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tv   Inside Story 2019 Ep 55  Al Jazeera  February 25, 2019 10:32am-11:01am +03

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up to one hundred seventy members. at that same time chappie began her life of crime on the twenty sixth of january nine hundred ninety eight before the serial killings started police raided a gal raj the three were renting and found several pipe bombs and t.n.t. . they lived underground with fake identity papers for thirteen years while they hid from the police and intelligence services. just as shockey event is just a short turned. more bendish does fear alan berger are not dog on. leave so i can just be on these as i don't leave as i just gained. such was the strength of the reaction across the country on the twenty third of february two thousand and twelve a minute's silence was held at midday. this
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remembrances vent also served as a ceremony of apology to the victims and families who have been a year to learn to hear this from the. extremists this should go listen in then in more than. i knew go under and yeah. save. winter for the. us is designers clement. does it easy. gartin better to let him argue a lot about. who does that on the other to their own grudging time that the author of publishing. semi ashima shank is the daughter of enver the first murder victim in nuremberg in two thousand. mine had.
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this in water. pipe fish fish here and all her mission online fattah and clearly mission in the deaf not finished in dutch land to hold. the apology direct from the government was not enough to restore trust among the german population. pine's from the chief of germany's domestic intelligence agency at the time resigned he lost confidence in his organization after he discovered it had destroyed some of the neo nazi evidence this triggered considerable self criticism by state institutions the full chiefs of the organization for the protection of the constitution in the states of saxony saxony and holt and burley in all resigned the bundestag instigated a committee to look into why the investigation neglected a racist motive which enabled the killers to evade detection for over
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a decade. german member of parliament sebastian added he headed the committee. to my democrat year two i couldn't push as i know this as you know i mean this guy and. i'm trying hard for breaking the kurds. and sunni schooling for bacon so i widened. as you don't mention boy i'm. just object to you. on my tie a bit and. yeah. mine i know. because we can sell shoes on but it could be t. it just. went flying and on the right but in the middle mission in tuscany corner this is so that's why i feel this was months before the encounter with on
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a fourth day and void that says at first direct it's a must to tell was most important given current. professor hio is a researcher into far right ideology in germany he's clear there were social and political reasons for the growth of neo nazi groups in the one nine hundred ninety s. he's got plenty of his own visit to a two on a new gold door chance. schools of impulse there's been a shift on the child it could tell it if you have my nigger vote could be gone from conservationists neo nazis to inspirit and just had to feel more than good food to bomb not from see more than so to do and he would so twenty shown so it's fine for her to show on an organ or on just as kind. i. was.
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under fire of me ground in super slow down and less of an easter grunt if we get more crowded the link people insist i'll see that and get different she won't even under a ripple be in a totally tear. in december two thousand and eleven barbara your own former commissioner for foreigners affairs in berlin was announced as on bud's men. a mission to deal with the problems and demands of the victims' families. she helps the road to to try to overcome the trauma and to recover their trust in government. does is that an awful lot if this was done to comment feed a family here i think and as you know how does that you know this didn't just feel other it's got austar because my hands on. i know this i have seen you could
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offer even five million since he didn't already know but instead of one how i lived . wouldn't you bertie a bit closer to. that religion for you to be good as a bus is the hook if you were skivvies and you fuck about on mine found out about the mind you invited. me to talk to this list you know to eat meat with yards of it all as very very good. if bumble would often have a bite in custody and stand on the platter and all the yeah right that's moving and you know that one turn up between the bunny not because nobody else could never believe you now you know if you turkish can see the really young man that's going to contact young man let me help and it is him yes in fact not never been down to the bit that guy.
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i remember as a missile a mention by the iron butt of the seas and of mr bench what you could is it sufficient even if you don't know commision that were to give it as a fusion of its gifts has been talking this and a lot of nutrition i wish but i'd rather not answer that because of all of its missions mention the good bye it was you but you kindly provided us with or does village to not send only two you can do it because that what additional you were good. as of in. a month five the piece is. a start. at home club or one. in the file it is midnight and as alice. kept can under the lad i had. then and so forth on. him. and i sent this man hi miles.
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as a part of this unless. this is all that. can mean a forced and i am among them lance name is coming off. on the eighth of november two thousand and twelve bianca chapel was charged with forming a terrorist organization the n.s.u. of murdering eight ethnic turks one ethnic greek and a policewoman and with fifteen robberies two bombings and other attacks a five hundred page indictment had been prepared by the federal prosecution office and presented to the munich higher regional court and the hearings began on the sixth of may two thousand and thirteen. also on trial volley that charge
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with helping beata chepe to find the cheshire eighty three gun and cost and hold gavel and andrea ending would charge with providing money guns identity cards and cards to the n.s.u. . this is a disease or lung a unique addict one bar is and this on the shores he has for patients on the shores of this hype very nifty. new d.v.d. was a heaven's on the and also in the friendly it went any night you'd like the good luck . to be at the chapel national socialist underground trial was one of the biggest in postwar germany's history and lasted five years. on the eleventh of july two thousand and eighteen the munich high regional court finally reached a verdict. it found beata chapter guilty on ten counts of racially motivated murder his sentence was life imprisonment.
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so even this all tied in. the hope on your clock terms of water. being bitterly chuffed and told us the shooting for. the oil now was. more and more. in code and of course tiger also wanted the quote. i submitted to the un function. soviet i've been. i know it's a lot on slacks off why put it's live on for short because. the munich called also found the other defendants guilty. it sentence called valenti ten years but constant should send all good given three years in jail and under ending get two
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and a half years. gumz a kobashi crisp on that on behalf of the victims' families. means that many to freedom it. would cause i'm sure it's a kind of. methodical. kind of. ascent washing finda that tallest in the or me as my behalf most on issues all to get out without succumb bob i am in now on. the giving ish possible comment myname i know. that's good and is there as they're getting the shaft become finished back in the can now slope. choice on international for good that's the sly mad out towards a v.b. are to chipper. the three sentences sparked protests across germany
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demanding inquiries into failures in the murder investigations. the case raised serious questions about social conditions in germany that enabled the n.s.u. to carry out these crimes. and the trial took place as a new rightwing alternative for germany party gain ninety four seats in the been this dog suggesting the cheshire murders reflect a wider shift towards anti immigration ideologies and far right politics across germany as a whole. christian priest you are a friend of the palestinians is a true go for everyone and champion of the palestinian cause. and activist who is willing to sacrifice his freedom. for his
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beliefs. al-jazeera world tells the extraordinary story of the archbishop and the p.l.o. . hello welcome saw the look of international focus with a man moving across the state south of the u.s. i would towards the mid atlantic states that will continue to ease its way out into the atlantic bright skies to come back a behind to the fighting race that have affected way way from mount mississippi up towards tennessee anywhere in the tennessee valley fayre will be the way it will be
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over the next couple of days. today say minus seven for chicago that a cloud just around the prayer is pushing at its walls the mountain states and the pacific northwest as little snow in the full cost northern parts of california will have a couple of rather wet day san francisco in the rain on monday tuesday still writing this and snow there across the mountains up close rockies pushing a little further north as becomes a little more expansive. backups around seven that foret they say but a cloud that just around the panhandle into the deep south should be lousy draw there lossy dry see across the caribbean want to still a possibility into southern mexico into nicaragua maybe pushing down towards costa rica or is well as we go on through choose day. as a senselessly thought we have got some showers just coming into the windward islands but she's the afternoon.
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rewind returns i can bring your people back to life i'm sorry with brand new updates on the best of al-jazeera documentaries in living color as the both of us and know like and the others too the green line continues with kosovo a year of fear and hope this was my return to kosovo and the little village of but one decade on i've come back to find out what happened to those hopes and dreams rewind on al-jazeera. called the much much the same is now being held in pretrial detention for two years what is his crime. why hasn't he been tried yet why hasn't justice been applied in this case is he detained because he said journalists as journalism become a crime have moles become a tool to silence voices of truth we will continue our news coverage with professionalism and impartiality our work will remain credible and accurate but
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journalism is not a crime incarcerating journalists is not acceptable we demand the immediate release of our colleague mahmoud to say and all journalists detained in a gyptian jails free mahmoud's and all his colleagues we stand for press freedom. hello i'm the star and this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes tension along venezuela's border with brazil as the aids standoff intensifies with at least two dozen reported dead. president donald trump puts off
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raising tariffs on chinese goods ending substantial progress on talks to end a trade war between the world's largest economies. the pope promises an all out battle against abusive priests calling them tools of satan victims are disappointed . and hollywood's biggest night is underway as oscars are being handed out at the ninety fast academy awards in los angeles. well it's feared more people may have been killed in violent confrontations along venezuela's border with brazil than previously thought a local man says at least twenty five people died in the town of santa ana as venezuelan forces tried to stop opposition supporters from bringing in foreign aid there was confirmation earlier of two deaths near the border with brazil as indigenous troops backing the opposition were fired at by venezuela's military mama
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june has the latest from package in brazil on the border with venezuela. potentially twenty five people killed and at least eighty four injured out is information that is coming to us courtesy of the emilio gonzalez he is the mayor of the good on a region that is inside of it is a whale a close to the border with brazil we're talking specifically about the town of sand and that this is a town we've been speaking a lot about the past few days where there are indigenous groups that have been supporting the venezuelan opposition and they have been getting into clashes with venezuela's military off until today we had heard only that it was confirmed that two people had been killed and that seventeen had been injured those seventeen we were told were being treated in brazil at a hospital called what i'm a general hospital in the capital of this part of brazil both of these which is
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about two hundred kilometers south of us if this pans out if this is true this would raise the death toll dramatically would be a serious escalation compared to what we've heard before now the mayor spoke to an assembled group of journalists he said that it is difficult getting precise information because he says that all the people that were killed were taken to essentially an area that venezuela's military is using where they are keeping the bodies there and because of that they don't have precise numbers nonetheless this is the most precise information we are getting from from venezuelans from people from inside even israel who have crossed over into brazil officials from that region who are now saying that they believe that at least twenty five people have been killed. international pressure is mounting on venezuela's president nicolas maduro after he ordered the violent border assault to stop the foreign aide opposition leader white oh is calling on world leaders to keep all options open to
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help free his country the u.n. has joined a chorus of condemnation against the use of force by venezuela's military our last in america at a center stage in human reports from san antonio in that as raila. venezuelan security forces again denounced in the aftermath of saturday's violent response to unarmed protesters. for the first time the u.n. high commissioner for human rights strongly condemned the use of excessive force by venezuela's national guard and especially pro-government armed groups the venezuela's government has a different explanation. the plan was to use terrorists to cross the sea bridge run over anyone they saw people and then blame the government of nicolas maduro. as for the quality divorce or pro-government armed gangs when we saw take over the streets and shoot the protesters in san antonio rodriguez claims there is illegal colombian paramilitaries who operate on both sides of the border. however after taking refuge
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from the gunfire we were able to see and film members of the college devils alongside national guardsman while they looted a clothes store then surely some of the guardsmen joined in to pick through the booty the golic deals maybe paramilitary but residents tell us they are venezuelan operating an open complicity with security forces oh yes and i mean they're here they belong to the government and they come through here threatening people slashing tires breaking windows. i mean i shot someone there on the corner there stealing motorcycles. on sunday morning they were still roaming the streets albeit more discreetly near the now closed cmon believe that a bridge. it's here that we've found more than israel in preparing to migrate to one of the countless illegal border crossings fleeing the violence and poverty that is driving millions of in israel and from their homeland to see in human i'll just
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see their son until. he has more from qatar on sunday as border with venezuela the situation was relatively calm here on sunday morning on the border but then scuffles broke out again on this bridge this through manuel of a bridge one of the main crossings between call on via venezuela and one of the locations of the battles on saturday the protesters confronted the venezuelan national guard and also a group of the civilians through the friend president nicolas maduro we've also witnessed the affection of other two members of various well and military forces the overall number of more than one hundred in the last couple of days and now all the attention we will move through the capital of colombia where on monday at the leader of the position will meet the vice president of the united states mike
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pence and the representatives of believe group or they will most likely and concrete steps against the president in the call last drop and further plans on how to try to move the aid inside when this will a u.s. president ronald tranches is extending a deadline to increase tariffs on chinese imports after what he's calling substantial progress and the latest round of trade talks with beijing we have correspondents across developments both in the u.s. and in china shortly we'll go to katrina you're in beijing but first cable is in washington d.c. clearly these talks are going well. they are and i don't think there's a deal yet but they are parent leave very very close these talks were supposed to end on friday but they were going so well that they extended him through the weekend and while these talks are happening behind closed doors and we're not hearing much from the actual negotiators from china or the u.s.
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themselves we did hear from a very important person president donald trump who he tweeted this evening that he was going to postpone that march first deadline for a deal to be done and he tweeted i'm pleased to report that the u.s. has made substantial progress in our trade shocks with china on important structural issues including and this is important intellectual property protection technology transfer agriculture services currency and many other issues trump tweeted that support because he really laid out all of the different issues or at least many of them they were part of these trade negotiations these and they were going back and forth with these memorandums of understanding between the chinese and american. negotiating teams but clearly they're very very close to a deal and it's important because if they don't reach a deal or would have by march first now that deadline doesn't matter anymore because trump pushed that away the tariffs would have gone for
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a ten percent to twenty five percent on more than two hundred billion dollars worth of chinese imports into the u.s. so no deal is done yet but trump has said all along that the final deal won't be complete until he and president xi complete the deal face to face in person we're hearing that that could come in a summit as early as the middle of march gavan as in washington d.c. thank you for that update let's now speak to cheney you're saying katrina presumably china is welcoming the fix tension of the deadline. that's right it's quite early here in china but so far we've seen that the state media have been praising this result saying that there have been as gov related to substantial progress made here we're expecting a more vibrant response from the financial markets shanghai and hong kong are expected to surge off the back of this and certainly some chinese businesses are
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likely to be breathing a sigh of relief now since we've had the trade war and the tensions here between china and the u.s. it's really been affecting some of these industries here in china specifically manufacturing industries the tech industries thousands of people have lost their jobs over the last few months so certainly there will be very happy to hear this news u.s. businesses based here in china and who have been watching these negotiations very closely are also likely to be very happy but they are not quite celebrating and as we heard earlier there are a lot of different issues to look at specifically how they will actually deal with concerns over intellectual property and tech transfer these of it being issues that china in the u.s. have been talking about years and they still haven't been able to find ways to actually enforce some of these things so they'll really be watching closely to the over the next few days and certainly seeing what happens when if president xi does meet with donald trump in malabo and watching what the details might be on that
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well katrina we've heard from president trump around issues of internet for property and technology transfer saying there's been some progress made there what a beijing's priority is all red lines in these negotiations especially given the slowing economy. i think beijing at the moment is really really concerned about the tariffs a lot of these businesses have been able to cope with tariffs so far that the twenty five percent if that was to come over the line that would have a massive impact on manufacturing jobs at the moment there were thousands of jobs already lost in the manufacturing industry it's also affected confidence in the economy and so it's also affected the tech industry which is something the government is very much concerned about very much trying to prop up so what the government wants is for there to be some confidence resumes to be some stability resumed in the economy what the communist party is really interested is social
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stability and if people continue to lose their jobs if that continues to be pessimism over the economy that will become a real problem for the communist party here in china so they're going to do whatever they can to really make sure that stability is insured but at the same time making sure that the industries that they want to publish such as tech are not negatively impact in any way so they're really walking a very fine balance is a really really interesting to see what the outcome is there between you watching chinese reaction from beijing thank you very much katrina plenty more ahead on this news hour including egypt's president says terrorism is spreading like a cursed played as he co-hosts a summit between the arab league and leaders. and not quite so picture perfect problems now confronting some of iraq's historical landmarks. and in sports qatar pushes to become front try.


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