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about what happened within the next week to. india and pakistan and across the line of their white separating indian administered kashmir from the. pakistani prime minister has already responded. by saying that. dialogue and wars are discussed everything including. the future of the disputed territory of me. any military spokesman has also been speaking on national television saying that. indian media on the other side of war mongering and building. one. for the security of the whole region. has prepared for war and he also warned that if the indians are planning
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a surprise against pakistan anything or didn't you should be ready for the pakistani. he said the whole nation stirred together and did not warn india to get the message that the message of the world also a message of weakness already i spoke to shock she thought an indian whole position in peace from the congress party i began by asking him what he wants the indian government to do. well i'd like them to be doing things we can talk about frankly i'd like them to be exacting a certain amount of retribution we know who the culprits are they've been running around on the loose in pakistan for some years and we seem to be unfortunately confined to sort of fulminating about them the sad thing is they enjoy the patronage and the protection and apparently the arms and the training of the pakistani military and that's something that really gets the goat of many many indians so these are things that worry us very seriously it's a it's
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a dangerous and irresponsible thing to do and obviously the country to that degree is pretty united on this there are other aspects on which we will have political differences but what is one of those then talk about some well i mean everything about for example why this was actually allowed to happen in the first place whether our security preparations were adequate why there was such a large convoy a pile of able public access to it why it was possible for someone to smuggle in three hundred fifty kilograms of r.d.x. across the border and bring them into into into indian territory so all of these questions are legitimate some have been asked by my party but these are issues of detail on the fundamental question of responsibility for the section we know that did the twenty six eleven the murder of one hundred sixty six indians and others in mumbai in two thousand and eight we know jesse mohamad there's laid claim to this
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particular atrocity this year and there have been a number of smaller attacks that have taken a more modest number of victims of victims none the less in the years in between i mean frankly a lot of people in india have said we've had enough and the problem is the straw that breaks the camel's back is this one it's we all hope not but but there is a level of tolerance beyond which we we cannot go and of course indian elections are coming up later this year obviously you're hoping that your party. he will will get back into government if you were in a position of power the congress party what would you be doing then well again we wouldn't be talking about it in any great detail in public we've got to understand that these are very very serious matters what we're going through at the moment is something which has caused a great deal of pain and anguish across the country these forty coffins have gone through the various corners of the country a paramilitary are recruited from everywhere they represent people of every faith every background every religion and and and therefore it's united india in
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a very very painful way so some sort of action some sort of reciprocation is absolutely essential but at the same time i think responsible heads wanted to be measured toward full and proportionate to the atrocity i don't think there's any serious clamor for all out war i'm easels outbreak in the philippines is quickly getting worse close to eleven and a half thousand people have contracted the highly contagious virus since january at least one hundred eighty nine mostly children have died jamila and organ reports from manila. well health officials have announced that there is a sharp increase of measles related cases just over the last few days from a few days ago eight thousand children being afflicted of measles just today more than eleven thousand cases have already been reported more than one hundred eighty children have died and this is from just the start of january alone this is
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something that could have been prevented according to health officials because as early as two thousand and seventeen they have been warning that an investigation that started then a very public investigation involving a research related vaccine was going to create a vaccine scare in different parts of the country that did happen with joint health officials a few weeks ago when they conducted the what you call a back to vaccine program encouraging mothers to have their children vaccinated they hope that some that something that government agencies will help them to do so even though many lives not the only is city or area here in the country affected by this measles outbreak the tendency for the city to actually have a sharp increase of missiles related cases is expected to get even worse that is because of a very dense population here at the capital the health officials are calling on different government agencies to get involved to actually encourage. filipino mothers across the country to have their children vaccinated hoping this will be
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the start of an important lesson that the country and government officials can learn. a sixteen year old swedish environmentalist has taken her campaign to paris to join a protest in the french capital she's spearheading a movement of school strikes to highlight the inaction by governments on global warming a world wide demonstration is planned for the fifteenth of march david chaytor was at the rally in paris. it is remarkable how the voice of just one swedish sixteen year old student has changed the whole atmosphere of climate change activism she started off protest thanks september one date september now she's been to united nations been to davos and here she is in paris let's hear what she's having to say when i first started striking i didn't really expect anything i just thought that i will just have to see what happens and. but then i would never have imagined that
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it was going to be this big. and i think it's incredible it's just it's a surprise every time i see someone else striking and it's it feels incredible. reaches says that action must be taken now you don't have time for her generation to take they must see it different now and that is a view that's being supported by many many people here in the past the republic is really spent for me come of what you would i hope the politicians will listen to them look how much press came here to listen to these kids more than listen to us who are always giving interviews i think people trust them they believe they are free it's sincere concerning their future not only for decades but for generations to come this is the first time readers voice has been in paris which was of course the host city that climate because president emmanuel michel did try and stick to his ambitions modern climate change and being increased the price of diesel but of
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course we saw the protests and then he was forced into barassi on that now. just says it exactly that sort of short termism politics that is creating a huge problem action is needed and it's stated now a world food supplies are being threatened by the client in biodiversity that's the warning from the united nations in europe for it says food production is getting more susceptible to pests disease and weather events that's because only nine of plant species make up most of the world's crop production out of a possible six thousand when i castro is from the u.n. food and agricultural organization the commissioned the report explain more of the study's findings. we are losing plants and crops and livestock i mean i shall leave for four natural response on and climate change but also stationed
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in the consumers use all the bio they want to people who are going to record it or we are forgetting what or where grandparents ate and now all more than sixty six percent of the relation where all eat in from nine crops and from ten fishes species why over grandparents you know they knew all about six thousand different bands on modern five hundred different fish and as locally we are have been you know induced horizon and and commercializing only this us species and over that diet is been with us we think this is one of the problems for the population increase in their way to becoming overweight and obese and also is put in a risk a lone parent sustainable use of the buy in about biodiversity get out of meaning by the livestock plans. fish only by
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ignoring and neglecting what we called the fork for good the food that our gunfire and seals then he said meat for the consumers on this that when they reject a tomato or a car but if they took her market because she's ugly. that is causing footways that is about thirty percent of all of their football you see the world is wasted this is strong to the to the guard but that would be enough to feed eight hundred twenty one million people suffering no it is still today and so that we can do though i think we can do is every country needs to have. some sort of. it in seed to conservation areas for agriculture where they can have you know their local told the local seeds that are i it is the knowledge of the foreigners preserve we have around fifty seven of those sites around the world we need to
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increase that a two sons of the mexican drug lord hakim guzman known as el chapo are facing drug conspiracy charges in the u.s. both men are thought to be on the run in mexico u.s. prosecutors say the brothers planned to distribute cocaine meth and marijuana from mexico to the u.s. at chapel was convicted in new york earlier this month and is facing life behind bars still ahead on al-jazeera a japanese spacecraft lands on an asteroid but what will it bring back to earth. and minding their language we meet people in mexico who are trying to save their native tongue plus later in sport the rugby team aiming to take a giant leap towards the northern hemisphere is biggest international rugby time.
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hello the weather is slushy fighting dry now with cross the middle east though some business pieces of cloud perhaps and snow just pulling away from the eastern side of the region just around afghanistan and is this area cloud too that's also been making its way away from central and southern parts of pakistan brought the skies do come back in behind them in the sunshine stretches across iran into much of iraq you could just catch them to the western side of iran what's a weather still a possibility around turkey northern parts of syria sixty celsius a little disappointing there for beirut but the temperatures starting to lift as we go on into sunday and by sunday rain and snow once again a possibility the florida should we say the odd shower that the western parts of around just pushing out of iraq south of that will temperatures starting tonight up twenty three south is there for kuwait city mostly temperatures not going up here
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cutter over the next twenty four celsius in doha possibility the all spot of rain all sas day brighter skies warm sunshine as we go on into sunday but the winds do pick up so the possibility of some nifty dust and says and meanwhile we've got the winds picking up to just around the mozambique channel for a time blustery showers a possibility into northern parts of mozambique and also the eastern cape of south africa. oh you and a fixed for all practical purposes yes i support science and truth one of the figurehead for the new atheist movement if you believe something without evidence then that justifies anything to do except that religion has done good things despite all of our mad beliefs and americans who believe that science holds all the answers in the world to be a better place if religion disappeared tomorrow yes mehdi has done guys head to head with richard dawkins on al-jazeera. donald trump has talked of
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a special bowl with kim jong un. now the u.s. president and north korean leader ought to meet again this time in vietnam were both very honored to eight months after making history in singapore when they strike a deal on nuclear weapons. and finally end the korean war followers on the twenty seventh of february for special coverage on al-jazeera. hello again you're watching al-jazeera remind of our top stories this hour at least two venezuelans have been killed in clashes with security forces close to the
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border with brazil rival concerts have been taking place on either side of the colombian border. dozens of trucks are moving out men women and children from my son's last enclave in syria about a thousand people have been rescued from the eastern village of beit whose but the u.s. backed syrian democratic forces say thousands more remain trapped. a sixteen year old swedish environmentalist has taken her. her class campaign to paris square to turn joined a protest in the french capital she's spearheading a movement of school strikes to highlight the inaction by governments on global warming worldwide demonstration is planned for the fifteenth of march. day two of the first ever conference looking at sexual abuse by priests so more testimonies from victims some of them have already dismissed an action plan presented by pope francis on thursday as not going far enough they say it falls short of their key
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demand to expel those accused of sexual crimes and those who cover for them from the clergy the head of the roman catholic church has been hosting a four day conference to address the scandal rory challenge from the vatican. on day two of this meeting cardinals have been talking about the systematic failure over the years of the catholic church to deal with the problem of sexual abuse by clergy they've been speaking of the need for bishops and cardinals to police each other's behavior. survivors have been responding to this documents twenty one points it's called reflection points being put out by the vatican as a kind of working templates as a handbook a practical handbook for the roman catholic church to deal with sex abuse cases as they come up in the future now survivor pressure groups have been saying that this doesn't go nearly far enough it doesn't have the kind of language that
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they would like to see reflected obvious zero tolerance now for them zero tolerance means excluding abusive priests from the priesthood and those who cover up abuse as well they say that the pope was using the language of zero tolerance not so long ago last year but it seems to have been dropped from the proceedings it's not being talked about in this meeting and it's not being talked about in this document either tim law is a founding member of the advocacy group ending clergy abuse he's also disappointed with the pope's action plan. we are outraged and feel betrayed by these twenty one points back in august pope francis wrote a letter this was not comments on the bus or on the airplane as the norm that this was a letter to the people of god basically to the whole world. recognizing that zero
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tolerance was necessary for abuse and for the cover up of the abuse that there's no prime more no more time to delay we need to take action action is necessary then september the the month following he calls for the summit out of the blue a spectacular gesture and you tie the two together zero tolerance summit and the expectations are reasonable and high that this summit will deal with zero tolerance so then comes this document and the word is not even mentioned there's nothing in this document that even comes through remotely close to zero tolerance. and so again it's an outrage and betrayal to what he promised and in august what we know that two thirds of the bishops here are from the developing countries and that they are putting pressure we believe on francis to an act is zero
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tolerance policy as a universal law of the church and fred francis i think is inclined to do that but if he does that there could be a revolt we want to protect children children around the world and these bishops are protecting themselves first and. children second if at all. and i jury and so are preparing for saturday's presidential election the vote was originally last week but perspiring just five hours before polls were going to open their concerns the delay and fears of ethnic violence could mean less voter turnout john how as more from a budget. the union stars of nigeria's film and dance world in a video promoting a peaceful election yes and the commission. there are concerns about the country's ability to hold a successful presidential poll this weekend after last saturday's surprise delay and some fear
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a return of ethnic violence triggered in the past by disputed results with the background that we already have and would have so much lost be shown on misgivings and so on i have about about security agencies about the government itself and so on and so forth but it's a high risk that results will be disputed people would reduce the protests the results in some places under the high risk of. in a crowded field of candidates to stand out president mahmoud who bihari whose critics say he's failed on the economy fighting corruption and insecurity and one time vice president atiku abubakar accused of corruption but promising business friendly policies and jobs despite reassurances by the government down the independent election commission i nick that the poll will happen this time and be free and fair trust in the process has been dented not the public trust in government was all that high to begin with if one has gone through the roof is all
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over what would you think. if i see one after spending so many years with you this is why we've come out here betting on one thing for talking about who would join and why do you think that is if anybody's votes and who do you blame for that you know tell me you know. you. people in the nigerians have reason to be hopeful and reason two thousand and fifteen was the first election won by an opposition candidate since democracy was restored after military rule in nineteen ninety nine made people feel that their votes and did not count but many see. it in this election around it's. procreating cancer cases but an attempt to make the right step in the election observers foreign and local trying to ensure there doesn't happen. is a leading civil society groups sending more than three thousand observers to
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polling stations and conducting a parallel vote count on election night. and we believe that as an institution that . having the observer. system would help with votes and say. because we want to actually count nigeria is africa's most populous country the continent's biggest economy its branch toil wealth means who runs it matters but epic levels of poverty and unemployment suggest that job could be done better go to whole al-jazeera. on sunday for its presidential election has been no televised debate some candidates agreed to take part in a public forum to attract young voters and with the average age of eighteen securing the youth vote could be the key to victory. ordinary people got a rare chance to hold
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a three candidates to account during an election forum. among them. over you say you are the candidate of the people but what will you do about women's rights because i can't see it in your manifesto another takes the mike. what will you do for people with disabilities we need jobs what about foreign fishing vessels another. can't compete against them how many of our men have to die at sea before the government does something about it. visibly taken aback by some of the questions each candidate have a few minutes to answer. i wanted to look at him straight in the eyes and see if i can really trust him with my future and the future of a country. he's the youngest candidate in the race he just as the anti establishment candidate but for his policies appear conservative and
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you have young people. think really i don't think it's about age i think it's about the vision and i think that nowadays. you have. to identify. after two thousand and have lived under only two presidents during the campaign many took to social media calling for a televised debate but with incumbent president and opposition. refusing to take part in such an event the broadcast. it cannot take place on. television. people no longer vote for candidates based on religion or ethnicity they vote for ideas that's why we need a forum like this where the senegalese are better informed and can make the right choice since independence there have been eleven presidential elections all of them resulting in peaceful transitions of power senegal may have
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a long tradition of democracy and open discussion but not of public debate organizers of this event say attitudes are changing because the many who are attending this event are first time voters and they are no longer afraid of confronting powerful politicians in public and asking them tough questions. climate change pollution unemployment or minority rights important to young cynical while politicians make promises many say they are still undecided on how to vote. nicholas hawke al-jazeera the car a public hearing has begun in bangladesh or the result of this disputed election the opposition says prime minister landslide win was rigged and is calling for a new vote under a neutral government. several hundred people gathered here at the bangladesh supreme court auditorium for a public hearing on the controversial december thirty election this was called
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opposition l.-i the national unity fran the candidate shared their experience what they face before during and on that day off the election i spoke to an independent analysts as to what they want to achieve through this kind of public airing this is what professor there are children had to say. all the information together and make them. think about the election. and. this is part of that. to make people the opposition members say is that they're still continue to face harassment intimidation and. charge by the authorities and most cases they're not allowed to speak in public rallies they're not granted permission what's important
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is we were told. from. the current government is an illegal government is not elected i think that's very important despite facing many different obstacles the opposition feel it is very important to bring the issue of the december thirty election to the public sphere and it wants to continue its movement of sixty percent of mexico's indigenous languages are in danger of dying years of discrimination against the country's native tribes and migration by some in their communities to the big cities are to blame john homan reports from mexico city. mbaye is up his palace the high temple of mexican culture poet cell arena sanchez is reciting in her native tongue sabi. hj. it's part of the celebrations for
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international mother tongue day here it's missed specially big deal seven and a half million mcs can speak one of the country's sixty eight indigenous languages but not always well will than half of them are in danger that that will now if my language dives i'll never know how to name things how to see the world from my point of view i wouldn't be able to do that the loss of native languages hasn't happened by accident here indigenous people have historically been discriminated against even punished for speaking their languages in schools migration to cities or the us has also taken its toll when he says he's now one of the only young people from his village in the tricky region to still play the old songs. and things have to change we shouldn't be thinking that people are less bespeaking an indigenous language i want to tell the world that it's actually very valuable because it locks in all of our ancestral knowledge music and medicine the things
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that we've been losing myths can seem to be coming round to that point of view those taken the now what two poems hundred outburst fissures in the metro a keen to hang on to their roots but now they've got a bit of that is just it's important not to lose our traditions and languages because there are inheritance we've already almost lost them but we should teach our children to value what we have that spilled into mexico's artistic life but it hasn't necessarily got beyond this increasingly sentence and support for cope with this one but linguistics to say that it's in the day to day that things change for example in hospital in him in the genocide areas of the. lack of interpret to some people call tell doctors exactly what's wrong with them the same in the judicial system in which the jewish people have been sent down without really know what's going on in the trial those are the harder less visible changes that the new
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government will have to also engage with if it wants the country to continue celebrating not mourning its mother tongues john home an al-jazeera mexico city. u.s. coast guard lieutenant is under arrest for plotting to murder journalists and democratic politicians prosecutors say the forty nine year old man is a white supremacist who was preparing to carry out a domestic terror attack castro reports. when investigators entered the washington suburbs apartment of christopher paul house and last week they discovered this cache of weapons fifteen handguns and rifles more than a thousand bullets also steer royds police say hassen had been planning to take to be a more lethal killer the sheer number and force of the weapons that were recovered from mr haskins residence in this case coupled with the disturbing nature of his writings appear to reflect a very significant threat to the safety of our community the forty nine year old
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u.s. coast guard lieutenant and former marine is now under arrest on weapons and drugs charges but prosecutors say more serious charges are to come their court filings say hassen is a long time white supremacist who wish to establish a white homeland i am dreaming of a way to kill almost every last person on earth he wrote in a draft e-mail in two thousand and seventeen i think a plague would be most successful but how do i acquire the needed spanish flu botulism anthrax hasn't compose an apparent list of targets including the names of prominent media personalities and democratic lawmakers and in january use the internet to search what if trump is illegally impeached and best place in d.c. to see congresspeople with the house's plans to wage an attack were thwarted hate crimes and hate groups are on the rise in america the civil rights groups southern
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poverty law center says twenty eighteen saw white supremacy groups surge driven by extremists fear of losing a white majority by twenty forty four we've had a real backlash in our country to a changing demographics we've seen that in the growth of hate groups really for the last twenty years trump has exacerbated that but he didn't create it in the first place one concerning twist to the. hausen case is his connection to the u.s. military the lieutenant now labeled a domestic terrorist worked in the headquarters of the coast guard here in washington in fact he used government computers to research his targets a spokesperson for the coast guard says it was internal agents who led the investigation into hasn't but this wasn't the first time in recent months that the coast guard has been tainted by white nationalism in september twitter users noticed an officer flashing a sign that can mean white power in the background of
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a televised interview the coast guard never identified the man but said his actions do not reflect those of the united states coast guard the cases while isolated expose concerns the u.s. military is fertile grounds for elements of white nationalism a growing fear in troubled times. castro al-jazeera washington judge in the u.s. has tightened the gag order against president trump's former political advisor roger stone and threaten jail time if he violates it had to go in has more from washington longtime associate close confident visor to u.s. president roger stone was back before a federal judge here in washington the reason why is he seven bet was facing seven very serious charges he was told he could still talk about the case which is not in front of this courthouse but then a few days ago he posted to instagram.


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