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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 24, 2019 2:00pm-2:34pm +03

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we came together to end apartheid in south africa nelson mandela and f.w. de klerk thanks to free. chaos at the border is the fight over a for been a swale becomes a diplomatic crisis. and we shall carry this is al jazeera live from tokyo also coming up votes are being counted in a close race for the presidency in nigeria. booming business versus widespread poverty and unemployment rival narratives on test as senegal votes to elect a new leader. that's hollywood's night to shine we look at the films that are
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capturing the most attention and what's different about this year certainly. opposition efforts to take eight inch of venezuela have ended in scenes of violence death and destruction troops stopped trucks from crossing from colombia and security forces fired tear gas at protesters injuring almost three hundred people there were also confrontations at the entry point with brazil and one border town at least two people were killed colombia's defense minister says sixty members of the venezuelan armed forces have defected president maduro responded swiftly cutting off diplomatic ties with his neighbor a lot america to see a new minutes in san antonio on the venezuelan side of the border and. opponents of an battled president. had vowed nothing would stop them from bringing tons of food and medical donations into venezuela on. the colombian side of the border four
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truckloads of supplies tried to breach the heavily fortified symbol of an international bridge into venezuela but they never made it across the national guard was waiting at least two trucks was set on fire. was on the in israel inside opposition supporters prepared to continue trying to open the car door it was the dark i mean they must have that when we planned to walk to the bridge where the humanitarian aid will into and then form an extraordinary human chain to bring it into venezuela. they remained confident earlier three soldiers had commandeered armored vehicles and ran them through the bridge barricades before deserving into colombia dozens more followed throughout the day was supposed to look up to the was the brits and it was was was was was i do
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was i was. they nearly made it to the customs building despite the rubber bullets and the tear gas fired by the national guard. that's when the so-called public divorce or heavily armed pro-government gangs were brought in shooting live ammunition at will. the day ended with hundreds of unarmed protesters injured by the colombian border on venezuela's border with brazil the violence turned deadly as indigenous in one tribesmen tried to get aid in and despite the defections opposition leader flung wide those pleas to the military to defect on mass were not heard lippy more someone being done i'm asking the international community to keep all cards on the table i'll be meeting on monday with the lima group and u.s. vice president mike hands. sounded triumphant president neither last month
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announced he was cutting diplomatic ties between colombia. i can't continue putting up with this we can continue putting up with colombia lending itself to an aggression against bin as well and that is why i've decided to break the political and diplomatic relations with the freshest government of colombia and all its investors and general consuls have to leave it as well within twenty four hours get out of here only god can put my little will unlikely be savoring his victory for very long economic and political pressure from the international community will surely increase as his countrymen watch the images of the food and medicine so many desperately need go up in smoke. see in human scent and that should have been his way. this situation in venezuela has become a diplomatic one on a global scale as a quick reminder of who is supporting president nicolas maduro and who is against him russia says any moves to remove him from power are illegal while turkey has
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called him a brother china is also standing behind him mexico says it recognizes the authorities elected in accordance with the venezuelan constitution while as bolivia and cuba say they remain committed to mentor o. united states and canada recognize the opposition leader juan white oh and in latin america the recent rise of the right has eroded support for mentor in brazil argentina chile and colombia among others several european nations including the united kingdom spain germany and france are also backing quite oh i forgot he stays a s. as a former un special rapporteur or says middle row is justified in calling the aid from the us a publicity stunt. what is important is that mother little does accept humanitarian aid that nine hundred thirty three tons of humanitarian aid medical medical supplies and medicines came in last week and that came from china from india from
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turkey and also a couple of days ago three hundred tons of medicine and medical supplies came in from russia now all these are being distributed with the help of the united nations even the european union has recently agreed to make humanitarian aid available which will be distributed through the united nations either you have a trojan horse situation the u.s. aid program was used already against nicaragua one that i think it is to bring in contraband to bring in weapons and you cannot be the tormentor and then mutate into a good samaritan it can get very very soon very much better the moment that the sanctions are lifted the moment that the country is allowed to buy and sell like
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any other country the moment that the financial blockade is lifted it is the united states that is causing the crisis that's why mother will accept help from the european union accept help from. china from russia etc but will not accept it from the country that is causing the crisis. thoughts are being counted in nigeria where president mohamed to bihari is open for a second term there are some reports of irregularities during saturday's delayed election just before voting began a chant in the northeast with attacks i suspect in poker on fighters here mahathir has more from lagos. many nigerians are watching election officials closely these voters in the commercial capital lagos say they want to make sure there's no rigging losses today has cast doubts on the electrical machines credibility and competence. in long words.
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repeated in. the race to govern the country with africa's biggest economy pits incumbent president. against main opposition candidates and former vice president a tickler backer emotions are high they are displeased a result could lead to violence. there were. parts of nigeria election official say they generally had with the turnout managers have to wait to find out who has won and by what margin analysts say it's going to be a tight race. early on saturday there were attacks in the north east of the country blamed on boko haram fighters but there didn't seem to deter the voters in rivers state in the south incidents of violence when some people weren't able to vote whoever wins in nigeria will have to deal with the precarious security situation
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and the challenge a turnaround in economy struggling to recover from the twenty sixteen recession how to. make us more now from china holes in the capital of the counting is underway jonah what are the next steps when will we know the results. well at the moment the big picture i think is pretty fluid certainly all indications indicate that this election is not in fact completely over a statement by an ionic commissioner that's the independent electoral commission backed up by independent observers indicates that some polling stations possibly only a few but some weren't able to finish their vote on saturday and have continued voting into sunday other polling stations as how it was indicating there in her report didn't open at all because of incidents of violence intimidation sabotage and so on we don't have any idea quite what the size of that issue is or how much it impacts
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on the overall process nor do we know at this point how the counting is going i'm standing outside the international conference center here where the final collation will take place and the results will eventually be announced and all we have given to believe at this point is that there may be a handful of results released this evening but nothing really indicative of the overall picture it may be days before we have a final result and all the while concerns will rise about the possibility of a disputed result here because president bihari for instance said before the vote he would accept the result if it was credible and it is that issue of credibility that is foremost and what the week long delay did what the issues on voting day have done together is create a multitude of possible challenges to the final result all of which will inflame opinion among supporters on the ground in particular if as expected these results turn out to be very close ok. thank you. voting
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is underway in senegal as people choose their next leader president banking on a booming economy. or another term opposition candidates are leaning on a platform that focuses on poverty unemployment which they say are pushing people to leave the country. and the capital to. senegal rising prosperous educated and with a booming economy it's this vision that president like you said he's promoting to get reelected. i. am the candidate continue to progress the one that will bring prosperity to all senegalese. during his time in office new company registrations tripled among them is impact to car incubate or for startups but i think it's a great time for a youngster it was really to take a member of risks because very little things like this in my field an entrepreneurship there are a lot of things that are here and now going to appear before inauguration after the
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other side is changing the capital's landscape promoting narrative of a rising senegal just a few kilometers away from downtown the car is a two billion dollar construction site it's called junkyard you present. wants to turn this into a silicon valley for west africa but if you travel away from the cranes and building sites there is another senegal with a different narrative this is. two hundred kilometers from the car and there are villages with no running water electricity or hospitals children suffer from malnutrition. you sick out walked away from this life traveling across the mediterranean into europe with the hope to find better opportunities but he's come back empty handed there are no jobs here no opportunities at least not for us it's as if we don't exist we don't count unless it's election time and was probably one of the most senegalese sinking in debt riddled with corruption and unemployment
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this is the narrative shared by the four opposition candidates among them political newcomer and anti establishment huisman son co i believe that when your. politicians understand nothing because this country's youth have decided to take responsibility and to take their destiny into their own hands fifty nine years of lies and betrayal. i with conflicting narratives to choose from it's now up to the six million voters to decide which one rings true and which senegal to vote for. nicholas hawk al-jazeera the car still ahead on al-jazeera. we look at what may or may not change in the roman catholic church is the sex abuse and comes to a close. and north korea's leader had to vietnam for
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a second time at what president. hell it was bad to warm up a bait in japan and then it'll cool down again it's a familiar structure here if you see the cloud going in this general direction is usually colder air behind it so immediately we got the teens japan and the class started to build the temperatures drop to a max of ten in beijing in pyongyang they say is a drop i know it's quite high for the time here but there you go and then you'll find the temp she's of japan dropped to below the tees eight hundred sendai zero in sapporo or about the same further west as no significant change the sun is out now there has been raining china it's gone offshore now the picture from monday's may be a bit of cloud if you're mild might well see it checking back in to ground zero and the snow coming out of the tibetans plateau towards the high ground in western
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sichuan might be a bit more rain developing every now and again but nothing overly significant as it was in the media future that's chooses picture still twenty two in hong kong and in the sunshine with a bit of breeze from the north east it certainly isn't humid then fine weather throughout the philippines but the southeast asia showers growing more so of a borneo sort of way sea and also java but much of the class and then the afternoon you will get sunder storms of the most part they've not been heavy recently and they probably still won't be.
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watching al-jazeera let's recap the top stories right now and then as whalen is trying to take an eight across the border from colombia and face violent opposition from security forces at least two people were killed in fighting along the border with brazil as police try to block a. counter to nigeria where president mohamed jabari is hoping for a second term there were some reports of irregularities during at saturday's delayed election just before voting began
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a town in the northeast was attacked by suspected fighters. voting is underway in senegal as people choose their next president but later macky sall has campaigned on a booming economy and its opponents say corruption unemployment and are still major problems. that of the roman catholic church has called for an all out battle gets the abuse of minors that francis has been speaking during the fourth and final day of an unprecedented conference on sex abuse within the church and called it abominable crime which must be a racist. it is utterly incompatible with the moral authority and ethical credibility of those persons chosen by god to guide souls to salvation to let themselves be dominated by their human frailty or sickness and thus they become tools of satan or chalons has more from vatican city. in his closing remarks pope francis called abuse of clergy within the catholic church tools of satan and
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ravenous me she said that we find ourselves before a brazen manifestation of the spirits of the. this evil as he put it would be addressed in the most serious of ways now these are strong words and i think that the pope will be content that he has taken the opportunity to impress on bishops and cardinals that have come from all over the world that this is a global problem is not just a first world issue even though the scandals that have arisen have come from places like america and western europe and australia etc he wanted to say to. either of come from africa and asia it may not be reported as much in your countries but it is going on and you have to do something about it having said that the survivors of abuse that we have been speaking to here in rome are not satisfied they say that the language that the pope used previously of zero tolerance kicking
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outs abusive priests and those who covered up from the priesthood was absence from this meeting and the concrete action that he could have taken removing from the priesthood by bishops who they say. it is known that they covered up abuse he didn't take that opportunity so they are still waiting for action that they say this meeting could have provided and hasn't. saudi arabia has a place to its ambassador to the u.s. but that's first female envoy as a stream of bandar takes over from the king fahd prince collins who's been appointed vice defense minister the princess is the daughter of a former ambassador to the united states and previously worked for saudi arabia's general sports authority remoting women's participation in the olympics i mean corey is a senior fellow and professor at the american university of beirut and he says the saudi government's policies are the fundamental problem. the problem that the
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saudis have is that they don't have much credibility because of their policies not because of the people they appoint and princes rima is probably a very qualified intelligent amiable and articulate woman but she will have no chance to do anything if the policies of the saudi government in yemen internally in saudi arabia dealing with the her should be killing aftermath if those policies don't change then she will just find herself in the same situation as i'd like to bear before her former ambassador from former foreign minister whose reputation was really tarnished very badly because he was caught up in the web of lies that came up after the hush o.-g. killing the congress is particularly hostile including senior republican members of congress who in the congress sent a reform of the request to the presidency to deal with the holding accountable
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so the officials after the killing of her shoji and the white house ignored as the deadline to respond to that and there are now congressional committees investigating various dimensions of so us so do relations including the latest is the attempt apparently to sell nuclear power plants to saudi arabia without going to congress as the law requires in the u.s. so there are several areas and the war and the amount of course on the internal. arrest of particularly woman dissidents so there are quite a few serious issues that have to be dealt with at once and they're all related to policy none of them are related to personality. a senior negotiator appointed by donald trump is on his way to the middle east to promote a future peace plan for israel and palestine president son in law a jury questionnaire is expected to accompany it jason blatt on a weeklong tour of gulf states the u.s. delegation well on the economic elements of a proposal aimed at ending the decades old conflict an explosive device has killed
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at least twenty four people in syria's central hama province and went off as a van packed with workers passed by syrian state media says the explosive device is one of the many left in the area by eisel fighters iranian state media is reporting the country's first successful launch of a cruise missile from a submarine that happens or naval exercises near the strait of hormuz iran's military says other submarines in the fleet have similar capabilities the test comes amid rising tensions with the u.s. and saudi arabia shops and businesses in india to minister kashmir have shut down in protest against a crackdown on separatist leaders police and paramilitary soldiers who are patrolling the streets in the main city of kandahar in anticipation of possible street demonstrations more than one hundred separatists were arrested during raids on saturday tension in the region is already high after a suicide bomb killed at least forty indian security personnel last week or
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civilians were killed in afghanistan last year than during any of the previous nine years because from the un show almost four thousand civilians were killed in two thousand and eighteen including nearly a thousand children and blames the spike in deaths on an increase in attacks by eisel and airstrikes by the u.s. led coalition the report comes as talks between the u.s. and the taliban to end the country's seventeen year war appear to be accelerating the remote has taken a terrible toll on civilians and twenty eight witnessed deplorable levels of harm inflicted upon. the u.s. so the highest number of civilians killed in the conflict since the united nations began system systematic documentation of the impact of the rule on noncombatants at least one hundred thirty three people have now died and around two hundred twenty five are still in the hospital after drinking contaminated alcohol in the state of awesome they were mainly tea plantation workers alcohol was laced with the
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chemical which attacks the body's central nervous system that's from illegally brewed alcohol are becoming more common in india chris later is on his way to vietnam for a second summit with the u.s. president it's believed kim jong il travel most of the way to hanoi by train is to to meet donald trump there on wednesday talks or expected to focus on denuclearization efforts on the korean peninsula that are democrats in the u.s. congress are pushing forward with plans to try to save the environment they launched an initiative a green new deal to tackle climate change and for nubile energy sources and the republicans have been quick to call for it to be voted on in congress but a share of tons of reports that might be for a different reason. as speaker pelosi and i have have spoken at the green new deal has been a priority for progressive left wing democrats elected last november it's based on the principle that the system that's produced unprecedented inequality is also
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hastening global environmental catastrophe i don't think that we selected by addressing climate change and what i see in some portions of the country is that people grow frustrated because they don't feel like this is. the key goals of the green new deal to meet all of the u.s. is power to moms through renewable zero emission energy during a ten year national mobilization while ensuring communities and workers don't suffer during the transition the need for action has been echoed by a republican leadership that usually expresses little appetite for debate on the environment or economic inequality i've noted with great interest the green new deal. and we're going to be voting on that in the senate to give everybody an op generated go on record. the republicans see an opportunity in the deals emphasis on reducing greenhouse gases while creating an equitable society but no patootie to fracture the democratic party and not to save the planet the era of big government
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is over bill clinton shifted the democrats from left to right away from the social safety net to the primacy of market forces and big business now almost thirty years later the left is fighting back and the democratic leadership is the republicans will present them as socialist extremists even as opinion polls show broad support for higher taxes on the rich to fund government spending on education health and averting climate change house majority leader nancy pelosi is dismissive comments when asked what she thought about the green new deal where revealing the green dream or whatever they call it she replied nobody knows what it is but they're all for it right it's the grassroots calling for action on climate change and economic equality the sunrise movement is a nationwide group of. young people that's helped place the green new deal on the political agenda it says the leadership of both parties have a lot to lose if they underestimate support for the green new deal and the electorate frustration for how things are this is
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a crucial juncture for leadership for a long time we've seen the democrats favor paper leave the science but fail to take decisive action what mitch mcconnell doesn't seem to understand is that he doesn't even have the support of his own voting base sixty four percent of republicans support what's laid out in the green new deal resolution mcconnell's bria the prospect of presenting the democrats as too divided even to challenge an unpopular president may be well founded then if the democratic leadership continues to resist policies that may lead to the change voters say they actually want. the al-jazeera washington. and it's the biggest event and tensile town the ninety first academy awards are today and underway in hollywood later on sunday rob and also reports. the red carpet is been rolled out on hollywood boulevard and the envelopes with the names of the winners are ready to open this year's academy awards feature a diverse slate of best picture nominees including the exploits of
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a half or can supercharge your role in black and. the life of an indigenous mexican housekeeper in the one nine hundred seventy s. in roma the scene he's working for black in the deep south the problem is a story of overcoming bigotry and creating interracial friendships in green book and the light was a brilliant but troubled gay rock star in bohemian rhapsody. films and performances selected you know this is nominated this year for the ska certainly reflects that hollywood has a greater understanding and is putting forth a greater commit. towards diversity and inclusion i think that's a good thing but the four other best picture nominees are vice a bio pic of former vice president dick cheney a star is born a remake of
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a venerable tale of fame fortune and fate with a helping of popular songs black klansmen director spike lee's comedy drama about a black policeman infiltrating the k.k.k. and the favorite a lavish dive into the intrigues b. trails and lesbian love affairs in the eighteenth century british royal court the best female actor nominees include yet. in roma lady gaga in a star is born and melissa mccarthy can you ever forgive me but there's a clear favorite i mean glenn close finally i mean glen has been the bride for. i think everybody. like the best male actor award contest looks like a dead heat between christian bale startling in person a sheen of cheney invites and rami malek's passionate portrayal of the talented and
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tormented freddie mercury in bohemian rhapsody the television ratings for the oscars broadcast have been true king for years and twenty team was the worst year yet by including broadly diverse slate of nominees this year the film industry hopes to bring those numbers back up and give the academy awards more relevance robert oulds al-jazeera hollywood. richelle carey let's recap the top stories now on al jazeera in israel and is trying to take an eight across the border from colombia face violent opposition from security forces at least two people were killed in fighting along the border with brazil as police try to block the aid and its way with opposition leader will meet with u.s. vice president mike pence on monday in colombia foreign ministers from the lima group of latin american countries will be holding an emergency meeting to discuss
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the crisis basically when. you do support a celebrating the massacre of people you celebrate that today venezuelan hospitals do not receive humanitarian aid you celebrate the death of more venezuelans that is why the entire country has risen up but you're encountered nigeria where president mohamed atta hari is hoping for a second term there are some reports of irregularities during saturday's delayed election just before voting began a town in the north east was attacked by suspected boko haram fighters voting is underway in senegal as people choose their next president there and come back later macky sall is campaigning on a booming economy but his opponents say corruption unemployment and to that are still major problems. that of the roman catholic church has called for an all out battle against the abuse of minors but francis has been speaking during the fourth and final day of an unprecedented conference on sex abuse within the church francis called it an abominable crime which must be
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a racist. it is utterly incompatible with the moral authority and ethical credibility of those persons chosen by god to guide souls to salvation to let themselves be dominated by their human frailties were sickness and thus they become tools of season program aside arabia has replaced at some bastard to the u.s. with its first female envoy francis raymond been bandar takes over from the king son prince khalid been someone who's been appointed vice defense minister the princess is the daughter of a former ambassador to the united states and previously worked for saudi arabia's general sports authority and explosive devices killed at least twenty four people in syria central hama province that went off as a van packed with workers passed by syrian state television says the explosive device is one of many left in the area eisel fighters are the headlines keep it here on al-jazeera much more to come and story is that next.
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and to settle it has been said to be on the rise in europe and that its worst level in decades some countries are promising a crackdown but are they doing enough and would noodles be sufficient this is inside story. hello and welcome to the program i'm ahead of the hamid french president emanuel mccall says anti semitism is at its worst level since the second world war and this
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week he introduced a bill that would make him isn't a criminal offense so what's the difference anti semitism hostility and prejudice.


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