery of natural gas in west africa but what to do with these untapped natural resources is already a source of heated debate nothing much has changed they still spend most of the days looking forward to full dry river beds like this one five years on the syrians still feel battered or even those who managed to escape their country have been truly unable to escape the war.
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a quick look at the top stories this hour venezuela's president has closed his country's border with brazil just days before opposition leaders plan to bring in foreign aid that he has refused to accept. the u.s. and china are reportedly close to agreeing that the broad outline of a deal which could and a seven month trade war. by francis has opened a lot lot meeting on child sex abuse in the catholic church by demanding concrete action against predator priests. when all the stories are following a fire has ripped through several buildings in bangladesh capital dhaka killing at least seventy people the blaze started in an apartment building that was also used to store chemicals plastics and other highly combustible materials the government has repeatedly promised to crack down on the illegal warehouses alexia crime reports. i. firefighters and dhaka struggle to bring the inferno under control battling a wall of flames amid the chaos of crowded alleyways i was the blaze broke out late
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on wednesday evening in the area of the bangladeshi capital and in the crammed old city it quickly spread to surrounding buildings by plastics and chemical warehouses . witnesses told local media that gas cylinders in the buildings exploded one after another. and vehicles gridlocked in nearby streets were soon caught up in the flames. i saw with my own eyes that a sudden massive bang with fire and shock waves totally destroyed the right side wall i was on a rickshaw when the explosion took place i don't think my rickshaw driver is a log anymore. this mangled wreckage is all that's left now as emergency workers calm the rubble for bodies they don't expect to find any more survivors. in the hospital nearby distraught families crowd around lists of the
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living and the date it's a saying that's been repeated far too often in bangladesh where large building fires a common because of holy and forced regulations for hundreds have been killed in recent years this latest only adding to that tally. on al-jazeera. now town of it choudhry is at a hospital in the capital where victims of the fire has been taken. we are in the dock a medical college hospital in the morgue it's a very tragic scene out here we saw many people actually carry their loved ones in their coffin i spoke to the part is here police officer in charge who is supposed to identify and process this he said so far they were able to identify thirty seven bodies many other bodies might need even d.n.a. testing but a lot of relatives are waiting here they want to know and see if their loved one is
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among the dead bodies that is in the morgue very really tragic scene. as far as the government goes the industry minister made a statement saying the cause of the explosion was not the chemical warehouse but rather the gas cylinder the bang of the human rights commission and made a statement charming this is the third largest disaster in bangladesh which is quite dramatic actually after a run up and other chemical explosion near this one and today's one would be the third largest now as far. in the medical lot of the forty one patients there in the burn unit we weren't allowed to get in there we don't know their real condition we heard that several of them are critically injured and their relatives are also waiting to find out their condition. india says it will cost the supplies to pakistan from rivers that come under a treaty between the two nations india has full rights to three rivers flowing into
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pakistan which will be diverted to the. movies in retaliation to last week's attack in indian administered kashmir in which at least forty one indian troops were killed hamad an armed group based in pakistan says it was behind the attack the indian government accuses pakistani authorities of supporting the group says jameel has more on the story now from new delhi. water has always been a contentious issue between india and pakistan that's why the world bank brokered this treaty in one nine hundred sixty s. it covers water lockin of six rivers and three western rivers that flow through india into pakistan that water lockman is for box on and won't be touched this concerns three eastern rivers now the water a lot meant goes to india but the access that it didn't use always quoting the pakistan freely india says that's not going to happen any more going to take that excess water and divert it to its own people and its own projects in india to mr bashir and the indian state of punjab and parts of poc some will really feel that
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because they are prone to drought and really did you rely on that excess water it also puts the one nine hundred sixty treaty into a bit of a contentious place now under the treaty pakistan has complained many times on indian projects in fact and the end of january and india pakistan team came to india and objected to the height of a dam being built now those objections are likely to fall on deaf ears as part of the hard line that india is taking against pakistan in light of last week's attacks in india mr fyshe mir which india blames on a group based in pakistan if anything this shows that they are continuing their hard campaign against pakistan and at the very least not going to pakistan any favors. now former trumpet advisor raja stas has just left of course in washington d.c. off to being warned by a judge that if he violates a media gag order he will be sent to jail was previously ordered not to speak publicly about the case when one thousand nine hundred s.
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a geisha of russian interference in the us presidential election. joins me live now from washington and. katie defied a previous says the judge said now. you know before the judge said hey you can stay out on bail you can travel between your homes in florida new york and washington d.c. you can even talk about the case you just can't do it in front of the courthouse you know he likes to be flamboyant he likes to flash that richard nixon sign as he goes in and out of the courthouse but here's what happened he posted a picture on instagram four days a picture of the judge and in the corner what appeared to be crosshairs from a gun site and he wrote a post talking about how she's an obama appointee appointed judges that this scam that's in sit well with the judge that he took it down he's for a filed a formal apology with the court but the judge said come back in let's talk about this and so in a very unusual move his attorney put him on the stand and then his story seemed to
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change quite a bit of first it seemed to say somebody else posted that his account has volunteered to rein them could remember who was there can remember was on his phone said no one's owning up to giving him the picture and he said he didn't look at the picture closely then he went on to say that he had two or three pictures to choose from and that he in fact did the post and did the writing and then the prosecution pointed out that he for two days he's been basically defending what was in the post well where as he took the stand it was a very unusual move for stone who is usually very defiant he was jetting he was fawning over the judge say it was stupid i made a huge mistake she did not seem amused came back she was speaking very angrily said she didn't buy it didn't buy a story on the stand but she didn't put him in jail she could have till this trial she didn't what she said is ok now you can't talk about the case at all you could ask for money but you cannot talk about the case here it is not to print not to radio not to blogs not to do papers that to anyone in the public if you violate
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violate that she's trusting him trust me you don't get a third chance right so we know that one is a long time trump friend and political advisor remind us what he has been charged with and also about his close relationship with the president. well there's a question because in the run up to the election a huge stone kept reporting on twitter that wiki leaks was going to drop some e-mails on the d.n.c. and then wiki leaks to drops of e-mails on the d.n.c. and then the special prosecutor said hey those were actually hacked by russians so the question was roger stone were you in the middle of this were you a liaison did you tell the trumping to just talk to wiki leaks and basically was hauled before congress and he according to the allegations he lied about it so he's charged with impeding the investigation to prove guy talking to congress and telling congress lies which is illegal and also by trying to intimidate a witness there is one witness who was there it seemed to threaten not only his life but the life of his dog so he is facing those charges very serious allegations
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he is incredibly close to president they have known each other for decades he is known as a dirty tricks political operative who doesn't probably punches he is fighting it out though i think that the realm of politics is a much different thing in the realm of the courts thank you very much patty combine there in washington. well now palestinian groups are preparing demonstrations on friday in the occupied west bank city of hebron to mark twenty five years since a mass shooting inside hemorrhoids ibrahimi mosque twenty nine palestinians were shot dead by a far right settler as they prayed this is protest come during an increasingly fractious israeli election campaign with prime minister benjamin netanyahu seeking coalition support from far right parties reports from hebron. it's early morning on a hill above her bronze old city and a group of palestinian activists is on the move their mission they say to a school children safely to school through the city's divided streets but their approach is barred by israeli soldiers the army has declared the area
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a military exclusion zone off limits to nonresidents the activists say it's to prevent them recording and drawing attention to instances like this filmed a few days earlier when they were confronted by israeli settlers documentation is the most important every day attacks happen here but how can you show them to the word if we go in the future to the i.c.c. and statistics that we have for the future if we're talking about the tech and kids and the un we have to come up with with the statistics until last month such documentation had been the job of observers from the temporary international presence in hebron or to if it's twenty five year presence in the city reporting on violence and human rights violations was brought to an end by the israeli prime minister who accused the monitors of working against israel tips mission began in the aftermath of the massacre in one thousand nine hundred four of twenty nine palestinian worshippers inside the ibrahimi mosque whose neeraj abby was praying that day near the front when an american israeli settler opened fire from the back of the room the main thing. i think about of all the time i was chipping over
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people lying on the floor the dead the wounded calling for help it's an unforgettable tragedy the gunman goldstein was a follower of the far right jewish rabbi and politician merica hanna whose party was banned as racist in the one nine hundred eighty s. now days before the massacre anniversary israeli prime minister has pushed for a current day kahan his party which includes members who celebrate goldstein to form an alliance with one of his own coalition partners the head of april's election a particularly bitter israeli election campaign along with the objection of the monitors makes for a potentially explosive backdrop to friday's demonstrations marking the anniversary there also to protest against the divided militarized nature of daily life in the. out of hebron twenty percent of its area that remains under israeli control this was the commercial hub of her bronze old city but since the division the palestinian shops in this market have been shuttered only israeli traffic is
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allowed to drive down these roads there is a heavy security presence every word so yet another illustration of just how otherworldly the city has become over the last twenty five years it's noted by this group of french muslims on a tour one tells me the checkpoints look like they're for cattle not humans. it's present in a jewish group that came in days earlier on the heavy army escort the guide calling the activists in their observer vests terrorist supporters twenty five years since the mosque massacre hebron remains a place of close quarters friction a frequent flashpoint of violence are a force it out zero hebron in the occupied west bank when alan is an american actor has been arrested and charged with lying to police after claiming he was base injuring a racist and homophobic attack just sparked social media outrage when he told police he was attacked by two men who put a noose around his neck and douse him in bleach chicago police say the attack was a hoax which he staged because he was dissatisfied with his salary smell
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a is widely known for his role in the popular us t.v. show empire now a sixteen year old swedish environmentalist who inspired a global movement of walkouts by school students met the e.u. commission president to talk about climate change. has protested against inaction on global warming and his outer politicians you've criticized the students for skipping class. many people are trying to make the school strikes a question of whether we are promoting truancy or whether we should go back to school or not. they make up all sorts of conspiracies and call us puppets who cannot think for ourselves. they are desperately trying to teach to remove the focus from the climate crisis and change the subject. they don't want to talk about it because they know they cannot win this fight the rise of biotechnology means that for normal people even the most cutting edge smartphones are becoming out of
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date having a microchip inserted under the skin is increasingly the way to go nowhere more so than in sweden thousands of swedes now use the technology attending implant parties to have chips inserted to replace that gym cards national i.d.'s and even train tickets for research reports now from learned. the most cutting edge thing about how his blood isn't the phone in his hand it's the microchip actually in his hand the tiny implant is the latest advance in a biohacking technology that is steadily becoming a part of normal life in sweden we have created a new implant which is not a chip it's a full device where you can different lights different. different functions sweden has a very thick literate society and i think this is the main explosion really why a lot of swedes are adopting cuban plans. swede.


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