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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 24, 2019 10:00am-10:33am +03

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to fate and inspiring brazilian people are really afraid they won't is watching on al-jazeera. a violent showdown and a diplomatic standoff over foreign aid the crisis deepens further in venezuela. michele kerry this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up counting the votes in nigeria politicians and voters await the results of the delay presidential election. i mean business first is widespread poverty and unemployment rival narratives on test votes to elect a new leader. and north korea's leader heads for a second summit with president.
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opposition efforts to bring aid into venezuela have ended in scenes of violence death and destruction troops stop trucks from crossing from colombia and security forces fired tear gas or protestors entering almost three hundred people are also confrontations at the entry point with brazil and one border town at least two people were killed colombia's defense minister says sixty members of the venezuelan armed forces have defected and crossed over president majoris fondant swiftly cutting off diplomatic ties with his neighbor gabriel is on who has more. the four trucks carrying u.s. aid were trying to cross the bridge separating venezuela and colombia then one was set on fire. the opposition said it was set ablaze by the venezuelan soldiers but the government says the opposition did it to pin the blame on president nicolas maduro one incident and
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a day of confusion and violence i. venezuela there were clashes between supporters of opposition leader one and security forces several people were injured . earlier venezuelan soldiers commandeered armored personnel carriers and ran them through their own barricades the ship and set up to prevent the u.s. aid from coming and four soldiers then ran across the border and defected and. watched events from the colombian side of the border he urged soldiers to defect in mass. a call on the armed forces is very clear welcome to the right side of history welcome to those soldiers who today sided with the constitution but it didn't happen. in the capital. and in bold and will save.
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i can't continue putting up with this we can continue putting up with colombia lending itself to an aggression against bin as well and that is why i have decided to break all political and diplomatic relations with the fascist government of colombia and all its ambassadors and general consuls have to leave venezuela within twenty four hour as get out of here oligarchy. on the border with brazil the violence turned deadly as campaigners tried to get aid and there's fear and anger on both sides and no clear path to peace. it's on the colombian side of the border. it's been a long day of fighting here on the stream on believer bridge as the volunteers the supporters of the venezuelan opposition try to move the aid sent by the united states inside the been this way but there were confronted by rubber bullets by tear gas thrown by the troops still loyal to president the call last month and by the
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he was the paramilitaries that are the friending the government the president of venezuela the protesters were full of optimistic energy in the morning as the four trucks loaded with they arrived but the mood changed it became increasingly more sour as the fighting continued and people here truly became. even angry as their leadership decided to send the trucks back to the warehouse where there had been stored for many days even so people told us they want to continue fighting if we have to die of hunger in the square look it's better to die fighting we can't stop we need to continue for our families despite the disappointment there also have been a number of factions some parts of the venezuelan the military but it wasn't enough to open this bridge or the other ones along the colombian vinous well on the border
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but the question here on everybody's mind though is what will be the next move for now that this plan of the opposition has failed and from a course a political science professor at georgia state university and author of international mediation in this way unless she joins us from prague thank you so much for your time so this this aid that is sitting at the border really seems to be the tipping point for for venezuela it's been said that this has been politicized is this the result of. jennifer can you hear me. yes i can. print repeat the question so it seems that this aid that is sitting right on the on the border is kind of a tipping point for what's already been a terrible situation for a long time is this this is the result of this aid having been politicized is that
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what we're saying well it was certainly used to draw attention to the problem and to try to delegitimize a mother would go even further if he refused to let him in that since it is politicized and the question is since it didn't get in you know what to do next. and and i think that you know the the hope for moving forward and having more defections another thing to take into account is that many of these troops the national guard. the police may not even have access to news about what is happening in the country because the government is controlling the news feed with in venezuela to a very large extent and so the tipping point of large defections didn't occur in part probably because of surveillance and fear that they may have some they still feel loyal to the regime but also because they may not have information about
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what is happening and may feel a great deal of uncertainty so that's another obstacle to overcome for the opposition so so what is it that the opposition one can do as he meets with vice president pence and other leaders that support him what are the real options now for them. well the u.s. sanctions are still coming into place and will be taking effect more greatly in just a few a couple of weeks and so that is one additional pressure point on the regime they will hopefully be meeting with the international contact group which is set up with by europe and latin america to try to facilitate the conditions for elections and for entry of humanitarian aid and hopefully they will not carry out a military intervention but you know they everyone has said that's on the table so i suppose they will discuss that. perhaps one of the reasons that some of the
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defections and things like that aren't happening as some had hoped or predicted is because people just don't have information could it also be that this maybe plays into majoris hands that he's able to tell people these outsiders are interfering and maybe that makes some people begin to be more loyal to him. yes and that certainly happens when for example on the border yesterday when you know some protests protesters get very frustrated and start throwing rocks or setting fires or things like that that can cause the the local you know national guard to get in so that's a problem there's also a problem in that they collect the gangs that are loyal to mother would go. act perhaps on their own to some degree and maybe not even be controllable but yes certainly the widow tried to use this as
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a political weapon to show that mis is an intervention that we have to keep in mind that he also uses food as a political weapon himself holding stude from dissidents giving food to supporters and using it even as bribery to extent to keep troops in the oil providing you know food and benefits to the troops and their families to voters so it has been politicized on all sides which of course is the concern of humanitarian organizations absolutely because it is all about people jennifer mccoy thank you so much joining us with her saying thank you thank you. the counting is underway in nigeria after saturday's delay a presidential election as. a second term in what's thought to be its height race with the former vice president. the electoral commission extended voting hours in some places after ballot machines malfunction has more from.
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many nigerians are watching election officials closely these voters in the commercial capital lagos say they want to make sure there's no rigging last tuesday has cost doubts on the editor commission's credibility and competence. in. the race to govern the country with africa's biggest economy pits incumbent president mohammed to behati against main opposition candidates and former vice president. emotions are high. speed result could lead to violence. there were. parts of nigeria election officials say they generally had with the turnout have to wait to find out who has won and by what margin analysts say it's going to be. early on saturday there were attacks in the north east of the country
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blamed on boko haram fighters but that didn't seem to deter the voters in rivers state in the south incidents of violence when some people went able to vote whoever wins in nigeria will have to deal with the precarious security situation and the challenge a turnaround in the economy struggling to recover from the twenty sixteen recession how to. make us. out of korea northeast nigeria so the day after her when will we actually know if this was a successful turnout. a good turnout whether and just the results. well basically original vote counting has concluded in many parts of nigeria and i suppose i started coming in and these are all over the social media and other media outlets across nigeria however it's the responsibility of the independent national electoral commission to announce the results there were possible fears of yesterday
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when the two leading political parties in nigeria accuse each other of planning to subvert the will of the people by attacking coalition centers and destroying evidence or ballot boxes and votes there this has come to pass there wasn't much report about any incident across nigeria however if we look at the violence side of issues in the nigeria elections yes there have been casualties across many states in nigeria chiefly in rivers state in sa within part of nigeria where the military issued a statement yesterday and early this morning saying that it's confirming the deaths of six people and one military officer and the incident occurred when the military run into rock block set up by some gunman and as they tried to remove the roadblock they were fired upon and they responded in the process one soldier was killed and there are six of the attackers have been also killed by the army but generally things are quiet but we expect very soon probably in the next one or two hours
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correlation of results from different parts of nigeria will start in in earnest now election commission of issues getting ready now to call it some of these results like i said before the results will be announced the presidential results will be announced by the national electoral commission when every vote in nigeria regarding that phrase is correlated at the center in abuja however we expect also the national parliamentary results will be announced by the state. electoral commissioners who will be correlating and put in these results together i mean if you're five press and agree thank you. and just under an hour voters in senegal will choose their next leader president macky sall is banking on a booming economy to sweep back into another term but opposition candidates are focusing on poverty and unemployment which they say are pushing people to seek a better life abroad reports in the capital dakar. senegal
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rising prosperous educated and with a booming economy it's this vision that president mike you saw he's promoting to get reelected i. am the candidate continue to progress to one that will bring prosperity to all senegalese during his time in office new company registrations tripled among them is impact to car incubate or for startups i think it's a great time for a youngster it was really to take a number of risks because very little things like this in my field an intrapreneur a lot of things that are here and now going to appear before one inauguration after the other song is changing the capitals landscape promoting narrative of a rising senegal just a few kilometers away from downtown the car is a two billion dollar construction site it's called genuine to present my case wants
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to turn this into a silicon valley for west africa but if you travel away from the cranes and building sites there is another senegal with a different narrative this is. two hundred kilometers from the car and there are villages with no running water electricity or hospitals children suffer from malnutrition. he's sick out walked away from this life traveling across the mediterranean into europe with the hope to find better opportunities but he's come back empty handed now there are no jobs here no opportunities at least not for us it's as if we don't exist we don't count unless it's election time it was probably one of the most senegalese sinking in debt riddled with corruption and unemployment this is the narrative shared by the four opposition candidates among them political newcomer and anti establishment huisman song i believe that when your.
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politicians understand nothing because this country's huge have decided to take responsibility and to take their destiny into their own hands fifty nine years of law and betrayal. i with conflicting narratives to choose from it's now up to the six million voters to decide which one rings true and which senegal to vote for. nicholas hawke al-jazeera to car still ahead on al-jazeera after years of violence they visit iraq's enchant sites which are in urgent need of restoration. in their voices being heard when the people outside of vatican conference on sex abuse. hell are eating you have taken a bit of a shocker reminder it's february in the cold air that was
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a shock as god's sight so it's not affecting tookie and grace which means on the northern flank of it is snow and maybe well the high ground in central greece athens max seventy six degrees is quite a lot of their work should be about thirteen is an average whereas ankara that's not far off and all in rumania things are warming up a little bit with the strength of the sun in kiev still around freezing western europe is still warmer than it should be fourteen or so in paris and london seventeen in madrid is probably conservative we saw twenty five yesterday you know it has been wet and it will stay that way equally the cold will sort of leak away it is more of a rain problem i suspect for greece turkey an increase in the to the areas south of the country south because with this cold air turkey into the central train will probably develop at least one storm center that means cold on shore winds big waves chipley thirty degrees in benghazi and twelve both with rain to the east maybe an eleven degrees that circulation will tend to drift east was for the eastern side of
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of libya and head towards new media but to be arts even by monday if you're anywhere in the central med that's disappointing weather. arts.
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this is al jazeera and these are the top stories right now venezuelans trying to bring aid across the border from colombia and face violent opposition from security forces at least two people were killed in fighting along the border with brazil less police tried to block the eight votes are being counted in nigeria where president mohamed two bihari is hoping for a second term there were some reports of irregularities during saturday's delayed election just before voting voting began a town in the northeast was attacked by suspected boko haram fighters polls are set to open in less than an hour in senegal as people vote for their next president incumbent later macky sall has campaigned on a booming economy but his opponents say corruption and employment and debt are still major problems. saudi arabia has replaced its ambassador to the u.s. with its first female envoy francis raymond bandar takes over from the king's son
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prince khalid bin psalm on who's been appointed the vice defense minister the princess is the daughter of a former u.s. ambassador ambassador to the u.s. that is in previously worked for saudi arabia's general sports authority promoting women's participation in the olympics. the sema romani is a professor of political science at university of waterloo and canada says the appointment is about improving riyadh's image after the global outrage over the killing of journalist model shows. but i think the message they want to send is that they're serious about making as much advancement they can for women that they're committed to the progress of women and bit by bit things are going to get better and that it's very i think prominent the vidual who knows the united states very well who is wealth spoken and can do probably good for her country but of course the way it's received this probably one about p.r. exercise an attempt to deflect attention away from
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a very tumultuous year after the murder of jamal khashoggi and certainly a lot of continued criticism of the saudis and their worn yemen and other policies within washington and of course beyond really she's very eloquent she certainly understand the united states very well she's lived there for a very long time of course her father was the ambassador prior and so she very much americanize for lack of a better term probably understand the culture knows how to be a valuable interlocutor all the things you want and a good diplomat particularly in a post like the united states but of course i think there are many people who will see this totally for a p.r. exercise i have no doubt that the saudis want this to be a p.r. exercise they need good p.r. frankly but make no mistake she is very successful eloquent and is deserving of the job. there is a conflict dangerous for international teens to help in the conservation of archaeological sites in iraq and that is not the only reason now that restoration
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efforts are being held back. erbil citadel in the kurdish region of northern iraq towers above the old city it was built by the ultimate in the nineteenth century but archaeological remains show civilization is dating back to the same marion's built fortifications here around five thousand years ago. from a distance the walls look strong and well preserved inside moisture has been seeping up into the brickwork for centuries. much of this fortress popular with locals and visitors alike has either already collapsed will could do so soon. as our college ists we are facing many obstacles and preserving iraq's last citadels we lack funding there is government neglect there is no master plan with us and international bodies we face losing our heritage and with it part of our
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identity. war and political instability have often made it too dangerous for international conservation teams to come to iraq for the security situation isn't the only thing affecting the preservation and restoration of archaeological sites. throughout the long history of civilization in this region various ethnic and religious groups of often violently for the control of iraq's three citadels now experts here say that conservation efforts are often held back by what they describe as the politicize ation of iraq's heritage. this is the citadel in kill cook also built by the ultimate is on a site that dates to the assyrian empire three thousand years ago the intricately decorated walls on which cling the last remnants of once stunning mosaics a crumbling. sunni and shia arabs to the command and kurds
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a force over the city the centuries give me sadly the preservation of the country's three said styles is at risk no one can agree how to manage them people think if you claim a stark all cite it gives you an economic advantage he has. most recently killed cook was on the front line during the war against i so. it is of great strategic importance because iraq's second largest oil fields are close by. and this is all that remains of the citadel in heat in western province built on will site also dating back five thousand years the town on the banks of the euphrates river was occupied by iso until two thousand and fifteen but i still sleeper cells still operate in the surrounding desert the security situation has been so bad for so long that conservation efforts stopped years ago revenue from visiting tourists as
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is the case in kirkuk is also a thing of the past and this means thousands of years of iraq's history could soon be beyond repair. zero at a bill. north korea's leader is on his way to vietnam for a second summit with the u.s. president at slate kim jong un will travel most of the way to hanoi by train to meet donald trump there on wednesday talks are expected to focus on denuclearization efforts on the korean peninsula mcbride has more from south korea's capital seoul. confirmation that this epic journey is now underway has come from the north koreans themselves the state run news agency releasing photographs and also video of kim jong un inspecting a guard of honor in pyongyang before departing on his a specially armored train with his delegation which includes can young child his chief negotiator interestingly this is the first indication that anyone in north
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korea has that there is a summit in the offing we have known of course for the past couple of weeks that it would be. the date of this a trump summit there has been no such indication until now for north koreans interestingly it is also being reported as he leaves north korea in the past given the obsession with secrecy and security north korean leaders might have been expected to conduct a foreign trip return to pyongyang safely before even letting go of koreans know a trip like this has taken place so it does seem to indicate a growing confidence by kim jong un as he starts his latest diplomatic farai we know from restrictions put in place all rail networks in the south of china that his train will likely go all the way to the border with viet nam and then road restrictions in viet nam that have been put in place seem to confirm that
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he will then take a motorcade from the border to hanoi itself to begin this trip u.s. singer r. kelly has appeared in court in chicago on multiple sexual assault charges against described the allegations against him as disturbing and they all at a million dollars at fifty two year old turned himself into police on friday and yes they sing ten counts of aggravated sexual abuse incidents dating back twenty years to be back in court on monday. it is the fourth and final day of the first ever conference on ending sexual abuse within the catholic church on saturday pope francis led a prayer for the victims of abuse. we asked each other how we can act responsibly which steps we should take to face the future with a renewed courage should we say as the prodigal son did father i have sinned we need to examine where necessary concrete actions for local churches for the members of the episcopal conferences far cells and this requires to look sincerely at our
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own actions and it situations which have taken place in our countries at some of the wonder of church politics is getting in the way of bringing about real change or a challenge reports from rome. watch bishops and cardinals talk in the vatican sexual abuse survivors have staged events like this and repeated that among zero tolerance throwing abusive priests and those that cover up for them out of the priesthood but a founder of the group and entire g. abuse his church politics might be getting in the way of something pope francis himself has previously called for two thirds of the bishops that are meeting there from the developing world i mean we africa and asia and they are denying all of our minimizing the issue and they do not want a law on the books i asked liberia's mohseni a bishop whether african and asian clergy supported zero tolerance to show that we do we ought to yes but we have to define what zero tolerance means and i want to be
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well we. we have to decide where to zero tolerance means zero tolerance you know we stay discussing that you know more rigid it's easy if you don't is zero tolerance mean one is means of the crimean getting. getting a present of to preach to or whatever we have to definitely say that beyond bishop of luxembourg says regardless of where they come from most clarity do you want zero tolerance but acknowledges some differences exist it's a little bit more difficult for other cultures where people are confronted to other real problems. by child soldiers. countries design wall why women are raped nearly every day so. it's more difficult for them to focus just on this problem but they also understand to the discipline the question is whether
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understanding will lead to action it should be surprising this institution as large and diverse as the roman catholic church might have internal divisions but for the victims of sexual abuse this must not be allowed to stand in the way or slow down the reform that they are demanding now for each island's al-jazeera right. richelle carey these are the headlines on al-jazeera and as whalen is trying to bring across the border from colombia facing violent opposition from security forces at least two people were killed in fighting along the border with brazil as police try to block. and silence opposition leader will meet with the u.s. president mike pence on monday in colombia are ministers from the limb a group of latin american countries will be holding an emergency meeting to discuss the crisis you can pay say with and use material and his supporters
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a celebrating the massacre of a people you celebrate that today venezuelan hospitals do not receive humanitarian aid you celebrate the death of more venezuelans that is why the entire country has risen up. but serene canada nigeria where president mohammed bihari is hoping for a second term there was some reports of irregularities during saturday's delayed election just before voting began a town in the north east was attacked by suspected boko haram fighters one soldier and five others died holes are said to open in less than an hour and senegal as people vote for their next president and come back later macky sall his campaign on a booming economy but his opponents say corruption and employment and debt are still major problems saudi arabia has a place to send bastard to the u.s. with its first female on boy frances removed and bandar takes over from the king son prince khalid been solomon who's been appointed vice defense minister francis is the daughter of
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a former ambassador to the united states and previously worked for saudi arabia's general sports authority or korea's leader is on his way to vietnam for his second summit with the u.s. president it's believed kim john will travel most of the way to annoy by train the student donald trump there on wednesday talks expected to focus on denuclearization efforts on the korean peninsula u.s. singer r. kelly has appeared in court in chicago on multiple sexual assault charges a judge described the allegations against him as disturbing and set bail at a million dollars the fifty two year old turned himself in to police on friday he is facing ten counts of aggravated sexual abuse for incidents dating back twenty years so the headlines keep it here much more to come inside stories up next. we understand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world
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so no matter how you take it al-jazeera will bring you the news and current affairs that matter to al-jazeera. and to settle it has been said to be on the rise in europe and that its worst level in decades some countries are promising a crackdown but are they doing enough and will numerals be sufficient this is inside story. hello and welcome to the program ahead of the french president emmanuel mccall says anti semitism is a.


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