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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 23, 2019 1:00am-1:34am +03

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but the demonstrators are also drawing attention to more recent events the israeli expulsion last month of the international observer mission t.-i ph set up in the aftermath of the massacre and this week's decision by the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu to try to shore up his chances of reelection in april by embracing a far right party that had been taboo for the israeli mainstream. back at the protest site a second group of demonstrators arrives members of major political factions in the occupied west bank more numbers more noise more of a face off with soldiers but no major confrontation this is an end to what was a roads of lee peaceful commemoration of a terrible day of violence but it still goes to highlight just how divided how tense how militarized the city is twenty five years later ari force at al-jazeera hebron in the occupied west bank. for the first time in sixteen years palestinian president of the. golden gate as it's also known in the al aqsa mosque complex in
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occupied east jerusalem israel has closed the site for over a decade and it's not. there has been tension in the oxer mosque compound over the last few days because of a dispute over access to a building a meeting hole that sixteen years ago was chained closed following a court order the said there was a group using the room to meet and they were sympathetic a working with how much now the what which manages the al aqsa mosque compound on behalf of the jordanian monarchy and the palestinians says a group has long desponding since those sixteen years have passed and it wants access back into that building so it allows the chains to be removed the israeli authorities be changed back and then got moved again by the watch that has been going on over the last few days that has created tension and it is essentially a form of resistance by the palestinians to israeli attempts to control access to the al aksa compound the palestinians have continued to pray that the israelis on
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friday did not change again the gate because this is the main day of prayer but it's an indication of how the palestinians try and stop israeli control what they see as an israeli control to the places they want to prey on their free access to those prices places that they want. on the program a teenager spearheading a movement of climate protest takes the fight to paris. and new japanese space project could unlock mysteries of the solar system began. well i would still get a fair bit of whether into china and i will be the case over the next couple of days still decent amount of clout there into those central powers with the clout
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and right just pushing through easing towards the southeastern corner hong kong probably staying largely dry for sas day you go on into sunday i think by this stage you can expect to see some weather coming in here then temperatures at around twenty two degrees quite a key nice to win but china is just a five and drive plenty of sunshine not a dry weather not a settled weather to into much of india but you push up into pakistan and we have seen some flooding rains here over the past few days and massive downpours and this wet weather actually into the southwest of the country not too far from karate which is unusual for this particular time of the year the cloud tending to pull away as we go on through the next couple of days perhaps still some bits and pieces of cloud around northern parts of india you can see just around karate because they'll see it painful to some drizzly right but for the most part of think it will be dry and turning dry think a cloud there just around the himalayan plateau meanwhile across the middle east is
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steadily set there was some decent spells of sunshine possibility of the old spotted right here across this weekend. whether it's totally. wild or ferocious in bangladesh. thrice redresses the balance between endangered wildlife and the noisy neighbors. or it's right there and there's nothing between how you how would that any human habitat to live together. how many people here have seen a tiger but they're going to go really.
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welcome back look at top stories this hour now at least two venezuelans have been killed in clashes with security forces close to the border with brazil this says rival concerts take place on either side of the colombian border u.s. backed rebels a trucking out civilians from the last pockets of eisel helter territory to eastern syria the syrian democratic forces are areas and launch a final assault and palestinian protesters of clashed with his right troops at a demonstration marking the twenty fifth anniversary of the ibrahim mosque massacre in hebron. twenty nine palestinian washer this was shot dead by a far right american israeli settler in one thousand nine hundred four. and the united states house democrats will introduce a resolution later on friday to end president donald trump's national emergency declaration on border security announced the order last week to free up billions to
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pay for his proposed wall along the us mexico border democrats say it's an overreach of presidential power but even if the resolution pa says president trump could veto it. don't mess with pakistan is the warning by the pakistani army to india as tensions mount between the nuclear armed neighbors and the us military says the pakistani intelligence was involved in an attack in indian ruled kashmir last week at least forty one indian troops were killed in the assault which was claimed by an armed group based in pakistan. have denied any involvement in the military says it will respond to any attack by india with full force meanwhile at least forty one tea plantation workers have died after drinking toxic alcohol in the indian state of some more than forty others have been poisoned by the tainted drink and a critically ill in hospital two weeks ago more than one hundred people died after a similar mass poisoning deaths from illegally produced alcoholic common in india
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where many can't afford official branded spirits. of thousands of nigerians are getting ready to travel across the country for the second time in a week to take part in saturday's delayed presidential election it was originally scheduled for last week but it was postponed just five hours before polls would you to open there are concerns that the delay and fears of ethnic violence could depress voter turnout al-jazeera is joan hall has more on this now from. the legacy of stars of nigeria's film and dance world in a video promoting a peaceful election. commission. there are concerns about the country's ability to hold a successful presidential poll this weekend after last saturday's surprise delay and some fear a return of ethnic violence triggered in the past by disputed results with the background that we already have and would bear so much sauce be shown on misgivings
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and so on i about are about security agencies about the government itself and so on and so forth bets that high risk that results will be disputed people would resist for protests the results in some places under the high risk of a failing in a crowded field of candidates to stand out president mahmoud do bihari his critics say he's failed on the economy fighting corruption and insecurity and one time vice president atiku abubakar accused of corruption but promising business friendly policies and jobs despite reassurances by the government and the independent election commission i nick that the poll will happen this time and be free and fair trust in the process has been dented not the public trust in government was all that high to begin with if i was going through the roof if i ever have either of these things. if i see one after spending for so many years is really this is why
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we've come out to one hundred forty five who are without jobs and why do you think that is if anybody's votes and who do you blame for that you know tell me you know. you know what was it people in the nigerians have reason to be hopeful and reason to worry two thousand and fifteen was the first election won by an opposition candidate since democracy was restored after military rule in nineteen ninety nine made people feel that their votes and. but let me see. this electorate it's. co-created it's expensive to get on the right. step in the election observers foreign and local trying to make sure doesn't happen . is a leading civil society groups sending more than three thousand observers to polling stations and conducting a parallel vote count on election night whereas if we believe that as understood to
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show that one of them wasn't let's i think we have observers in the field as that's independent of the flights system would help with what it's a bit in the process because we want to actually count nigeria is africa's most populous country the continent's biggest economy. for oil wealth means who runs it matters but epic levels of poverty and unemployment suggest that a job could be done better if you know how al-jazeera. the u.n. says tens of thousands are facing starvation in south sudan as fighting there continues despite a peace deal signed six months ago to end the civil war in the seven million people that's a hostile population face extreme hunger the u.n. says more people now need food aid to survive that went on when a manmade famine was declared in two thousand and seventeen and the risk of another famine is high. well the un is also warning that the future of food is under severe
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threat consider this six thousand plant species can be cultivated for food but only nine account for two thirds of total crop production similarly the world's livestock production is based on just forty species and only a handful provides the vast majority of milk meat and eggs and these sources are disappearing from insects to see grass crustaceans and funky close to a quarter of nearly four thousand wild food species are in decline or there are many causes for this the most significant being pollution over harvesting and climate change the hardest hit region to latin america asia and africa one in nine people already don't have enough food and the world's population is expected to reach nine point eight billion by two thousand and fifty so how do we avoid mass starvation the answer is change what you eat the u.n. says we must diversify our food sources eating species that are not widely consumed
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like insects and buy more sustainable products possibly as well we're not castro is from the un's food and agriculture organization which commissioned that report. we are forgetting what our grandparents ate and now more than sixty six percent of the bullish unware all eaten from nine crops and from ten fish a species what over grandparents you know they knew about six thousand different plants and more than five hundred different fish and slowly we have been you know industrialized and commercializing only this us species and our diet is been videos we think this is one of the problems for the population increase in the way to becoming overweight and obese and also is putting at risk the long term sustainable use of the buy in about biodiversity in general. a sixteen year old
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swedish environmentalist has taken her class boycott campaign to paris. joined a protest in the french capital attended by hundreds of students she's been having a movement of school strikes and protests it in action on global warming on thursday european commission president responded to the teenager saying the evolution spent billions on combat climate change david chase i was at a rally in paris. it is remarkable how the voice of just one swedish sixteen year old student has changed the whole atmosphere of climate change activism she started off protest september one day september now she's been united nations been to davos and here she is in paris let's hear what she's having to say when i first started striking i didn't really expect anything i just thought that i will just have to see what happens. but then i would never have imagined that it was going to be this
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big. and i think it's incredible it's just it's a surprise every time i see someone else striking and it's it feels incredible preacher says that action must be taken now they don't have time for her generation to take they must see a difference now that is a view that's being supported by many many people here in the past the republic is really spent a political move where you would i hope the politicians will listen to them look how much press came here to listen to these kids more than listen to us who are always giving interviews i think people trust them they believe they are free in sincere concerning their future not only for decades but for generations to come this is the first time readers voice has been in paris which was of course the host city that climate was present manual michael try and stick to missions on
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climate change and being increased the price of the. but of course we saw the elephant. and then he was morphed into barassi u. turn on that matter now we just says it exactly that sort of short termism in politics and that is creating a huge problem action is needed and it stated now. cardinals attending the vatican summit on preventing child sex abuse of call for members of the catholic church to recognize the global extent of the problem they say they're fueled by some bishops to accept that abuse is an issue in their countries is unacceptable pope francis has faced pressure after the church was accused of covering up misconduct and failing to investigate allegations of abuse by priests critics say the pope's action plan doesn't go far enough and they won't quite a accountability those who are guilty of criminal behavior justly accountable to civil authority for good behavior or the church is not it isn't of the state the church recognizes the legitimate authority of civil law and the state therefore
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the church. who operates with civil authorities in these matters to bring justice to survivors a japanese spacecraft has landed on an asteroid traveling more than three hundred million kilometers from earth it's expected to return next year with samples of the rock which could unlock the mysteries of how our solar system began ballasts explains. in a control room just outside tokyo scientists celebrate as a spacecraft touches down on an asteroid hundreds of millions of kilometers from the earth. i would like to confirm. his touchdown or asteroid re you could. hire a japanese asteroid hunter it's target the name or you thought to be as old as the solar system itself it took more than four years traveling through space to
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retrieve. the plan was after touchdown it would extend a pipe and choose a pinball like bullet into the space rock to collect samples just so that is sure jackson made the first touchdown on the asteroid by higher bruce or two after they confirm the data they found the steps to collect the sample from the asteroid was done successfully where we don't yet know the details until it returns i hope the asteroid sample will lead to providing a clue to the evolution of the solar system. high abuse or to also deployed tiny rovers and a european built lander to survey a surface it was a challenge because asteroid was not what they expected it was covered in boulders the spacecraft had a landing zone of just six meters on the nearly kilometer wide rock. i'm crazy about hope was there too because he's so very ambitious mission like japanese like to do and it has many firsts so it's a made the first detail that you made of
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a potentially carbon rich asteroid it made the first deployment of manure over us and french german lander on the surface of such a small body and he's going to be the first sampling on an asteroid. there are thought to be billions of asteroids revolving around the sun rocks left over after our solar system was formed more than four billion years ago only once before has a spacecraft landed on one of them is carbon rich the type of asteroid that could unlock mysteries around the origins of our solar system and life on earth but first . must get back to earth with its samples intact shallop ballasts out his era. just a quick look at the top stories this hour at least two venezuelans have been killed
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in clashes with security forces in the border with brazil several of those in the town of santa yelena a day or rain have suffered gunshot wounds all of them are reported to be indigenous venezuelans some of whom have expressed support for the opposition's plans to bring in foreign aid despite the fierce objections of president nicolas maduro you see in human has more of these for indigenous venezuelans from a community of very very poor community that is very combative they had already said that they were not going to allow that as waiters ministry a military rather to try to block or croix or close the border with brazil where the food and medicine that has been accumulated there is supposed to be brought into the country on saturday apparently the army arrived the national guard they had two armored trucks there was a clash with that between them and the armed forces we understand began firing meanwhile doing concerts being held in the latest stage of
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a showdown between president to an opposition to one on one end of a bridge leading to the colombian orders that if you could turn billionaire richard branson is a concert with more than a dozen musicians while just a few hundred meters away on the other side the doers government is holding a three day festival called hands off venezuela. in our other headlines more trucks are evacuating civilians from last pockets of territory in syria hundreds of people have already been rescued from the eastern village of whose but u.s. backed syrian democratic forces are saying around seven thousand more still remain trapped in the besieged enclave and it's fear that many civilians there are being used as human shields. and palestinian protesters of clashed with israeli troops at a demonstration marking the twenty fifth anniversary of the ibrahimi mosque massacre in hebron twenty nine palestinian washed up as it was shot dead by a far right american israeli settler in one thousand nine hundred four main street was close by to two palestinians by the israeli army soon after that massacre
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palestinians have called for shahada street to be reopened saying its closure is disruptive and helps to cement israeli control of the area as the top stories this hour coming up how people in australia and bangladesh learning to co-exist with that animal neighbors that story and thrice next. i am. the
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relationship between humans and animals has always been one with elements of conflicts but as the number of people on the planet continues to grow it's becoming increasingly strained and imbalanced with the world's human population approaching an extraordinary eight billion sprawling settlement some activities are encroaching on animal habitats more than ever scientists estimate humans are driving species extinction at around one thousand times the natural rate largely due to have a tough loss and climate change we urgently need to find better ways to live together on a shadow planet i'm juliet peace and i'm here in richmond australia to see how team of scientists and volunteers to help in quotes to survive in jungle and i'm russell reared in bangladesh for the locals are learning to co-exist with their car your neighborhood. and of was one time to have
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a one million qualities in the way the relentless pace of human expansion the numbers and drop by almost eighty percent is ninety ninety one of the human population is still growing and announced that way and that number is only said to growing putting for the precious on surrounding life without immediate intervention extinction. but a group of local residents and experts now trying to reverse this trend. the last land that hugs a stray east coast is one of the most desirable places for human settlement but it's also a prime koala habitat as a result increasing numbers of these must a been forced to live within the city. john hannah is a wildlife fit and founding member of the quality research network. you brought me terri this an area that i would have thought could possibly have qualis been so busy why why this area this park really illustrates like this in
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a really good quiet hell the mistress of having wallace sufficing like get killed on the roads because often like cross annoyed when that difficult to say and draw this just don't see them so they'll often get you on this writing trick destroyed is really a hot spot for all of this in the area certainly when they get on the royal lawns with a busy road want to try and try to get rid of us are exposed to significant injury and this obviously and so there's really a whole range of threats they're exposed to in this sort of in more. than the local experts like john a committed to protecting the koala before it's too late. but with a population scattered throughout the city the first step to saving them is monitoring them. john and his team have been intensely studying a population in the most in bay region agrees that. today they're tracking by radio signal and prayed. tag that name sonny.
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so the guys are heading up the chain now a bit of a client to catch capture koala so they can then check it out for the health check later on. through. oh my god. oh let me have the. strength to yank. and i felt my heart.
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and head is to finish the blood just like this just a lot but on top of you had. made it over if you were not i'm quite well sunny's are in a loss of blood so this pretty. now sunny will head off to the vet where he will be screened for diseases. koalas a car and he listed as under threat if nothing is done they could be extinct in less than fifty is the seriousness of the situation isn't lost on some local residents who are trying to tackle habitat ration. care and nice to me really to what do you guys doing here today i was just making sure this little ass dyke had a mockery and so we're now into warsaw didn't qualify for the trees here being just
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guests there are two hundred spaces of co-op if you can it's in queens and good quality it's only twenty two so we have to be very specific about what we plan and why how important is this to the incredibly important because this area will never be cleared for any sort of development so we're surrounded even though you can't see it with high density or been development so if we can increase the carrying capacity of the site for a while as it will encourage them to move into here we just might try for them to not be just one. upwards of five hundred lives per day moving from tree to tree said i browse bicycling all day because eucalypts a fairly new pool and she was. all right so how many more trees are cut to do half yes and of three or four i would say. planting trees provides one solution for protecting the koala but as urbanization continues roads and railway lines will inevitably expand putting these animals in harm's way. currently up to three
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hundred killed by vehicles here. but i'm meeting up with that john again he wants me to see an intervention which is making a difference and around my line. is essential awarded trying to cope but but there are a few additions there's a post on royal to help the water launch get off the ground how do they know it's only guests initially they don't know. the familiar with the habitat as it was someone we put these impacts in and trying to landscape they have to learn to use it but the essential feature is really all that we would put a koala prevents along the road corrido and that ensures that they don't go onto the road corridor and get killed and if they do work there while along the fence ultimately dolly end up finding one of more of these culverts and so with a bit of exploration a lot from guys trying to get an idea of how effective they are john in the tame
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and push up motion sensitive camera that's in these. of wardlaw fusing the codes including that on. so he's a koala going into a group of tollbooths who explored a culvert but didn't go through it and then we've got a group of kangaroos using a possum another koala rather different. and then. it's one of the back of all those. helping koalas navigate the urban jungle is essential to boosting their numbers but the most significant factor in ensuring their survival is disease prevention. back at the clinic with sonny the caption is ready for his check outs. vet amy robbins is about to give sonny a sedative this is just settling in so he can get his injection here to go into
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a ball sense of security thinking something's about to happen. and. you know what a good boy what a brave little boy. get in the car making sure he's got good. time which is a sense of how good glad pressure is. to look at the bladder not. a big important thing. so you cause a psystar test so that causes inflammation of the bladder wall i guess clip media has reached epidemic proportions amongst koalas in australia with a huff the population infected if left untreated it can cause infertility blindness and average generally his blood as compared. sunny is in the clear tell me about the significance of you know when you're
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testing media the most my projects diseases being charlotte if you can control that one factor then you can actually turn around to call the population. side by going in there and turn the treatment in the vaccination against company out actually coming in around and on the. grass now. you know it's phenomenal would never have come to a big significant project in the hours before so three valuable scientifically and i'm going to go in my mouth and i'm going to he's waking up yet as he's making out with matt. on camera. before letting the koala recuperate i mean fits another tried to call them. it's now time for sonny to be released at john studies side that had some amazing
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business. the fact that yes so we can show you might be individuals healthy but the population is on a growth trajectory now so it was on quite a state. downward decline towards extinction and so now we have we're getting around to twenty percent right around him which is just downingtown around seven may very gratifying. to. get that right. the global population continues to grow cities the sprawling further more land is
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needed to grow food more infrastructure is being built through fragile ecosystems. take roads rampant road building over the last century has divided the earth into six hundred thousand fragments over half of these are less than one square kilometer too small to support significant wildlife populations with twenty five million kilometers of new road expected by twenty fifteen the struggle for animals to survive in the face of development will only get harder resolving these kinds of conservation complexes far from some of the solutions that work best around the world are the one where local people have ownership of the process of finding the solution people need to be able to value the species that they are close to and by value i mean perhaps culturally or spiritually they want to have a species around it require in.


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