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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 22, 2019 7:00am-7:34am +03

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we saw. tell us that there really six thousand civilians in the village itself over those two weeks a number of those civilians have actually been able to leave the largest number was on wednesday when some two thousand civilians including some myself fighters were able to leave now what happens is when they reach safe areas the eisel fighters are taken to a prison where they are detained and interrogated the iso wives and children are taken to a separate part of a refugee camp where they are put and then the civilians are put on another side of that camp now the fight is incredibly difficult for village because of the civilians that remain there just to give you an idea of the sense of the village itself most of it's actually been destroyed there's a tent city on the outskirts of the village and that's where all of the civilians that remain allegedly. to be now the fight itself is going to be incredibly difficult because i still had a very long time to prepare for this the hard core of those forces are now in
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tunnels waiting for the s.d.f. to come in but certainly there are enough civilians who remain in village to slow the fighting and for the to be very careful about going into the village. university of exit strategy and secure change here in the way he said that some of the issues which contributed to formation still very much that the symptoms have been treated to an extent using military power but when we look at the root causes of the conflict how they came about in the first place the kind of the sectarian policymaking that happened to baghdad and in damascus. people asking for reforms who are killed by government forces. exploits these kinds of environments and as long as that continues to exist then isis will continue to exist even if they are defeated for now militarily. still ahead on the program.
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at least seventy people are dead after a devastating fire in the ancient part of the capital of bangladesh and the rise of biohacking in sweden how more and more swedes are upgrading themselves with microchip implants. hello there over australia there's plenty of fine weather to be found at the moment bots if you look at the satellite picture you can see this world of cloud that's offshore this is a tropical cyclone and it's not hitting land at the moment but what it is doing is it's driving pretty wild seas towards the coast of queensland so these pictures of from the gold coast showing the seas that we've got there really quite lively that system isn't expected to make landfall ya it should stay away from the coast but it's going to continue to give us some pretty wild seas there
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a maybe some strong winds in the old shower as we head through the day on saturday elsewhere though it's fine and draw i am force in perth it will be fairly decent temperature wise as well took temperature of twenty six degrees that's staying system the tropical cycle and it's also affecting us in new zealand you can see all the cloud arching its way down towards the north island so we're seeing quite a gray day for many of us then quite a bit of rain as well it's going to stay fairly unsettled for friday and for saturday to the south island will be a little bit brighter but the temperatures in christchurch will be dropping away just a maximum of seventeen here and we head further north we can see some cloud and rain that's making its way towards the northeast but it is grazing the south coast of japan and most of us are getting away with a draw a day so that really quite warm look at beijing a thirty. in the. from sunrise to sunset across asia. the pacific
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explore untold and fascinating stories one on one east on al-jazeera. the week began with views of ninety day truce in the tip the u.s. china trade. the world's largest supplier of liquefied natural gas is leaving the biggest oil coal to we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost on al-jazeera. a comeback a quick look at the top stories then as well as president has closed his country's border with brazil just days before up and the opposition plans to bring in foreign aid to the duo has so far refused to accept the u.s.
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and china reportedly close to agreeing a broad outline of a deal which could and a seven month trade war between the two countries and a suspected car bomb in syria has killed at least twenty people including as an. air assault the area is held by the u.s. backed syrian democratic forces. a fire has ripped through several buildings in bangladesh's capital dhaka killing at least seventy people the blaze started in an apartment building that was also used to store chemicals plastics and other highly combustible materials government has repeatedly promised to crack down on the illegal warehouses as alexie o'brien explains i. firefighters and dhaka struggle to bring the inferno under control battling a wall of flames amid the chaos of crowded alleyway was the blaze broke out late on wednesday evening in the area of the bangladeshi capital in the crammed old city it
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quickly spread to surrounding buildings by plastics and chemical warehouses. witnesses told local media that gas cylinders in the buildings exploded one after another. and vehicles gridlocked in nearby streets were soon caught up in the flames. i saw with my own eyes that a sudden massive bang with fire and shock waves totally destroyed the right side wall i was on a rickshaw when the explosion took place i don't think my rickshaw driver is a log an evil. this mangled wreckage is all that's left now as emergency workers calm the rubble for bodies they don't expect to find any more survivors. in the hospital nearby distraught families crowd around lists of the living and the did it's a saying that's been repeated far too often in bangladesh where large building fires a common because of holy and forced regulations for hundreds have been killed in
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recent years this latest fire only adding to that tally elixir brian al jazeera. well tom vitale dri is a hospital in the capital where victims of the fire have been taken. we are in the dock a medical college hospital in there is the morgue it's a very tragic scene out here we saw many people actually carried their loved ones in their coffin i spoke to the authorities here police officer in charge who is supposed to identify and process this he said so far they were able to identify thirty seven bodies many other bodies might need even d.n.a. testing but a lot of relatives are waiting here they want to know and see if their loved one is among the dead bodies that is in the morgue very really tragic scene. as far as the government goes the industry minister made a statement saying the cause of the explosion was not the chemical warehouse but
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rather the gas cylinder the bang of the human rights commission and made a statement. this is the third largest disaster in bangladesh which is quite dramatic actually after a run up and other chemical explosion near this one and today's one would be the third largest now as far. in the medical lot of the forty one patients out there in the burn unit we weren't allowed to get in there we don't know their real condition we heard that several of them are critically injured and their relatives are also waiting to find out their condition india says it will cost of water supplies to pakistan from rivers that come under a treaty between the two nations india has full rights to three with us flying into pakistan which will be diverted to the yemeni. move is in retaliation to last week's attack in indian administered kashmir and which at least forty one indian troops were killed jaisha mohammad and based in pakistan says it was behind the
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attack the indian government accuses pakistani authorities of supporting the quick as jameel has more now from new delhi. water has always been a contentious issue between india and pakistan that's why the world bank brokered this treaty in one nine hundred sixty s. it covers water lockin of six rivers the three western rivers that flow through india into pakistan that water lockman is for box on and won't be touched this concerns three eastern rivers now the water a lot meant goes to india but the access that it didn't use always strode into pakistan freely india says that's not going to happen any more going to take that excess water and divert it to its own people and its own projects in india to mr bashir and the indian state of punjab and parts of pakistan will really feel that because they are prone to drought and really did you rely on that excess water it also puts the nine hundred sixty treaty into a bit of a contentious place now under the treaty pakistan has complained many times of
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indian projects in fact and the end of january and india pakistan team came to india and objected to the height of a dam being built now those objections are likely to fall on deaf ears as part of the hard line that india is taking against pakistan in light of last week's attacks in india mr fyshe mir which india blames on the group based in pakistan if anything this shows that they are continuing their hard campaign against pakistan but at the very least they're not going to pakistan any favors. some news from albania where thousands of people have been rallying against prime minister drama a protest as accuse the government of corruption and having links to organized crime they surrounded the parliament and demanded actions oppositional makers attending the demonstration said they would give up their seats in parliament of any action the thai has more now from toronto. binion opposition supporters gathered in front of the parliament building in the month the government opposition
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party is the man the resignation of prime minister it all my whole being accused of being linked to corrupt and criminal groups which they claim helped him win elections. in two thousand and seventeen prime minister rama denies allegations and says there is no need for early elections that the waste albanian parliament has council with plenary session planned for today fears for violence to those against the peace and social unrest risk could have been provoked by opposition supporters more than a thousand police officers were deployed in front of the parliament building however no incidents were reported among protesters were also representatives of all opposition parties who decided to give up their parliament three mandates in order to put pressure in prime minister. to resign democrats opposition leader who wants a transitional cabinet to be put in place before early elections are held. pope
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francis says concrete measures are needed to combat sexual abuse of children by priests on thursday the catholic leader opened a historic four day meeting at the vatican that has brought thousands of the peace of mind this forward to tell less stories out there is really challenge reports now from vatican city the vatican now acknowledges that catholicism has an existential crisis it's described the sexual abuse meeting as an attempt to restore the very credibility of the church are opening the unprecedented events on thursday pope francis said action was necessary. basing the plague of sexual abuse by the churches men against minors i thought to consult you because all together she did hear the holy spirit and listen to the cry of the young who will justice the way to pass on ecclesiastic responsibility which forces us to discuss this together is
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a burden on our meeting about how to face this evil which afflicts the church and the whole of humanity the holy people of god are watching us and wait not just for simple and expect a conviction but concrete and effective measures. senior clergy have been summoned to the vatican from all over the world francis wants bishops and cardinals to understand that sexual abuse by priests is a scandal that they all have a responsibility to stop for a lot of years the first the problem was to call them to avoid the scandal of the good name of the church now the gold is not going to happen and something is changing the absolutely but it is a process that needs time and i told about victims of abuse like canadian leona hawkins who was abused by a priest from the age of twelve reassured by what they've heard from the meeting so far as survivors were on the outside i'm concerned some of the things that i'm hearing coming out the bishop of milan said this morning that we're looking for
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mercy for both the survivor and the perpetrator this focus should be on the survivors only on the crime of clergy abuse you know what you hear they may be on the outside but survivor groups like ending clergy abuse and still trying to keep up the pressure hoping that their message is getting through the phrase they keep using here is the original reply i don't know why they wanted sex abuse to throw and i know the priest was saying for those who don't have a name that it needs and if you leave this reward or anything at the vatican a lot is not produced by this and the people here won't be satisfied that the catholic church is really facing up to its responsibility to protect i don't always really want to challenge this how does it right well earlier i spoke to. a founding member of ending clergy abuse he says the catholic church has proposals for dealing with this crisis the fire now. the bad the going is on borrowed time they should
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have acted they could to go thirty years ago there was the first internal report warning the church about the problem of clergy sex sex abuse and they did nothing. so they are already late but what's more concerning is that the proposal so far have been quite weak they are not specific they are not a strong and they don't include zero tolerance. the rise of biotechnology means that for more and more people even the most cutting edge smartphones becoming out of date having a microchip inserted under the skin is increasingly the way to go and nowhere more than in sweden thousands of people there are using the technology and even attending implant parties to have the chips inserted to replace said jim cards the national ids and even the train tickets so how does errors paul reese when to take a look in learned. the most cutting edge thing about his
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blood isn't the phone in his hand it's the microchip actually in his hand the tiny implant is the latest advance in a biohacking technology that is steadily becoming a part of normal life in sweden we have created a new implant which is not a chip it's a full device where you can different lights different. different functions sweden is a very technical society and i think this is the main explanation really why a lot of swedes are adopting chip implants. swedes haven't been shy about upgrading themselves with the new version thousands already have a microchip implants that they use in their daily lives waving their hand to gain entrance to the gym confirm their id or make payments for a short moment of pain not putting them off becoming part sweet part machine but
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this event is an implant party simply where ordinary people can show up and get a microchip embedded under that skin the bio hockey movement in sweden is hosting them all over europe but it's at home where they get the most willing recipients i think it's really cool you don't have to carry any piece really just a body maybe ten years everything will be new. in sweden more than anywhere else the future is already here the national train company has around two thousand six hundred people signed up to use microchips instead of train tickets. i'm no need to mind the generation gap eighteen year old phyllis and father magnus still bear the scars of the new implants. student how not her having is also freshly chipped and now just needs to program it to open doors although importantly for a future career it does already connect to her linked in some people say i'm
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mad that. i don't know if it's safe and all that but people have been putting these tips into animals for twenty years so i'm not worried about that the long term goal is for the new chips to help provide medical care in remote communities that are already getting under the skin of the swedes there may soon become just another normal part of modern life of the human body paul reese al-jazeera sweetums. well more in-depth feature stories but also the latest on the day's top stories right here al-jazeera dot com. a look at the top stories now venezuela's president has closed his country's vast border with brazil just days before opposition leaders plan to bring in foreign aid
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that he's refused to accept nicolas maduro made the announcement while surrounded by military leaders in caracas on thursday but two are also blocked and see travel with the nearby dutch caribbean island of curacao where aid is being stockpiled mama june brings us more now from both vista in brazil what we know at this point is that the brazilian government plans to set up an aid distribution point on the border not exactly clear exactly where that will be although many assume it will be the city of parker imo which is about two hundred kilometers north of us which is just right on the border with venezuela and then venezuelan trucks directed by opposition leader one would come into brazil get that aid and take it back into venezuela this all of course now becomes much more complicated of course venezuelan president nicolas maduro saying that the border with brazil will be closed tonight around eight pm local that's midnight g.m.t. that really up in all the plans that were being put in place by brazil's government
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. the u.s. and china are reportedly close to agreeing a broad outline of a deal which could possibly and the seven month trade war high level talks have been going on in washington to end the standoff between the two countries that has seen tariffs imposed on hundreds of billions of dollars worth of goods that go she has are drawing up six memorandum of understanding on issues including cyber theft agriculture and currency. two deadly bombings have taken place in syria in separate locations a suspected kabul ms killed at least twenty people including oil workers in our village and if there is or the area is held by the u.s. backed syrian democratic forces and then another suspected car bomb exploded in the city of a friend which is under the control of a turkish backed militia at least four people off to have died in the blast in the city center earlier there was a military parade in the city for
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a new free syrian army recruits. those the top stories this hour coming up white t.v. channels in china be accused of human rights violations that story is coming up next in want to warn east. when chinese authorities clamp down on what they see as and want you or illegal activities. in not only make arrests the pressure of the accused to confess on television. lawyers book publishers activists though. they've all been paraded on state media often before any formal conviction. i'm steve cho on this episode one east investigates china's public confessions are
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they real or just for show. they're feeling. very sorry. for displays of contrition. works and i want to say that was. eight years old. admissions of guilt are they had of what happened he would deviant or digital. televised to audiences of hundreds of millions of people across china and beyond. since at least two thousand and thirteen chinese authorities have subjected dozens of alleged law breakers to this kind of treatment think that televised confessions are regularly presented as interviews and embed it in news programs or even high like a country in two thousand and four some reports like this one featuring swedish citizen
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wayman high are also repackaged for audiences outside china i got quite clear sense that he had been tortured for example when he or he was that hanged. it's a serious allegation. but quasars business associate. lamb when key says she too confessed under jurists. nor open. water. again do you know where you are going for you five as i would be boy or girl like that. they put me in this chair they locked me in it and locked the page where all these camera lenses proclaim through the bars of this cage i have myself been made of stars and planets television against my will. besides myself and mr humphrey i represent your corporate investigator peter humphrey and activist peter darlin have since been released they're now turning the spotlight back on to the
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platforms that at their confessions accusing chinese state media of human rights violations the media are not just innocent bystanders forced through broadcasts these things they help make up that help produce them to help extract them. it's no secret china has plans to extend the global reach of its stay toned t.v. network. but there are now growing calls for the international community to hold its journalism to international standards actually they are not media they are a part of commies and. yet thousands and yet. so well what i'm saying about lamb when key never intended to be an activist. but these days he's
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a regular at pro-democracy protests in hong kong and an outspoken critic of the chinese regime. up until two thousand and fifteen though lamb led a quiet life managing this bookstore on a busy streets in hong kong. it's a nice. customers came looking for gossipy political books banned in mainland china but then one after another lamb and four men linked to the bookstore mysteriously disappeared. lam says his ordeal started when he went to visit his girlfriend in mainland china. all one is your uncle some government guy who was hundred and i just thought you know someone. summoned the whole. hour and i'm old. source of. some so do not jar go it will
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never go. all. back in hong kong speculation grew that the booksellers had been kidnapped and were being held in mainland china or. thousands of people took to the streets demanding answers. inside his cell in mainland china cut off from the outside world had no idea what was happening in hong kong could be anything yet. he didn't realize he'd appeared alongside three of its bookstore colleagues in a report produced by hong kong based phoenix television in it the men confessed to smuggling banned books into mainland china. union official. for four months no one outside mainland china knew what had happened.
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then in june two thousand and sixteen he reappeared in hong kong chinese police had ordered him to return to the city to retrieve a hard drive containing information on his book stores customers he used the opportunity to access the internet and what he read affected him deeply. you know how much of a guy home you're looking. at you all although you were one guy. you ladies are not feeling well quite. i w. and what i. would like my wife i don't know if. instead of returning to the mainland lamb called a press conference where he spoke about his disappearance and t.v. confession oh yeah. ok.
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well. beijing's response was swift china's ministry of foreign affairs issued this report all but day later you don't see sichuan what i mean i thought you were to me we found out john what a funny john what are your humble men i mentioned your chair. we've come to berlin to meet another accidental activist. for the past three years and you look way has worked on a difficult oftentimes exhausting campaign to compel chinese authorities to free her father lamb's fellow bookseller away min high a swedish citizen originally from china. i do think it makes it also sends me into a ladder to see him as my father is a job as an. only here. and he has lived here for many years yes
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property. quaid disappeared from another of his overseas properties on october the seventeenth two thousand and fifteen. close circuit t.v. footage shows him returning to his condominium in the thai resort town of petaca. a man appears to be waiting for him. then unload his car before driving off again marking the start of a bizarre saga that is still unfolding you just got killed why do you mean you will die by the jungle call my wife saudi and all but when you're five for which she isn't shot in january two thousand and sixteen away appeared on chinese state broadcaster c.c.t.v. the report said he returned to china to time himself in for allegedly killing a pedestrian while driving under the influence of alcohol thirteen years ago really well as well so i just. got so worked very. hard for the.
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cultural. wards of the old bit of the past and that's not why this through. and that's what my family border. war waged war there your sense of me and. life altering. his daughter angela spoke to one o one east shortly after the first confession aired back then for security reasons we agreed not to show her face we asked how she felt about her father's t.v. appearance i couldn't watch the whole thing because it was too missionary along. clearly the best that i saw seemed very scripted in october two thousand and seventeen two years after quaid disappeared from thailand china's
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foreign ministry announced that he was a free man would be are you go your daughter do be a parent with the young and yet you are what you are you drinking one. you are eating each in your sheer shit you survive. are you do you should i don't you can't . read yet. but three months later the bookseller was in the news again. he'd been seized by plainclothes chinese agents while on a train from shanghai to beijing with him to swedish officials. angela who had been allowed regular skype calls with her father in the months following his so-called release says she now believes the chinese government never meant to free him i got quite clear sense that he had been tortured for example when he was detained. and he also did tell me that they didn't know all the people were
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his friends that were. did not want him to leave china. he showed me a particular set of photographs taken of him as sort of smiling and sort of doing the peace sign with his fingers on some sort of a segue in a park. you know he told me that was taken by his by his friends and the. in the tone of voice in which he said that made you know i made it rather quite clear he's friends wire and i think you know that the setting of the image. also very sort of heavily suggests that the image was produced as a kind of evidence that he was having a good time u. turn and eve to flee to china nearly three weeks off that being seized from the train away resurfaced smiling and in seemingly good spirits as he took part in an alleged interview arranged by china's ministry of public security chinese state
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media were invited to the event. she is hong kong south china morning post or i.c.m.p. was also present at the so-called interview and released this video which will be. i think they are c. and he handled this whole situation appallingly badly and they continue to do so i believe. they still haven't owned up to what they did which was to. drunk critically participate in the circulation of propaganda. in an email to the newspapers editor in chief angela wrote the interview a scripted point by point rebuttal of the criticism against china's treatment of my father might as well have been a statement from the foreign ministry you still decided to run the story knowing these could not possibly be my father's own words why
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editor in chief tammy tam replied to angela saying with regard to your father's case i assure you categorically that we did not.


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