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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  February 23, 2019 9:00pm-10:01pm +03

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and they do a fantastic job when information is coming in very quickly all at once you've got to be able to react to all of the changes and we adapt to that. my job is is to break it all down and we held the view on the stand and make sense of it. this is al-jazeera. has i'm sick of this is the news our live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes. violence scenes opposition supporters confront venezuelan troops on the colombian border. as well as
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all position a leader leads a convoy of aid trucks he says must cross into the country. where the. scuffles at the voting booth as polling hours are extended in nigeria. and from street kids to war romance how this year's oscar nominated foreign films draw from real life. it has been a day of fast moving developments in venezuela where protests have broken out across the country this saturday people have been filling the streets of venezuela's capital in demonstrations for and against president nicolas maduro opposition leaders have been trying to move aid supplies into the country in defiance of medusa in the town of venezuela near the border with colombia protesters threw rocks and burned tires troops responded with tear gas soldiers
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loyal to my are stationed along the country's edges to block a deliveries for members of the national guard to have defected. opposition leader why don't has sent off an aid convoy of trucks from colombia towards the border with venezuela for the convoy departed quite a spoke from the border town of cuckoo tar where u.s. aid has been stored there mo well i mean that. this is a landmark point in our history to allow the humanitarian aid to get in and to allow prosperity we must respect the human rights of the venezuelan people to the generals and all the countries that have formed this coalition the aid that's been sent in we are turned lee grateful to you we're here at the friendship bridge and this is where all of our people have come together to help venezuela this humanitarian aid is going into the country peacefully to save lives latin america editor newman is in san antonio on the venezuelan side of the border to see what is
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the latest that you've been seeing and hearing there. even though my sense was that i had been coming down once here with the paramilitary groups very very probably has been shooting at protesters i'm out an hour ago they managed to disperse is huge convoy of some six hundred members of the opposition led by opposition deputies and even the governor on the side to that they were also the position they were there didn't i that was very there is the entrance to the bridge. by the customs officers as that we were able to actually break down the lead person barrier the national guard with one we saw them play again shortly after his . role prevented literally. print cycles wearing masks and very heavily armed again shooting at everybody and they have been roaming around ever since we
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saw him leave people injured do taken away then. both for and given to tried to get near the area where we are right now where enough will be. taken cover and the couch. they didn't pay me and they were also pushed to move away by these paramilitary groups and so it's a very very tense situation here and at this hour we are seeing that across the street some of these mass men are back to lower their looting and shop that's what's happening right here at this hour. all right lucy thanks for that latin america. live for us and there on the phone from san antonio on the venezuela side of the border with colombia and a sandra ramp yeti is in cuckoo time on the colombian side of bring us up to date on what was happening there.
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some we're standing right in front of the bridge you should be able to see behind me the supporters of the venezuelan oppositions the volunteers who are trying to move the. venezuela who are clashing with the collective with syrians who are in support of president nicolas maduro and also clashing with of any sort of national guard that's been throwing rubber bullets and the tear gas on the protesters on the bridge for over an hour now roughly an hour ago. big amount of people two or three tauzin volunteers tried to occupy the bridge they were talking right in the middle of the bridge with divinest where on guard when they were pushed back and right in front of me at the entrance of the bridge there are the first four trucks field loaded with. the center by the united states the
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idea here was to be able to form my human chain on the bridge and then make space for the trucks to go through but so far those efforts have been frustrated by live in a sort of national guard in these collective oh groups. all right i was some thrown around here to lie first there in kuta thanks for that one how my german jew me is in park or i may in brazil near the border there with venezuela. we understand a couple of aid trucks were able to get in earlier were more can tell us about that . well how them exactly if you look you know behind me there's two two white trucks with some people sitting on top of those trucks directly behind me on the venezuelan side of venezuela's border with brazil those are the two aid trucks that we have been talking about not a not a huge amount of aid on these trucks several boxes we're told they comprised of
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medical aid as well as food stuffs also we saw members of a venezuelan humanitarian group distributing water bottles and some of the aid that's on these trucks to some of the migrants that have gathered here at the border throughout the day now as these trucks each one of them in the past several hours crossed into venezuela before stopping on the side of the road they were greeted really as almost heroes the crowds that were here which were much larger at the time were cheering for them then we heard spontaneous chants why many of those assembled calling for the ouster of an israel and president nicolas maduro now this is all quite different than what we were expecting to see today and the reason for that is because brazilian officials have been indicating over the past forty eight to seventy two hours that there was perhaps going to be a convoy of brazilian vehicles bringing more aid from the city of which is the capital of this northern how i'm a state that it would take this road come up to here drop this aid here at this
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point at this crossing in this no man's land as you will and that then this venezuelan convoy organized by the venezuelan opposition would attempt to enter into brazil and pick up his aid and take it back into venezuela the brazilian have been very clear since they first made this announcement that as much as they were going to do was to basically be bringing aid right here and dropping it at this point and that it was going to be up to the venezuelan to come in and get that aid take it back in to his will of that of course have been frustrated by the fact that venezuela's border with brazil is officially close it has been for about a day and a half and once again i'm just going to point behind me because beyond where these two white vehicles are. that way there is a line of about ten to twenty venezuelan security forces they have been standing there since president maduro ordered to the border to be closed to prevent any convoy of vehicles that are organized by the opposition of israel to come in to brazil to pick up any aid now all that being said because this is somewhat
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complicated despite the fact that the border on the venezuelan side. and despite the fact that efforts to pick up aid from here and take it deeper into venezuela are of course complicated we must remember that this border is vast and this border is porous now i'm not sure exactly how much you can see behind me but to the right into the left to me there are hills and the migrants that have still been crossing into brazil today even though they can't come much of the time through here past those security forces they will go around they will go around hills up hills through the brush then come into brazil where they were greeted by members of the brazilian military they were given water they were given food we spoke to one woman who brought a several of her children earlier she said they had walked least five hours from venezuela to get to brazil they said the situation is really deteriorating there and she said that they were harassed by venezuelan security forces who prevented to try to prevent them from crossing the border hausen oh and how many. in.
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brazil near the border with venezuela i would joining us now to talk more about this is jennifer mccoy via skype in prague she is the director of the global studies institute at georgia state university and also of the book international mediation in venezuela thanks very much for being with us so what do you what do you make of what's been happening in venezuela very very responsive venezuela over the last few hours because at the moment it doesn't look like there is much in the way of mediation going on. i know exactly this was a high stakes gamble on the part of the u.s. and the opposition to bring that aid with a lot of attention a lot of public attention to the border and to hope that there would be a break within the military the national guard to allow it in and that this would
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be you know a strong signal to motherhood oh that he was losing faith what we've seen is that it's been messy and in some cases the national guard are holding firm and others they seem to be butting at three or even defecting. the danger i think is that report of the games that known as the collect t.-bo those who are more willing to use force and violence in arms that this could create you know loss of life clashes between opposition supporters and these collective so that's the really unpredictable part and also even on the opposition when they lose. faith in the peaceful means and you know and begin to use a little bit more you know throwing the rocks and setting fires that that both of these things are sort of out of control of the leaders on either side as people get frustrated and you know take actions themselves so this is the real risk that we
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could see more violence and and deaths but in terms of the political shift that's where it really depends on if there's a wholesale change within the national guard in the military to. refuse to keep the border closed to refuse to oppress protesters have an opposition and instead to let the aid in that would be a major shift so far we have not seen that indeed so far we haven't seen that with we've we've seen them a century just a trickle of a handful of officers who have defected do you see that any indication that that might grow at all over the next couple of days. it certainly could grow you know we have to keep in mind too that these officers are great one their rage at losing the benefits that they may have as it is even bags of food for their own families but two because of the strong intelligence within the military and national guard that
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is monitoring this or many words that is monitoring their behaviors and if they are caught you know not following orders or trying to defect to the other side and if they're caught they will be severely punished so there's fear even among those who may want to defect or refuse to obey orders. as well. what do you say to that to those who have been saying i mean the situation in venezuela for so many people there is is pretty dire us economically and in so many other ways shortages of all kinds of essential medicines and food and so on which is why so many people have left what do you say to those who who argue that people like one guy i don't know and that the colombian president and other leaders around the region are are simply are not helping the situation and are just provoking the situation inside venezuela
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. because that this is something that has to be resolved by venezuelans themselves . well there's been an argument that this kind of effort is politicizing humanitarian aid and said there been some concerns among humanitarian aid organizations that this threatens their work generally within the country and even you know internationally any time aid is used in it for a political agenda so there has been that concern raised we also have to keep in mind though that you know this but this was a an attempt to peacefully press the venezuelan government and the military to change course we have to keep in mind that nicholas might bhutto has used food as a political weapon in terms of granting food and food bags to his own supporters and withholding it from those who oppose him and so he has already used it as
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a political weapon and as as you said this situation is dire for many millions many millions of people with and that this way less so we need to see this result we need to see the talks going on hopefully the international contact group made up of european the latin american countries can begin to facilitate the agreements that are needed to move the situation forward toward elections and that could also facilitate an agreement to allow this humanitarian aid in but right now we're in the middle of this political standoff both sides are trying to make a political point and it's difficult to say exactly where it's going to end up in the next couple of days yeah it is so anybody's guess at this point where and how one of the stars plan presented talking to us jennifer mccoy speaking to us there from prague thanks very much for being with us i want to cross live now to the venezuelan capital caracas where the venezuelan president nicolas maduro and south
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holding a rally and his sas speaking right now i believe we're going to listen in to move us on the dignity. and we're going to do battle harder than ever will fight harder than ever and more harder than this would up here on this on this podium hard to stand there and govern in our father's name for now and for many years against. on behalf of our destiny with their reins in our hands i hold the reins to our fatherland i am holding them. on your behalf young people university students when i hold the reality i'm holding them on your behalf working mother. when i hold the reins of the fatherland i hold them in yours on your behalf member of militia
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members men and women alike. i hold them and on your behalf high school students i'm holding them on your behalf workers' comp is seen as farmers fisher men and women. i hold them on your behalf when men and women of the father and i hold the reins. and i will continue to keep them in my hands and and up hold them with this constitution is a basis i will govern democratically freely and constitutionally our follower line for the well being of the majority of our nation for the well being of our working people this is my commitment my supreme commitment to you. today is february twenty third right. a month exactly at this
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time under this sun we saw you at the media florida's palace right we met there and what did i tell you there when we met. that days will go. weeks will go. the worker president will continue at the head of the of the father dynamic here he did not promise that true venezuela. you've been listening there to venezuelan president nicolas maduro addressing supporters at a huge what looks like a huge rally there in the venezuelan capital caracas many venezuelans coming out there in support of him in contrast to the opposition protests that we've been seeing al swear in the country and the clashes with security forces in the. region and the venezuelan president very much remaining defiant in the face of all of
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those protests and the efforts to to get aid into the country being led by position figures we'll be keeping abreast of everything that happens across the venezuela for you here on the edges there but for now we're going to move on plenty more ahead on this news out. anger in sudan as the president declares a state of emergency off the months of protests plus. the battle for gender equality in senegal why women could decide the next president. and coming up in sport baseball's three hundred million dollars star gets to work in san diego. votes are being counted in nigeria's presidential elections at this hour some polling stations though stayed open later to deal with the long lines of people wanting to vote the election had been delayed
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a week president mohammed will hardy is facing four vice president and businessman a teco a becket and attacks in the north east blamed on the armed group boko haram threatened to disrupt early voting. reports from maiduguri in borno state. early morning confusion of this polling station and made to greet voters angry at officials for failing to start the poll one hour or two to. the voting machines and reading fingerprints while. the problem was eventually resolved. was to fibro he was able to vote but he needed assistance at the polling station he wants an improvement in facilities for people with disabilities. who will be exposed to danger if the person helping us has party preferences privacy should be protected better. the early morning turnout in many areas of the city was good despite reports of attacks sixty five year old want to keep
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a walk up to the sounds of explosions in my degree but was determined to vote. we've seen and heard words from around the cannot stop us from voting only die once you can see how eager the people are hours after the explosions the police say the city is safe and the civilians were not targeted but in the neighboring your state hundreds of residents and potential voters fled the town of good after suspected broke or on fighters attempted to infiltrate the city the army which acknowledged that attack sorry crom has been restored. six hundred kilometers from here president obama body votes in his hometown in. the seventy five year old who seeming to avoid the fate that befell his protest good luck jonathan. one electic time in office he sounded upbeat although for some very hopeful indeed the day i did it you know if you like when you are the defeat i'm glad that we're not i'm not
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. going to be there were enough thank you very much if i want to disclose rivals a to quote work or also cast his ballot hoping to return to the corridors of power he left twelve years ago. although delays are reported in many parts of nigeria election officials are hopeful of a good turnout what is not clear is if the postponement of the vote last week will affect the final number or test their ballots to decrease al jazeera. nigeria. john how is life worse now in the capital bludgeon so jonah bring us up to date with what's been happening in there and now and how it's all playing out. well broadly speaking it's a bit of a mixed picture a lot of polling stations in the country operated very well during the day opened on time closed on time their voting their counting process is well underway or
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indeed even finished by now but a lot of others among the one hundred twenty thousand polling stations across the country didn't open on time and have had to have their voting hours extended with a number of technical issues difficulties along the way and reports of course from various parts of the country of violence and intimidation well i'm standing in the situation room. that's the leading civil society vote monitoring organization here in and joining me is something new toto executive director of yog assumption it's been a long day but in many ways your job here monitoring the results is just beginning you're getting i understand reports of more incidents of intimidation how serious of these been throughout the day and how much of a affected the result once and it is when along the way we'll be having a long night because attorney endless morning based on the detail received from observation only forty one percent of the installations that will put out ten am
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this morning and that leads responsible for a reasonable time of the two hours that will lead to a commission to use what we've got critical incidents are quite disturbing we've got observers who are brilliant sunni data. who are there on the narrow scope and detained at some point we also have what us will be intimidated we've seen the military one of the states on multiple soon you'll be for instance actually shot down a young male. to game. lections you leave growth rates going to the court to lagos where the. election materials were on time destroyed the body count aside this moments allow fifteen and that's totally unacceptable for them and it's like setting up this point is it too early to say how much these insurgents have played and affected the overall outcome of the election the credibility of the election is it too early i don't think it's too
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early but you come potentially on the mind the integrity of these elections and one of the things where do not do i gotta go watch of the world data center is because this article conclusion of calls the particular incidents i presume ray gets him includes reports about. the shows who have been intimidated even at gunpoint results sheets are being retrieved from only a few shots in a state like room of us so we're very disturbed i would hope that the electoral commission would take serious does reports on where days needs to council elections and where in places where violence is taking place then the electoral commission should do so and come out of nigeria and i tell major around that the see so you just go back and something of course the next critical function of your operation here is to ensure that the vote counts that take place on the ground which we saw at that not they are manual they are very public and transparent that those counts are accurately transferred speculation centered because traditionally that's the
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moment when numbers can be inflated more deeply yes we're deploying the power of good stuff but civility and we've got our jobs are going to we train our kollek to do what you call ground zero not insult from the polling station what we i'm allies yeah results from our sample of the station from results from one thousand and five for about fifteen sample calling stations who will be in a good position in the next couple of things to actually verify the accuracy of the results that a bad electoral commission. if the electoral commission wants to place any results that is not in the selection of what transpired at the polling station. the cup p.v.t. will detect the floor and because we're talking a web beholden to not a we're forming just will come out and told us where are the results of play by the electoral commission it's not true it's almost total thank you so much for joining us so samson they're heading up this pretty impressive operation iago civil society
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operation here fulfilling a crucial role in monitoring and verifying the results of this election as they come out in the next day or two. all right for the moment jonah how live for us there in a bridge and show. protesters in sudan's capital have denounced the president's state of emergency i'm going to bashir announcing he was dissolved the government but just hours later he appointed six new ministers it's part of a series of measures to deal with weeks of nationwide rallies against the government dosage a body as more. they are calling for an end to their president's rule. and denouncing his latest move only hours after omar bashir made an announcement that reflects how much these protests have shaken the government. for any urging them to clear the following to impose a state of emergency for one year to dissolve the national unity government to
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dissolve the provincial governments and we will continue to take measures to implement what i have resolved ok country requires us to stand together it demands of to remain united patient and tolerant i am certain we will be an example to follow. for over two months people in sudan have been taking to the streets their anger ignited by an economic crisis they've demanded that omar al bashir step down according to sit downs constitution a state of emergency would allow security for. it says to arrest those deemed as a threat to the country and its political and economic stability. and you government will be formed which the president says will work on fixing the economy as he called for dialogue some say his announcements are far from what those who have been demonstrating want to see happen i think that the demonstrations are likely to continue in defiance of mistaken radiancy for two reasons they cannot
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make situation is not going to improve and the demonstrations are basically based on economic cashiers so it's not just for him to say calm down it's helped out when people are hungry and economic situation has not been addressed so that the most asians are likely to continue regardless of their status from agency. al bashir has ruled for nearly three decades he came to power in a bloodless military coup in one thousand nine hundred nine overthrowing a democratically elected government. and since two thousand and twelve anti-government protests grew over rising costs the. security forces responded each time using tear gas and live ammunition hundreds die. the protests that started in december last year have become the long this wave of anti-government demonstrations since the country's independence with a state of emergency declared protests may be harder to sustain. and bashir may
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have found a way to end the biggest challenge to his presidency. door such a pari al-jazeera. are taking a closer look then at what sudan and state of emergency actually means to give security forces including the military the right to raid houses and buildings without warrants and to put institutions under surveillance landed property or financial assets can be seeds if it's decided they were used in illegal activities and all groups can be banned all regulated and have their transport and communications control still ahead on al-jazeera. instead of the perpetrators the victims were regulated in silence imposed on the details of a cover up at the first ever conference and sexual abuse by some catholic priests and later in sport a dramatic day of cricket in the caribbean we'll tell you what happened.
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the snow has for nuff gonna stand in kabul in particular there is the cloud. repeats the story if you like but he's gone and then west of all that which is where the weather is coming from it's looking fine looking fine more or less through iran towards the eastern side of the mediterranean the occasional showers can't be ruled out particularly in syria and these inside turkey and the next close develop in the central med but it's staying out there in beirut you've got twenty degrees the breeze is coming off the land is feeling quite warm same in baghdad apart from occasional clouds it he's looking sunny for almost all this area we're looking at and the same is true for the sas in the arabian peninsula they may well be a shower or two with their only light on the streets of cloud here the breeze is picking up again by look there on monday down the gulf still give twenty five and twenty
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five three out of it rough in the middle thirty's on the western side of saudi we have seen significant rain in the last week in tanzania madagascan seventy madagascar's to go to showers but otherwise it's a dry looking picture occasional showers in the eastern side of south africa or even mozambique otherwise you can go out through zimbabwe and it's dry most a zombie is now dry the showers are becoming fewer and fewer. from sunrise to sunset across asia. and the pacific explore untold and fascinating stories one on one east on al-jazeera.
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al-jazeera. swear every day. at night in a star camps have been somali moms patrol the streets police. tired of gang violence they use the maternal approach to prevent crime. there had been. a doomed but a bit in. the stories we don't often hear told by the people who lived the mothers of rain could be this is europe. hello again you're watching at zero mind of our top stories this hour soldiers in
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venezuela fight to get opposition protesters and politicians trying to cross into colombia despite president nicolas maduro closing the border hundreds of demonstrators are staging a nationwide nationwide campaign to bring in foreign aid. venezuela's opposition leader want to why does sent a convoy of trucks carrying a from colombia towards the border of venezuela he is pledging to bring more food and medicine to people inside the country in defiance of moderate. votes are being counted in nigeria's presidential. elections some polling stations stayed opened later to deal with the long lines of people wanting to vote election was delayed a week president mohamed hadi is facing former vice president and businessman back in. india has arrested dozens of alleged separatists and sent thousands of reinforcements to indian administered kashmir and that's after last week's attack in the territory that killed forty one paramilitary soldiers come on hyder reports
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from pakistan administered kashmir. join indian military action. one hundred meters above the line of control. between one area administered by india and the other by pakistan situated less than five hundred meters behind them. where the possibility of an attack by indian forces. roger ninety three years old an evacuation order an option for him but. we are worried about our loved ones on the other side of kashmir but we are not afraid of any threat we are motivated and we will support pakistan's military against any aggression. at this nearby school the children are rehearsing for their annual school day but there is only one thing on their mind in
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military fatigues they want to send their own. good but it comes to junk and not to india wants to fight us we are ready to fight back we are not afraid of any threat and see very calmly at night while our military is awake and alert we don't even depressed whatever mr modi wants to do he should be a strong enough to respond how. could you. be a teacher say life will go on no matter what happens india. despite the threats from india our lives here as normal we still have a routine and come to school daily even though the border is just a few hundred metres away little we so far haven't seen any unusual movement of military. the people living close to the line of control are used to our right intentions in the region but are determined to maintain a semblance of normality their internal remain higher longer line of control
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agarkar dog retaliatory strike by india ribeiro all very important your brain but they're also preparing for the war people continue to go about their business is in their town but no one knows what really happened next or who will make the next move. standard minister to sri. thousands have been protesting in the pakistani city of karachi against what they've called indian atrocities committed in kashmir people gathered as part of a rally in support of the pakistani army. new concerns about the catholic church is a true commitment to ending sexual abuse of surfaced at a meeting of the vet the vatican some victims wonder if church politics is getting in the way of making real change it's the third day of an unprecedented summit on sexual abuse rory challenge reports from rome. one archbishop some cardinals talk in the vatican sexual abuse survivors have staged events like this and
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repeated that demand zero tolerance throwing abusive priests and those that cover up for them out of the priesthood but a founder of the group ending clergy abuse fears church politics might be getting in the way of something pope francis himself has previously called for two thirds of the bishops that are meeting there from the developing world in the africa and asia and they are denying over minimizing the issue and they do not want a law on the books i asked liberia's most senior bishop whether african and asian clergy supported zero tolerance to share what we do we do it yes but we have to define what zero tolerance means and i want to be well we. we have to decide where to zero tolerance means zero tolerance you know we stay discourse in that you know more rigid it's easy if you don't is zero tolerance means ornish
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means of the crimean or getting. getting a present of to preach to or whatever we have to definitely sudan beyond bishop of luxembourg says regardless of where they come from most clergy do you want zero tolerance but acknowledges some differences exist it's a little bit more difficult for other cultures where people are confronted to other real problems. child soldiers. countries design wal-mart women are raped nearly every day not so. it's more difficult for them to focus just on this problem but they also understand to the discipline the question is whether understanding will lead to action it shouldn't be surprising this institution is large and diverse as the roman catholic church might have internal divisions but for the victims of sexual abuse this must not be allowed to stand in the way or
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slow down the reform that they are demanding now retellings al-jazeera right a funeral was held for a palestinian teenager who was shot dead friday by israeli forces fourteen year old was killed during a protest of the gaza border fence weekly demonstrations have been taking place in the area since march last year at least forty others were injured on friday palestinian protesters are demanding an end to israel's blockade of gaza and the right to return to land taken when israel was founded in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight. the saudi crown prince says china has the right to fight against extremism to protect its own national security hamad bin sandman made the remarks at a visit to beijing is seen as a reference to china's crackdown against the we get muslim minority rights groups say china has detained around a million we guess in what it's calling reeducation camps adrian brown has more from beijing. the situation in shouldn't jan was not discussed by name but the
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saudi crown prince said that he supported china's efforts to safeguard its national security through its various directly is a show in and counter-terrorism measures and he said he wanted to cooperate and work with china in these fields apart from the areas of security the two sides also announced major deal saudi arabia investing some twenty eight billion dollars into the petrochemical industry here in china that is solidifying saudi arabia's place as the number one exporter to china china of course is also iranians biggest customer and that is a reminder that in the middle east right now china is playing a very deft diplomatic game that has strong developing relations now with saudi arabia very good relations with iran their foreign minister and speaker of the iranian parliament were here just three days ago and china is also strengthening
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relations with israel but with saudi arabia xi jinping says we have a long friend been summoned to his part said that saudi arabia has never ever had any problems with china in the past i think what the saudi crown prince was doing on this trip was emphasizing to the west this you may not want to deal with me right now but countries like iran pakistan and china do and in the case of china they may be prepared to sell me some of the weaponry that i want but analysts do warn that in the middle east china will have to tread very carefully because sooner or later it's going to have to take sides are trying to go she asians between the world's two largest economies have been extended through the weekend in washington officials have been trying to end a seven month long trade war between the u.s. and china president donald trump says he will likely meet china's xi jinping in march to finalize the agreement. i want it in senegal could decide the country's
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next president when voters head to the polls on sunday a majority of eligible voters are female and candidates have made women's issues part of their key campaign platforms but for the first time in twenty six years there is no female candidate running. up. it's the final stretch in the campaign trail for a candidate mikey cell running for a second term in office with one rallying cry. together sharing a common hope with. a slogan to attract women because there are more women illegible to vote than men. electrical technician is too busy working to attend political rallies but she says promising hope is not enough change is what women want. to listen to the times have changed we are a work force like any other and i expect our new president to give us the same
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rights as men. and. women are not just paid less than men they're also taxed more inheritance and family laws favor men over women and more. and although a law was introduced in two thousand and ten to allow women to have a bigger role in politics there are big gaps between the sexes has yet to adopt a gender discrimination law and the first three did. we have a body since two thousand and ten and we have got a few one of the few countries in africa that has it and even in the world we have a national assembly that is made of forty percent of all men but that doesn't translate into what you keep i see patients want to go back to patient for women. for the first time since one thousand nine hundred ninety three there are no women running for the presidency and so the male candidates are making promises to women political newcomer songkhla says if he's elected he will increase maternity leave and impose tougher penalties against sexual violence mikey cell says he has made
9:45 pm
health care free for mothers and their children. he wants to include more women in his cabinet in the civil service and is promising more jobs for young female graduates senegalese women are expected to come out and vote in mass on sunday because among many other young voters he demographic in this election in the challenge for a president must be solved it should be both the candidates and insinuating and change. among them is voted still undecided who to vote for she's unfazed by political promises or slogans but determined to make her vote count nicholas hawke al-jazeera the car. now it's the ninety first academy awards ceremony on sunday and this year's foreign language films are getting a lot of attention one of them roma is also nominated in the main of best picture category and considered a front runner
9:46 pm
a digital streaming platforms and giving them a bigger potential audience around the world rob reynolds has a preview. of that. in capernaum lebanese director need to focus is on twelve year old zane who stands as a representative for the hundreds of millions of children worldwide war neglected abused and exploited zayn is a tough foul mouth beirut kid played by seen all rough fida he flees his uncaring family to wander through the slums you finds a makeshift family with an undocumented ethiopian immigrant and her baby the film is a harrowing journey into the depths and yet at the very end like some impossible flower blooming amid the filth there is a brilliant flash of hope that isn't better unless a different kind of family lives in director hirokazu corrie it is shoplifters multiple generations cram into a ramshackle tokyo house we soon learned this is
9:47 pm
a family born from the sesame none of the members are actually related but they've banded together to survive. so that's not related to what i've done when a crisis explodes the family the consequences are dire for all but cory ada shows how tenacious are the bonds of kindness and love obsessive tortured love is the theme of polish director pawel pawlikowski film cold war about an affair spanning decades on both sides of the iron curtain in post-war poland a team of artists transforms full culture into full throated stalinist propaganda jazz pianist victor played by thomas caught. falls hopelessly in love with teenage singer zula the luminous joanna league he plots their escape to the west but she did she see him in east berlin decades later they meet again in paris and the spark is rekindled but their love is infected with
9:48 pm
a kind of bitterness and only mutual destruction can unite them forever. by mexico's alfonzo quar own is a dreamily paced semi autograph it story of a fracturing family and the young domestic servant cleo who holds everyone together while fighting her own tragedies shot in black and white roma is a film whose images linger in the memory rounding out the category of florian henkel fun donors marks never look away a three hour long epic exploring art love and politics an artist played by tom shilling experiences nazi tyranny the total destruction of war and the suffocating grip of east germany's communist dictatorship cold war roma and shoplifters can all be seen on digital streaming platforms never look away and capernaum are not currently available online robert oulds al-jazeera. all right when we come back in
9:49 pm
the n.l. massy rescuing barcelona and reaching a career milestone in the process that's all ends for. explores prominent figures of the twentieth century and how and why bill rees influence the course of history the souls that did not get enough credit for it in a book that you want to be a big historical figure but he was mandela the biggest in the world the prisoner and the president who came together to end up apartheid in south africa nelson mandela and f.w. de klerk face to face on all just see. when the news breaks a few minutes ago we were able to hear a huge explosion fifty people are still missing when people need to be heard and the story needs to be told we need to invest in development meath and best in
9:50 pm
making sure the people are not left behind al jazeera has teams on the ground join us for this historic step in american politics to bring you more room mood when documentaries and life moves on and online. all right tom not a sport as far as i'm thank you so much cricketing history has been made in south africa sri lanka have become the first asian side to claim a test series when in the country they dominated the second test in port elizabeth winning by eight wickets early on day three that completed a two nil series win i guess the second ranked team in the world had won seven
9:51 pm
straight series at home and just to give you an idea of how big of an achievement this is south africa have dominated asia's biggest teams they've only lost three of twenty home tests against india gets pakistan they've dropped just two tests from fifteen sri lanka's triumph means they become only the third team after england and australia to win a series in south africa. there's no excuse when should i get comes you know we have to we have to be a lot better to play some good cricket but that the cricket we have been playing at home for the last two or three seasons if we were anywhere close to that we should have beaten this team and we weren't on top of our own game we didn't score them on our runs but we wanted to. a dramatic batting collapse by england allowed the west indies to square up their one day series the windies bowlers producing an inspired fight back to win by twenty six runs in barbados david stokes has the action. after
9:52 pm
losing game one the west indies needed a good start and they go on chris gayle doing what he does best clearing the stands on the way to another one day fifty times but it was shimmer on het meyer who stole the show he smashed four sixes and seven fours to rack up a century in eighty three bulls was the twenty two year old finished and became a one hundred four and england needed two hundred ninety to win the tourists to chase down a record three sixty in the last game and they were cruising thanks to a ninety nine one stands between now and morgan and ben stokes both of them past fifty and england were well on track eating just to run the ball to go to nil up in the series but the partnership broke and it all went wrong sheldon cultural and jason holder ripped through england's batsman the last six wickets falling for just thirty five runs and you were all out for two hundred sixty three and the west
9:53 pm
indies had squared the series with fourteen goals to spare the third match takes place in grenada on monday david stokes al-jazeera. india cricket captain vera kohli says he will respect the decision of his government with regards to playing pox on in the world cup this june his comments come after calls from india's cricket body of boycott the match a week ago a pox on based arm group claimed responsibility for an attack that killed forty indian paramilitary policemen in indian administered kashmir to tom fifty over world champions india are set to meet nine hundred ninety two winners pakistan in one of the most anticipated matches of the world cup on june the sixteenth in manchester. we really thought about what happened and really. sad about the incident that happened on standing. by would be nice in. good with the b.c. i decided to do and that is basically you have to be me and whatever the government
9:54 pm
and the board decide eventually we will go by that i didn't expect that little messy scored his fiftieth hat trick of his career his efforts lifting barcelona to a hard fought victory away to sylvia and the spanish league messi is gold bar so level twice to go into the later stages to all he gave them the lead with five minutes left to complete his hat trick barcelona went on to seal it for two they're now temp points clear at the top of the table. tom to miss a chance to go within two points of english premier league leaders manchester city and liverpool they lost two one at burnley despite their return from injury by harry kane spurs stay third in the table five points behind the leaders. you are a tool you get in that week that means we need to be good this game good gracious no we don't win. but. and then if we didn't win we cannot beat pollution. and we can not think now in it to be
9:55 pm
a real contender. for someone to fortunately for us kilian scored twice to lead his side p.s.g. to a three no win over name in france's league all comes after their president said that both him bobby and neymar won't be sold in the forseeable future despite an ongoing financial fair play investigation. he was talking at the club signed a new start sponsorship deal with a french hospitality company he has year appealing to sports highest court after european football's governing body reopen the case into whether the club had broken rules aimed at preventing overspending he's too early not to decide or not the so to boil not to buy bales but you know we'll have live to the court and see what you want then we deserve a pull the financial as this is only the respect of owners of a u.f.o. to ghoulish and saw will not or even with all the conflict but this concert will help those whales of live top of the six nations championship table they knocked
9:56 pm
england off the summit by beating them twenty one thirteen just a little while ago earlier france beat scotland twenty seven to ten and are currently third quite leonard made the decisive competent contribution as he led the toronto raptors to win over his former team the san antonio spurs de mar de rosa as career has taken him the opposite direction and he scored twenty three points for the spurs but with fifteen seconds left on the clock leonard stole the ball from derosa and took his chance to put the raptors had finished a hundred and twenty to one hundred and seventeen to toronto who sits second in the eastern conference. i denver nuggets scored thirty nine points in the third quarter as they overpowered the dallas mavericks it finished one hundred and forty to one hundred and four third straight win for the northwest efficiently for. manny machado baseball's three hundred million dollar man has been officially presented by the san diego podger ease the twenty six year old infielder was given his shirt
9:57 pm
after finalizing the move or thirty million a year for the next decade it's the largest free agent deal in the history of american sports charo is a four time all star and a two time gold glove award winner ray says there's more to come from ownership to front office to coaching staff you know to the players you know the whole. host of bam was just so so so perfect just to come here as as a twenty six year old veteran to. you know just try to give my knowledge these guys and you know hopefully get back to the playoffs the city of san diego and you know bring bring a championship. didn't take long for machado to get down to work he's already been busy practicing and introducing himself to his new teammates podger a's have never won the world series. and that's all your support for now
9:58 pm
much more coming up later but for now it's back to you has and thanks very much for look forward to that is it for me. and for listeners i'll be back for our colleagues in london we're back with more news in a couple minutes. by a major city every weekly news cycle brings a series of breaking stories and then of course there's donald trump the town through the eyes of the world's jannah least that's right out of a hamas group that calls for the an aisle ation of israel that is not what that phrase means at all joined the listening post as we turn the cameras on the media
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and focus on how they were caught on the stories that matter the most in betty is a free palestine they're listening post on al-jazeera. an army of volunteers has come together to help with the influx of tens of thousands of evacuees. but their retreat to a church shelter has brought new challenges an outbreak of norovirus and other gastrointestinal problems. smoke from the massive wildfires now blankets much of northern california leading to some of the worst air quality in the world but with more than twelve thousand structures lost in the wildfires concerns remain about long term accommodations jobs and medical care. local officials say there isn't enough housing stock available. every few do is being analyzed it's being weighed and needs to be measured to who is listening.
10:00 pm
and it's not just i phones that's almost like things i mean most small things of these days at the moment we are in a state of the universe like it's a good start and did something that was that i would rather take the risks of democracy to the risks of digital dissidents on al-jazeera. i know that. venezuelan opposition supporters have pegged aid to trucks trying to breach the colombian border. meanwhile troops loyal to president maduro fired tear gas and live ammunition at protesters some others have the fact.


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