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pence and from rubio and from why the self there's definitely a shift towards at least considering some kind of military option. i think that's a very dangerous step particularly given the volatility of the region historically and still to this day i mean as your frankly very refreshing really in-depth report said there are all kinds of different violent acts operating in venezuela particularly along the more populous border with colombia the quality of those for example then you have some guerrillas still active either former fox or the land along the border from colombia and also you could have splits in the military and things like that and the problem would be if something escalates starts to get out of hand then it could be quite hard to put the genie back in the bottle really but we know we know that the countries of that lima group they do support why do but would they support the u.s.
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as you say in its call or at least some calling for military action and what would that even look like. well president do care of colombia was pressed on this to some extent the other day and he refused to say clearly but he didn't rule it out either which is quite worrying and i think colombia is perhaps the most likely because of its long history of opposition to the chavez government and later than were due to a government duke a personally is seen as the successor to president who had really awful relations with chavez and that the two almost led the two countries into war in two thousand and ten so i think colombia is perhaps the most likely and obviously in terms of where it is geographically it's most likely also on the other side brazil from from what i've heard is less likely and also again geographically
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it makes much less sense that side is very remote you have to cross plains that are you know very sparsely populated. but then in the widest sense i think it's very easy and it has been very common to use venezuela to score political points but basically saying you know i'm going to prevent my country from becoming the next venezuela and so there's been a lot of and there's been people such as yet and chile who's turned up at the border and also why and when i look up there's a lot of political how order to be gained great and when you look at what's happening with the border and the situation with the u.s. aid how much pressure is this putting on the majority government if any at all. certainly putting pressure on the government i mean i think the sanctions from the u.s. particularly the ones on oil but also the existing preexisting ones on the financial transactions together that's a real concern for the majority of government. in terms of this kind of pressure i
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think unless there's some kind of shift in the military support then it could just drag on and i mean if you look at this from the perspective of a normal soldier it's a very difficult decision to make you mean you are relying on the state for your wages and access to better treatment than the average venezuelan you know unless you feel like there's going to be a successful rebellion within the military you know you're chancing quite important thing if you then you know try to defect or try to rise up against the government of the higher levels that they're involved in the economy they may be under sanction themselves from the u.s. so at the moment they don't really have an interest necessarily in abandoning the douro and frankly why go and rubio and so on have done much to reassure them all right we thank you very much for joining us from london as always you can head online for all the latest updates on developments on the crisis in venezuela just
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had to al-jazeera dot com and also if you have any comments or questions on this story or anything that you're hearing on the news grid you can send in your comments to our online platforms or on twitter use the hash tag a.j. news grid our handle is a.j. english we're also on facebook at facebook dot com slash al-jazeera you can also send a message on whatsapp or telegram plus nine seven four five zero triple one one four nine. now the afghan taliban is co-founder and the political chief is in qatar for talks aimed at ending the seventeen yr war vanny bards are is among several senior taliban members meeting u.s. special envoys. over the next four days tweeted that the arrival of a more or thorough taliban delegation could be a significant moment and now the work begins in earnest stephanie decker has been following the talks and dollhouse. the u.s. envoy tweeting that he had met with mullah baradar over lunch the first time the
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two men met and that the real work words now begin now this is a senior delegation here in boulevard are of course one of the founding members of the taliban difficult issues will be discussed one is a nationwide cease fire to a timetable for the withdrawal of those u.s. troops around fourteen thousand remain in afghanistan another thing trying to get the taliban to talk to the off government something they've refused to do so far and last but not least the u.s. wants a taleban to ensure that afghanistan will not be used by groups like isis or al qaida to launch a retaliatory attacks or any kind of attack on the west now even recently the u.s. envoy saying that you cannot solve a forty year conflict with one meeting even if that meeting last so as much as a week but we do expect there's been messages coming out from the taliban from the americans that they are hopeful that this could achieve something when i have to wait and see what they manage to talk about it chief and implement over the next
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couple of days but that's the real question what is achieved here if anything can be implemented on the ground the afghan people want security they want safety there of course skeptical what capacity the taliban will return the talks are about getting them into a political unity government it is difficult it is complicated but certainly there seems to be a glimmer of hope that they have perhaps coming the closest that they ever have to achieving some form of a deal so if that happened civilians continue to bear the brunt of the war just the day before the u.s. and their talks here in qatar the u.n. released a report saying that last year was the most deadly for civilians you can read more about the report by heading to our web site al-jazeera dot com. the iraqi president about one salles says he'll seek to prosecute thirteen french eisel fighters detained in the country saleh made the pledge after holding talks with french president emmanuel mccall in paris france has recently been debating whether to
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repatriate the fighters and try them under french law a thirty year old. is one such french national caught fighting for i saw in iraq they would say to reports from the south of france it was from this village in the south of france contact the brahma began his journey to syria with his wife and infant daughter adopting the name abu sama as he became a leading propagandist and recruiter for i saw no phone call interview in this video he urges others to join him and burned his french passport now he's one of the many fighters and their families who've surrendered to american backed kurdish troops attacking i still say last stronghold he still with his wife but now has four children back in france his father jack a retired truck driver said his son had been think he was skating for more than
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a year of innumerate where the only modest they were struggling to find food starve themselves so the kids would have as much to eat as possible and then to so people fighting amongst themselves even friends it became odd and what really disgusted him is that the means and left with their own families and abandoned them in france alone more than two hundred thirty people have been killed and i saw linked attacks since two thousand and fifteen it's feared the french fight is now in the custody of kurdish forces in syria could escape detention so plans are now underway to bring them back to france to face justice. the horrors of black friday nov thirteenth twenty fifteen when the isolette tax claimed one hundred thirty lives in paris are still painfully fresh in france contango brown was a close associate of the men who publicly claimed eisel were responsible for the slaughter and he tweeted about the sense of power he had holding
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a kalashnikov assault rifle in his village they're all opposed to the idea that men like him should be repaired treated to france always the innocent they've got nothing to do here they should stay there they made a choice they went there now they should take responsibility for their choices. either holiday pick fair just down the road we found more nuanced opinions. the choice isn't do we leave them there do we take them back if we leave them there will be killing them for the children of the fighters though there is great sympathy a way should be found to bring them back continence parents long to embrace the grandchildren date or they would never see david chaytor al-jazeera let us d.d. in the south of france. now a series of nationwide protests in algeria are into their third day sara highrises here with the latest reaction on social media sara well that dozens of algerians
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onstream a call by opposition movement to protest against president bill to flakes fifth term in office. in fact hundreds of them gathered in algiers capital over the weekend and they were chanting and civil to flee the slogans and to hear that because they're demanding a change of leadership now police later responded by firing tear gas as well as arresting dozens of protesters. while the prize has initially started in algeria they soon spread to other countries including paris london and even montreal and people have been gathering in front of algerian embassies and consulates with many calling on bits of flicka to step down now jerry's president has been in office since nineteen ninety nine on able to speak or walk with a start he's been very much out of the public eye and since his reelection in
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twenty fourteen he's rarely appeared in public and his candidacy for a fifth time was actually announced by let's a published in state media earlier this month and algerians expected this to happen but it hasn't stopped them from taking to the streets to protest protestors are sharing their own pictures on social media the hash tag no saying pm mon day and they can see that that's the hashtag amongst many others like what's a flick of game over but we did speak to one algerian who took parts especially in the paris protests i'm doing this video just. not being able to see my people which is. against the people in the because we cannot keep living with the prison going to keep you going to give us. this not the great listening. to. could you be prudent to see the change. in this get in there to see within the next. hour of the base closure because you agreed to. now as
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prime minister responded to the protest a few hours ago during a national assembly meeting saying all algerians have the right to support or even oppose presidential candidates but the ballot box he says must have the last word but it's not enough and sheets aquash the anger especially amongst university students in algeria her planning a march on choose day they say it's a protest against students unions supporting they say what's at stake his reelection bid and a new wave of mass rallies is also expected on a friday so it's a moving story we'll be keeping an eye on that and the latest developments but if you want to take part in any of those prices we would like you to get in search of the newsgroup scene maybe you even have to or the president seeking a fifth term either way we want you to get in so what she can find us on twitter yes sarah thank you and also just a lot of viewers how they can keep in touch with us we're on twitter a sarah was saying so send your comments to our online platforms use the hash tag news great our handle is aging us on twitter we're also on facebook at facebook dot
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com slash al-jazeera you can send a message on whatsapp or telegram plus nine seven four five zero triple one one four nine so you're with the news grid and if you're watching us on facebook live we've got a story for you coming up on the weaker muslims who are being held in detention centers in china a dance from our colleagues want to one east and in just a moment the sears academy awards was a breakthrough for diversity we'll bring you all the highlights from the biggest night in show business that's coming up right after the break my. hello the air in the middle east we've got a lot of wet weather that's working its way towards us so already brought some very strong winds over parts of the mediterranean and now it's making its way across parts of turkey so heavy downpours here very strong winds and that system gradually
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edging its way eastwards as we head through tuesday and into wednesday wednesday them for many of us here looks fairly messy lots of clouds most of rain and a few outbreaks of snow around to where they stay should be largely fine and dry amante there five degrees of a couple will be up at around six now going further towards the south and here in doha fine forest on choose day took temperature twenty five degrees but we do have some clatter of rain that's galloping its way towards us it's pulling itself together on wednesday and then that will slip its way south or so later on wednesday and overnight that's when we'll see some heavy rain here in doha and the winds will be fairly fergus as we head through thursday and friday there were further towards the south and look at all the showers we've got here in the northern parts of our map still with us as we head through the next few days expect some of those to be rather lively for the south a largely fine and dry room first in devon we're up at thirty six degrees not that one for cape town though are temperature only twenty and here they'll be more cloud around and the chance of the old shower i think wednesday should be no dry there
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atop temperature again. for some murder. for others it's a way of life. a battle is raging between the whaling industry and conservationists as the future of whaling in icelandic waters is decided. people in power killing whales honor josie you know. donald trump says he has a special bond with kim jong il and the north korean leader and the u.s. president are about to meet again in vietnam a letter they were signing is very comprehensive and i think both sides are going to be very impressed with eight months soft of the historic summits in singapore come a strike a deal on nuclear weapons and to finally end the korean war special coverage of
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fabric the twenty seven. the headline is iran these are the most read articles on our website right now al
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jazeera dot com and the top spot the u.s. plans venezuela action a special mounts on the drug this. group meets right now and. for any information that we get from colombia. is the life as a massacre that took place away from the eyes of the world and it went largely unnoticed even inside the democratic republic of congo well days passed before details began to emerge about what had happened in the that's a remote territory in the southwest of the country a un investigation found an attack happened there on december sixteenth and seventeenth a dispute was between two local tribes so far five hundred thirty five bodies have been identified and the acting administrator says between three thousand and four thousand men were involved in the bloodshed about a dozen men have so far been arrested. he has the latest.
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this is what's left of the remote town of you in southwestern democratic republic of congo much of it was destroyed last december and violence between the big ten day and been nunu tribes this village has been home to both tribes but ethnic tensions have been rising over the months leading up to the syntax. not many knew about it until the un recently discovered a number of mass graves like this one in the town this woman says she was attacked while attending a church service. with. we were in the church when the attackers from the big ten day tribe came in and they started questioning us about our identity and organs and whether or not we were from the new new try i thought i was just visiting but they said they were no longer picking any tribes now you're killing everybody from now on they started shooting inside the church killing my husband my four kids they cut me with a machete and left me to die i woke up in hospital the congolese authorities initially
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said this was a spontaneous act as a result of a long simmering dispute between the two tribes that suddenly flared up over the burial of a big new tribal chief but sources tell al-jazeera the violence was a carefully planned massacre with elements of the army involved and the prosecutor's office in the capital kinshasa has announced twelve people have been arrested and are waiting to go on trial in a military court military officials say the investigation will be conducted by the army because the attack was carried out with military precision using weapons of war but for the survivors there is little hope in what's left of their homes. everything is destroyed in this village and no one is coming back here again we have lost many of our friends and neighbors people need to come back so we can live like before it's too sad. vocal about god does i do. we don't understand the
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reasons for all this violence from our button day brothers against us the government needs to take responsibility to restore peace and stability as we don't have anything left we can't even vote now because everything has been destroyed by fire in our house four hundred sixty five houses and buildings were burnt down or pillaged including primary schools a health care center and the office of the independent electoral commission. nearly sixteen thousand people have fled across the congo river into the neighboring republic of congo since the massacre. while the survivors wait in line to receive tents from doctors without borders the task of slowly rebuilding begins in this remote corner of the democratic republic of congo dorset al-jazeera. let's speak to for richer andrea alone is the emergency team coordinator in the democratic republic of congo for doctors without borders is joining us on skype
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from kinshasa thanks for speaking to al jazeera so we know that m.s.f. doctors without borders responded within a week of that massacre as it's being described describe to us your operation right now in the area and what you're doing there. all this exact we we were there just a couple of days after the fight began and we started by taking care of the wounded people and we're right there we found over sixty people in the hospital so we took care of the of the wounded people in the morsy that warrants were referred. to in places where they could have where they could be taken care of and then since then so it's two months now basically we've been driving more bad clinics inland and all over the river because part of the displaced book mission he's on a small islands on the river so when so far we had about nine thousand coast patients
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they were down. and we also and if norm food items distribution because one of the main needs is the need for a shelter because both mission had to run away and don't really have showed or housing anymore and so we distribute around two thousand eight hundred kids for non-food items so you're saying that shelter is one of the things that were that's most needed what other resources are being put in place in order to ensure a longer term care for those people left behind. indeed shared two is one of the main needs and construction together we shared there is because entire neighborhoods have been destroyed burned out of. food is not a big meaning that it sounds to me that now i know we see money intrusion at brize we had over a hundred a one hundred fifteen but not rich children in them about critics and we see these
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increasing over the weeks because of the difficulty of the access to food provision we see protection as a main. need as well for the population as well as it makes you worse in the long response or long term support of the health system because what we see is that even though the most acute acute phase of. the prize maybe over the needs are going to be there for a long time as well as mental health is a big need that is needed in the long run because people suffer big trauma because of the fighting what are your teams on the ground telling you about the possibility of the threat of renewed violence or it's hard to tell it's very difficult to tell we don't for sure is that the people the population is afraid and it's difficult to go back or when there is no hole. and it's difficult to live
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a normal life were there is no food or when big trauma is go in there in the mind of the people but then of the other than that it's hard to tell whether it will be possible to go back homes who are not right for brits and raillery thank you very much for speaking to us from kentucky. thank you now let's take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world and in sudan police there in the capital have fired tear gas at anti-government protesters there been daily demonstrations since president obama and bashir announced the nationwide state of emergency on friday he said he was dissolving his government but just hours later appointed six new minister as an eighteen state governors from the military because she is trying to quell weeks of fun rest that began over writing prices forces loyal to libya warlords twenty five have to it are reported to have killed nineteen people in the town of what is ok that's where half that of forces have taken over several oil fields witnesses say more than thirty houses were set
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on fire farms were also destroyed and one hundred cars stolen. has the latest from tripoli. forces loyal to libya's world have to are accused of committing atrocities in the southern town of medicine that includes killing civilians and burning civilian houses and that includes a house of a parliament member who spoke and he accuses have those forces of killing civilians and burning civilian houses in. the southern the town of medicine is very strategic and it's so important for have to his forces first of all because it's the hub of the to bullfighters bullfighters they belong to the timber tribes and they are have to his enemies and the saudis in missing the bullfighters are the stumbling block in front of have to his forces taken control of the of the whole
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sours of libya it's also very strategic because of its location it's there can connecting link between libya and challenge here on the one hand and on the other hand it's a connecting link between civil cities towns and areas in the south of libya it's also close to fields namely field or oil field geographically speaking area has a lot of oil and ground. resources now many people in. the accuse have to this forces of committing atrocities and that includes killing civilians and burning civilian houses. well yemen's houthi rebels have delayed the partial withdrawal of their fighters from two ports just outside the data they were supposed to leave sunday funday rasa. supports to comply with a un brokered deal reached with yemen's government in sweden last year the host they say the government isn't holding up its and off the agreements the visions
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over human rights have been exposed as egypt hosted the first summit between the arab league and the european union leaders gathered in the red sea resort of sharm a safe to discuss issues like migration security and trade they have agreed to work more closely together and meet regularly with the egyptian president have been fatah has sisi held the summit that acknowledged some disagreements with the kind of them. i'm speaking very openly and confidently you guys want teach us our humanity we have our him and if you and we have our values and we have our ethics and you have your humanity and your ethics and you expect that so respect ours as we respect yours never no circumstances will i give up on freedom and democracy and that. i insisted that their generation should include our commitment common commitment
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from both sides to the uploading of all aspects of international human rights law and i am absolutely convinced my whole life experience talked of that in this very context dialogue. of this much better than confrontation. britain's government is moving to ban all wings of the lebanese group hezbollah for being what it describes a terrorist organization the u.k.'s home secretary has accused it of trying to destabilize the middle east britain's already blacklisted hezbollah's external security units and its military wing but now wants to outlaw its political arm as well the new ban will come into force on friday if approved by parliament people in japan's prefecture have voted against the relocation of
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a controversial us military base but the government announced a few hours later it intended to press ahead with its plans anyway okinawa and say their island bears an unfair burden of the u.s. military presence in japan a can now is home to more than fifty thousand troops on the largest u.s. air base in the asia pacific region ballots are being counted in cuba after millions of people voted on whether to approve a new constitution the government says that offer is more freedoms while still in bracing communism as the official political ideology but it's proving to be divisive as mariana sanchez reports from havana. and mobilization in old havana more than one thousand volunteers are promoting the referendum. you have to tell people to come down and vote united. and also you have a way. to encourage people to go to polling stations. from house to
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house a last call before voting closed and. there's been a lot of negative campaigning against the proposal so we're here to explain the truth of. the draft constitution recognizes limited private property opens the cuban economy to international markets and limits presidential terms and novelty in cuba where the castro brothers held power for sixty years longer countries with the constitution we had was old now it's more futuristic based on the new ideals that have been leading us into a better country although many here say that prostitution will officially recognize policies that are already in place critics saving and trying meant of socialism as the first day of course will overshadow the modernisation if they bring to the country. the proposed social and economic changes may be modest but they signal an acceptance that change is needed to turn around cuba's stagnant economy but. it all
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seems to indicate the reality is taking center stage and that the cuban government knows it must fight the economic battle and knows he can do that with an inefficient state in the private sector drowned by regulations. there are opponents to the draft resolution some say it doesn't go far enough others say it is too socially liberal but they have the opportunity to vote no which in cuba is change indeed. just cuba. the united nations highest court says britain should seize control of the changes islands assumed this possible ruling says britain's eviction of two thousand people from the indian ocean archipelago in the one nine hundred sixty s. and seventy's was on lawful the non-binding advisory opinion is a victory for displaced people from the islands who've been fighting to return home so to the glitz and the glamour of hollywood now in some major breakthroughs for diversity sunday's academy awards set
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a record for most oscar is given to individual black artists with seven winners right across six categories were brunell's has more from the red carpet in los angeles. pre-nda. green book took the best picture award on oscar night that was a demonstration of diversity in film. and working for the movie tells the story of a black classical pianist and his white driver and bodyguard traveling through the segregated american deep south of the one nine hundred sixty s. the whole story is about love it's about loving each other and despite our differences and finding out the truth about who we are we're the same people. but here she leave one best supporting actor for his role in the film as the classical musician don surely i want to dedicate this to to my grandmother who has been in my life my ear my entire life telling me that if i first i don't succeed try try again
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that i could do anything i put my mind to. always always pushing me to to think positively and i know that i would not be here without her that she has got me over the hump every step of the way in a major upset a livia coleman won the best actress award for her portrayal of the bad queen and in the favorite many hollywood observers had expected the award to go to glenn close who has now been nominated seven times without a win glenn close it's been my idol to say long and this is not how i want it to be and i think you are amazing and maybe very much. the best male actor award went as many had predicted to rami maalik for his passion for trail of the torture rock star freddie mercury in bohemian rhapsody. we made a film about a gay man an immigrant who. lived his life just unapologetically
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himself and the fact that i'm celebrating him and this story with you tonight is is proof that we're longing for. for stories like this it was a big night for director of fun socorro own his film roma won best foreign film amid stiff competition horror own one also for best director and best cinematography he shot the film himself. veteran director spike lee won best adapted screenplay for black klansmen make the moral choice between love birds hate let's do the right day the prize for best supporting actress went to regina king in if deal street could talk based on the novel by african american author james baldwin i'm an example of what it looks like when support and love is poured into someone following
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a controversy involving would be host comedian kevin hart's past homophobic tweets the show had no host at all. instead of the usual opening comedy monologue the surviving members of queen rocked out on stage. robert oulds al-jazeera falling. so as one can imagine all the top trending has times on social media have been on the oscars but far from the glitz and glamour there have been human and social moments of this year's award sarah has more on the now there's times here examples it didn't take long before politics is brought top within the fast minutes of the book cost to be precise. so just a quick update for everybody in case you're confused there is no host tonight there won't be a popular movie category and mexico is not paying for the war. well just across the border where trump wants the wall built is mexico and our street parties are being
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held to celebrate a big win at the oscars. but still alfonso cuarĂ³n won best director for his from roma making him the fifth mexican to win best director in six years so plenty of reasons for mexico to celebrate as it dominates headlines over immigration. and these beautiful image film one that gives the boys to the boisterous reminds us of the understanding and compassion that we all all. the poor in our work lives in the grounds and women. here who heard a very fair. speaking of when the hashtag menstruation has been talked about on social media you can see that and that's because of a document she calls period end of sentence the films about women in a rural indian village leading a revolution against
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a ton of periods won an oscar for best short documentary now it's being seen as a small step to female equality at this year's oscars in the large me overlooked category. it was really great. especially that are from that the opportunity to be on the world stage like that and to have all of the women who've worked so hard on this film it really feels like the year of the woman and it's women especially i've been writing on social media on the importance of such a film in fact a page should end a sentence not a girl's education and their lives says this journalist is a health journalism india she also asks when will we start side simply bettering the health of women and speaking of what of health for the many have been praising courage shown by actually selma blair and she has multiple sclerosis you can see that she's starting with a cane she made a first public appearance since she was diagnosed with all time in season last year many of called her parents with a cane as courageous now one moment the cruel intentions actress was smiling but
12:38 am
then the next she was crying telling reporters that she says much efforts to make it to the oscars in the first place those are actually human reports to stop taking photos and shouts it was a supporter and she was seen smile again and many people on twitter admiring how to tame a nation and even her courage and lots of people have been talking about including this person is the real winner of oscar night is actually selma blair for her public appearance and another person who just gives you know idea of the sentiments as a true example of courage in the face of adversity she looks stunning. sarah thank you for. what oscar nominated actress. thinks about the representation of. hollywood that's coming up for you on facebook.
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on the world.
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hello again the is here with all the sports news and a story on like yulia yet nike and the oscars are as a sporting highlight last at last night's oscar ceremony as nike launched their new politically charged ad following on from their calling caprona commercial last year the latest campaign focused on empowering women in sport fronted by serina williams it's already been viewed more than ten million times on instagram alone here's a little preview for you. a woman boxer is crazy. i want i don't. coach an elite you crazy. woman getting into. changing her story leading a double or to me. winning twenty three grand slams having a baby and then coming back for more. crazy things. so if they want to raise it. fine. show them what crazy can do.
12:42 am
we've talked of to feel about this ad here's a lumping badman silver medalist gail m's. when i was growing up and i went to school and i said i want to be a limp here i was. i was told at school it is just a hope. it's only guys that do sports as a job and i remember thinking well i'm really good and i want to get back and you look in the media when i was young and there was only footballers that was the only world models that rivendell male footballers and i wanted to see strong women and for the first time i got to see that at an olympic games and that's what inspired me i knew there were women out there that are less strong that were staffs that troops run lately fartlek could jump really high and were incredible and that's
12:43 am
what i want to be so to me i want this ad that shoe really hits here in the heart of my head of all the young i was fifty years old when i was inspired by i didn't play games i want this to hit every single female whether their lawyers know whether that's sixty billion so i go you know you are really out on. kill him there was an inspired by the ad and so as a limpid lenny belcher you know many times people have told me i'm crazy for dreaming big and wanting to go in picks and and try and become world champion in any no i use that and embraced it the quality is getting better and i don't think the other is too political i think it's i think it's a good hard hitting hard hitting out of it and i think it needs to be done. it's not all about women's sports though this is a business move by nike after what's been a tough few days for them you may remember this last weekend a hopeful xi'an williamson entering his name because of his nike shoe was falling
12:44 am
apart the company's stock prices took a tumble over night after this. they may well be that nike has played this very strategically in the sense that they have waited for a point in time at which they have been in the spotlight possibly for a vessel negative reasons and this really counts as that and for the likes of a company and a brand like nike it's a constant balancing act trying to maintain strong exposure positive exposure whilst at the same time offsetting some of those difficult moments this is all about selling training shoes it's all about selling focal shits it's all about santa is selling. that ultimately what nike is in the business of doing and we're living through an age now where millennial consumers of particular but also generations that consumers are becoming economically stronger and more powerful and they're beginning to dictate the terms on which companies engage in business we're not just seeing nyclu also seen july two we know that issues such as gender
12:45 am
equality are very important to certain groups of consumers so this is not about to go away any time soon however there are so many consistencies with a nike and some people believe that nike is paying lip service to issues like gender equality because there have been several people working for like several women working for an i.q. brought actions against. people of the people working tonight on the basis of gender discrimination and it is believed by some that there is a very machel culture inside nyc and so what nike is doing now with these latest companies is not only a olds with with what nike is trying to present itself has but essentially is in front a fundamental contradiction of how it really is within the company. at the start of the ad serina mentions how women are often described as delusional on henge and hysterical in sport there is certainly the case for her last year when she lost in the only osaka in the us open final serena yelled at the umpire calling him sexist she then broke her racket and even cried during the ceremony that's when this
12:46 am
newspaper cartoon came out in australia many claimed it was racist but earlier on monday australia's press council ruled in favor of the artists saying there was no resists intent well that's it for me far will be back later with more during our atlanta thank you for that and thanks for watching the news group that will do. this newsgroup keep in touch with us all social media is the hostile newsgroup we'll see about here fourteen and fifteen t.n.t. on tuesday thanks for watching but i. between two thousand and two thousand and seven there one million racist militants
12:47 am
in different parts of germany but the police were painfully slow to track down the killer. al jazeera world reveals the truth about the deaths linked by a single weapon. the involvement of the far right and the serious political fallout that ensued the cheska murderous case solved on al-jazeera. al jazeera. where ever you are. at night in a stalking somalia patrolled streets police. or lack of.
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tired of gang violence the use the maternal approach to prevent crime be allowed. to do a little bit in. the stories we don't often hear told by the people who live there mothers of ring could be this is europe on al-jazeera. the us vice president mike pence pledges strong support for venezuela's opposition leader but talks in colombia. and or in taylor says al jazeera live from london also coming up the afghan taliban is political chief meets the u.s.
12:49 am
special envoy in doha as potter renewed effort to end the seventeen year conflict. results begin to filter through after nigeria's election observers say the week long delay in voting could have had an impact on voter turnout. and set of goals opposition disputes claims that mark assad has been reelected assisting the vote should not progress to a runoff. and begin with the crisis in venezuela as the u.s. says violence at the border has steeled washington's resolve to support opposition leader when gordo u.s. vice president mike pence made the comments during a meeting with and a coalition of north and south american countries known as the lima group the holding talks in the colombian capital for guitar. if you venezuela resisted and we thank those who supported us with aid for venezuela today we see
12:50 am
cooperation to reestablish our democracy our constitution and of course a focus on humanitarian aid and the fight for our democracy more people may have been killed in violent confrontations along venezuela's border with brazil than previously thought at least twenty five people are now believed to have died in the town of santa elena as a visit but israeli forces try to stop opposition supporters from bringing foreign aid into the country i mean jem june said this report from becker aima on the brazilian side of the border. a second round of clashes between venezuelan migrants and venezuelan security forces in as many days calm was eventually restored but things didn't stay quiet for long. as pro-government venezuelan demonstrators converged on their side of this border with brazil. chanting their support for president nicolas maduro insisting like he does that they need no outside aid and
12:51 am
don't really want to say we came to sing our national anthem to show how we respect the sovereignty of all people so others also need to respect our sovereignty we're not begging for anything. a short distance down the same road new allegiances were announced. as two soldiers who defected to brazil the night before declared their support for venezuelan opposition leader. and sent him into play as a venezuelan pederasts i feel pain it pains me to see all the suffering people. at times the defectors were cheered even though there was little to be cheerful about but it's almost sunset and as you can see behind me brazilian security forces are still blocking access to the brazilian side of the no man's land between brazil and venezuela for the past few hours the only vehicles we've seen coming through are ambulances then shocking news a new albeit unconfirmed death toll from three days worth of clashes between
12:52 am
security forces and opposition supporters in and around the venezuelan town of santa ana. that the money handle at the moment we estimate there are twenty five people dead and eighty four injured and the thing is we don't control the hospital the military controls it the people they killed they put them in an armed vehicles and took them to a military base that's why we're not sure of the exact number of dead leaving these venezuelans to wonder just how much darker the coming days maybe mohammed atta and parker dima on brazil's border with venezuela. as she joins us now live from under an important meeting between the u.s. vice president and joe tell us a bit about the context and what's going on at that meeting. this is a meeting of the so-called de lima group these are the fourteen latin american countries plus the united states and canada who have supported. the decision to
12:53 am
proclaim himself as the interim president since the beginning and this is the group that had some of the harshest words against president nicolas maduro and his government and all the attention on this crisis is now here. after the clashes the fighting that we've seen over the weekend on the border between colombia ministerial and the border between brazil and venezuela and the failure of . the opposition to move the u.s. sent a inside the country. vice president of the u.s. mike pence arrived here a little over an hour ago and as you were saying he first met with the president. and with the leader of the opposition. they spoke briefly to the press after day
12:54 am
a math and pence told the press that his main message from the u.s. is that the u.s. was standing a hundred percent behind why the president of colombia also said that this is a moral choice for the world between tyranny and democracy though himself suggested that their decision is to remain determined and their efforts to try and move the inside the country. topple who they called the. of the presidential functions in. venezuela in this case president nicolas maduro and reach free elections in the country we can expect to announce. mike pence to announce a new sanctions from the u.s. on venice willingness speech that he will give to the representatives. group in just a few minutes the question though is if this will indeed change anything in venezuela
12:55 am
we've seen that president maduro so far as been able to control at least a majority of the army there there have been a number of defections not the mass defections that the opposition was hoping to to really reach a turning point in this crisis you know on that point of the turning point and the defections that there have been why do you think the minute she is sticking so firmly behind madura not swinging quite those way. well we've heard from a number. of forces that have the effect over the weekend that they've said that among the rank and file and mid-level of fish shows many of them would like to do the same but a mix of fear of still on trusting for example the offer of an amnesty on part of. stopping them i live here has to do with the legitimacy of the power. he doesn't
12:56 am
really move any levels of powers inside the country so i guess many of them are still feel for what the consequences would be not only for them but for their families if they defect and for example leave the country come here to colombia as a one hundred fifty of them so far the question is what will happen with their families there if my daughter remains in power and what we what we haven't seen so far is generals who control court tells real troops turning on my due don't understand that i'm here to thank you very much indeed. for days of talks between the united states and the taliban have kicked off in qatar with a working lunch and introductory meetings afghan taliban is political chief ghani baradar is among several senior members who's met the u.s.
12:57 am
special envoy. the taliban is pushing for a full withdrawal of u.s. troops from afghanistan as both sides try to find a solution to the seventeen year conflict stephanie decker is following the talks in doha and sent this update. the u.s. envoy tweeting that he had met with mullah baradar over lunch the first time the two men met and that the real work woods now begin now this is a senior delegation here in boulevard. as one of the founding members of the taleban difficult issues will be discussed one is a nationwide cease fire to a timetable for the withdrawal of those u.s. troops around fourteen thousand remain in afghanistan another thing trying to get the taliban to talk to the off government something they've refused to do so far and last but not least the u.s. wants a taleban to ensure that afghanistan will not be used by groups like isis or al qaida to launch a retaliatory attacks or any kind of attack on the west now even recently the u.s.
12:58 am
envoy is saying that you cannot solve a forty year conflict with one meeting even if that meeting last so as much as a week but we do expect there's been messages coming out from the taliban and from the americans that they are hopeful that this could achieve something when i have to wait and see what they manage to talk about it chief and implement over the next couple of days but that's the real question what is achieved here if anything can be implemented on the ground the afghan people want security they want safety they are of course skeptical what capacity the taliban will return the talks are about getting them into a political unity government it is difficult it is complicated but certainly there seems to be a glimmer of hope that they are perhaps coming the closest that they ever have to achieving some form of a deal. nigeria's electoral commission has started out saying official presidential results from the
12:59 am
country's thirty six states stocks have risen in africa's biggest economy is known here is await the final outcome of the race between president. and businessman who will turn a hall is live for us now and abridges or general still a degree of uncertainty over these results. more than a degree i mean we've had a handful of states having their results declared here by the independent electoral commission so far at the same time independent observers are delivering their verdict on an election they broadly have found to be credible but with serious concerns about the way it was carried out i mean the picture across a vast country thirty six states plus the capital to territory here in a budget will evolve as these results emerge and could change dramatically and it may not be until late tuesday at the earliest before we have a decent picture to seasoned veteran politicians in this country in the running
1:00 am
here the president and his challenger. as you said they're in a country of course dealing with record levels of unemployment. the highest levels of extreme poverty in the world looking for fresh direction but it's politics in a very real sense stuck in the past here's my report. he's. the results trickling in but it could be a long wait before the winner is known close tallies in the states that have announced results indicate a tight race with both the main parties declaring victory on social media nigeria's election was the biggest ever exercise in democracy on the african continent and in a country just twenty years into its democratic.


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