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tv   Episode 2  Al Jazeera  February 22, 2019 3:00pm-3:57pm +03

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is it in the media coverage of the case i mean you're talking to there on the chalk i do most of the round there is a look down there go there to rethink of marketing that's the sort of you make you change how you give you a question about a side you could just. lead you know that encourage i get a reading along. under the i told you that i live it romo are to me i did them we're all a nag a dinny believe me dishing up to life. this is chaotic a village in a province in eastern turkey. it's where the fifth victim in the chest a serial killings mehmet too good grew up. and his brother eunice to recruit emigrated from here to rostock in northern germany in search of a better life. and kids can do any and so on the moment
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and when you do need to. move. however unison messmate entered germany illegally when they arrived they tried different jobs before taking on a donor kabob shop in rostock. democratic yabba dabba doo like them done. the test as well for a lot. of the law. because you know one another john is attacking. the initial values done it makes them. good was murdered early in the morning while at work in the combat shop on the twenty fifth of february two thousand and four. the police found eunice took a good side density card in measurements pocket so they reported you this as the deceased. but by then the owner of the id card was already back in his home village
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in eastern turkey after his brother's death. in the fall is sure to be denied. him a dog has been challenged and you can well i'm a dying out. in britain young thought of not because floodwater. and i'm not. and he would be a good manager paul i. managed to get was the fifth ethnic turkey for years to be killed using the same gun after the german intelligence service for the protection of the constitution expressed doubts about the drug trade line of inquiry police and law stock focused instead on the victims' families and friends. or dharma but also a problem for the police but. i get the more they. are more
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poisonous. this man as. you have as for them you. can move one of those what i mean and this one's was. all of that as young as. it is sonny studies them as she thought i knew them and bank and michelle's are on the national i knew them in. a long war like on four by i learned. and. you are thinking the only other thing called the un is i planned your plan that. they're used to try to get the un is there using a new stand cuba nothing more than.
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cologne in the west of germany. the cheska case was quiet for four months in two thousand and four. but then on the ninth of june there was a huge explosion in the middle heim district. cope's thruster is well known for its total shops. a handmade cluster bomb a chub packed with thousands of nails destroyed the whole street seriously injuring twenty two people. so you keep each set a lot of on the island would you are longer each city getting omaha to the. coffin in the. east. john ferry on the marshmallow. although it would. be shown somewhat of the humble part of the year that. i have about the shooter.
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and father saw out of a saw that the troops solve such knowledge. because of the economy one john lot of good to know here live in sunlight here they are till. the murders of the previous four years and the cologne bombing all seem to have targeted people of turkish origin. but the german state stuck doggedly to the line that the killings had a criminal rather than a racist motive. here consider your own words you have spared to serve on the board mission off until it was just me into one some of i know this means your. witnesses said the man in his thirty's wearing a hat left his bicycle with a bomb in front of the john headdress or. the cologne police decided the target had been john yielded in the owner of the salang.
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some local people disagree. even if not all that are going to go on the only one know that it is there and then just did it well said lucian that you just said weekend it that you didn't get another dollar than the how was it wasn't that what you learn at night you will lose it all it is and they will have to serve it. their normal. job. to be sure of a conviction em is it happening there then there's the all a billion a bizarre monsoon just did they keep. mafia shade of us have enough to allow you know the interesting mix that you can mix them with that's when a love of us like it has stopped us from a shake up obama had his. own
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wish no money but he is the one she didn't need ya want you to get one should be on control. yeah oh oh oh ok ya try. to try oh i have a modest if. this serial killings continued. on the ninth of june two thousand and five is smiley a shot who worked in a combat takeaway in nuremberg was murdered as he was opening the shop in the morning. witnesses said they saw two men near the scene over six foot tall wearing baseball hats on bicycles. then in june two thousand and five
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a new investigation commission called bosphorus was announced. it comprised one hundred sixty experienced police officers. between two thousand and five and two thousand and six the bosphorus commission contacted around nine hundred trains men . but it still relentlessly search for clues to link the murders to organized crime in nuremberg in munich. and now the phantom moving undetected around german cities targeting ethnic turks acquired a name headlines now talked about the murderer and the kept bab killer even though only met him a total goten ismailia shot actually worked in food outlets but the media like a snappy headline. media research affair of the time on followed the coverage of the serial killings in both the german and turkish press. there must be because i'm certain all now finally denominator is i'm not thomas you and
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demichelis so-called lost cause he's the for what side. of the dallas took a little macguffin that demands could start less than five hundred thirty plus boss zocor the highest wanted as well as vice more than fair to the top of. this little shop belong to fall for reasonable good readers a great man who'd lived here in munich with his family since one thousand nine hundred seventy three. it was in trap and trace street and the great district of the city. in two thousand and five forty one year old bill goody this was shot in the head in his shop by a bullet fired from a gun and became the seventh serial victim. the
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murder investigation was stuck in a blind alley. from two thousand to two thousand and five six turks in the greek had been shot dead using the same cheska pistol but the case was no nearer to being solved. and the death toll continued to rise when many tradesmen of turkish origin in dortmund became being victims. of political when they had. been taught the sign. that says an amoeba and. stones are that. divide.
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among us and. i said to myself. in the back to my heart i asked him one of us how to feed. and the. i would leave. when mehmet kobashi first came to germany he and his family lived in a house for refugees in dortmund for two years. then they moved to a rented home so that only four years old at the time could start preschool. here which one must be asked. why shouldn't side. and surely it came time to find all of us
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a half. session. have been a good reason. not to feel. auden division is a very good reason we're not really. kind of the candy. land can't or the host of god here from ed to me going missed by minute. anybody do you buzzards touch on skins. nothing here. covers a for us i said to a very. british post was as coming. over here in here found them.
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off to doing on skilled jobs in construction and transport. saved enough money to open his own shop. but about midday on the fourth of april two thousand and six he was shot dead in his shop with a cheska pistol using assignments. to. go to the police to. kill or to get what we can call not a lot. like us and all they want to kill should. my heart. or. mine also.
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as a. critical factor but then than now. we're not a spirit of most is just doesn't the most was less tragic alister thousand those habits off by the police. then everyone's on guard yeah but the hard to see how mr and i handle this is more an affair moved on from your own. political good or at least to put in a lot of those political told only the church illustrated. the circus a little less trouble you some of you know if you don't do this who also moves on what the snowden did it's all what it was used in that it will choose to see it we should we can all of the movies where it leads me to suggest this. as my father. ever and for me and. my part
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of our country good as it is just a belief new song my friends own mother michelle michelle and had her kindle and admission been to ask them to blame the how to my father i go also mr myler i want our. own wants comes good for stan i've had. and devices the any good that us a little then is it. that my. dad the holes in the heart and my stylist manda. kobashi ex-wife elephant daughter gams they closed down their shop and never walked down that street again. to raise that day from their memory they avoid all questions about the murder. that the sun.
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dance from the side songs. the amen had. been had among the one i have a dozen towns in the same as anything. yeah one is nice in my. own the sister. losing mom it was bad enough for gams and her mother but seeing headline suggesting he had mafia connections rub salt into their wounds. it seems extraordinary in retrospect the racist motive was never explored. an error that would soon cause both social friction and political embarrassment. but not before more killings had taken place. welcome to alton farms. a soviet era automobile manufacturing booky books.
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with a decades old blue book is being torn up the written by side. of western style management and socialism working to. appear destined for a cock shot the russian regional a witness documentary on al-jazeera. the latest news as it breaks health officials say vaccination rates here up dropped significantly with detailed coverage passport onto the streets the fall of break the country has worked when despite the underdogs and its argument. from around the world there is growing resentment towards this currently not just here in senegal but throughout the francophone west africa. oh you an atheist for all practical purposes yes i support science and truth one of the figureheads
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for the new atheist movement if you believe something without evidence then that justifies anything to do except that religion has done good things despite all of the police and all miracles who believe that science holds only on says that the world be a better place if religion disappeared tomorrow yes mehdi has on guys head to head with richard dawkins on al-jazeera. i'm richelle carey and these are the top stories on al-jazeera but as whale has closed its border with brazil as president nicolas maduro steps up attempts to stop the usa from coming in opposition led volunteers are trying to get the first delivery in by saturday purcell's vice president told al jazeera his country will help but won't cross the line we're not going to spend the border. where do
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what we can do we can put supplies in the our border in a forgiving as well as one they can come and get it but i don't see us we were ok because as you see from rwanda. it's almost a thousand kilometers and old. space in venezuela so there's not enough population there to come to brazil to to reach for supplies i seek that the main points for dues humanitarian aid would be the ports and hours of the border it was colombia and the us has confirmed two hundred troops will remain in syria after the majority of them pull out and december president onil trump announced the withdrawals apoc surprising that is the u.s. allies and president trump is to meet china's vice premier on friday as part of efforts to end a seven month trade war he is leading talks in washington to end the standoff that
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same tariffs on hundreds of billions of dollars of goods and that of the roman catholic church says it's time to heal the wounds caused by sexual abuse of children by priests at the start of a landmark four day meeting in vatican city pope francis says concrete measures are needed to use bite at ophelia and tens of thousands of people have rallied across the baki accusing the government of inaction over the death of a journalist it's been a year since investigative reporter jan was shot along with his fiance and what prosecutors say was a contract killing. the rescue missions been called off after fire tore through several buildings in bangladesh's capital dhaka at least seventy people were killed and more than forty others are injured and japanese ferric spacecraft has landed on an asteroid thought to be as old as our solar system or celebrations of the exploration agency and it's where the protests down explore is expected to return in two thousand and twenty with samples of the asteroid for the headlines keep it
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here on al-jazeera much more to come out as her world is up next. yet. in two thousand and six a serial killer or killers had moved undetected around germany for six years killing seven ethnic turks and one ethnic greek since the murder of envy in nuremberg in two thousand german police had only really come up with one clue in six years. all the victims were killed using a check eighty three pistol and the gun was used again in two thousand and six when a dalton shop owner was killed. family was shocked by the idea he might have had mafia connections. as
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a lost soul is an office task of this man and the fact that. ten thousand. calls promised him to stand thought as well and nothing. that as an ally love does have this was less than an ace. all thing is that if you alter those bob or you. are going to come that their toes are going to vent you can move your skin dark brotherhood down too much influence through. all the loneliness shut down all those years he learned over two days after the murder of measurement kobashi khan the sixth of april two thousand and six harlot yours guards a german citizen of turkish descent born in castle was killed in the internet cafe where he worked with his father khalid was the ninth serial victim. six years after his death a crowd gathered to pray and commemorate khalid by naming this square on holland
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vicious after him opposite where he was born and died thanks . to victims' families believe there was a racist motive to these murders but german police still refused to take this line of inquiry seriously. and. the prosecutor in charge of the investigation came upon a surprising witness in holland's murder case. he was under arrest tell me a german intelligence services agent known as little as a dolphin his hometown because of his right wing views. tema said he'd been in the internet cafe. when the murder took place but hadn't
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seen it is evidence it being emitted from the investigation by folco both year interior minister at the time. twenty one year old khalid yours guts death brought the victim's families together. they'd all suffered similar pain but in isolation. together the families combined to draw public attention to the fact that most of the attacks had targeted the german turkish community. you know my alma mater things i love so yours i've heard you know other than our grown europe you know further grill next europe we're. we're. by now the families had all been exhausted by the long and complex police investigation. waldemar kindler was
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the chief of police in the very aware five of the murders had taken place that snakes most of the song does near here. and does by an assorted few so form words fail here we need soft people in our sort of office foster needs. is varied widely belief and alpha nordland has to pull its own for every good thing is to get the more finicky. mr lighter than constant fans on the man of him for those again love. any mention fall off and in words he knocked me. on the dolly. to the. land will be a is a fall guy on the field to pull it isn't sneaky group these days in world it's over in done. after.
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the investigation had reached an impasse. but then five years after the last murder a breakthrough suddenly presented itself. on the fourth of november two thousand and eleven the town of eyes enough in central germany witnessed a bank robbery. to mask gunman made they get away on bicycles before transferring to a white caravan. three hours later police found the caravan by the side of the road and inside it the bodies of two men one of being shot in the head the other in the chest. later the same day police identified them as loss and burn hot. at three in the afternoon on the same day one hundred ten miles away from eisenach
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in the town of zwi cow there was an explosion. witnesses said that a few minutes before a woman from the ground floor rushed out of the house which then exploded in burst into flames. from a distance of a car looks like a quiet ordinary country town. of the explosion in foaling street put an end to that peace and tranquility. among the ruins lay the evidence police had been missing for the previous eleven years. firemen and police found explosives all to mattick weapons false identity cards and assaulted documents. but all were surprised to discover the cheska eighty three pistol used to murder the nine victims between two thousand and two thousand and six the documents all pointed to a far right group called the national socialist on the ground. just
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fasts the confident that they stood. steen. extreme than. back east. the police also discovered d.v.d.'s and envelopes ready to be sent to specific addresses. the d.v.d. was a propaganda film chronicling the murders through the pink panther a cartoon character. he was shown going on a tour around germany counting down the murdered victims using freshly taken photographs. the fifteen minute film was intitled the germany tour nine turks killed.
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the forty six did it from tile the lights were parked to nothing i can only islamic world sentiment it was your garden. of eden between decision and propaganda feel does it of any computing naaman's not united socialist indoor corns in this seat into me even over going to stage an uncritical worn out head of isn't that suki to impeach would more to entail that. some of the d.v.d.'s posted by the national socialist on the ground arrived at the addresses they were sent to. journalists fewer was one who watched the n.s.a. use d.v.d. . i'm not really guess i'm a fish of the us of an income distributor and the engine eating just comes on and. on dr phil i think i'm in a number in his transfer post and if just that i don't go. i would assume anybody
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common. discovery interest here on true food and all. of that anything about it in an orchard. or kind. as a one didn't submit. to put its iverson experience needs to see months on video but it's here too and what is its name of hers or. sewing tartan because. order food and only time know. over to. be for food. six morrison to feel and then meet him order torn in order to feed his communal mia the mysterious woman from the burning house eventually turned up with her lawyer at a police station in jenna. i'm the one you're looking for she said. the name on the rental agreement for the burnt house was susanna do you know
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nicknamed mickey mouse her real name was be at a chip there thirty six years old and a fugitive along with lawson hoover bernhard since nine hundred ninety eight. seats are also not been in but it's obvious that segment and are. not informed. this extremist action total this most which will not. be a to jump as involvement in far right politics goes back to nine hundred ninety one . the three associates who are among the founders of the right wing group the general comradeship. but they attended weekly meetings of the third england homeland protection league of the state's most active neo nazi group in the late one nine hundred ninety s. numbering up to one hundred seventy members. at that same time chappie
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began her life of crime on the twenty sixth of january nine hundred ninety eight before the serial killing started police raided a gal raj the three were renting and found several pipe bombs and t.n.t. . they lived on the ground with fake identity papers for thirteen years while they hid from the police and intelligence services. just as shockey haven't as this should turn to a lesser stuff bendish does fear alan berger the dog and leave the psycho just beyond these aside any of us are just plain. such was the strength of the reaction across the. tree on the twenty third of february two thousand and twelve a minute's silence was held at midday. this
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remembrances vent also served as a ceremony of apology to the victims and families. vini yet to learn that you can assume weirdly extremists this should go with an intern in more than an. i in you go under we go shunyata save. winter for that does is design us clement. duffy it is easy. got in there got to let him argue a lot about. who does that on the other to their own grudging time that you know they're a publishing. semi ashima shank is the daughter of enver
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the first murder victim in nuremberg in two thousand. mine had. this and wanted. partition the sheer. missional mine fattah and clearly mission in the def not finished in dutch land to hold. the apology direct from the government was not enough to restore trust among the german population. pine's from chief of germany's domestic intelligence agency at the time resigned he lost confidence in his organization after he discovered it had destroyed some of the neo nazi evidence this triggered considerable self criticism by state institutions the full chiefs of the organization for the protection of the constitution in the states of saxony saxony and holt and burley in all resigned the bundestag instigated a committee to look into why the investigation neglected a racist motive which enabled the killers to evade detection for over
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a decade. german member of parliament sebastian added he headed the committee. to makati year two i couldn't push as i know this. is a guy and. i'm trying hard for probation chris. and dov was taught soonish killing come back and. as you don't mention boy i'm. just object to you. on my tie a bit and. mine i know. because we can sell shoes all but these are picky bt it just. went flying and on the right but in a medical mission in tuscany cotton it's five it was just months before the encounter with on
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a fourth day and boy to this is. from is different how it was most indulgent given current. professor hio is a researcher into far right ideology in germany he's clear there were social and political reasons for the growth of neo nazi groups in the one nine hundred ninety s. he's got plenty of his own visit to a two one and you go door chance going to school so impulse there isn't a shift on the child it could to read it if you have my nigger vote could be gone from gunsmiths new nurses tissue in spirit and just have to feel more than the food tube or note from morton so i had to do and he would so twenty shown so it's fine for show and going or going on on just as kind. i. was.
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under fire off me ground in super slow down unless i wanted to grant if he did more crowd the link. i'll see that and get a different he won't even under it ripple be totally tear. in december two thousand and eleven barbara your and former commissioner for foreigners affairs in berlin was announced as on bud's mn. her mission to deal with the problems and demands of the victims' families. she helps the road tubes to try to overcome the trauma and to recover their trust in government. does is that after that if this is done who can one of us think he did from here i think and as you know how does that you know this didn't just feel other it's got austar got my hands on. i know there's nothing on the chernoff. and
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five billion since he didn't go any further into that before i ever. wouldn't you bertie a bit looks like this is. not really info here to be had as a bus is the hook if you want skivvies and you fuck about no mind fuck about mind you invited. me to talk to this list you know to eat meat with you out of this of it all as very very good. if up with them for nobody is in custody and still i leave letters on all of them yeah right that's moving and you know i happen to love bt. but i did not because nobody else could never believe you now you know if you turkish can see the really gallaudet's going on tap young man in the shop and it is him yes in fact nothing nothing to help him get that guy.
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iran doesn't need to sort of mention by the i am but the us and seasoned of the bench but you can it is its mission even if you don't know can miss an order if it has a future of its case has been talking this and a lot of nutrition i wish but i know it's a bit because it's a full of titian mentioning goodbye it was you but you kindly provided us with or does village to not see the need to do it because that what a little you would get cleaned. as of in. a month five the piece is. a start. at home club or one. in the phylum it is midnight and as alice. kept can under the lad i had. then and so forth on. him. and i sent this man hi miles.
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as a part of this unless. this is all that. can mean a forced and i am among them lance name is coming off. on the eighteenth of november two thousand and twelve beyond the chapel was charged with forming a terrorist organization the n.s.u. of murdering eight ethnic turks one ethnic greek and a policewoman and with fifteen robberies two bombings and other attacks a five hundred page indictment had been prepared by the federal prosecution office and presented to the munich higher regional court and the hearings began on the sixth of may two thousand and thirteen. also on trial volley that charge
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with helping beata chepe to find the cheshire eighty three gun and cost and whole gaggle of andrea and ingo who would charge with providing money guns identity cards and cards to the n.s.u. . this is a disease or lung a unique addict one bar is and this on the shores he has for patients on the shores of this type very nifty. heaven's on the and also in the friendly it went any night you'd like the good luck. to be at the chapel national socialist underground trial was one of the biggest in post-war germany's history and lasted five years. on the eleventh of july two thousand and eighteen the munich high regional court finally reached a verdict. it found beata chapter guilty on ten counts of racially motivated murder his sentence was life imprisonment.
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not even him in a small part. of the hope on the clock terms of water shortages for him being bitterly chuffed and told us the shing for. the oil now it's. been. more and more. i've been. in cohen and the cops take us on to the quite. i've been functioning. soviet i've been. i know it's a lot on sharks off why put it's life on for short because. the munich called also found the other defendants guilty. it sentence called valenti ten years but constant should send all good given three years in jail and under any two and
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a half years. gums a kobashi crisp on that on behalf of the victims' families. minutes of freedom it. would cost i'm sure it's a. methodical laugh. kind of. a set and harsh and finda tallest in the or me as my behalf most on issues that side. it out would not succumb. on. zagat english possible comment myname myname long that's good and is there as that good english muffin becomes finnish back in the good now slow. choice on in the national for good that's in the early it's my mad out towards it on v b r to chipper. the three sentences sparked protests across germany demanding
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inquiries into failures in the murder investigations. the case raised serious questions about social conditions in germany that enabled the n.s.u. to carry out these crimes. and the trial took place as a new rightwing alternative for germany party gain ninety four seats in the been this dog suggesting the cheshire murders reflect a wider shift towards anti immigration ideologies and far right politics across germany as a whole. christian priest you are a friend of the political leaders he's a true friend over every of our champion of the palestinian cause. and activist who was willing to sacrifice his freedom. for his
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beliefs. al-jazeera won't tell us the extraordinary story of the archbishop and the piano. a winter storm is clearing away from the middle east now that bring us a fair amount of snow over parts of afghanistan but that will have that cloud is now running away eastwards and things are drying up behind it so as we head through the next couple of days that looks like it should be fine the temperature of the recovery couple legate into around six degrees or any snow on the ground should melt towards the west it's fine for now but we do have a weather system that sinking its way southward so particularly the western and northern parts of turkey it looks pretty miserable there for saturday lots of windy wet weather and a fair amount of snow as well i mean for the towards the south and here in doha it's a bit cooler at the moment but the winds are changing later on friday will see the
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winds come up from the south so that will drag in somalia air so the temperatures will be rising as we head into saturday then twenty four degrees should be our maximum on saturday and it will feel a bit warmer to i mean further towards the south of the southern parts of africa lots of heavy showers here they're stretching from angola all the way across towards madagascar some of these really quite lively at the moment for the south so it is looking more or less dried jo'burg they're getting to around twenty seven degrees and forcing cape town on friday will be getting to twenty five the temperatures here will just ease off though as we head into saturday but more cloud around and a little temperature of twenty three. monch on al-jazeera maggi have fun debates discusses and dissect the big issues of our times and head to head to thailand votes on march the twenty fourth and its first general election since the twenty fourteen military coup join us for special
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coverage in a powerful new film residents of occupy jerusalem show that the words on its cost present and future deal or no deal what does the future hold for breadsticks we'll bring you the latest as the march the twenty ninth deadline for the u.k. to meet the new edges nira and we examine the development of an unusual alliance between radical buddhist monks and the military and me and mom much on al-jazeera. to. cut down to. just. every food do is being analyzed it's being weighed and it's being measured was
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spun. and it's not just i phones that's almost life it is i mean most small things all these days at the moment we are in a state of the universe that started something that was acts i would rather take the risks of democracy to the risks of the dictatorship digital dissidents on al-jazeera. going to shut its border with brazil president motorized us partner to block efforts to bring in humanitarian aid. i'm richelle carey this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. soon turned the white house says a small contingent of troops will stay back in syria. a region on the trigger and
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phares a more violence in indian administered kashmir. carrying a big leap in space and japanese satellite lands on an asteroid with a mission to find out about the origins of life. and his vitals bore it with brazil has been closed as president nicolas maduro steps up attempts to stop u.s. aid from getting in says he's considering closing the border with colombia as well opposition led volunteers are trying to get the first delivery into venezuela by saturday but the army is blocking them a lot america when of course i'm san antonio on the venezuela colombia border. a caravan of opposition deputies scuffle with national guardsman trying to block their way to the colombian border that's where opposition leaders. to defy the
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government's prohibition to bring in tons of food and medicine donated by the united states and others. and that you know that you are pretending that humanitarian aid is not going to reach bin is why is an act of cruelty. as opposition leaders slowly make their eight hundred kilometer journey to the border the binational bridge that joins colombia and venezuela is quickly becoming the stage for a bizarre jewel. on the colombian side of venezuela aid live concert with world famous pop stars in support of in israel as opposition. meant. and not to be outdone on the other side i hands off the israel a concept called by embattled president. to get underway in unison on friday as you can see the stage on the venezuelan side of the bridge is almost ready for the battle of the bands but this doing music event is framing
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a bigger battle over who is going to take credit for providing food and medicine for venezuelans desperately in need. president insists he can provide for his countryman and says shipments of medicine from russia and china have just arrived to prevent opponents from attempting to bring in stockpiles supplies from neighboring brazil he's ordered the border sealed until further notice. but so far here in the border with colombia remains open and thousands of volunteers have been crossing into. and say they're preparing to confront the armed forces to bring food and medicine back into than israel on saturday when gives the word saleem ok we know the government has blocked the bridge with containers but we're here to make it possible to bring in that humanitarian aid by whatever means necessary weigel says he'll be bringing the supplies across four bridges here in patchy da as well as two ports in northern israel and. the how the u.s.
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backed opposition plans to do it without being stopped is still a mystery and that's exactly what's raising the suspense and the tension on both sides of the border you see in human scent that israel. results vice president is told al-jazeera has country will help but it won't cross a line. we're not going to spend a border ok what. do we can do we can put supplies on our border in a forgiving as well as want they can come and get it but i don't think this will work ok because as you see from ruin i am a until the river it's almost a thousand kilometers and all these are empty space in venezuela so there is not enough population there to come to brazil to to reach for supplies ok i think that the main points for g.'s humanitarian aid would be the ports and hours of the
3:53 pm
border was colombia. has more from bolivia and brazil near the border with and it's . now the venezuelan president nicolas maduro has closed venezuela's border with brazil the question is what exactly is brazil going to do next we've heard for the past forty eight hours that brazil is going forward with a plan in which aid comprised of medical supplies and food stuffs will be delivered to brazil's border with venezuela at which point a convoy from venezuela will cross into brazil we're told this would happen on saturday february twenty third would pick up that aid in within take it back into his will for distribution now the question becomes is this process going to get a lot more complicated going forward at this point there are still a lot of unanswered questions when exactly is that aid going to get here boa vista which is the capital of more than what i'm a state how exactly is that aid then going to be transported to the border to the
3:54 pm
town of pocket i'm up which is right on brazil's border with israel it's the main entry point for venezuelan refugees and migrants who have been crossing into brazil and what exactly is going to happen after that nonetheless officials here reiterating as they have over the past few days that this plan will go ahead we expect we will be hearing more specifics in the hours to come as president has pulled back from plans for a complete withdrawal of u.s. troops and syria two hundred will remain on the ground forming what the white house described as a peace keeping force i don't trump has been under pressure from advisers and allies since the surprise announcement last year gabriel is on to has more from washington d.c. . it's been over two months since donald trump made the surprise announcement that he was going to be pulling out all two thousand u.s. troops from syria that's an announcement that came as a surprise and also went against the advice of many if is top advisers at the time
3:55 pm
well now we're getting indications that trump is backtracking from that a little bit with this announcement that the u.s. will keep two hundred troops within syria for an undetermined amount of time. the readout that came from the white house indicated that the phone conversation with trump and aired on the both sides indicated that they wanted to do what was right for both of the country's interests within syria and that really comes down to what they're calling this potential safe zone there in northern syria now the turkish air go on he wants this safe zone area stablished and in that part of syria in order to clear the kurdish militia forces out of there considers them to be terrorist organization but the kurdish fighters were very much allied with the americans and helped very much lead the fight really in many ways the fight of
3:56 pm
clearing syria from i saw fighters and so the americans standpoint is they still want to protect the kurdish fighters in a lot of ways too so there's still a lot of unanswered questions on how this is all going to be coming about but clearly we're getting indications that trump indicates that these two two hundred troops remaining in syria will be good for the united states and it appears in some ways at least that this potentially is agreeable with erda one as well now the turkish minister of defense will be in washington on friday meeting with his american counterpart the interim secretary of defense for the united states will be continuing these to these discussions what is also unclear is well is how this decision will affect european. allies particularly the u.k. and france they announced that they would also pull out of syria if the u.s. did that as well but now with these two hundred u.s. troops remaining remains to be seen if the u.k.
3:57 pm
and france remain in syria as well david arusha is an associate professor at the near east south asia center for security studies and previously served at the pentagon he described the u.s. move as a political gesture it's not a large number of forces so it's too small to be militarily significant so when you look at past the political politically significant and i think there's two possible messages one to the turks is that yes we are serious about protecting your interests as you see it and so we're willing to keep our forces here in order to restrain their courage show moments of the syrian democratic forces from align themselves with the p k k attack in turkey and i think the second message will be to.


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