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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 22, 2019 2:00pm-2:34pm +03

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the last. fight is that there are. sleeper cells among iraqis living close by. these are iraqi military checkpoints around the town of heat in western anbar province. weisel was defeated here in two thousand and fifteen but sleeper cells have kidnapped and murdered a number of people in recent weeks. and his wife son sit with their grandchildren at the home they both suffered under the brutality of isis rule and terrified by the thought the group could ever one day return. to more s.d.f. in syria have pushed toward the border the more difficult it has become for iraqis to work in the countryside nearby there i saw in the desert around here it's terrible that i kidnap innocent people the government and the army need to thoroughly search this area because i still are still hiding here the people here have suffered so much on their i celebrity. the head of iraq's intelligence says is
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a regrouping and recruiting mainly in the rural areas of north and west in iraq they want controlled u.s. military intelligence believes the territorial battle against eisel across syria and iraq has been won but the fights against small groups of fighters and sympathizers across this region will go on. mosul. the weather is next but still ahead on al-jazeera a region on edge what's triggering fears of new violence in indian administered kashmir. and either a winter storm is clearing away from the middle east now to bring us a fair amount of snow over parts of afghanistan but that one of that cloud is now running away eastwards and things are drying up behind it so as we head through the
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next couple of days and those like it should be fine the temperature of the recovery couple legate into around six degrees or any snow on the ground should melt towards the west it's fine for now but we do have a weather system that sinking its way southward so particularly the western and northern parts of turkey it looks pretty miserable there facade today also of windy wet weather and a fair amount of snow as well i mean for the towards the south and here in doha it's a bit cooler at the moment but the winds are changing later on friday will see the winds come up from the south so that will drag in somalia air so the temperatures will be rising as we head into saturday then twenty four degrees should be our maximum on saturday and it will feel a bit warmer to i mean further towards the south of the southern parts of africa lots of heavy showers here this stretching from angola only way across towards madagascar some of these really quite lively at the moment for the south it isn't looking more or less dried jo'burg they're getting to around twenty seven degrees and forcing cape town on friday will be getting to twenty five the temperatures here will just ease off though as we head into saturday but more cloud around and
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a little temperature of twenty three. when you're from a neighborhood known as a band of radicalism. you have to fight to defy stereotypes. the stories. told by the people who live. here.
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hello again i'm. a reminder of the news this hour venezuela has closed its border with brazil as president nicolas maduro steps up attempts to stop u.s. aid from coming in opposition led volunteers are trying to get the first delivery in. the u.s. has confirmed two hundred troops will remain in syria after the majority of them pull out in december president donald trump announced the withdrawal surprising u.s. allies. well u.s. president donald trump is set to meet the chinese vice premier on friday as part of efforts to end a seven month trade war news needing talks in washington to end the standoff that seen tit for tat tariffs on hundreds of billions of dollars of goods negotiators are drawing up six agreements on issues including cyber theft agriculture and currency manipulation she had pretends he has more from washington. first there we
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go she began with very rosy reports of an almost progress having been made memorandum of understanding being hashed out on the many contentious issues between the u.s. and china with china also proposing to buy hundreds of billions of dollars worth of extra goods from the u.s. to reduce the trade deficit this was a framework that was being built which could actually have a full scale trade war but then by the end of the day there was a new york times report suggesting though things were very stern that the u.s. negotiator wasn't really buying chinese promises he didn't feel that there was enough enough oversight over them keeping their promises and things weren't going terribly well perhaps background briefings were underway from different factions between the u.s. government and we're all being caught in the middle what we do know is they'll be another day of negotiation on friday including an oval office meeting it's being reported between donald trump and the chinese vice premier. the leader of the roman catholic church says concrete measures are needed to fight sexual abuse of children
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by priests pope francis has opened a historic meeting by saying it's time to heal the wounds caused by pedophilia. reports the vatican now acknowledges that catholicism has an existential crisis it's described this sexual abuse meeting as an attempt to restore the very credibility of the church opening the unprecedented events on thursday pope francis said action was necessary. basing the plague of sexual abuse by the churches many against minors i thought to consult you because all together to hear the holy spirit and listen to the cry of the young justice the way to pastor an ecclesiastical sponsibility which forces us to discuss this together is a burden on our meeting about how to face this evil which afflicts the church and the whole of humanity the holy people of god are watching us and wait not just for simple and expect a conviction but concrete and effective measures. senior clergy have been summoned
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to the vatican from all over the world francis wants bishops and cardinals to understand that sexual abuse by priests is a scandal that they all have a responsibility to stop for a lot of years the first the problem was to call them to avoid the scandal of the good name of the church now the gold is not going to happen. something is changing it is a process that needs time and i told about victims of abuse like canadian leona hawkins who was abused by a priest from the age of twelve reassured by what they've heard from the meeting so far as survivors were on the outside i'm concerned some of the things that i'm hearing coming out the bishop said this morning that we're looking for mercy for both the survivor and the perpetrator this focus should be. on the survivors only on the crime of clergy abuse you know what you hear they may be on the outside but
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survivor groups like ending clergy abuse and still trying to keep up the pressure hoping that their message is getting three to four years they keep you know he is the original rejected i don't know what they want that sex abuse to throw him and i just have the priest try to save it for those who don't have the time that it needs and if he is rewarding anything at the vatican a lot is not produced on it and the people here won't be satisfied because it's not is really facing up to its responsibility to protect i don't always really want to challenge this out is that right. tens of thousands of people have rallied across lavaca accusing the government of inaction over the death of a journalist it's been one year since investigative reporter john was shot along with his fiance and what prosecutors say was a contract killing he'd been about to publish a report alleging ties between politicians and the italian mafia four people have been indicted in connection with the murders but there's been no date set for
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a trial the two main challenges to israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu have joined forces for april's election the centrist candidate spend a guns and. run together and the new alliance is expected to shake up the ruling party's campaign but it smith has more from wester assume. israel's general election in april looked like being a foregone conclusion with another victory for benjamin netanyahu good party but all that change on thursday morning when two centrist parties one of them led by bennett gansa former israeli military chief of stuff these two parties joined forces to present a bloc against netanyahu is party and this bloc according to the latest polls or get around thirty four seats at most in the hundred twenty seat knesset netanyahu as party will get most thirty seats so in response to this too far right wing parties have merged and i've said they will serve in a netanyahu government after the elections and they will be given as
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a reward the education and housing ministries and two seats in the cabinet and this matters because what is already widely seen as a one of the most right wing governments israel has ever had could become even more right wing one of these parties that has merged of the inheritors of a mere kahana he was bound thirty years ago from standing for election because of his anti arab racism and these two parties are also a strong settler bloc. bangladesh has called off the rescue mission in the capital dhaka after a fire tore through several buildings in the old town and least seventy people have died and forty others are seriously injured. reports. pentad chemical cylinders some of what's left at the watch had mansion in dock his old city mohammed alam run a store close by the fire has changed his life and i tell him as our son died he
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was with me in the store just before the incident i told him to go home and have his dinner and ten minutes of the he left i heard some big noise i came out and saw a large fire off to seeing the fire i went back inside my stall but i couldn't stay inside the store because there was an intense heat generated from the fire and. the area was known for its chemical warehouses and perfume factories but people there say that's not where the fire started. because there were several loud noises so i came out to see what was going on witnesses told me that a gas cylinder in a car in a wedding procession exploded then the far spread towards the why did mention second floor where perfect chemicals were stored which then ignited fire fighters have launched an inquiry to establish exactly what happened. to vision and throw the investigation there and find a lot of clothes just those clothes and. the
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reason for the five there are an estimated one thousand factories in the old part of dhaka more than eight hundred fifty of them are illegal a fire in the same area killed one hundred twenty people nine years ago since then the government has carried out raids to shut down illegal operations as recently as last month under the landowner so if i am not letting them to stop their water things here are for the search for does. and so the people who were trapped in the building as it. is i'm going to wait for this one ten years of friends and relatives who are inside it is an anxious one. to say there are. tensions still high in indian administered kashmir a week after a suicide attack against engine troops there if it is online messages from the government could trigger more violence reports from new delhi kashmiris have been
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reading the latest message on twitter thought to be from the army group his bill majid had seen several based in indeed in mr kashmir it's in response to last week's suicide attack claimed by another group jaish e mohammed that killed at least forty one paramilitary troops the unconfirmed message says in part the coffins of your soldiers will continue to fill the days and far when our fifteen year old children will strap explosives on their bodies and barge into your army vehicles separatist leaders and indeed in mr kashmir say armed groups are gaining because there is no negotiation over the disputed region this is also a huge issue for those that the years old twenty five years old ata becoming suicide bomb because this is something which the which the world community has to look in that hollow generation often is being pushed by the indian state. many rights advocates are not surprised young feel frustrated when the government of india never listened to them then you moved because they have the young blood they
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have. the social media this former advisor to the indian government believes the main point behind the message put on social media by armed groups is to remind the public they're still active so sometimes they're claiming things sometimes. they want to raise a banner. to show that they're still going strong. these messages are keeping tensions high and throughout india as there are fears there will be more violence and as armed groups speak out about last week's attack india's military is doing the same. on tuesday the head of indian forces in kashmir held a news conference throughout the earth all of them out of office. who live at first there are some who are going. through. these young men listen to the generals words but it's not necessarily change their minds. then expect.
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as the battle for hearts and minds in kashmir goes on. continue to feel stuck in the middle of the conflict without an end in sight as jamil al jazeera. two sons of the mexican drug lord el chapo guzman are facing drug conspiracy charges in the us. video. thought to be on the run in mexico u.s. prosecutors say the brothers planned to distribute cocaine meth and marijuana from mexico to the u.s. their father was convicted in new york earlier this month and is facing life behind bars a judge in the united states has ties into the gag order against president obama's former political advisor roger stone and threaten jail if he violates it stern was in court after posting a picture on social media which appears to show the judge in his case in the crosshairs of a gun. new biotechnology advances are making simple things like car keys
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i.d. cards and even train tickets almost obsolete it's done by inserting a microchip under your skin thousands of swedes are now using the technology and many of them are getting started at parties. from around. the most cutting edge thing about hannah's blood isn't the phone in his hand it's the microchip actually in his hand the tiny implant is the latest advance in a biohacking technology that is steadily becoming a part of normal life in sweden we have created a new implant which is not a chip it's a full device where you can different lights different. different functions so we don't it's a very technical and society and i think this is the main explanation really why a lot of swedes are adopting chip implants swedes haven't been shy about upgrading
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themselves with the new version thousands already have a microchip implants that they use in their daily lives waving their hand to gain entrance to the gym confirm their id or make payments for a short moment of pain not putting them off becoming part sweet part machine but this event is an implant party simply where ordinary people can show up and get a microchip embedded under their skin the biohacking movement in sweden is hosting them all over europe but it's at home where they get the most willing recipients i think it's really cool you don't have to carry two so really it's just a body maybe ten years everything will be new. in sweden more than anywhere else the future is already here the national train company has around two thousand six hundred people signed up to use microchips instead of train tickets. and no need to
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mind the generation gap eighteen year old phyllis and father magnus still bear the scars of their new implants. student how much her having is also freshly chipped and now just needs to program it to open doors although importantly for a future career it does already connect to had linked in some people. i don't know if it's safe. but people have been putting chips for twenty years so i'm not worried about. the long term goal is for the new chips to help provide medical care in remote communities that are already getting under the skin of the swedes may soon become just another normal part of modern life of the human body paul reese al-jazeera sweden.
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hello i'm. with the headlines on al-jazeera venezuela has closed its border with brazil as president nicolas maduro steps up efforts to stop us aid from coming in opposition led volunteers are trying to get the first in every day and brazil's vice president has told al-jazeera his country will help but want to cross the line we're not going to pass the border. when. we can put supplies on the our border in a forgiving as well as one they can come and get it but i don't think this will work ok because as you see from. reaver it's almost a thousand kilometers and all the space in venezuela so there is not enough population there to come to brazil to reach for poor supplies ok i think that the main points for jews humanitarian aid would be the ports and the border. the
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u.s. has confirmed two hundred troops will remain in syria after the majority of them pullout in december president donald trump announced the withdrawal surprising u.s. allies and u.s. president on trump is set to meet china's vice premier on friday as part of efforts to end a seven month trade war you heard is leading talks in washington to end the standoff that seen tariffs on hundreds of billions of dollars of goods the head of the roman catholic church says it's time to heal the wounds caused by sexual abuse of children by priests at the start of a landmark four day meeting in vatican city pope francis says concrete measures are needed to fight pedophilia tens of thousands of people have rallied across slovakia accusing the government of inaction over the death of a journalist it's been a year since investigative reporter jan crew shaq was shot along with his fiance and what prosecutors say was a contract killing those are the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera
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after this is europe to stay with us between two thousand and two thousand and seven the one million racist murders in different parts of germany but the police were painfully slow to track down the killer. al-jazeera world reveals the truths about the deaths linked by a single weapon. the involvement of the far right and the serious political film begins here the cheska murderous case solved on al-jazeera.
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