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tv   The Stream 2019 Ep 32  Al Jazeera  February 25, 2019 10:32pm-11:01pm +03

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base in the asia pacific region. ballots are being counted in cuba after millions of people watched it on whether to approve a new constitution the government says it offers more freedoms while still embrace and communism as their official political ideology but it is proving divisive as muddy elephants as reports from havana. a mobilization in old havana more than one thousand volunteers are promoting the referendum. you have to tell people to come down and vote united. and also you have a way. to encourage people to go to polling stations. from house to house and last call before voting closed and. there's been a lot of negative campaigning against the proposal so we're here to explain the truth of. the draft constitution recognizes limited private property opens the cuban economy to international markets and limits presidential terms and
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novelty in cuba where the castro brothers held power for sixty years longer than the constitution we had was old now it's more futuristic based on the new ideals that have been leading us into a better country although many here say that prostitution will officially recognize policies that are already in place critics say the in trying meant of socialism as the first day of course will overshadow the modernisation if they bring to the country. the proposed social and economic changes may be modest but they signal an acceptance that change is needed to turn around cuba's stagnant economy but. it all seems to indicate the reality is taking center stage and that the cuban government knows it must fight the economic battle you know if he can do that with an inefficient state in the private sector drowned by regulations. there are opponents to the draft resolution some say it doesn't go far enough others say it is too
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socially liberal but they have the opportunity to vote no which in cuba is change indeed. just. very happy to have the details coming up next.
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the. best picture at the academy awards on sunday on
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a night that so many. on the red. screened. green book took the best picture award on oscar night that was a demonstration of diversity in film. and working for the movie tells the story of a black classical pianist and his white driver and bodyguard traveling through the segregated american deep south of the one nine hundred sixty s. the whole story is about love it's about loving each other and despite our differences and finding out the truth about who we are we're the same people. but here she leave one best supporting actor for his role in the film as the classical musician don shirley i want to dedicate this to to my grandmother who has been in my my ear my entire life telling me that if i first i don't succeed try try again that i could do anything i put my mind to. always always pushing me to to think
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positively and i know that i would not be here without her that she's got me over the hump every step of the way in a major upset a livia coleman won the best actress award for her portrayal of the bad queen and in the favorite many hollywood observers had expected the award to go to glenn close who has now been nominated seven times without a win and claims it's been my idol to say long and this is not how i want it to be and i think you are amazing and maybe very much. the best male actor award went as many had predicted to rami maalik for his passionate portrayal of the torture rock star freddie mercury in bohemian rhapsody. we made a film about a gay man an immigrant who. lived his life just unapologetically himself and the fact that i'm celebrating him and this story with you tonight is
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is proof that we're longing for. for stories like this it was a big night for director of fun socorro own his film won best foreign film amid stiff competition horror own one also for best director and best cinematography he shot the film himself. veteran director spike lee won best adapted screenplay for black klansmen make the moral choice between love birds hate the right day the prize for best supporting actress went to regina king in its deal st to talk based on the novel by african american author james baldwin i'm an example of what it looks like when support and love is poured into someone following a controversy involving would be host comedian kevin hart's past homophobic tweets the show had no host at all. instead of the usual opening comedy monologue the
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surviving members of queen rocked out on stage. robert oulds al-jazeera colleague. it is time for force now his father elizabeth thank you so much there was a sporting highlight to last night's oscars as well following all from their calling caprona commercial last year nike launched their new politically charged to ad campaign focused on empowering women in sport fronted by none other than serena williams it's already been viewed millions of times online and here's a preview. i want to box this crazy. along with the team. coach an incomplete trades. to painting a picture changing her split. to double or ten eight. winning twenty three
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grand slams having a baby and then coming back from one. crazy crazy crazy crazy. so if they want to call you crazy. show them what crazy can do. live now understandably many female athletes have been praising nike for bringing women's sport to the forefront earlier i spoke to for two former british olympians who are thrilled with the ad. every time i see that. it had on my arms it just i get that on my spine because it just shows the emotion and the cash. is bought experience you know we are always up against obstacles are people telling us we can't stand so you can't do that and we just want to go out that showcase what we
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can do and so we're always dealing up against being the neediest. you know our people in the governing bodies saying you know i was. crazy or you are stupid i actually. want to show you how they are i love going on tour balancing or i'm just showing that i can be strong i am powerful and i can reach the top if i want to so when i say that i'm just hearing sweeney as well but it just makes me go yeah that is what it is we've been in sports showing that we do it. you know many times people have told me i'm crazy for dreaming big and wanting to go in picks and and try and become world champion in any you know i use that and embraced it female sports being shows for example. the great britain hockey the women's team they do phenomenal and then being broadcast
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on t.v. or them because they're showing you know women's rugby women's football you know all of that is being shown now and i think that's a great step in the right direction. and it just shows that. you know equality is getting better and i don't think the advice is too political i think it's i think it's a good hard hitting hard hitting out of it and i think it needs to be done. staying on the theme of sports at the academy awards film director spike lee had two reasons to celebrate on sunday that only did he win his first oscar by his beloved new york knicks finally broke an eighteen game losing streak at home they were up against the semitone spurs damien dogs and lead with twenty seven points and a career high eighty three pointers another loss would have tied the n.b.a. record but instead it finished one hundred and thirty to one hundred and eighteen to the knicks. a former president barcelona has
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a ride for the start of his trial for money laundering who used to be an executive for nike is accused of misusing money from the sale of t.v. rights for brazil friendlies and from a sponsorship contract between brazil and nike denies wrongdoing spanish prosecutors are seeking an eleven year prison sentence as well as a fine of sixty eight million dollars. the english league cup final was overshadowed by the world's most expensive goalkeeper refusing to be substituted by is manager chelsea's ninety three million dollars keeper keppra risible appeared to be suffering with a cramp as they headed for a penalty shoot out against manchester city as coach sorry tried to replace somebody to move and stayed on the pitch insisting he was fine sorry was powerless and eventually backed down visibly furious at the challenge to his authority
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chelsea went on to lose the shoot out and city lifted the trophy two hours after the game captain explained himself on twitter saying at no time was it my intention to disobey the coach or any of this decisions i think everything has been mis understood in the heat of the final i feel the image that has been portrayed was not my intention i have full respect for the coach and his authority. the coach also tried to play things down in the press conference after the game and insisted he had felt control of his players but it was only a big misunderstanding. but was it right but in the wrong way i think i want to do it. because he needs to to understand the. four forums understand we can go or into rubble he was right for the motivation but not for the conduct to golf now where dustin johnson has racked up his twenty
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eight victory on the p.g.a. tour the american cruise to a five shot win at the world golf championship in mexico he holds six birdies on the final day to finish clear of his nearest challenger warry mcelroy but when news johnson up to world number two but he's actually now guaranteed to go number why next week because of the way they were and king systems work it will be able to fourth time johnson has been number one. today is your twentieth victory on the p.g.a. tour you're the only thirty eight man to accomplish such a feat what is that media means a lot you know to get twenty one's out here it's very difficult you know to do it you know before it turned thirty five thirty thirty incredible and. you know i definitely needs a lot this is a big one for me it gives me a lot of confidence for us the year and. you know the games are good form right now . tiger woods earned his first top ten finish of the season with shots like this in
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mexico next out to help play at the arnold palmer invitational which she's won a times now doubt this young tiger fan will be cheering him on to managing to get a high five. so that's all your support for now more later find out about all of that and that does it for this al-jazeera news alba do stay with us i'm back in just a couple of minutes with another full news bulletin thank you for watching.
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the world. monch on al-jazeera maggi has done debates discusses and dissect the big issues of our times in head to heads thailand votes on march the twenty fourth and its first general election since the twenty fourteen military coup join us for special coverage in a powerful new film residents of occupied jerusalem share their thoughts on its cost present and future shop deal or no deal what does the future hold for breadsticks we'll bring you the latest as the march the twenty ninth deadline for the u.k. to meet the new edges nira and we examine the development of an unusual alliance between radical buddhist monks and the military and me and mom much on al-jazeera. the president's son donald trump jr was promised a damaging information about hillary clinton allegation like to see an
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investigation seductress did the trump count colluding with russia did you at any time birch former f.b.i. director james comey in any way shape or form a closer to back down the investigation into michael flynn and also as you will know next question bottle filled washington on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. where ever you are. regional supporters of venezuela's position to consider their next move. would have one and leaves at least twenty five people dead.
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and i welcome to al-jazeera live from my headquarters in doha with me and as a product also ahead the u.s. and taliban representatives arrive for more talks and the washington special envoy says it could be a significant moment senegal's prime minister says incumbent president macky sall has won reelection even though votes are still being counted and. and. to. the segregation era road trip drama is probably the best picture at the oscars we'll look at why diversity is perhaps the biggest when . the u.s. is expected to outline new ways of forcing venezuela's president nicolas maduro from power when a coalition of mostly latin american countries meet shortly in colombia trumpet
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ministration officials say u.s. vice president mike pence for the announced clear actions to the lima group about restoring democracy and getting aid and to venezuela opposition is calling for the world to consider all options to resolve venezuela's crisis echoing comments from the white house that hint at a possible american military intervention u.s. backed efforts to bring food and medicine over the brazilian boy to have ended and violence forces loyal to him with a little fight on opposition supporters up to twenty five people may have been killed mohamed begins our coverage from pocket i'm on the brazilian side of the border. a second round of clashes between venezuelan migrants and venezuelan security forces in as many days calm was eventually restored but things didn't stay quiet for long. as pro-government venezuelan demonstrators converged on their side of this border with brazil. chanting their support for president nicolas maduro
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insisting like he does that they need no outside aid and don't really want to say we came to sing our national anthem to show how we respect the sovereignty of all people so others also need to respect our sovereignty we're not begging for anything. a short distance down the same road new allegiances were announced. as two soldiers who defected to brazil the night before declared their support for venezuelan opposition leader. and sent him into play as a venezuelan petry it's a few pain it pains me to see all the suffering people. at times the defectors were cheered even though there was little to be cheerful about it's almost sunset and as you can see behind me brazilian security forces are still blocking access to the brazilian side of the no man's land between brazil and venezuela for the past few hours the only vehicles we've seen coming through are ambulances. then shocking news
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a new albeit unconfirmed death toll from three days' worth of clashes between security forces and opposition supporters in and around the venezuelan town of santa ana but. at the moment we estimate there are twenty five people dead and eighty four injured and the thing is we don't control the hospital the military controls that the people they killed they put them in an equal and took them to a military base that's why we're not sure of the exact number of dead leaving these venezuelans to wonder just how much darker the coming days maybe mohammed. and parker dima on brazil's border with venezuela well let's go now to our correspondent on the he's joining us live from bowl with the weather live. me saying is beginning so what is the plan now for the opposition on a sound as they meet with their international back as. well in the first leg ations are arriving right as you can see behind me here
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for a minute and the center of the capital of columbia. your question was what's the plan nobody really knows at this point we spoke to a number of officials close to the venezuelan opposition and. are quite clear that they don't truly have anything close to a plan b. after they failed to get inside the country on saturday they were expecting a mass defection part of the military and that didn't happen they were also expecting a tsunami of these four demonstrate demonstrations on saturday and while they were allowed a lot of people it wasn't nearly as close to what was needed to manage to or were overwhelmed the security forces that. on the border so the question is what will be
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decided in this meeting that will start in roughly an hour we're probably hear about the possibility for more sanctions about the question is will that make a difference in the goal that the venison opposition has of toppling president nicolas maduro or not and the other thing that we're hearing is now that the many opposition members are openly talking about the possibility of a military intervention that's right alison's where you have the opposition to haunt why though are asking international backers to leave all options open and you have u.s. president donald trump saying that military intervention is not off the table or rather is on the table. and other opposition members in venezuela and also here and vocal have been not only talking about any of the talking explicitly about the possibility about demanding
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a military intervention and this is creating divisions among the international coalition that supports. the foreign ministers of colombia and she already said that that is not an option for damn also other countries that have recognized the way though as to me and the the administrator are also saying that dialogue is the only possibility to try and solve this crisis in. there besides the leading my group which is being the strongest. coalition of countries supporting wedo i actually has been fundamental in convincing the very start and opposition to try to move to declare a president there is another group of countries called the context point for venezuela it's made up. a european countries and
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a country that is also part of the lima group with mexico who decided not to come to this meeting here in bogota and this group is hoping to travel to a caracas and start a conversation with my daughter they are hoping to open a dialogue but they're saying that that dialogue needs to bring in the end to free elections in been this way on a sounder thank you very much for that for now that is honest. with the very latest live in both but i would of course be going back to him for any developments on the story let's move on to other news now and the u.s. special envoy. has arrived in qatar for talks with the afghan taliban is co-founder and political chief. was among several senior senior taliban members who attended the four day summit aimed at ending the seventeen year war. other's presence is seen as a significant boost for the discussions in a tweet. said arrived in the heart to meet with a more authoritative delegation and this could be
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a significant moment appreciate the hosting and pakistan and facilitating travel now the work begins in earnest stephanie decker has been following those talks and the she sent us the subject. the u.s. envoy tweeting that he had met with mullah baradar over lunch the first time the two men met and that the real work words now begin now this is a senior delegation here in boulevard are of course one of the founding members of the taliban difficult issues will be discussed one is a nationwide cease fire to a timetable for the withdrawal of those u.s. troops around fourteen thousand remain in afghanistan another thing trying to get the taliban to talk to the government something they've refused to do so far and last but not least the u.s. wants a taleban to ensure that afghanistan will not be used by groups like isis or al qaida to launch a retaliatory attacks or any kind of attack on the west now even recently the u.s. envoy is saying that you cannot solve
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a forty year conflict with one meeting even if that meeting last so as much as a week but we do expect there's been messages coming out from the taliban and from the americans that they are hopeful that this could achieve something when i have to wait and see what they manage to talk about it chief and implement over the next couple of days but that's the real question what is achieved here if anything can be implemented on the ground the afghan people want security they want safety they are of course skeptical what capacity the taliban will return the talks are about getting them into a political unity government it is difficult it is complicated but certainly there seems to be a glimmer of hope that they are perhaps coming the closest that they ever have to achieving some form of a deal. leaders of the european union and arab league have a great work more closely together and hold regular meetings off of the summit in egypt migration on the rest of the arab region security and trade with the focus of the red sea resort of sharm el sheikh egyptian president of the sea hailed the
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gathering while acknowledging some kid disagreements european council chief donald said a lot of progress was made. the global rules based on clearly on the flight that we have agreed here. that both sides will work together to defend. multilateral solutions remains the best way to address threats to international peace and security this is true whether we talk about the situation in syria libya yemen or the middle east peace process yemen is what the rebels have delayed the partial withdrawal of their fighters from two ports they were supposed to be sunny and a support just outside how they there to comply with the u.n. broken down reached with yemen's government in sweden last year the hope they say the government isn't holding up its end of the agreement now the u.n.
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is again calling on yemen's warring sides to put an end to the violence reminding all involved that the situation is particularly dire for children unicef says more than a million children and living in active conflict zones witnessing heavy war related violence despite the un broke a date in sweden last year more than eight children are still being killed or injured every day the conflict has crippled the region's poorest country to such an extent that it's being described as the world's largest humanitarian crisis well earlier i spoke to he who is the regional director for unicef and he says that despite the peace efforts in yemen the reality on the ground is that children and dying from preventable diseases i have been close to thirty years doing humanitarian work i have to tell you that for me yemen today is one that's do arrest if not the worst place on earth to be a child the reality of despite the intention to come to
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a peace agreement and the reality that still every single day children get killed children get dizzy.


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