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on his way left thank you well earlier we spoke to francisco mike has a political advisor to the venezuelan embassy in washington d.c. who also represents opposition opposition leader why don't we asked him about what might happen tomorrow when quite oh has pledged to bring aid into that is why. every single venice one is fighting for one thing only for freedom they have the right to be able to food on the table to have access to medicine we ask of nothing more than any other citizen would ask in their country what's at stake here is not that i'm exchange of power president has asked one mandate besides focusing on humanitarian systems to have free and fair elections as soon as possible but the seizing of the usurpation must take place because we can't forget who's in power right now the regime financed by drug trafficking and oil money is oppressing its people and so yes the risk is a lot but not for way though but for the venezuelan people and that's why you see millions of in a swelling on the streets six hundred thousand volunteers have been organized by
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the interim government to help distribute this humanitarian assistance so we're on the side of the people and the mass majority of the latin american countries are with us. still ahead for you on the program palestinians mark the twenty fifth anniversary of a mosque massacre in hebron which led to segregation from israeli settlers and. to change the way we eat as it warns that the future of food is under severe threat. follow the weather is set fire across australia now we still have battle sideline arma just off show it looks like it's just die off sure there will be some rather strong winds from time to time over towards the gulf coast towards brisbane but alisa system should stay away from the coastal fringes damaging winds certainly a possibility having said that large swell big waves still rolling in here twenty
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myself just the brisbane similar temperature the threat level thirty degrees a possibility that around twenty five for melbourne a similar temperature say for perth over the next couple of days is looking largely fodder dry brush the skies for the second half of the week and by the second half of the weekend we'll see temperatures in adelaide getting up to around thirty two degrees and warming up in melbourne to around thirty celsius for that area of cloud and rain from tropical system it links back into the north of new zealand you can see how the cloud just runs its way down into the north island so i could see some wet weather here from time to time temperatures at around twenty one celsius for oakland sixteen for christ church little colder as we go on into sunday the bits and pieces of rain there for central and northern parts of new zealand not too much right in the forecast across the crowd over the next couple of days a top temperature in tokyo of twelve degrees.
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on account of the cost this week briggs. it's the southeast asian economy that's most exposed to the u.k. so you divorce plus million months later a little and finally has a government but its economy is screaming for attention. courage would cost zero. i would really feel liberated as a journalist was. getting to the truth as it always does with his job to. combat it with al jazeera live from london a recap of the top stories sudan's president omar bashir is declared
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a one year state of emergency following months of protests calling for his resignation at least two venezuelans have been killed in clashes with security forces close to the border with brazil this as fallon's of people attend a pro opposition calls in colombia while just a few hundred meters across the border at present during stages his own rival pro-government called. we go to syria now where kurdish forces are evacuating hundreds of civilians from. of territory hours off to as strikes by the u.s. led coalition hundreds of people have already been rescued from the eastern village of. but the u.s. backed syrian democratic forces say around seven thousand are still trapped in the small perceived enclave it's feared many civilians that are being used as human shields which has slowed the advance but the s.d.f. is have been carrying out a full evacuation on friday before launching their final push to defeat i still fight his and long column is monitoring developments from istanbul. friday began
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with a very confident statement from the spokesman of the s.d.f. most of the bali he said that he was hopeful that all of the civilians would manage to be trucked out of the village at the end of the day and they only managed to get one thousand of those civilians out and we don't we're not sure whether there were any eisel fighters who had surrendered within that number now it's a very big problem for the s.d.f. they're not going to go into the village itself and complete the final battle until all of those civilians have been evacuated and the numbers have varied wildly throughout the last two weeks and they had the least six thousand civilians in the village but over the last two weeks they've actually managed to take out six thousand civilians and now the s.d.f. is saying there may well be three thousand more villages still on the outskirts of that village actually the village is completely destroyed and these people are living in tents just outside of the village and we're also hearing that the fight
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is going to be incredibly tough for the s.t.'s because i still fight has been prepared for this battle for very long time and they've dug tunnels underneath the village where the last few hundred estimated eisel fighters are hiding out and they're waiting for the s.d.f. to come in now it's an eyesore interest to keep the civilians there for as long as possible they are in effect using them as human shields and that's something that really concerns both the syrian democratic forces and the united nations so it's a it's a wait and see game right now this operation was supposed to come to an end within a few days it's taken nearly two weeks and they're only fighting over a square kilometer of territory now think that i saw in two thousand and fourteen my advice to take a huge swathes syria a nearly a third of iraqi territory they now down to just one square kilometer and that square kilometer is proving very tough. police in algiers a fired tear gas on hundreds of people protesting against president abdelaziz bouteflika plan to seek
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a fifth term crowd chanted noted beautifully while marching through the center of the algerian capital eighty one year old beautifully has been an office since one thousand nine hundred nine he will contest the april eighteenth presidential election despite concerns over his health he's been seen in public only a handful of times since suffering a stroke in two thousand and thirteen. israeli forces have shot dead a palestinian teenager at protests on the gaza border the fifteen year old was shot during a weekly march overturned demonstration at least forty others were injured palestinian protesters are demanding an end to the gaza blockade and the return of refugees to land in what is now israel israeli forces have killed more than two hundred fifty palestinians at the protests in the last year meanwhile palestinians across the west bank have been marking the twenty fifth anniversary of the brahimi mosque massacre in hebron twenty nine worshippers were killed when a far right israeli settlers opened fire inside the mosque palestinians in hebron say strict israeli government rules imposed after the massacre kept them from their
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homes and businesses are false reports from the occupied west bank. at a log gate barring access to the israeli controlled part of hebron israeli soldiers prepare for the protests they found out on rooftops and check buildings before long a group of about thirty demonstrators from the youth against settlements movement heads towards a location these protests have ended in clashes in previous years but this time they're allowed to approach the gate is certainly look on. we are peaceful there is no reason to utter chaos and it's all right to protest. but we are asking to close to the open the closed shops the closed markets and the closed. the. the protests to twenty five years since an american israeli settler barrack goldstein entered her bronze ibrahimi mosque during prayers and shot dead twenty nine people whose the roger b. was. in that day near the front when the shooting started the main thing. i think about it all the time i was tripping over people lying on the floor the wounded
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calling for help it's an unforgettable tragedy. in the years since hadrons old city has become starkly divided around eight hundred israeli settlers and forty thousand palestinians living in close proximity and under the control of the israeli army. the demonstrators are also drawing attention to more recent events the israeli expulsion last month of the international observer mission. set up in the aftermath of the massacre and this week's decision by the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu to try to shore up his chances of reelection in april by embracing a far right party that had been taboo for the israeli mainstream. back of the protests scientist second group of demonstrators arrives members of major political factions in the occupied west bank more numbers more noise more of a face off with soldiers but no major confrontation this is an end to what was a road simply peaceful commemoration of a terrible day of violence but it still goes to highlight just how divided how
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tense how militarized the city is twenty five years later how a force that al-jazeera hebron in the occupied west bank the u.s. president has a trade summit with his chinese counterpart xi jinping could be held as early as march officials from china in the u.s. have been missing in washington to discuss a trade deal aimed at ending a standoff over tariffs between the two nations two largest economies have been working to end the tensions before a march first deadline. now from washington. cautious optimism being expressed by the u.s. and china following these two days of negotiations don't trump saying that the fact that the chinese delegation is going for another two days shows a deal is possible he said a deal had been already made on currency on the manipulation of currency as the u.s. sees it and on other issues too they've been negotiating on a memorandum of understanding on their outstanding issues the u.s. and chinese but then suddenly donald trump phones during a meeting a during
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a press conference but he doesn't really care about the memorandum understanding he only cares about a final deal and that led to this rather extraordinary exchange ream him and his own trade negotiator the real question is about so we do it memorandum of understanding which frankly you could do or not do i don't care if you do it or not to me it doesn't mean very much but if you do remember and of how long will it take to put that into a final binding what for now all right. great . right no never really good document is good because we never really use it will you are they going to put that into another again it will have to be a trade agreement if we have we have major curve i don't want our work assuming you start to remove all the signs are there to be a trade. good good i like them much better i like the term what's right with. from the briefings we're getting on from or don't trump themselves the goal is to have
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some sort of meeting with president perhaps trump's florida resort mar and logger sometime in late march to finalize the details. with pakistan is the warning from the pakistani army to india as tensions mount between the nuclear armed india is military says pakistani intelligence was involved in an attack in indian rule kashmir last week at least forty one indian troops were killed in the assault which is claimed by an armed group based in pakistan but the pakistani government has. denied any involvement. meanwhile at least fifty tea plantation workers have died after drinking toxic alcohol in the indian state of some several others have been poisoned by the tainted drink and a critically ill in hospital deaths from a legally produced i'll call a comin in india where many can't afford official branded spirits. of thousands of nigerians are getting ready to travel across the country for the
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second time in a week to take part in saturday's delay presidential election but was originally scheduled for last week but it was postponed just five hours before the polls would you to open and there are now concerns the delay and fears of ethnic violence could put many voters off joe hart has more from a boucher. the only thing stars of nigeria's film and dance world in a video promoting a peaceful election yes anything. there are concerns about the country's ability to hold a successful presidential poll this weekend after last saturday's surprise delay and some fear a return of ethnic violence triggered in the past by disputed results with the background that we already have and would have so much lost be shown on misgivings and so on i about our security agencies about the government itself and so on and so forth bets a high risk that results will be disputed people would reduce the protests the
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results in some places under the high risk of of power. in a crowded field of candidates to stand out president marmaduke bihari whose critics say he's failed on the economy fighting corruption and insecurity and one time vice president atiku abubakar accused of corruption but promising business friendly policies and jobs despite reassurances by the government down the independent election commission i nick that the polls will happen this time and be free and fair trust in the process has been dented not a public trust in government was all that high to begin with if one has gone through the roof is over what do you think. if i see one after spending for so many years with you this is why we've come out here pitting one group for two thousand dollars and why do you think that is if anybody's votes and who do you blame for that you know. tell me you know. you know i was up was that people in the
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nigerians have reason to be hopeful and reason two thousand and fifteen was the first election won by an opposition candidate since democracy was restored after military rule in nineteen ninety nine made people feel that their votes and. and but let me see if i. can see this is an experiment it's. cancer cases but it's an attempt to make the right step in the election observers foreign and local trying to ensure that doesn't happen. is a leading civil society groups sending more than three thousand observers to polling stations and conducting a parallel vote count on election night. we believe that as an institution that. has been the observer. system would help with what's at stake.
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because we want to actually count nigeria is africa's most populous country the continent's biggest economy. for oil wealth means who runs it matters but epic levels of poverty and unemployment suggest that the job could be done better if you know how al-jazeera. now the united nations has issued a warning that the future of food is under severe threat consider this six thousand plant species can be cultivated for food but only nine account for two thirds of total crop production similarly the world's livestock production is based on just forty species and only a handful provides the vast majority of milk meat and eggs and the source is a disappearing from insects to see grass crustaceans and funky close to a quarter of nearly four thousand wild food species are in decline there are many causes but the most significant are pollution over harvesting and of course climate
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change the hardest hit regions a latin america asia and africa one in nine people already don't have enough food in the world's population is expected to reach nine point eight billion by two thousand and fifty so how do we avoid mass starvation the answer is change what you eat the u.n. says we must diversify our food sources eating species that with the not widely consume things like insects and that we should buy more sustainable products or in a castro is from the u.s. food and agricultural organization who commissioned that report he says our diets used to be much more diverse until industrialization swept the world. we are forgetting what all were grandparents ate and now all more than sixty six percent of the relation where all eden from nine crops and from then fishes species why over grandparents you know they knew all about six thousand different plants on
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more than five hundred different fish and this locally we are being you know industrialized. and commercializing only this us species and over that diet is been with us we think this is one of the problems for the population increase in their weight of becoming overweight and obese and also he's put in a risk. lone parent sustainable to all the buying a bit biodiversity get out of well as more and everything we're covering right here al jazeera dot com they all final the latest on our top stories plenty of features there as well blogs from our correspondents on the ground and then of course analysis that takes you behind the headlines also you can watch us live on the web site by clicking on that little icon at the top of your screen i. just want to recap the top stories this hour for you sudan's president tomorrow the
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share is declared a one year state of emergency across the country the declaration follows months of anti-government protests calling for his resignation but here also announce that he will dissolve the federal government and delay a constitutional amendments that would allow him to run for another turn. well. for a minute or two there. are three clear the following to impose a story to remove people going to dissolve the national unity government to dissolve the provincial government and we will continue to take measures to implement what i have from four lived o'con tree requires us to stand together demands of to remind you non-truth patient and tolerant i am certain we will be an example to follow in america and our other headlines at least two venezuelans have been killed in clashes with security forces near the border with brazil several others in the town of santa ana direction have suffered gunshot wounds all of them are reported to be in the genus venezuelans some of whom of expressed support for the opposition's plans to bring in foreign aid despite the furious objections of
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president nicolas maduro meanwhile opposition leader one by doe has arrived at a concert sponsored by the british billionaire richard branson featuring major latin pop stars he is attending alongside the colombian president event a k a few hundred meters away on the other side duros government is holding a rival free day festival called hands off venezuela. news from syria more trucks are evacuating civilians from my sil's last pockets of territory hundreds of people have already been rescued from the eastern village of who's but u.s. backed syrian democratic forces say around seven thousand more a still trapped in the besieged enclave it's feared many civilians there are being used as human shields and israeli forces have shot dead a palestinian teenager at protests on the gaza border the fifteen year old was shot during a weekly march of return demonstration at least forty others were injured palestinian protesters are demanding an end to the gaza blockade and the right to return to
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historical palestine you're up to date with our top stories this hour coming up the week's big financial news from bricks it to the battle for water in the philippines those stories and much more coming up in counting the cost which is next. he was sent to jail but under two different prime minister says. now he is set to become the next prime minister of malaysia. and discusses what direction his country will take on talk to al jazeera. hello i'm adrian for the good this is counting the cost of al-jazeera a weekly look at the world of business and economics this week briggs it and cambodia why the u.k.'s exit from the e.u.
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is having an impact as far away as southeast asia. lebanon has a new government but can it fix what some are calling a zombie economy. also this week why samsung has launched a very pricey folding smartphone and river was a sacred waterway comes under threat in the philippines. cambodia has been one of the best performing economies in the world over the past two decades but there are threats on the horizon including surprisingly the u.k.'s impending exit from the european union the german development institute a study of how breaks it affects least developed countries it found cambodians living on the brink of poverty are at risk that's if the country's government produces lose access to u.k. markets al-jazeera is way to haze in phnom penh with a look at how are people relying on the textile industry for their livelihoods are vulnerable to any external shocks. the story of cambodia is
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a remarkable one from the ashes of genocide and civil war this country has been for decades rebuilt and transforms on the back of foreign investment and strong exports this year cambodia to have the sixth fastest growing economy in the world ranking its head for twenty years the wealthy have become very wealthy although exactly how much money they have is in many cases impossible to know given that cambodia results are regarded by some as one of the most corrupt countries in the world in the last few years a small middle class has also begun to emerge thanks partly to a surge of foreign investment in real estate led by china. for the country. and more expensive and some people can get money from selling a piece of. this. moving around in a country where poverty rates in cambodia have fallen in the last fifteen years
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with twelve percent of the population now classified as severely poor lower figure than before but the overwhelming majority of those who have climbed off the bottom are only just above it meaning they could easily slip down again the united nations estimates that more than twenty percent of cambodians are vulnerable to poverty the statistics are heading in the right direction but there's an underlying fragility cambodia's economy has been largely built on agriculture and textile exports to seke business still very much relies on the concern is there hasn't been enough emphasis on diversifying the economy and because of that its vulnerability could be easily exposed. there are a number of threats to cambodia's growth including drought that's forecast this year a possible global economic slowdown or tariffs being imposed on its exports by the european union over its human rights record but for many people there are more immediate concerns made worse by the real estate boom. with the constant fear of
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being forced out when a property developer comes knocking now i need to know that going on the really happy living in this community i'm very concerned every day i don't have a title because authorities haven't bridges to the people so we're always worried about being a victim. cambodia is developing fast but there are many threats emerging that could make for an uncertain economic future and a long way to some to climb out of poverty joining us now from hong kong is ruben ruben is a professor of asian initiatives at the business school university good to have you with us again ruben so cambodia's economy is on the verge of an economic crisis why. well for several several reasons you know they have never been really that healthy so but there are all of this issues that have recently beginning also from the the political infrastructure that they have which does not really give
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a market liberalisation and so they have few advantages they were they were quite happy with their textiles which are you know many people would notice that their shirts are made income and then one of those benefits they had was their entry to the european union actually through the u.k. which is not just if you have the same the same instance for myanmar for vietnam but then a week a border is more particular because they will be hit hard to view in bricks it takes into effect so in other words all their financial facilitation through through u.k. would stop they would have to find a new way. the economic situation income borges not just just that they also have been so dependent on china that now that china is having a trade war with the us again any thing that happens to china we'll really affect
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them very hard if that's going to be the story for john till the reform ribbon if thousands of people in the textile industry in cambodia end up losing their jobs because of the state of the economy because of brings it because of what's going on with trying to at the moment how would. that impact upon the government of prime minister one set of cambodia is effectively a one party state isn't it. yes but at the same time. a decline in the economy at this point in time in their history is not that that different from what has been happening in the past i don't i don't believe that a decline now in let's say in the g.d.p. growth will mean that the the center will be removed he'll be there more entrenched than than ever before and if you decide that it's time already for him
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to leave so well they will have to find other sources of of growth they'll have to find some ways to employ other their people agriculture is still strong for them has always been one of their mainstays they will have to ask for for infrastructure help from from china building of roads and other will give employment to china and china is actually quite generous to come border i don't think china is in the interest of china for come border to to slide down economically because it's it's one of the of loyal loyal kind of states to china say in southeast asia and so china has actually used come borgia a lot for its geopolitical work in southeast asia so i am not so worried about a decline in economic. decline in the political strength of the current administration you mention countries like vietnam and that could also be
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potentially exposed to briggs it turbulence however britain ends up leaving the you but how will their economies fare compared to cambodia. vietnam has more has more strength economically than come borgia they are there first of all it's it's a bigger economy so the various more resilience in the situation they have also been if it actually for. the trade war you know companies have begun to move their manufacturing to vietnam and the. us already. being felt so vietnam is actually a good kind of sorber of the negative effects of the china trade war so also the i believe that the economic management in vietnam is much much better than than than somebody or even much better than than myanmar's vietnam
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is one of the star economies in that in that area of southeast asia you consider the three countries of india china allow as somebody a vietnam vietnam is a star performer ruben always good to talk to your cousin of course many thanks indeed for being with us my pressure there's now a smartphone that you can fold in hoff south korean giant samsung unveiled the new device as part of its new generation of galaxy phones but would it be enough for the industry leader to overcome a shrinking market kristen salumi reports from new york. the next generation samsung smartphone will also serve as a tablet with its fold it has a four point six inch display it's compact and perfectly portable but. when the device opens up your world as to not surprisingly samsung's newest device is called the fuld and it was unveiled with all of the fanfare you've come to
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expect from the world's leading smartphone maker. but shares with things we call it goes on sale in april but it and samsung's new as tannen as ten plus are being released amid faltering worldwide sales people have a little bit of phone fatigue all the phones look the same they feel the same this new galaxy s ten is not really going to break the mold but we've seen some hints of things that are coming in the future that might get people really excited the issue whether buying samsung or an apple device is increasingly price with the fold costing about two thousand dollars samsung will have to convince consumers that they just have to have it pretty much all of the price to perform in the performance to date on looking for. a replacement phone every three or four years i'm not within the eighteen to twenty four month update cycle i'm not rich enough or that the global smartphone market is shrinking after years of rapid growth with
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consumers waiting for the next game changing feature and major markets like here in the united states that saturation still smartphone sales are a vital part of the global economy. in two thousand and seventeen smartphone sales reached nearly four hundred sixty billion dollars but the rising price tag for the better known smartphones is not just an issue in the developed world and there is heavy headwind against the high and smartphones we saw that with the i phone and the sales but not that great there's some macro issues as well china is slowing down. but europe is slowing down with the release of the full the industry leaders seem convinced that continuing innovation and the ability to access five g. data networks in the near future will be enough to keep smartphone consumers coming back from. still to come on kerosene the cost back in fashion the beauty seller was forced out of business on the ice will get
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a make over. the first nine months later lebanon has a government but its economy is screaming for attention and it could be at risk of collapse if some key areas aren't made into a priority economics editor a bit early as the breakdown for us thank you adrian we're talking about a zombie economy here a huge unsustainable public debt that is literally sucking the life out of lebanon's finances lebanon is the third most indebted nation in the world and most of it is owned by local banks half of the government's money goes towards servicing its debts meanwhile our youth unemployment is at double digits as a result there are up to fourteen million lebanese living abroad the money they send home makes up a fifth of the overall economy then there's a war on its borders with syria but lebanon's economic problems existed before the war one third of the country is living below the poverty line while the country's
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debts continue to be paid back to you a.j. and. joining us now from beirut is not.


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