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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 23, 2019 5:00pm-5:34pm +03

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output of. the stories we don't often hear told by the people who live them mothers of ring could be this is europe on al-jazeera. the bowl. the ball. faceoff in venezuela opposition activists confront border troops as a showdown looms are getting in foreign aid. also coming up a scramble to vote nigerians explosions in the must delayed presidential election. angering the president declares a yearlong state of emergency after months of anti-government protests. concerns over the plight of china's we get muslim minority the saudi crown prince but
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beijing's right to fight against so-called extremism. we begin of the crisis in venezuela of a foreign aid these the live pictures of the trucks in the border town of colombia carrying supplies from the u.s. and due to set off across the border into venezuela opposition leader has called on the people to help with a transfer of aid into the country is due to speak shortly you know riot police in venezuela firing tear gas and opposition protesters near the border with colombia people are taking to the streets in the town of urania throwing rocks and burning tires president nicolas maduro is place in colombia on the border of brazil to stop that from happening well we have two correspondents covering this story a latin america at its embassy and humans in san antonio on the venezuelans out of the border of colombia but first let's go to alexander and patty was in north of los. angeles bring us up to date on the standoff between security forces and
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protesters where you are. well there and there has been increasing tension since the early morning hours and since the decision by president nicolas maduro to block the bridges the illegal and trances into venice well on the bridge that you see behind me protesters here thrown the barriers that were in the middle of the bridge into the river and are now confronting the venezuelan guards chanting the national anthem and waiting for an order by the leader of the opposition. to open up these bridges when the trucks containing the a arrive to this bridge this human believe a bridge and the other three bridges on which the opposition is hoping to cross
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into various well out with this a we understand that the leader of the opposition wade though just arrived at the warehouse where the a this toward and where those trucks are being loaded to then reach the four different bridges he suspected to speak there together with the president of colombia even the president of chile you know was also here and the president of why. these presidents are working together with the venezuelan opposition to bring forward this operation together with the nation of american states and as you say. regional leaders from countries like chile and pargo i say they're going to help one waddell get over into venezuela this is pretty significant isn't it. yes there's
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a very large current correlation now supporting the effort some part of the business while an off position to bring change in the country of course the main support is coming from the united states the president of the us donald trump was the first president to recognize kwang white door as illegitimate the interim leader of in a sweater after he proclaimed himself such now a month ago in january twenty third but since then there has been a growing array of countries that the two supported mainly namely almost all the countries in latin america except for the stanchest supporters of nicolas maduro believe. for example and mexico and. why who have decided to remain neutral and are still pushing for the possibility of dialogue to solve this crisis also
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a majority of european nations are behind the opposition efforts at this point so it's a very large coalition that is recognizing. they have promised to send aid or have promised more than one hundred million dollars to help the opposition put forward their this process to bring aid inside the country which is also a political process is to manage to topple president nicolas maduro and bring democrats and free elections in the country a loss on the thank you for that let's cross over to america and it's and it's in human in san antonio that's on the venezuelan side of the border and this is so we understand that to gas has been fired at protest as what more can you tell us. yes we were at they would endure bridge that fifteen minutes from where we are right now that was one of the four border crossings that opposition says will be you'll supply to get this food and medicine across into here it was for heavily
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fortified by riot police and when we got there there were say there were about one hundred of supporters of the opposition very angry trying to break through the barriers the human barriers and started throwing rocks at riot police they responded with tear gas this is been going on and on now for several hours cat and mouse game between the security forces and the opposition trying to cross the bridge trying to come together with those on the colombian side where lisandro is to try to bring this aid over into venezuela we understand that at this hour there's actually a priest who is leading this group of opposition members and into also the same place where one of the four members of the national guard who defected and has crossed the bridge about an hour and a half two hours ago into colombia and turned himself in saying you no longer wanted to support president nicolas my little the same thing happened about an hour
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before that where we are right now i am right very very near just a few blocks from the sea won't believe bridge which has been heavily fortified there's a lot of tension on that side the armed forces extremely you can see it in their faces extremely tense this was after three members of the national guard drole armored cars up to the border tried to break through the barriers when they couldn't they walked over into colombia and turned themselves in so this is a dramatic development which is expected to seriously undermine the morale of the armed forces which is really the point and it's that is what one guy though is counting on that at some point they will turn they will flip they will they will desert the president you call asked by little and side with the opposition down in the situation as you say you see it is very tense around where you'll also how things likely to play out in the next few hours. well i can tell you what's going to happen in the next few minutes directly behind me there
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are about two three hundred opposition members including members of the opposition controlled national assembly who finally made it here to they were stopped all along the way from got access and the governor who is also from the opposition she's there now too and they're going to be marching down this road which has basically been taken over by the opposition to the center of the rotunda and from there we understand they're going to try to make it across the bridge and confront the army there are a lot of rumors going on here as amidst all this tension darrin some people saying that the iranians waiting until the last minute to finally switch sides. and go on to the side of the opposition and recognize one wide all as the president but as again these are just rumors but people here are feeling very very much involved and even though there are a lot of heavily armed paramilitaries and people sense and called here who are loyal to president by bhutto who are joining these security forces and who are her
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trolling the area that's closer to the bridge where we were saw a while ago where as i said it is extremely tense all right alessio noumenon last american editor there in san antonio on the venezuelan side of the border thank you very much micio. now millions of voting in nigeria has delayed presidential and parliamentary elections. there were chaotic scenes at one polling station in the capital of bhutto which opened late to follows day use of frustration after the electoral commission postponed the vote last week blaming logistical problems for president more moderate bihari seeking a second with more than seventy presidential candidates it's a crowded field but the election is widely seen as a two horse race the other leading candidate is former vice president atiku abubakar they're both pledging to revamp nigeria's struggling economy just hours before the polls open gunmen attacked
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a town in northeast nigeria many residents fled the town of gave them several explosions were also heard in my degree of the capital of borno state that follows warnings from the armed group boko haram that it would disrupt the vote well we're covering the story from two occasions in a few moments we'll speak to her metacity in lagos but first let's go to jenna hall in the capital abuja genizah how has the one week postponement affected voting there tell us what's been happening where you are in the capital. now. look i can speak for the polling station that we've been at this morning which is a very busy one and it's gone extremely smoothly clearly from the scenes you were looking at a moment ago it's not been smooth running everywhere this is one of the polling stations that opened on time at eight am it has closed on time at two pm a short while ago and the people behind me are the last people who were in the queue of course they were allowed to vote as long as they were in the queue at two pm things have not gone quite so well everywhere a lot of polling stations opened late they will have to close late there were
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a lot of reports of technical problems with card readers these electronic machines that verify the identity of voters allowing them to vote those machines malfunctioning in various places people having to manually register themselves and so on overall though you know it is a voting day it has happened and it is approaching its end a complicated sea of candidates seventy three of them national assembly elections happening alongside the presidential vote as you said there are only two candidates that really matter president bush kerry who voted earlier was asked by a journalist would he congratulate his rival if indeed his rival wins he said i'll congratulate myself because i'm going to win that in the end may prove overly optimistic it's been pointed out to me my several people that it will be the youth who will decide the outcome of this vote they make up fifty one percent of the population fifty percent of the voting population and they suffer under an enormous figure of fifty five percent unemployment accumulated under president who harry is
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rival of a black car well he's a big businessman he's promised business investment crucially he's promised votes that's what the young people of this country want so most mr hurries optimism may be misplaced jonah many nigerians felt extremely frustrated about the one week delay but do they think this election will be free and fair given all the problems and the violence in the north of the country. i've spoken to a lot of people here i spoke to a lot of election observers are i've heard expressions of relief happiness that the vote is going ahead i've heard reports of those technical problems i've not heard anybody suggest that this vote hasn't been carried out in a credible free and fair way as far as they're concerned of course barring the sort of incidents reports of violence in the north and also in lagos which i'm sure we'll hear about in a moment but look above all i think the point here is that this is likely to be remembered as the biggest exercise of democracy on the african continent and for
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that alone barring all the other problems it should be recognized and deservedly so are the journal hole there in a budget and thank you let's bring in our metasearch she's live from nigeria as commercial capital lagos leggers of course an extremely populous city what's been happening there with the vote. go away we are polling stations are closed and the vote consciously decided especially here in this one little of the people here they gathering in front of election officials are busy counting the votes they say they want to make sure each and every vote is counted and that election is not stolen and so people from the neighborhood maybe are just coming watching to make sure that those who did the and that the votes were counted and they won't be even t.t. they come from this neighborhood one of the poorest neighborhoods in lagos and those who voted all think that once that issue be quoting it can be dealt with that we they love unemployment i don't have a when i was dealing with the climbing i was even headlining
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a mini so here. i had a great thing that made income think that i'm the kind of the attack on hero when fairly smoothly and the agony had a little bit of fish kills but not the price of the kind of pointless and really the same thing what i would like a case of i mean i'm playing the end of that with people in a time people did not get information trickling in across the country but as a whole here in lake i think beams of light are relatively for the right of the labor the right to have a toss at their local style is something welcome by second mile to the bone as a political analyst he says the youth vote will be decisive. universities were on strike for three good months so students couldn't go to school and all that the high level of unemployment small jobs and every other thing that is really affecting them so decided things are going to be on the ballots and most of them are coming with that kind of anger to express the ourselves and our decisions under bollocks he said of picking up the bullets essentially so it's going to be on
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election day i'll be disarming by young people so it is not going to be an easy race since it's announcing up today is not is actually quite encouraging but reports from other parts of the country signify that most or much of us haven't gotten to some places and so it's actually affects in the elections in that particular place and so is going to really affect it forty percent on out is quite low so far less us who can see things actually improve us election progresses our time for a short break here al jazeera when we come back. instead of the perpetrators the victims were regulated and silence composed of the sensational details of a cover up at the first of a conference on sexual abuse by some catholic priests. and the battle for gender equality in senegal why women could decide the next president more on that six.
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however there has been and there will be yet more rain in southern china it's not normally a wet time the it is has been and usual winter the rain is still falling in fujian may well catch how kong for some part of sunday it is on its way out there is going east was in behind it the sun's out briefly but again there's a possibility of some more rain in sydney snow coming off the tibetan plateau for the high ground in western sichuan hong kong should be fine if a little cooler feeling on monday but you got sunshine not overcast and went conditions west of this new form of a lot of trust depend platter that is where all the weather is coming through we've seen showers in northern india we've seen significant rain in pakistan i think requires significant if there are any showers atoll in the next day or so and they are most likely in the far north or more likely so up on the tibetans plateau
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generally fine weather throughout india but not guaranteed so as you can see and again following more of the same line of latitude we've seen more wintry weather come across the levant in for a few showers south of that this streak of cloud don't ignore it completely might bring a shower to somewhere to eastern saudi more likely that the breeze will just become a stronger northerly down the gulf but still twenty five in doha. going green bacteria in a bar a tree in super heated gas escaping from. this is really the fault. in the for what happened to the experiments. and. how counter the impacts of climate change the science of capturing carbon. on the fly and on the back of my maintained the i just have to contend.
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welcome back to the top stories here on al-jazeera does a lot of pictures of the trucks in the border town of colombia and supplies in the us. the border into venezuela. meanwhile riot police in venezuela are firing tear gas and opposition protesters near the border with colombia the opposition leader called the people to help try. to get into the country. and millions of people of both. presidential elections were chaotic scenes at one
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polling station in the capital which opened late commission on the vote last week claiming logistical. protesters in sudan's capital have denounced the president's state of emergency and announced he was dissolving the government but just hours later he appointed six new ministers as part of a series of measures to counter weeks of nationwide rallies against the government . there calling for an end to their president's will. and denouncing his latest move only hours after omar bashir made an announcement that reflects how much of these protests have shaken the government . for the many already they are to clear the following to impose a state of emergency for one year to dissolve the national unity government to dissolve the provincial governments and we will continue to take measures to implement what i have resolved our country requires us to stand together it demands of to remain united patient and tolerant i am certain we will be an example to
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follow. for over two months people in sudan have been taking to the streets their anger ignited by an economic crisis they've demanded that omar al bashir step down according to sit downs constitution a state of emergency would allow security forces to arrest those deemed as a threat to the country and its political and economic stability. and you government will be formed which the president says will work on fixing the economy as he called for dialogue some say his announcements are far from what those who have been demonstrating want to see happen in the demonstrations are likely to continue. on this tour in the us for two reasons they cannot make situation is not going to improve and the demonstrations are basically based on economic cashiers so it's not just for him to say calm down it's how when the. economy has not been
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addressed. the most patients are likely to continue regardless of their status from agency. al bashir has ruled for nearly three decades he came to power in a bloodless military coup in one thousand nine hundred nine overthrowing a democratically elected government. since two thousand and twelve anti-government protests grew over rising costs the. security forces responded each time using tear gas and live ammunition hundreds die. the protests that started in december last year have become the long this wave of anti-government demonstrations since the country's independence with a state of emergency declared protests may be harder to sustain. and bashir may have found a way to end the biggest challenge to his presidency. dorsetshire bari al jazeera. so let's take a closer look at what's about the state of emergency actually means that gives
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security forces including the military the right to raid houses and buildings without warrants and put institutions under surveillance law and property or financial assets can be seized if it's deemed that they were used in legal activities and all groups can be banned or regulated and have the transport and telecommunications control we'll have these muhammad is director of justice africa that's a non-governmental organization he says a state of emergency is not the answer to sudan's crisis. i don't think it's going to make any any difference i think if you're if you're asking people for to. declare a state of commitments because there is a prerequisite for the other you have to allow free speech and free organization and if you are if you are actually is dating death and maybe that means you know you are this is are immediately laws and people are more free to speak more plead to carry their normal. and i don't think it's clear that these young.
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men and women responding to his statement immediately by coming out on the street behind his. decision to declare a sort of witness that we that is not. going to satisfy our demand even according to the security that are not allowed to do that because they don't happen in egypt but they're coming out in the final all the rules and even they have a hand that. we're for the rest of activist our petition that never stop the people i think people are they are they have their demands are very clearly and i think what they what that expecting is a response to that demand is not for him to cry and because you're going millions you all because of the government have done that many times and nothing has been that it will bring to your problems a top catholic cardinal as admitted that church files on priests and sexually abused children were destroyed or never even created the german cardinal reinhard
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marx was speaking at a meeting in vatican city that's looking at paedophilia and the clergy have been called for a new culture of accountability in the catholic church which led pope francis to call the four day conference and on thursday the pope presented an action plan but some abuse survivors say it's not enough the sexual abuse of children and youth is in no small measure due to the abuse of power in the area of administration. in this regard administration has not contributed to fulfilling the mission of the church but of the country has obscured discredited and made it impossible fires that could have documented the terrible deeds and named those responsible were destroyed or not even created instead of the perpetrators the victims were regulated and silence imposed on them the stipulated procedures and
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processes for the pro prosecution of offenses were deliberately not complied with but instead cancelled of written. chalons has more now from vatican city. each of the days of this meeting has its own theme we have had responsibility we have had accountability and saturdays the is transparency and so that was why we had the german cardinal reinhold mogs in the vatican talking about how over the years the catholic church has destroyed or not even created files relating to abusive priests he also said that victims have been silence and there have been a disregard for church procedures which had worsened the crisis and driven the faithful away these are serious admissions but in many cases then nothing new we knew that the church being covering up sex abusing priests for some
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time now many of these scandals have involved such allegations what the pope is trying to do we need this meeting is to basically move forward from all this draw up a new code of action for the catholic church to make sure that nothing like this happens again or if it does it is properly exposed and properly dealt with survivors have been saying here that what they want is a new policy of zero tolerance and zero tolerance for those that abuse children and zero tolerance for those that cover it up that people such as this should be thrown out of the priesthood the saudi crown prince says china has the right to fight against extremism to protect national security mom had been some remarks during a visit to beijing being interpreted as a reference to china's crackdown against the weekend was the minority rights group say china has detained the estimated one million we get in what beijing says are
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real education camps. at least eighty four people have died and hundreds are in hospital after drinking contaminated liquor in the state of the north east india the victims were mainly plantation workers the alcohol was laced with a chemical that attacks the body's central nervous system a similar case in the northern states and in this month led to the deaths of more than one hundred people. a woman in senegal could decide the country's next president when voters head to the polls on sunday a majority of the little voters are female candidates have made women's issues part of their key campaign platforms for the first time in twenty six years there's no female candidate actually running reports from. the final stretch in the campaign trail for a candidate. running for a second term in office with. together sharing
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a common hope. slogan to attract women because there are more women are eligible to vote than men. electrical technician is too busy working to attend political rallies but she says promising hope is not enough change is what women want. i wasn't happy times have changed we are a work force like any other and i expect our new president to give us the same rights as men. and. women are not just paid less than men they're also taxed more inheritance and family laws favor men over women and more deserving. and although a law was introduced in two thousand and ten women to have a bigger role in politics there are big gaps between the sexes senegal has yet to adopt a gender discrimination law to state it because there we have it since two thousand and ten and we have we have one of the feel confident enough because it has it and even in the war we have a national assembly that is made of forty to be put on
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a form and that doesn't translate into what you to see patients are going to get back to patient a format. for the first time since one thousand nine hundred ninety three there are no women running for the presidency and so the male candidates are making promises to women political newcomer song says if he's elected he will increase maternity leave and impose tougher penalties against sexual violence mike he sells says he has made health care free for mothers and their children. he wants to include more women in his cabinet in the civil service and is promising more jobs for young female graduates senegalese. in. the demographic in this election. and. among them is still undecided who to vote for
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she's unfazed by political promises or slogans but determined to make her vote count nicholas hawke al-jazeera the car owner news of course on our website the latest on developments from venezuela is the address al-jazeera dot com. the top stories here now to zero eight is set to be delivered to venezuela these a live pictures of the trucks in the border town of colombia carrying supplies in the u.s. not due to set off across the border opposition leader has called in the people to help with the transfer of aid into the country he's due to speak shortly and you know riot police in venezuela firing tear gas on opposition protesters near the border with colombia people are taking to the streets the town of throwing rocks and burning tires president nicolas maduro is close three crossings from colombia
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on the border of brazil to stop that from happening. millions of people have voted in nigeria's delayed presidential and parliamentary elections there were chaotic scenes at one polling station in the capital which opened late electoral commission postponed the vote last week claiming logistical problems. just hours before polls open gunmen attacked a town in northeast nigeria many residents fled the town of gave them several explosions were also heard in my degree the capital of borno state that follows warnings from the armed group boko haram that it would disrupt the vote protesters in sudan that denounce the president's state of emergency are out there she announced he was dissolved in the government but just hours later appointed sixteen ministers a series of measures to counter weeks of nationwide rallies. a top catholic cardinal has admitted that church files on priests who sexually abused children were destroyed or never even created a german cardinal speaking at
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a meeting in vatican city that's because of paedophilia in the clergy have been called for a new culture of accountability in the church which led pope francis to call the four day conference on thursday presented a national plan some abuse survivors say it's not enough. the saudi crown prince says china has the right to fight against extremism to protect its own national security had been a monster and a visit to beijing being interpreted as a reference to china's crackdown against the we get muslim minority rights groups say china is deterministic one million a week is what beijing says reeducation camps. so those are the headlines the news continues here on the al-jazeera statement also watching. he was sent to jail but under two different prime minister is. now he is set to become the next prime minister of malaysia. and why abraham and discusses what
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direction his country will take on talk to al-jazeera. because how. this is.


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