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when mehmet kobashi first came to germany he and his family lived in a house for refugees in dortmund for two years. then they moved to a rented home so that only four years old at the time could start preschool. he has to wonder why he asked the room. why should outside here. and surely kill time to find the first. session. have been and then they were going to live in. a lot even odd movie isn't a. very good reason to leave. the candy. land on to the host of.
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the. skins. nothing to fear. is said to very. british. coming. here in here fall and then. off to doing on skilled jobs in construction and transport. saved enough money to open his own shop. but about midday on the fourth of april two thousand and six he was shot dead in his shop with a cheshire pistol using assignments.
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chloe looking for those blue you love him but lisa gillick your delimiting just go to the police. man i got a big job in the. village i've been killed to get what we can call not a lot to lose it will kill speech if you will excuse and all the will because she was my part i. would as awesome oh and. yeah i talk spittle most is to put it's high on mine also a game on it. as as. a fact about the. who not just of most is the most was this tragic alister one thousand those habits off by the police. then everyone's on cozart ya body hard cause i see how mr and i handle the snow i know for moved on from me on. political good at last picked in and out of the us
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political totally the church occulus treated as a circus a little less trouble jim is a more finished under the who also lives on what is never been diluted its all what it was used in that it will change just to see it we shall we can all of the movies where it leads me to stay as this. as my father. ever and for me and me and. my part of our and school as it is just a beautiful song my friends own mother michelle michelle so i've had her kindle and smitten been so i asked him to blame the how to my father i go also mr milan what. owned gammons comes. i've had him on a. and devices the any good that us
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a little then is it. that my. dad the holes in the heart and myself alison's manda. kobashi ex-wife elephant daughter gums they close down their shop and never walk down the street again. to raise that day from their memory they avoid all questions about the murder. that the sun. dance on the tide songs gleeson. yaman have. been had among the one i have a dozen towns in the same as anything in ma yeah ya it's nice in ma. don't miss esther. losing mom it was bad enough for games and her mother but seeing headline suggesting he had mafia connections rub salt into their wounds. it
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seems extraordinary in retrospect the racist motive was never explored. an error that would soon cause both social friction and political embarrassment. but not before more killings had taken place. explores prominent figures of the twentieth century and how and why bill reese influenced the course of history books sold the t.v. did not get enough credit for editing a budget he wants to be the big historical figure but he was london the biggest icon in the world the prisoner and the president who came together to end up apartheid in south africa nelson mandela and f.w. de klerk face to face on i'll just see. the big breaking news story can be chaotic trying to behind the scenes. people shouting
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instructions if you're trying to provide the best most curious cop today's information as quickly as you can. it's when he come off on being seen pinned to realize a witness history in the making. of the president's son donald trump jr was promised damaging information about hillary and to allegations like to see the investigation stick the troops did the trump campaign with russia did you at any time or birch the former f.b.i. director james comey in any way shape or form the closer to back down the investigation into michael flynn and also as you will know. next question bottle field washington on al jazeera.
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hello i'm daryn jordan in doha with a quick reminder of the top stories on the al-jazeera venezuelans trying to take in aid across the border from colombia a phased volunteer position from security forces. at least two people were killed in fighting on the border with brazil as police try to block the aid of venezuela's opposition leader will meet with the u.s. vice president mike pence on monday in colombia foreign ministers from the lima group of latin american countries are expected to hold an emergency meeting to discuss the crisis. basically wooden you and his supporters are celebrating the massacre of a people you celebrate that today venezuelan hospitals do not receive humanitarian aid you celebrate the death of more venezuelans that is why the entire country has risen up voting is underway in senegal as people choose their next president the
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incumbent leader has campaigned on a booming economy but his opponents say corruption unemployment and dead are still major problems cell has praised the smooth running of the elections so far so we're going to. i would like to salute citizens for the mobilizing seems dismounting all over the country and abroad to exercise their choice in peace and serenity so i praise god and i hope that by d. end of this day the cynical east people will be the only winners and that the chosen president to be will also be the president of all the senegalese i hope this president will be myself and i pray for that votes are being counted in nigeria where president ma model biharis hoping for a second. there were some reports of irregularities during saturday's delayed election just before polls opened a town in north east was attacked by suspected boko haram fighters there the roman
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catholic church has called for an all out battle against abuse of minors pope francis has been speaking to in the fourth and final day of an unprecedented conference on sex abuse within the church francis called it an abominable crime which must be racist. an explosive devices killed at least twenty four people in syria's central hama province it went off as a part of the work was passed by syrian state television says the device is one of many left in the area by isis fighters well those were the headlines the news continues on al-jazeera opt out of their world stage and. march on al-jazeera maggi has done debates discusses and dissect the big issues of our times and head to head to thailand votes on march the twenty fourth and its first general election since the twenty fourteen military coup join us for special coverage in a powerful new film residents of occupy jerusalem share their thoughts on its past
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present and future deal or no deal what does the future hold for breadsticks we'll bring you the latest as the march the twenty ninth deadline for the u.k. to leave the edges nira and we examine the development of an unusual alliance between radical buddhist monks and the military in million mom march on al-jazeera . am. in two thousand and six a serial killer or killers had moved undetected around germany for six years killing seven ethnic turks and one ethnic greek since the murder of envy nuremberg in two thousand german police had only really come up with one clue in six years.
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all the victims were killed using a cheska eighty three pistol and the gun was used again in two thousand and six when a dog flint shop owner was killed meth made kobashi family was shocked by the idea he might have had mafia connections. as a lost soul is an office task of this man and then the fact that. ten thousand. calls promised him to stand thought tells all and nothing. that as an ally love does have this was less than an ace. all thing is that if you alter those thoughts or you're. going to come that there's always going to vent you can move your cigar got a good time too much influence through. all the learning when to shut down all those who learned over two days after the murder of metamath kobashi khan the sixth of april two thousand and six harlot yours guards a german citizen of turkish descent born in castle was killed in the internet cafe
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where he worked with his father khalid was the ninth serial victim. six years after his death a crowd gathered to pray and commemorate khalid by naming this square on holland vicious after him opposite where he was born and died thanks . to victims' families believe there was a racist motive to these murders but german police still refused to take this line of inquiry seriously. and. the prosecutor in charge of the investigation came upon a surprising witness in khalid's murder case. he was under arrest tell me
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a german intelligence services agent known as little as adolf in his hometown because of his rightwing views. tema said he'd been in the internet cafe. when the murder took place but hadn't seen it is evidence of being emitted from the investigation by folco who fear interior minister at the time. twenty one year old khalid yours gotz death brought the victims' families together. they'd all suffered similar pain but in isolation. together the families combined to draw public attention to the fact that most of the attacks had targeted the german turkish community. you know my overall more lot of things a lot of the yours or the other than our growing europe you know further green next
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europe we're. we're. by now the families had all been exhausted by the long and complex police investigation. waldemar kindler was the chief of police in the very aware five of the murders had taken place that snakes most of the song does near here. and does by an assorted few so form words fail me softly and are sort of off it again fast needs. is very divided you belief you and no two indeed has to pull its own for it any good when is to get the world think it. mr lighter than constant veins on the man of him for does he get love to any mention fall off and in words he know me
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tali oh and be dolly. to the birds found will be any. field on the field to pull its own sneaky group these two seem worthy to fill in the need after. the investigation had reached an impasse. but then five years after the last murder a breakthrough suddenly presented itself. on the fourth of november two thousand and eleven the town of eisenach in central germany witnessed a bank robbery. to mask gun the nade they get away on bicycles before transferring to a white caravan. three hours later police found the caravan by the side of the road and inside it the bodies of two men one of being shot in the head the other in the chest.
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later the same day police identified them as loss and burn hot. at three in the afternoon on the same day one hundred ten miles away from eisenach in the town of zwi cow there was an explosion. witnesses said that a few minutes before a woman from the ground floor rushed out of the house which then exploded in burst into flames. from a distance of a car looks like a quiet ordinary country town. of the explosion in foaling street put an end to that peace and tranquility. among the ruins lay the evidence police had been missing for the previous eleven years. firemen and police found explosives all to mattick weapons false identity cards and assaulted documents.
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but all were surprised to discover the cheska eighty three pistol used to murder the nine victims between two thousand and two thousand and six the documents all pointed to a far right group called the national socialist underground. that's fast the confident that they stood for. steen. so i know it's tiemann. back east. the police also discovered d.v.d.'s and envelopes ready to be sent to specific addresses. the d.v.d. was a propaganda film chronicling the murders through the pink panther cartoon character . he was shown going on a tour around germany counting down the murdered victims using freshly taken photographs. the fifteen minute film was intitled
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the germany tour nine turks killed. the forty six did you too i'm tired but i took part in to nothing i can only islamic world sentiment it was your garden. of eden between decision and propaganda feel does it of any computing naaman's not united socialist indoor corns in this seat into an even over going to station and out head of business but suki to in peace would more to entail that. some of the d.v.d.'s posted by the national socialist on the ground arrived at the addresses they were sent to. journalist was one who watched the n.s.a. use d.v.d.
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woman from the burning house eventually turned up with her lawyer at a police station in jenna. i'm the one you're looking for she said. the name on the rental agreement for the burnt house was susanna do you know nicknamed mickey mouse her real name was be at a chip there thirty six years old and a fugitive along with lawson hoover bernhard since nine hundred ninety eight. seats are also not been involved. it's obvious that settlement and are. not informed. this extremist action told us most of it will not. be a to jump as involvement in far right politics goes back to nine hundred ninety one . the three associates who are among the founders of the right wing group the
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general comradeship. but they attended weekly meetings of the third england homeland protection league of the state's most active neo nazi group in the late one nine hundred ninety s. numbering up to one hundred seventy members. at that same time chappie began her life of crime on the twenty sixth of january nine hundred ninety eight before the serial killing started police raided a gal raj the three were renting and found several pipe bombs and t.n.t. . they lived underground with fake identity papers for thirteen years while they hid from the police and intelligence services. just as shockey haven't as this should turn to a lesser stuff bendish does fear allen berger none thought. cycle
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just beyond these aside any of us are just plain. such was the strength of the reaction across the. tree on the twenty third of february two thousand and twelve a minute's silence was held at midday. this remembrances vent also served as a ceremony of apology to the victims and families move in a year to learn the hidden is to move. extremists the should go with an intern in more than. i knew go under we go shunyata save the latest winter for that does is design us clement. duffy it easy.
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gartin better to let him argue lord laurie. who says that on the other to their own grudging time that you know there are some allusions. simmias shimmy shake is the daughter of enver the first murder victim in nuremberg in two thousand. mine had. this and want to. partition the sheer. missional mind fattah and clearly mission deaf not finished in dutch land to hold. the apology direct from the government was not enough to restore trust among the german population. pine's from the chief of germany's domestic intelligence agency at the time resigned he lost confidence in his organization after he discovered it had destroyed some of the neo nazi evidence this triggered considerable self-criticism by state institutions the full chiefs of the
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organization for the protection of the constitution in the states of saxony saxony and holt and burley in all resigned the bundestag instigated a committee to look into why the investigation neglected a racist motive which enabled the killers to evade detection for over a decade. german member of parliament sebastian added he headed the committee. to makati year two i couldn't push as i know this. is a guy and. i'm trying hard for her best interests. and dad was taught simulink a bit and i widened. as you don't mention boy i'm. just object to you. on my tie a bit and. yeah. mine i'm always busy elf. as with. these
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are picky bt it just. went flying and. you know little niche i mean talk to you on this it's five it was just months before the encounter with on a fourth day and boy to this is. from is to tell was most indulgent given current. professor hio is a researcher into far right ideology in germany he's clear there was social and political reasons for the growth of neo nazi groups in the one nine hundred ninety s. he's got plenty of his own visit with you on nafta and you called george once going to school so impulse there's been a shift on the child it could tell it if you have my nigga vote could be gone from cancer patients new nurses to inspirit and just have to feel more than the food tube or not from morgan so i had to do and he would so twenty shown so it's fine
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for shown an organism on distress kind. i. was. under far off me ground in super slow down and less of an easter grunt if he did more crowd the link. i'll see that and give you voyage and the ripple be in a totally tear. in december two thousand and eleven barbara your own former commissioner for foreigners affairs in berlin was announced as on bids men. a mission to deal with the problems and demands of the victims' families. she helps the relatives to try to overcome the trauma and to recover their trust in government.
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does is an awful lot if this was done to come out of our feed a family here and as you know how does that you know this didn't just feel other it's got austar got my hands on. i know how this our lives in the chernoff are even five billion since he didn't already know but instead of one how i lived. wouldn't you bertie a bit closer. now to listen for your to be added as a bus is the look he was confused and you fuck about on mine found out about him when you invited my to talk to this list you know to eat meat with you are this or that also has very very good. he fumbled would often go right into custody and still on the platter and more than the hour except moving and you know that when done up between and by he not because nobody else cuts the
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five million out there are few turkish conceded really gallaudet's good contact young man and it is him yes in fact not never been down to the bit that. i haven't done as a missile mention by the iron but the us and seasoned of craigslist are that what you could is it sufficient even if you don't know can miss an order if it has a fusion of its caves has been talking with a lot of nutrition i mentioned i live on the minds of it because of all of its missions mention the good by it was pretty kindly provided us with or does village to not send any teeth into it because that what additional you would get cleaned. as of in. a month five is. a start. at home club or one. in the phylum it is midnight and as alice.
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kept can under the lad. then and so forth on. him. and i send this man hi miles. as a part of this unless. this is all that she. can manage first and i'm among them lance name is coming off. on the eighteenth of november two thousand and twelve bianca chapel was charged with forming a terrorist organization the n.s.u. of murdering eight ethnic turks one ethnic greek and a policewoman and with fifteen robberies two bombings and other attacks
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a five hundred page indictment had been prepared by the federal prosecution office and presented to the munich higher regional court and the hearings began on the sixth of may two thousand and thirteen. also on trial vali been charged with helping beata chip it to find the cheska eighty three gun and cost and hold gavel and andrea and ingo would charge with providing money guns identity cards and cars to the n.s.u. . this is a disease or lung a unique addict one bar is and this one the choices for patients on the shores of this type very nifty. new d.v.d. was a heaven's on the and also indifferently it went any night you'd like the good luck . to be at the chapel national socialist underground trial was one of the biggest in postwar germany's history and lasted five years.
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on the eleventh of july two thousand and eighteen the munich high regional court finally reached a verdict. it found beata chapter guilty on ten counts of racially motivated murder his sentence was life imprisonment. so even this all tied him in a small part because of the help on the clock terms of water shortages for can be economically chuffed and told us the shooting for. the oil now also. been. more and more. i've been. in cowen and of course tiger also went in there. i've been functioning. soviet i've been. i know it's a lot on sharks off why put it's life on for short because. the munich called also
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found the other defendants guilty. it sentence called valenti ten years but constant and all good given three years in jail and under any two and a half years. gums a kobashi crisp on that on behalf of the victims' families. means that many to feed meant. that casting choice a name may target the last. kind of ultimately. a central asian finda tallest in the or and me as my be hashing most on issues that cite. it out what's a come. on and. getting a comment myname i know. that's good and is there as they're getting the shaft
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become finished back in the can now slope. choice one in the national for good that's the eddie sly mad out towards it on v b r to chipper. the three sentences sparked protests across germany demanding inquiries into failures in the murder investigations. the case raised serious questions about social conditions in germany that enabled the n.s.u. to carry out these crimes. and the trial took place as a new rightwing alternative for germany party gain ninety four seats in the bundestag suggesting the cheshire murders reflect a wider shift towards anti immigration ideologies and far right politics across germany as a whole. christian
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priest you are a friend of the palestinians is a true friend over every rock and champion of the palestinian cause the activist who is willing to sacrifice his freedom and he for his beliefs. al-jazeera wilde tells the extraordinary story of the archbishop and the piano.
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and of the heavy rain of yesterday's crust of a plate now you can see the streak since moving slowly north was the heaviest rain reported is still on the auction time sorry eight hundred seven millimeters but we just north of a plate now it is going to be southeast brazil you require that sees a heavy rain the next day or so north of all that and you saw a figure from the river amazon itself for eighty minutes is typical of the showers in this part of northeastern brazil and back towards bolivia ecuador and peru a team of eight is the daily show.


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