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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 25, 2019 7:00am-7:34am +03

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since through the course of saturday we're forced to over run into sunday because they opened too late to finish on the day he said that voting in many places you still ongoing or has just finished he also confirmed that some polling stations weren't able to open at all because of tech technical malfunctions or a combination of violence and intimidation at the polls he didn't say how many nor did he say whether or when votes would need to be rescheduled in those places and whether that would affect the outcome speaking of which he said counting continues at a state and local level as early as this evening after six pm it is possible that one or two states might declare their results they'll be announced here at the central collation center that out of thirty five is not going to give an indeed indication of the final result of course that may still be a few days away but as long as this process continues to be extended the more concerns will rise about the possibility of a disputed result not just because of the events and mishaps of saturday but because of course of that delay to the vote last week it is not the outcome many
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nigerians would have hoped to be looking at in the aftermath of this election and one leading observer group that we've been speaking to jaeger has passed its comment saying this was not the election nigerians expected nor the election nigerians deserved. still to come in this half hour voting wraps up in senegal where mackey sallis confident of winning a second term as president plus why the republicans are getting behind the democrats' climate initiative but it isn't because they're bringing. you the weather slushy fun to drive across a good part of australia it has been unusually dry pretty warm to into darwin recently no reason why that should change the charts of want to see showers or the
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fog north of the country but that side does look hot dry and sunny for many thirty five celsius for adelaide thirty one in melbourne not quite as warm as that for perth that twenty eight degrees winds up to thirty three though as we go on into what choose day by choose day down towards the southeast in kona with a little colder there from melbourne twenty four celsius but adelaide still getting up to around thirty four degrees for the north it's generally fine try one improving weather just along the gulf coast that just along the east coast of australia southeastern corner of queensland as that decaying tropical side moves out of the way meanwhile we have still got some other unsettled weather making its way across the sea and in the face of cloud in tow here winds coming from the south as we go through monday fifteen celsius for christ so on the coast side it warms up there was we go on into tuesday twenty degrees by that state a twenty two in all confined and dry and the winds forty let's say should feel quite pleasant surprise and enough to across
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a good parts of japan temperatures intake at thirteen so it's on monday little colder for tuesday. a face can tell a story without uttering a single. and knowing god. can guide. a simple touch in for. the unconventionality of life witness through the lens of the human eye. is what inspires us. witness documentaries on al-jazeera.
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looking back is a reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera venezuela's opposition leader one why dole is calling on the international community to keep all options open after saturday's violent border clashes over american aid at least two people were killed in efforts to get supplies into the country failed pope francis has called for an all out battle against the abuse of minors the pope made the comments as on an unprecedented meeting of senior catholic clergy wrapped up at the vatican and observers say as many as thirty five people were killed in election violence in a saturday both are being counted in the closely for general election between president mohamed bihari and his main rival a tee up a back. the voting has wrapped up in senegal's presidential elections the president is seeking
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a second term and faces four main rivals to his bid since coming to office president saleh is developed infrastructure projects and the economy is said to be booming but opposition candidates say the ordinary people are still suffering because of poverty and high unemployment gave us this update on the vote count from a polling station in the capital dhaka it's going on across fifteen thousand polling stations and we're in one of the polling rooms we've just seen earlier these officers taking out each envelope calling out the name of the candidate this in front of observers from the political parties and from the election commission the election commission here says it wants to make the process as transparent as possible i mean this is democracy in action in senegal and so they go as one of the most stable democracies on the continent in much of it is to do with this electoral process it's gone through eleven elections and all have been
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a peaceful transition in power now in this polling room specifically multi-cell came on top that doesn't mean that the rest of the country will follow but it surely is an indication of the mood because we've seen for the last two weeks marquis solid campaigning aggressively across the country like you said. praise him in showing his accomplishment during his time and his mandate in power. security forces in sudan's capital khartoum have fired tear gas at hundreds of protesters calling on president omar al bashir to stand down the continued violence follows bashir declaring a state of emergency across the country on friday he said he was dissolving his government but just hours later appointed six new ministers and eighteen state governors for the military morgan has the latest now from khartoum. we've seen hundreds of people coming out to protest despite
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a state of emergency being enforced since friday by the president are going to achieve now let's remember people have been out in the streets expressing expressing their frustration with the government saying that they want the president to step down and basically they want to see an interim government that has been happening for ten weeks now in sudan it started in mid december over the course of the costs over the rising cost of food commodities and it just quickly morphed into people demanding that present i'm going to push you and his thirty two and step down now today now on friday when pretty when the president declared a state of emergency he dissolved the cabinet and dismissed all our state governors and appointed eighteen new military governors instead and he also appointed six ministers on friday itself and yes they have pointed to some some more including the prime minister and the vice president also were sworn in today but people are saying that they do not recognize the government that has been formed by the president they don't do not recognize the state of emergency that has been for that that has been announced let's remember a state of emergency would give the military the power to raid any house or any institution that they feel like it's threat that they feel is threatening the
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institution they also the state of emergency also gives the government the right to arrest whoever they feel is threatening sudan stability and economic stability and political stability and people are saying that that's not going to stop them to say that despite the heavy presence of security in hard to many various parts of the country they will continue to protest and kill president i want to push your steps down something he said he's not going to do. a suspect who allegedly tried to hijack a plane and was shot by bangladeshi commandos has died from his injuries the boeing jet was forced to make an emergency landing at bangladesh is it should have gone airport local media says or one hundred forty two passengers got off the plane safely now the new democrats in the u.s. congress are pushing forward with plans to try to save the environment they've launched an initiative called a green new deal to tackle climate change and boost when you pull energy sources and the republicans have been quick to call for it to be voted on congress but as
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she reports it's not because they want to save the planet. as speaker pelosi and i have have spoken at the green new deal has been a priority for progressive left wing democrats elected last november it's based on the principle that the system that's produced unprecedented inequality is also hastening global environmental catastrophe i don't think that we selected by addressing climate change and what i see in some portions of the treaty is that people read frustrated because they don't feel like this is. the key goals of the green new deal to meet all of the u.s. is power to moms through renewable zero emission energy during a ten year national mobilization while ensuring communities and workers don't suffer during the transition the need for action has been echoed by a republican leadership that usually expresses little appetite for debate on the environment or economic inequality i've noted with great interest the green new
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deal. and we're going to be voting on that in the senate to give everybody an opportunity to go on record. the republicans see an opportunity in the deal's emphasis on reducing greenhouse gases while creating an equitable society but no patootie to fracture the democratic party and not to save the planet the era of big government is over bill clinton shifted the democrats from left to right away from the social safety net to the primacy of market forces and big business now almost thirty years later the left is fighting back and the democratic leadership fears the republicans will present them as socialist extremists even as opinion polls show broad support for higher taxes on the rich to fund government spending on education health and averting climate change house majority leader nancy pelosi is dismissive comments when asked what she thought about the green new deal where revealing the green dream or whatever they call it she replied nobody knows what it is but they're all for it right it's the grassroots calling for action on climate
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change and economic equality the sunrise movement is a nationwide group of. young people that's helped place the green new deal on the political agenda it says the leadership of both parties have a lot to lose if they underestimate support for the green new deal and the electorate frustration for how things are this is a crucial juncture for leadership for a long time the democrats say that they believe the science but fail to take decisive action what mitch mcconnell doesn't seem to understand is that he doesn't even have the support of his own voting base sixty four percent of republicans support what played out in the resolution. at the prospect of presenting the democrats as too divided even to challenge a popular president may be well founded then if the democratic leadership continues to resist policies that may lead to the change voters say they actually want. washington. cubans have been voting on a new constitution for their country a final draft of the new constitution was adopted by the cuban parliament last
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december it makes modest changes recognizing the free market and limiting the president to two consecutive five year terms while still in shrine in communism as the island's official political ideology. tension between india and pakistan is dominating the headlines in both countries after the worst attack in decades in india administered kashmir ten days ago but arts and culture are helping to bring people together as a some of enjoyed by the explains now from a literary festival in lahore. was a role reality usually plays the guitar in space. but this performance isn't focused on its cultural hub. thousands of people are here at the annual retreat festival to listen to and act with people from all over the world when you have one sixty eight delegates from pakistan and abroad commingling
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exchanging views on cities and offstage it really leads to something not just for pakistan but then pakistan has been struck internationally and that beyond the borders approach has sparked interest in the work of people capturing world events from syria to sudan it's about really going back to sudan which is where i'm going back to how to which is where i grew up and rediscovering that city and my connections to the country and the. looking at the history and what has happened to bring us to the situation that we're in today the festival is taking place amid heightened tensions between pakistan and india the two nuclear armed neighbors and politics also creeps up into conversations about literature and art we need to stop . supporting scripts that are very indian we need to start going back to our our agencies where all the drama was a better reflection of our society. people who know both sides of the border say that having open conversations releases tensions leads to debate and helps bring
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people closer the tensions are really between people unfortunately these people are very powerful and this is why it gets into the news but when you come to an event like this you see a lot of people enjoying themselves wanting to interact. and as i say you don't feel under threat by other people's viewpoints you seem to want to learn from other people's viewpoints. has come out of years of bloodshed and violence and what visitors find on their first visit is not what many expect the pakistan is just like any other country its people are friendly. people and sort invokes which i think is very important and people are open to. reading in the singing about new things. in the news.
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activists in pakistan complain of increased surveillance and draconian laws which inhibit free expression and criticism on mainstream and social media but the government says freedom of expression also has its limits open minded and free market of discourse is becoming increasingly rare in an era of fast news and so-called fake news organizes participants here feel that this is an opportunity not to just hear the other side's opinion but also to express their views israel in an open environment some of the job it out of there on. the red carpet is being rolled out for the academy awards in what could be a night of history making firsts for the film industry the oscars will kick off in hollywood in three hours looks at the films in the running for this year's coveted awards. the red carpet has been rolled out on hollywood boulevard and the on globes with the names of the winners are ready to open this year's
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academy awards feature a diverse slate of best picture nominees including the exploits of an african superhero in black and. the life of an indigenous mexican housekeeper in the one nine hundred seventy s. in roma. and working for black in the deep south the problem is a story of overcoming bigotry and creating interracial friendships in green book and the like with the brilliant but troubled gay rock star in bohemian rhapsody. the films and performances selected you know the she is nominated this year for the ska certainly reflects that hollywood has a greater understanding and it's putting forth a greater commitment towards diversity and inclusion and i think that's a good thing but the four other best picture nominees are vice
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a bio pic of former vice president dick cheney a star is born a remake of a venerable tale of fame fortune in fate with a helping of popular songs black klansmen director spike lee's comedy drama about a black policeman infiltrating the k.k.k. and the favorite a lavish dive into the intrigues b. trails and lesbian love affairs in the eighteenth century british royal court the best female actor nominees include yes you know in roma lady gaga in a star is born and melissa mccarthy can you ever forgive me but there's a clear favorite i mean glenn close it's like finally i mean glen has been the bridesmaid for. i am so i think everybody is like like the best male actor award contest looks like a dead heat between christian bale's startling impersonation of cheney in vice and
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romney malek's passionate portrayal of the talented and tormented freddie mercury in bohemian rhapsody the television ratings for the oscars broadcast have been shrinking for years and twenty eighteen was the worst year yet by including a broadly diverse slate of nominees this year the film industry hopes to bring those numbers back up and give the academy awards more relevance robert oulds al-jazeera hollywood. hello i'm barbara starr in london these are the top stories on al-jazeera venezuela's opposition leader one is calling on the international community to keep all options open following saturday's violent border clashes over american made efforts to get supplies into the country descended into violence between forces
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loyal to president maduro and a position activists at the summit m.p.p. as the latest from the colombian border where more venezuelans have had a confrontation with forces loyal to michael. they were confronted by. national guardsman who started throwing. gas tear gas at them and also by armed the civilians allegedly part of the colicky was these paramilitary gangs in support of the government of president nicolas maduro and we heard at least a gunshot. just minutes ago and we understand that one person is wounded and the colombian police here is trying to see if they can do anything or if the volunteers can move them on the colombian side and see what's happening with him the head of the roman catholic church has called for an all out battle against the abuse of minors pope francis made the pledge on the fourth and final day of an
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unprecedented conference on sex abuse within the church he promised to review guidelines for bishops to prevent abuse in the future observers say as many as thirty five people were killed in election violence in the jewelry old sun today it's expected to be a close call between president mohammed bihari and his main rival a t r. and voting is just wrapped up in senegal's presidential election president mikey sally's seeking a second term and faces four main big rivals security forces in sudan's capital khartoum a fire tear gas at hand hundreds of protesters calling on president omar al bashir to stand down the continued violence follows bashir declaring a state of emergency across the country on friday he said he was the solving his government but later appointed six new ministers and eighteen state governors from the military. well those are the top stories my colleagues and though how we'll
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have more news for you in half an hour coming up next on our busier it's witness thanks for watching. on counting the cost this week breaks it and cambodia it's the southeast asian economy that's most exposed to the u.k.'s e.u. divorce plus nine months later lebanon finally has a government but its economy is screaming for attention. counting the cost on al-jazeera.
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god that's a great question and we can see who's going to get new ones who are going overseas who must work you will still want to do wish to consume the kind of these companies times you have and. you close it was these are guys who are going to look good because the news room assure you this book will says she will win the book why those of you who still said this is still used do you really who says she believes in she is or is it simply. doesn't work or . real serious isn't heard. all the music business account of them i just recently put two more yes let me move this is who should use it consistently to give me everything you have you. put me with one of those in our study
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