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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 24, 2019 1:00am-1:34am +03

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gang violence the youth of maternal approach to prevent crime. devoted to. a doomed little bit by the stories we don't often hear told by the people who lift the mothers of rincon this is europe on al-jazeera. venezuelan opposition supporters protect to aid the trucks trying to breach the colombian border. a two trucks have gone up in flames many protesters have been injured in clashes with forces loyal to president maduro two people are also reported dead in clashes near the brazilian border.
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cologne barbara starr you're watching al-jazeera live from london also coming up. chaotic scenes at some polling stations in major area with president mohamed people hari is seeking a second term. a new protest in sudan after president bashir the clear is a state of emergency and replaces all state governors with military officials. thank you for joining us we begin the program in venezuela where two people have reportedly been killed in the other border with brazil in clashes over attempts to get aid into the country that's were reported in the border town of santa elaine at the white end where another two people were killed on friday a local doctor says the violence took place infighting between opposition activists and security forces. well earlier hundreds of
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venezuelans cheered this pickup trucks carrying aid passed through the brazilian border town of parkhead aima and into the crisis hit country but on very as well as border with colombia aid convoys protected by hundreds of opposition activists had failed to force their way into the country. and trucks carrying american aid and volunteers tried to breach the border from colombia by driving across bridges separating the two countries earlier violence broke out in new reign yelled to venezuela inside as troops and other president supporters fired tear gas and rubber coated steel bullets and live ammunition to stop protestors colombia says twenty three members of the venezuelan armed forces have defected including an army major. opposition leader why doso off the convoy of aid trucks in the colombian town of speaking alongside colombian the colombian president while
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the idol called on troops to allow the convoy to cross into venezuela peacefully he said president would doodle would be held responsible for any violence. well i mean that. this is a landmark point in our history to allow the humanitarian aid to get in and to allow prosperity we must respect the human rights of the venezuelan people to the generals and all the countries that have formed this coalition the aid that's been sent in we are turn lead grateful to you we're here at the friendship bridge and this is where all of our people have come together to help venezuela this humanitarian aid is going into the country peacefully to save lives so you're going . to monetary nay has just been handed over to the president in charge of venezuela who want quite as we demand that it be allowed to pass peacefully intervention territory so that he can help those who need it stopping it will be attack on human rights might be a crime against humanity for president because for the told the rally in the
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venezuelan capital that has broken off diplomatic relations with colombia and will expel employees from its embassy thousands of maduro supporters thronged the streets in caracas to hear him speak president will is refusing to back down on his promises to lead the aid in he says the aid convoy is part of a u.s. led invasion and his country doesn't. i can't continue putting up with this we can continue putting up with colombia lending itself to an aggression against venezuela that is why i've decided to break all political and diplomatic relations with the precious government of colombia and all its ambassadors and general consuls have to leave it as well or within twenty four hours get out of here oligarchy well we have correspondents on both sides of venezuela's border with colombia let's start with our latin america getting the human cheese in venezuela itself live in san antonio the venezuelan side of the
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border with colombia things got pretty violent and potentially still are at least tell us a little bit about how today unfolded. yes barbara that's right very early in the morning we went to the it would end you have bridge one of the three that's near the tactic i went near the area where we are right now. right from the get go we saw opposition members trying to breach the security forces they had put up barricades tear gas was fired rocks were thrown they were constantly pushed back and then we went to san antonio to the. to this him unbelievable bridge the far larger bridge which is where thousands and thousands of people usually go in and out of that israel and colombia every single day and there we vet up with some six hundred opposition members who were being led by forty deputies from the national assembly and the governor of the state and they tried to make it
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on to the bridge to try to breach the security there they were again met with tear gas rubber bullets and then when they when they just wouldn't back down and things got really really ugly barbara the quality levels as they're known these are armed groups paramilitaries if you like wearing balaclavas or covering their faces went around on motorcycles and began firing live ammunition this time at the crowd we saw several people injured according to a nurse from a nearby hospital she told me that at least seven people had been taken there with bullet wounds or so one person being taken away with with a wound that looks as though he had been shot in the head and this went on and on for hours and hours and it is still happening just about a kilometer from here we continue to hear the gunfire barbara they are blocking the roads as the main avenue to the main. highway but it's the main road here in in fact it has that links the different bridges and it's being blocked now by
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these paramilitaries and also by the on forces and so it looks like the opposition is having to withdraw although we understand that there is still some activity near the simone believe that bridge at this hour obviously people dying people getting wounded the violence continues on the political front where do you think the events of today leave. and why though. that's a very interesting question and i think it will depend in part on how both sides spin this but clearly it is not going to look very good for president nicolas maduro when people see convoys full of food and medicine which is desperately needed here in venezuela on fire and being blocked from entering the country people in venezuela want to that aid they need that aid whether or not they agree that there should be a new president or not is another argument but simply the fact that what we've seen today is in a very very large and successful attempt by the government to stop those tons of
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food and medicine from coming into the country is not going to make him more popular with his people as to why go he had promised he would do it he said it would come through no matter what he hasn't been successful in doing that so in a sense it may make him look much weaker than he has looked until now there has been a lot of momentum and a lot of bravado from the opposition so he clearly this is also a defeat for them. with a laser from san antonio of course analysis and situation in venezuela for the moment thank you it's good to understand that i'm getting now he's in kuttab right by this believe our border bridge so i mean the aid is of course stuck there is still had no luck in getting across the border what are they going to do now and what impact does it have on the actual aid or is most of it nonperishable. well for trucks loaded with less to this simone believer bridge they're on their
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way back to the warehouse where they had been stored for many days that they're not here anymore so the opposition has given up on being able to cross the inside of the business where on to today on saturday and i got to tell you this morning when we arrived when the people arrived there was a lot of positive energy here. people felt optimistic that this would have worked out that they would have been able to move the trucks or at least into the country and now the situation is. we've seen a lot of the disappointment that we've seen some somber faces as people and their leaders or discussing about what the next move should be so far the food. supplies that have arrived in the medical supply are perishable i don't think
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that that's the issue here also a lot of the medicine that are truly needed in have not arrived to the border because colombia doesn't have the proper storage needed to keep this magazine here today was as much as a symbolic move as a political one they wanted to move the food inside the country to show that the quiet door could truly. move some prove that he has some power inside the venezuela and that hasn't happened so far and that's why we're seeing so much they score achievements here at this hour and. today nicolas went to a separate diplomatic ties with colombia i mean it's obviously still early hours early days but do you see that making the situation there even worse or really going to have much money. but i think it will have
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a major impact on two levels the first will be on the conditions inside venezuela especially in the border states like the state of statute where my colleague lucianne human is right on the other side of this bridge that's because tens of thousands of venezuelans were used to crossing into colombia to work to sell at a. profit on the colombian side and go back with some money that they could use back home they did a lot of informal jobs here many more venezuelans who were very difficult circumstances were crossing into colombia. to come and live in colombia or travel to other countries in the region such as in chile there have been more and more than three million. have left the country since two thousand and fifteen this
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will become more difficult now and we'll probably see more of this happening illegally through many illegal crossings in the very porous border between colombia and venezuela plus remember that the latest sanctions that the u.s. imposed in minnesota have already having a deep effect on a lot of people lives there and then on a political level this brings up a notch the tensions between colombia and venezuela at a time when colombia has been at the forefront of assisting the opposition and their. options here in trying to topple president nicolas maduro. there in the colombian side of the border and it's way left at the moment thank you . vote counting is underway in nigeria after saturday's closely four presidential
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election the current president or one with a bihari is seeking a second term in what's called to be a tight race with former vice president. the electoral commission extended voting hours in some places where polling stations opened late or ballot machines malfunctioned had him with us has more now from nigeria's commercial capital legal . many nigerians are watching election officials closely these voters in the commercial capital lagos say they want to make sure there's no rigging last easterly has cast doubts on the electrical machines credibility and competence. in long. was the only disagreement got ready to. answer some of the race to govern the country with africa's biggest economy pits incumbent president. against main opposition candidates and former vice president
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a tickler backer emotions are high and they are feeling it is peace result could lead to by. their word delays in parts of nigeria election officials say they generally happy with the turnout nigerians have to wait to find out who has won and by what margin analysts say it's going to be a tight race. early on saturday there were attacks in the north east of the country blamed on boko haram fighters but there didn't seem to deter the voters in rivers state in the south incidents of violence i mean some people weren't able to vote whoever wins in nigeria will have to deal with the precarious security situation and the challenge to turn around and economy struggling to recover from the twenty sixteen recession how to meet us algis or lagos. with the latest on the election here is john a hole from the capital. well i'm standing in the situation room the headquarters of one of the main civil society vote monitoring groups here in nigeria yaga as you
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can see behind me late in the evening here people still hard at work pressing the phones taking information from monitors thousands of them spread throughout the country on the situation still unfolding at the polls there are questions in this election in particular over the late opening of a number of polling stations around the country some polling stations that may not have opened at all they're trying to verify that still and the possibility that in those places voting may have to continue on sunday they've also been reports of intimidation election related violence at some polling stations particularly into the evening trying to get very few cases on all of those things as well but on the whole it seems to have been a relatively peaceful process to questions that they are focused on in particular these monitors the first is turnout trying to ascertain at the extent to which their week long delay to this election may have depressed turn out to the point where perhaps they maybe question marks over the mandate of the eventual winner and
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the second big issue of course is protecting the final result making sure that the tallies collected at individual polling stations one hundred twenty thousand of them are accurately transferred and reflected in the final count that's a that's a period which is traditionally vulnerable to manipulation these monitors are here to try and make sure that doesn't happen that is their job they'll be doing it possibly right through sunday possibly right into monday before we know who the final winner of this election is. trying to hold reporting there in a budget let's go back to our top story now the violence in venezuela we can speak to mohammed john jr who joins us live now from like iowa on the brazilian border mohammed little earlier speaking to our colleagues on the venezuela colombia border what can you tell us about where you are and crucially the reports of deaths at the border there. now barbara has gotten extremely tense in the past thirty
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to forty five minutes all of a sudden we saw plumes of smoke i don't think you can see it from where we are right now we have to move back because it's very tense right along the border but there been many migrants that have been flooding in in the past twenty minutes or so because of what's going on i think you can see some of them streaming past us as we're talking to you right now what we're told by brazilian security officials is that there were some venezuelan migrants that set fire to a venezuelan a security forces position along the border and that after that then venezuelan security forces started firing tear gas at those venezuelans now we started to notice all this when we saw these canisters of tear gas being walloped into this no man's land area which is really between both countries and we saw many even israel and panicky running into brazil then we started seeing some of the venezuelan
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migrants throwing rocks hurling those rocks towards the venezuelan security forces a few minutes after that another extraordinary scene venezuelan security forces coming up on the hill along the border and they were also hurling rocks at the venezuelan migrants a very very chaotic. yes if you see right now. these migrants we've spoken to some of them already. we spoke to some of them a short while ago. said to us that the venezuelan security forces were actually shooting tear gas into brazil now we've not gotten an official comment on that brazilian security forces. as you can see more vehicles being deployed there's a lot of sirens that we're hearing we heard several booms in the distance and just a short while ago we also see. an injured venezuelan man being carried away by some
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of his friends being taken further into brazil for treatment for his injuries really this is a very very stark contrast to what this border was like just an hour ago and frankly all throughout the day it had been calm the mood had been upbeat when two vehicles that were packed with aid had gone into venezuela and stopped on that side of the border some of that aid it been distributed we had seen venezuelan migrants singing and they were also chanting in unison for the ouster of president nicolas maduro in israel but as i said it was upbeat although there were concerns that we were hearing from migrants who were cross the end about the violence on the venezuelan side now it's totally changed so we're going to be trying to speak to more of the resilience of purity forces and bring you more updates in the next few hours as far as what this means for aid delivery and tensions along the border barbara a little check in with you again soon the at the border with venezuela brazil thank
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you it's going to say that now the main opposition party says protesters will keep up their campaign against the president after he declared a state of emergency late on friday omar al bashir also announced he was also the solving the central and state governments sparking overnight demonstrations but the streets have since been quiet and the state of emergency give security forces including the military the right to raid houses and buildings without warrants and put institutions on the surveillance if it seemed that they were used in illegal activities the land the property or financial assets can be seized and the groups can be banned or regulated and have their transport and telecommunications controlled president bashir is also appointed six new ministers and governors for so that is a thousand provinces all of whom have a military or security background. now saudi arabia has appointed its first female ambassador to the united states princess rima been
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found that being so time who's the daughter of a former long time ambassador to the u.s. will take over from the king son that prince highly bin salon he was recalled from the post after the murder of saudi journalist him on the show and is now being named betty defense. indeed authorities have arrested dozens of alleged the separatists and sent thousands of reinforcements to indian administered kashmir it follows an attack last week that killed forty one soldier is sparking right rising tensions with neighboring pakistan come on hide reports now from chuck altie in pakistan administered kashmir. or join indian military protection just one hundred meters above the line of control. between one area administered by india and the other by pakistan situated less than five hundred meters behind them if they don't know. where the possibility of an attack
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by indian forces did dominating discussions. roger ninety three years old an evacuation order an option for him but. we are worried about our loved ones on the other side of kashmir but we are not afraid of any threat we are motivated and we will support pakistan's military against any aggression. at this nearby school the children are rehearsing for their annual school day but there is only one thing on their mind dressed in military fatigues they want to send their own. good but it comes to junk and not to india wants to fight us we are ready to fight back we are not afraid of any threat and speak very calmly at night while our military is awake and alert we don't even depressed whatever mr modi wants to do he should be
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a strong enough to respond how we need him up. there teachers life will go on no matter what happens india. despite the threats from india our lives here as normal we still have a routine and come to school daily even though the border is just a few hundred metres away but we so far haven't seen any unusual movement of military. the people living close to the line of control are used to our right intentions in the region but are determined to maintain a semblance of normality their internal remain higher longer line of control agarkar dog retaliatory strike by rebel are all very important your brain by they're also preparing for the work people continue to go about their business is in the town but no one knows what really happened next or who will make the next move. standard minister crush me.
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on sunday senegal is set to vote in presidential elections the incumbent president says the country is booming thanks to his economic record but for candidates of the opposition poverty and unemployment are high on the agenda as young senegalese continue to migrate to europe reports from. senegal rising prosperous educated and with a booming economy it's this vision that president is promoting to get reelected i. am the candidate continue to progress the one that will bring prosperity to all senegalese. during his time in office new company registrations tripled among them is impact to car incubate or for startups i think it's a great time for a youngster who is really to take a number of risks because very little things like this in my field an intrapreneur lot of things that are here now little known here before one inauguration after the
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other sell is changing the capitals landscape promoting a narrative of a rising senegal just a few kilometers away from downtown the car is a two billion dollar construction site it's called junk president. wants to turn this into a silicon valley for west africa but if you travel away from the cranes and building sites there's another senate with a different narrative. this is. two hundred kilometers from the car and there are villages with no running water electricity or hospitals children suffer from malnutrition you sick out walked away from this life traveling across the mediterranean into europe with the hope to find better opportunities but he's come back empty handed. no there are no jobs here no opportunities at least not for us it's as if we don't exist and we don't count on the politicians unless it's election time and we have a problem with what. senegal is sinking in debt riddled with corruption and
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unemployment this is the narrative shared by the four opposition candidates among the political. establishment. politicians on starr nothing because this country's huge have decided to take responsibility and to take their destiny into their own hands fifty nine years of noise and betrayal. with conflicting narratives to choose from it's now up to the six million voters to decide which one rigs true and which set to go to vote for. big liz hawk al jazeera to car u.s. singer r. kelly has appeared in court in chicago over multiple sexual assault charges a judge described the allegations against him as disturbing and said bail at one million dollars the fifty two year old whose real name is robert kelly turned
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himself into authorities late on friday he's facing ten counts of aggravated sexual abuse for incidents back as far as nine hundred ninety eight numerous women have accused the singer of sexual abuse over the past two decades. the u.s. special counsel robert muller's team has told the u.s. judge that president trumps former campaign chair chairman for man a fort repeatedly and brazenly broke the law and it says he does not deserve leniency when he's sentenced for two conspiracy charges he pleaded guilty to last year the recommendation from a little over the criminal case in a federal court in washington increases the likelihood that not afford will spend the rest of his life in jail it comes a day after a separate filing by new york prosecutors requesting that he be charged regardless of whether he receives a presidential pardon pardon in a federal case. now banning certain hairstyles whether in the workplace or in school is considered a form of racial discrimination in new york new guidelines released by the city's
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commission on human rights apply to everyone but are particularly geared towards protecting the rights of black people kristen salumi explains. in new york's harlem neighborhood so-called natural hairstyles are born with pride. but what is common to african-americans from braids to afros to twist. often comes at a price because we've been so indoctrinated to thinking that straight hair is better and has a more appropriate and more professional looking it makes it difficult for people to wear their hearing actually and to be seen as being professional i think that's changing roberta alloway used to straighten her hair when she worked in a corporate environment. the women here in. the supervisor would walk down women in the one changing history but stylists
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a natural hair is healthier a lot of work a lot of money it's not. a transformation appears to be taking place at least a new york. legal recourse to any individual who's been harassed punished or fired because of their hairstyle in york the city's human rights commission considers such acts racial discrimination the commission released the guidelines after this video went viral of a student getting his braids cut off in order to compete in a school wrestling match at the insistence of the referee who said his hair covering did not meet competition guidelines commissioner carmel in malawi says her office is currently investigating seven cases of hair discrimination again i think this speaks to the every day indignities that black people have to suffer not just in new york city but nationally and i'm going to guess probably worldwide my hope
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is that by the city by new york city making this clear unequivocal statement that this is a form of race discrimination that other jurisdictions follow by leaders can be fined up to two hundred fifty thousand dollars still corey taylor isn't convinced the new guidelines will change things it can make a difference if you can prove it so the problem is going to be being able to prove it but many here in harlem see the change as a victory. christian from al-jazeera new york. and now the top stories on al-jazeera there are reports that at least two people have been killed in venezuela near the border with brazil in clashes over attempts to get aid into the country that that's were reported in the border town of the way in where another two people were killed on friday a local doctor says the violence took place in fighting between opposition activists and security forces all the opposition leader why doso off the convoy of
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aid to trucks in the colombian town of speaking alongside the colombian president one by door called on troops to allow the convoys to cross into venezuela peace for the. well i mean that. this is a landmark point in our history to allow the humanitarian aid to get in and to allow prosperity we must respect the human rights of the venezuelan people to the generals and all the countries that have formed this coalition the aid that's been sent in we are turn lead grateful to you we're here at the friendship bridge and this is where all of our people have come together to help venezuela this humanitarian aid is going into the country peacefully to save lives. president nicolas windows held a rally in the venezuelan capital where he announced he will break diplomatic relations with colombia thousands of supporters thronged the streets in caracas
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president who is refusing to back down on his promise not to let the aid in do says the aid convoy is part of a u.s. led invasion and his country doesn't need it. vote counting is started in most polls of close the nigerians delayed presidential and parliamentary elections mohamed to bihari is seeking a second term his main rival for more than seventy other candidates is the former vice president. sudan's main opposition party says protesters will keep up their campaign against the president after he declared a state of emergency late on friday omar al bashir is also appointed six new ministers and eighteen new state governors all of whom have a military or security background those are your headlines coming up next on al-jazeera it's rewind kosovo a year of fear and hope my colleagues in the hall will have more news in half an hour and i'll see you tomorrow thanks for watching by.
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understand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world so no matter how you take it al-jazeera will bring in the news and current affairs that matter to al-jazeera. to in. the end. am. the end. the as long as. hello welcome again to rewind am fully back to book since al jazeera english launched more than a decade ago with built up an incredible library of award winning films here on
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rewind where revisiting some of the best of them and finding out what's happened since ten years ago kosovo sandwiched between serbia and i'll be.


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