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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 23, 2019 10:00am-10:18am +03

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you are the product because the use of all those convenient digital online services are only seemingly for free because we paying with our data. we have neither inside nor overview about our digital self and absolutely no possibility to actively control it. then put somebody on line as a see have a command then. felt offended about as they missed us to sniff so then you've got to spit sublist and now it's an industry seeking v.h.f. making b.s. on cannot deserve it after he'd be at this estate supposin couple telecom lots on fit buy it in internet get done. this will be missed this is
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a few women get to see some good chef small day or so not to date up brokerage child under-sized consequently frenzy it's best to stand on hand field sit under a few mit. and allow french bacon to put sesson into account in spouse us mitt the hidden tustin talked in z. for i'm lost and for it was a one off some cow off. want that's better than i was vietnam s. not you can watch fashion so owned by speed size of yet off that side if you offer to buy my house for inform on like i didn't think the less trust the bin would see and two hundred fifty rushed us to been would soon come under hostile explicit seem to see for light and it was understood that since the smashed and i group gets most unprofessional so far the one vital event is it looks close it gets old and get out too much and he kind of did point out. the data we create our digital self is also of interest as a juicy source of information for the intelligence community. so
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quickly it is now being put placed on you asked networks infrastructure like trying to get a structure tapping straight in enabled by critical partnerships the full extent of which have still not been revealed to this day not even from the snow disclosures eighteen t. for aizen and a number of others but that's where it started with the phone companies ok it was it was rapidly expanded to include emails and all related information internet usage and all related from asian and financial transactions. the revelations by edward snowden provide detailed insight into the relationship between intelligence services and private companies. telephone metadata and web browsing histories of great interest to the intelligence community.
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see that's really industrial relations. they were tapping the fiber lines between the google servers yet they don't even know this is going on google dot ok so i mean that's the point they can tap lines anywhere in the world and when they do that they can get it between the servers of any any company. from my perspective i think there's been massive collusion between the big corporations and big government with. the military security complex they have agreements between them where they will pay money for data if they produce data for n.s.a. or they will also pay for access and like for example the the room in the eighteen t. facility in san francisco that has the n.s.a. . it's the n.s.a. room that has the tappan on an hourly fee data and it's really eighteen t. that has them maintain that room facebook is evil in my view have been saying as he
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is it's the spies wet dream it does real for up all information and it's just there on a plate for the spies to access and we know they do put through back doors and things and yet that's a defamation use take them weeks or months together we're going into vigil they extend what google of information to google has is nothing near what n.s.a. does for example they do not have they have access to the emails if they're using g. mail for example but not all the other service providers and they don't so they don't have that data to do a composite view of what people are doing nor do they have access to all the fiber optic lines around the world nor do they see the banking transactions or the financial transactions or all the phone calls they don't see that sort of vast amount of information that google does not have.
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so that's something that is leading to increasing concentrations of power and you get some smart people these are companies and then these cracks to the national security sector as contractors. so the creative vibrancy. market capitalism is what i'm concerned about. many of the companies concerned reacted immediately to the snowden revelations they proclaim and advertise seemingly tap proof mobile phones and texting services followed by public announcements pleading that they will no longer put up with the pressure of the intelligence services.
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the way in which technology companies have reacted in the wake of the snowden. leaks means that the level of cooperation between technology companies and and intelligence agencies has gone down and that's that's that's added to the threat in some ways. it would be slightly bizarre if all the advances in technology in the use of bulk data analysis which are improving. the performance of business improving the health care. delivery and so on some how national security was allowed to use. is not as if the more secure you get the less purpose you have all the more previous you have the less security you have these you know in a free society like we joy in the west. your freedoms are guaranteed by security
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and so the job of western governments is to find the optimal levels of privacy and security supposed to maximize. as a consequence of the september eleventh attacks the technical capabilities of the intelligence services were massively expanded international collaboration of national spy organizations was also intensified not always without friction and problems they have similar aims like combating international terrorism they get they listen in on one another. after the nine eleven hit there was this perspective that germany had had screwed up that the security service crewed up that they had harbored terrorists. cells and homburg. you have a number of the hijackers. transited through live there
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play in there. it was a significant cell there's no question about that and there's a whole history behind it and i think i think as i said i said this even publicly said this in terms of the testimony for the bundestag the germany within europe was declared. a target number one and i believe i believe. significant pressure but clearly out of the secret partnership and cooperation to be india and others was expanded and we know that now there's again more evidence has come out there was a special agreement this secret and expanded sharing it basically gave the united states car blodgett but also it was it was a b. and b. you know not going to cooperate are going to help facilitate. this spring two thousand and fifteen a scandal erupts in germany regarding the close and secret collaboration between
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the german intelligence service be n.d. and the n.s.a. . the b n d cooperated with the n.s.a. to spy on european politicians and assisted the united states in attempts of industrial espionage. when the press reported that the chancellor rhee had known about the scandal since two thousand and eight it peaked with the german opposition threatening to sue its own government over the b endianness a fair. picked up in. the us once it's become this new.
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zine. in and as of course an opinion which dean and in and. from the indies and in these activities. give is a must and to get up as it's your and i'm in don't go but if he isn't better vote it had to move to hear ways that you made a conscious item of protect invasion and fun toys ship. him with these and for going and a foothold. since two thousand and fourteen in an choir into the snowden revelations meets in the bundestag for the first time i whistle blower from the usa reports to the parliamentary committee about the n.s.a. and its into relations with the german d.n.d. .
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william binney confirm the very close relationship between the b. n.d. and the n.s.a. to the commission of. a relationship that already existed during his time in the us intelligence service. as if you're looking at the vanity and this. was and it was officer to come in those lots of media in this in the field for a base of a hoax on deny him took this via. get all the out of couldn't this instrument's the parliament how to control it and off it contains to an equal to move in ten of the
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better than awfully good things to fit in filed a c. l for some synthesis so if we can involve we hadn't to see here stuff taught in any law he contains that agony in the meat and if we can't get out and sit on the stuff it's moved into parliament house you control clean room so i mean from what i can see they have the same problem getting information from the b. and d. that the congress has from getting of getting information from the n.s.a. it is the either won't tell them or they lie to them one of the other i mean that's what's been going on in the in the u.s. government the point is that in our in our case we've been this snowden material has made it obvious that they've been lying to the government that's why intelligence agencies are there they are tossed to do things in secret that are unlawful. or politically embarrassing you see intelligence agencies aren't aren't controllable unless they're really heavily monitored and there's a verification and unquestionable verification process they don't have that now
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that's the problem in our country too we do not have a an undue unequivocal verification process that the agencies can't look can't can't corrupt we are how we conclude this is team in team and so they know he can things that this bill does the parliament audition can go into leading this kicked out so and i can this commuters are going to parliament that is you can totally immune them into some talk when these talks of going to ongoing when i mean all governments seem to be in a position of having to trust their intelligence agencies telling them the truth. and that is questionable nothing will happen in terms of any self-regulation as organizations are too secretive to complex and to walk acted as powers that regulate. the german chancellor in the bundestag parliamentary control committee are officially responsible for the control of the b. and d. . only with
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a more comprehensive and effective control of the intelligence agencies can civil rights and privacy be properly protected. what other options are there to prevent abuse or possible illegal activities by the spies. often only intelligence insiders are left to go public reveal institutional violations and become whistleblowers get there's disparity between these individuals on the one side and the governments and intelligence services on the other and so the whistleblowers and activists soon find out what happens when they challenge these organizations. as a would consent or maybe stop and be a given that to legitimize or have to go ohm's or me as us and good luck to get.
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this being bandied react to your own admission you were team whistleblower snowden fifty one i'm yaki you but i then shot and. was it's and. they are your own barrier good reason snowden some suits are. tying this up kind basically just out. get through to get told by a class about us to us them it must see vincent you want for a bomb give me isn't very good. after his revelations in two thousand and thirteen edward snowden tried to flee from hong kong to south america via moscow but the u.s. revoked his passport he couldn't continue his journey from moscow and had to apply for asylum in russia. started had been criticized about ending up in russia headed up in russia because the state department canceled his passport so he couldn't fly a version i mean the incredible our goal why would they do that. that allows them
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to make the argument that he's working for russia and they can apply the nine hundred seventeen act why would they want to apply the nine hundred seventy because the nine hundred seventeen act carries with it the death penalty and they want to get in the death penalty the n.s.a. commission in the bundestag actually wanted to call snowden as a witness many voices in the german public support the idea to grant edward snowden asylum in germany. in a world where journalism as an industry is changing we have fortunate to be able to
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continue to expand to continue to have that pass and that drive and present the stories in a way that is important to our viewers. everyone has a story worth hearing to. uncover those that are often ignored we don't weigh our coverage towards one particular region or continent that's why i joined al-jazeera . at night in a stalking somali patrolled streets police. or lack of. tired of gang violence the use the maternal approach to prevent crime. but a bit in. the stories we don't often hear told by the people who live there mothers of rain could be this is europe on al-jazeera donald trump was told of a special phone with kim jong un. now the u.s. president
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a north korean leader ought to meet again this time in vietnam were both very honored to eight months off to making history in singapore and they strike a deal on nuclear weapons. and finally and the korean war follows on the twenty seventh of february for special coverage on al-jazeera. plan.


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