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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  February 24, 2019 5:00am-6:01am +03

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we're entering. hello i missed and this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes venezuela turns into a battle ground as troops loyal to president nicolas maduro clashed with opposition supporters. a first for saudi arabia princess removed and band becomes
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the new ambassador to the u.s. . a wave of excitement north korea's leader heads for a second summit with donald trump. and a vote counting has begun in nigeria after millions of people go to the polls to elect a new president. venezuelans trying to get aid across the border from colombia have faced violent resistance from security forces and an opposition back to mission that doesn't appear to have been overly successful trucks have been blocked from getting through and security forces if i had to guess that protest is injuring almost three hundred people there were confrontations at another entry points with brazil and one border town at least two people were killed but not everyone staying loyal to president nicolas maduro colombia's defense minister says sixty members of the armed forces defected opposition leader one remains defiant despite many aid trucks turning back he'll
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soon meet the u.s. vice president to discuss the deepening crisis. the four trucks carrying u.s. aid were trying to cross the bridge separating venezuela and colombia then one was set on fire. the opposition said it was set ablaze by the venezuelan soldiers but the government says the opposition did it to pin the blame on president nicolas maduro one incident and a day of confusion and violence. in venezuela there were clashes between supporters of opposition leader. and security forces several people were injured. earlier venezuelan soldiers commandeered armored personnel carriers and ran them through their own barricades and set up to prevent the u.s. aid from coming to hand four soldiers then ran across the border and defected and.
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watched events from the colombian side of the border he urged soldiers to defect in mass. a call on the armed forces a very clear welcome to the right side of history welcome to those soldiers who today sided with the constitution but it didn't happen. in the capital. and in bold and will save. i can't continue putting up with this we can continue putting up with colombia lending itself to an aggression against bin as well and that is why i have decided to break all political and diplomatic relations with the fascist government of colombia and all its ambassadors and general consuls have to leave venezuela within twenty four hour as get out of here oligarchy. on the border with brazil the violence turned deadly as campaigners tried to get aid and there's fear and anger on both sides and no clear path to peace gave.
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out. well jason is director of the last american center at the atlantic council and he joins us now from washington d.c. jason we've been hearing about what's been happening at both the colombian and the brazilian board is how is this all playing out politically for both me and. well thanks for the question thanks for having me on this is today forever twenty third was an important day both for motto and for. whose record as the in term president by at last count fifty two countries around the world this day was a day to start to see did military with keifer one by doa see military defections seeing the humanitarian aid that's coming in from the us from colombia from brazil from many other countries as a way to bring the military forces to recognize that that they should they should move toward the allegiance with long white oh as a report said sixty military did cross over the border to colombia and defect.
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that's that's significant but it's not the numbers that the the interim government wants are we likely to see more crossing over in defecting towards the opposition well i think today today was it was day one i fully expect tomorrow and in the days ahead to see continued action at the border both of the colombian border as well as the brazilian border most of the attention right now is focused on the colombian border but the convoy did make its way across the brazilian border earlier today i do expect more defections to come from the venice film illiterate the question could be how many and to what scale and also recognizing the fact that many duro armed paramilitary groups are also at the border and those groups are less very unlikely to to to defect across the border and are we saying the violence in the crackdown on the boat is galvanize support for the opposition at this stage. well
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the violence the crackdown of the border it's horrific no violence should be should be had at this point. at least we avoided some of the some of the potentials of some of the worst violence i think this is this the the interim government that is. both at the border on the colombia side as well as leaders that remain in venezuela i think they feel emboldened not not just by the crying of outpouring of support but also by the fact that president duke of colombia present abdulla paraguayan the brazilian for mr the second journal the oas they'll spend their entire day at the border for mr as will be convening including vice president pens and but what's on offer a limb a group meeting monday that long will be attending and so there is this continued international momentum and really this show of support both by present goals and
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nardo in brazil as well as president do in colombia for getting this humanitarian aid that so desperately needed into the country as you say there is international pressure that the standoff has been continuing for some time do you see this reaching any kind of resolution saying. i i i do hope that there is a resolution soon but i think that the that it's also very likely that they still make continues for some time this the what is most important as that some of this aid really does start to get into the country sixty percent of the population in just one year's time lost nearly twenty five pounds young children are have their gross stunted maternal much party rates are high diseases have returned to venezuela so this aid really is necessary this is this is not just a political stunt it's humanitarian assistance that is vital for the venezuelan people so i do hope those aid gets into the country as quickly as possible jason
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from the atlantic council and thanks for joining us on out is there thank you for having me. well at last in america it is and you see a new man is in san antonio on the venezuelan side of the border he's here talk us through how events unfolded today where you are there is live ammunition. yes there certainly was and as far as you know we were near the border of of the sumo believe that international bridge where some six hundred opposition members were trying to cross over they were trying to breach the security and and the barriers i had been placed by the national guard and soldiers and police that were there they managed to get very very close they almost reached the customs office even though they fired tear gas and rubber bullets they kept advancing and then the armed these groups are calling people here these are armed gangs that way our masks that are very very heavily armed riding around on motorcycles and that
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support the government they came out and began shooting at will at the protesters i have the latest figures from photo but now that is an ngo here the tracks imprisonment and also human rights violations and killings they say that there were thirty four people wounded in town and two killed that's near the border with brazil and twenty five here in all from gunshot wounds not from rubber bullets so there was that there were certainly heavy heavy industry injuries we saw this ourselves we had to go for cover very very violent and that lasted until very late until just very recently we were hearing the gunfire here by the call it deals who had parolees barriers along the main road here in san antonio and you see how is all of this playing out politically i believe madeira very recently tweeted a video of himself on his twitter page. yes he did and in fact that he has said that he's sounding very very victorious and he's also said
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that he has been on driving around downtown and got access with his wife almost like a victory lap smiling and laughing and talking about peace and thanking the people of new york at least there was apparently a prologue little demonstration somewhere in new york you made no reference at all to the violence that has taking place here and that's our last american editor lucien human and on the venezuelan border thanks for that update you see him well in the homage i'm jim has more from packer i'm in brazil near the venezuelan border. we saw a very tense situation we saw clashes that were going on between venezuelan security personnel that were on venezuela side of the border and venezuelan migrants that were on brazil's side of the border the scenes were quite tense we saw venezuelan security forces lobbing tear gas towards venezuela migrants as often as willing migrants throwing rocks back towards venezuela security forces at one
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point we saw organised and security forces throwing rocks back towards the direction of venezuela migrant so it got very tense now the brazilian army has cleared that area their side of the border they pushed everybody back into that center of the town a pocket i'm a here on the border you see the border crossing behind us it is at this hour earlier in the day it was quite calm we saw two aid vehicles with venezuelan license plates go from brazil into israel it just right into venezuela stop on to the side of the road and start distributing some bits of aid to venezuela migrants were assembled when those vehicles actually crossed in there was cheering for those vehicles many of the venezuelan migrants that were assembled well they started chanting for the ouster of an israeli president nicolas maduro at one point it seemed quite festive in the hours that came after that well things got quite a bit more serious because we started hearing accounts from venezuela migrants that were crossing in of horrors they were seeing especially in the border town of santa
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ana where clashes they tell us are still taking place between the venezuelan military and between indigenous people that are aligning themselves with venezuela's opposition so even though at this hour things have returned to calm the question right now in everybody's mind that we've spoken with is will things stay this way. well there's plenty more ahead on this news hour including putting on a show the prosperous image being portrayed by senegalese president as he seeks reelection. hearing their voices still being heard we need people outside of vatican meeting on sexual abuse. and lionel messi rescues barcelona and reaches a career milestone in the process all the details coming up in support. of saudi arabia has replaced its ambassador to the united states with its first female envoy princess rima been to banda takes over from the king sung fans kind of
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been silent he's been appointed vice defense minister the princess is the daughter of a former ambassador to the united states and previously worked for saudi arabia's general sports authority promoting women's participation in the and fix best nominee is a professor of political science at the university of waterloo in canada and she joins us from there via skype thanks for being with us again on al-jazeera besa what kind of message is riyadh sending to the wild with this appointment wanting to much as they want to show that they're serious about making as much advancement as they can for women that they're committed to the progress of women and bit by bit are going to get better and that it's very i think prominent ritual who knows very well who's well spoken and can do probably good for her country but of course the way it's received is probably one of a p.r. exercise an attempt to deflect attention away from a very tumultuous year after the murder of democracy certainly a lot of continued criticism of the saudis in their war in yemen and other policies
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within washington and of course. that's why you say people are regarding it as a p.r. exercise talk us through the princess's careerist so far there are people who are taking her appointment seriously. and you know i think they should in the sense that really she's very eloquent she certainly understands the united states very well she's lived there for a very long time of course her father was the ambassador prior and so she very much americanised for lack of better term probably understands the culture and knows how to be a valuable interlocutor all the things you want and a good diplomat particularly in a post like the united states but of course i think there are many people who will see this totally for a p.r. exercise i have no doubt that the saudis want this to be a p.r. exercise they need good p.r. frankly but make no mistake she is very successful eloquent and is deserving of the job well there's also been ten to fake a national social media about whether she'll campaign on behalf of saudi women for
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instance on whether some of those who in jail should be freed what are your thoughts about the likelihood of that well i really hope that's true you know i had heard her speak before and she is certainly very eloquent about fighting for the rights of women and knows that there is a lot of progress to be done for women written large whether or not she will advocate for those innocent women who are in saudi jail today i really hope that's the case i don't know perhaps she is going to be useful secret whisper into the kingdom to ask them for that because i think she is going to learn very quickly in the united states that this is an issue that's not going to go away that many of those women dr this have friends in the united states and beyond that and want to see some justice for them because they've done nothing wrong but fight for the very rights that this country now claims to pursue and that's not prince khalid been found and should be read anything into his departure especially after he faced criticism in the wake of a matter of jamal khashoggi. i think it was very smart of the saudis could take him
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out give him a promotion for old purposes it looks like a promotion but certainly i don't think there was a receptive audience in the united states to greet him he was tainted in the scandal and certainly i think it's smart move for the brits. this man money from the university of washington in canada always a pleasure to have you on al-jazeera thank you thank you north korea's leader kim jong un is on a train heading to vietnam for a summit with u.s. president donald trump and the second set of talks between the pair and they're expected to focus on denuclearization efforts on the korean peninsula at the meeting in one way in four days trump and kim met for the first time in singapore last june well al-jazeera is robert bride is in seoul rob kim's departure by train was widely anticipated and now he's on the move what's his likely itinerary in the coming hours and even days. that's right
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a this epic journey has now begun this there is a confirmation of his departure from pyongyang came from the north koreans themselves from the state run news agency releasing photographs and also video of kim jong un inspecting the guard of honor young station then getting on board his especially armored train with his team in kill including of course community child his chief negotiator interestingly for north koreans this is the first confirmation of that a summit is in the offing we've known for the past couple of weeks that he was going to be hanoi what the date was going to be this is the first confirmation for people in north korea that their leader is attending this summit that it's taking place interestingly it's also being told about his departure as he leaves north korea in the past of course given the obsession with secrecy and security previous north korean leaders might be expected to conduct a trip like this abroad return to pyongyang safely before even telling north
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koreans about it it does seem to be an indication of the growing confidence of kim jong un huizi begins this latest diplomatic foray his journey is likely to go through beijing we understand that there are various rail restrictions in place in the south of china which would seem to confirm that his train is going to go all the way to the border with yet now and we don't hear about road restrictions which seem to indicate that he will then take a motorcade to hanoi itself where as you mentioned this as you know we have the trump summit on wednesday and thursday and prior to that on choose day is expected to be hosted by the president of vietnam so a busy few days ahead and run there's a lot of speculation at the moment that as he passes through beijing he'll have a meeting with chinese president xi jinping has significant that be if it happened . it would seem to make sense it would seem to fit
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a pattern he has done that we saw that last year before before the developments in this diplomatic back and forth before his first summit meeting with trump he met with jim ping and he would be a sensible act of deference to your one a strong ally and also your neighbor to show him respects to include him in the process china doesn't want to be seen to be left out of all of this so we would be anticipated that that might take place and of course it's also being followed very closely here in south korea itself people here are anticipating that if they have a successful summit in hanoi then that bodes well for a historic visit by kim jong un to south korea which would be presumably his next big diplomatic move. on mcbride live press and sell thank you for that rob. vote counting is underway in nigeria after saturday's presidential election and
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company president. is seeking a second tan and what thought to be a tight race with former vice president baca the electoral commission extended voting hours in some places where polling stations opened late or ballot machines malfunctioned having me tasa has more from nigeria's commercial capital lagos. many nigerians are watching election officials closely these voters in the commercial capital lagos say they want to make sure there's no rigging last tuesday has cast doubts on the electrical machines credibility and competence. in long. distance from the race to govern the country with africa's biggest economy pits incumbent president. against main opposition candidates and former vice president a tickler backer emotions are high they are displeased a result could lead to violence although there were delays in parts of nigeria
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election officials say they generally had with the turnout managers have to wait to find out who has won and by what margin analysts say it's going to be a tight race. early on saturday there were attacks in the north east of the country blamed on boko haram fighters but there didn't seem to deter the voters in rivers state in the south incidents of violence when some people weren't able to vote whoever wins in nigeria will have to deal with the precarious security situation and the challenge a turnaround in economy struggling to recover from the twenty sixteen recession how to meet us algis or make us. well al jazeera is trying to hell is in the capital of baghdad with more on nigeria's election. but i'm standing in the situation room the headquarters of one of the main civil society vote monitoring groups here in nigeria yaga as you can see behind me late in the evening here people still hard at work pressing the phones taking information from monitors thousands of them spread
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throughout the country on the situation still unfolding at the polls there are questions in this election in particular over the late opening of a number of polling stations around the country some polling stations that may not open at all they're trying to verify that still and the possibility that in those places voting may have to continue on sunday they've also been reports of intimidation election related violence at some polling stations particularly into the evening trying to get very big case in all of those things as well but on the whole it seems to have been a relatively peaceful process to questions that they are focused on in particular these monitors the first is turnout trying to ascertain the extent to which that week long delay to this election may have depressed turn out to the point where perhaps there may be question marks over the mandate of the eventual winner and the second big issue of course is protecting the final result making sure that the
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tallies collected at individual polling stations one hundred twenty thousand of them are accurately transferred and reflected in the final count that's a that's a period which is traditionally vulnerable to manipulation these monitors are here to try and make sure that doesn't happen that is their job they'll be doing it possibly right through sunday possibly right into monday before we know who the final winner of this election is authentic or as president is banking on a booming economy as he seeks reelection in sunday's vote that opposition candidates are focusing on poverty and unemployment which are pushing people to seek a better life abroad let us have. senegal rising prosperous educated and with a booming economy it's this vision that president like you said he's promoting to get reelected i. am the candidate continue to progress the one that will
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bring prosperity to all senegalese during his time in office new company registrations tripled among them is impact a car in incubator for startups but i think it's a great time for a youngster it was really to take a number of risks because very little things like this in my field and entrepreneurship there are a lot of things that are here now going to appear before inauguration after the other side is changing the capital's landscape promoting narrative of a rising senegal just a few kilometers away from downtown the car is a two billion dollar construction site it's called junkyard you present my case wants to turn this into a silicon valley for west africa but if you travel away from the cranes and building sites there's another senegal with a different narrative this is. two hundred kilometers from the car and there are villages with no running water electricity or hospitals children suffer from
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malnutrition. you sick out walked away from this life traveling across the mediterranean into europe with the hope to find better opportunities but he's come back empty handed there are no jobs here no opportunities at least not for us it's as if we don't exist we don't count the politicians unless it's election time and was one of the most senegal sinking in debt riddled with corruption and unemployment this is the narrative shared by the four opposition candidates among them political newcomer and anti establishment loose months. you can win your. politicians understand nothing because this country's huge have decided to take responsibility and to take their destiny into their own hands fifty nine years of lies and betrayal we have enough. with conflicting narratives to choose from it's now up to the six million voters to decide which one rings true and which senegal
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to vote for. nicholas hawke al-jazeera the car. still ahead on al-jazeera. scaling up for action the children sending their own message on tension between pakistan and india. we look at the nominees for best foreign language film at this year's oscars and how the movie is strong relaxed. and in force and dramatic day of protests in the caribbean but have all the action coming up later. that i was rained again in southern china now these are the average for february for rain for in hong kong has already formed by fifty five millimeters so we don't see anymore but this massive cloud pleasing far away from hong kong and they will
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give you something at the start of sunday otherwise it's in. and once it's gone through the sun is i want to get for the most part the temp just starts to rise in hong kong twenty two one monday and twelve in shanghai but there is more cloud for the west more funny shouting going wrong and the snow from tibet and plateau she's been sporadic but it's moving east which money reach sichuan base to higher ground west to do but beyond that it's now dry as it should be so most of the station is dry these. are showing some vigorous nissim places so the way sea and borneo and certainly java on those three areas i think will be the concentration the big shot of the next couple of days you might find water to singapore but you not really that proud not a cloud in the area but shot i think a rather rare a feature we have got showers today in northern india they've settled down for a time being but this is always going to be a bit of a hint a bit of a clue i think in the next day or so you might find want to even in west bengal
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they'll be a rarity but they're in the forecast all the same. sponsored. at the time it was the worst environmental disaster in brazil's history but it was also a tragic for pace the. people in power investigates claims the warnings ignored. the disturbing between lawmakers and the mining industry. on trial. just brazil. when the news breaks a few minutes ago we were able to hear a huge explosion fifty people still missing when people need to be heard and the story needs to be told we need to invest in development and making sure the people on. teams on the ground join us for this historic shift in american politics
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to bring you more. documentaries and life moves on and. again i'm. reminded of the news the. venezuelan is trying to bring aid across the border from colombia facing violent opposition from security forces at least two people have been killed in the clashes along the border with brazil as police try the aid president nicolas maduro has closed numerous border crossings. saudi arabia has replaced its ambassador to the us with its first female envoy. takes over from
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the king. has been a voice he's been appointed. it's minister. north korea's leader kim jong un is on a train heading to vietnam for a summit with u.s. president donald trump they're expected to focus on denuclearization efforts on the korean peninsula at the meeting in hungary in four days. a referendum is taking place in japan's okinawa prefecture on a new u.s. military base camp anus a landfill where to expand the base is threatening coral reef but there's been a long resentment of u.s. troops during world war two one hundred fifty thousand people about a quarter of the island's population at the time were killed in the battle of okinawa the one nine hundred ninety five gang rape of a twelve year old girl by three u.s. servicemen sparked protests against the u.s. military presence barrels containing toxic chemicals were found buried at the u.s. for ten my airbase former troops stationed there accuse the military of using agent
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orange which they say caused chronic illness for them and their descendants jeff kingston is the professor of asian studies at temple university and he joins us now via skype from tokyo jeff talk us through the reasons why this referendum is taking place it's nonbinding so it's mostly symbolic i believe. people or it was very loud. to accuse bit hard of hearing. nordan. luis allen people last autumn the new governor tamaki one a very decisive victory running on it and tied base platform. the okinawa people are fed up with the. over presidents of the american military forces they host about seventy percent of the u.s. base facilities that about half of the american military personnel so they think that they have suffered too much in terms of american crime but also they don't
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think the bases are there to protect them they see them as bull's eyes that in danger them in the event of a conflict and what's driving the rest of that anti u.s. sentiment i believe there have been some issues around safety and now the basis attention going to be relocated to a more volatile area. well the current marine air base is and you know one city it's called tema airbase and it's surrounded by a dense sleep popular as a dental area and if you go there you'll just see it's cheek by jowl the oak you know international university is right next to it and a few years back the helicopter crashed there so it's clearly a dangerous place to be so they decided they're going to build it replacements a silty on this beautiful order of bay you go there as i was last year you see this clear pristine waters people kayak there but now they're putting landfill in there
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and a journalist found out that actually the landfill that could in there isn't the gravel that was contracted but it's red earth that's got a lot of iron in it which is going to destroy the marine life the other big issues after twenty years they've been plan unless they finally did a study about the seabed and they suddenly discovered that it has the consistency of manatees so this is going to make the project much more costly take a lot more time and the. wonder why and jeff what kind of impact could this referendum and the outcome of that have on u.s. japan relations. well you know they're always taught. shared values are the. only alliance but by steadfastly noise in the democratic voice of the okinawa people it seems that tokyo in
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washington are undermining those democratic now so i think a lot of the book you know winds feel that it's time that washington tokyo began to take their concerns seriously for okinawans as you pointed out your leave you know war memory lingers it's passed on from generation to jet but aeration every year they commemorate you know the horrific you know in battle where they lost two hundred fifty thousand people so they are worried that these distant powers are making decisions that put them in harm's way and they don't want any part of it that you know that the rest of japan maybe could do more of that share in the u.s. faces jeff kingston from temple university speaking to us there from take care thank you for your time to think you thousands of people have been protesting in pakistan against what they're calling atrocities committed in indian administered kashmir they rallied in karachi in support of pakistan's army as tension between
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the two countries increases come out to reports from pakistan administered kashmir . carney's reuters keep a close watch on indian military positions just one hundred meters above the line of control. made between one area administrate by india and the other by pakistan situated less than five hundred meters behind them if the town of chuck corkey where the possibility of an attack by indian forces is dominating discussions. roger ninety three years old an evacuation order an option for him but. we are worried about our loved ones on the other side of kashmir but we are not afraid of any threat we are motivated and we will support pakistan's military against any aggression. at this nearby school the children are rehearsing for their
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annual school day but there is only one thing on their mind dressed in military fatigues they want to send their own. good but it comes to gen can lead to india wants to fight us we are ready to fight back we are not afraid of any threat and speak very calmly at night while our military is awake and alert we don't even depressed whatever mr modi wants to do he should be a strong enough to respond how we need him up. there teachers life will go on no matter what happens india. despite the threats from india our lives here as normal we still have a routine and come to school daily even though the border is just a few hundred meters away well we so far haven't seen any unusual movement of military. the people living close to the line of control are used right intentions in the region but they are determined to maintain
5:37 am
a semblance of normality their internal remain a higher longer line of control opt out prairie dog retaliatory strike by india rebel are all very important your brain by they're also preparing for the war people continue to go about their business is in the town but no one knows what really happened next or who will make the next move. standard minister to push me. and i'll just there is faster mail has more from india's capital new delhi. roughly one hundred fifty people who. been arrested in the night between friday and saturday most from the pro separatist group jamaat e islami this comes just as about ten thousand indian paramilitary troops have been brought in to indeed administered kashmir people on the ground tell al jazeera that they believe the troops have been brought in ahead of next week's supreme court hearing on article thirty five eight of the indian constitution article thirty five
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is the special section which gives me or autonomy and allows its legislature to give special status including that only indigenous residents can buy property now several special interest groups have brought the case saying that this special status is a violation of indians cause india's constitution and it should be struck down critics say that striking down the article would only inflame tensions in the region also on saturday india's prime minister narendra modi held a pre-election rally in the state of rajastan where he called for kashmiris not to be targeted in light of last week's attack where a suicide bomber killed forty one indian paramilitary troops now while some are welcoming prime minister in the render remove these words this is the first time he's spoken about kashmiris being attacked thrown out of their hospitals and even beaten up by local malls we have al-jazeera have been reporting this in the first few days it was the first time the prime minister has said anything in fact even in the past few days several senior government officials and agencies have branded
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reports of kashmir is being targeted as fake news all of which is only add to the tensions in the region. new concerns about the catholic church's commitment to ending sexual abuse have. some victims wonder if such politics are getting in the way of real change on the third day of the. action against abuse him accused we asked each other how we can act responsibly which steps we should take to face the future with a renewed courage should we say as a protocol son dead father i have sinned we need to examine where necessary concrete actions for local churches for the members of the episcopal conferences for ourselves and this requires to look sincerely at our own actions and situations which have taken place in our countries. one archbishops and cardinals talk in the vatican sexual abuse survivors have staged events like this and repeated that among zero tolerance throwing abusive
5:40 am
priests and those that cover up for them out of the priesthood but a founder of the group ending pretty abuse is church politics might be getting in the way of something pope francis himself has previously called for two thirds of the bishops that are meeting there from the developing world i mean we africa and asia and they are denying all of our minimizing the issue and they do not want a law on the books i asked liberia's mohseni a bishop whether african and asian clergy supported zero tolerance to show that we do we ought to yes but we have to define what zero tolerance means and i want to be well we. we have to decide where to zero tolerance means zero tolerance you know we stay discourse in that you know more rigid it's easy if you don't is zero tolerance means one is means of the crimean getting. getting
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a present of to preach to or whatever we have to definitely say that. bishop of luxembourg says regardless of where they come from most closely do you want zero tolerance but acknowledges some differences exist it's a little bit more difficult for other cultures where people are confronted to other real problems. child soldiers. countries design wall why women are raped nearly every day so. it's more difficult for them to focus just on this problem but they also understand to the discipline the question is whether understanding will lead to action it should be surprising this institution as large and diverse as the roman catholic church might have internal divisions but for the victims of sexual abuse this must not be allowed to stand in the way or slow down
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the reform that they're demanding now rory chalons al-jazeera right. still ahead on al-jazeera and force a big upset in the final of the championships that story coming up and if you like . much on al-jazeera maggi has done debates discusses and dissect the big issues of our times then head to head to thailand votes on march the twenty fourth and its first general election since the twenty four team military coup join us for special coverage in a powerful new film residents of occupy jerusalem share their thoughts on its past present and future deal or no deal what does the future hold for breadsticks we'll bring you the latest as the march the twenty ninth state lines of the u.k. to meet the new edges nira and we examine the development of an unusual alliance
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between radical buddhist monks and the military and me in ma ma. which on how does iraq. south africa's largest opposition party has launched it's not a fester the democratic alliance is a vote share has been steadily increasing since the end of apartheid in one thousand nine hundred four web reports from johannesburg. kitty pony mcadie says she's tired of being jobless and scared of rampant crime here in a neighborhood in so wet a fever just hiding a top people when they come to wake the african national congress government built houses here nearly twenty years ago get it bernie told me it's done nothing since
5:44 am
she's always supported the a.n.c. in the past but in local elections two years ago she switched to south africa's largest opposition party the democratic alliance i voted because i was a i was just thinking maybe it's going to make a change in the whole thing is going to make a change you know those things that it was not keeping to even see. i. think that it was i think a democracy regarded not a right. but is it possible. that the time i had decided to try to thousands of them are gathered here at this stadium it was for the case that they want to write a general election to the schools here in fact. corruption scandals and economic stagnation during the nine year rule of former president jacob zuma placed south
5:45 am
africa's opposition a lot of ammunition. so if you want the government that will work for you. yes you are the government that will deliver jobs for you. if you want the government that will not steal your money and use the money for the people. there during apartheid the da formally the democratic party was led by whites who were opposed to the system the a.n.c. is credited with bringing an end to white minority rule the da says it'll help south africans but some are skeptical so thank you. back in solomon malloy does what he can to help his community he collects old clothes for the neighborhoods poorest like many here he says he'll never vote for the da should they be in power it is the white minority that was to be in control so therefore i discipline this and still be at the end of the stick whereby
5:46 am
with agency in spite of the collapse and it to him we still get opportunities opinion polls suggest that come may be da will get more votes than ever before the a and c. fewer but an a and c. majority is still expected and the possibility of a da government still seems a long way off malcolm webb al-jazeera johannesburg south africa banning certain hairstyles whether in the workplace or at a school is now considered a form of racial discrimination in new york christensen a mixed day. in new york's harlem neighborhood so-called natural hairstyles are worn with pride. but what is common to african-americans from braves to afros to twist. often comes at a price because they've been so indoctrinated to thinking that straight hair is
5:47 am
that or and has more appropriate and more professional looking it makes it difficult for people to wear their hearing actually and to be seen as being professional i think that's changing roberta alloway used to straighten her hair when she worked in a corporate environment. the women who we would be hearing. in the supervisor would walk down women in the one changing history but stylists a natural hair is healthier a lot of work and it's a lot of money it's not. a transformation appears to be taking place at least a new york. legal recourse to any individual who's that harassed punished or fired because of their hairstyle in york the city's human rights commission considers such acts racial discrimination the commission released the guidelines after this video went viral of a student getting his braids cut off in order to compete in
5:48 am
a school wrestling match at the insistence of the referee who said his hair covering did not meet competition guidelines commissioner carmel in malawi says her office is currently investigating seven cases of hair discrimination again i think this speaks to the every day indignities that black people have to suffer not just in new york city but nationally and i'm going to guess probably worldwide my hope is that by the city by new york city making this clear unequivocal statement that this is a form of race discrimination that other jurisdictions follow. violators can be fined up to two hundred fifty thousand dollars still corey taylor isn't convinced the new guidelines will change things it can make a difference if you can prove it so the problem is going to be being able to prove it but many here in harlem see the change as a victory nonetheless christian salumi al-jazeera new york and now it's time for
5:49 am
sports has far thanks very much leo messi scored the fiftieth hat trick of his career has efforts lifting barcelona to a hard fought their way to sivia and the spanish masses gold bar so level twice to go into the latter stages to all he gave them the lead with five minutes left to complete his hat trick barcelona went on to seal it for two there are now temp points clear at the top of the table. it was really important to win here today because of what it means because of the opponents because of how the league is we wanted to maintain the advantage we had over the chasing teams and take on what's coming tottenham miss a chance to go within two points of english premier league leaders manchester city they lost to want to burnley despite the return from injury by harry kane spurs state third in the table five points behind the leaders. in that week that means we need to be this game grisha you know we don't win. but.
5:50 am
then if we win. and we can think you know we in to be a real contender this you know we're so massive fortunately for us. kilian and bob a scored twice to lead his side p.s.g. to a three nil win over name and france's legal it comes as their presence said that both of them bobby and neymar won't be sold in the foreseeable future despite an ongoing financial fair play investigation. was talking as the club signed a new sponsorship deal with a french hospitality company p.s.g. are appealing to sport's highest court after european football's governing body reopened the case to whether the club had broken rules aimed at preventing overspending. cricketing history has been made in south africa have become the first asian side to claim a test series win in the country they dominated the second test in port elizabeth winning by eight wickets early on day three back pleaded
5:51 am
a two nil series win against the second ranked team in the world it once seven straight series at home just to give you an idea of how big of a achievement this is south africa have dominated asia's biggest teams they've only lost three of twenty home test against india against pakistan they've dropped just two tests from fifteen sri lanka's chimes means they become only the third team after england and australia to win a series and south africa. there's no excuse when two legged comes you know we have to we have to be a lot better to play some good cricket but the cricket we have been playing at home for the last two or three seasons if you were anywhere close to that we should have beaten this team and we were on top of our own game we didn't score them on our runs but we wanted to. i your magic batting collapse for anyone allowed the west indies to square up their one day series the windies bowlers putting on a fine back to win by twenty six runs and barbados david stokes has the action
5:52 am
by after losing game one the west indies needed a good start and they got one chris gayle doing what he does best clearing the stands on the way to another one day fifty times but it was shimmer on het meyer who stole the show he smashed four sixes and seven fours to rack up a century in eighty three bowls was the twenty two year old finished and became a one hundred four in england needed two hundred ninety to win the tourists to chase down a record three sixty in the last game and they were cruising thanks to a ninety nine run stand between now and morgan and ben stokes both of them past fifty and england were well on track eating just to run the ball to go to no up in the series but the partnership broke and it all went wrong sheldon cultural and jason holder ripped through england's batsman the last six wickets falling for just thirty five runs and you were all out for two hundred sixty three and the west
5:53 am
indies had squared the series with fourteen goals to spare the third match takes place in grenada on monday david stokes al-jazeera. idiot cricket captain vera kohli says he will respect the decision of his government with regards to playing pakistan in the upcoming world cup his comments come after calls from india's cricket body to boycott the match a week ago based armed group claimed responsibility for an attack that killed forty indian paramilitary policeman and indian administered kashmir to time fifty over world champions india is set to meet one thousand nine hundred two winners pakistan in one of the most anticipated matches of the world cup on june the sixteenth and manchester. really thought about what happened and really. sad about the incident that happened on stand. by what the nation. wants to do and what the b.c. i decided to do and that is basically out opinion whatever the government and the
5:54 am
board decide eventually we will go by that and we expect that. wales have moved top of the six nations championship table they knocked and went off the summit by beating them twenty one thirteen on saturday or earlier france beat scotland twenty seven to ten and are currently third. tennis now and swiss player belinda bennett church pulled off a huge upset to win her first title in nearly four years unseated bennett world number four patrick have at it in the final of the divide championships this was the twenty one year old fourth win over a top ten player this week after knocking out the likes of samoa halep and only us that alina in a church last won title in twenty fifteen when she crunched the watches cap and toronto. and that's all your support for now more later. one of hollywood's biggest events the oscars is coming up on sunday but beyond the glitz and glam of the
5:55 am
ninety first academy award ceremony maybe even little different to previous is foreign language films often overlooked in the past could dominate the show thanks to digital streaming platforms rob reynolds has. been having. in capernaum lebanese director he's focus is on twelve year old zene who stands as a representative for the hundreds of millions of children worldwide war neglected abused and exploited zain is a tough beirut kid played by xeno rafidah he flees his own caring family to wander through the slums you finds a makeshift family with an undocumented ethiopian immigrant and her baby the film is a harrowing journey into the depths and yet at the very end like some impossible flower blooming amid the filth there is a brilliant flash of hope that this is a better life in a different kind of family lives in director hirokazu hoary it is shoplifters
5:56 am
multiple generations cramming into a ramshackle tokyo house we soon learned this is a family born from necessity of the members are actually related but they've banded together to survive. when a crisis explodes the family the consequences are dire for all but. the shows how tenacious are the bombs of kindness and love obsessive tortured love is the theme of polish director pawel pawlikowski film cold war about an affair spanning decades on both sides of the iron curtain in post-war poland a team of artists transforms the culture into full throated stalinist propaganda jazz pianist victor played by thomas kot falls hopelessly in love with teenage singer zula the luminous joanna league he plots their escape to the west but she
5:57 am
did she see him in east berlin decades later they meet again in paris and the spark is rekindled but their love is infected with a kind of bitterness and only mutual destruction can unite them forever. by mexico's alfonzo quar own is a dreamily paced semi autograph it story of a fracturing family and the young domestic servant cleo who holds everyone together while fighting her own tragedies shot in black and white roma is a film whose images linger in the memory rounding out the category as florian henkel phone donors marks never look away a three hour long epic exploring art love and politics an artist played by tom schilling's experiences nazi tyranny the total destruction of war and the suffocating grip of east germany's communist dictatorship cold war roma and shoplifters can all be seen on digital streaming platforms never look away and
5:58 am
capernaum are not currently available online robert oulds al-jazeera. well that's a true meanest that funny about to be here very shortly one needs. rewind returns a pair bring your people back to life i'm sorry with brian you updates on the best of al-jazeera documentaries in libya i was the floods and the like and the other student rewind continues with kosovo a year of fear and hope this was my return to kosovo and the little village of but one decade on i've come back to find out what happened to those hopes and dreams rewind on al jazeera. they call this bleeding the tree. first substance the world is addicted to now at the center of
5:59 am
a global trade war. it's latex in its purest form found in tires phones toothbrushes satellites or mattresses it is an essential element in daily life and so deep in the ivorian forest where you had a book goes from tree to tree scarring them for the precious liquid trump is imposing two hundred billion dollars in tariffs on china the world's largest manufacturer of rubber goods china in response imposes tariffs on synthetic rubber the west produces while in the short term this is bad for african producers in the long run some hope the continent could benefit from this trade war unaware of the global trade war and despite falling prices at opel calls rubber white gold at least for now. i'll just see right explores prominent figures of the twentieth century and how reliable research influenced the course of history the salt did not
6:00 am
get enough credit for ending a bust if you want to be the big historical figure but he was mandela. the prisoner of the prison came to go to a. different. dance. and destruction venezuela turns into a battle. with opposition supporters trying to get. watching al-jazeera live from. head a wave of excitement north korea's leader heads for a second summit with the u.s.
6:01 am
president donald trump. nigeria begins counting the votes to millions of people go to the polls to elect a new president and saudi arabia.


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