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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  February 25, 2019 12:00am-1:01am +03

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first let's take a closer look at where the aid is trying to get in president nicolas maduro has for has closed for crossings along the border with colombia which also shut its side the main entry point is the seam on bolivar international bridge it connects the city of kuta with san antonio in venezuela my daughter has also shot the border with brazil there was violence on saturday at the gateway in parker i'm out on the brazilian side as trucks carrying aid trying to cross in to venezuela or something m.p.'s he is live for us in coopertown on the colombian side of the border so what is the situation like there on the ground right now after saturday's violent clashes. situation is relatively calm here colombia also this too close to their side of the border police seem front of. a barrier for the people not to enter the bridge on the
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colombian side they said that this will remain this you today and tomorrow on monday and then they will. be as official this issue and will be for the rest of the coming days that we understand that that there are a few hundred people on the venice where landside who are claiming for the bridge to be opened on a regular day more than thirty thousand venezuelans cross into. most of them to buy food and medicines that they can't buy. back home on the venezuelan side many work here in colombia or do informal jobs selling things that they buy in minnesota and they sell on the colombian side for profit but for now everything here remains blocked as you can see behind me and a lot of police presence we've also heard from colombia's migration services
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who now say that the number of. military forces that have defected to colombia. gone up to one hundred and four people from sixty people that was the official number. just moments ago and also that four consuls in the cities along the border have moved back to where they were let through by the. police this after president nicolas maduro decision to break all. that diplomatic ties with colombia. and i'm asunder just during the time that we've been speaking to you we've been listening as well to the venezuelan information minister who's been giving a press conference in caracas and not surprisingly he's been taking aim at the
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opposition leader why don't saying that he doesn't have a plan to run venezuela so a real information war going on here as you would expect as far as the diplomacy what's next we've got this. group meeting coming up on monday what can we expect there. but both today when this government of unequal last minute and opposition are trying to spin this story of what happened on saturday here of the battles of the blocking. in different ways the government of course continues saying that this would have been a trojan horse just the first step towards an invasion of. the opposition and the international countries that support the. said that what happened on saturday shows the moral failure and the violence of the.
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g.m. . that no other government that would have ever stopped the aid needed by its people on monday as you were saying that there will be meeting the by the lima group these are fourteen lacking american countries plus kind of that support the opposition leader. he will also be at this meeting them but with that together with the vice president of the u.s. mike painter what we're hearing is that we'll ask these countries two things first to harden their diplomatic position towards venice well and also to concede there to use. force formally this word bring the tension one step and it also tells us that while insists that their plan is to continue hoping and trying to find a way to move the a.v. into
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a very nice way that they don't see many their options available after they failed on saturday. and sunday m.p.'s. within the next hour polls will be closing in senegal for the presidential election current president macky sall is banking on a booming economy to stay in office for another term opposition candidates have been promoting a platform the focus is on poverty and unemployment which they say are pushing people to leave the country nicholas hock reports from the capital dakar. senegal rising prosperous educated and with a booming economy it's this vision that president like you said he's promoting to get reelected. didn't continue to progress the one that will bring prosperity to all senegalese. during his time in office new company registrations tripled among them is impact to car incubate or for startups but i
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think it's a great time for a youngster it was really to do you can number of risks because very little things a person mayfield's an entrepreneur a lot of things that are here now going to appear before inauguration after the other son is changing the capitals landscape promoting and there it is a rising senegal. just a few kilometers away from downtown the car is a two billion dollar construction site it's called junkyard you present. wants to turn this into a silicon valley for west africa but if you travel away from the cranes and building sites there is another senegal with a different narrative. this is. two hundred kilometers from the car and there are villages with no running water electricity or hospitals children suffer from malnutrition. you sick out walked away from this life traveling across the mediterranean into europe with the hope to find better opportunities but he's come
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back empty handed there are no jobs here no opportunities at least not for us it's as if we don't exist we don't count on politicians unless it's election time was what. senegal sinking in debt riddled with corruption and unemployment this is the narrative shared by the four opposition candidates among them political newcomer anti establishment loose months. you could win your. politicians understand nothing because this country's huge have decided to take responsibility and to take their destiny into their own hands fifty nine years of lies and betrayal we have enough. with conflicting narratives to choose from it's now up to the six million voters to decide which one rings true and which senegal to vote for. nicholas hawke al-jazeera the car there have been they've been trying to appeal to use voters as well as women in this election
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earlier nicolas spoke with an undecided first time voter who explained what's important to her as she prepared to cast her ballot. they're addressing issues that matter for senate though i think especially one of them like. he has been his voice has around like with young people because his young himself is saying that it's time to change the system and also like all the candidates like it is a say in making i have also addressed it in the own way that different part of the programs but i've seen lacking in this campaign issues around me when around like environment especially none of them really address it for my opinion in a serious way and i think in the campaign they have been addressed in different ways to foster economy and to create. employment for people but i think they also showing and now it's illegal is young people at understanding that they have to take the destiny in their own hands of accounting is continuing in nigeria after
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saturday's presidential election president muhammadu buhari seeking a second term in was thought to be a tight race with former vice president. the electoral commission extended voting hours in some places off the ballot machines malfunctioned john howell has more from a boojum all indications are that this election is not in fact over i next the independent electoral commission has confirmed that some polling stations have after carry voting over from saturday into sunday other polling stations that we don't know how many apparently didn't open at all because of violence intimidation and other problems at the polls that of course gives rise to the question will they have to reschedule the vote at those places meanwhile counting goes on of the state and local level that may be a few days yet before we have final results here at the central collation center in it's a watery period this concerns will rise about the possibility of a disputed result out of all of this and already one of the leading observer groups operating here yaga that we've been speaking to has called this election not the
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election nigerians expected not the election nigerians deserved. gunmen have killed at least eleven chatty and u.n. peacekeepers at a military base in northern mali happened early sunday morning near the border without united nations has condemned the attack and is calling for a response. i still ahead on al-jazeera when we come back u.n. figures show more civilians were killed in afghanistan last year than at any time since records were kept and what's got religious groups up in arms as cubans vote on a new constitution. aloes generally fine now in afghanistan and iran there is a storm system developing in the central mediterranean but it's not going to be in
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immediately so we've got a day of fine looking where the low twenty's beirut little bit less in aleppo same sort of story across iraq i was surprised to see a shower but if you watch the development between monday and tuesday that storm winds up it comes from libya comes across to cyprus southern turkey northern syria as you can see snow for turkey itself and it looks stormy so i think on shore winds will be quite nasty from lebanon lebanese coast northwards which induces is suddenly ahead of it that usually means it's going to be dusty as long as the ground is drawn is fairly dry now that before we get to that we've got a northerly and the southerly is here as in western society but as you know that wind just slowly east was attempts to rise in riyadh to twenty nine degrees but i think we're looking at dry weather if it little dusty. we still potential big showers an eastern side of south africa there's the last one went straight into sudden mozambique but you know stick section that proves the rule for most places
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far cape town is twenty three will take a bit of a dip as the wind strengthens from the west but most places assigned also zambia it's dry. dizzy re-explore is prominent figures of the twentieth century and how and why buildings influenced the course of history the assault said he did not get enough credit for ending a budget he wanted to be the big historical figure but he was mandela the biggest icon in the world the prisoner and the president who came together to end up apartheid in south africa nelson mandela and f.w. de klerk face to face on.
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again you watching i'm just there a reminder of our top stories this hour venezuela's opposition leader is calling on the international community to keep all options open after running battles on saturday to get aid into the country the army stopped trucks trying to cross from colombia and at least two people were killed in fighting along the border with the still. within the next hour polls will close in senegal's presidential elections macky sall is banking on a booming economy to stay in office for another term opposition candidates though say poverty and unemployment are rampant. votes are being counted in nigeria where president muhammadu buhari is hoping to win reelection most of the ballots were cast on saturday but a handful of polling stations opened again on sunday after reports of violence and malfunctioning voting machines. the head of the roman catholic church has called
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for an all out battle against abuse by priests pope francis was speaking during the fourth and final day of a conference on sex abuse within the church from francis called it an abominable crime which must be raised rory chalons has more from vatican city. in his speech at the end of this historic four day meeting at the vatican on sexual abuse in the catholic church pope francis said that abusers were tools of satan they were ravenous wolves and that we find ourselves before a brazen manifestation of the spirit of evil he said the abuse will be addressed with the utmost seriousness we can listen to a bit more of what he had to say right now. it is utterly incompatible with the moral authority and ethical credibility of those persons chosen by god to guide souls to salvation to let themselves be dominated by their human frailty or sickness and thus they become tools of satan well although these were undeniably
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straw. words they certainly didn't satisfy the survivors of sexual abuse who have been here in rome to see what's been going on they were very angry and after listening to it by francis they said that it amounts to a paedophiles charter that what they wanted to hear zero tolerance for abusive priests and zero tolerance for those who've covered up that abuse wasn't mentioned by the pike when it didn't come up in this four day meeting and they think that this amounts to a paedophiles charter that because these priests and bishops and clergy are not being threatened with being thrown out of the priesthood that gives them carte blanche to go back to their countries and carry on abusing carry on covering it up this meeting though it was never about definitive concrete action. to be decided here or now it was always going to have follow up meetings and follow up consultation and the pope is hoping that it's in that process coming next that's
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a practical handbook to be drawn up for dealing with this issue across the catholic world more civilians were killed in afghanistan last year than joining any of the previous nine years figures from the un show almost four thousand civilians were killed in twenty eighteen including nearly a thousand children and blames the spike in deaths on an increase in attacks by eisel and air strikes by the u.s. led coalition report comes as talks between the u.s. and the taliban and to end the country's seventeen year war again in momentum. the word has taken a terrible toll on civilians and twenty eighteen witness deplorable levels of harm inflicted upon them. by the us all the highest number of civilians killed in the conflict since the united nations began says systematic documentation of the impact of the war on noncombatants thousands of palestinian protesters in guards are
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calling for president mahmoud abbas to resign they're angry he suspended the salaries of more than five thousand workers last month the cuts are seen as action against hamas is refusing to hand over power in the gaza strip as another demonstration in the occupied west bank in support of a bass a senior adviser to donald trump is on his way to the middle east to promote a future peace plan for israel and palestine jerrold kirshner was expected to accompany jason greenblatt on a weeklong tour of the gulf states the u.s. delegation will outline economic elements of a proposal to end of decades of conflict protect uproot protesters in sudan's capital have set tires on fire as they continue their calls for the president to step down on. announced a state of emergency on friday and dissolved his government just hours later he appointed six new ministers it was part of
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a series of measures to counter weeks of protests morgan has more from hard to. and we've seen hundreds of people coming out to protest despite a state of emergency being enforced since friday by the president are going to achieve now let's remember people have been out in the streets expressing expressing their frustration with the government saying that they want the president to step down and basically they want to see an interim government that has been happening for ten weeks now in sudan it started in mid december over the course of the costs over the rising cost of food commodities and it just quickly morphed into people demanding that president i'm going to show you and his thirty rule and step down now today now on friday when pretty when the president declared a state of emergency he dissolved the cabinet and dismissed all our state governors and appointed eighteen new military governors instead and he also appointed six ministers on friday itself and yes they have pointed some more including the prime minister and the vice president also were sworn in today but people are saying that they do not recognize the government that has been formed by the president they don't do not recognize the state of emergency that has been for that that has been
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announced let's remember a state of emergency would give the military the power to raid any house or any institution that they feel like it's threat that they feel is threatening the institution they also the state of emergency also gives the government the right to arrest whoever they feel is threatening sudan stability and economic stability and political stability and people are saying that that's not going to stop them they say that despite the heavy presence of security in hard so many various parts of the country they will continue to protest and tell president i want to push your steps down something he said he's not going to do leaders from the european union and the arab league have gathered in egypt for their first ever joint summit the two day meeting in sharm a shift will focus on migration and security at least twenty four european leaders are attending egyptian president abdul fattah sisi is co-chairing the summit with european council president donald. a gunman attempted to hijack a passenger plane in bangladesh he surrendered to police now all passengers got off
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safely after it landed at chittagong airport the boeing triple seven was set to fly to dubai in the united arab emirates saudi arabia has replaced its ambassador to the u.s. with its first female envoy princes who remain bhandari takes over from the king's son prince harry man who was appointed vice defense minister the princess is the daughter of a former ambassador to the united states and previously worked for saudi arabia's general sports authority but army corps is a senior fellow and professor at the american university of beirut he says the saudi government's policies are the fundamental problem. the problem that the saudis have is that they don't have much credibility because of their policies not because of the people they appoint and princes rima is probably a very qualified intelligent amiable and articulate woman but she will have no
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chance to do anything if the policies of the saudi government in yemen internally in saudi arabia dealing with the what should be killing aftermath if those policies don't change then she will just find herself in the same situation as adults bear before her former ambassador from former foreign minister whose reputation was really tarnished very badly because he was caught up in the web of lies that came up after the hush o.-g. killing the congress is particularly hostile including senior republican members of congress who in the congress sent a reform of the request to the presidency to deal with the holding accountable so the officials after the killing of the white house ignored as a deadline to respond to that and there are now congressional committees investigating various dimensions of so us so do relations including the latest is the attempt apparently to sell nuclear power plants to saudi arabia without going
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to congress as the law requires in the u.s. so there are several areas and the war in the amount of course and the internal. arrest of particularly woman dissidents so there are quite a few serious issues that have to be dealt with at once and they're all related to policy none of them are related to personality police in algeria fired tear gas to disperse hundreds of demonstrators protesting for the third day in a row against president abdelaziz bouteflika the protestors in the capital algiers according on him to drop plans to run for a fifth term elections in april eighty one year old has been seen in public on the ass. handful of time since suffering a stroke in twenty thirteen. an explosive device has killed at least twenty four people in syria's central province it went off as a van packed with workers pass by syrian state television says the device is one of the many left in the area by ice or fighters cubans are getting the opportunity to
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vote on a new constitution for the first time in decades sunday's poll marks a historic day for the communist country an unprecedented two million people are expected to voice their opposition to the government mariana sanchez reports from havana. protestant cuber pray for divine guidance. and for cubans to vote no on sunday's constitutional referendum. don't stay home don't leave your vote blank you know what you have to put on the ballot. bowl it is group say the new constitution may eventually allow same sex marriage. because the proposed constitution has not respected the people's opinion on the issue of marriage and family and. this sort of dissent is unprecedented in cuba and it's not restricted to moral values the draft constitution brings in more freedoms to trade
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buy property and attract foreign investment it even sets presidential term limits but communism remains an try and as cuba's guiding force many here say the changes are the most significant and the core were arabs the critics say ratifying the proposal will only serve to perpetuate the communist one party system for those pushing for a no vote the shadow of fetal castro remains in these pages is that i miss my things by qualifying it as the stage in society's guiding force it puts the party above the rest of the institutions recognized by the constitution and that's a threat against any democratic process. the no campaign complains it hasn't been given enough air time compared to its government financed opponents. i am voting yes cuba is voting yes we are voting yes for and i will labor this would be the best constitution cubans ever had. to get to the foundations for socialism have to
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be there we fought for that many years and now there are new things like private property it's the best in every way. it's thought close to twenty five percent of cubans are likely to vote against the draft but win or lose sunday will be a historic day it will be the first time cubans can say no to a government proposal out in the open and innocent just and just see to have than a cuba. now it is the biggest event in tinseltown the nine hundred cademy awards get underway in hollywood later on sunday rob reynolds takes a look at the films vying to take on the coveted oscar this year. the red carpet has been rolled out on hollywood boulevard and the on globes with the names of the winners are ready to open this year's academy awards feature a diverse slate of best picture nominees including the exploits of a half or can supervise euro in black and.
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the life of an indigenous mexican housekeeper in the one nine hundred seventy s. in roma the scene he's working for black in the deep south blue problems a story of overcoming bigotry and creating interracial friendships in green book and the like with the brilliant but troubled gay rock star in bohemian rhapsody. films and performances selected you know the nominated this year for the ska certainly reflects that hollywood has a greater understanding and is putting forth a greater commitment towards diversity and inclusion i think that's a good thing but the four other best picture nominees are vice a bio pic of former vice president dick cheney a star is born a remake of a venerable tale of fame fortune and fate with
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a helping of popular songs black klansmen director spike lee's comedy drama about a black policeman infiltrating the k.k.k. and the favorite a lavish dive into the intrigues b. trails and lesbian love affairs in the eighteenth century british royal court the best female actor nominees include yes you know in roma lady gaga in a star is born and will listen with. can you ever forgive me but there's a clear favorite i mean glenn close it's like finally i mean glenn has been the bride for. i think everybody is like. the best male actor award contest looks like a dead heat between christian bale startling in person a shot of cheney invites romney maalik specialist portrayal of the talented orbited freddie mercury is bohemian rhapsody the television ratings for the oscars
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broadcast have been shrinking for years and twenty teen was the worst year yet by including broadly diverse slate of dummies this year the film industry hopes to bring those numbers back up and give the academy awards more relevance robert oulds al-jazeera hollywood. this is going to round up of the top stories venezuela's opposition leader is calling on the international community to keep all options open after running battles on saturday to get aid into the country the army stopped trucks trying to cross from colombia and at least two people were killed in fighting along the border with brazil. venezuela's opposition minister has accused evidence when it's information minister rather has accused the opposition leader why dollar staging saturday's event as another attempted coup. is nothing less this is
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a fallacy that's all the supposed government of the wide always old staged and it's fake what humanitarian aid do you know how many trucks move toward simone bridge to do you know how many nicolas maduro sends daily to distribute food boxes one hundred sixty eight trucks every day president maduro is moving these trucks and there is evidence and he will get to the truth that there was nothing in their trucks why because it was destined for their trucks to be burned by the vandals as was done yesterday. in about half an hour polls will close in senegal as people choose their leader president macky sall is banking on a booming economy to stay in office for another term opposition candidates say poverty and unemployment are rampant. votes are being counted in nigeria a president mohammed who will hardy is hoping for a second term most of the ballots will cost on saturday but
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a handful of polling stations opened again on sunday after reports of violence and malfunctioning voting machines the head of the roman catholic church has called for an all out battle against abuse by priests pope francis was speaking on the final day of a conference on sex abuse within the church in contrast. it is utterly incompatible with the moral authority and ethical credibility of those persons chosen by god to guide souls to salvation to let themselves be dominated by their human frailty or sickness and thus they become tools of satan. killed the gunman who tried to hijack a passenger plane everyone got off the plane safely after it landed at chittagong airport the boeing triple seven was going to fly to dubai in the united arab emirates those are the headlines swim back in off an hour right now it's inside story.
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days in syria appear numbered days long extended the bulk of the body has lost in all its territory and its fighters are on the bottom where will they go and look at what from iceland be all over this is inside story. hello and welcome to the program and those of a product i saw once controlled an area stretching from west and syria to east an iraq that is nearly the size of the u.k. it proclaimed a caliphate in two thousand and fourteen and imposed its harsh rule on millions of
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people bought it was flushed out of iraq and eventually lost most of its ground in syria what's left of the group now is confined to a tiny part of the syrian village of bogle's without a battle to the death the u.s. backed syrian democratic forces made up of mainly kurdish fighters has launched an offensive to retake the village bosh it's not easy thousands of civilians have already been rescued from more than two thousand remain trapped. well i said again seizing control of territory in syria and twenty fourteen when it captured the case that he of iraq or and declared it the capital of itself proclaimed caliphate a year later the group's control expanded to include most of that as all parts of aleppo homs and the province of idlib also areas south of the capital damascus a vast stretch of desert and oil fields but in twenty seventeen u.s. backed mainly kurdish fighters read talk the city of raka and the syrian army with
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help from russian instructs regained full control of their hours or the fall of these two key strongholds weakened eisel and they began to lose more and more ground more than four years after the group's rise in syria has left is a tiny patch in burgos near the iraqi border. but let's introduce our panel now joining us from morocco is muhammad basta is director of the moroccan institute for policy analysis and ankara via skype is use of a freelance security analyst at set at the foundation for political economic and social research and in london is mesa gifted a human rights activist and anti eisel campaign a very warm welcome to all of you mr mass start with you and robot are we seeing the end of the group of eisel in syria. i think it's from a military perspective with ink i think it's it's it's a successful and
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a complaint to limit the abilities of the. caliphate and we have seen that many of the its fighters has been killed and its territory has been trying. so it's from that perspective i think it's it's been successful but if we look for a long term i think this is far away from from being defeated because the a period of the of its ideology are the it's organization i think is transitioning from the states are from the caliphate into underground are a good. way of fighting so it's very difficult to say that we are any time soon of the and of this list out about the does the end of the group do you think mean the end of the ideology the group seems to be all that defeated in
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syria but has the ideology from my point of perspective i agree with. the ideology still keeps on the is because of the widened which is being created in syria and iraq and the historical background starting from a thought regime and starting from saddam hussein geim.


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