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tv   Episode 2  Al Jazeera  February 25, 2019 11:00pm-11:59pm +03

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more than a million children and living in active conflict zones witnessing heavy war native violence despite the un broke a date in sweden last year more than eight children are still being killed or injured every day the conflict has crippled the region's poorest country to such an extent that it's being described as the world's largest humanitarian crisis well airlie i spoke to he was the very general director for unicef and he says that despite the peace efforts they have and the reality on the ground is that children are dying from preventable diseases i have been close to thirty years doing humanitarian work i have to tell you that for me yemen today is one those do worst if not the worst place on earth to be a child the reality of despite the intention to come to a peace agreement the reality that still every single day children get killed children get this able for lives that still every day because of lack of essential
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health services every ten minutes a child is dying from preventable diseases the fact that we have close to four hundred thousand children facing life threatening malnutrition over two million children not being able to go to school that is today's reality and that is a reality that no single birand across the world would want to have to be the reality of their children the weather was next on al jazeera and then hacking into nigeria's oil pipelines unemployment is pushing many to turn to theft. hello there we've got a fair amount of wet weather working its way towards us in the southeastern parts
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of china for the time being not a great deal of cloud with us currently but you can see the cloud galloping its way across the northeastern parts of india and through bangladesh as well systems working its way towards the northeast somewhat weather their own choose day then that gradually spreads up into the eastern parts of the map as we head into wednesday a little bit of wintry weather in the north perhaps but largely this is going to be a rain event so we'll have heavy downpours not that warm in shanghai with a top temperature of nine degrees if we had out towards the west of this is where the system came from then you can see it working its way across the eastern parts of india through bangladesh and it has given us a lot of heavy rain at a time of year that is normally quite dry the system really isn't going to release its hold though as we head through the next few days or a few showers with us on choose day and then if anything turning heavier as we head into wednesday so wetter weather here and another system joins in the north so some snow for many of us in a pool some quite messy here but away from that largely falling and draw i now put
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there getting to around thirty one still one or two showers around sri lanka though with a top temperature in colombo thirty degrees here in doha fine for tuesday a temperature here of twenty five. he was sent to jail with one to two different prime minister is. now he is set to become the next prime minister of malaysia. and was abraham and discusses what direction his country will take on talk to al-jazeera.
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good to have you with us on al jazeera these are our top stories u.s. president mike pence is in colombia to meet the opposition. and all the regional politicians who support him he's expected to outline new ways of forcing president from power when a coalition of mostly latin american countries meet shortly. the u.s. special envoy. has arrived in talks with the afghan taliban and political chief. among several senior taliban members who are attending the summit aimed at ending the seventeen yo. and the u.n. says a peace agreement between yemen's warring sides is yet to have an effect on thousands of children caught in the conflict children have been killed or injured every day
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since the sweden agreement was signed last december the country is being described as one of the worst places on earth for children. now russian government is moving to ban all wings of the lebanese group has a love for being what it describes a terrorist organization the u.k.'s home secretary has accused of trying to destabilize the middle east versions already blacklisted hezbollah's external security unit and its military wing but now wants to outlaw its political arm to the new ban will come into force on friday if approved by parliament let's go now to andreas craig is an assistant professor at the defense studies department at king's college london and he's joining us live from london mr craig always good to have you with us on al-jazeera why is the british government trying to take the step now. i think it's to do a lot with pressure coming from washington realignment with british policies and the u.k. the u.s. is more countering and more aggressive movement policies towards containing iran in
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the region i think it has to seen it be seen within that light but the debate has been going on for a long time in the u.k. and across the western world of what we're going to do with hezbollah and i think now they've taken the step of saying we're going to classify the entire organization political and military as a terrorist organization which i don't think is always a very productive way forward and one and get to prove from the british parliament anything. i think it's a contested subject i mean if you look at for example the opposition leader and many members of the labor party they take a more nuanced approach as many academics do because you know it causes some of some of the issues i mean you're if you're bit between a rock and a hard place here because on the one hand. is a factor in the region when you look at how they're exporting their operations across syria iraq and potentially also yemen and obviously lebanon as well but on
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the other hand it is it is also a social political play and i've been on that is part of the government that obviously if you are trying to target just the the military when you will not be able to to to affect their political wing and if it comes to countering finances the issue with has bhalo is obviously that it has so many multiple streams of income that if you sanction it in the west and you make sure that western western money doesn't go country from western countries into his ball in lebanon it doesn't necessarily undermine the financial situation of the organization because it is a hybrid organization that has a social political actors controlling territory controlling people controlling you know structure is almost a state within the state that can raise money and on the other hand obviously it has iran as a as a method actor so it is a difficult situation to deal with and some would even say control of the government i mean given everything you've said how workable would this precious band be what would it mean for patients for lation ship with lebanon given hezbollah has thirteen m.p.'s and the lebanese parliament it's
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a key player. i think it's highly counterproductive because here's the thing as i said financially you will not have a massive impact on as well as operation because they have alternative streams of income if you want to work with the organization and i think this is the reason why the u.k. government in the past has taken a nuanced approach of saying well it is a hybrid organization but we are only having a problem with the military wing but we continue engaging with the political one it gave the room a lot of wiggle room and ruing room for maneuver for the british government to actually deal with this social political player which is part of the lebanese government now doing this and framing this entire designating this entire organization as a terrorist organization means that you have no wiggle room no room to maneuver in actually engaging with hizbollah which is a very important player and you have only coersion and only you know hawkish approaches to the organization which i think in the long run will be counterproductive because hezbollah is where they are they are where they are they are deeply embedded in the social fabric of lebanon as well and i think that you're
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taking away some of the levers of power that you could have used in the past merely saying we're only we're no longer dealing with it work with taking a course of stand here and i think that is something particular when you see that the e.u. hasn't taken that approach it and i think that's what parliament will have to consider as well the e.u.'s taken a nuanced approach as well saying there is a military and political wing and britain is now basically saying we're no longer going with that designation and saying that we're having our own approach and i think that will hamper how british government will engage in lebanon mr craig thank you as always for your time and your expertise that is andrea screen live in london thank you. now police in sudan's capital have fired tear gas at people protesting against the president's state of emergency there been daily demonstrations sense on al bashir announced a nationwide measure on friday he said he was dissolving his parliament just hours later appointed sixteen ministers and eighteen state governors from the military at aims to quell weeks of unrest across the country which began over the rise in price
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of goods. now senegal's prime minister says president macky sall has won reelection a claim rejected by the opposition official results from the weekend election have yet to be announced the winning candidate must get more than fifty percent of the vote to avoid a second round. or counting is also underway in nigeria after the presidential elections there on saturday it's expected to be a tight race between president hadi and his main rival. the election was marred by violence thirty five people were killed or nigeria as a nation rich in oil wealth but poverty many young people to turn to crime and still crude from pipelines reports from the niger delta locals say it's the only way they can survive. it's about a thirty minute ride from the nearest village past
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a dead or dying man grows of the niger delta oil polluted creeks. hidden inside the mangrove swamps become across this and illegal or refinery. one of many illicit operations in this part of nigeria some of these men say they have college diplomas and university degrees but they can't find work. after. living. in the. village most of the stolen crude oil is shipped offshore is refined locally is this the maze of thousands of nigerians engaged in a practice locally known as oil bunkering there hacked into pipelines to steal the crude oil and then sell it they say this is not healing they're just taking what they insist is rightfully this decades of drilling by the big oil companies has poisoned the waters of the delta all the. solomons his fisherman who used to lie in the waters for a livelihood had been getting poorer and poorer he feels for many years now the
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people in the region have been marginalized by the federal government and that's why they are fighting back in the only way they see they can by taking some of the riches for themselves but it has risks. so. lytle yeah. there have been some arrests and the situation in the region remains unstable vive illegal refined products are sold at the international waters in exchange for us that's why did the proliferation of arms in the niger delta. and the security forces complicit seriously complicit in all that is taking place the ad the ones that give this people protection security forces often patrol and
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god or pipelines they deny being involved in the illegal activities are minded to protect the firefly and that is. you know very steadfast. meant in protecting. we don't compromise and i don't see any of these a compromising. will be met or with the highest punishment or the be. set out to be losses on the last for a region rich in oil and gas they will be people who feel they are not benefiting god and that will only raise tensions further. in the niger delta forces loyal to libyan war. porter to have killed nineteen people in the town of what have those forces have taken over several oil fields witnesses say more than thirty homes were set on file farms were destroyed and a hundred cars stolen. bahrain's top court has upheld the prison terms of three
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relatives of an exiled human rights activists sided with other with i have been living in exile and russians twenty twelve he was sentenced to six months in prison by the bahraini government for taking part in protests against the royal family during the arab spring his brother in law mother in law and cousin was sentenced to three years in jail and twenty seventeen on security charges the un has described the case of an unlawful act of reprisals. president donald trump says he's delaying another hike in tariffs on chinese goods after making substantial progress in trade talks he plans to meet chinese president xi jinping to conclude a new agreement u.s. and chinese negotiators have been discussing tariffs as well as commodities as they work to end a seven month trade war now people living on the japanese island of okinawa have voted against the relocation of a controversial u.s. military base but the government announced just a few hours later that it was to press ahead with its plans anyway okinawans say the base threatens a coral reef and
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a habitat for marine mammals it's home to more than fifty thousand troops and the largest u.s. air base of the asia pacific region now a film about a road trip during america's segregation era has emerged as the surprise best picture winner at the oscars there were also historic wins for diversity as rob reynolds reports from the red carpet and la said g's. pre-nda. green book took the best picture award on oscar night that was a demonstration of diversity in film. and working for the movie tells the story of a black classical pianist and his white driver and bodyguard traveling through the segregated american deep south of the one nine hundred sixty s. the whole story is about love it's about loving each other and despite our differences and finding out the truth about who we are we're the same people. but here she leave one best supporting actor for his role in the film as the classical
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musician don shirley i want to dedicate this to to my grandmother who has been in my life my ear my entire life telling me that if i first i don't succeed try try again that i could do anything i put my mind to. always always pushing me to to think positively and i know that i would not be here without her that she has got me over the hump every step of the way in a major upset a livia coleman won the best actress award for her portrayal of the bad queen and in the favorite many hollywood observers had expected the award to go to glenn close who has now been nominated seven times without a win and. you've been my idol to say long and this is not how i wanted it to be and i think you are amazing and maybe very much. the best male actor award went as many had predicted to rami maalik for his passion for trail of the torture rock star freddie mercury in bohemian rhapsody.
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we made a film about a gay man an immigrant who. lived his life just unapologetically himself and the fact that i'm celebrating him and this story with you tonight is is proof that we're longing for. for stories like this it was a big night for director all fund socorro own his film roma won best foreign film amid stiff competition horror own one also for best director and best cinematography he shot the film himself. veteran director spike lee won best adapted screenplay for black klansmen make the more choice between love birds hate . let's do the right date the prize for best supporting actress went to regina king in if deal street could talk based on the novel by african american author james
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baldwin i'm an example of what it looks like when suburban love is poured into someone following a controversy involving would be host comedian kevin hart's past homophobic tweets the show had no host at all. its did it the usual opening comedy monologue the surviving members of we rocked out onstage. robert algy zero hour. now again as a problem in the headlines on al-jazeera u.s. vice president mike pence is in colombia to meet venezuela's opposition leader han guy though as other and other regional politicians who support him pence is expected to outline new ways of force and president nicolas maduro from power. the
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u.s. special envoy. has arrived in qatar for talks with the afghan taliban is co-founder and political chief. but other is among several senior taliban members who are attending the four day summit aimed at ending the seventeen year war but others presence is seen as a significant boost for the discussions the leaders of the european union and arab league have agreed to work more closely together and hold regular meetings after their first summit in egypt migration unrest in the arab region security and trade with the focus of the summit of the red sea resort of sharm and shake egyptian president of the fattah el-sisi hailed the gathering while acknowledging some key disagreements european council chief donald tusk said a lot of progress was made. russian's government is moving to ban all wings of the lebanese group hezbollah for being what it describes a terrorist organization the u.k.'s home secretary has accused of trying to destabilize the middle east region has already blacklisted hezbollah's external security unit and its military wing but now wants to outlaw its political arm to
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the ban would come into force on friday if approved by parliament as bala controls thirteen ministries in lebanon's government. police in sudan's capital have fired tear gas at people protesting against the president's state of emergency there being daily demonstrations against omar bashir announced a nationwide measure on friday that he was dissolving his government just hours later appointed six new ministers and eighteen state governors from the military the state of emergency aims to quell weeks of unrest across the country which began over the rising price of goods. senegal's prime minister says president macky sall has won reelection a claim rejected by the opposition official results from the weekend election have yet to be announced the winning candidate must get more than fifty percent of the vote to avoid a second round well those are the headlines on
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al-jazeera do stay with us talk to al-jazeera is coming up next thank you very much for watching. lost and abandoned. and say. what i want to east reveals how one is giving pakistan's lost children a new chance at life on al-jazeera. he was a student leader in malaysia and the one nine hundred seventy s. then and were abraham became the right hand man of mahathir mohamad during his first time as prime minister in the one nine hundred ninety s. but they ended their alliance due to differences caused by the growing financial crisis in southeast asia in one thousand nine hundred seven and off to abraham accuse the prime minister of corruption ever ham was sacked from the government the following year but he didn't go quietly and lead a series of protests against maha tears leadership abraham was eventually
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imprisoned on sodomy charges and released when the accusations were partially dismissed after his release he really entered politics and run against. who became the next prime minister and the move seen by many as politically motivated abraham was once again jailed on sodomy charges but after international condemnations he received a role pardon from the malaysian king and was released from prison inmate twenty eighteen having now become a well known opposition leader in the process. in between his jail terms abraham began campaigning for an opposition party formally headed by his wife the people's justice party the party is reformist agenda gained a lot of popularity amongst the public after being pardoned and released anwar ibrahim and his once political ally mahathir mohamad decided to put that pos differences behind them abraham joins him had tears coalition the so-called
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alliance for hope. in may last year the coalition's electoral victory ended najib results rule although technically he is not part of the new government matter mohamed had promised to hand over the job the prime minister to abraham in two years' time so off to such a bumpy journey what are his political ambitions for malaysia and given the ongoing corruption trial of former prime minister najib razak who allegedly stole billions of dollars of public funds what are his plans for cleaning up malaysia's political system and why abraham talks to al-jazeera. with anwar ibrahim thank you very much for talking to. after almost twenty years being spent either behind bars or fighting for your freedom you're now back in public office the younger on war brahim that was once seen as by many as the future of malaysia is now seventy years old. yet your to be the next prime minister what is
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it that you are offering to malaysians where we came in with a clear agenda for the fall a country must mature as a democracy. vibrant in the sense that we promote. such as judicial independence for the media a country can get. effectively itself of corruption and demi come up sion and that in the economic policy that is there proposed growth by the same time would not tolerate poverty in the midst of plenty and gross inequality well this agenda of reform is centered on the problematic issue within demick issue of corruption and when you were sacked from government by matter mohamed in the late one thousand nine thousand you accuse the government back then of corruption it's now two thousand and nineteen and malaysia's economy has been crippled arguably by one of
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the biggest corruption scandals in the world that's of one of the b. which is the state's investment fund and the embezzlement of hundreds of millions of dollars. what's the latest on this case and how much of the money have your governments been able to recover we believe a slow process but we are fortunate because they're getting full support from authorities the department of justice in the states or. we need their cooperation because a big international scandal that involves not only the government called but also complicity of the crime by say. listen to the delight was fine so very complex but. target is of course to recoup billions of dollars lost probably not in full but i think we will have to be very very clear that we are determined to get the funds back and have you been able to get at least some of that back or still a process even we'll talk about goldman sachs and others in
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a bit but in terms of the money that was seized from the former prime minister najib razak and other individuals have you been able to get some of that money back you know we have added to fight but there are some funds with the department of justice their legal process is continuing. commitment in the when it was issues with the goldman sachs which i think will certainly bring back the funds but i think the process is quite in there but it in terms of the legal or procedural issues or whether we said this fight with amount given to us well let's talk about goldman sachs because they're accused of essentially criminal activity right that they were involved in issuing a foreign bond worth hundreds of millions of dollars or more than six hundred millions six hundred million dollars with regards to that case goldman sachs is a global banking giant. obviously these huge corporations they're not just massive in terms of business but also in political clout so how confident are you
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that you're going to be able to get that money from goldman sachs and if you're unable to what's. measures will you be taking true punish them for what is stealing malaysia as well six hundred million is purely commission which is outrageous but. the entire process in dealing with the country. company the one m. d. b. . using the expertise the so-called expertise of the national financial institutions is of course something that we are pursuing vigorously right now of course we are in the midst of. the process there were stations or litigations and these are in malaysia or in the you know you militia in the united states but i think. certainly we'll get. the money back we're not certain to what extent of
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course we start with this hundred million because there's a commission but they were complicit to the crime and therefore they have to pay because we suffer the loss we then had this rotten image internationally is affected the confidence of investors and we must hold goldman sachs other than from a promise in the deep into account the lesson must be learnt that this so-called corruption involving governments can only have been infected fully with the complicity with many of the international financial institutions so this doc about capitalism without doing got to effectively lesions and these big conglomerates can do what they would they like must end and i think it must be credit to listen of all of these now for taking a very tough stance as you say oversee this stuff the corruption of the governments can top him without the help of such because persians also can't help happen without the help or at least implicit assistance of governments as well that pursue
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their interests when we're talking about for example najib razak when. talking about six hundred eighty one million dollars that's was found in his account he claimed that was a gift from saudi arabia to help him with an election campaign my question here is if indeed he's telling the truth and this is a gift from saudi arabia that means saudi arabia has essentially been interfering in a blatant manner with. religious domestic authorities and if he's not telling the truth then saudi arabia is still interfering by providing him with an alibi what's your take on the new the sounds of course was explained although this he does at one point is he does not involve the government some people in the private sector or one prince notwithstanding all the rules we must be transparent they must be held accountable they must explain because in their deep clearly said the money comes from saudi arabia all the neat he did return them but i think if for us it is
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for what i did being charge in court now he has to explain and defend himself he has admitted by the way he has a meter said the prime minister going to see if two point six billion being get into his personal account which to me is clearly a crime is a corrupt practice but because it involves some personalities or felt insulted arabia we must hole that person or that entity into account so why have there malaysian government not done that yet why have they not officially asked for the saudis to explain themselves that we are in the process of. the court. therefore for when i do come fully disadvantaged to defend we will of course pursue this but saudi arabia isn't the only gulf country with links to this corruption scandal. there is another chief suspect in this a man named john wood now who has been described as
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a close confidant of prince mohammed bin zayed now since the criminal case began john doe has. disappeared and there are rumors that he might in fact be in the united arab emirates have you requested or has the malaysian government requested from abu dhabi to give them information with regards to the whereabouts or. we have no indication that he's read about something because in china's. emirates but we don't have a case to pinpoint any particular country but the. authorities we involve in the initial deal of the way it might be transparent it must be proper or not but this is now being investigated. and once all of this once and if you become prime minister you will pursue this personally i think demolition people because we threw out. the a corrupt regime partly due to the involvement which was just. the major part was
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the one m.t.b. scandal but of course there were a lot of religious sponsible actions taken by him and his colleagues but i don't think the present leadership and when i assume office and. in any of the cover up the crimes against the people of malaysia a few weeks ago prime minister mahathir said that he would never allow for an israeli sports team turn to malaysia because of the continued illegal occupation of palestine but continued war crimes being committed by the israeli army is this a policy that you will continue if and when you become prime minister our foreign policy is clear and consistent we demand the right for the palestinians we consider the issue of palestine as politics of dispossession that people's lives and property being stolen or dropped by the authorities about the survey the
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authorities and the international community seems just hapless because the continue into the city. and aggression on the part of the same government so my had this thought that at least in what ever we possible because all evidence has been exhausted and saw this the way then in involved sports it is the only message they we can send to these i know authorities and do in the international community which has been somewhat moot again the atrocities inflict that against the palestinian people ok let's go back to domestic politics your wife now serves as deputy prime minister to the man who is responsible for two decades worth of heartache for her or yourself and your family your one time mentor martyr mohammad to imprisoned you now. before an essentially tried to tarnish your reputation or even destroy your political career you and him are now allies again on
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a personal level how is it that you been able to overcome all of this pain and suffering and are able to work together with him. deny the fact that it was difficult i have said it publicly but when i had the approach and wanted to work together to save the county from endemic corruption and abuse of power. he believe in i shays conviction that without we in the opposition forces working together would be unsurmountable but this is the man who you're saying came to you to save the country from a problem that you warned him against yes well between my personal feelings and. sufferings and interests of the state in the interests of the state and the people the explicit and i mean that's my position
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and to give credit to behind it he has showed his firm commitment to forty four against corruption and the agenda set forth by that he form the parties prior to the elections and i think. given his time ninety two when he came to see me and. with the new these new sense of commitment of his all i think he should be given the credit and the chance to go to ceased i mean allow me to maybe play devil's advocate here because i interviewed permit somehow to a few months ago i asked him point blank do you regret what you did try and worry about him and he explicitly didn't say he said he acted on the information he had so he didn't really say he regrets it he didn't apologize at least he didn't justify it at the same time you just tried to give it some sort of reasoning. you
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know people can demand also thing but the fact that he came to see me when i was in prison although he's caught. and he publicly said that you know we must think anew and the family re appreciate all we understand they called news of the fate of his sufferings for two decades i mean to me is more than enough what's more important is not my personal ego or you know to to to. satisfy my my serve that this man has now come and you know there's no need to me to me is enough the signal is enough the fact that he's prepared to work together the fact that he's committed to that form and then the fact he came to see me to me is sufficient because we have to move on and gender is more important than an was personal predicament well about moving on the agreement that you both reach was that matter would initially become prime minister if your coalition won the
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elections of two thousand and eighteen which you did and that you would hand over power but what's interesting is that everyone's talking about a two year period that's right hold on for years and give it to you but was never really explicitly agreed was it two years. no if you look at the. to pull it in no uncertain terms that he would be prime minister as deputy prime minister there was the pardon that normal coming so i think the understanding is clear and i don't think it is why it's. a specific date and we do discuss i mean that as far back as two weeks ago i did discuss with him. he asked me but i do think is why it's because once you. clear date then the six months prior to that you would be a lame duck prime minister so let him let him and then move on i give him full support in the us mint we continue to engage in establishing is working effective
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appall and wait for the appropriate time then they're moving well it seems at least based on the media reports and the comments made even by prime minister mahathir the true euro deal maybe that came about arbitrarily but the question is that many people will be wondering is what guarantees are there that you will stick to handing over those two years or three years or what whatever because firstly there was already some warning signs amongst your supporters or members of your party for example who were expecting certain cabinet positions to be given to your allies and said they were given to prime minister had tears now for somebody as i mean this in a respectful way is coming as politically cunning as much here is he's been in politics for how many decades and survived all of this surely it would be naive to assume that it is a given suddenly that you know come two years or eighteen months or however much that he will suddenly say ok. if you're going to be fair to him he has reiterated
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a number of times that he wouldn't like. in two years i think that sufficient but he's also said if the people want me to stay then i'll state no i think it would take it out of context because this is finally the people decide to just rule i assume. the elections and the people decide fair but i think in terms of the make additions of a few either within the party or the but the. democratic process of what they will be attempts i don't claim to be given one hundred percent support even within the good english and some who feel that the position to threaten that some with the old we are doing things will be checked and i don't deny that because i come as a essentially as a former and started it and i think i need to complete that process let's broaden
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out a bit more to the region and you have been a very strong critic of suchi. of myanmar. malaysia has been at the forefront together with turkey and a few other countries in terms of providing relief for the wearing of muslim refugees. what is your stance with regards to what's happening there in terms of accusations of i think cleansing through the muslim minority in myanmar. it has been established for international community observers international media about ethnic cleansing against the homeless well it is. pathetic. to see the least that some people tend to even try and deny this. one you must remember they also was given for support by muslims in burma by muslims in the
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region then millicent by me as i was a great proponent of i mean while she was a political person yes yes very strongly and we didn't consider her with the bodies almost and you just gross injustice oppressive oppression against her and her party no for her to deny this or even to try and get that out it's not acceptable for what kind of bodies would you seek something through the security council would you seek something through the. blocks or about what kind of practical steps you think can be taken to actually protect these people and allow them to return to their homes i think we should utilize all. a c.n.n. or the united nations or even the international community to just pick up big demands known. there is another issue of. either ethnic cleansing or the targeting of. i think muslims and that's in one of your crosses trading partners
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and allies in china and the weaker muslims there you had made statements about that as well malaysia has a very deep working relationship with china you yourself visited. the past few months. what can be done in order to also prevents the continued suffering of the people there we seek an explanation. from the chinese authorities and appeal that these matters resolved amicably to allow that but always the talk about pockets of terrorism we do not condone. is a puppet. of. but i think i don't think the entire community should be condemned because of the effects through the stablish of the acts of a few back to malaysia and one of the most it is one of the most ethnically diverse
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countries in its region. now you ascended to power or at least through prominence based on a political program that was based on poorly on consensus building and what's interesting about this is that this comes at a time where the politics of populism and polarization are in fact the dominant discourse at least in the more civilized democratic countries as they claim to be what's your thoughts on the. discourse that's going on you look at the united states you look at countries in europe that are moving much. more towards their populism towards kind of. whereas you're trying to take a different route i think we're going to learn from the experience of oppression in the states or discrimination against the blacks or the colored people or the rising prices i'm in europe really of course. the ideals of democracy jeffersonian ideals of just the. quality. but because the
11:44 pm
excesses similarly in malaysia so we take a position islam is the religion of the federation. believe rights and signed a constitution must be protected. the constitution provides for guarantee for the position of the royal roti and a system of course additional one aki but these things must be protected brutal as . they. got in that justice be accorded to every single citizen in our country that we cannot practice this could be in the three policies having said that the majority of i mean the poor happens to be malays and the quality of education between urban and rural. and particularly the rule had to land has been somewhat neglected so we must have
11:45 pm
a clear policy because people tend to see this as a hero some game. multi-racial society therefore you neglect the plight of the poor from one ethnic community to the contrary i think we will have to demand and implement justice for so if you had a message to rob leaders maybe that are pushing more. populist politics what would it be well i'm a small guy to give advice to these people but then i think i am at least committed to have. to be just to everyone is important i am i'm really muslim i can care for my people i know the position of the middle east have been quite to my didn't lines in the rural sector but i cannot condone any practice that course believe in justice to any citizen in our country inspecting with their muslims or non muslims middle east chinese indians or from the tribal regions
11:46 pm
for somebody. i want to enter the question about breaking the person father the man who entered politics with a dream to change his country who missed out on some of the best years of his life . as he languished in jail how have you not lost hope i mean the faith i believe the violence. from our loss with its wisdom but the law and therefore belief that. if we have good because we believe in this tiger then we have to bear the burden and somehow or the i believe i personally would be indicated and justice would probably summer by him thank you very much for talking to zero.
11:47 pm
on counting the cost this week and cambodia it's the southeast asian economy that's most exposed to the u.k. e.u. divorce. nine months later finally has a government but it's a call to me is screaming for attention. counting the cost on al-jazeera. and monday put it on. us and british companies have announced the biggest discovery of natural gas in west africa but what to do with these untapped natural resources is already a source of heated debate nothing much has changed they still spend most of their days looking forward to for dr events like this one five years on the syrians still feel battered or even those who managed to escape their country have been truly unable to escape the war. every duty is being
11:48 pm
analyzed it's being weighed and measure this month. and it's not just. fans of these days. something that was asked i would rather take the risks of democracy the risks of dictatorship digital dissidents on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera on live from studio fourteen here at al-jazeera headquarters in doha. welcome to the newsgroup they were us vice president mike pence is in colombia for talks with the venezuelan opposition leader. and other leaders of the group it's. latest efforts to increase pressure on the embattled government to
11:49 pm
block the delivery of u.s. aid over the weekend will be live from. the afghan taliban is co-founder and political chief is in qatar for talks with the u.s. aimed at ending the seventeen year long war it's hoped. men turn to the discussions the u.s. envoy has tweeted this could be a significant moment and it's being described as a massacre that was out of sight even within the democratic republic of congo a u.n. investigation has now revealed hundreds were killed in a dispute between two tribes in the last december and sources have told al-jazeera the violence was carefully planned with elements of the army involved. and protests in algeria against the government has spread to eggs as outside the country people have been sharing the updates and social media from the ranee's. the latest on that and the oscars to say to get in touch the hash tag if.
11:50 pm
you're the news group we're live on air we're streaming online through you tube facebook live and at al-jazeera dot com so the u.s. vice president is in the colombian capital to discuss new ways to put pressure on venezuela's governments mike pence is rallying regional allies in a bid to post venezuelan president nicolas maduro from power he's meeting with the lima group that's a coalition of several latin american nations pence is also holding one on one talks with venezuela's officer leader one fido before leaving bogota later on monday so pressure is mounting on president nicolas maduro to step down that's following a weekend of violence along venezuela's borders with brazil and colombia forces loyal to him and zero have fired on opposition supporters trying to bring in u.s. aides the death toll was reported to be as high as twenty eight's and the
11:51 pm
opposition leader why those calling on the world to consider all options to oust maduro brazil is also urging countries that have not yet recognized as venezuela's legitimate leader to join what it calls the liberation efforts duras government blames white go for the showdown over aids accusing him of committing a terrorist act the president has severed diplomatic ties with colombia which is currently hosting the opposition leader let's cross over to see he's joining us from the colombian capital of bogota on asunder if you can hear me just talk us through what's happening in the meeting behind you. hi there ian yeah i'm not able to hear you very well we are waiting for. arrival of the vice president of the united states mike pence any minute now the leader of the venezuelan or position one way to go i arrived ready spain so arrives to you
11:52 pm
will meet with the president. and with the white though himself and it will then deliver a speech to the group of these are fourteen latin american countries who are supporting the efforts by the venezuelan opposition to enter the a sense by the united states venezuela and also to try and topple in the. interim government in the country and reach free elections in venice to lead the question here in everybody's mind is what will be plan b. for the opposition after they failed in their action last saturday to try and move . a trucks in that aside the country. within a day of violence isn't there and since then there has been increasing talks on parts. and other people close to him to consider
11:53 pm
possible for an intervention a military intervention in the country so are we expecting anything concrete and the sundra to come out of this meeting. again i wasn't able unfortunately to hear your question but that main expectation here is on concrete steps that the u.s. has promised to continue isolating by pulling people of mattick of the government. and also possible new punishing sanctions already the u.s. has imposed very very strong sanctions on that have been this way that is having a constant. it's economical in the country remember that business well as already been hit by one of the worst social and economic crisis that latin america has ever seen and the sanctions are doing more to make it more difficult for the government
11:54 pm
and the collapse by doing it to stay in power but the bets here on part of the opposition and the coalition that supports quite though was trying to move the much needed aid to tape the country boy have sparked a mass defection on part of the venezuelan military and the start and you reversible. reversible exit. that hasn't happened so what we're expecting here is that new sanctions to be presented new options concrete steps but it's a difficult at this point for the opposition to imagine new ways to try to move be a being and actually speaking to officials of the venice but i know physicians they have told us that they don't want to put in risk they are people that ghana and that we will not they don't expect that and you actually in that sense in the coming days but we'll have to wait and see what the vice president of the united
11:55 pm
states will announce and a little over an hour time ok on the sounder we'll leave you there for now for the time being thank you so as we mentioned earlier many people have been killed in violent confrontations along that as well as border with brazil that happened over the weekend in the town of alone at least twenty five people are believed to have died mohammed john jr has the latest from parker a mug shots on the brazilian side of the border. a second round of clashes between venezuelan migrants and venezuelan security forces in as many days calm was eventually restored but things didn't stay quiet for long. as pro-government venezuelan demonstrators converged on their side of this border with brazil. chanting their support for president nicolas maduro insisting like he does that they need no outside aid and i'm living with us and we came to sing our national anthem to show how we respect the sovereignty of all people so others also need to
11:56 pm
respect our sovereignty we're not begging for anything. a short distance down the same road new allegiances were announced. as two soldiers who defected to brazil the night before declared their support for venezuelan opposition leader. in the us and the mandible as a venezuelan pederasts i feel pain it pains me to see all the suffering people. at times the defectors were cheered even though there was little to be cheerful about. it's almost sunset and as you can see behind me brazilian security forces are still blocking access to the brazilian side of the no man's land between brazil and venezuela for the past few hours the only vehicles we see coming through are ambulances then shocking news a new albeit unconfirmed death toll from three days' worth of clashes between security forces and opposition supporters in and around the venezuelan town of santa ana but. at the moment to handle at the moment we estimate there are twenty
11:57 pm
five people dead and eighty four injured the thing is we don't control the hospital the military controls it the people they killed they put them in an armed vehicles and took them to a military base that's why we're not sure of the exact number of dead leaving these venezuelans to wonder just how much darker the coming days maybe mohammed. and parker dima on brazil's border with venezuela now to our lot in america is how they see a new man who's in the venezuelan city of san antonio. when israeli security forces again denounced in the aftermath of saturday's violent response to unarmed protesters i believe that the first time the un high commissioner for human rights strongly condemned the use of excessive force by venezuela's national guard and especially pro-government armed groups the venezuelan government has a different explanation that. the plan was to use terrorists across the sea bridge
11:58 pm
run over anyone they saw people and then blame the government of nicolas maduro. as for the quality or pro-government armed gangs whom we saw take over the streets and shoot the protesters in san antonio rodriguez claims there is a legal colombian paramilitaries who operate on both sides of the border. however after taking refuge from the gunfire we were able to see and film members of the college devils alongside national guardsman while they looted a close store then surely some of the guardsman joined in to pick through the booty call it deals maybe paramilitary but residents tell us they are venezuelan operating an open complicity with security forces oh yes and then and then they belong to the government and they come through here threatening people slashing tires breaking windows a lot more you know a shot someone on the call.


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