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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 22, 2019 7:00pm-7:34pm +03

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and i have to say so far most of the trolls most of the disagreements are between it being between palestinians outside the gates here some of whom don't want to protest there was one person who didn't want the protests to take place here because he was worried about the potential for violence and for tear gas the effects of that on his children certainly in past years there have been clashes and so that is why members the media such as protective gear it is why there were preparations being made on both sides it seems before these protests began this is a small protest it's only about thirty or so people we wait to see what happens when what we expect to be the larger protest takes place. in a few minutes time maybe now it's time to have a force out there in hebron live for us how we thank you stay safe let's toss out the two bernard smithies live from damascus gate in occupied east jerusalem burned down further confrontations over the last week. or what the palestinians say have been further attempts by israeli security forces to assert control over the mosque
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compound. yes down quiet here at the moment because prayers have started this is damascus gate one of the entrances into the old city and on till on to the oxer mosque compound but there has been tension this week because of a dizzying decision by the israeli authorities to reseal a gate they gave access to a meeting room in the compound and this meeting room is being closed by court order for the last sixteen years because a group that met in there was the court says sympathetic all working with hamas the thing is there are acts a mosque compound is supposed to be money it is managed by the walk on behalf of the jordanian royal family and the palestinians and the work of say we want to get back into the room sixteen years since that group met there is long dishpan did we want to open it get back in there and renovate it and there's been this tussle on locking and unlocking this gate and this is created tensions created tensions because the israeli authorities are not supposed to be on that the al aqsa mosque
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compound it is under the control of the wakka wakka and yet another example the palestinians would say of israel trying to influence what happens on that compound they already can control who comes in and out there are security cameras everywhere and the israelis will say of course they do all of this security reasons and they'll point to the western wall where anybody jewish worshipers or anyone has to go through a similar security controls down the palestinians will say they are on their occupation and that's the difference yeah and bernard the israeli prime minister has again raise the specter of security and too many concessions being given to palestinians if a new centrist coalition wins the election coming up in april. and he's done this down because this centrist group poses a very real threat the first real threat has been to netanyahu keeping a hold of the premiership in israel the centrist group made up of benny gantz a former military chief of staff and ja
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a la la pierre the former finance minister between them the latest poll suggests they could get around thirty four seats in the knesset their party is between them and netanyahu is grouping only gets around thirty said netanyahu worried that this could result in his ejection from office always raise the specter of too many concessions being given to the palestinians and the threat to security if the centrist coalition gets power and also as harry referred to netanyahu is now allowed to very far right wing parties join forces and they will give him support in a future government and return for support they will get the education and housing ministries so a government is already pretty right wing by israeli standards could be even more right wing if netanyahu and this is grouping wind power again in april's elections dan thank you. also to come here on the news hour including too little too late pope francis plans to combat sexual abuse by catholic priests. and
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a stark warning from the u.n. to plan an animal and plant species a drop in our food supply and as for the former world number one target for his first top title of the. state to have a meeting at the vatican looking at sexual abuse by priests we'll see more testimonies from victims some of them have already dismissed an action plan presented by pope francis on thursday as not going far enough well the head of the roman catholic church has been hosting a four day summit to address the scandal really challenge joins us live now from vatican city roy says day two of the summit being led by the pope remind us of what he wants to get from it. well what he wants is to impress on the kludgy that have gathered here the severity of the crisis that
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the catholic church faces of the moments the suffering of so many thousands of victims of sexual abuse across the country well going back decades and that it is the responsibility to do something about it and as you just mentioned that there is this what he's calling reflection points a twenty one point documents which is a kind of working template for how this is going to progress and it has bits of technical language in it like tracing listening structures and shed procedures etc but what it is is a practical handbook for catholic authorities to produce a sexual abuse allegations going forward. it is not popular i have to say at the moment with some survivors of sexual abuse and we can bring in now who is a founding member of echo which is a group called ending clergy abuse now. you can tell us why do you not particularly
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like this document ari we are outraged and feel betrayed by these twenty one points back in august oh francis wrote a letter this was not comments on the bus or on the airplane as an arm that this was a letter to the people of god basically to the whole world. recognizing that zero tolerance was necessary for abuse and for the cover up of the news that there is no prime more no more time to delay we need to take action action is necessary and then september the the month following he calls for the summit out of the blue a spectacular gesture and you tie the two together result tolerance somewhat and the expectations are reasonable and high that the. that would deal with zero tolerance so then comes this document and the word is not even mentioned there's nothing in this documentary that even come through remotely close to zero tolerance
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. and so again it's an outrage and the trail to the promised and august so doesn't go far enough for me to do it so you know who something about the internal looking of the catholic church what is it the might be duties going on behind closed doors that we don't see necessity tensions that might be proven to. the kind of progress that you want to see well again we can only guess because they don't share with us but. we believe that what we know that two thirds of the bishops here are from the developing countries and that they are putting pressure we believe on francis to an act of tolerance policy as a universal law of the church and fred francis i think is inclined to do that when he does that there could be a revolt of the bishops from african asian chick early and
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he doesn't want to deal with that and doesn't there's a lot of to come to the gorbachev of the church as that that change. as reasonable salaries could have a profound influence on the church and the higher so you think the pope francis is one would be an easy. yes yes i don't believe there are there's any i don't believe he's going to resign i don't think his constitution is made up to do that and very stubborn now. so determined man and so i don't think he's going to do a whole benedict although there's lots of forces out there that are trying to create that situation and that's not as position we want to protect children children around the world and these bishops are protecting themselves first and.
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children second if at all to thank you very much for speaking to us that those to me from the pressure group to survive is. sexual abuse and in the catholic church at this summit still has two more days to go on it's been as we have from him that if it doesn't come out with a zero tolerance policy by the end of it groups and survivors like like care and its members won't be satisfied with what this is has come up with rory thank you for. nigerians head to the polls for the presidential election on saturday the was postponed just five hours before polls were due to open so with the extra time to prepare are things now in place where there are concerns the delay and fears of ethnic violence could lower voter turnout in the journal is live for us in a blizzard journal election had to be postponed for a week i mean do officials feel they're much better prepared for the big day tomorrow. and bear in mind the
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dynamic of the independent electoral commission that oversees the election process here claim that it was one hundred percent ready for the vote right up until the last minute last week when it surprised many outraged many by delaying the vote just hours before the polls opened on saturday morning as you mentioned there they blamed logistical difficulties a late finishing primary season that delayed the printing of ballots the distribution of ballots sabotage the burning down of a number of our nic distribution centers and bad weather the prevented planes from getting off the ground to distribute ballots around the country or that had just a week to put all of that right in addition to which they had to carry out complicated audit's of the materials that were distributed to ensure they haven't been tampered with in the interim but i nick now says again that it is ready a commissioner i heard speaking a day or two ago said only an act of god would stand in the way of this election going ahead and early this morning president mohamed who bihari put out
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a statement to the country urging voters to cast aside their doubts and fears and come out to vote he's main rival who made a similar appeal to his. big party to his supporters on twitter to come out and vote so the scene does appear set now for nigerians to take to the polls on saturday morning in their at their presidential election is my report. the latest in the stars of nigeria's film and dance world in a video promoting a peaceful election yes and. there are concerns about the country's ability to hold a successful presidential poll this weekend after last saturday's surprise delay and some fear a return of ethnic violence triggered in the past by disputed results with the background that we already have and would have so much lost be shown on misgivings and so on i about are about security agencies about the government itself and so on
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and so forth bets high risk that results will be disputed people would reduce the protests the results in some places under the high risk of power. in a crowded field of candidates to stand out president mahmoud do bihari who's critics say he's failed on the economy fighting corruption and insecurity and one time vice president atiku abubakar accused of corruption but promising business friendly policies and jobs despite reassurances by the government and the independent election commission nine o'clock that the poll will happen this time and be free and fair trust in the process has been dented not the public trust in government was all that high to begin with if one is going through the roof is over what do you think. you want after spending for so many years with you this is why we've come out betting on one who without jobs and why do you think that is
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if anybody's votes and who do you blame for that you know tell me you know. you know i was up was that people in nigerians have reason to be hopeful and reason two thousand and fifteen was the first election won by an opposition candidate since democracy was restored after military rule in nineteen ninety nine made people feel that their votes. and. you see. it's this election around it's. cancer it's a. step in the election observers foreign and local trying to ensure that doesn't happen. is a leading civil society groups sending more than three thousand observers to polling stations and conducting a parallel vote count on election night. we believe that as an institution that.
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we have in the observer. system would help. because we want to actually count nigeria is africa's most populous country the continent's biggest economy its vast oil wealth means who runs it matters but epic levels of poverty and unemployment suggest that job could be done better. just listening to your report that in order nigerians were extremely frustrated over the postponement so what sort of expectations and concerns did they. well as for concerns there is certainly security war is they've been incidents in the past couple of weeks of election related violence between supporters of the two main rival camps of course the boko haram insurgency continues a decade old now in the far north of the country they've warned voters in borno state not to turn out to vote at all but besides that i think the overwhelming hope will be the dynamic is able to carry out the credible free and fair election that
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it's promised to do remember it was just four years ago as i was saying that this country for the first time in its democratic history actually voted out a sitting president encouraging people to believe that the whole process has a point that their votes do matter and i'm sort of the hope will be that their votes are seem to matter again with a decisive result rather than seeing those votes lost to a sort of spiral of disputes over the result in the courts and post-election violence on the ground or a journal hold in a general thank you for the u.s. president has pulled back from plans for a complete withdrawal of u.s. troops in syria the white house says it will keep what it describes as a peacekeeping force of two hundred on the ground donald trump has been under pressure from advisors and allies since the surprise announcement last year were given as under has more now from washington d.c. . it's been over two months since donald trump made the surprise announcement that
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he was going to be pulling out all two thousand u.s. troops from syria that's an announcement that came as a surprise and also went against the advice of many if is top advisers at the time well now we're getting indications that trump is backtracking from that a little bit with this announcement that the u.s. will keep two hundred troops within syria for an undetermined amount of time. the readout that came from the white house indicated that the phone conversation with trump and on the both sides indicated that they wanted to do what was right for both of the country's interests within syria and that really comes down to what they're calling this potential safe zone there in northern syria now that turkish air go on he wants this safe zone areas stablished and in that part of syria in order to clear the kurdish militia forces out of there considers them to be terrorist organization but the kurdish fighters were very much allied with the
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americans and helped very much lead the fight really in many ways the fight of clearing syria from eisel fighters and so the americans standpoint is they still want to protect the kurdish fighters in a lot of ways too so there's still a lot of unanswered questions on how this is all going to be coming about but clearly we're getting indications that trump indicates that these two two hundred troops remaining in syria will be good for the united states and it appears in some ways at least that this potentially is agreeable with erda one as well now the turkish minister of defense will be in washington on friday meeting with his american counterpart the interim secretary of defense for the united states will be continuing these to these discussions what is also unclear is well is how this decision will affect european. allies particularly the u.k. and france they announced that they would also pull out of syria if the u.s.
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did that as well but now with these two hundred u.s. troops remaining remains to be seen if the u.k. and france remain in syria as well. well david perel she's an associate professor at the near east south asia center for security studies and previously served at the pentagon he described the u.s. move as a political gesture. it's not a large number of forces so it's too small to be militarily significant so when you look at it has to be political politically significant and i think there's two possible messages one to the turks is that yes we are serious about protecting your interests as you see it and so we're willing to keep our forces here in order to restrain their kurdish elements of the syrian democratic forces from align themselves with the p k k attack in turkey and i think the second message will be to the y.p. g. forces which is that you're not going to be abandoned we will have
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a presence on the ground here to restrain the turks from attacking you so in extent and in practice it looks as though these guys will almost be. there as hostages to both sides to keep them on their best behavior before this report that we're going to be no troops being left there so i think they will welcome it bear in mind you know the numbers that we have in syria is only about twenty nine hundred that is not a large number either and so they were looking at nothing i think two hundred is substantially better than nothing and you know they're there is enough in that to provide the level of support that we're willing to provide but it certainly won't be the same numbers as we had at the height of the battle to fight isis in a few moments we'll have all the weather in the tunnel but still ahead here on al-jazeera finding that language we meet people in mexico trying to save their native tongue. no ifs no buts don't just tell parents to get the children
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vaccinated is a meaningless outbreak in the philippines pretty escalates and has pulled the rugby team i mean to take a giant lead to move them over the hemisphere's biggest international rugby type or in the status. well we'll plenty of wet sand when she weather still making its way across north america the moment this latest band of clouds and rain that's been driving over towards the eastern seaboard right on the southern flank but since no one the northern flank can still snowing which i believe in the last fakers who are talking about this yesterday a proper covering for some actually in the hills stick to the west of fate as we've seen around sixty one centimeters of snow neighbor one centimeter on the strip it has to be said but that's the first measurable snowfall that we've had here for
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over a decade so it is unusual and there's more snow in the forecast as we go through friday say down towards the south western quarter further north we've got some snow just around the mountain states it is welcome of course we we need the precipitation that'll help as we go one to watch the of the warmer months of course there's that whether that we have down towards the deep south mississippi pushing up towards kentucky tennessee snow on the northern flank as we go on through saturday just nine celsius there for washington further west it will dry out that's a snowy weather that we have around the desert states does make some progress further east where it's one of two where flour is up towards the northwest and colder turning a little more persistent as we go on through the weekend weather into the northeast and notice warming up in d.c. . whether sponsored by i can't tolerate this. anymore you can do is being an alarmist it's being weighed and it's being measured
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i read it was cool this is fun. and it's not just my friends that i was laughing i mean most not fans of the state at the moment we are in a state of the universe that started something that was acts i would rather take the risks of democracy to the risks of the dictatorship digital dissidents on al-jazeera. examining the headlines setting the discussions a warning from air bus over the risks of a no deal breaker sharing casanova stories with a global audience you have your own intelligence network on the ground to tell you where to go and don't go exploring abundance of world class programming designed to inform motivate and inspire presuming people are truly afraid the world is watching on al-jazeera.
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welcome back a quick reminder the top stories here on the al-jazeera venezuela's border with brazil has been closed as president nicolas maduro steps up attempts to stop u.s. aid from getting in the door says he's considering closing the border with colombia as well. palestinians across the west bank are rallying to mark the twenty fifth anniversary of a massacre at a mosque in hebron twenty nine worshippers lost their lives in a far right american israeli settler opened fire and not enough for. a day to have a conference at the vatican looking at sexual abuse by priests will see more testimonies from victims some of them were dismissed an action plan presented by pope francis something as not going far enough. now the world's ability to produce
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enough food is under severe threat even as we face a growing global population the variety of plant and animal life crucial for crops and the amount of usable land is on the decline the warning has come from the f a o the un body charged with addressing global hunger it says climate change is behind a drop in the number of insects needed to pollinate wild food sources while pests and diseases have thrived at the same time changes in land use pollution over exploitation and over harvesting is driving the decline in traditional food sources it highlights gambia where many people have been forced to eat alternative often industrially produced foods but the f.a.a. says there is hope if nations educate communities on the importance of diverse plant life and embrace eco friendly practices like flooding rice fields in california during the off season to entice wildlife back and growing plants alongside crops to encourage the return of pollinating insects well when it
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castro's from the un's food and agriculture organization who commissioned that report explain more about the study's findings. we are losing plants and crops and livestock i mean i shall leave for four natural response on and climate change but also. indian in the consumers use of the bio they went to people who are going to cause are we are forgetting what our grandparents ate and now all more than sixty six percent of the relation where all eat in from nine crops and from ten fishes species why over grandparents you know they knew all about six thousand different bands on modern five hundred different fish and as locally we have been you know induced horizon and and commercializing only this us species and over that diet is been with us we think this is one of the problems for the population increase in their way to becoming overweight and obese
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and also is put in a risk. long term sustainable use of the buy in a bit biodiversity get out of meaning by the livestock plans. fish only by ignoring and neglecting what we called the fork for forgotten food that our grandparents use then he said need for the consumers to on this that when they need to get a tomato or a carrot but if they took her market because she's ugly. that is is causing footways that is about thirty percent of all of the food produced in the world is wasted is strong to the to the guard but that would be enough to feed eight hundred twenty one million people suffering or still today and so that we can do the other thing we can do is every country needs needs to have some sort of.
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it in seed to conservation areas for agriculture where they can have you know their local food the local seeds that are i it is that knowledge of the fires preserve we have around fifty seven of those sites around the world we need to increase that now measles outbreak in the philippines is quickly getting worse close to eleven a half thousand people have contracted the highly contagious virus since january and least one hundred ninety nine mostly children have died until the reports from manila. well health officials have announced that there is a sharp increase of measles related cases just over the last few days from a few days ago eight thousand children being afflicted of measles just today more than eleven thousand cases have already been reported more than one hundred eighty children have died and this is from just the start of january alone this is
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something that could have been prevented according to health officials because as early as two thousand and seventeen they have been warning that an investigation that started then a very public investigation involving a research related vaccine was going to create a vaccine scare in different parts of the country that did happen with joint health officials a few weeks ago when they conducted the what you call a back to vaccine program encouraging mothers to have their children vaccinated they hope that some that something that government agencies will help them to do so even though many lies not the only is city or area here in the country affected by this measles outbreak the tendency for the city to actually have a sharp increase of measles related cases is expected to get even worse that is because of a very dense population here at the capitol the health officials are calling on different government agencies to get involved to actually encourage. filipino
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mothers across the country to have their children vaccinated hoping this will be the start of an important lesson that the country and government officials can learn tens of thousands of people have rallied across the vacua accusing the government of inaction over the death of a journalist it's been a year since investigative reporter shot along with his fiance in what prosecutors say was a contract killing was due to publish a report alleging ties between politicians and the italian mafia four people have been indicted but no date has been set for trial. sixty percent of mexico's indigenous languages are in danger of dying out years of discrimination against the country's native tribes than migration by some in their communities to the big cities are to blame john holmes reports from mexico city. mbaye is up his palace the high temple of mexican culture poet's cell arena sanchez is reciting in her native tongue to wound sabi. it's
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part of the celebrations for international mother tongue day here it's an especially big deal seven and a half million mcs can speak one of the country's sixty eight indigenous languages but not always well will than half of them are in danger that that will now if my language dives i'll never know how to name things how to see the world from my point of view i wouldn't be able to do that the loss of native languages hasn't happened by accident here and the generous people have historically been discriminated against even punished for speaking their languages in schools migration to cities or the us has also taken its toll when he says he's now one of the only young people from his village in the tricky region to still play the old songs. and things have to change we shouldn't be thinking that people are less for speaking in indigenous language i want to tell the world that it's actually very valuable because it locks
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in all of our ancestral knowledge music and medicine the things that we've been losing mates can seem to be coming round to that point of view those taken the now with two poems hundred outburst fissures in the metro a king to hang on to their roots but now they've got a bit of them is just it's important not to lose our traditions and languages because there are inheritance we've already almost lost them but we should teach our children to value what we have that spilled into mexico's artistic life but it hasn't necessarily got beyond this increasingly sentence and support for coke for the moment this one that linguistics to say that it's in the day to day the things they want to eat for example and horses with them in the genus areas of the. lack of interpret to some people cannot tell doctors exactly what's wrong with them the same in the judicial system in which an agent is people have been sent down without really know what's going on in the trial those are the harder list visible changes
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that the new government will have to also engage with if you want the country to continue celebrating not mourning its mother tongues john home an al-jazeera mexico city. new biotechnology advances are making simple things like car keys id cards and even trying to gets almost obsolete is done by inserting a microchip under the skin thousands of people in sweden are now using the high tech device only supports from the. the most cutting edge thing about hannah's blood isn't the phone in his hand it's the microchip actually in his hand. the tiny implant is the latest advance in a biohacking technology that is steadily becoming a part of normal life in sweden we have created a new implant which is not a chip it's a full device where you can different lights different. different functions
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so we don't it's a very technical at society and i think this is the main explanation really why a lot of swedes are adopting chip implants. swedes haven't been shy about upgrading themselves with the new version thousands already have a microchip implants that they use in their daily lives waving their hand to gain entrance to the gym confirm their id or make payments a short moment of pain not putting them off becoming part sweet part machine. this event is an implant party simply where ordinary people can show up and get a microchip embedded under their skin the biohacking movement in sweden is hosting them all over europe but it's at home where they get the most willing recipients i think it's really cool you don't have to carry too severely just a body maybe ten years everything will be new. in sweden.


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