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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 25, 2019 10:00pm-10:34pm +03

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taliban of two thousand and one we women weren't allowed to work with girls weren't allowed to go to school where you could be chopped off if you stole something so they won't reassurances on that label from the leadership but at this point we're not going to get it because the talks are still on a higher level just between the taliban and the u.s. the afghan government isn't involved at this point the taliban refuses to negotiate with them talking to the afghan government this morning they see it they are reassured that they feel like the us and them are on the same page in the u.s. is representing the interests but they also have concern about one thing in particular and that is a cease fire a cease fire is expected to be discussed this week in doha and they say that some something that simply cannot be discussed without their involvement as it is the military that would be partaking in a cease fire and they would have to be intimately involved in these discussions. yemen's with the rebels have delayed the withdrawal of the fighters from two ports they were supposed to leave salif and ports just outside where they were to comply
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with the un brokered deal reached for the yemen's government in sweden last year the hope the say the government is that hold enough its end of the agreement now the u.n. is calling on yemen's warring sides to put an end to the violence the situation there is particularly dire for children that's according to unicef it says over a million children living in active conflict zones witnessing heavy war related violence despite the un brokered deal in sweden last year more than eight children are still being killed every day the conflict has crippled the region's poorest country to such an extent that it's described as the world's largest humanitarian crisis let's get more on this we're joined by heat he's the regional director for unicef and he's joining us live from geneva just a couple of it always good to have you with us on al-jazeera why hasn't enough change for children since the stockholm agreement was signed in december. well drew why hasn't changed enough is simply the responsibility of
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those parties continue fighting that brutal war wrath a brutal war of children led us at the repeated once again the fifteen million yemeni children on the thirteenth of december last year were the first to welcome with a lot of joy the peace agreement unfortunately that peace agreement hasn't translated yet in walked every single yemeni child ones and that is to live safe to live away from conflict to be able to go back to school to benefit nutritious food diet to be able to access health services unfortunate the a reality that is not there yet for millions of yemeni children and what is the reality then for the average yemeni child you know your point mentions that out of the eight being killed every day since this talk on agreement was signed most of
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them were kalevala playing outdoors with their friends or on their way to a from school. well elizabeth i have been close to thirty years doing many darian work i have to tell you that for me yemen today it's one those do worse if not the worst place on earth to be a child the reality all through despite the intention to come to a peace agreement the reality that still every single day children get killed children get this able for lives that still every day because of lack of essential health services every ten minutes a child is dying from preventable diseases the fact that we have to. lives to four hundred thousand children facing life threatening malnutrition over two
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million children not being able to go to school that is today's reality and that is a reality that no single parent and across the world would want to have to be the reality of their children and so why then do you think that message i just saw a very strong as for going on death is well i know unfortunately elisabet the sacred principle that children should be protected at all moments that sacred principle doesn't seem to be sinking in and around the table for the parties who are currently responsible for that brutal war it is a simple principle and therefore we continue calling and let me call once again on those who are responsible all sides responsible for this brutal war of children just think about your own children just think about what you are doing to others
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children today you don't want that to happen to your children think about children the next time you sit around the table or when you are reconsidering the peace agreement you agree you agreed upon in december that's a cop out every thank you as always for your time that is heath company of the un and geneva thank you. so much. now the first summit between european leaders and the arab league has concluded in egypt your president says the bloc will work more closely with countries from the middle east to tackle issues like security and migration is calling for multinational solutions to peace security and climate change the two day summit was held in a tight security in the red sea city of sharm el sheikh. twenty more head on the news hour including box counting is underway in nigeria we have the latest updates from africa's biggest economy. from this debate on whether to bring back hundreds of young men and women who joined to face justice we have the story of one such
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fighter and his family. and support the new york knicks avoid making the n.b.a. history books for the wrong reason that story coming up later in the program. senegal's prime minister says president macky sall has won reelection a claim rejected by the opposition which says more votes have yet to be counted official results from the weekend election haven't been announced yet let's go to our correspondents nicholas hockey's joining us live from the capital competing claims nic from the president from the opposition why is the prime minister saying this and when are we expecting the results. liz well we're expecting the provisional results by wednesday and the official results by the election commission are supposed to be announced by friday so when the prime
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minister took to the stage late on sunday night hours after the polling stations were closed to say that president monkey had won with fifty seven percent of the roads it came much to the surprise of the opposition because. it wasn't clear whether he was talking as head of the government or as the campaign manager for mike you sell the opposition straight away put out a press conference saying hold on let's wait for the election commission to give its results so this is a bit of confusion for many people here in senegal what are the results and who is the actual winner of this election joining us now live to give us some clarity on this election is how a by from the open society in west africa how up now you've observed dozens of this election senegal has a reputation for being one of the most stable democracies on the continent what's happening now with this election results in this delay in having these results
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coming out. i think is that time you got innovative. and as you pointed out we have gone to an extent and we haven't we yes i know ration has probably to do you need to get up from one of my eyes and a tunnel system in order to you know beat democracies at eight pm and you have the and i should be able to get the sense the second thing is that as the no say the candidates are now suppose just to give out to business that out of bodies and chanelle bodies that entitle to do that and that is. not a commission for what the tabulation supply headed by is a quote of up enough that pat and that should be from wednesday tomorrow actually tuesday to. friday so the prime minister knows the law well why would he come out and make these announcements so quickly the opposition say they're trying to force their way into the presidential palace for
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a second mandate what would you have to say about just to point out that the prime minister came out because you oppose this and it is the two men come opponent came out and saying that stating that they didn't b.s. like on their own so it's in the reaction to that that the prime minister made his day made his statement but personally and to the society on them that statement it was it was not the prime minister was talking it was cut out combine that it off the incumbent and candidate actually not surprised and second thing is that the public media would not suppose it was the us got it and completely unfortunate that public media was used to channel that information especially as a public media as at this event to give you a for all to stick to a bush and candidate who clearly a one state at that that would be a sick on the ground. one of the candidates it was months some go mentioned in his
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press conference he pointed the finger to the french media specifically you know france france is a former senator as a former colony of france they shouldn't interfere and now it's the result ahead of time how do you explain that move i think that he pointed out to both things he would national media men need to offer them into french media which is also wrong and unfortunate because it's not the first time that we have the media giving out a few guys coming from polling booths in two thousand we experienced the same results who were being given. as they were being quite elated from the then seeing in two thousand and twelve so i am re adam of the opinion that the media. has been doing its work and hasn't given results but given figures got me out of polling stations i want to thank you very much well there's a lot of people here and so they go hoping to find out what happened in this
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election who is the winner there was a high turnout sixty percent of the electorate according to some civil society came out to vote despite the calls from for president to boycott this election now it's up to the election commission to hand out that results and we'll get it hopefully in a few days' time thank you but you are listening thank you that is our correspondent live and thank you. accounting also on the way in nigeria off to the presidential elections there on saturday it's expected to be a tight race between president obama bahati and his main rival. the election was mobbed by violence at least thirty five people were killed let's go to our correspondent john holl he's joining us live from the capital of saying any results come in yet joining us. very very slowly
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those results are coming in just two states have declared now nationally here in a budget and been made public officially by the independent electoral commission both of those states going to the incumbent president. of course go over his second term as president against atiku abubakar he's a businessman former vice president having his fourth shot at the top office they're both muslims from the north part of this unwritten pact here in nigeria in which power shifts from the north to the south the muslim north the christian south every eight years so two states declared it doesn't really give any sort of an indicative picture across a vast country thirty six states plus the territory around. here divided along religious political and ethnic lines there are swing states across the center of the country in the south it's a picture that will develop as the country goes on and could change dramatically throughout that process and it's looking at this point like it's yet go to be a long one and as we wait for the full picture john and we're already heard from
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observer missions are being given there that is the african union reporting a largely peaceful election but that is despite the reported deaths of more than thirty five people. one that's right when i put that finding by the african union to a nigerian monitoring group the chairman of the situation group that's an umbrella of seventy civil society organizations here i asked him if he agreed with that he said well look this is a huge country it's a huge election there hasn't been an overall breakdown in security so yes it's possible to say this this was overall a relatively peaceful election but the situation group nigerian monist monitors as i say very critical of the process this is their report and all the observers are releasing their reports now quoting from this report point exist serious lapses in the process logistical mainly but also an election marred by violence partisan security operatives and compromised election officials and also both major
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political parties conduct it notes was disappointing overall i think people ought seem to believe this was a credible election albeit one marred by serious problems donna thank you very much for that to the now that's john hall with the latest live in jeff thank you. now forces loyal to libyan war heavy for half that reported to have killed nineteen people in the town of models that we have those forces have taken out of the seven or the fields what does this say more than thirty homes were set on fire farms were also destroyed and hundred cars stolen or that the lad has the latest for us from tripoli. forces loyal to libya's world have to are accused of committing atrocities in the southern town of medicine that includes killing civilians and burning civilian houses and that includes a house of a parliament member who spoke and he accuses have the forces of killing civilians and burning civilian houses in. the southern the town of medicine is
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very strategic and it's so important for have to us forces first of all because it's the hub of the to bullfighters to bullfighters they belong to the to the tribes and they are hefted as enemies and the cells in. the bullfighters are the stumbling block in front of have to this forces taken control of the of the whole south of libya it's also very strategic because of its location it's the connecting link between libya and. on the one hand and on the other hand it's a connecting link between civil cities towns and areas in the south of libya it's also close to fields namely field or oil field geographically speaking area has a lot of oil and ground. resources now many people in.
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the accuse have to this forces of committing atrocities and that includes killing civilians and burning civilian houses and it's time for the weather but staff now it's windy in the states that's right causing all sorts of problems elizabeth let's take a look at what it has done over the past twenty four hours or say this is huge ice tumbling over the top of a seawall actually went to great lengths and this is thanks to the wind is just pushing that ice against the wall and making it lift up and fall over that wall that gives you an idea of the strength of these winds and it's still very windy at the moment. strongest gusts that i've heard over one hundred forty three kilometers per hour so incredibly strong but currently the winds are generally topping it around eighty or ninety kilometers per hour so still very windy easily windy enough to bring down some trees and some power lines as well so we are seeing power outages and a lot of travel disruption as well and it's all thanks to this swirling mass of cloud here and as we head through the day today this is going to pull away towards
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the north and behind it the winds will begin to ease so finally things will begin to come down here but you can already see what's happening out towards the west here we've got yet more wintry weather making its way in from the pacific this is giving some of us a some snow here and that thing gradually working its way across the rockies and heading out towards the east and this is exactly what the last system did so it looks like we're in a very mobile situation at the moment and there's just plenty more wild weather still to come and talking of severe weather further south we've got quite a few flood warnings in force and there's more rain building over the next few days . thank you very much stef still ahead on the news hour the right to pray in palestinian territories under threat by israeli occupation. president hollande trying to put soft phrasing tabs on chinese goods but the trade will continue is that as. the walls most expensive goalkeeper refuses to be substituted for being here with the details.
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by main street every weekly news cycle brings a series of breaking stories and then of course there's donald trump told through the eyes of the world's jannah least that's right out of the script that calls for the annihilation of israel that is not what that phrase or. the listening post as we turned the cameras on the media focused on how they were caught on the stories that matter the most him better use a free palestine a listening post on al-jazeera. it does look more and more like bangladesh is becoming a one party state give me one good reason why the opposition should have been voted to do par isn't the problem the human rights watch describes how opposition members have been arrested or killed and even disappeared maybe hassani goes head to head with. do we want to do it development we don't is disputing the economic revolution
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will say this is a development is not the same as democracy head to head on al-jazeera. that have you with us on the al-jazeera news hour these are our top stories at least twenty five people are thought to have been killed on venezuela's. order and security forces try to block u.s. aid from getting in u.s. vice president mike pence will be in colombia's capital soon to be opposition on and other regional politicians who support. the u.s. special envoy. has arrived in qatar for talks with the afghan taliban and political chief. but others among several senior taliban members who attended the four day
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summit are aimed at ending the seventeen. and the un says a peace agreement between yemen's warring sides is yet to have an effect on thousands of children in the conflict at least eight children have been killed every day since the sweden agreement signed last december the country is being described as one of the worst places on earth for children. french president emanuel is missing his iraqi counterpart in paris the two are expected to discuss the fate of french eisel fighters held in iraq in the last few years hundreds of young men and women left to join their and in syria and until recently france was opposed to bringing them back but is considering exceptions that go now to our correspondent david chase and he's joining us live from the french capital so what is the reaction in france david to the suggestions that french nationals are drawing to eisele could be sent back. it's a bit it's a complex one because this is
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a very complex issue that was discussed over lunch at the least say between the french and iraqi presidents but there are problems both legally morally and ethically because of the moment the last stronghold of eisel is about to fall and hundreds of foreign fighters affording into the hands of the american backed syrian democratic forces now what's going to happen to them because they don't have the facilities or the judicial authority to hold them or to try them whether to go what happens to them now as you said the french government up to now is said well i saw fighters even french i survived as far and i survived as wherever they commit their crimes that's where they should be tried but it is understood now that the french government is beginning to examine the idea that one hundred thirty of these people who have now been surrendered to the syrian democratic forces will be
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repatriated francis's fifty french i saw fighters and eighty of their of their children and their wives now the reaction has been very emotional in france of course about this possibility but i took the example of one particular french national fighter who joined i still to see exactly what was involved in his case let's have a look it was from this village in the south of france contact the brown began his journey to syria with his wife and infant daughter adopting the name. he became a leading propagandist and recruiter for i saw. him again in this video he urges others to join him and burned his french passport now he's one of the many fighters and their families who've surrendered to american backed kurdish troops attacking i still say last stronghold. he still with his wife but now has four
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children back in france his father jack a retired truck driver said his son had been thinking of escaping for more than a year where their only modest they were struggling to find food starve themselves so the kids would have as much to eat as possible and then to so people fighting amongst themselves even friends it became odd and what really disgusted him is that the means and left with their own families and abandoned them in france alone more than two hundred thirty people have been killed and i saw linked attacks since two thousand and fifteen it's feared the french fight is now in the custody of kurdish forces in syria could escape detention so plans are now underway to bring them back to france to face justice. the horrors of black friday nov thirteenth twenty fifteen when the isolette tax claimed one hundred thirty lives in paris are still painfully fresh in france contango brown was a close associate of the men who publicly claimed eisel were responsible for the
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slaughter and he tweeted about the sense of power he had holding a kalashnikov assault rifle. in his village they're all opposed to the idea that men like him should be repaired treated to france always the innocent they've got nothing to do here they should stay there they made a choice they went there now they should take responsibility for their choices. either holiday pick fair or just down the road we found more nuanced opinions. choice isn't do we leave them there do we take them back if we leave them there will be killing them for the children of the fighters though there is great sympathy a way should be found to bring them back continence parents long to embrace the grandchildren they taught they would never see. it is of course president trump who has called on european leaders to take responsibility for their
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foreign fighters from eisel who are now falling into the hands of the american backed syrian democratic forces now president trump has announced to pull down in the number of american troops there that means there's a real security problem but what exactly is france going to do what is the u.k. going to do what is germany and belgium there's no real coherent policy in each of those countries faces a very particular problem here in france of course the jails are already very crowded with prisoners and that means they've got to get an affective reintegration program or deal radicalisation program none of these things are in place and that means that they're facing french public who are very much opposed to the idea and the dangers posed by these i saw fighters coming back into the french additional system and eventually of course in different society they would thank you very much for that for now that's david chait alive and paris thank you now brushing says it will band lebanese group hezbollah for being what it calls
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a terrorist organization the u.k.'s home secretary has accused it of trying to destabilize the situation in the middle east the ban is subject to parliament's approval and will come into force on friday for the political when controls thirty ministries in lebanon's government behinds top court has upheld the prison terms of three relatives of an exiled human rights activists siva has been living in exile in britain since twenty twell was sentenced to six months in prison by the behind the government for taking part in protests against the royal family during the arab spring his brother in law mother in law and cousin were sentenced to three years in jail and twenty seventeen on security charges the un has described the case as an unlawful act of reprisals. now twenty five years ago a jewish settler killed twenty nine palestinians as they worshiped at the ibrahimi mosque in hebron and since the shooting muslims say it's been more difficult to worship freely at holy sites bernard smith has more.
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it's time to make the call to prayer at the mosque of abraham in have room to get to the room he uses to spare needs the israeli army in the synagogue on the other side of this partition to open the door this site is the burial place of abraham sacred to jews as it is to muslims. soupy as often happens he says is being ignored is not drowned out by chanting in the cynical. eventually he gave up the steel divider was put in after an american israeli far right settler shot dead twenty nine muslim worshipers in one thousand nine hundred four the police told al-jazeera that there's an agreement with the palestinians that there is no call to prayer on certain jewish holidays are filming was not done during the holiday i think it is awakening people know how to defend their property their rights their holy sites and it is empowering the palestinian more and more to steadfast in this conflict
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more hard. to find their way out of it in occupied east jerusalem at the al aqsa mosque israeli authorities control when and who can or cannot worship in these places every time attracts a significant police presence and many of the worshipers who come to the mosque will tell you that they find that intimidating the israeli police will say that they have to have a presence here to maintain security here a jordanian led islamic body the walk manages the holy sites a lot of his time is spent pushing back against israeli attempts to encroach on a recent example in our access was when worshippers forced open a gate to a meeting hall it's been closed by court order sixteen years ago because a group that used it was associated with a palestinian group hamas a whack says the group has long disbanded but the police want to keep it closed with a really good if you're on daily basis with backing the settlers with allowing your
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friend i think so enter the site and it is challenging not only the walk with challenging the people of the city even on fridays your holiness the i have to submit my gaze to the soldiers to the israeli military groups in order to enter the site and to pray for half an hour and come back from the same get to collect my second. he added two israeli police officers were killed in the zero x. a compound in twenty seventeen metal detectors were installed at the entrances worshippers refused to pass through. eventually israel gave up remove the detectors and the palestinians celebrated israel maintains it's only taking security precautions it points to the metal detectors that jewish worshippers and everyone else must pass through to access the wailing wall the palestinians will say though they're the ones living under occupation. bernard smith al-jazeera occupied east jerusalem. u.s.
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president donald transcends he's extending a deadline to increase tariffs on chinese imports after what he's calling substantial progress in the latest round of trade talks for beijing higher levies on more than two hundred billion dollars of chinese products were due to be imposed from march the first katrina you has the reaction from beijing. well chinese state media here in beijing have announced substantial progress on these talks and the delay to the end of the trade trade truce and this is definitely good news here in beijing we're expecting a very vibrant response from the chinese financial markets a surge in shanghai and hong kong and this is definitely something that chinese businesses will also be welcoming we have to remember that china is also undergoing a slowing of its economic growth and people are very concerned about the future of china and these trade tensions have not been helping and especially when you look at the manufacturing and the tech industries there have been thousands of job losses over the last few months so this is definitely good news this will help to
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restore confidence. for people running businesses here in china and in the economy generally it's also good news for u.s. businesses who are operating here in china some of these issues that they were discussing during these trade talks real sticking points of intellectual property technology transfer they've been waiting years if not decades to see some sort of concrete regulation how they can better manage these things so this is good news for them as well the not quite celebrating yet we still have to see what the details will be if president xi and president donald trump do meet in america sometime in march so they'll be watching this very closely indeed. people in japan's prefecture have voted against the relocation of a controversial u.s. military base but the government announced a few hours later that it intended to press ahead with its plans anyway okinawan say they are there's an unfair burden off the u.s. military presence in japan a canal is home to more than fifty thousand troops and the largest u.s.
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air base in the asia pacific region. ballots are being counted in cuba after millions of people voted on whether to approve a new constitution the government says it offers more freedoms while still embrace and communism as their official political ideology that is proving divisive as much as reports from havana. a mobilization in old havana more than one thousand volunteers are promoting the referendum. you have to tell people to calm down and vote united. and. they encourage people to go to polling stations. from house to house and last call before voting closed and. there's been a lot of negative campaigning against the proposal so we're here to explain the truth of. the draft constitution recognizes limited private property
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opens the cuban economy to international markets and limits presidential terms and novelty in cuba where the castro brothers held power for sixty years. the constitution we had was old now it's more futuristic based on the new ideals that have been leading us into a better country although many here say the constitution will officially recognize policies that are already in place critics say v. and ryan meant of socialism of. course will overshadow the marvelous if they bring to the country. the proposed social and economic changes may be modest but they signal an acceptance that change is needed to turn around. meant economy but. it all seems to indicate the reality is taking center stage and that the cuban government knows it must fight the economic battle you know he can't do that with an inefficient state in the private sector drowned by regulations. there are opponents to the draft.


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