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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 23, 2019 7:00pm-7:34pm +03

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interesting to see the trump camp. with russia did you at any time former f.b.i. director james comey in any way shape or form closer to the investigation into michael flynn and also as you. know. next question bottle filled washing on. the venezuelan soldiers fire tear gas on protesters and opposition politicians trying to get aid into the country several national guard members have the fed. barbara sorry you're watching al-jazeera live from london also coming up. chaotic
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scenes at some polling stations in nigeria will president mohamed people hari is seeking a second term. new protests in sudan after president bashir declares a state of emergency and retraces all state governors with military officials. and we'll tell you why foreign language films could dominate this year's oscars after being overbooked for years. we begin with developments from venezuela where soldiers a fire tear gas that opposition protesters and politicians trying to cross into colombia the spite president nicolas maduro closing the border hundreds of demonstrators are staging a nationwide campaign to bring american aid into the crisis hit country earlier activists torched the government boss in the border town with any opposition leader one. why don't has the clear it's saturday the day for the aid to enter venezuela
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but troops loyal to madieu would or are stationed along the country's borders to block the delivery of food and medicine he says they don't need the aide for members of the national guard have the fact that well getto made this statement as he sent of trucks carrying aid from cooking time colombia to the venezuelan border . and i mean to them. this is a landmark point in our history to allow the humanitarian aid to get in and to allow prosperity we must respect the human rights of the venezuelan people to the generals and the countries that have formed this coalition the aid that's been sent in we are timely grateful to you we're here at the friendship bridge and this is where all of our people have come together to help venezuela this humanitarian aid is going into the country peacefully to save lives. or venezuela has a long poorest border with its neighbors in colombia and brazil stretching for more
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than four thousand three hundred kilometers its border with to the east is this fugitive some key land crossings have turned into flashpoints in this crisis most of the foreign aid sense so far has been stockpiled in the colombian city of kuta now brazil meanwhile has also moved the aid towards its border and pocket aima prompting president maduro to close the border at least two died in clashes over aid near this crossing on friday. ok well let's go to l.a. sender amputee now he is in kuta on the colombian side of the border a lot of developments on the stand and tell us exactly what's happening where you are. absolutely barbara the main thing here is that the convoy of trucks loaded with the aid sent by the united states and
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or on the move and the convoy is led by the leader of the venezuelan opposition. the trucks are going to the four different bridges that legally could next be out with this and a number of people but we don't know how many exactly on the colombian side are also following these trucks and others are gathering at the entrance of the colombian side of the bridges expecting ford trucks to arrive it's clear if they will try to bring the boxes of food and maybe go into business where walking on foot or if they will try to open a korean door and then move. on the trucks inside the been this way there will probably be a confrontation on each of these bridges as we know that they've been stolen
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national guard is waiting for the arrival of the supporters of the opposition there has been a least for defections on saturday members have been a swell national guard we also heard heard a possible fifth defection. on the other side of this bridge into san antonio where we are now i'm seeing a pretty big numbers. riot police also positioning themselves on this side of the forward there so the story is moving very fast. and the sundra m.p.t. with the latest from group with the for the moment thank you latin america editor of the scene human is live in san antonio on the venezuelan side. live for us on the phone lucy at tell us what's happening there. yes we are about fifty meters
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from the entrance to the bridge on the venezuelan side where the allies are members of the opposition deputies six hundred people as well as the governor of the state trying to break in to the barricades this heavily fortified area there's a lot of tear gas rubber bullets are being fired but they already they have broken down the first barrier the national guard and we sort of running running for cover for their inwards and now we understand that ok to advise the customs office and they are inching their way forward to try to meet their fellow venezuelans for coming from google in this direction we understand their plan is to form a human chain but they can't get past the rubber bullets and tear gas yet but as i said it will be closer and closer really tense and extremely. exciting in a way for the is really for these opposition members because this is what they've
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been hoping that they could do they are trying to get the military to turn sides they're hoping that the closer they get to the entrance of the bridge then they will have or they understand that some members of the national guard will join those who already defect earlier today and allow them to pass this is the that there is no indication yet that that will happen one of the people that discovers a sergeant just announced that he was defecting as well he would be the fifth person today ranking member of the of the armed forces that has turned against president nicolas maduro barbara into following all of from that and see i mean how significant are these national guard defections i mean we're talking about some so far but is there a sense that it could spiral. there it is certainly very demoralizing for the government which has always claimed that the armed forces are solidly behind the
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government we've seen over the last few weeks very many. high profile the factions generals colonels but it's the people who commanded troops that really count at this hour which many. i think we've lost the connection there to the sea and human who is speaking to us on the phone he's in san antonio on the venezuelan side of the order we will try to speak to her again. let's go back to the sound. on the colombian side of the border again the remind us just how crucial first of all the latest that you're seeing happen around you and also how crucial this eight days for the people of venezuela. we understand that an important amount of people who support to this operation and of any sort of an
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opposition are gathering at the entrance of the bridge you see the bridge behind me we are on the colombian side and people are gathering there and that at least one of the trucks and more caring the aid is on the way i can't see it from here if it's already at the entrance of the bridge or or not but it would be questions of minutes at this point forward the trucks through arriving at this border again we see movement part of the colombian police positioning. people along the route of the bridge on the side we've also heard gunshots coming or at least what we think are gunshots on the business well inside. the border where my colleague newman is so probably we'll hear more on that from her and we are expecting operation to move very fast in the coming
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minutes with the supporters of the venezuelan opposition trying to form a human chain on the on the bridge and confront the supporters of president. who are there on the other side and the venezuelan guardsman you were asking me just how important this is this is the biggest showdown possibly so far on this battle for the legitimacy and the control of venus where you. president. might do that remains fairly him power and you have the leader of the opposition who the clear themself that you through my president who is saying that to my bhutto is nothing more than an usurper this point and this action is very important because it's the way forward the opposition to show that they are able to be successful in the biggest so far act of defiance against the president that
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might do it or it would be a way for him to show some legitimacy and to show that he can bring some level of change in the country even if he doesn't control any level of power so far i was in the ramp. on the colombian side. border where of course things are unfolding very very quickly alison there in pity for the moment thank you for that let's go to mohammed just juba he joins us live from on the brazilian border now there we're actually hearing that on a truck did manage to get through the border into venezuela where you are tell us tell us more about. well that's right barbara it's been a very interesting sequence of events that we've witnessed so far just in the past ninety minutes if you can look behind us you would see in the distance not too far away a white truck with some aid workers standing on top of it several venezuelan migrants that are gathered around it now this is a truck that has
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a venezuelan license plate it was already in brazil when it approached the border going towards the venezuela there is about maybe a few dozen boxes in that truck small boxes we don't yet know what kind of aid although we have seen some of the workers on top of that truck distributing water bottles to the migrants this truck crossed into venezuela officially it across this the more cation line between brazil and venezuela only a few feet and then it stopped on the side of the road when it crossed many many of the migrants that were gathered here on the border they were cheering for this truck they also started chanting in unison for the ouster of venezuelan president nicolas maduro one of the things that makes this interesting is because we've known for a few days now that brazil has stated that there would be a delivered to this point on saturday today and that after that aid was delivered venezuelan trucks would enter into brazil would then take that aid and take it back
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into his whale all of that of course became much more difficult when venezuela decided to close its side of the border to give you some example of what we're talking about you see this stretch of road here if you go a few. a few hundred feet in that direction you will then see a line of venezuelan security forces that since yesterday has been essentially blocking this street they are doing that so that these convoys from venezuela that will at some point attempt to cross into brazil will not be able to and all that being said there is this official border crossing but this is also as you mentioned a few moments ago a very vast border so even today. and yesterday days when the border was officially closed you have seen hundreds of migrants crossing they go around the official border crossing around these hills through the brush and then come into brazil one of the women we spoke with a short while ago she came with her children she said she had walked about five
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hours today with her family that they had faced a lot of harassment from venezuelan policemen that did not want these migrants crossing into brazil we also spoke to a member of an indigenous community you'd mentioned that there were these two indigenous community members that were killed when there were clashes yesterday with venezuelan security forces in the town of santa well we spoke to one member of that group and he was here on the brazilian side of the border and he said that the situation has gotten very tense because many members of that indigenous group are suppose that in his way and they are attempting to help in their efforts to get aid from brazil. complicated situation but all that being said the brazilian security forces that we've been speaking with in the army they've been saying that they don't expect tensions to flare up they say that they are going to respect the sovereignty of of venezuela that they are not going to take anything into venezuela that it is up to the venezuelans to come here to get the aid and then distribute it
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as best they can inside even as well and now whether or not more aid actually gets here at some point today we just don't know we were expecting to see several trucks that's what we've been led to believe involved is that which is the capital of this northern province of what i'm on that about two hundred kilometers to the south we've been expecting that there would be going to be some sort of convoy potentially of brazilian vehicles military vehicles bringing these boxes of aid medical supplies and food stuffs to this point on the border that has not happened as i said what we've seen so far one truck just one truck which you see behind me this white truck with venezuelan license plates as the only truck and it was already in brazil it is interesting to venezuela but it has not attempted to cross that line of security forces that are just down the road there barham in june there live from what i'm on the brazilian border mohammed i think you will of course cross live to our correspondents again in the coming minutes an hour as we get the elements on that situation thank you.
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now vote counting has started in nigeria's delayed presidential and parliamentary elections muhammadu buhari is seeking a second term his main rival from more than seventy of the candidates is the former vice president at the crew. there have been chaotic scenes after delays at some polling stations and hours before voting began gunfire and explosions were reported in two towns in the volatile northeast we have correspondents covering the election in the capital abuja and lagos in the silence that we begin with on that interest reporting from either in the north. early morning confusion of this polling station and way to greet voters are angry at officials for failing to stop the poll one hour after that all. the voting machines and reading fingerprints. the problem was eventually resolved. was to fight brain was able to vote but he
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needed assistance at the polling station he wants an improvement in facilities for people with disabilities. who would be exposed to danger if the person helping us has party preferences privacy should be protected better the early morning turnout in many areas of the city was good despite reports of attacks sixty five year old want to keep a walk up to the sounds of explosions in my degree but was determined to vote. we've seen and heard words from. they cannot stop us from voting only die once you can see how eager the people. i was after the explosions the police say the city is safe and the civilians while not targeted but in the neighboring your by state hundreds of residents and petition vote just led the town of go after suspected fighters attempted to infiltrate the city the army which acknowledged that attack say calm has been restored. six hundred kilometers from here president
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mohamed a body votes in his hometown in. the seventy five year old who seeming to avoid the fate that befell his progress as a good luck jonathan only served one elective term in office he sounded upbeat and high although for some very hopeful indeed but you know you do that you know if you like your life when you accept defeat i'm glad that we now and i don't eventually. i'm going to be there were no i think you're right if i want to go hard as close as rivals are to quote will work are also cast his ballot hoping to return to the corridors of power he left twelve years ago. although. delays are reported many parts of nigeria election officials are hopeful of a good turnout what is not clear is if the postponement of the vote last week will affect the final numbers cast their ballots or decrease al-jazeera by a degree niger. well in a moment we're going to speak to him with us and lagos first though let's go to
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a hole in the capital john that tell us a little bit about how voting is going where you are. where i barbara in a budget or at a secondary school voting is over this is one of the polling stations a country that did in fact open on time and it closed on time a couple of hours ago in the counting process is now well underway everything's gone extremely smoothly here i know that's not the pattern of events necessarily across the country where a lot of polling stations opened late they've been allowed to close late to allow everybody who wants to vote there to vote but here the focus very much turning to counting you can see it going on behind me there it's a very manual process it's a very public process it's quite extraordinary to watch a lot of people gathered to watch it i make presiding officer actually holding up ballot paper after ballot paper calling out the party on the ballot paper for everyone to see and then handing it to the election of a terrific arguments breaking out every five ten minutes or so as they come across
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a paper that they think might be suspect or invalid for whatever reason and the crowd and the election offices fighting literally to to ensure that every vote here counts and now once the vote once the counting is done the focus will turn to the collating of results and that is the crucial point where monitoring groups will be watching extremely closely where i next will be watching streams closely to ensure that the numbers tallied at individual polling stations like this one hundred twenty thousand of them across the country are correctly tabulated and collated at the counting center that's the moment potentially where numbers can be inflated deflated and of course both sides of the leading campaigns here of accuse the other of rigging well we won't know the results for a couple of days yet but this is an enormous event it is in fact the biggest election ever to take place on the african continent barbara general with the latest there from a villager agenda for the moment thank you let's go to her let's also is in lagos
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for us well g.o.'s commercial capital of course i saw her a journalist polling us but voting is done relatively smoothly where he is a useful stimulus bill. it has been pretty much negativity. that you may open slate complained of voting machines when wiki but generally people did manage to vote the vote counting has been it at this particular polling station that up there is out there on the wall the people are claiming to be in the a candidate who has won the election again just for this one particular party haitian the thousands across the country of course will take a couple of days before the final occasional without come out and fall in love with relatively poor area in and they got a poor neighborhood a lot of unemployment many people here don't actually running want to electricity they said this election is really about the economy they hope mabel when. they buy
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me what you mean enter efficiency twenty sixteen in terms of security they've been a few plays the lagos way it's been reported some people try to destroy ballot papers in rivers state with the oil in the are reports that criminal groups gang try to disrupt the proceedings trying to stop people from coming out to vote and we're told that people did not manage to vote today they're hoping officials milad them to vote later either over the weekend or sometime next week they say they really want to have the right also possible that so many people dead in a country of a. sink you. sudan's main opposition party says protesters will keep up their campaign against the president after he declared a state of emergency late on friday. was dissolving the central and state governments sparking overnight demonstrations but the streets have been quiet the state of emergency gives security forces including the military the right to raid houses and
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buildings without warrants and put institutions under surveillance if it's seen that they were you that they were use the legal activities line. property or financial assets can be seized and all groups can be banned or regulated and have their transport and telecommunications controlled president bashir is also appointed six new ministers and governors for sudan's eighteen provinces all of whom have a military or security background for such a bari has. there calling for an end to their president's rule. and announcing his latest move only hours after omar al bashir made an announcement that reflects how much these protests have shaken the government. for many already they are to clear the following to impose a state of emergency for one year to dissolve the national unity government to dissolve the provincial governments and we will continue to take measures to
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implement what i have resolved i'll come tree requires us to stand together it demands of to remain united patient and tolerant i am certain we will be an example to follow. for over two months people in sudan have been taking to the streets their anger ignited by an economic crisis they've demanded that omar al bashir step down according to sit downs constitution a state of emergency would allow security forces to arrest those deemed as a threat to the country and its political and economic stability. and you government will be formed which the president says will work on fixing the economy as he called for dialogue some say his announcements are far from what those who've been demonstrating want to see happen in the demonstrations are likely to continue to finance minister in various. reasons they cannot make situation is not meeting protests and demonstrations are basically based on economic hardships so it's not
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just for him to say calm down it's how dire when. it comes and has not been addressed so the most asians are likely to continue regardless of their status from agency. al bashir has ruled for nearly three decades he came to power in a bloodless military coup in one thousand nine hundred nine overthrowing a democratically elected government. since two thousand and twelve anti-government protests grew over rising costs and. security forces responded each time using tear gas and live ammunition hundreds die was the protests that started in december last year have become the long this wave of anti-government demonstrations since the country's independence with a state of emergency declared protests may be harder to sustain. and bashir may have found a way to end the biggest challenge to his presidency door such
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a pari al-jazeera. ok let's go back to our latin america as we see in human she's live in san antonio on the venezuelan side of the colombia border we've seen. the border in the past. few hours to see it tell us a little bit about what's happening there now. massive people were. wearing civilian clothes or belonged to the. paramilitary groups that are loyal to the government. began firing on the crowd with live ammunition this in addition to the tear gas and rubber bullets that were being fired by the national guardsmen everybody scattered we have just one person injured being taken away apparently an injury to the head we saw blood on the forehead. running for cover everywhere people on roofs very very violent very suddenly it happened and so.
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now i'm seeing it i'm seeing now the collective's as they call them on motorcycles going round and round here. firing at whatever they see but not necessarily bodies but i'm seeing from where i am now i'm in a higher position and they're trying to make sure that these opposition members six hundred in all the original. members of the opposition controlled national assembly they were forty deputies tried to get over to the over the bridge break in they managed to break through the first barrier. as i say just a few minutes ago the collective's came out on to the street and this is what they are much more afraid of much more than the national guard barbara a lot of things happening very quickly there in the mediterranean sea and newman live in some into an event as well inside of the venezuelan border for the moment to see i think you. now one of hollywood's biggest events the oscars is coming up on sunday but beyond the usual glitz and glamor the ninety first academy award
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ceremony may prove a little different to previous years foreign language films often overlooked in the past could dominate the show reynolds has more. in capernaum lebanese director needs focus is on twelve year old zane who stands as a representative for the hundreds of millions of children worldwide war neglected abused and exploited zayn is a tough foul mouth beirut kid played by sane alright fida he flees his uncaring family to wander through the slums you finds a makeshift family with an undocumented ethiopian immigrant and her baby the film is a harrowing journey into the depths and yet at the very end like some impossible flower blooming amid the filth there is a brilliant flash of hope that isn't bad unless a different kind of family lives in director hirokazu korea does shoplifters multiple generations cramming into a ramshackle tokyo house we soon learn this is
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a family born from necessity of the members are actually related but they've banded together to survive. so that's really what i do when a crisis explodes the family the consequences are dire for all but korea to shows how tenacious are the bonds of kindness and love obsessive tortured love is the theme of polish director pawel pawlikowski film cold war about an affair spanning decades on both sides of the iron curtain in post-war poland a team of artists transforms full culture into full throated stalinist propaganda jazz pianist victor played by thomas kot falls hopelessly in love with teenage singer zula the luminous joanna league he plots their escape to the west but she did she see him in east berlin decades later they meet again in paris and the spark
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is rekindled but their love is infected with a kind of bitterness and only mutual destruction can. them forever. by mexico's alfonzo core road is a dreamily paced semi autograph it story of a fracturing family and the young domestic servant cleo who holds everyone together while fighting her own tragedies shot in black and white roma is a film whose images linger in the memory. rounding out the category of florian henckel phone donors marks never look away a three hour long epic exploring art love and politics an artist played by tom schilling's experiences nazi tyranny the total destruction of war and the suffocating grip of east germany's communist dictatorship cold war roma and shoplifters can all be seen on digital streaming platforms never look away and capernaum are not currently available online robert oulds al-jazeera.
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now reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera soldiers in venezuela have fired tear gas at all position protesters and politicians trying to cross into colombia this by president nicolas maduro closing the border hundreds of demonstrators are staging a nationwide campaign to bring american aid into the crisis hit country the troops loyal to a do it all are stationed along the country's borders to block the delivery of food and medicine he says they don't need the four members of the national guard have the fact that. their mouth days and i mean that them. this is a landmark point in our history to allow the humanitarian aid to get in and to allow prosperity we must respect the human rights of the venezuelan people to the generals and all the countries that have formed this coalition the aid that's been
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sent in we are turn lead grateful to you we're here at the friendship bridge and this is where all of our people have come together to help venezuela this humanitarian aid is going into the country peacefully to save lives. vote counting has started in nigeria is the laid presidential and parliamentary elections mohamed bihari is seeking a second term his main rival for more than seventy other candidates is the former vice president i think. there have been chaotic scenes after delays at some polling stations and sudan's main opposition party says protesters will keep up their campaign against the president after he declared a state of emergency and later five. point six new ministers and eighteen state governors all of whom have a military or security background those are your headlines we're following all those news stories of course in half an hour when my colleagues in the i will have more news coming up next people in power.
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at the top it's the worst environment. of brazil. in twenty fifteen to forty down. state. and cool widespread devastation in the optimal on the roof was quite good and if you could have. the last month or. so now we're showing her investigation she's. already.


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