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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  February 26, 2019 2:00am-3:01am +03

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many multiple streams of income that if you sanction it in the west and you make sure that western western money doesn't go in the country from western countries and to its ball and i've been on it doesn't necessarily undermine the financial situation of the organization because it is a hybrid organization that as a social political actors controlling territory controlling people controlling infrastructure is almost a state within the state that can raise money and on the other hand obviously it has iran as a as a mess of bacca so it is a difficult situation to deal with so it's coming just a moment right here on al-jazeera cuba votes more on the draft constitution and what it will mean for a country trying to better connect with the world's. only only a. hello there here in the middle east we've got a lot of wet weather that's working its way towards us so already brought some very strong winds over parts of the mediterranean and now it's making its way across
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parts of turkey so heavy downpours here very strong winds and that system gradually edging its way eastwards as we head through tuesday and into wednesday wednesday them for many of us hey alex fairly messy lots of clouds most of rain and a few outbreaks of snow around to where they stay should be largely fine and dry amante there five degrees of a couple will be up at around six now going further towards the south and here in doha fine forest on choose day took temperature twenty five degrees but we do have some clatter of rain that's galloping its way towards us it's pulling itself together on wednesday and then that will slip its way south or so later on wednesday and overnight that's when we'll see some heavy rain here in doha and the winds will be fairly fergus as we head through thursday and friday there were further towards the south a look at all the showers we've got here in the northern parts of our map still with us as we head through the next few days expect some of those to be rather lively for the south a largely fine and dry woman first in devon we're up at thirty six degrees not that one for cape town though are temperature only twenty and here they'll be more cloud
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around and the chance of the old shower i think wednesday should be no dry there atop temperature again twenty. the president. was promised damaging information about the military. with russia did you at any time. in any way shape or form closer to the investigation into michael flynn and also as you. know. next question.
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well again the top stories on al-jazeera the u.s. vice president has advised regional allies about as well as opposition to do more to cut off president nicolas maduro crossflow. in colombia he's also meeting. who's been recognized by the group as venezuela's interim president. nigeria's main opposition parties rejecting initial election results currently being switched show wins for president mohamed counting is still underway britain's government is moving to ban all wings of the lebanese group hezbollah for what being what it describes as a terrorist organization the u.k.'s home secretary has accused of trying to destabilize the middle east. the u.s. special envoys. held talks with the afghan taliban is co-founder and political chief ghani baradar is among several senior taliban members who are attending the
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four day summit aimed at ending the seventeen year war presence is seen as a significant boost for the discussions earlier and it's we. arrived in doha to meet with a more all forward sense of. delegation this could be a significant moments appreciate qatar for hosting and pakistan and facilitating travel now the work begins in earnest stephanie decker has been following those talks talks in doha and sent this updates. the u.s. envoy tweeting that he had met with mullah baradar over lunch the first time the two men met in that the real work woods now begin now this is a senior delegation here in boulevard are of course one of the founding members of the taliban difficult issues will be discussed one is a nationwide cease fire to a timetable for the withdrawal of those u.s. troops around fourteen thousand remain in afghanistan another thing trying to get the taliban to talk to the government something they've refused to do so far and
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last but not least the u.s. wants a taleban to ensure that afghanistan will not be used by groups like isis or al qaida to launch a retaliatory attacks or any kind of attack on the west now even recently the u.s. envoy saying that you cannot solve a forty year conflict with one meeting even if that meeting last so as much as a week but we do expect there's been messages coming out from the taliban and from the americans that they are hopeful that this could achieve something when i have to wait and see what they manage to talk about it chief and implement over the next couple of days but that's the real question what is achieved here if anything can be implemented on the ground the afghan people want security they want safety they are of course skeptical what capacity the taliban will return the talks are about getting them into a political unity government it is difficult it is complicated but certainly there seems to be a glimmer of hope that they are perhaps coming the closest that they ever have to
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achieving some form of a deal. two thousand kilometers away in kabul afghans are watching the negotiations closely after suffering through seventeen years of war they wander what's being debated or agreed upon on their behalf. off charlotte ballasts reports. masood is the host of the most popular national talkback program in afghanistan now forty years old he was born as the russians rolled in the school teaches with the taliban and he has become famous since the us invasion hosting radio armand's morning show if the sixteen years. afghans call in from a free province they discuss it a cation trent's all the corruption and security they had callers concerns they ask local officials to respond and then call back a week later to check that the issue is resolved today though the problem is not so easy to fix radio armaan is discussing the prospect of peace in
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a country that's known war for four decades. younger who were. schooled in a political commentator he's optimistic but thinks pakistan is helping get the taliban to the table simply to build its own relationship with the us. who must know very little about what's being proposed for the future the talks a behind closed doors between the taliban and the us in qatar some two thousand kilometers from kabul. we have come a long way. ten year old kid is twenty seven now he has been growing up with t.v. with freedom of media with social media with instagram expressing their minds where whatever they want to look what however they want to kind of we keep this. we don't know us gun so weary of war and hopeful for peace but they wonder at what cost will
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peace come if the taliban get political give them a seat will it turn back the clock on nearly two decades of what many consider social progress. the telephone now says it supports women's rights and has evolved some afghans question if that's true across all taliban ranks but the people who you see in the or stylish fashion not any certain versions are called birds on their faces you see them like they have been in very very good life so they're i think two different faces of the taliban but what you see here in afghanistan under the control of the taliban is that two thousand and eleven we don't see any change. in. radio or in english translates to brady or hope the listeners have plenty office. willing it has a positive effect with mullah but volved in the peace process we are hopeful we want
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peace as soon as possible. the red ribbon hangs from abdul's revision mirror it's meant to ward off evil spirits the hope now of television us talk sa successful is that peace may replace superstition ballasts zero kubel it's being described as a massacre that took place away from the eyes of the world and went largely unnoticed even inside the democratic republic of congo days passed before details began to emerge about what had happened in young b that's a remote territory in the south west of the country a un investigation found an attack happens on december sixteenth and seventeenth the dispute was between two local tribes so far five hundred thirty five bodies have been identified the axing him be administrator says between three and four thousand men were involved in the bloodshed only a handful have been arrested so far. reports. this is what's left of the
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remote town of unity in charles western democratic republic of congo much of it was destroyed last december in violence between the battan they and the new tribes. this village has been home to both tribes but ethnic tensions have been rising over the months leading up to this attack. not many knew about it until the un recently discovered a number of mass graves like this one in the town. this woman says she was attacked while attending a church service. and we were in the church when the attackers from the big ten day tribe came in and they started questioning us about our identity and organs and whether or not we were from the new new try i thought i was just visiting but they said they were no longer picking any tribes now they're killing everybody from now on they started shooting inside the church killing my husband my four kids they cut me with a machete and left me to die i woke up in hospital the congolese authorities initially
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said this was a spontaneous act as a result of a long simmering dispute between the two tribes that suddenly flared up over the burial of a big new tribal chief but sources tell al-jazeera the violence was a carefully planned massacre with elements of the army involved and the prosecutor's office in the capital kinshasa has announced twelve people have been arrested and are waiting to go on trial in a military court military officials say the investigation will be conducted by the army because the attack was carried out with military precision using weapons of war. for the survivors there is little hope in what's left of their homes. everything is destroyed in this village and no one is coming back here again we have lost many of our friends and neighbors people need to come back so we can live like before it's too sad. we don't understand the reasons for
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all this violence from our button the brothers against us the government needs to take responsibility to restore peace and stability as we don't have anything left we can't even vote now because everything has been destroyed in our house. four hundred sixty five houses and buildings were burnt down or pillaged including primary schools a health care center and the office of the independent electoral commission. nearly sixteen thousand people have fled across the congo river into the neighboring republic of congo since the massacre. while the survivors wait in line to receive tents from doctors without borders the task of slowly rebuilding begins in this remote corner of the democratic republic of congo dorset al-jazeera. cubans have voted in a referendum on a constitution which the government says offers new freedoms while staying true to
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the island's communist system and offer two options yes or no but opponents are questioning if there is really any choice at all ariana sanchez reports from have. a mobilization in old havana more than one thousand volunteers are promoting the referendum. that you have to tell people to come down and vote united behind them and also useful when they encourage people to go to polling stations. from house to house and last call before voting closed and. there's been a lot of negative campaigning against the proposal so we here to explain the truth . the draft constitution recognizes limited private property opens the cuban economy to international markets and limits presidential terms and novelty in cuba where the castro brothers held power for sixty years. the constitution we had was
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old now it's more futuristic based on the new ideals that have been leading us into a better country although many here say that most edition will officially recognize policies that are already in place critics say the i'm trying mint of socialism as the first guided tours will overshadow the. if they bring to the country. the proposed social and economic changes may be modest but they signal an acceptance that change is needed to turn around cuba's stagnant economy but. it all seems to indicate the reality is taking center stage and that the cuban government knows it must fight the economic battle you know he can't do that with an inefficient state in the private sector drowned by regulations. there are opponents to the draft resolution some say it doesn't go far enough others say it is too socially liberal but they have the opportunity to vote no which in cuba is change indeed. just cuba people living on the japanese island of
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okinawa have voted against the relocation of a controversial u.s. military base but the government announced a few hours later it was to press ahead with its plans anyway aka now and say the base threatens a coral reef habitat for marine mammals are can hours home to more than fifty thousand troops and the largest u.s. air base in the asia pacific region. a film about a road trip during america's segregation era has emerged as the surprise best picture winner at the oscars there were also historic wins for diversity as rob reynolds reports on the red carpet in los angeles pre-nda. green book took the best picture award an oscar night that was a demonstration of diversity in film these were seen he isn't working for black the movie tells the story of a black classical pianist and his white driver and bodyguard traveling through the segregated american deep south of the one nine hundred sixty s.
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the whole story is about love it's about loving each other and despite our differences and finding out the truth about who we are we're the same people. but here she leave one best supporting actor for his role in the film as the classical musician don surely i want to dedicate this to to my grandmother who has been in my life my ear my entire life telling me that if i first i don't succeed try try again that i could do anything i put my mind to. always always pushing me to to think positively and i know that i would not be here without her that she has got me over the hump every step of the way in a major upset a livia coleman won the best actress award for her portrayal of the bad queen and in the favorite many hollywood observers had expected the award to go to glenn close who has now been nominated seven times without a win and close it's been my idol to soon and this is not how i want it to be and i
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think you are amazing and maybe very much. the best male actor award went as many had predicted to rami maalik for his passionate for trail of the torture rock star freddie mercury in bohemian rhapsody. we made a film about a gay man an immigrant who. lived his life just unapologetically himself and the fact that i'm celebrating him and this story with you tonight is is proof there were longing for for stories like this it was a big night for director all fonso quar room is filled roma won best foreign film amid stiff competition horror own one also for best director and best cinematography he shot the film himself. veteran director spike lee won best
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adapted screenplay for black klansmen make the moral choice between love birds hate . let's do the right date the prize for best supporting actress went to regina king in if deal street could talk based on the novel by african american author james baldwin i'm an example of what it looks like when support and love is poured into someone following a controversy involving would be host comedian kevin hart's past homophobic tweets the show had no host at all. its did it the usual opening comedy monologue the surviving members of queen rocked out on stage. robin lyth al jazeera calling.
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the headlines on al-jazeera the u.s. has imposed sanctions on for more allies event as well as president nicolas maduro u.s. vice president mike pence who is in colombia's capital with regional allies of the opposition says maduro has no legitimate claim to power he's urged them to do more to cut off his cast flow and reiterated that all options are on the table to topple him hence also maduro's rival who has been recognized by the group as venezuela's and term president. we're going to tell you. there is no democracy today in venezuela we are here to express we're here to act clearly around the recovery of democracy in venezuela and the respect for human rights the regime today. believes in things like blocking humanitarian aid was an accomplishment not only chant victory but they dance in caracas on the tombs of the people nigeria's main opposition parties rejecting initial election results being announced would show wins for president mohamed hari counting is still underway after saturday's vote.
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britain has been told it should quickly give up control of the archipelago that's a chain of islands in the indian ocean which are also claimed by militias in an advisory opinion judges of the international court of justice ruled that britain had illegally split the islands from before independence in the one nine hundred sixty s. thousands of islanders were then deported to make way for a huge us air base britain's government is moving to ban all ways that the lebanese group hezbollah for being what it describes a terrorist organization the u.k.'s home secretary has accused of trying to destabilize the middle east britain's already blacklisted hezbollah's external security unit and its military wing but now wants to outlaw its political arm as well the new ban will come into force on friday if approved by parliament the u.s. special envoy. has held talks with the afghan taliban is co-founder and political chief ghani baradar is among several senior taliban members who are attending the
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for the summits aimed at ending the seventeen year war the taliban is pushing for a full withdrawal of u.s. troops from afghanistan barred ours presence is seen as a significant boost for the discussions those are the headlines on al-jazeera inside story is coming up next to stay with us. it's america's longest war and last year there was a wreck called death toll in afghanistan but attempts to. a capital case the taliban and the u.s. are in talks in qatar is. a possibility this is inside story.
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of the program. almost four thousand civilians dead and seven thousand wounded and that was just last year the war in afghanistan is now in its eighteenth year the u.n. is blaming the taliban and i still for deliberately targeting civilians with suicide attacks but afghan and u.s. forces have also stepped up their assaults on armed groups nine hundred and twenty seven children were among those killed last year with the u.n. finding that as strikes killed twice as many children in two thousand and eighteen as in the give before violence increases the taliban gained strength and territory across afghanistan. almost two thirds of all civilian casualties in twenty eighteen that's sixty three percent were attributed to anti government
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elements that's the taliban and diet or islamic state or a sound province twenty eighteen is the un's tenth annual report document the plight of civilians in the afghan conflict in that time more than thirty two thousand civilians have been killed and around sixty thousand injured the united nations believes this catalogue of human misery can be stopped the best way to do so is simple and this war well a new round of peace talks is taking place here in doha the afghan taliban is co-founder mullah abdul ghani baradar has met the u.s. special envoy to afghanistan cellmate kyle dogs for the first time the u.s. has buried our involvement could mark a significant turning point seven dechen has more. the presence of such a senior official like mullah baradar indicates that these talks are at
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a very serious stage but there remain very complicated issues on the table one of them is a nationwide ceasefire another a timetable for the withdrawal of u.s. troops the u.s. maintains around fourteen thousand troops inside the country another issue at stake the taliban needing to talk to the afghan government they so far have refused to do that and also crucially for the americans they want to ensure that groups like isis and al qaida do not use afghanistan as a staging ground for any further attacks so these are complicated negotiations there is some hope in afghanistan certainly from the people that perhaps there will be some change we're going to have to wait and see what is agreed upon here but people do remain skeptical at the taliban what form they're going to return the talks are to have them involved in some kind of unity government people do not want to see the group return in the capacity with the rules that they had toward the end of the one nine hundred ninety s. i think most important of course is to try and restore some form of stability
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security to the country this is what afghans want they want to be able to live in some point of security economies situation has been dire very very difficult but again i think crucially what happens here we're going to have to wait and see over the next couple of days but whether whatever is agreed upon can be implemented on the ground in afghanistan stephanie decker for inside story. let's bring in our panel now in kabul a list on conflict peace and security is also works as part of the peace process and michael semple of the afghan taliban and full of special representative to afghanistan and also from kabul. the norwegian refugee council in afghanistan of our wall welcome to all of you thanks for being here on inside story . these talks in doha at the moment they build on this framework for peace that was
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agreed to at the last talks and all those are getting a boost from the presence of taliban's co-founder. what's likely to come of the. i think this is a good progress that that has joined the ranks of the taliban a spark of the peace process the expectation is that this time we should have concrete progress on the issues that what i agreed in the last meeting in doha and why do i said that in the last meeting they agreed on a broad broad framework of the american withdrawal from the avalon from of honest on and some issues related to future enjoyments but then we were hearing some news here that there would have differences of opinions about issues between the afghan government and the leaves out but later on their trip off to kabul as well as meetings with the with president has. many issues and also but out there was one of the people that avalon government really pushed for his
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release and engagement in the peace process. one government has been since his arrest been pushing for his that is in two thousand and dell and it is said that he was the man who really was engaged in the peace negotiations in initial contacts with the afghan government back in two thousand and ten before he was captured so i think things are progressing well the expectations here in kabul is that moving forward from the broader framework that was does it lead in the last meeting this time around it will be some creek concrete decisions made one off which should be that taliban prepared and agree on a timeline in terms of meeting the of one government and the second issue is that highly expected from this meeting is this cease fire and that timeline for the cease fire so there is a lot of expectations attached to it ok michael would you agree broadly with that the president said that issues with the afghan government have been on and owsley
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how significant is it that they're still not present at the table. i'm suddenly agree with my colleague i'm struck regime that if these talks produce a cease fire and a format for the taliban to meet with the afghan government it will be a tremendous achievement towards peace however i am not a total confident that we will see this at the moment we'll have to we'll have to wait the tunnel are using minute brother to sort to increase the weight of their delegation so that they can stand by whatever decision is reached there however they it's to me at the moment it seems as if they intend to resist a cease fire resist any commitments to meeting with they with the afghan government and to use the talks as a way of just parading themselves able to deal with the americans and provide
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a cover as they move towards another spring offensive unfortunate can say that that impression that they want to resist a cease fire because we did see them holding a three day cease fire in the summer that everyone was very excited about and civilians were able to enjoy i mean they have said that they are capable of getting the great nationwide lay down isms. in the month since they last very significant talks in doha between the u.s. delegation and the taliban they the movement has frankly said not a great deal about it and has invested time in reassuring their military that the war goes on even as the talks are taking place in doha the taliban's military commission is gathering its commanders and senior officials in pakistan briefing them on the spring offensive that does not look to me like
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a movement which is preparing to cease fire ok with any return say that's a look a little bit more about the afghan government's involvement in a moment just for now they want to bring in anthony because we've got shocking numbers of civilian casualties that we've seen there in afghanistan last year how much the afghans want how much did they meet for this cease fire to take place yes and unfortunately what we're seeing my so statistics point out is a very much a backwards trend in the number of civilians who are being killed by this comes that unfortunately in the last four years we were seeing a slow but small a decrease in a number of civilians being killed but this year in twenty eighteen was the deadliest year on record but. we're just actually in there is going to end in kandahar and i had the opportunity to speak to some of the communities that we reassessed as a nazi and very much they are. hoping and really hoping that that that
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ceasefire is all an end to the violence takes place because most of these people they've been displaced their homes have been destroyed by the ongoing planting. however it's not just about peace and it's not just about an end to the violence i think that we've all the talk of the cease fire and we need to make sure that the reader because of the politics we don't become blind to the reality of the needs on the ground here are saying that that pain which came through from a trip to the south in recent weeks was that in addition to peace what people are really asking for is asking for jobs that asking for a roof over their head they're asking for the opportunity to their children to go to school and all of these things are being denied to them right now and i search was a ceasefire would help in some respects and we also need to make sure that the international commitment to afghanistan is maintained with or without a political ceasefire ok i. experience on the ground i mean that
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would suggest that michael's there the taliban is not interested in a ceasefire that we're seeing these increased number of attacks say it was just that the taliban simply is just gehring up for more violence and it's not ready to back down a toll or not and when the stability that and sees that afghans so desperately need in terms of education and jobs and security. well i would. michael semple from one perspective that yes there is a concern that taliban might be using the tactic of engaging the afghan government and americans during winter season to prepare for the spring offensive but. looking at the current context and the things the way they have moved since last year up until now probably doing last ten years ten months during that period it has been totally a different thing is meant by the taliban side from the taliban side in terms of
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peace negotiations it has been a very high level and it has been escalated to a very senior level discussion the second thing is that. i disagree in terms of the previous tactics of engaging in winter in talks and getting fight there to fighting in during the spring season is that this time around the countries that have been supporting the taliban more importantly and specifically pakistan has been under so much pressure from the americans boat financially as well as politically and given the situation they have also been playing quite active role in regard to decreasing the level of pressure on them so looking at that there is a genuine expectation that probably this time the taliban perhaps engaging in more of a dynamic sort of peace dialogues with them in the meantime i want to highlight one other point there what i'm analyzing and i'm seeing is that there is a sort of friction among the taliban
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a bit and they have gone on to get divided into two different groups one group a sprue piece and another group continues to push for the military agenda and i think right now the ones who are pushing for peace are having an upper hand in terms of deliberations internally and that's why i'm a little bit other israelis his joining the delegation and. retrieval from his position off where he said that he wants to dissolved. the national army after they come back but then later on he says no i didn't mean this this all looking at all these things there is a positive signs in terms of peace process but in the meantime i cannot rule out the spring offensive and why is that. reason for that one reason is that whenever these groups being given the peace process is the go to groups the groups who are non-state actors their breath the increase in engagements the increases in military
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operations so that show that this still maintain power and didn't mean dominant on the battlefield gives them mileage on their negotiation table second reason of course is that there are some certain figures within the taliban who are not at all ready and prepared to engage in peace process and they warrant to really push for a military. conquest rather than going and getting rid of this ongoing conflict to a political dialogue so yes there are concerns but there are cautious optimism based on that hallet is on the ground ok and michael if the u.s. decides on a timetable for the withdrawal of its troops might that be enough to spur the taliban on to accept a cease fire and not launch a span fans. well i think that this is the offer that the u.s. is trying to tempt the taliban with however they you know the taliban to internal discussions so far largely reflected in their last round in doha was that
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they expected the the u.s. to withdraw its troops and then essentially hand over power to the taliban as they leave and the taliban and cyst on their right to carry on fighting until the u.s. actually leaves now for india where we sort of we're watching both both sides on this i think few people expect the united states after investing their eighteen years so much in so much money so much blood that they're simply going to hand over power to the taliban as they hear as they believe they that the most reasonable thing as far as i can see would be for the taliban to accept what you what you suggest but they have not prepared their need their membership for that decision in fact as late as last night they hit and the taliban put out a message to their members saying call on all the sort of the are the true
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believers in the world to pray for the victory of the islamic emirate the agenda is victory rather than peace and those are two very different things but is that of a fair among many that the u.s. is in such a rush to withdraw its troops from afghanistan as per donald trump's desire that it's going to lose its leverage over the taliban and whatever claim to power it's going to have. oh yes and this is also where we should come back to to what doc was talking about this is the fact that there is a certain debate inside the taliban i know i believe that at the moment those those who have the upper hand in the leadership are happy to try and keep their forces together in the only way they know which is by telling them to carry on fighting in the hope that they can grab the prize at the end in other words take over again but i believe that there is wiser counsel inside the taliban as well who say we do not want to see a repeat of what happened when the soviet union left afghanistan there was no
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smooth handover of power no one side ended up clearly and taught there was a civil war that thousands of people i mean basically the hopes of a generation were dashed they sensible people in the taliban want to try and avoid that and really why and we're watching to see what happens in these talks what we're why we're watching to see what happens afterwards is to see why that weather wise or consul travails in the taliban or the arrogance of pursuing military victory i mean to answer the what a people's fear is when it comes to the taliban taking power because it's very murky is that they haven't really specified what they want other than an islamic form of government that's supposed to be a unity government set in base but again the details are incredibly sketchy nonexistent how are people feeling about this return of the eighteen years of war of the afghan of the taliban potentially to power. well i think as i think was touched upon by my over two colleagues there's a lot of uncertainty right now and we've done certainty just come
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a lot of fear amongst the population as we've seen over the last kind of eighteen and even forty years that uncertainty has often come at the cost of civilians and i think it's different for different people and one of the new biggest take home for me in my in my travels to is going in kind of is that when we talk to you and to people who've been displaced and to people who have had their lives destroyed by the by the conflict even with some of the staff who work on the ground what was clear was that after forty years of violence and some of these people have only lived in a situation of war most people overwhelmingly fear feeling is that they are tired of this. and so when we when we put the question to them most are you afraid of the taliban coming in and most people and say we just want the fighting to stop we want to be able to go home to our villages we want to be able to make sure that we have
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a job so i can feed my family i want my children to go to school and lost some of that does contain concerns about what happens after a political process and what happens after a possible cease fire a lot of their main focus is ending the conflict and making sure that that comes to an end so that they can go in that light so i can see what is life like for people who live in areas that are already under taliban control what sort of rights to they enjoy. well one of the biggest difficulties for us as humanitarian organizations is we actually have very little visibility on wot life is like for people who live in taliban controlled areas and access as you probably know is very difficult in afghanistan and there's a number of barriers to us access in populations particularly beyond the front lines from from government held areas and that's because of security constraints it requires a lot of negotiation where if the armed groups in control and also with the government
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to allow us to get that what we do know is that these this situation for people in television controlled areas it is difficult because of the conflict i think this is again it came out when i talk to the families you'd shoot recently been displaced in ers got is that these families had stayed they'd stayed in areas that were controlled by the taliban and it was as a result of say ass strikes on the house that force them to me if i mess a. reseller in kandahar and who had been living in or in time to which was controlled at that time by by armed opposition and the thing that made him leave was not the taliban coming into his village but was the airstrike on his house and i think that's where it really just come down for a lot of people to the conflict and case the impact of violence on them it really is having the greatest impact on them not the politics around must have but we will return to the politics because the afghan government is crucial in all of this and
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as we said before is not at the table it has announced that it's putting a lawyer jagga next month at the meeting ground meeting of tribal elders to discuss the end of taliban fighting teso but about that is this the way that the afghan government is now going to get involved in this process. well the afghan government has been pushed and come by the tactics of taliban and this indignity among the politicians inside afghanistan the season politicians all turn against the government especially. under the shadow of the upcoming presidential election and then a large number of them extremely seen in politicians including the former president hamid karzai who carries a lot of weight as a politician and division in afghanistan he they all went to moscow to meet taliban at a time when they have been i guess meeting the afghan government so this put the afghan government in
2:43 am
a difficult position and that's why they had to retreat from their hard stance is off it will be only the afghan government taking initiatives are leading the initiate divs and they move to a much softer position of going for the loya jirgah and the legend as something that has been a demand by the former president how mitt got to say he has been consistently it is in this issue so this whole sort of this indignation at home and the taliban backbeats have the afghan government compel the government to go to the edge of the web there will be bringing in people from across the country all thirty four people but there are four provinces that we will have a civil society parliament it is in politicians providing inputs on a sort of advice to the afghan government on the way forward these are the the peace process but as far as the outcome is concerned we have had the experiences in the past that the said why is our side sometimes negated by the government i mean
2:44 am
not accepted for example we had a similar sort of consultative jirga in the guard to be a strategic partnership agreement with the with the with the american government and president karzai had the backing of that jessica the whole jaeger declared that they want to have one government to sign the bilateral piece by lately strategic partnership agreement but then president. as i turned up and said well i'm not signing it as long as certain conditions that he had at that time are not read by the americans so this is it again is merely a concert where the president is trying to appease the political polity and at home so that he can own their confidence and if not confidence at least they have been cornered back would there be months ok michael just in the last minute or so that we've got left what does the us what do the taliban what they both need to do in order to keep this peace process moving forward adopt a ceasefire not there the reality is that it's already decided that the
2:45 am
u.s. troops will sooner or later pull out of afghanistan the taliban are serious about peace they have to accept that they've achieved the main objectives which they took up arms and then they should go on cease fire if they don't go and see start it means that they are pursuing the arrogance of armed victory ok very interesting discussion in days on the sudden and saying see what happens in doha of the next couple of days many thanks to all of these for joining us today mushtaq rahim michael semple and anthony neal and thank you too for watching you can see the program again any time by visiting a website that's al-jazeera dot com of a discussion to go to our facebook page that's facebook dot com for slash a.j. inside story it was it on the conversation on twitter and less at a.j. inside story from me laura kyle and the whole team here it's by finance.
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this weeks of price a new method of cremation is helping him to tradition become more enlightened mentally friendly and we visit a danish community and to have taken sustainability to new heights just when they're on the horizon to some so i do it they are officially one hundred percent renewable and. looking back so this is it that's the energy right generates a point of change on al-jazeera. the latest news as it breaks health officials say vaccination rates here up top significantly with detailed coverage matchpoint onto the streets to celebrate the country's was her twins despite being under dodging to tournaments. from around the world there's growing resentment towards this currency not just here in senegal but throughout the francophone west africa. every hundred dude
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is being an alarmist it's being weighed and it's being measured the to do is listen . and it's not just. i phones that i mean most small fans of the state at the moment we are in a state of the universe which. did something that was. would rather take the risk of. digital dissidents on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera.
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you're watching the news hour live from a headquarters and. coming up in the next sixty minutes saddam's government issues emergency decrees banning public gatherings and protests. we are with you one hundred percent the u.s. and fellow allies of that as well as opposition leader discuss how to pile even more pressure on president nicolas maduro. nigeria's main opposition party accuses the government of trying to manipulate presidential election results. and the oscar goes to. green. segregation era road trip drama is calling best picture at the oscars we'll look at why diversity was perhaps the night's biggest winner. and far is small but the sports investigators released new images of the wreckage of the plane carrying footballer and analysts and their report raises questions over whether it was licensed to carry happened.
2:50 am
hello we begin with. breaking news from sudan and the government has issued an emergency decree banning public gatherings and protests it's also impose restrictions on transporting foreign currency and gold out of the country well this follows a state of emergency that was declared on friday there have been daily demonstrations since president obama invests here and now as the nationwide measure he said he was dissolving his government but just hours later appointed six new ministers an eighteen state governors from the military unrest across the country began in december over the rising price of goods and snowballed into a demand for this year's resignation he's been president since one nine hundred eighty nine we'll have a live update from khartoum a little later this news hour. while the u.s. is imposing sanctions against more allies of venezuelan president nicolas maduro
2:51 am
the new measures target for state governors who've been blocking aid from entering the country the u.s. vice president mike pence has been holding talks with the opposition leader on why do and colombia alongside other regional leaders both plan so why don't we address the lima group that's a coalition of several latin american nations they're rallying allies to question from power what brings us together today is the recognition by all the nations gathered here that nicolas maduro is a usurper with no the just a bit claim to power and nicolas maduro must go the struggle in venezuela is between dictatorship and democracy between oppression and freedom between the suffering of millions of venezuelans. the opportunity for the future of freedom and prosperity we're going to tell you. there is no democracy today and. we are here to express we're here to act clearly around the recovery of
2:52 am
democracy in venezuela and the respect for human rights the regime today. believes in things like blocking humanitarian aid was an accomplishment not only victory but they dance in caracas on the tombs of the people we've got reporters covering the story right across the region in a short while we'll go to hama. on the brazilian border lucien newman is in the venezuelan capital caracas but first we cross over to of the sound. of the sound where mike pence has been rallying regional leaders against the government what war has been decided there. really. well there you know as you can see behind me some of the leaders some of the representatives of the fourteen countries of the group are behind me for a number of official pictures that the vice president of the united states just left together with the president. i think there are two main takeaways from this
2:53 am
meeting here the first one is that these countries remain at the chairmen and that their efforts to try to continue isolating the government president. internationally and also to continue imposing sanctions that can hurt him economically we've heard two announcements coming from mike pence the first one was the decision to impose sanctions on four governors of border states same venezuela that the u.s. can see there's a responsible for the violence that we've seen over the weekend as an aside an opposition was trying to move trucks loaded with a side of in this way the as there was a call of all the in the. that make up the group part of the united states to immediately freeze all the assets in their country a favorite is that that's
2:54 am
a. national oil company this is an effort to continue making it more difficult for an equal last minute or two x. is the cash they need to continue operating the government the second point i think the second to the most important aspect of what we heard today is the fact that the majority of the countries if not all of them. leave my group have no appetite for the possibility of an invasion of a military intervention only the u.s. and some of the nations of the venezuelan opposition are insisting that all options need to be on the table we are waiting for the final statement from the lima group today about it i think that these two aspects are the most important ones at this point ok i will sound her with an update from bogota thank you let's find out of there's been reaction from venezuela itself over to see a new and she's joining us from the capital caracas and i suppose the u.s. calculation lucio here is that more sanctions is just going to make my duros rule
2:55 am
untenable is that the case with see it that way and how much pressure is this putting on the governments. well exactly they fit into you have a majority of the lima group as well as the european union as well as the united states saying that a military intervention a military option is not the way to go and that that is unacceptable that they still want to find a peaceful solution out of this then including sanctions economic sanctions are being seen at this hour at least as the only way to try to pressure president last month a little to either resign or to at least hold internationally supervised elections now there has been no reaction the first reaction so far to what is happening in bogota right now came from the defense minister of the needle by the do you know lopez who said we are quote serene in the face of an imperialist aggression which is again behaving like a monk so it was one thousand heads now he said that just shortly after we you know
2:56 am
we spent more than an hour speaking with them for his overall medal from the human rights organization penal forum which tracks repression and also provides the legal assistance to the victims of repression and he says that what's happening right now is extremely serious that there are more than a hundred and fifty political prisoners in venezuela at this hour and that that will probably increase to at least five thousand he said that what's going on right now in the town near the brazilian border is an attempt and i'm quoting him to exterminate an addiction is group says that there is widespread repression campaign that has been on these to all over the news right now and so he is calling on the international community to really change its eyes open especially now that this is a didn't come true and that they got up and that the government in a in a sense is feeling rather victorious at this hour during ok alysia with an update from caracas thank you not bring in mohammed from june he's joining us from bora vs
2:57 am
the near the brazilian side of the border you covered the clashes this weekend muhammad the venezuelan forces try to prevent opposition supporters from bringing u.s. aid in what are you hearing about the situation now on the border. that is what we've been told so far is that it has remained calm on the border today in pocket imo which is that town in brazil right on the border within israel where in the past two days we saw two separate rounds of clashes going on between venezuelan migrants on the brazilian side of the border and venezuelan security forces on the venezuelan side of the border that all being said though we have heard that more venezuelan soldiers have crossed into park and i'm up in the past twelve hours to defect that at this point there are nine brazilian soldiers that have defected that are now here in brazil and we are waiting to get more word about their specific cases let me tell you about where we are right now we are in both vista that is the capital of this northern route i must state in brazil which borders venezuela and
2:58 am
we are right in front of what i'm a general hospital we are here because this is the hospital where dozens of injured people who were injured when there were clashes in this town of santa elena on the venezuelan side of the border all those injured people in clashes with the military there they have been taken here there are dozens of patients here they're being treated for gunshot wounds we are told that the situation is dire for many of them there is concerned the violence will continue in santa elana this point it's not exactly certain what is going on at this hour we're going to try to get in there and speak to some of these people because we have seen videos that purportedly were shot inside santa elana showing really horrific scenes clashes between members of an indigenous group that are supporting the venezuelan opposition and and as they are encountering violence they say from members of venezuelan security forces so that is a standoff that we are told is still going on many of the migrants that we've
2:59 am
spoken with in the past few days who have walked through the town of santa ana on their journey to try to get into brazil have said that when they are there that it is particularly violent that they are really worried about what exactly is going to happen going forward. with an update from. thank you. well speaking in bogota mike pence accused murderer of diverting supplies that should have gone to his people to our i.q. bomb relies heavily on subsidized venezuelan oil and venezuela was weighing on the cuban president's mind as he cast his vote in a referendum on a new constitution. i think week cubans are voting for our constitution for latin america for the caribbean and we are also voting for venezuela we are defending venezuela because in venezuela the dignity of the continent as it risk so cubans voted on the new constitution on sunday the government says it offers new freedoms while keeping the country communist opponents aren't so sure ariana sanchez reports
3:00 am
from havana. a mobilization in old havana more than one thousand volunteers are promoting the referendum. you have to tell people to come down and vote united. then. they encourage people to go to polling stations. from house to house and last call before voting closed and. there's been a lot of negative campaigning against the proposal so we are here to explain the truth of. the draft constitution recognizes limited private property opens the cuban economy to international markets and limits presidential terms and novelty in cuba with the castro brothers held power for sixty years. the constitution we had was old now it's more futuristic based on the new ideals that have been leading us into a better country although many here say that.


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