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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  February 22, 2019 1:00pm-2:01pm +03

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an estimated one thousand factories in the old part of dhaka more than eight hundred fifty of them are illegal a fire in the same area killed one hundred twenty people nine years ago since then the government has carried out raids to shut down illegal operations as recently as last month and the landowners that if i am not letting them to stop their walks here are awful the search for dozens of people who are trapped in the building as it burnt for twelve hours is on going to wait for those wanting news of friends and relatives who are inside it is an anxious one barbara and to syria the u.s. and china are trying to reach a deal that could end a seven month trade war high level talks are continuing in washington to end a standoff that seen washington and beijing impose tit for tat tariffs on hundreds of billions of dollars of goods negotiators are drawing up six memorandums of understanding on issues including cyber theft agriculture and currency she had
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handy has more from washington. first began with very rosy reports of enormous progress having been made memorandum of understanding being hashed out on the many contentious issues between the us and china with trying to also proposing to buy hundreds of billions of dollars worth of extra goods from the us to reduce the trade deficit this was a framework that was being built which could actually avert a full scale trade war but then by the end of the day there was a new york times report suggesting no things were very stern but that the u.s. negotiator wasn't really buying chinese promises he didn't feel that there was enough enough oversight over them keeping their promises and things weren't going terribly well perhaps background briefings were underway from different factions between the u.s. government and we're all being caught in the middle what we do know is they'll be another day of negotiation on friday including an oval office meeting it's being reported between donald trump and the chinese vice premier where the next but still
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ahead on al-jazeera u.s. prosecutors outline the detail of plans kept by a man they accuse of being a domestic terrorist. and over a winter storm is clearing away from the middle east now to bring us a fair amount of snow over parts of afghanistan but that one of that cloud is now running away eastwards and things are drying up behind it so as we head through the next couple of days that looks like it should be fine the temperature of the recovery couple legate into around six degrees or any snow on the ground should melt to want to the west it's fine for now but we do have a weather system is sinking its way southward so particularly the western and northern parts of turkey looks pretty miserable benefits after they have windy wet weather and
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a fair amount of snow as well i mean for the towards the south and here in doha it's a bit cooler. moment but the winds are changing later on friday will see the winds come up from the south so that will drag in somalia so the temperatures will be rising as we head into saturday then twenty four degrees should be our maximum on saturday and it will feel a bit warmer to i mean further towards the south of the southern parts of africa lots of heavy showers here this stretching from angola only way across towards madagascar some of these really quite lively at the moment for the south so it isn't a king more or less dried job out there getting to around twenty seven degrees and forcing cape town on friday we're getting to twenty five the temperatures here will just ease off though as we head into saturday but more cloud around and also temperature of twenty three. who want to sponsor can tell me. where the online through with that isn't good for them we've got the only he's joining us on the scene all of us have been colonized in some form or something
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this is a dialogue we are talking about illegal friend you have seen what it can do to somebody people using multiple drugs including the funnel and some people are seeking it out everyone has a voice and that's your boss your twitter and you could be on the street join the global conversation on how does iraq. hello again i'm just. a reminder of the news this hour venezuela has closed its border with brazil as president nicolas maduro steps up attempts to stop u.s. aid from coming in and opposition led volunteers are trying to get the festive re and by saturday. the u.s.
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has confirmed two hundred troops will remain in syria after the majority of them allows in december president donald trump announced the withdrawal surprising u.s. allies the rescue missions been called off to fire tore through several buildings and bangladesh's capital dhaka at least seventy people have died and forty others have been injured. the nader of the roman catholic church says concrete measures are needed to fight sexual abuse of children by priests francis has opened a historic meeting by saying it's time to heal the wings caused by pedophilia challenge reports the vatican now acknowledges that catholicism has an existential crisis it's described this sexual abuse meeting as an attempt to restore the very credibility of the church opening the unprecedented event on thursday pope francis said action was necessary. basing the plague of sexual abuse by the churches many against minors i thought to consult you because
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all together to hear the holy spirit and listen to the cry of the young justice the way to pastor an ecclesiastical sponsibility which forces us to discuss this together is a burden on our meeting about how to face this evil which afflicts the church and the whole of humanity the holy people of god are watching us and wait not just for simple and expect a conviction but concrete and effective measures. senior clergy have been summoned to the vatican from all over the world francis wants bishops and cardinals to understand that sexual abuse by priests is a scandal that they all have a responsibility to stop for a lot of years the first the problem was. to avoid the scandal of the good of the church now. is not going to happen. something is changing it is a process that needs time and i told about victims of abuse like canadian leona
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hawkins who was abused by a priest from the age of twelve reassured by what they've heard from the meeting so far as survivors were on the outside i'm concerned some of the things that i'm hearing coming out of the bishop this morning that we're looking for mercy for both the survivor and the perpetrator this focus should be. the survivors only on the crime of clergy abuse you know what you claim may be on the outside but survivor groups like ending clergy abuse are still trying to keep up the pressure hoping that their message is getting three to four years they keep you know he is the original rejected i don't know what they want that sex abuse. from the priesthood is so huge for those that needs him if he is rewarded anything at the vatican a lot is not produced honest and people here would be satisfied that the catholic church is really facing up to its responsibility to protect i don't always really want to challenge this and is there
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a tens of thousands of people have rallied across the vacuum accusing the government of inaction over the death of a journalist it's been one year since investigative reporter john krycek was shot along with his fiance and what prosecutors say was a contract killing he'd been about to publish a reporter alleging ties between politicians and the italian mafia people have been indicted in connection with the matters but there's been no date set for a trial the two main challenges to israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu have joined forces for april's election the centrist candidate spending. will run together and their new alliance is expected to shake up the ruling party's campaign but it smith has more from wester assume. israel's general election in april looked like being a foregone conclusion with another victory for benjamin netanyahu good party but all i changed on thursday morning when two centrist parties one of them led by pentagon's a former israeli military chief of staff these two parties joined forces to present
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a bloc against netanyahu is party and this bloc according to the latest polls will get around thirty four seats at most in the hundred twenty seat knesset netanyahu as party will get most thirty seats so in response to this too far right wing parties have merged and i said they will serve in a netanyahu government after the elections and they will be given as a reward the education and housing ministries and two seats in the cabinet and this matters because what is already widely seen as a one of the most right wing governments israel has ever had could become even more right wing one of these parties that has merged of the inheritors of robert meir kahane or he was bound thirty years ago from standing for election because of his anti arab racism and these two parties are also a strong settler block all palestinian groups are preparing for demonstrations in
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the coming hours to mark twenty five years since a mass shooting inside a mosque twenty nine palestinians was shot dead as they prayed by a far right settler this is protests in the occupied west bank city of hebron a happening as israel's prime minister has six election support from far right parties are a force that reports. it's early morning on a hill above her bronze old city and a group of palestinian activists is on the move their mission they say to a school children safely to school to the city's divided streets but their approach is barred by israeli soldiers the army has declared the area a military exclusion zone off limits to nonresidents the activists say it's to prevent them recording and drawing attention to instances like this filmed a few days earlier when they were confronted by israeli settlers documentation is the most important every day attacks happen here but how can you show them to the word if we go in the future to the i.c.c. and statistics that we have for the future if we're talking about the tech and kids and the un we have to come up with with the statistics until last month such
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documentation had been the job of observers from the temporary international presence in hebron or to if it's twenty five year presence in the city reporting on violence and human rights violations was brought to an end by the israeli prime minister who accused the monitors of working against israel tips mission began in the aftermath of the massacre in one thousand nine hundred four of twenty nine palestinian worshippers inside the ibrahimi mosque whose neeraj abby was praying that day near the front when an american israeli settler opened fire from the back of the room. where i think about it all the time i was chirping over people lying on the floor the dead the wounded calling for help it's an unforgettable tragedy the gunman goldstein was a follower of the far right jewish rabbi and politician merica hanna whose party was banned as racist in the one nine hundred eighty s. now days before the massacre anniversary israeli prime minister has pushed for a current day kahan his party which includes members who celebrate goldstein to
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form an alliance with one of his own coalition partners the head of april's election a particularly bitter israeli election campaign along with the objection of the monitors makes for a potentially explosive backdrop to friday's demonstrations marking the anniversary there also to protest against the divided militarized nature of daily life in the. part of hebron twenty percent of its area that remains under israeli control this was the commercial hub of hebron old city but since the division the palestinian shops in this market have been shuttered only israeli traffic is allowed to drive down these roads there is a heavy security presence everywhere it's yet another illustration of just how otherworldly the city has become over the last twenty five years it's noted by this group of french muslims on a tour one tells me the checkpoints look like they're for cattle not humans. it's present in a jewish group that came in days earlier and the heavy army escort the guide calling the activists in their observer vests terrorist supporters twenty five
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years since the mosque massacre hebron remains a place of close quarters friction a frequent flashpoint of violence or a force it hebron in the occupied west bank and u.s. coast guard left tenant is under arrest for plotting to met a journalist and democratic politicians prosecutors say the forty nine year old man is a white supremacist who was planning to carry out a domestic terror attack castro reports. when investigators entered the washington suburb apartment of christopher paul house and last week they discovered this cache of weapons fifteen handguns and rifles more than a thousand bullets also steere oids police say hassen had been planning to take to be a more lethal killer the sheer number and force of the weapons that were recovered from mr haskins residence in this case coupled with the disturbing nature of his writings appear to reflect a very significant threat to the safety of our community the forty nine year old
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u.s. coast guard lieutenant and former marine is now under arrest on weapons and drugs charges but prosecutors say more serious charges are to come their court filings say hassen is a long time white supremacist who wish to establish a white homeland i am dreaming of a way to kill almost every last person on earth he wrote in a draft e-mail in two thousand and seventeen i think a plague would be most successful but how do i acquire the needed spanish flu botulism anthrax hasn't compose an apparent list of targets including the names of prominent media personalities and democratic lawmakers and in january use the internet to search what if trump is illegally impeached and best place in d.c. to see congresspeople with the house's plans to wage an attack were thwarted hate crimes and hate groups are on the rise in america the civil rights groups southern
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poverty law center says twenty eighteen saw white supremacy groups surge driven by extremists fear of losing a white majority by twenty forty four we've had a real backlash in our country to a changing demographics we've seen that in the growth of hate groups really for the last twenty years trump has exacerbated that but he didn't create it in the first place one concerning twist. to the housing case is his connection to the u.s. military the lieutenant now labeled a domestic terrorist worked in the headquarters of the coast guard here in washington in fact he used government computers to research his targets a spokes person for the coast guard says it was internal agents who led the investigation into hasn't but this wasn't the first time in recent months that the coast guard has been tainted by white nationalism in september twitter users noticed an officer flashing a sign that can mean white power in the background of
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a televised interview the coast guard never identified the man but said his actions do not reflect those of the united states coast guard the cases while isolated expose concerns the u.s. military is fertile grounds for elements of white nationalism a growing fear in troubled times. castro al-jazeera washington a japanese spacecraft has landed on an asteroid thought to be as old as our solar system there were celebrations at the exploration agency and it's like on the horus as the probe touched down on the real asteroid it's traveling through space three hundred forty million kilometers from the explorer is expected to return in twenty twenty with some pulls of the asteroid it's a triumph for scientists from the japanese space agency is relatively small just nine hundred meters wide but because of its rocky terrain the landing zone for the
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two was only six metres it's the second time a spacecraft has landed on an asteroid but this is the first on one that's rich in carbon offering the possibility of says to the origins of our solar system and even life on earth but for that to happen to must collect samples and bring them two hundred eighty million kilometers back to earth in pristine condition morris jones is the author of several books on space exploration he says it's a challenging mission. this is the advantage of this mission is that so many probes go out to visit planets and asteroids but very few of them come back to the wood and the samples will be stored in a medically sea a container they've got to be dropped back and survive atmospheric reentry in a small capsule but be landing here in a strange woods the end of twenty twenty and then they'll be swiftly transferred to all aboard free in japan it's very challenging partly because the terrain of the
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asteroid is rugged but it's also because the gravity is very weak and it's very on even and if you don't approach it the right hangal or at the right speed you can land you can balance off the asteroid or you can even crash so and to do this so remotely with no human intervention where the whole langton sequence is order magic was very tricky in some ways it's a mission in space but it's also like a time like time travel because we think that some of these samples are probably in a fairly pristine condition and they've probably stayed that way for billions or possibly even billions of years and so it's like seeing what the early history of the saw of the solar systems like probably before the year that's so heavy even for so what we're getting inside from two conditions backwards in time.
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and i'm astounded at the headlines on al-jazeera that israel has closed its border with brazil as president nicolas maduro steps up attempts to stop u.s. aid from coming in a position that volunteers are trying to get the fast in every end by saturday and brazil's vice president has told al-jazeera his country will help but won't cross the line. we're not going to spare the border. with what we can do we can purchase supplies from the war board in the for the venezuela's war they can come and get it but i don't see this will work ok because as you see from rumor until the reaver it's almost a thousand kilometers and all these are empty space in venezuela so there is not enough population there to come to brazil to to reach for poor supplies ok i see it that the main points for dues humanitarian aid would be the ports and hours of the border which. the u.s.
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has confirmed two hundred troops will remain in syria after the majority of the pullout in december president donald trump announced the withdrawal surprising u.s. allies u.s. president is also going to meet china's vice premier on friday as part of efforts to end a seven month trade war new has leading talks in washington to end the standoff that seemed tariffs on the hundreds of billions of dollars of goods the head of the roman catholic church says it's time to heal the wounds caused by sexual abuse of children by priests at the start of a landmark four day meeting in vatican city pope francis says concrete measures a needed to fight pedophilia tens of thousands of people have rallied across accusing the government of inaction over the death of a journalist it's been a year since investigative reporter john krycek was shot along with his fiance and what prosecutors say was a contract killing four people have been indicted in connection with the murders that there's been no date set for
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a trial the rescue missions been called off after fire tore through several buildings in bangladesh has capital dhaka at least seventy people have died and forty others have been injured those are the headlines join me here for more news after the stream to stay with us. he was sent to jail but under two different prime minister has. now he is set to become the next prime minister of malaysia. and why abraham and discusses what direction his country will take on talk to al-jazeera. i am my name is reality i'm an international journalist and your industry. my family could be here in the street today is there a war on truth journalist maria ressa joins us to discuss her fight for press
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freedom and we want to hear from you leave your comments or your questions for maria in our live you tube chat and you too could be in the stream. a free and independent press is the cornerstone of democracy and the philippine journalist maria ressa wants it to remain at rest as a mission in what she calls the war on truth is the subject of the new al-jazeera witness fell out this month have a look. digital media. is the founder of blind side. fakes it is whatever power doesn't like the president of the philippines ricotta turkey because he wants to kill as many people involved with drugs as possible lists his critics of. the. grappler on my site known to be critical of the government at its license revoked
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a few weeks ago. and is this it's sad when people don't know what is real and what is feet. down. then the voice with the loudest megaphone more power this is the time to fight this is the time to tell here you're stuck and you have to make sure that our government doesn't cross it because when. we're no longer. joining us live from manila a woman who needs almost no introduction and journalist at a time magazine's person of the year maria ressa i mean sydney australia ya know she's also a journalist and the filmmaker behind the documentary about maria airing this month on al-jazeera welcome to welcome rhea yeah we're going to talk about the film later in the program but first maria what is it like covering a story and being the story at the same time extremely
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uncomfortable and you know i wish it would end tomorrow but at the same time i'm watching and looking at everything with our because. i just don't believe the events that are happening. you say that it's uncomfortable actually being part of the story and covering the story at the same time but there was a moment in december when you arrived at manila airport and journalists were waiting to see you and i had questions and you having just got off the plane did an impromptu press media conference i don't see much discomfort have a look for us. on the ground you know. how do i feel about being arrested. well number one i am going to hold my government accountable for publicly calling a criminal i am not
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a criminal i have been a journalist my life i will continue to hold the government the second this obviously. it makes you feel better but i think that's the point right the point is for the government to actually make you feel its power and that it can do what it wants to do including bending the laws to the point that it's broken. that's a position that you don't really have to think about when you're supposed to be reporting running a media organization how did you get those cogent forts together you know i had just gotten off a long haul slager but i knew an arrest warrant been issued for ludicrous charges and i was i was surprised by what was at the airport but at the same time i thank you this is what i've had to do for most of twenty eighteen is anger management and what has taught us is to be able to be concise
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in expressing exactly what every what is happening in the moment and and what it means for the future. well real you called the charges there ludicrous and i think there are several in our community that would agree and others as well who are on line this tweet is from the u.s. embassy in the philippines who doesn't normally weigh in on these types of things they write we hope the charge against journalist and rappler c.e.o. maria ressa will be resolved quickly in accordance with relevant philippine law and international standards of due process also weighing in former secretary of state of the us madeleine albright who says your arrest by the philippine government is outrageous and must be condemned by all democratic nations i'm proud to call her a friend and to stand with her in defending the principles of a free press so for our audience that isn't aware in your view what led up to this arrest i mean let me be concise again in two months i've had to
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bail six times and. at least nine cases that are ongoing right now in thirteen months the government has tried to shut down rappler has filed at least five tax evasion has filed the cyber libel. as arrested me and detain me in violation of my rights even because these arrest warrant i have a right to bail. all of these events by like defended myself and i've tried very hard at the very beginning of it to be far more circumspect like i said among comfortable being part of it they now show a very clear pattern it's a trend it is meant a little it's political harassment it's intimidation and it's meant to prevent us from doing our work. ria i'm just looking here at rappler right now and the latest news stories and as a whole range of stories that we're doing from the philippines this is an online
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news platform what is it that rapping you sing for people who don't follow rappler that continues to irritate the to turn administration. i think we focus on the small moon. i call it death by a thousand cuts our democracy is impunity. weapon is a nation that's another favorite word i have because i've been so shocked watching it happen in front of my eyes first the weaponization of social media and then the weaponization of the law meaning both social media has been turned and used against its critics these are exponential attacks on social media that we did a series on as early as mid twenty's sixteen and then the we and this is from personal experience the way the law has turned and used as a weapon against perceived critics so maria february twentieth just this week was
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the one year mark of when rappler journalists and yourself included were banned from the presidential palace i pulled out this tweet from. rappler she says it's been a year since i was first banned from covering deter taze events let me tell you what that year has been like and of course we can win tweet this on our accounts you can read her account of what it was like to be banned but for you what has that been like covering an administration where you don't have the access. we continue doing the best that we can do and i actually can trying to press secretary about this in a radio interview we were both interviewed at the same time just this sunday and i asked him you know when are you going to let us back in and why have you done this this is a violation of our constitutional rights the constitution guarantees this and he said well. i still answer the questions that that your recorder tweets to me that's not the weight supposed to be again death by a thousand cuts right slowly i think the other part that's concerning to me is
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levels of impunity. not just in something like press coverage but also in a far more in the british brutal drug war that has been ongoing since july of two thousand and sixteen and that perhaps was really the drug war as well as the weaponization of social media these are the two stories we have not let up on and we continue to try to hold government to account i think in the end it comes down to a war on truth because if you can make people believe laius are the facts then you can control them what's happening in the philippines in terms of journalism and the ad how facts are viewed is something that ripples around the world and a phrase i don't like using let present a test say use it instead here he is talking about rap have a look. if. you know
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that. i am not so bright. are you going to start in a so big. so that his view of what rap a stewing in riyadh can you give us a sense of the atmosphere and the climate we were in which john i saw him walking in the philippines. fear absolutely and that was actually my appeal to the journalist who after i posted bail i said you know this is. this is meant to send a chilling effect and this was the message of the n b i agent to one of our reporters who was video was doing a live stream that actually when they were trying to arrest me he told our reporter be quiet be silent or you're next and that's precisely the situation i think it's being me getting pregnant not so much about just making just intimidating me it's about sending a message to every other reporter working in the philippines told the line or you
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could be next and i think that's the fear we need to look because you don't want self-censorship you don't want people to be afraid to ask questions because then we've really gone down the path that's hard to come back from so here's someone who would agree with you she's a journalist in the u.k. a joint effort has and here's what she says this could mean for journalism as a whole thing to not proceed in the philippines on the president's task he's been dead for some time now and he's seen that and how he treats his opponents especially senator leahy who is still a present and i completely fabricated challenges but i think to test days now using the international community someone turning away from the philippine drug war or at least losing interest to go off the press and for him that means going off and maria ressa and that does a reading ugly and dangerous preston for genesis not just in the philippines but
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will of the world's so maria she mentions a dangerous precedent for all journalists and you're nodding your head at that when he thinking. look when president detective threatens journalists this isn't unique frustrate president trump does that exact same thing except the institutions in the united states are just stronger than in the philippines where we have impact and where the most powerful man in the country threatens reporters calls them fake news all of this ripples out and you know there's a very thin line between attacking and inciting to hate and what we've seen on social media is these words have taken a life of their own any goes towards inciting to hate and that's a boundary that's very difficult to come back from president to take to has threatened journalists he's threatened new short in his eighty's rappler wasn't the
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first one i mean the largest newspaper in the philippines the philippine daily inquirer was its first target he threatened to take away the franchise of the largest television network e.b.'s c.b.s. with a rattler the difference with rappler is a we have no other businesses this is a company that was created by journalists and the single largest group of shareholders in rappler are the journalists so most of the decisions nearly all the decisions certainly through all of twenty they were led by journalists for me it's not worth doing our jobs if we're not fulfilling the mission especially at a time when our country needs it the most but he just mentioned a.b.s. c.v. and and they did an intern quite recently with the presidential palace spokesman and he was talking about the ability to at the chinese when you speak quite frankly this was his take on what you've been saying it's not the same have allowed so there's nothing absolutely there is no connection. in the so-called freedom of the
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press in fact i would even say that she is a walking testament that the freedom of express and as well as some expression are very alive in this country wow why am i saying that until now she's still using of that freedom to assault the government and this administration you're sitting at home you're free right now maria what's the problem. i think that the bill speak and while secretary panetta. is entitled things opinion obviously freedom of speech is about being able to speak treated with the press is about being able to report without any consequences and what has happened is the full power of the state. in january last year the government tried to revoke our license to operate they tried to shut. the institution stayed up strong enough to be able to push back but
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the government kept trying to look for cases they kept trying they issued i mean i posted bail six times in two months that's not normal the prevented our reporter from covering not just the presidential palace but every private engagement any engagement anywhere in the philippines where president to or to piers i've been arrested and i've been getting again you know actions speak louder than words let me bring into the conversation now a your documentary maria ressa war on truth is currently showing and out of there right now are you looking at your instagram account and there's a picture here you're in france you a maria together checking a phone which is what maria doesn't all halt why did you make this film why was it so important in our. and i think the source of why mary is under pressure from the government needs to be addressed here and this is
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why i made the film and that's because she started to talk about this information and she put out a three part series on propaganda in the philippines and and correct me if i'm wrong maria but that's when she saw a massive campaign against herself and from basically this disinter mission apparatus and it wasn't just that there was a massive trolling disinformation campaign against maria put out a series on and. at russia's it was that they use that as a way to then use all that data as a way to then match and. suppose track that this information campaign and and say that it is it is actually an ecosystem this is something that you can map the architecture of and that you can also stop eventually i think that's what
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really intrigued me about that yes you the journalist and precious lots of journalists under pressure but she used that as a tool then address the root causes of that pressure and that is tracking and stopping this information campaigns you mentioned data so and bring up this week here from daisy who says mark zuckerberg was deeply apprehensive about and did now going deeper into the real impact of technology on filipinos and philippine democracy it was only recently that facebook hired an expert to look into does information networks in the platform so i know in twenty sixteen you actually went up to soccer burkey went to facebook about data with data talk to us about that. and this was in august of two thousand and sixteen it was in singapore at that point in time and i i was alarmed that attacks began the weaponization of social a facebook began in july of two thousand and sixteen by the end of august we had
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enough the leader we knew that and i came with an example twenty six week accounts and how they could influence up to three million others i rock this data to three facebook officers in singapore and i told them you know you really should do something about this because we have the u.s. elections coming up and if you don't trump could win and at that point in august twenty sixth we laugh but after president trump won in a member. they asked for the date again i met mark zuckerberg in during the f.t. conference in april of two thousand and seventeen and twenty sixteen he was in denial about what she was doing but by twenty seven he was starting to realize that i think i told him that you know in the philippines facebook is the internet nearly ninety seven percent of filipinos on the internet or on facebook and his response was. he found a little bit and said what are the other three percent doing. you know
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you are and i'm maria when we as a team the stream team was i was looking at how to really talk to you and how to bring gharyan and talk about the film wherever your name is mentioned there are an army of trolls as many people who are respectful of your journalism and what you'll doing there are that's a koan army as well this is something that you picked up. in your film have a listen to this cape and it got a little sense of what happens around the area and wrap up. you know i've been called every animal you can think of i have my sexual life has been dissected and at the beginning i see step like a traditional journalists who try to fight it and you realize no you can't it's not a bad. guy i see maria smiling almost all of the time even under when she's a lot of pressure but what is it like to watch. her when she surrounded by
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a lot of people who want to do harm i mean i suppose the troll. it's hard to say how much of the online hate can actually. dissipate be translated into the real world and the people who are around very very much people like the rattlers people who are willing to. follow her into the trenches and. go with her wherever she wants to go she has a very supportive core team and i think that's also displayed in the film. and i suppose just a pick up on the trolling point that we made in the film that has also translated with our actual film on witness. witness has put up
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a huge hit video of the film and that was just a few days ago and it's for saved thirty hundred comments already ninety percent of those being negative and witnesses saying something like this in a long time it's. pretty much on president it and a lot of it has been negative feedback from iran a lot of the may fade that baby she heard about maria in the cases and saying that she's actually a u.s. citizen and not to the paino and that she's a tax evader not about the film itself will campaign against this information so i think it just goes to show that this just showing just doesn't stop for maria and i think. and the question i always have for maria is how do you wake up every day. you know receiving constant and countless hate messages and him that caught be good for you. it's not healthy and how do you deal with that that's that's always
1:43 pm
been a concern i suppose is is how to do with the fallout of comes to trolling maria you realize that it's manufactured great that you know this is not normal if you look at all those messages they're right on message and this is something that we've lived here for my gosh i'm ochs three years since july twenty sixth. we were naive enough and rappler when we saw this happening i thought maybe they were just real people who were misinformed then who we just wanted to have a conversation so we started something called hash tag no place for hate and that was when we got bombarded and even more bombarded after we finished the three part propaganda series so now you realize that you were being manipulated and i think that the whole world it when we look at what's happening with power and that the geo political power ships and how information is being used to gain power i think
1:44 pm
is happening in a lot more countries than than we know that we are aware about and this should be stopped so that's where i hold the social media platforms accountable that's been the biggest change these cheap armies on social media. so i wanted to share with our viewers what some of those look like without getting into details about them because of course they're pretty hateful but on facebook here several comments just criticizing rappler and criticizing your work marcel says it's right to go to jail it's my bias boycott the biased media another person on twitter says this is stupid journalism the truth behind race is arrested her involvement in tax evasion rectifier facts and stop fake news but all of this some of our audience would say it's part of an intimidation scheme and that is a comment we got from an academic in manila actually who says this is a wider. plot if you will to silence journalists and silence those who are
1:45 pm
working for the truth this is richard and here's what he told the story what we're facing. increasing the notion of. meeting the uniform and predictable obligation of law and ensuring what we're seeing is ruled by by an imperial presidency and his henchmen. and instrument allies in the law in order to silence me the opposition and maria ressa right now is very much the beneficiary of the trend in the philippines. you hear his stick there richard. we've been talking to but she's part of a team and she loves the team very much want to show you the rappler team right here so you know it's not just about one person it's about a whole team of journalists and also thank you so much for joining us today you can see his film maria ressa that war on truth playing on al-jazeera and also you can
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see it on al-jazeera dot com. thank you so much for joining us today we really appreciate your time take care. of. the hour. the hour. the hour. monch al-jazeera maggi husain debates discusses and dissects the big issues of our times in the head to heads thailand both so much the twenty fourth and its first general election since the twenty fourteen military coup join us for special coverage in a powerful new film residents of occupied jerusalem share their thoughts on its
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past present and future deal or no deal what does the future hold for breadsticks we'll bring you the latest as the march the twenty ninth deadline for the u.k. to meet the new age is near zero and we examine the development of an unusual alliance between radical buddhist monks and the military in million mom march on al-jazeera by making the dish every weekly news cycle brings a series of breaking stories and of course there's donald trump told through the eyes of the welts gentleness that's right out of a hamas script that calls for the annihilation of israel that is not what that phrase means at all listening post as we turn the cameras on the media focus on how they were told on the stories that matter the most in battery is a free palestine a listening post on al-jazeera. and this is different whether someone is paying for some of this video reds' it doesn't matter we think it's how you
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approach an official and that's what it is a said we're doing a conscious. story and die out. growing green bacteria in a poor tree in super heated gas escaping from. this is really the halt. in the search for how to experiments during and. how counter the effects of climate change the science of capturing cult using nature on the scientific on the back of our military the i just have to tell. venezuela closes its border with brazil as president nicolas maduro tries to keep aid from his neighbors from coming and.
1:49 pm
hello i'm the stasi attain this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up donald trump makes a huge and announcing that some u.s. troops will remain in syria for a while. pope francis calls for concrete action as he convenes the vatican's fast ever conference on clergy sexual abuse plus. you don't have to carry any piece of everything with your body maybe ten years everything. will show you the latest trends that's getting under its uses skin to protect them from. venezuela's border with brazil has been closed as president nicolas maduro steps up attempts to stop u.s. aid from getting in madeira says it will stay shut until further notice he says he's considering closing the border with colombia as well
1:50 pm
a brigade of opposition led volunteers is trying to get the festive every into venezuela by saturday but several groups have been blocked by the army the aid includes food and medicine and brazil's vice president has told al jazeera that his country will help but it won't be crossing the line. we're not going to inspect the border ok. what are we can do we can put supplies on the border in a forgiving as well as want they can come and get it but i don't think this will work ok because as you see from road until the river it's almost a thousand kilometers and all these are empty space in venezuela so there is not enough population there to come to brazil to to reach for supplies ok i think that the main points for g.'s humanitarian aid would be the ports and hours of the border was colombia mama john jim has more from vesta in brazil near the border
1:51 pm
with venezuela. now the venezuelan president nicolas maduro has closed venezuela's border with brazil the question is what exactly is brazil going to do next we've heard for the past forty eight hours that brazil is going forward with a plan in which aid comprised of medical supplies and food stuffs will be delivered to brazil's border with venezuela at which point a convoy from venezuela will cross into brazil we're told this would happen on saturday february twenty third would pick up that aid and within take it back into venezuela for distribution now the question becomes is this process going to get a lot more complicated going forward at this point there are still a lot of unanswered questions when exactly is that aid going to get here boa vista which is the capital of more than what i'm a state how exactly is that aid then going to be transported to the border to the town of pocket imo which is right on brazil's border with israel it's the main
1:52 pm
entry point for venezuelan refugees and migrants who have been crossing into brazil and what exactly is going to happen after that nonetheless officials here reiterating as they have over the past few days that this plan will go ahead we expect we will be hearing more specifics in the hours to come. process the director of the center for economic and policy research he says the u.s. aid is more of a publicity stunt than an effort to help venezuelan people. it itself won't make a difference it's not that much aid anyway especially compared to the damage that's being done by the economic sanctions that the united states has had on the country for years now in fact the same thing since august of two thousand and seventeen created financial and bargo and that is cost the economy and i emphasize the economy because it's often portrayed as though the same things really hit the
1:53 pm
government but they really hit the people many many billions of dollars have been lost along with the imports of medicine and food and spare parts and everything else so the aid is really a symbolic thing that the trumpet ministration in the. president the self declared president i should say. though have been saying from the outset they're using it as part of the regime change operation that is they're trying to use it in a way that would get armed forces of venezuela to disobeyed orders of the president and it's all about public relations and i should say that's why the united nations and the international red cross and the groups that are actually concerned with humanitarian aid they want no part of this and they've very harshly
1:54 pm
criticized the whole thing the white house says a small group of u.s. troops will remain in syria after the rest of the american forces withdraw donald trump announced the pullout in december a surprising allies in the west and on the ground u.s. troops have been training supplying and advising the kaddish dominated syrian democratic forces in the fight against i sell paper letters under has more from washington d.c. . it's been over two months since donald trump made the surprise announcement that he was going to be pulling out all two thousand u.s. troops from syria that's an announcement that came as a surprise and also went against the advice of many of his top advisers at the time well now we're getting indications that trump is backtracking from that a little bit with this announcement that the u.s. will keep two hundred troops within syria for an undetermined amount of time. the readout that came from the white house indicated that the phone conversation with trump and on the both sides indicated that they wanted to do what was right for
1:55 pm
both of the country's interests within syria and that really comes down to what they're calling this potential safe zone there in northern syria now that turkish air go on he wants this safe zone area stablished and in that part of syria in order to clear the kurdish militia forces out of there considers them to be terrorist organization but the kurdish fighters were very much allied with the americans and helped very much lead the fight really in many ways the fight of clearing syria from eisel fighters and so the americans standpoint is they still want to protect the kurdish fighters in a lot of ways too so there's still a lot of unanswered questions on how this is all going to be coming about but clearly we're getting indications that trump indicates that these two two hundred troops remaining in syria will be good for the united states and it appears in some
1:56 pm
ways at least that this potentially is agreeable with erda one as well now the turkish minister of defense will be in washington on friday meeting with his american counterpart the interim secretary of defense for the united states will be continuing these to these discussions what is also unclear is well is how this decision will affect european. allies particularly the u.k. and france they announced that they would also pull out of syria if the u.s. did that as well but now with these two hundred u.s. troops remaining remains to be seen if the u.k. and france remain in syria as well david says roche is an associate professor at the near east south asia center for security studies and previously cept at the pentagon he says keeping the small number of u.s. troops in syria is a political gesture. it's not a large number of forces so it's too small to be militarily significant so when you
1:57 pm
look at it as to be political politically significant and i think there's two possible messages one to the turks is that yes we are serious about protecting your interests as you see it and so we're willing to keep our forces here in order to restrain their courage show moments of the syrian democratic forces from align themselves with the p.k. k. attack in turkey and i think the second message will be to the y.p. g. forces which is that you're not going to be abandoned we will have a presence on the ground here to restrain the turks from attacking you do so in extent and in practice it looks as though these guys will almost be. there as hostages to both sides to keep them on their best behavior before this report that we're going to be no troops being left there so i think they will welcome it bear in mind you know the numbers that we have in syria is only about twenty nine hundred that is not
1:58 pm
a large number either and so they were looking at nothing i think two hundred is substantially better than nothing and you know they're there is enough in that to provide the level of sport that we're willing to provide but it certainly won't be the same numbers as we had at the height of the battle to fight isis the iraqi military is on high alert fifine i still fight is it's going to sound mendis can try to regroup in areas once controlled by i south and north and west of iraq charles stratford has more from mosul and now the. iraqi forces far more which is what i saw chongqing it's across the syrian border the village above guus the last leisel controlled territory in syria isn't far from here the mainly could u.s. backed syrian democratic policies or. as to make their around three hundred on the shelf life is still inside the iraqi military and pro iran groups that. determined to stop them escaping across into iraq. they've set up cameras around
1:59 pm
ten kilometers inside syrian territory to monitor eisel fighters as the s.d.f. offensive goes on while the iraqi military operation against eisel across the border in syria continue we on this side are fortifying our positions we have installed thermal surveillance cameras across the border inside syria territory there is joint cooperation with us the pro iran armed groups and the tribal sheikhs we are getting aerial support from the u.s. led coalition u.s. intelligence says eisel evolved from the last remnants of al qaida in iraq and by two thousand and fifteen it controlled around ninety thousand kilometers of territory across syria and iraq an international coalition of more than seventy countries has been involved in the fight to reclaim that territory. this is all that remains of the square more than four years ago. he declared
2:00 pm
himself all of what he described as the caliphate now is fighting continues on the syrian side of the border against the last. fight is there a fear. sleeper cells among iraqis living close by. these are iraqi military checkpoints around the town of heat in western anbar province. weisel was defeated here in two thousand and fifteen but sleeper cells have kidnapped and murdered a number of people in recent weeks. sayed omar and his wife son sit with their grandchildren at the home they both suffered under the brutality of isis rule and are terrified by the thought the group could ever one day return. to. the more s.d.f. in syria have pushed toward the border the more difficult it has become for iraqis to work in the countryside nearby there i saw in the desert around here it's
2:01 pm
terrible that i kidnap innocent people the government and the army need to thoroughly search this area because i so are still hiding here the people here have suffered so much on their i celebrity.


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