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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  February 25, 2019 4:00pm-5:00pm +03

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a lot of tension added to that was other reports that local hospitals were asked to stockpile two months worth of medicines and as we reported saturday ten thousand paramilitary troops have been brought into the reason into the region and dozens of pro separatists have been arrested now that is now caused panic people are stockpiling fuel cooking fuel petrol because they believe something is going to happen and all of this has made the situation there very tense and meanwhile as you mentioned the violence is continuing this weekend there were several gun battles where three gunmen were killed including as well a police officer and what kind of message is coming from the government then to try to assurances to the people of india minister kashmir and also how is the maybe government responding to pakistan because the rhetoric was quite high just a few days ago. well right now
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in india to mr kashmir there is no elected government there it because that's because of political turmoil there under governor's rule but the government there isn't speaking in one voice some are denying that there's any fuel shortages but we've seen pictures of long queues and empty stations and they don't seem to be calming down the situation there and a lot of people saying that prime minister narendra modi has been late in reacting to the situation that began earlier this month with this suicide bombing that killed about forty at least forty indian paramilitaries troops and only on saturday movie had said that people around india should be targeting mary's as we've reported many have complained that they're being targeted by local mob since the attack now in terms of pakistan india and pakistan leaders have been speaking to each other but only through public statements saturday at the pre-election rally mode the toll said that iran han should stop this violence with india and should join him in fighting illiteracy and poverty on sunday imraan khan responded saying
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that. saying that india should india that they would actually take any action if new delhi gave it any quote actionable intelligence now india responded to that saying as it has always saying that for them the fact that the armed group that claim jaish e mohammed is based in baucus down and claimed responsibility for the attack is in their minds proof enough says the man live in new delhi thank you very much. we've got a lot more to come here at al-jazeera including the right to pray in palestinian territories is on threat of the israeli occupation. sending go has voted on whether to give matty sound a second term as president of these biggest rivals and from running.
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we will gradually see some quieter weather coming into central parts of the mediterranean just around grace southern parts of the balkans we had the violent way in seriously that border away and further south some very very a wet weather at a time some wintry weather still cold enough a little bit of snow in parts of greece is because through monday temperatures in athens get up to around eight celsius still quite a keen wind not quite as windy as it has been over the past day or so and those winds easing back to just around the eighty atic further north it is generate dry bits of cloud there perhaps some wintry flurries over towards that western side of russia to ourselves to support for vienna we're getting into the mid teens once again in london paris will love the sunshine and it warms up further as we go on through choose the cool just weather coming through writing celsius there for madrid western parts of the med still finances some wet weather to the east in parts of the med just sliding across cypress just heading over to warsaw about.
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that woman weather coming back into athens by this stage thirteen thirteen celsius the chinas fourteen degrees that the tribune northern parts of libya still looking at some wet weather just in the coastal fringes pushing across the fog north of egypt dry weather does gradually come back in behind not too bad to the northwest. a face can tell a story without uttering a single. knowing. a simple touch in for. the unconventionality of life witness through the men's of the human eye. is what inspires us. witness documentaries on al-jazeera.
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to take a lot of the top stories here it is there are at least twenty five people are now thought to have been killed along venezuela's border with brazil and security forces try to block foreign aid coming into the country and the us vice president mike pence is due in bogota to meet venezuela's opposition leader as well as other regional leaders the afghan taliban is co-founder and political head is in katter for talks aimed at ending the country's seventeen year war will abdul ghani baradar is among several senior taliban members who will meet the u.s. special envoy. for four days of talks. a residence in
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india that when the so kashmir say there's a shortage of fuel and gas as a military continues its crackdown on separatists shops and businesses will close over the weekend in protest against the government. now president trump says he will delay an increase on tire of on chinese exports the word supposed to come into effect on saturday he says there's been substantial progress during talks with beijing over the weekend to resolve the on going trade war gabriel is on the ripples out from washington. trade negotiators from the world's two biggest economies were locked in talks all weekend in washington to meet a march first deadline for a deal to avoid an escalation of a trade war they weren't talking much about their progress but president donald trump was at least on twitter a deal might be close tweeted in part i'm pleased to report that substantial
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progress has been made on important structural issues including intellectual property protection technology transfer agriculture services currency and many other issues trump wrote before adding that there is no longer a deadline to get the deal done significant because if the deadline had stayed in place tariffs on two hundred billion dollars in chinese goods would have jumped from ten percent to twenty five percent this likely now won't happen unless talks break down the negotiations were supposed to end on friday when trump met with trade negotiators in the oval office but were extended through the weekend i think we both feel that way i think we both feel that there's a very good chance that the deal will happen from china we believe that it is very likely that it will happen and we hope that ok it will have a deal it will please president xi jinping further tariffs won't hurt his economy
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and in the u.s. trump was under pressure u.s. stock market has slumps into trade war began he knows too that american farmers in the heartland where many of trump's key supporters live are hurting after tariffs sharply decreased exports of agricultural products such as soit to china trump has said all along a final deal won't be complete until he and president xi meet face to face to sign off on it and it's believed this summit to sign that final deal could happen as early as the middle of march gabriels on doe washington. twenty five years ago a jewish settler killed twenty nine palestinians as they worshiped at the ibrahimi mosque in hebron since the shooting muslims say it's been more difficult to worship freely at holy sites than at smith reports. it's time to make the call to prayer at the mosque of abraham in have room to get
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to the room he uses to spare needs the israeli army in the synagogue on the other side of this partition to open the door but this site is the burial place of abraham a sacred to jews as it is to muslims soupy as often happens he says is being ignored is not drowned out by chanting in the cynical. eventually he gave up the steel divider was put in after an american israeli far right settler shot dead twenty nine muslim worshippers in one nine hundred ninety four the police told al-jazeera that there's an agreement with the palestinians that there is no call to prayer on certain jewish holidays are filming was not done during a holiday i think it is awakening people out to defend their property their rights their holy sites and it is empowering the palestinian more and more to steadfast in this conflict more hard to forward to find their way out of it in occupied east jerusalem at the oxer mosque israeli authorities control when and who can or cannot
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worship in these places every time attracts a significant police presence and many of the worshippers who come to the mosque will tell you that they find that intimidating the israeli police will say that they have to have a presence to maintain security here a jordanian led islamic body the walk manages the holy sites a lot of his time is spent pushing back against israeli attempts to encroach on a recent example in our acts was when worshippers forced open a gate to a meeting hall it's been closed by court order sixty. years ago because a group that used it was associated with a palestinian group hamas a whack says the group has long disbanded but the police want to keep it closed with a really good if you can on daily basis with backing the settlers with allowing if and i think so and the site and it is challenging not only the work with the people of the city even on fridays your holiness the i have to submit my
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gaze to the soldiers to the israeli military groups in order to enter the site and to pray for half an hour and come back from the same get to collect my documents my id after two israeli police officers were killed in the al aqsa compound in twenty seventeen metal detectors were installed at the entrances worshippers refused to pass through was eventually israel gave up remove the detectors and the palestinians celebrated israel maintains it's only taking security precautions it points to the metal detectors the jewish worshippers and everyone else must pass through to access the wailing wall the palestinians will say though they're the ones living under occupation. occupied east jerusalem. european and arab leaders are meeting for a second day in egypt for talks focused on security and migration is being held in
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sharm el shaikh it's being co-chaired by the egyptian president abdul fattah el-sisi as well as the e.u. council president donald tusk this is the first ever joint summit between the e.u. and arab league countries on sunday president urged governments to unite behind the goal of defeating what he called terrorism. peter faraday's green bull has been named best picture at this year's academy awards in los angeles the film tells the story of the friendship between an african-american concept hannis and if it talley an american driver in the one nine hundred six is it also won oscars for best supporting actor and best of original screenplay let's break down to daniel smith rousey is a film historian and professor at some mary's college in california he's joining us now from berkeley this this year's oscars basically is being described as one of diversity tell us some of the standout moments for you yeah it
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was a diverse oscars this is the fifth time in six years that. director has won a best director. of the three story when two is. one oscars tonight and there are two of only three black women to go after are down acting askers so that's pretty diverse we also just silent nominations a lot of diversity around the world asian americans getting on the stage tonight in a way that we don't always so you know more steps for us for me you can say yes and the best actor of course going to the first arab american rami malik. that's right yeah that was exciting on the same night that. the first muslim americans who ever wondered that acting oscar won his second our spirit yeah really
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years now you know it starts it day and that's it there that so both of those happening at the same time it's pretty exciting for the oscars yes absolutely and what about. the winner of best pies prize bret best film i say green book which includes a controversial because not everyone agreed with the portrayal of the relationship and indeed of conditions at the time in the south america but also it's not the great box office office hit that say black panther was right strangely it's actually the highest grossing best picture winner since argo six years ago but you're right that it's still not that big of a hit. i think anyway you're right that the green look a spirit a sail away from different sectors and not a lot of different things and you know you we hear that it's a kind of movie that could have been me thirty years ago and there probably is some
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truth to that and maybe hollywood rallied around it because everything else seemed to me be too challenging for there for one reason or another that it seemed like this was a reversion to form a little bit that this gave the older members of the cademy that constituency some things that they could clearly rally to while the the and they didn't have you know that the rest of the blue it was sort of broken out if that makes sense all right we'll have to leave it there thank you very much indeed for joining us daniel smith round the talking to us live from california. now senegalese waiting to see if mackey cell is being reelected as president a result is expected within the next couple of days after millions of people queued to cast their vote nicolas hart cripples now from the capital the car. counting the vote under the careful watch of party observers and a nation waiting for the name of its you president. will it be incumbent president
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salva. or edriss sick or the outsider was months ago this month is going to. say. we want to be as transparent as possible so that no one questions the results so we will announce the names publicly front of everyone's presence. birders came early some queuing for hours patiently waiting their turn is seventy six year old ascended jai it's his eleventh presidential election and the twenty year old put a candidate who's voting for the first time. i want change there is corruption and dysfunctional justice system this needs to stop growing i want stability so that we can live well and peacefully avoid stability and change a promise candidate solid running for a second mandate says he can bring but rival candidate edriss sachs says cells failed to deliver so far political cover song goes further saying the political
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system has failed the people. setting goals population is rapidly changing most are born after two thousand these milena want to see a new form of leadership that addressing issues that matter for senegal i think especially one of them like. he has been like his voice has really it could run like with young people because his young himself is saying that it's time to change the system and also like all the candidates like it is a say in my taking i have also addressed in the own way a different part of the progress but i've seen lacking in this campaign issues around me when around like environment especially none of them really address it for my opinion in a serious way to opposition rivals karim wadded former mayor of the car khalifa salo were barred from running in the race after being convicted for corruption the opposition accuses saul of using the courts to crackdown on dissent. this is the polling station of. dna in downtown the car it's
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a stronghold for the opposition and despite the calls for president. to boycott this election people came out to vote because there is a long tradition of democracy in senegal and whoever wins this election will be in charge of a country wealthier than ever and estimated fifty billion dollars of oil and gas has been discovered off the coast of senegal for the country for years the culture of corruption it believes only the rich and the powerful will profit from this you well a sudden judge believes it will improve the lives of all said they believe. two different voters two visions for senegal future because talk al-jazeera the car. take a look at the top stories here it out there are at least twenty five people are now thought to have been killed along venezuela's border with brazil as security forces
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try to block aid coming into the country later in the day u.s. president mike pence is due in colombia's capital to meet the venezuelan opposition leader why i don't know as well as i have recently. at the moment we estimate there are twenty five people dead and eighty four injured we don't control the hospital the military controls it the people they killed they put them in an armed vehicles and took them to a military base that's why we're not sure of the exact number of did the afghan taliban is co-founder and political head is in classified top same that ending the country's seventeen year war. baradar is among several senior taliban members who meet the u.s. special envoy zalmay khalilzad for four days of talks. residents in india the kashmir say there's a shortage of fuel and gas as the military continues its crackdown on separatists
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shops and businesses were closed over the weekend protests against the government us president donald trump says extending to a deadline to increase tariffs on chinese imports that softer what he called substantial progress in the latest round of trade tools with beijing higher level is a more than two hundred billion dollars worth of chinese goods would you to be from saturday the government on the japanese island of okinawa says it's going ahead with the relocation of a u.s. military base despite the plan being rejected in a referendum more than seventy percent of voters opposed to moving the base because of concerns about home to the environment. green book has been named best picture at this year's academy awards in los angeles it also. for the best supporting actor and best original screenplay writer of today those are
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the latest headlines inside stories next. he was sent to jail under two different prime minister. now he is set to become the next prime minister of malaysia. and why abraham and discusses what direction his country will take. to al-jazeera. days in syria appear numbered days long the state of the bulk of the body has lost in all its territory and its fighters are on the bottom where will they go and look at what from iceland be all over this is inside story.
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hello and welcome to the program i'm elizabeth parata and i saw once controlled an area stretching from west and syria to east an iraq that is nearly the size of the u.k. it proclaimed a caliphate in two thousand and fourteen and imposed its harsh rule on millions of people bought was flushed out of iraq and eventually lost most of its ground in syria what's left of the group now is confined to a tiny part of the syrian village of bogle's without a battle to the death the u.s. backed syrian democratic forces made up of mainly kurdish fighters has launched an offensive to retake the village bosh it's not easy thousands of civilians have already been rescued from more than two thousand remain trapped. well i said again seizing control of territory in syria and twenty fourteen when it captured the case that he of iraq or and declared it the capital of itself proclaimed caliphate a year later the group's control expanded to include most of it as all parts of aleppo homs and the province of idlib also areas south of the capital damascus
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a vast stretch of desert and oil fields but in twenty seventeen u.s. backed mainly kurdish fighters read talk the city of raka and the syrian army with help from russian instructs regained full control of their does or the fall of these two key strongholds weakened eisel and they began to lose more and more ground more than four years after the group's rise in syria has left is a tiny patch in bogles near the iraqi border. but let's introduce our panel now joining us from morocco is muhammad basta is director of the moroccan institute for policy analysis and ankara via skype is use of a freelance security analyst at set at the foundation for political economic and social research and in london as may significant human rights activist and anti eisel campaign a very warm welcome to all of you mr mass start with you and robot are we seeing
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the end of the group of eisel in syria. i think it's from a military perspective with think i think it's it's it's a successful and a complain to limit the ability of the. caliphate and we have seen that many of the its fighters has been killed and that it's territory has been trying. so it's from that perspective i think it's it's been successful but if we look for a long term i think this is far away from from being defeated because the appeared of the of its ideology are the its organisation i think is transitioning from the states are from the caliphate into underground. as a way of fighting so it's very difficult to say that we are any time soon
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of the and off this list out about the does the end of the group do you think mean the end of the ideology the group seems to be all but defeated in syria but has the ideology from my point of perspective i agree with. the ideology still keeps on the is because all the while and which is being created in syria and iraq the historical background starting from i thought regime and starting from saddam hussein. vagal or the field is very profile you know order to create such kind of terrorist groups because of the let me take a look at the back to do it historical background of the eiffel about can i say that a garrulous type war player you know to conduct especially in syria and iraq is also
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impossible because in order to conduct a good deal of warfare you need to control an area which completely belongs to you for all kinds of logistical and training camps can say that from now on the eiffel can conduct terrorist attacks. just very different from the general of warfare the terrorist attacks inside syria and inside iraq so i agree that i still militarily has lost the game in syria on iraq but i can say that it is not the end of any kind of terror groups inside syria and iraq all the middle east terrain is very for files as i said in order to create such kind of terror groups in this area. said do you think the group could resurface given that there is not a credible peace plan as well as hand many of the conditions that led to the violence remain an absence of political legitimacy we have
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a failure of governance town. yes i actually agree with my fellow guess that although we've defeated isis militarily we've taken back their so-called caliphates the sick twisted ideology that underpins everything they do lives on and while that lives on while syria and iraq are still in ruins and while people are still not represented in governments where they feel they don't have a future i think you'll always find the rich fertile ground for which isis will try to exploits. and that's the next challenge for the coalition the coalition has done great work in destroying isis however they have destroyed a lot of syrian infrastructure for instance so we really need to rebuild we need to restore what was there and we also need to come up with a plan for the future that will actually hill the rift within syrian society and before you do that i mean how do you manage the very present problem right now of
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the remaining fighters mr massey what are their options you know if this syrian will they stay in syria and try to reintegrate society or will they leave and keep on fighting. i mean that's a it's a bigger issue because a mini country is there is no agreement actually among countries how to deal with the foreign fighters in europe there is a heated debate how to deal with the foreign fighters are there returnees and as you followed all recently president obama trump asked the european countries to receive the foreign fighters but actually did is a daily how to deal with this return is most of the european countries actually are not what come in order not to want to stick to or to receive. the actual are they way they are the most off countries in europe under and swear that are dealing with the return is is mainly through oppressive measures which
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is the prosecution and put them in prison but the problem is not that it's not the prosecution it's after the post-prison because those people have experience in the buckle field it's a challenge after they return to society later and this alibi that there are of course many who don't want to return to normal society they want to keep fighting what are the options for these fighters where are they looking to go i mean we've heard from iraq intelligence officials from a u.s. military official that hundreds likely more than a thousand of isis fighters have crossed the open border the desert border into iraq. regrouping in iraq. as i said iraq and syria is a very personal grounds as i say. in order to build up again a capacity in spite rock so it should be very careful not only in split but also in
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iraq but in order to paying this terrorist organization both inside a new rug and syria we have three options i can say one of them is to let them turn back to their all regional countries and to make a judicial process queue to judicial trial in their own country is the second option that to judge them in all regional countries like the crime has been committed but that me take a look at back to the shooting grant for example there is no compassed of the syrian government in order to judge because the sudanese government only could roles what sort of with this country two thirds of the discount under the occupation of syrian democratical force and other forces so this is also not a very good option in order to acquire a terrorist organization the third option which is very logical from my point of perspective to build an international court and to judge them inside where they
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have committed crimes but that court should be definitely an international court because we cannot try we cannot trust to the judicial process of the syrian regime so the third option might be a little bit more logical but what can i say that the european countries as explained in a couple of days that they cannot take back the responsible but the of accepting their citizens to their countries the cannot quite against terrorism if we do not take the responsibility of our citizens they should take some responsibility in order to fight against terrorism otherwise preaching to the countries such as turkey syria iraq and other countries from their comfortable bloom's is not enough to fight the terrorists and again what happens to foreign financing want to can hunt is a real issue but that's something that. is addressed once we actually get to
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a judicial process with the fighters again there are so many who don't want to who don't want to return and who want to keep fighting so missed a man's bout how concerned or prepared a country's in the region you know including north african countries about the fighters who are losing ground in syria trying to make it to other countries in the region to join groups there. actually there are three different kind of countries in north africa that are dealing with this issue there are i would say strong countries with strong cup abilities of the military and security level to which i'm talking here about morocco geria and to some extent tunisia out so in this country i think they are more efficient in dealing with their attorneys and also manage in the to carlos but the issue here is with the which is where there is a lot of. lawless areas and there was
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a lot of people traveling from to truly be for in fact are so here is the issue of how to deal with this this people coming from live in syria and iraq and locate an interesting area but to what extent and how many people travel or that actually to really be odd and other countries it's very difficult to judge for the moment i think it's more the case of for a job and weak states rather the stronger states like a miracle argyria interview and of course all of these countries are worried about the u.s. troop withdrawal from syria because of what it means for the situation fighting i feel for feiss leaving and we've had as we mentioned president donald trump's announcement in december that he was pulling out two thousand u.s.
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soldiers out and so we have raised concern among allies alarmed the s.t.'s turkey considers could his fight is to be part of a terrorist group and would attack them once u.s. forces withdraw the white house now says it's keeping two hundred u.s. troops in syria as peacekeepers but trump denies it's a huge and his decision came after a phone call with turkish president friendships i've added the one to if you want to set up a safe zone and ne in syria which is cleared off the u.s. . asked kurdish fighters mr gifford i'll come to you because you've actually fought with the kurdish y p g in syria against i saw what are your thoughts on the u.s. troop withdrawal keeping these two hundred so-called peacekeepers in the country what are they going to do well i think put themselves really between the turkish army and the kurdish y.p. gee. i was very disturbed to hear don't trump's initial suggestion that all troops
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are going to be removed i think donald trump is very much a short term politician he was he was only there to fight isis he wanted to pull all the troops out but after some advice from his own generals and realizing that if he were to do that then it would actually start another round of violence in syria has actually taken the sensible option of keeping some troops on the grounds because the real battle now is how do we keep the peace after we've defeated isis and we've already heard that isis could actually come by they have got arms supplies arms dumps they've got a real insurgency plan they've formed for quite some time now but also how could we stop assad attacking how can we stop turkey attacking how do we actually keep people around the table and how can we get everyone around the table in geneva so i think those are the questions that we have to ask ourselves and that's the question i hope they will try is considering now and of course another question that is frequently asked about the u.s. troop withdrawal mr mass put it to you is how much of that cuban is that going to
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leave i mean is it going to contribute to a regional to international power struggle which in turn could make it easier for eisel to come back. yeah i've been the question here is that mike mccormick before said it's the this policy is short sighted it looks to the short terms but not on the root causes that led in the beginning to the americans and increases in influence of isis which is the above governance and also corruption off local idiots so after the withdrawal of the american troops what is the next next plan and what is the next steps i think there is a if there is no address of the root goes us which is actually the governance and also crops the how to manage the daily life of people and i think it's going to make it easier for a resurgent of. maybe not isis but another group off inside the
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syria and iraq because this is i think the main reason that to the to the us resurgence in the first place so here again we. be enough vicious circle which is a bug but governance is corruption and appealed and we have to know actually that's many people in during the caliphates the three years of the caliphate were actually not ideologically affiliated with isis but they were happy because they are police provide the security and the kind of order and little flaw in their way i mean the caliphate even if we don't like the way i mean the be heeding successor about it successfully managed to put the order there so the question here is if the next step is to is to money
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the situation and to put things in order if this is not addressed i thing. it's like pouring water in the sand and mr al about the how do you address that i mean i guess that is the million dollar question and how do you stop the vicious circle even now when you know mr masters talking about other groups and you've spoken a lot about iraq and syria what about the concern the threat of sleeper cells and civilian populations. from my point of perspective from time to climb saurian democratic forces are blackmailing the european union if they really is all the captives of the i saw the i saw bill go to europe and again make the terrorist attack the european union but but i will explain that if turkey moves through you stop the european euphrates river i do not exist syrian democratical course of
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explanation that isis a game with gain power in this area because turkey is the only country who falls with isis not by very often air force bus childer the shoulders and killed more than one thousand. isolate members only in general bruce and others and to thousands about this is it is temper sense of all this is fighting kept us. after the ukraine shield operation the know that the turkey created an order created cools created hospitals so address to the root cause of the isis problem especially in many different cities of the turia so what i believe that fighting with isis with the y.p. jim militia is not a long term solution to the problems of the story and problem the long term solution can only be with possibly can only be possible with the creation of all
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order in this area the pope ical solution will be the end of the eiffel problem in this turiya and there is not other solution other than that so but i think the problem is that everyone agrees that there has to be a political order that everyone has different ideas of what that what it should look like mr gates and i can see that you disagreed with some of what you had there . yeah well i. ended the day is obviously very anti because it is very close with the k. and if they were to attack then it would cause a huge amount of violence of which isis and other jihadi groups will thrive in so. i don't for one second think turkey has been a positive influence in this conflict far from it they have been funding the hardest groups within f.s.a. areas in other places from the very beginning so they hold much of the
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responsibility for the condition that syria is in right now and if we are to look to the future the toxic regional influences that have fueled the violence need to be pushed aside and we need to take a very pragmatic approach who is holding the territory and who's holding it successfully who's fighting isis it's groups like the s.d.f. it's the groups like the y p g and with american backing with european backing will actually come up with a decent solution to this crisis there is hope but only if we focus on what's working now and not start talking about renewed offensive by turkey into kurdish areas and would just cause terrible terrible violence and you know most people will admit that i feel has been being defeated with a lot of help and tegel crucial help from the syrian democratic forces what role mr geffen do you see for them now in we are close to a post i still fear. well the s.t.'s the greatest
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assets or the greatest where the most effective is actually holding the territory although isis had there is some limited insurgency the vast majority of the areas around sort of rock are and in the north of the country the thirty percent of syria that's controlled by the s.d.f. is actually very peaceful so peaceful in fact there are often go to dinner go out for friends go out for tea without carrying a weapon this is a very. it's a quite a wonderful experience to be in a syria that's truly decentralized shows what the future of syria could actually be which is a syria syria the secular democratic where all the different peoples whether they're kurds edis and arabs will all live together in one place so we just need to realize what's what's effective now we need to realize what the local people in the ground want which is peace now and they are working very effectively under the banner so long it continues as far as i'm concerned mr master do you agree that
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a decentralized syria is the key to a peaceful syria and what needs to happen now to make sure that you know the military defeat of the group will not be in vain. yeah i think a more decentralized. way of governance is very important for syria for the moment given the divisions inside the country for almost six or in perspective but i think the first thing is to put this kind off ability in the region to make some successful stories to tell true and to emulate on all the regions and i think this is the challenge for the moment is to make a minimum of stability in some areas now with with as the f. we will wait and see if it's going to be a successful story and then we can see if it's going be more successful in other parts of the country and the south about the i think we don't have very long left in the program so i'll give you the last word how do we capitalize on the gains the
4:44 pm
real gains made against eisel. what can i say that i simply disagree with my counterpart which is addressing from london turkey has lost connection with the jihadi groups which is very clear that turkey has cornered him with the opposition which they claim as just this but they are part of the general a peace process so while we are talking we should be very clear about what is going on in the torah there are certain democratic forces are controlling the group at but experts i was in the telegraph border just two weeks ago all the other big inhabitants of the palau the knob is living inside the turkey thirty years also think more than three hundred thousand kurdish people who use living area rug as he's gone through i think they have escaped to the thirty just because of the prosecution of the white b.g. group in this area saw you do not address the root causes of the problem evil never
4:45 pm
be able to solve the problem just in the case of the explanations of my comp repast was addressing from the lumber i general say that the top grading general order reach depends to do just that which depends to the group like what the people are dressing for their needs from the fitness centers such a burden such a party from part of a but not even one citizen who is coming right from the sodium order not solve the problem or missed out of the thank you very much for that and i'd like to thank all of our guests that is mohammed mask in rabat uses and about. and may think yes and in london and thank you too for watching you can see the program again any time fine visiting our website that al jazeera dot com and to set the discussion to go to our facebook page that facebook dot com forward slash a.j. inside story you can also join the conversation on twitter and in this at a.j. and find joy from in a soprano and
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al-jazeera. where ever you are. reports of at least twenty five people killed at venice. border with brazil as protests is fight security forces in a showdown over eight. hello welcome to al-jazeera live from doha i'm on team dennis also coming up
4:49 pm
a senior afghan taliban leader arrives in kashmir for talks with the u.s. a ceasefire is on the agenda of the seventeen years of war. libyan warlord holly for half the us forces killed at least nineteen people in the southwest where they've captured several oil fields. hacking into nigeria's oil pipelines our unemployment is pushing many to turn to crime plus. remember. a few surprises at the ninety first academy awards in los angeles. and more people may have been killed in violent confrontations along venezuela's border with brazil than previously thought at least twenty five people are now believed to died in the town of santa elena as venezuelan forces try to stop
4:50 pm
opposition supporters from bringing in foreign aid june reports now from. that same brazil on the border with venezuela. a second round of clashes between venezuelan migrants and venezuelan security forces in as many days calm was eventually restored but things didn't stay quiet for long. as pro-government venezuelan demonstrators converged on their side of this border with brazil. chanting their support for president nicolas maduro insisting like he does that they need no outside aid and don't really want to say we came to sing on national anthem to show how we respect the sovereignty of all people so others also need to respect our sovereignty we're not begging for anything. a short distance down the same road new allegiances were announced as two soldiers who defected to brazil the night before declared their support for venezuelan opposition leader. and sent him into play as
4:51 pm
a venezuelan petry it's a few pain it pains me to see all the suffering people. at times the defectors were cheered even though there was little to be cheerful about but it's almost sunset and as you can see behind me brazilian security forces are still blocking access to the brazilian side of the no man's land between brazil and venezuela for the past few hours the only vehicles we've seen coming through are ambulances. then shocking news a new albeit unconfirmed death toll from three days' worth of clashes between security forces and opposition supporters in and around the venezuelan town of santa ana. the money at the moment we estimate there are twenty five people dead and eighty four injured the thing is we don't control the hospital the military controls it the people they killed they put them in an armed vehicle and took them to a military base that's why we're not sure of the exact number of did leaving these
4:52 pm
venezuelans to wonder just how much darker the coming days may be mohammed atta and parker dima on brazil's border with venezuela and later today u.s. vice president mike pence is due in the colombian capital by the tar there he'll meet the venezuelan opposition leader. and outline steps the troubled ministration will take against president nicolas maduro. who has appealed to world leaders to keep all options open to restore democracy in venezuela now the afghan taliban is co-founder and political head is in qatar for talks aimed at ending the country's seventeen year war. baradar is among several senior taliban leaders will meet the u.s. special envoy. negotiations are expected to take four days the taliban's pushing for a full withdrawal of u.s. troops from afghanistan we've got two correspondents on this story now with
4:53 pm
charlotte by this who's in the afghan capital kabul and stephanie deca who's going to be following those negotiations once they get underway here in doha stephanie let's talk with you because it's been widely seen as a significant boost the addition of this senior taliban leader to the process. that's right as you mentioned he's a founding member he's their political leader he's been in prison in pakistan until the end of last year when according to several reports of the us requested him to be released to try and give some kind of momentum to these talks he is a man with incredible clout and influence so his presence here is significant in the sense that we can read between the lines that some progress might be taking place now there are challenges i think we do have to be cautious these talks have been going on for months what are they looking at well they're looking at a nationwide cease fire they're looking at the timing of the u.s. troop withdrawal they're trying to get the afghan taliban to speak to the afghan
4:54 pm
government something they have refused to do so far and they want the assurances from the taleban and others that the country will not be used by what they call terrorist groups such as an eyesore i still is also at the moment proving a real challenge so there are huge challenges ahead but i think it is significant that. it is here speaking to the americans the highest level of negotiations taking place are going to have to wait and see what they're what the green on if anything over the coming days can then be implemented on the ground in afghanistan. stephanie the taliban at this particular moment in time all negotiating from a position of strength given the amount of territory that they control in afghanistan. yes i think there's a real irony here was eighteen years after the u.s. launched the attacks to push the taliban from power out of the country following the september eleventh attacks after tens of thousands of civilians killed
4:55 pm
displaced afghan security forces international troops you had a presence of up to one hundred and thirty thousand foreign troops until just a few years ago it was a multi-billion dollar war and now if you look at it while the taliban is strong around half of the country either under control or fighting for control they're now negotiating also to be brought into the political fold so i think yes it certainly does highlight their position of strength the afghan people are looking at this with some form of optimism however they also want to see the taliban if they do come back as a political party and as a changed and she is when it comes to controlling peoples lives in charlotte to talk to you but more about that but i think yes significant times and i think we'll have to wait and see what's going to come out of it all right thank you stephanie decker live for us following those tools in our let's go live now to charlotte who's in kabul as you just heard and charlotte i mean stephanie has already alluded to the fact that the people of afghanistan must be aware at least of this momentum
4:56 pm
that's building in terms of the tools from the u.s. and the taliban do they they optimistic or of a slightly wary if not for hence of about the prospect of the taliban returning in some form or fashion to government. they are optimistic and they are watching these talks closely two thousand kilometers away from kabul they really are weary of war it's been seventeen years they really want to see this peace deal but their big question is at what cost will this peace come they do feel like it was just an franchise like these talks taking place in doha for thirteen million afghans and their future is being decided by the taleban of whom many people do not trust and the u.s. who will not have to live with the repercussions if the deal does not work they
4:57 pm
feel like it is the a future and yet they do not really have a say the voice isn't being heard at this point in these talks we went to a radio station this morning it's the biggest national talkback station and we listened as people pulled in from across the country the topic for the hour was these talks and the questions was so wide ranging they really feel like they don't have much transparency at this point and they are big questions about pakistan what deal has been put to pakistan to get pakistan to get the taliban to the table they want to know about the mystic politicians what were they doing behind the scenes and if anyone could paint them a picture about what afghanistan will look like who will be him if these talks are successful. and charlotte give us some idea remind us of of what the gains are. people but to kill or leave women in afghanistan are enjoying today that they certainly didn't in the.
4:58 pm
taliban dominated administration in the past. exactly so women today they can go to school they can work they have they have great they have a lot of work quality than they used to and the taliban leadership has saved don't worry we have way more progressive than we were we will support girls being in schools who will support women's rights we want to see them out of the house but talking to people here they say can we trust this is this the taliban leadership in doha saying this and will they follow through on this if this peace deal comes through. and also is there a disconnect the taliban leadership might say this in doha but what about their commanders on the ground in districts in far flung provinces will they follow this line and will they also protect our rights and that is a big concern for them what is the cost of the studio what is the cost of pace can the taliban be trusted and how will it be implemented and will they be protective
4:59 pm
charlie bell is live in the afghan capital kabul thank you. the people living in indian administered kashmir say. feel i'm guy says the military continues its crackdown on separatists shops and businesses over the weekend in protest against the government police and paramilitary syllogism patrolling the streets in the main city sri lanka in anticipation of possible demonstrations tensions between india and pakistan. that suicide bomb attack in which at least forty indian soldiers were killed. fish shemale has more now from new delhi. people on the ground in yemen mr kashmir are telling us that the situation there is tense this is based partly on fact and well as rumor now the fact is that article thirty five a the indian constitution that gives me or its autonomy and special status including that only indigenous residents can buy property there is
5:00 pm
a case being heard in the supreme court on whether it's a valid part of the constitution at all now the rumor is that the indian government ahead of the case may be issuing an ordinance that's a temporary government order to suspend the article thirty five eight that's causing a lot of anger in the region in fact that local politicians in indian administered kashmir have united in saying if that happens it could boyd india's instrument of a session to kashmir that was signed in one nine hundred forty seven and provides the basis for india's entire legal claim to the region now this along with the courts that hospitals have been asked to stockpile two months worth of medicine as well as ten thousand indian paramilitary troops being flown into the region and arrested dozens of prescribed separatist this weekend.


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