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three here in a budget will evolve as these results emerge and could change dramatically and it may not be until late tuesday at the earliest before we have a decent picture to seasoned veteran politicians in this country in the running here the president and his challenger. as you said they're in a country of course dealing with record levels of unemployment. the highest levels of extreme poverty in the world looking for fresh direction but it's politics in a very real sense stuck in the past here's my report. he's. five the results are trickling in but it could be a long wait before the winner is known close tallies in the states that have announced results indicate a tight race with both the main parties declaring victory on social media nigeria's election was the biggest ever exercise in democracy on the african continent and in a country just twenty years into its democratic era after decades of military rule
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problems were bound to occur your recommendations to political parties and candidates include. to respect the rule of law and to call on supporters to remain peaceful before during and after the announcement of results monitoring groups were present in force and on tuesday delivered a mixed verdict impact is implemented in elections in twenty nineteen was the step in tom's off what should have been improvements in it so it makes us was really concerned that the ability of nigerian citizens to will freely make decisions about all of them has not yet been entrenched on election day citizen video flooded social media showing incidents of violence at some polling stations the independent electoral commission has confirmed incidents of ballot box destruction voter intimidation and the abduction of election officials
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a number of polling stations were unable to open or had polling disrupted by malfunctioning equipment as those observer briefings continue this is the european one going on behind me most seem to agree that those incidents don't fatally undermine the overall credibility of the election although they do point to a system that isn't evolving and maturing but rather seems to be repeating the mistakes of the past and. there are signs that turnout has been low possibly lower even forty four percent who voted in two thousand and fifteen in africa's most populous nation more than half of it made up of young people and more than half of them unemployed low voter turnout points to a disconnect between politics and the people not least in the image of presidential candidates in their seventy's representing the past vying for the attention of a generation looking to the future. so those results continue to trickle in they will do at least over the next twenty
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four hours if not more and all the while those observers still watching closely one group we've spent some time with over the last couple of days called yaga it's one of the leading civil society groups here has conducted its own parallel vote count very successful very accurate in the last two elections they believe they know within a margin of error was all the result state by state and say they will call out any discrepancy the moment they see them if they if there are such discrepancies announced here. the devastating toll the war in.
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hello there we've got a fair amount of wet weather working its way towards us in the southeastern parts of china for the time being not a great deal of cloud with this currently but you can see the cloud galloping its way across the northeastern parts of india and through bangladesh as well systems working its way towards the northeast and whether their own choose day then that gradually spreads up into the eastern parts of the map as we head into wednesday a little bit of wintry weather in the north perhaps but largely this is going to be a rain event so we'll have heavy downpours not that warm in shanghai with a top temperature of nine degrees if we had out towards the west of this is where the system came from then you can see it working its way across the eastern parts of india through bangladesh and it has given us a lot of heavy rain at a time of year that is normally quite dry the system really isn't going to release its hold though as we head through the next few days or a few showers with this own choose day and then if anything turning heavier as we head into wednesday so wetter weather here and another system joins in the north so some snow for many of us in nepal to move quite messy here but away from that
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largely falling and draw an output there getting to around thirty one still one or two showers around sri lanka though with a top temperature in colombo thirty degrees here in doha fine for tuesday a top temperature here of twenty five. i'm counting the cost this week briggs and cambodia it's the southeast asian economy that's most exposed to the u.k. so you divorce. nine months later lebanon finally has a government but it's a cult of me is screaming for attention. charging the cost zero. zero. three.
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and i'm going to the top stories. the u.s. says an outbreak of violence in venezuela has border washington's resolve to support opposition to one. u.s. vice president mike pence made the comments during a meeting with and a coalition of north and south american countries known as the lima group. the afghan political chief has held talks with the u.s. peace envoy as four days of negotiations begin. and nigeria's electoral commission has started announcing official presidential results from the country's thirty six states. senegal's prime minister says president has one reelection but the opposition disputes that and says a vote should go to
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a runoff official results on tout yet and could take days because huck reports. the vote under the careful watch of party observers and a nation waiting for the name of its you president. will it be incumbent president salva. or edriss sick or the outsider was months ago this month is going to. say. we want to be as transparent as possible so that no one questions the results so we will announce the names publicly in front of everyone's present. voters came early some queuing for hours patiently waiting their turn is seventy six year old ascended jai it's his eleventh presidential election and twenty year old put a candidate who's voting for the first time. i want change there is corruption and dysfunctional justice system this needs to stop growing i want stability so that we
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can live well and peacefully one. stability and change of promise candidate solid running for a second mandate says he can bring but rival candidate edriss sec says cells failed to deliver so far political newcomer song goes further saying the political system has failed the people. setting goals population is rapidly changing most are born after two thousand these milena want to see a new form of leadership that addressing issues that matter for senegal i think especially one of them. will he has been his voice has really it could run like with young people because he's young himself is saying that it's time to change the system and also like all the candidates like it is to say in my taking i have also addressed in the own way a different part of the programs but i've seen lacking in this campaign issues around when around like environment specially none of them really address it for my
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opinion in a serious way to opposition rivals kareem wadded former mayor of the car khalifa salo were barred from running in the race after being convicted for corruption the opposition accuses saul of using the courts to crackdown on dissent. this is the polling station of medina in downtown de car it's a stronghold for the opposition and despite the calls for president. to boy called this election people came out to vote because there is a long tradition of democracy in senegal and whoever wins this election will be in charge of a country wealthier than ever an estimated fifty billion dollars of oil and gas has been discovered off the coast of senegal forty qatif years the culture of corruption and believes only the rich and the powerful will profit from this you wealth a sudden john believes it will improve the lives of all said the gillies two different voters two visions for senegal future nicolas hawke al-jazeera the car.
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iraq's president barham salih says that thirteen french eisel detainees will stand trial in iraq the fighters were transferred there from syria last week saturday says the government also prosecute i saw members who committed crimes against iraqis and outspent came out of a two day visit to france by saturday or the two nations are discussing security and the fight against the armed groups. yemen's hoofy rebels have delayed the partial withdrawal of their fighters from two areas it was supposed to leave saif and russ is supports just outside her data to comply with a un brokered deal reached with yemen's government in sweden in december who t.f. say the government isn't holding up its end of the agreement. for the war in yemen has become a war on children one point two million children live in thirty one active conflict zones across the country despite the un brokered deal in sweden last year more than eight children are still being killed or injured every day most of those who died
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were playing outdoors or on their way home from school millions more going hungry woman two million children suffer from acute malnutrition in yemen including three hundred sixty thousand who have the most severe form the un's children's agency has appealed for yemen's were in size to make child welfare the top of the agenda when the next hold negotiations. the sacred principle that children should be protected at all moments that sacred principle doesn't seem to be sinking in at around the table for the parties who are currently responsible for that brutal war it is a simple principle and therefore we continue calling and let me call once again on those who are responsible all sides responsible for this brutal war of children just think about your own children just think about what you are doing to others children today you don't want that to happen to your children think about children
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the next time you sit around the table or when you are reconsidering the peace agreement you agree you agreed upon in december people are living in indian administered kashmir suffering from a shortage of fuel and gas as a measure continues its crackdown separatists that's after people panic bought supplies because of bad weather and the minute she action meanwhile officials say three rebel was a police officer and an army soldier were killed on sunday in a gun battle tensions between india and pakistan have remained high after a suicide bomb attack killed at least fourteen indian soldiers and this month. un's highest court has backed militias in a colonial era dispute over the change or silence saying the u.k. should end its rule of the territories soon as possible in a normal binding advisory opinion the court said that the u.k. carved up nourishes illegally when it ended its record as ation the islands of. the
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church in the victim of the two thousand people who take our silence during the one hundred sixty s. and seventy's so the us military grew to build in this conflict. and through the largest mobile event in the world is underway in barcelona showcasing the latest innovations and cutting edge technology the mobile world congress is the launching pad for new smartphones but this year is also the stage for a battle between the u.s. and china as countries decide whether to follow the u.s. in their mistrust for chinese telecoms provider while way charlie angela sent us this favor of what's on show. this year's work by world press is dominated by five g. the super fast network that replaced three g. and forty's so speedy it will allow us to download a feature length film on our phones so. it's this great a connectivity that is driving innovation from robotics to the intensive things or i or t. and smartphone. chinese telecoms giant huawei used this event to do its foldable
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smartphone with five hundred people but its consumers are excited but it comes with a hefty two thousand dollars price tag while away is a pool so under the spotlight as they keep provider of five key infrastructure even some countries like this is they could be vulnerable to spying by the chinese state the u.k. has found no evidence of that for the u.s. to send delegates here to try to persuade them and other european countries to abandon weiwei so we could be seeing the beginning of a technological home for. the consumers this event is all about the gadgets with over two thousand exhibitors unveiling their latest products from the three d. t.v. . is that you don't need special glasses for to the world's first smart bring a personal panic button that can call for help and give you a g.p.s. location also seeing an update of the ashit this one is kitted with three sixty degree cameras and heat senses and can deploy drove sick to be used for surveillance or an inaccessible disaster zones for food or medicine can only get in
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from above will be here for the next three days walking the three more innovations and the waterway debate. segregation era road trip drama green book has been crowned best picture at the ninety first academy awards in hollywood tonight saw many wins for diversity but also a big upset for one of the nominees who's been up for an academy award seven times and never one from reynolds explains for the red carpet in los angeles. preened. green book took the best picture award on oscar night that was a demonstration of diversity in film. and working for the movie tells the story of a black classical pianist and his white driver and bodyguard traveling through the segregated american deep south of the one nine hundred sixty s. the whole story is about love it's about loving each other and despite our differences and finding out the truth about who we are we're the same people. but
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here she leave one best supporting actor for his role in the film as the classical musician don shirley i want to dedicate this to to my grandmother who has been in my my ear my entire life telling me that if i first i don't succeed try try again that i could do anything i put my mind to. always always pushing me to to think positively and i know that i would not be here without her that she's got me over the hump every step of the way in a major upset a livia coleman won the best actress award for her portrayal of the bad queen and in the favorite many hollywood observers had expected the award to go to glenn close who has now been nominated seven times without a win and claims it's been my idol to say long and this is not how i want it to be and i think you are amazing and maybe very much. the best male actor award went as many had predicted to rami maalik for his passion for trail of the torture rock
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star freddie mercury in bohemian rhapsody. we made a film about a gay man an immigrant who. lived his life just unapologetically himself and the fact that i'm celebrating him and this story with you tonight is is proof that we're longing for. for stories like this it was a big night for director of fonso quare room his film won best foreign film amid stiff competition quar own one also for best director and best cinematography he shot the film himself. better and director spike lee won best adapted screenplay for black klansmen make the moral choice between love birds hate the right day
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the prize for best supporting actress went to regina king in if deal street could talk based on the novel by african american author james baldwin i'm an example of what it looks like when support and love is poured into someone following a controversy involving would be host comedian kevin hart's past homophobic tweets the show had no host at all. instead of the usual opening comedy monologue the surviving members of queen rocked out on stage. i. robert oulds al-jazeera falling. on our website address that al-jazeera dot com and you can watch us by taking on the live icon on their dot com. top stories in the u.s.
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says an outbreak of violence at venezuela's border has steeled washington's results to support opposition. u.s. vice president mike pence made the comments during a meeting with quite oh and a coalition of north and south american countries and as the lima group holding talks in the colombian capital. thank you and it's really receive your venezuela resisted and we thank those who supported us with aid for venezuela today we see cooperation to reestablish our democracy our constitution and of course a focus on humanitarian aid and the fight for our democracy the u.s. envoy for peace in afghanistan has met one of the founders of the taliban this four days of talks begin in qatar the afghan taliban political chief mourner baradar is among several senior members who has met the u.s. representative zalmay khalilzad the taliban is pushing for a full withdrawal of u.s. troops from afghanistan as both sides try to find a solution to the seventeen year conflict and here is electoral commission has
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started announcing official presidential results from the country's thirty six states stocks have risen in africa's biggest economy as nigerians await the final outcome of the race between president mohamed jubal hari and businessmen who have a back up meanwhile the e.u.'s observer mission says the election process needs to improve and that problems with ballot machines put extra pressure on voters. supporters of senegalese president michael sound have been celebrating after the country's prime minister said he'd won reelection but the opposition disputes that and says the vote must proceed to a runoff round official results aren't out yet and are expected by tuesday at the airlift. iraq's president says that thirteen of french arsal detainees will stand trial in iraq for the fighters were transferred there from syria last week so says the government will also prosecute arsal members who committed crimes against
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iraqis announcement came out of a two day visit to france by sally. there's the headlines coming up the months big financial stories breaks it to the battle for water in the philippines counting the cost is up next are we more news for you after that thanks for masha watching so you know it. hello i'm adrian for the good this is counting the cost on al-jazeera a weekly look at the world of business and economics this week brigs it and cambodia why the u.k.'s exit from the e.u.
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is having an impact as far away as southeast asia. lebanon has a new government but can it fix what some are calling a zombie economy. also this week why samsung has launched a very pricey folding smartphone and live awards a sacred waterway comes under threat in the philippines. cambodia has been one of the best performing economies in the world over the past two decades but there are threats on the horizon including surprisingly the u.k.'s impending exit from the european union the german development institute a study of how breaks it affects least developed countries it found cambodians living on the brink of poverty are at risk that's if the country's government produces lose access to u.k. markets al-jazeera is way to haze in phnom penh with a look at how are people relying on the textile industry for their livelihoods are vulnerable to any external shocks. the story of cambodia is
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a remarkable one from the ashes of genocide and civil war this country has been for decades rebuilt and transforms on the back of foreign investment and strong exports this year cambodia is to have the sixth fastest growing economy in the world ranking its head for twenty years the wealthy have become very wealthy although exactly how much money they have is in many cases impossible to know given that cambodia results are regarded by some as one of the most corrupt countries in the world in the last few years a small middle class has also begun to emerge thanks partly to a surge of foreign investment in real estate led by china. for the country making. the land more expensive and some people can get money from selling a piece of land and this couple has been moving around in the country poverty rates
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in cambodia have fallen in the last fifteen years with twelve percent of the population now classified as severely poor lower figure than before but the overwhelming majority of those who have climbed off the bottom are only just above it meaning they could easily slip down again the united nations estimates that more than twenty percent of cambodians are vulnerable to poverty the statistics are heading in the right direction but there's an underlying fragility cambodia's economy has been largely built on agriculture and textile exports to sic business still very much relies on the concern is there hasn't been enough emphasis on diversifying the economy and because of that it's vulnerability could be easily exposed. there are a number of threats to cambodia's growth including drought that's forecast this year a possible global economic slowdown or tariffs being imposed on its exports by the european union over its human rights record but for many people there are more immediate concerns made worse by the real estate boom. with the constant fear of
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being forced out when a property developer comes knocking now i need to know that going on the really happy living in this community i'm very concerned every day i don't have a title because authorities haven't bridges to the people so we're always worried about being a victim. cambodia is developing fast but there are many threats emerging that could make for an uncertain economic future and a long way to some to climb out of poverty joining us now from hong kong is ruben ruben is a professor of asian initiatives at the business school university of good to have you with us again ruben so cambodia's economy is on the verge of an economic crisis why. well for several several reasons you know they have never been really that healthy so but there are all of this issues that have recently beginning also from the the political infrastructure that they have which does not really give
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a market liberalisation and so they have few advantages they were they were quite happy with their textiles you know many people would notice that their shirts are made income and then one of those benefits they had was their entry to the european union actually through the u.k. which is that just you have the same the same instance for myanmar for vietnam but anyway cowboy joe is more particular because they will be he hardly breaks it takes into effect so in other words all their financial facilitation through through u.k. would stop they would have to find a new way. the economic situation income borges not just just that they also have been so dependent on china that now that china is having a trade war with the u.s.
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again any thing that happens to china really really affect them very hard if that's going to be the story for the reform ribbon if thousands of people in the textile industry in cambodia end up losing their job because of the state of the economy because of brings it because of what's going on with trying to at the moment how would. that impact upon the government of prime minister one set of cambodia is effectively a one party state isn't it. yes but at the same time. a decline in the economy at this point in time in their history is not that that different from what has been happening in the past i don't i don't believe that a decline now in let's say in the g.d.p. growth will mean that the the center we removed he'll be there more entrenched than than ever before and fifty decides that it's time already for him
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to leave so while they will have to find other sources of of growth they'll have to find some ways to employ other their people agriculture is still strong for them has always been one of their mainstays they will have to ask for for infrastructure help from from china building of roads and other will give employment to china and china is actually quite generous really come border i don't think china it's in the interest of china for calm border to to slide down economically because it's it's one of the of loyal loyal kind of states to china say in southeast asia and so china has actually used come borgia a lot for its geo political work in southeast asia so i am not so worried about a decline in economics will mean decline in the political strength of the current administration you mention countries like vietnam and that could also be
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potentially exposed to briggs it turbulence however britain ends up leaving the you but how will their economies fare compared to cambodia. vietnam has more has more strength economically than come borgia they are there first of all it's it's a bigger economy so the various more resilience in the situation they have also been if it actually for. the trade war you know companies have begun to move their manufacturing to vietnam and the. us already. being felt so vietnam is actually a good and of absorber of the negative effects of the china trade war so also the i believe that the economic management in vietnam is much much better than than than come badia even much better than than myanmar's vietnam
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is one of the star economies in that in that area of southeast asia you consider the three countries of india china allow as somebody a vietnam vietnam is a star performer ruben always good to talk to your cousin of course many thanks indeed for being with us my pressure there's now a smartphone that you can fold in hoff south korean giant samsung unveiled the new device as part of its new generation of galaxy phones but would it be enough for the industry leader to overcome a shrinking market kristen salumi reports from new york. the next generation samsung smartphone will also serve as a tablet with its fold it has a four point six inch display it's compact and perfectly portable but. when the device opens up your world as to not surprisingly samsung's newest device is called the fold and it was unveiled with all of the fanfare you've come to
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expect from the world's leading smartphone maker. but shares with things we call it goes on sale in april but it and samsung's new as tannen as ten plus are being released amid faltering worldwide sales people have a little bit of phone fatigue all the phones look the same they feel the same this new galaxy s ten is not really going to break the mold but we've seen some hints of things that are coming in the future that might get people really excited the issue whether buying samsung or an apple device is increasingly price with the fold costing about two thousand dollars samsung will have to convince consumers that they just have to have it pretty much all of the price to perform in the performance to date on looking for. a replacement phone every three or four years i'm not within the eighteen to twenty four month update cycle i'm not rich enough or that the global smartphone market is shrinking after years of rapid growth with
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consumers waiting for the next game changing feature and major markets like here in the united states that saturation still smartphone sales are a vital part of the global economy. in two thousand and seventeen smartphone sales reached nearly four hundred sixty billion dollars but the rising price tag for the better known smartphones is not just an issue in the developed world and there is heavy headwind against the high and smartphones we saw that i phone in the sales but not that great some macro issues as well china is slowing down. but europe is slowing down with the release of the full industry leaders seem convinced that continuing innovation and the ability to access five g. data networks in the near future will be enough to keep smartphone consumers coming back from. still to come on counting the cost back in fashion the beauty sellers forced out of business on the ice will get
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a make over. the first nine months later lebanon has a government but its economy is screaming for attention and it could be at risk of collapse if some kyriazis aren't made into a priority economics editor a bit early has the breakdown for us thank you adrian we're talking about a zombie economy here a huge unsustainable public debt that is literally sucking the life out of lebanon's finances lebanon is the third most indebted nation in the world and most of it is owned by local banks half of the government's money goes towards servicing its debts meanwhile our youth unemployment is at double digits as a result there are up to fourteen million lebanese living abroad the money they send home makes up a fifth of the overall economy then there's a war on its borders with syria but lebanon's economic problems existed before the war one third of the country is living below the poverty line while the country's
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debts continue to be paid back to you a.j. and. joining us now from beirut is.


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