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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 22, 2019 10:00am-10:33am +03

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sure here no one could make it so if i can not make it on one of many of those on my plan i'm some sure to get with the people i can make it and this can be one of the most successful companies and in russia in eastern europe the president i'm at five weeks ago and you want to so that i can all tell you that i support you but do more. to get that off. in the way my beloved even in my day did vs. forced to take given these gets old enough that i cease. to be.
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that would mean yeah he's done that before you know what we are now let's come to the companies needed new people. it's just it's just. it is keep that somehow they're going to say it's enough of this idiot in the. mall just tell us what you what's in store for. i don't. see. it in sin that. means that it's just. really should be the last thing work at the. margin give.
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saying that's just. slays positive it's just yes of the three of them in a city where i spend the night it's slipped into this is. the wardle belt it's a david it's reason he is it that they want to. destroy lives that is and there's your country's national mushy in the village and you don't ever see the noisy. but you're meeting the east was more sincere this deal with the political movement only
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a little goodies. distorts even the problem the problem. so again you understand. aghast group i had one tolson open he should ever read de write. but i said to people prioritize them. and we sold them one by one i thought. one of things we need to do was to clean up the subway system oh pretty slow motion we're going. to do for the subway system is a book about the world i mean sometimes people say why do you work you he. actually says that this is like heaven for me. we have so many problems. and most of the most old lists. and most of our so used to fix. the ones you don't believe in but there is no reason to fix.
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what a night off is how you know as a phony polls it's time. to get the allies president barack obama you know the old simple things i just i mean i didn't sleep at the inn i don't know what i'm saying let's get one in the scheme the donald you know bill this thing and now both.
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right of us are going in yet. and this and but i was i was in a you know belief in a specific on e. bay ho. ho or chill of his i named. the wall obvious is a shell of the same. docs a ship at fifteen thirty movie as he thought. that i mean it's been on a bus get it. and that any entity but. i'm being i just got us a good look in the sky off the loss of a home still behind them some woman dying in them some woman dying at the beach. just as have most of the show on this number two clipping is a. good thing and that is again thing isn't it as a getting it the last we'll see about it. i had no in all of you with the whole so
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there ya thing about he lost all of it's him on the ball all signals you go comes you know what. i asked most of them but he popped. enough out of puppets going to be crucial to bust them astana. the beast through. three just no i just don't. really give us the can be cleaned up the bates cheerfully biting. impressed at the
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concert they based event but saw. no need to go in that honestly cappadocia need doing as you the child when you saw me first get on top of it believe me. i said going to show off his ima come out i give a shit what. he was up with us go against honest case you might as well. ask him if he's mopping the olympics but not someone else and it's a good thing he did speak to mr adelson help you mr nichols get off. on yahoo not all knowledge maybe you think you know she's the ski hill and getting
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a spot in the mileage but each time. she do it off the top of us all you know dolly didn't have a compass up. this coast but. most people have think the devil is fine everything was fine so when i ride the problem started and they actually think that i mean everyone was stealing enough to have a decent life everyone expected the government will bail them out everyone understood that they could never be ladles now we have fired fifteen thousand people and they know i will still. so much to do now so. there's a box here that he's. missing
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. sat. this. one up would you give me would you cue wall good job or do is go with the new issue how to get his also nationals was that sometimes a color when you feel the pull when emotion.
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not stores a war. tax goes from a source that would as you call off the mosque accomplishments but you know if united also if there was a. deal of course the one where jim says a good of them. but wired to take it easy i'm a cut down on. my dodging you more from you push them out of my view to put you couldn't put it. just because i'm a buddhist by the others of you have. put a seal would you. know what would you buy that example but you think you can use only sneer got browse through it in a zoo it's. a believed those little words. machine to those no. there is well no p.p.
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. i want you to talk to you. he makes the machine available yes and one of the drivers take the machine and give it to the. nonsense cloth to. know about it. isn't it. but yet. when you came to russia to. do nothing do you feel alone here. yes and i want to and i think that people. would last very long just for laughs. so as of i'm talking of the cult and if you go about that on. a lot of those going to get up does you think does launch in
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talking on dung incident and you still feel you know. well. this is burns now ma'am alex she took. our butts about a swiss ball on the edge the chef and. i have lots of all of us could have turned out the programs are some delegates yes i misunderstood what was knowledge only as good should agree with you about the need i could have to get everybody. out to city chiefs at the get absolutely and christiane help with jackie hatten a every administration a bit of your message in your post if you squeal decisions keep vision and as i might do if you come to me it is not an agitator because the collapse of the garage
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. should to diminish them to the jessops i'm scottish it just is a patsy. oh here. is the all to get the house phone of the worse of all who want to hear. the idea that this one thousand goldman . does is the. why of long you know bernanke finishes on law both the sixty go to sixty's voted. on done away on who she is the one you need to vote for you in front of the total we you know if i am still in the one out you know so well the most of them with all you know about them we are both in our boat. as well. good boat burden wishes to
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start us on against those who the person don't own after us. yeah but you have simply said let them go home i'm not suggesting it would you have any hope or solution you have was his first moment before your own i've only watched a commercial. a ranch or a bully mortars get near the start of a forest does not get up with the new systems they didn't. show the love corpus. the. heavy equipment. i knew was up which it's just some of the same without that as you and i would then
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as i would use which interesting misstep just subsidize with the world got to be glad to see it in that one so what's a digital channel the boss somebody myatt of the holy book when there's a copy to the t.v. we see most of spock when the dead but it's available what mostly used it was the end of the spring you know the email got some old siméon i mean i must tell you but that is it's a book i would show you think it is. to believe what did the but it will lead to. you know not one of those was the issue that. i just missed this imply. that you. know. it was just because she's as using. the example. let's listen.
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to the future. of an opera and i'm told. that he had one you know he mentioned. at the time it was the worst environmental disaster in brazil's history but it was also a tragic for paste of what was to follow. people in power investigates claims of
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warnings ignored. and the disturbing toys between lawmakers and the mining industry that catastrophe. just brazil river of mud. the. news is happening faster than ever before from different places from different people and you need to be backed you need to be able to reach people wherever they are and that means being across all social media platforms this is where our audience lives as well as in front of a t.v. there on the smartphone there on the tablet there on the computer. and that's the way al-jazeera is a fall into a true media network. everything. is being analyzed it's being weighed it's been measured i don't think listen. and
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it's not just i phones that sounds like things i mean a small things are these days we are in a state of the universe that started something that was growing act i would rather take the risks to. the risks of. digital dissidents on al-jazeera. i'm not matheson in doha the top stories on all jazeera venezuela is closing its border with brazil as president nicolas maduro steps up attempts to stop us aid from coming in a brigade of opposition led volunteers is trying to get the first a livery in by saturday homage on june has more from brazil if the border
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has indeed been closed then that leads one to wonder how exactly a venezuelan convoy is going to be able to enter into brazil at least through official channels and we should remind our viewers that even though there is that official border crossing which has been closed on the venezuelan side at times in the past it is a rather porous border between brazil and venezuela so perhaps there are plans afoot for a venezuelan convoy to cross into brazil another way we don't yet know what this point the u.s. has confirmed two hundred troops will remain in syria after the majority of them pullos president on time but now as the withdrawal in december surprising allies in the west and on the ground a rescue mission is being called off in bangladesh after a fire tore through several buildings in the capital dhaka at least seventy people have died and forty others have been injured. the head of the roman catholic church says it's time to heal the wounds caused by sexual abuse of children by priests at
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the start of a landmark forty meeting in vatican city pope francis says concrete measures are needed to fight pedophilia. thousands of proconsul and independence protesters have been demonstrating in barcelona a rally and a general strike were called by a pro independence labor union to support twelve jailed catalan separatist leaders . the u.s. and china are trying to reach a deal that could end the seven month trade war i level talks are continuing in washington to end the standoff that seen washington and beijing imposed tit for tat tariffs on hundreds of billions of dollars worth of goods and japanese spacecraft has landed on an asteroid thought to be as old as our solar system there were celebrations at the exploration agency in saigon the hotter than the probe touched down and that a yugo asteroid is traveling through space three hundred forty million kilometers from earth explorers expected to return twenty twenty with samples of the asteroids
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coming next on al-jazeera it's witness the russian job. called the muslim which is saying has now been held in pretrial detention for two years what is his crime. why hasn't he been tried yet why hasn't justice been applied in this case is he detained because he said journalists as journalism become a crime have malls become a tool to silence voices of truth we will continue i news coverage with professionalism and impartiality our work will remain credible and accurate but generalism is not a crime in cost or writing journalists is not acceptable we demand the immediate release of all colleague mahmoud to same and all journalists attained in a gyptian jails. and all his colleagues we stand for press freedom.
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you seem to be out there yet you. claim to be nothing. lol lol. whoa holding the old.
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pole. the. the the. the. the. good old ok i am. to be sure. you. told you you. told me that if you feel.
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it's a good feeling we launched the best on time with the right call to. think people are surprised but now the real hard work begins because now we need to move from twenty cars per day to eight to course but they are on the fifth course of the we make it. we will continue to watch the lights take out low
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performers. in reality we will. lay off twenty thousand it's so very painful i've talked to the government found some of the logic they're still concerned but we need to do it in the in a logical way and we have taken over and over twenty thousand people into the l.t. and over two thousand five hundred initiatives we will become very competitive when the market comes back. and the more i. was sure. a lot of that much of the. was. was. really something rather you're missing that little bugger and you understood that you got it this was what was going to sell my deal but that was the stock yes. that was.
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there i was looking at the group chat room just like he. was was was. people may not like me. yet. but i've never done anything wrong. yet i've never taken anything yes. i've never missed a company's money yet and then he's looking you know. who is full of the rooms the door so to me yes yes well. you know i've worked in a citizen rush i've never seen it before. never. never. here people complain and cry like babies. and we give them
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something else. and people are smart because if they cry they get something. right. but i mean if you do nothing you should multiple separate oh yes. because you don't own anything. in the frame in the film or the fortune for. this to justice or that part of what you buy outs but stay in the but the sympathy for the market. so when you cut it in the. good meat you get the cookie at the time i stick it out. in for a lot so they come with
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a rough go of it but when i did. go away it's. only going to feel. as good i would make. more than. one particular company if you. want. them to not have them with you know a near problem number a little tiny thing for. their little pushy theist's. you will continue to go through the system. just like your mother some of. it will level was one of the support that you will the most what
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she has a good name for sure year. but want to snuggle what you could. you can't you. was on court and you got your start she knew you coming it was the ball you was a natural before. it was the one you put your niggas put your hand of someone. takes needs. when you deal it does shoot well for money in your. yes and your most lucia was too young to live my heart goes early blizzard next but you know anderson a. year. when your. cousin at the business and union pretty cheap come in thought it was too. much of. it was simply a nuke your. door. was to look for you none of them in the room alone house. when your new social is when you're in your house got you would your company is
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likely pretty good to. my body additionally would you if i did this in the sickest but you know anderson why you're torturing you some you was what you do most to lose you could go to one doctor which in your on your stool. you took a sort of water to put on the sludge it was the case suppose. that brought the bill as it did this in the news not as a. president said up to gus spare pay you more diverse lease new fresnel. lottery ticket was your time start a pity you. all took the motivational snitch and frazzled dover's lee he. had to take his you know steeper to share a little. at the dentist and it's going to make you. not study to piss not president. sit on it should stop of ali it's the right to say
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novel friends. president but it's your shits going to. take you for as was a bombshell about you know you know p.p.i. they just a bit to give you. a little those at. least . a lot of. this is the gift that you get suited just as
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a. gift you might get noticed about it. which is. when you should you could end up. with a look at you they. look at the sun then cut or it was christmas but i'm not their stomachs will split along what are you going to. come your friends your sunday. where you can open up that i thought. you looked almost first missed that and you insist on this. that you will parker and you've done once your old one just don't become sick that.
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just to manage at the back of that post it's a president after was a conflict in judea. by the nationalist president the most of. the eggs that she. nascent and yet a couple will. miss insisted the supposed death simple hope bella. is they she. let us know that while him and it's been quite a sudden it will cost you put away.


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