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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 25, 2019 10:00am-10:34am +03

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it was brought under a special commission called tellingly francis. but he continued to focus on the victims businesses and their alleged drug related connection this line was reflected in the media coverage of the case maybe i took it to the around the truck . as they began to rethink the the mickey chin hanging bush given by chicago. ted are legally all that encouraging i get a reading along. under the i told you that i live you romo are to be id they were all a nag a then he became a teacher. this is chaotic a village in a province in eastern turkey. it's where the fifth victim in the church's serial killings mehmet to the good grew up. and his brother eunice to recruit emigrated
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from here to rostock in northern germany in search of a better life. and kids can do any of them when you do need to. move. however unison messmate entered germany illegally when they arrived they tried different jobs before taking on a donor kabob shop in rostock. like the. lot. because you are one of the germans attack you. know used. it makes them. memo to the good was murdered early in the morning while at work in the kabab shop on the twenty fifth of february two thousand and four. the police found eunice to
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the goods identity card in measurements pocket so they reported you this as the deceased. but by then the owner of the id card was already back in his home village in eastern turkey after his brother's death. in the denial of. your medical going to start our daughter and you can well i'm a dying out. in britain young thought of not because. i was very smart as i was. and i'm not. and he should be a good manager paul i. managed to get was the fifth ethnic turkey four years to be killed using the same gun after the german intelligence service for the protection of the constitution expressed doubts about the drug trade line of inquiry police and law stock focused instead on the victims' families and friends.
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or dharma but also bob and. i get the more they. are more poisonous to. this man as. you have as for them you. can with all of that's what i mean and this one's was. all of that as young as. you sonny studies them as if i knew them and bank and michelle's are on the at the national i knew them in. along the war local for diallo and. and. you are thinking the only other thing called the un is i planned your plan the. way
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i used to try to get the un is there using less than cuba one one. cologne in the west of germany. the cheska case was quiet for four months in two thousand and four. but then on the ninth of june there was a huge explosion in the middle heim district cope's thruster is well known for its turkish shops. a handmade cluster bomb a chub packed with thousands of nails destroyed the whole street seriously injuring twenty two people. saki keep each syllable of the guard under her would you are longer each city getting omaha to the. coffin in the. east. john ferry on the marshmallow.
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was. somewhat of the prominent part of the year that. i bought the shader. and for the saw out of a saw that the truck solved but such was the shortage but because of the economy one john lot of it didn't and here live east on the year there they are till. the murders of the previous four years and the cologne bombing all seem to have targeted people of turkish origin. but the german state stuck doggedly to the line that the killings had a criminal rather than a racist motive. here when the city only was yes appeared to serve on the board mission off until it was just me into one some of i know this means your. witnesses said the man in his thirty's wearing
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a hat left his bicycle with a bomb in front of the ers john headdress or. the cologne police decided the target had been john yielded in the owner of the salang. some local people disagree. even if not all that are going to go on the only one know that it is there and then just did it well said lucian that each of us here weekend it but you didn't get in the most of them to help us it wasn't that what you learn at night you will lose it all it isn't the will that will serve it. to their normal. good of issue a vision of convincing them is it tough mean they them as all a billion live is a monsoon just did they keep. mafia shade of enough to
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allow you know the interesting mix that you can mix them with that's one of it's not love us and i think. she up obama had his. own wish no money but he is the one she didn't need yet want to get one should be on trial. yet oh oh a little kid young. to try oh i have a modest if. this serial killings continued. on the ninth of june two thousand and five is smiley a shot who worked in a combat takeaway in nuremberg was murdered as he was opening the shop in the morning. witnesses said they
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saw two men near the scene over six foot tall wearing baseball hats on bicycles. then in june two thousand and five a new investigation commission called bosphorus was announced. it comprised one hundred sixty experienced police officers. between two thousand and five and two thousand and six the bosphorus commission contacted around nine hundred trains men . but it still relentlessly search for clues to link the murders to organized crime in nuremberg in munich. and now the phantom moving undetected around german cities targeting ethnic turks acquired a name headlines now talked about the murderer and the kept bad killer even though only met him a total good ismailia shot actually works in food outlets but the media like a snappy headline. media research affair the time on followed the
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coverage of the serial killings in both the german and turkish press. that must be because i'm hunting all now finally denominator and not thomas joined demichelis so-called lost cause he's the four foot side so. i think dallas took a little movie to the film that demands could still less than five hundred thirty plus boss zocor the highest on it as well as vice more on the edge of the top again . this little shop belonged to fall for reasonable good readers a great man who'd lived here in munich with his family since one thousand nine hundred seventy three. it was in trap and trace street and the great district of the city. in two thousand and five forty one year old bill goody this was shot in the head in his shop by
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a bullet fired from a gun and became the seventh serial victim. the murder investigation was stuck in a blind alley. from two thousand to two thousand and five six turks in the greek had been shot dead using the same cheska pistol but the case was no nearer to being solved. and the death toll continued to rise when many tradesmen of turkish origin in dortmund became being victims. of political when they had. been taught the sign. on. it says and.
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i believe. that. divides. us and. i said to michael scott. in the back to my heart i asked him one of us how to feed. i would leave. this man and. when mehmet kobashi first came to germany he and his family lived in a house for refugees in dortmund for two years. then they moved to a rented home so that only four years old at the time could start preschool.
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here which one must be asked. why shouldn't sides here. and surely it came time to find all of us a half. session. have been a good reason. not to. odan division is a very good reason we're not really. kind of the candy. land can't or the. here from ed to me going missed by minute. anybody do you buzzards touch on skins. this place.
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nothing here. comes the flies i said to very. british just follow post was coming. over here in here found them. off to doing on skilled jobs in construction and transport magnate kobashi saved enough money to open his own shop. but about midday on the fourth of april two thousand and six he was shot dead in his shop with a cheska pistol using assignments. to school today police. job. killing to get what we can call not a look. well it's us and all they want to kill she said my part of.
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the s.r.c. . is to put it silent. again . as a. critical factor but then than now. we're not a spear to. the stars and the most. less tragic alister one thousand those habits off by the police. then everyone's on guard yeah but the heart because i see how mr and i handle this is what i know from moved on from your own country it's nice to put a good good on at least to put in a lot of those political polls are limited to church illustrated as a circus a little less trouble she's a more finished in the who also lives on what the name wouldn't believe it's all what it was used in that it will choose to see it we sure do you know love the
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movies where it leads me to say yes this. as my father. ever and for me i'm and. part of our and school as it is just a belief new song my friends own mother michelle michelle so i've had her kindle and admission been it so i asked him to blame the how to my father i go also mr myler i want our. own gammons comes. i thought i had him on a. and the devices they any good that us a little and. that my. dad the holes in the heart and my stylists manda. make kobashi ex-wife elephant daughter games they closed down their shop and never walked down that
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street again. to raise that day from their memory they are void all questions about the murder. that the sun. dance in the tides on. the aman have. been had among the one i have a dozen towns in the same as anything ma ya ya it's nice in ma. don't miss just. losing mom it was bad enough for gams and her mother but seeing headline suggesting he had mafia connections rub salt into their wounds. it seems extraordinary in retrospect the racist motive was never explored. an error that would soon cause both social friction and political embarrassment. but not before more killings had taken place.
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al-jazeera explores prominent figures of the twentieth century and how why will reese influence the course of history books sold the t.v. did not get enough credit for editing a budget if you want to be the big historical figure but he was mandela the biggest god called in the world the prisoner and the president who came together to end up apartheid in south africa nelson mandela and f.w. de klerk face to face on all just see. the most memorable moments with al-jazeera was when i was on air as hosni mubarak fell with the crowds in tahrir square talking. as. if something happens anywhere in the world al jazeera is in place we're able to cover news like no other news organizations. were able to do it properly. and that is our strength.
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john presence on donald trump jr was promised damaging information about hillary clinton the allegation like to see the investigation stick the troops did the trump campaign with russia did you at any time or birch the former f.b.i. director james comey in any way shape or form the closer to back down the investigation into michael flynn and also as you will know. next question bottle field washington on al-jazeera. hello i'm a star in doha with the headlines on al-jazeera more people may have been killed in violent confrontations along venezuela's border with brazil than previously thought
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dozens of people are believed to have died in the town of center lane or as venezuelan forces try to stop opposition supporters from bringing foreign aid into the country. at the moment we estimate there are twenty five people dead and eighty four injured we don't control the hospital the military controls that the people they killed they put them in an armored vehicle and took them to a military base that's why we're not sure of the exact number of did u.s. president donald trump says he's extending a deadline to increase tariffs on chinese imports after what he's calling substantial progress in the latest round of trade talks with beijing higher levies on more than two hundred billion dollars worth of chinese products were due to be imposed from march the first voting vended in senegal's presidential elections president mbeki seller faces four main rivals as he seeks a second term since coming to office president has developed infrastructure projects and the economy is said to be booming but opposition candidates say
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ordinary people are suffering with poverty and unemployment rampant pushing many to leave the country antigovernment protesters in sudan are defying a state of emergency declared by president omar al bashir a new vice president prime minister and more than a dozen governors have been sworn in after he dissolved the government on friday and polls have closed in cuba where people have been voting on whether to approve a new constitution it recognizes the free market but still embraces communism as the country's official ideology cubans are expected to vote in favor of the changes . the head of the roman catholic church has called for an all out battle against the abuse of minors pope francis made to the pledge on the fourth and final day of an unprecedented conference on the sex abuse within the church he promised to review guidelines for bishops to prevent abuse in the future and hollywood's biggest night of the year is underway in los angeles where stars have gathered for
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the academy awards it could be a night of firsts for the film industry with comic book movie black panther and netflix production roma up to some of the biggest prizes those are the headlines now back to al-jazeera while. you. in two thousand and six a serial killer or killers had moved undetected around germany for six years killing seven ethnic turks and one ethnic greek since the murder of envy in nuremberg in two thousand german police would only really come up with one clue in six years. all the victims were killed using a cheshire eighty three pistol and the gun was used again in two thousand and six
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when a daughter and shop owner was killed. made kobashi family was shocked by the idea he might have had mafia connections. as a lost soul is an office task of this man and the fact that. thousand. calls promised him to stand thought tells all and nothing. that as an ally loves the south that's less than an ace. often is that if you alter those bob or you. are going to come out their toes are going to vent here in new york and they are wrong good time too much influence through. all the learning going to shut down on the use of the two days after the murder of measurement kobashi called the sixth of april two thousand and six harlot yours guards a german citizen of turkish descent born in castle was killed in the internet cafe where he worked with his father khalid was the ninth serial victim.
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six years after his death a crowd gathered to pray and commemorate khalid by naming this square on holland dishes after him opposite where he was born and died thanks . to victims' families believe there was a racist motive to these murders but german police still refused to take this line of inquiry seriously. the prosecutor in charge of the investigation came upon a surprising witness in holland's murder case. he was under arrest tell me a german intelligence services agent known as little as adolf in his hometown
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because of his rightwing views. tema said he'd been in the internet cafe. when the murder took place but hadn't seen it is evidence it being emitted from the investigation by folco both year interior minister at the time. twenty one year old khalid yours guts death brought the victim's families together. they'd all suffered similar pain but in isolation. together the families combined to draw public attention to the fact that most of the attacks had targeted the german turkish community. you know my alma mater things a lot of the yours i go to the other than are grown you are no further green next europe were. were.
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by now the families had all been exhausted by the long and complex police investigation. waldemar kindler was the chief of police in very aware five of the murders had taken place that snakes moved the song does you hear the piece on the side and does by the sword if you saw the form words faded beneath soft be a sort of off it i give it a false name it's. is is very bad you please note when dick does the police i don't feel any good when is to get the morphine we kept. mr lighter than constant fans all the men of him for days again love to any mention fall off and in words he know me. and be dolly.
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and voyage around would be a nice see if filled out on the field to police and sneaky group these two seem worthy to fill in done without need after. the investigation had reached an impasse. but then five years after the last murder a breakthrough suddenly presented itself. on the fourth of november two thousand and eleven the town of eyes enough in central germany witnessed a bank robbery. two masked gunmen made their getaway on bicycles before transferring to a white caravan. three hours later police found the caravan by the side of the road and inside it the bodies of two men one and been shot in the head the other in the chest.
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later the same day police identified them as loss and burn hot. at three in the afternoon on the same day one hundred ten miles away from eisenach in the town of zwi cow there was an explosion. witnesses said that a few minutes before a woman from the ground floor rushed out of the house which then exploded and burst into flames. from a distance of a car looks like a quiet ordinary country town. of the explosion in foaling street put an end to that peace and tranquility. among the ruins lay the evidence police had been missing for the previous eleven years. firemen and police found explosives all to mattick weapons false identity cards and assaulted documents. but all were surprised to discover the cheska eighty three pistol used to murder
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the nine victims between two thousand and two thousand and six the documents all pointed to a far right group called the national socialist underground. that's fast the confident that they did that. most image of steen. extreme than. most. the police also discovered d.v.d.'s and envelopes ready to be sent to specific addresses. the d.v.d. was a propaganda film chronicling the murders through the pink panther cartoon character . he was shown going on a tour around germany counting down the murdered victims using freshly taken photographs. the fifteen minute film was intitled
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the germany tour nine turks killed. the forty six dead due to tile the lights were parked in the northeast i can only islamic world sentiment it was your garden. of eden between decision and propaganda a few dozen of any computing naaman's not united socialist indoor corn in this seat into an even over going to station and out head of business but suki the employees would more to interrogate. some of the d.v.d.'s posted by the national socialist on the ground arrived at the addresses they were sent to. journalist was one who watched the ennis use d.v.d. . are not really got some fish of joseph in it come just radio
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to want any to push comes on and. on dr phil i think i'm in a number in his defense force than it cost that i don't go. over to so many but a common. courtesy of interest here don't. let any bad in the ocean. and as one get on to him. to put it's iverson experience needs to see months on video but it's here too and it is it sets in the cars are. saying tartan because i scout tart order food and. over to. eight hour. before food. six morrisons a few and on medium order torn in order to feed his communal mia the mysterious woman from the burning house eventually turned up with her lawyer at
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a police station in jenner. i'm the one you're looking for she said. the name on the rental agreement for the burnt house was susanna do you know nicknamed mickey mouse her real name was be at a chip there thirty six years old and a fugitive along with lawson hoover bernhard since nine hundred ninety eight. seats are also not been in but it's obvious that's equipment and are. not informed. this extremist action total this most will not. be a to jump as involvement in far right politics goes back to nine hundred ninety one . the three associates who are among the founders of the right wing group the general comradeship. but they attended weekly meetings
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of the third england homeland protection league of the state's most active neo nazi group in the late one nine hundred ninety s. numbering up to one hundred seventy members. of that same time chappie began her life of crime on the twenty sixth of january nine hundred ninety eight before the serial killing started police raided a gal raj the three were renting and found several pipe bombs and t.n.t. . they lived on the ground with fake identity papers for thirteen years while they hid from the police and intelligence services. just as shockey haven't as this should turn to a lesser stuff bendish does fear alan berger the dog. psycho just beyond these aside any of us are just plain. such was the
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strength of the reaction across the. entry on the twenty third of february two thousand and twelve a minute's silence was held at midday. this remembrance event also served as a ceremony of apology to the victims and families nuveen a year to learn that you can assume. the extremists the should go listen in then in more than. i in you go under we go shunyata save. into a fight that does this is on us claim and. does. god tell their god to let him abhi where god is not.


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