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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 24, 2019 7:00pm-7:34pm +03

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we're still on edge a little bit on the report i think there was one infiltrator who threw iraq first so the divan is where the security forces would be blind to react against if they threw rocks and other objects at us in brazil then we started throwing things toward them in venezuela. hours earlier though it was a very different atmosphere on this border cheers greeted trucks with venezuelan license plates as they carried aid supplies a few feet into the venezuelan side. this humanitarian volunteer told me driving the vehicle had filled him with pride and concern that you know you are here we don't have guns we just have medicine for our children and loads of goods for pregnant women in business shipment of peace in order to bring peace. to trucks unable to cross further into going as well or stayed put but many migrants despite the difficulties reaching brazil continued their journey i mean i'm at the back lot though as we walked for three year four hours from venezuela
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because there are no buses or cars to transport us there burning buses things are very terrible on a day when more questions emerged about how when and if aid will actually get into this whale and it's clear these been his wayland's will continue to seek it right here in brazil. and back out i'm up on brazil's border. voting is underway in senegal as people choose their next president is banking on a booming economy to stay in office for another term opposition candidates may be on a platform that focuses on poverty and unemployment which they say are pushing people to leave the country while nicholas hoult joins us live now from the capital dhaka nicholas so just bring us up to date last minute happening that's today. well people have come out on mouse to vote we spoke to the polling officer in charge in this area where in medina in downtown the car just as true and throws away from the
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presidential palace and this is a stronghold of the opposition notably the popular former mayor of jakarta the first cell he wanted to run in this election but was prevented from doing it because he was sentenced to time in prison for corruption just a few days ago the former president of senegal abdul i wired who is the head of the the senegalese democratic party called for a boycott of this election but i think all these calls came on deaf ears people came really we saw a lot of people here this morning queuing up since six o'clock in the morning to try to cast their vote for their candidate. and young people may very well decide the outcome of this election with their voices be heard in this vote do you think. i'm sorry can come in there and i would send young people may very well decide the outcome of the selection nicolas with their voices be heard in this vote.
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that's right there and young voters are crucial to this election not just young voters women they make up the majority of this electorate and they've been really taken to social media just before the election they called for a presidential debate on social media trying to get these politicians around one common forum to see them discuss ideas because a lot of this campaign has focused on. personality rather than themes and issues that are important to young senegalese voters there's a million senegalese voters young voters first time voters that will go and vote for the first time in this election we spoke to one of them i mean this is what she had to say about the candidates. that dressing issue that matter for senate though i think especially one of them. he has been his voice has around like with
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young people because his young himself is saying that it's time to change the system and also like all the candidates like it is a saying in my thinking i have also addressed it in the own way a different part of the programs but i've seen lacking in this campaign issues around me when around like environment specially none of them really address it from my opinion in a serious way and i think in the campaign they have been addressed in different ways to foster economy and to create you employment for people but i think they also showing and now extending all these young people and understanding that they have to take their destiny in their own hands. one of the key issues that are important but is important for young people or that we've spoken to is political freedom they feel that although monkey cell has improved the lives of senegalese with the booming economy that's growing at the rate of seven percent the political space or freedom for young people whether it be with you laws to control
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the internet or kind of the restraining of of the political opposition has really clamp down the space for young people to express himself and that's one of the issues that they're waiting candidates to address importantly chu is the issue of jobs many young unemployed men who who have college degrees and are not finding jobs who are lured into trying to travel across the mediterranean to to join europe and so these people are the ones that will vote and will choose in just four hours time when the polling station will close it will choose who will be the next president of senegal. in the senegalese capital dhaka next. i thought for a short break here al jazeera when we come back votes are being counted in a close race for the presidency in nigeria. and what's behind saudi arabia's appointment of a woman as an ambassador for the very first time on that status. and
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now the rain is just about gone now from china is this cloud his drifting across taiwan behind it a bit of a gap there of the stuff coming out of the tibetan plateau will be a bit of snow for the higher ground reaches it's wrong this could develop and the middle of southern china we might see a little bit of rain in the next day or so i don't think it amount to much to be honest but occasional showers hong kong remains dry shanghai remains dry. proserpine not least on late tuesday west of all the same lines of last tuesday expect the same sort of weather we've got certainly some outbreaks a snowy weather in the high grounds of tibet and plateau but this here hints at potential showers in west bengal and also bangladesh and there they are in the forecast kolkata in the mess there and if anything you've got two days of the increasing risk the same is true up through new delhi and beyond to rain most
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likely wrong and snow but all say that little bit of old now the arabian peninsula breezes a northern neighbor not that strong monday down across bahrain qatar that's where the u.a.e. that it turns around it's a suddenly this is warmer weather centers in the middle thirty's from mecca and medina but in the middle twenty's doha and rising in riyadh what cloud there is is just in northern side in the case of showers possible but probably is dry. every weekly news cycle brings a c.v. simply breaking stories and then of course there's donald trump the town through the eyes of the outstanding that's right out of a hamas script that calls for the annihilation of israel that is not what that phrase means at all listening post as we turn the cameras on the media focus on how they were caught on the stories that matter the most in better use a free palestine
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a listening post on al-jazeera. welcome back to the top stories here on al-jazeera a government has attempted to hijack a passenger plane in bangladesh is now surrendered to the police local media reports say hundred forty two passengers got off safely after it landed at chittagong airport the boeing triple seven was such a flight to dubai in the united arab emirates. venezuela's opposition leader is calling on the international community to keep all options open after running battles on saturday to get aid into the country. trying to cross from colombia at least two people were killed in fighting along the border with brazil. voting is
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underway in senegal to choose the country's next leader president lucky star is banking on a booming economy to stay in office for another term opposition candidate say poverty and unemployment around. folks are being counted in nigeria where president obama biharis hoping for a second there were some reports of irregularities during saturday's delayed election just before voting began the town in the northeast was attacked by suspected boko around fighters hall as more of my boot. overall indications are that this election isn't in fact entirely over what we have are statements from and i know commissioner that's the independent electoral commission backed up by reports from independent observers indicating that some polling stations possibly only a few but some word able to complete the vote on saturday and therefore have gone into additional voting time on sunday in addition to that there are some polling
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stations we believe that may not have been able to open at all because of incidents of violence of intimidation sabotage the burning of ballot papers and so on these reports that we've heard again we don't know how big of a problem this is in terms of affecting the overall process nor do we know quite how the counting process is going on i'm standing outside the international conference center here where the final collation will take place where the final results will be made known and all we understand here is that this evening possibly a few results might be announced but nothing like enough to provide an indicative picture of what's going on and all the while as this goes on i think concerns will rise about the possibility of a disputed result because president bihari for instance said before this vote that he would accept the results if it was credible and that issue of credibility i think is central here because what the week long delay to this process did what all
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the issues that took place on voting day delays intimidation violence and so on have done is lay the ground for a multitude of possible challenges to the final result all of which will in turn inflame opinion on the ground particularly if as is expected these results turn out to be very close. protesters in sudan's capital have set tires on fire as they continue their calls for the president to step down omar al bashir announced a state of emergency on friday and dissolved his government but just hours later he appointed sixty two ministers was part of a series of measures to counter weeks of nationwide rallies even morgan oscillators from khartoum. and we've seen hundreds of people coming out to protest despite a state of emergency being enforced since friday by the president are going to achieve now let's remember people have been out in the streets expressing expressing their frustration with the government saying that they want the president to step down and basically they want to see an interim government that has been happening for ten weeks now in sudan it started in mid december over the
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course of the costs over the rising cost of food commodities and it just quickly morphed into people demanding that president i'm going to push you and his thirty rule and step down now today now on friday when you when the president declared a state of emergency he dissolved the cabinet and dismissed all our state governors and appointed eighteen new military governors instead and he also appointed six ministers on friday itself and yes they have pointed some more including the prime minister and the vice president also were sworn in today but people are saying that they do not recognize the government that has been formed by the president they do not do not recognize the state of emergency that has been for that that has been announced let's remember a state of emergency would give the military the power to raid any house or any institution that they feel like is that they feel is threatening the institution they also the state of emergency also gives the government the right to arrest whoever they feel is threatening sudan stability and economic stability and political stability and people are saying that that's not going to stop them basically that despite the heavy presence of security in hard too many various
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parts of the country they will continue to protest until president i want to push your steps down something he said he's not going to do. gunman have killed at least eleven chaldean un peacekeepers at a military base in northern mali it happened early on sunday morning near the border with algeria the united nations has condemned the attack and is calling for a response. now more civilians were killed in afghanistan last year than during any of the previous nine years figures from the un show almost four thousand civilians were killed in twenty eighteen including nearly a thousand children it blames a spike in deaths on an increase in attacks by eisel strikes by the u.s. led coalition the report comes as talks between the u.s. and the taliban to end the country's seventeen year war appear to be accelerating a scene that negotiator appointed by donald trump is on his way to the middle east to promote a future peace plan for israel and palestine president trump. was expected to accompany jason greenblatt on a weeklong tour of gulf states the u.s.
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delegation will outline the economic elements of a proposal in the ending the decades old conflict an explosive devices killed at least twenty four people in syria's central hama province it went off as a van packed with workers passed by syrian state t.v. says the device is one of the many left in the area by eisel fighters. the head of the roman catholic church's call fund all out battle against the abuse by priests pope francis has been speaking during the fourth and final day of an unprecedented conference on sex abuse within the church francis called it an abominable crime which must be erased or a challenge has more now from data considering. in his speech at the end of this historic four day meeting at the vatican on sexual abuse in the catholic church pope francis said that abusers were tools of satan they were ravenous wolves and that we find ourselves before a brazen manifestation of the spirit of evil he said the abuse will be addressed
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with the utmost seriousness we can listen so bit more of what he had to say right now in contrast. it is utterly incompatible with the moral authority and ethical credibility of those persons chosen by god to guide souls to salvation to let themselves be dominated by their human frailty or sickness and thus they become tools of satan with their well although these were undeniably strong words they certainly didn't satisfy the survivors of sexual abuse who have been here in rome to see what's been going on they were very angry after listening to pipe francis they said that it amounts to a paedophiles charter that what they wanted to hear zero tolerance for abusive priests and zero tolerance for those who've covered up that abuse wasn't mentioned by the pike when it didn't come up in this four day meeting and they think that this amounts to a paedophiles charter that because these priests and bishops and and clergy
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are not being threatened with being thrown out of the priesthood that gives them carte blanche to go back to their countries and carry on abusing carry on covering it up. this meeting though it was never a definitive concrete action. to be decided here now it was always going to have follow up meetings and follow up consultation and the pope is hoping that it's in that process coming next that's a practical handbook to be drawn up but dealing with this issue across the catholic world what is really mentioned there survivors are hoping to see more concrete steps towards accountability we heard today that the church isn't the only ones that do this. that's a leader. is that only. the flexion deflection and deflection and deflection we need action we need them to show the world
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that they are heartfully sorry for what. we need to show them to show the world that they not only realize that there are other laws out there besides canon law but they have to abide by those laws and when they don't abide by those laws and they try to block our laws and they lobby against our laws they can't simultaneously hide behind our laws saudi arabia has replaced it some bastard to the us with its first female envoy princes remote been burned out of takes over from the king's son prince khalid been some money has been appointed vice defense minister the princess is the daughter of a former ambassador to the u.s. and previously worked for saudi arabia's general sports authority well rami khouri is a senior fellow and professor at the american university of beirut he says the saudi government's policies are the fundamental problem. the problem that the saudis have
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is that they don't have much credibility because of their policies not because of the people they appoint and princes rima is probably a very qualified intelligent amiable and articulate woman but she will have no chance to do anything if the policies of the saudi government in yemen internally in saudi arabia dealing with the her should be killing aftermath if those policies don't change then she will just find herself in the same situation as i had little bear before her former ambassador from former foreign minister whose reputation was really tarnished very badly because he was caught up in the web of lies that came up after the her shoji killing the congress is particularly hostile including senior republican members of congress who in the congress sent a reform of the request to the presidency to deal with the holding accountable
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so the officials after the killing of her should she and the white house ignored as the deadline to respond to that and there are now congressional committees investigating various dimensions of so us so do relations including the latest is the attempt apparently to sell nuclear power plants to saudi arabia without going to congress as the law requires in the u.s. so there are several areas and the war and the amount of course on the internal. arrest of particularly woman dissidents so there are quite a few serious issues that have to be dealt with at once and they're all related to policy none of them are related to personality. it's the biggest event in tinseltown the ninety first academy award.


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