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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  February 26, 2019 5:00am-6:01am +03

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and the serious political film couldn't see the cheska murders case solved on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera. has i'm sick of this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes iran's foreign minister says he is stepping down citing his shortcomings while in office. north korean leader kim jong un in the arrives in vietnam ahead of his summit with the u.s. president donald trump. a coalition of latin american countries say it is time for
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venezuelan president nicolas maduro to go but with jack's military intervention. a top vatican cleric is convicted of molesting two choir boys and could face fifty years in prison. alone north korean leader kim jong un has arrived in vietnam for a meeting with u.s. president donald trump in hanoi he was greeted with a god of honor at a train station on the border this week the second meeting between the two leaders after their summit in singapore last year trump is expected to arrive there later on tuesday our diplomatic editor james bays is live for us in hanoi so james kim has just arrived there on his way to annoy than a lot expected from that meeting this time around. not yet actually enhance noir has them he's been on this very long journey because he's
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decided to do this by land by train in his own train he's made his way from north korea across the border into china the journey across all of china has taken some sixty hours he's now arrived in dong dan which is the border town the last place on the chinese railway a beaming korean leader seen leaving the train there perhaps delighted to be getting off the train after such a long journey and now he's crossing the border probably as we speak although of course there will be checking his passport into vietnam and then a motorcade for the last part of the trip the short part of the trip from dying which is the border town here to hanoi we think that will take some time less than three hours so about three hours from now we will have kim here in the vietnamese capital will have to wait another twelve hours for president trump president trump
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has stopped over for refueling in the last couple of hours the stops in the u.k. r.a.f. milton hall in suffolk on the east coast of the u.k. as ever we get some details from the white house about the president and his plans when they stop because there's a small group of reporters called the pool who were on the plane with him they've been briefed by the white house press press secretary sarah saunders she's revealed to us that the first big meeting will take place wednesday evening vietnam time a brief meeting between the two leaders all narrow and then a working dinner ahead of the full talks which we believe will take place on thursday so what son kim again dead today then james. well arriving here and i think greeting the vietnamese leadership who obviously making this summit possible what you've got to remember about kim is that he has
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been in power in north korea since the end of twenty eleven only last year did he leave his country as leader for the first time this is only the third place as the north korean leader that he has visited in his term as the supreme leader and so obviously i think quite excited to see a different country a country that i think has all sorts of parallels for north korea because remember vietnam fought that very long war against the united states and yet vietnam has been for a generation now ahead of north korea in good relations with the united states technically still a communist country in terms of doing business here you couldn't find anywhere more capitalist are right for the moment james may's life there in hanoi. now iran's top diplomat has suddenly resigned mohamed jevons any played a central role in brokering the twenty fifteen nuclear deal between iran and world
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powers but after the u.s. pulled out of that agreement last year he came under increasing criticism at home mike hanna reports from the united nations. this was a moderate face of a nation apparently seeking reconciliation with western powers mohamed was educated in the u.s. and served as ambassador to the united nations before becoming foreign minister in two thousand and thirteen. he was the driving force in the intense negotiations with the west a nuclear powers that led to what became known as the joint comprehensive plan of action an agreement in which iran agreed to a limited sensitive nuclear activities and give access to international inspectors in return for the lifting of crippling economic sanctions. the deal now threatened by the unilateral decision of president trump to no longer abide by it it's a bad deal it's
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a bad structure it's falling down should have never ever been made i blame congress i blame a lot of people for it but it should have never been made. in the months since the u.s. announcement there's been increasing criticism of the foreign minister by some elements in iran that argued that it proved the foreign minister had been misled in negotiating the deal. a long time user of social media mohammed zarif was well aware that twitter is restricted in iran and announced his resignation on instagram which is widely available i thanked the generosity of the dia and courageous people of iran and respect to the fischel so for the last sixty seven months he says i apologize sincerely for my inability to continue serving and for all the shortcomings and flaws during the term of my service be happy and proud
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the announcement came on the same day that syrian president bashar assad made a surprise visit to iran his first since the civil war broke out in syria eight years ago among those he met was a rainy and president hassan rouhani who's yet to confirm that you'll accept his foreign minister's resignation mike hanna al-jazeera attrit a parsi is professor of middle east politics at georgetown university and author of new zing an enemy bomb iran and the triumph of diplomacy joins us now via skype from washington good to speak with you again so i want to ask you what do you make of this decision particularly the suddenness of it and its timing. well it is frankly not terribly sudden because the rumors have been out there for quite some time and he has been under increasing pressure i do find it interesting that is happening one week after his performance in munich in which he was widely praised
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inside of iran even among hardliners that they think they thought that his performance was very very strong so it definitely boosted his popularity. but i think at the end of the day we will really not know for another ten or so hours exactly what this means because just him handing in his resignation is not the same thing as the other side accepting his resignation for instance back when as a reef was the u.n. ambassador in the two thousand he can eat it several times to be able to be relieved of at that position because he didn't want to serve on their ahmadinejad and higher authorities in iran simply would not accept his resignation back then so what does this mean then for the iran nuclear deal is it is it seriously in danger of dying completely now. well if his resignation is accepted then without a doubt this is a major blow to the nuclear deal because you have now not only the reef gone to
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a major architect of the deal and someone who of course is still very much your credit to it but also in europe within a couple of months for the recommit getting any and how you get tenure will end as well which means that there's no one left in europe at that level that actually was that deeply involved in the process and have that sense of ownership for the deal so it's certainly not a movement in the direction of strengthening deal it would certainly weaken its but we don't know yet whether he actually will be relieved of his duties as foreign minister and what i mean assuming that this resignation does go through what's your sense of how the iranian public will receive this because he and mohammed jevons if one was quite popular with many of them was me he certainly was and i think the public's reaction will also be in a factor that will factor into whether the supreme leader and rouhani accept his
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resignation or not if you have a significant backlash from the public then that may very well lead to rouhani and hominy to the point of refusing to accept that resignation but if he really does not resign i think one factor that led to this is that the way that the trumpet ministration has essentially waged a war against a way really made it much easier for hardliners in iran to criticize and attack serif because it ended up not delivering to the iranian public what it was promised as a result to what trump was doing and that really weaken his position and reduced his maneuverability good to speak when he tried to posse in washington thanks for being with us thank you. now a coalition of latin american nations are uniting against venezuela's president agreeing that nicolas maduro must go the lima group met in colombia and backed
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a motion for a democratic transition of power there but without the use of force the fourteen nation block is also the international criminal court to declare my duros blockade on foreign aid a crime against humanity and it's when the security forces violently push back opposition attempts to bring aid over the border this past weekend the united states is one of more than fifty countries the bad opposition leader who won and why does and has announced new sanctions targeting some of the duros in a circle what brings us together today is the recognition by all the nations gathered here that nicolas maduro is a usurper with no legitimate claim to power and nicolas maduro must go the struggle in venezuela is between dictatorship and democracy between oppression and freedom between the suffering of millions of venezuelans and the opportunity
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for a new future of freedom and prosperity and then as well has denounced the u.s. and lima a group of nations accusing them of waging a ferocious campaign to unseat president nicolas maduro. he has more from the colombian capital but what top. here in bogota the vice president of the united states mike pence announced a series of new measures against the venezuelan president nicolas maduro starting with new sanctions against a number of in a swell officials in this case for governors of border states which the u.s. consider responsible for the violence that broke out there over the weekend he also called on the other nations of the lima group to immediately freeze the assets of. the venezuelan national oil company at this to further limit the ability of president nicolas maduro to access much needed cash to continue operating its
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government this of course will also produce consequences for the people. of course but this is what the u.s. and the opposition considers the best move forward after they failed to. the aid sent by the united states over the weekend the leader of the venezuelan opposition also insisted on asking more international pressure to house the president. there were calls for a more aggressive position possibly even talks about foreign intervention of most of the countries of the lima group rejected that and mike. while still saying that all options are on the table for dinner talk about that
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possibility and so in a nutshell this seems more of the same more sanctions against my daughter and the question is if this will bring any changes and will be able to break the current stalemate. there is growing concern about an ongoing crackdown by venezuela's military on towns near the borders with colombia and brazil human rights groups say one town is practically on the scene by troops who are targeting indigenous venezuelans all that's in america at its newman reports now from the violence while in capital caracas. venezuelan border towns military forces and armed militia continue cracking down on government opponents on monday the town of was reportedly taken over by heavily armed pro-government militias lolled in israel and soldiers rolled tear gas into colombia to drive back a small number of opposition protesters on the scene one believe that a bridge. and indian digitas community of santa eleven other white in was soldiers
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are accused of using brutal force against opponents is an undeclared state of siege according to penal forum the venezuelan in gilo the tracks repression if they look there is a clear attempt to exterminate this indigenous group opposed to the regime we've confirmed at least twenty nine people have been injured by bullet wounds for deaths and a large number of disappeared. this you know it's their feet he reads outlets we are all pay morning is a reference to the indigenous group not affording human rights organizations it's still under siege but they are not alone according to people forum there are now nearly nine hundred little prisoners here in venezuela and that number is expected to rise amid what it calls a new wave of repression here. addressing the rally top ranking government official deal. told supporters that the opposition has seen only the tip of the iceberg.
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i tell those who are calling for an invasion you better stay quiet anyone who calls for an invasion shall be considered a traitor to the nation. could they use. says a dozen defections by soldiers was laughable compared to two hundred eighty thousand members of the armed forces. as he spoke another four soldiers crossed over to colombia and brazil migration officials in both countries estimate more than one hundred sixty seven defections you see it in the market we have to line up the national guard troops here and other components to plan to take back our country tense a bit that's why we're here. but for now both the government and its opponents agree on one thing the constant but still relatively small number of defections alone will not bring down the government you see in human got access. results show cubans have overwhelmingly approved changes to the country's
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constitution yes vote will in shrine a one party socialist system in the constitution it also recognizes private property and the right to legal representation on the rest and there would be term limits for the president by the ana sanchez has more from her own. many people voted because they thought that this constitution would be it was very positive with many new things like the new presidential term limits. the figure of the prime minister also it doesn't ban same sex marriage which allows that in the future or paves the way for in the future that there would be a possibility that there could be sensex marriage here in cuba many people thought also about this is not very positive in the sense that it doesn't make cuba a much more open country because it a try and socialism as the sole guiding force and the constitution says socialism
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still remains you revokable per the constitution. plenty more ahead on this news hour after turning out in droves young people in senegal face an anxious wait for results from the presidential election. democrat strike back against the u.s. president's state of emergency at the southern border. investigators released their report on the air crash that killed football in media. all the details coming up. so all that still ahead but first protests leaders in sudan have called for immediate demonstrations after the government banned on authorized public gatherings new follows a state of emergency declared on friday by president all money but almost daily protests have been held across the country since december people are angry over the
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high price of basic goods. more young people went out to vote in senegal's presidential election than at any time over the past twenty years that's according to civil society observers but that doesn't mean they're happy with the process or concerns over corruption and there are calls for wholesale change in the culture of politics nicholas hark reports from dakar a young woman president facing the powerful elite denouncing a flawed electoral process that favors a political establishment influences voters and manipulate the youth. more than social commentary this is a view many young senegalese have of their political system days after sunday's presidential election the anxiously wait for the results. of what we grew up with this idea that cheating and corruption are part of the political system we have been in many plea to them brainwashed to think this is normal that being dishonest
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is the way to succeed in the system but this is not what we want this has to stop. while the electoral commission is counting the votes cells prime minister announce his victory with fifty seven percent of the vote much to the surprise of the opposition but in a joint press conference candidate second son qusay marquis cell does not have enough votes to win he needs fifty percent of the electorate to claim victory without a second round the election commission has yet to announce the final result and already candidates it seems are preparing to contest the final outcome card in this hustle for power or the people of senegal. it is a young population made up mostly of belittles most have lived under only two presidents aged ninety two and solved fifty seven according to estimates from civil society observers fifty eight percent of the electorate took part in the polls more young people came out to vote than any other previous election since two thousand
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today the us is a very conscious about global issues about climate change and about issues relating to how nations position themselves and what third relationship between africa and the rest of the world issues that they haven't heard of. trying to get their voice heard by any means this video made by a collective of senegalese artists and from beneath a bill bab considered the tree of wisdom in africa she tells viewers to be wary of manipulation from politicians social media and even this video that you're watching instead she says listen to your instincts and be the change. because hawk al-jazeera the car the washington post has named a human rights activist from saudi arabia as its first fellow of the jamal khashoggi fellowship to saudi was also an award winning
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a scholar and writer it honors the newspaper's columnist who was murdered inside the saudi consulate in istanbul last year and says the program will provide a platform for journalists and writers from places where freedom of expression is suppressed article has more from washington. jamal khashoggi back in the headlines as the washington post the newspaper that he used to work for before he was murdered of the saudi consulate in turkey has announced that they are going to have a german jamal khashoggi fellowship the first fellow is going to be how sorry she is an activist a scholar a writer from saudi arabia she's going to be basically writing where he used to in the opinion section focusing on the middle east also in the news because shoji was brought up by rod rosenstein the deputy attorney general as he was giving the speech consider the murder of jamal khashoggi there may be factual disputes about who is responsible for an extra person for an extrajudicial killing but our
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allies must agree on the principle that each culpable person should be held accountable because a government that operates under the rule of law cannot condone the cold blooded murder of nonviolent dissidents frozen stein is not the most influential member of the trump administration he's the deputy attorney general he's leaving his post soon it doesn't appear that this is any indication of a change in tone from the trump administration this was part of a broader speech there rosenstein was given where he basically was singled out russia and china much more for what he said were fallon's in their legal systems. u.s. senators may hold a vote on whether to end u.s. involvement in the war in yemen as soon as next week senators were given a briefing by the trumpet ministration on the situation there they said it didn't change their minds on the need to condemn saudi arabia for its bombing campaign the murder of saudi journalist jamal khashoggi was also raised the senator has
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expressed concerns about the administration's failure to meet a deadline to report to congress on the role of saudi officials in there the u.s. president's senior adviser jared cushion has revealed more details about his plan for israel palestine in the middle east as a whole he's currently on a tour of the region in an interview with sky news saudi arabia cushion or said one of the main principles is to eliminate the borders as they are today he says that will guarantee freedom of movement for people and goods cushion says his plan will help the entire region not just israelis and palestinians he says jordan egypt and lebanon will benefit critics say the deal is less about building trust between the palestinians and israel or more about uniting the region against iran joel rubin is a former u.s. state department official says cushion his plan is unlikely to satisfy palestinians . clearly israeli palestinian peace making has been
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a longstanding american national security objective and that's why we've had successive presidents engaged in it but the framing today by mr kushner was braun is the bad actor in the region and therefore the arab states should support this and join with israel against iran and at the same time as you point out unilateral actions have been taken by the united states to marginalize palestinian long term demands so this doesn't look like negotiation or something where the palestinians are going to be a very happy to be a part of it does look like it's a move by the united states to continue to push towards more conflict potentially between the arab states and iran but the palestinians in the process there their needs may very well not get heard and that's very damaging for an actual solution there's growing opposition from within a donald trump's own party to his declaration of an emergency at the border with
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mexico the u.s. president used his powers to get the five point seven billion dollars he requires off to congress refused to give in to his demands but democrats are leading the charge against him as john hendren reports nancy pelosi plans to declare a state of nonemergency to let the executive branch get away with this. assault on the constitution we would be delinquent in our duties to the oath of office said . on tuesday the house of representatives will vote on a measure to make president donald trump's declaration of an emergency at the mexican border mill in void that disapproval resolution is nearly certain to pass in a house newly controlled by democrats led by palosi sending a strong message to drop we're talking about it invasion of our country with drugs with human traffickers with all types of criminals and
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gangs. declared the emergency to bypass congress which denied him the five point seven billion dollars he requested to build a wall along the mexican border that declaration gives him access to more than eight billion dollars in emergency funds to build the wall the house disapproval resolution has the support of fifty eight former u.s. national security officials both democrats and republicans who've signed a letter saying there is no emergency at the border where illegal crossings are at a forty year low. it could still be a long time before president trump gets money for his border wall if he ever does first there's that emergency and declaration in the house that could end in the senate where forty seven democrats need for republicans to join them to pass it or if it passes there it could end with president trump vetoing it and that's exactly what he's promised to do on the wall yes well i veto it one hundred percent congress appears to lack the two thirds majority it would need to override
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a presidential veto but there are also court challenges that seek to overturn trump state of emergency arguing that there is no emergency and that the constitution gives congress the power of the purse and then we have a threat to constitutional democracy. this is a president who does not respect the rule of law who does not respect the most on power who is basically saying not for the first time here but this is the latest example is basically saying i will do what i want is anyone going to stop me on thursday the house judiciary committee plans to scrutinize the one nine hundred seventy six national emergencies act and possibly to change it so no president can circumvent congress like this again john hendren al-jazeera washington. as the head on the edge is it a shortages of medicine vaccines and staff warnings of the devastating impact bags that have on the u.k.'s health services. and in sports roger federer begins his quest for a one hundred title in dubai has details coming up next. and
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i was trying to be drawing in china now as it should have been a winter and hasn't been but there is cloud stay here crossed from the west front. the high ground of western china so you got rain there from bangladesh snow up in towards sichuan and the hard part so you're not above the wise we're looking at fine weather in hong kong's enjoying twenty three shanghai as well not just thirteen in sunshine but that all men as cloud does develop along the yangtze from one eastwards the chances are it will rain again with snow on the high ground and a bit further north this isn't consistent with average weather even for february south of all this is rather a lack of care rather lack of showers for the pins enjoying wonderful weather just
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the very edge of your screen the typhoon is out in open water now and the only showers you see that any relevance really are in western java has been some flooding recently from these discrete that heavy showers so in borneo sort of ways in crusts to west papua as well but showers could well be creeping up through symmetry towards singapore and if you're unlucky kuala lumpur as well generally speaking the picture is more dry than wet but a reminder buying today in northeastern india there's already been some cloud running through with showers and there is more to come the same ilk. whether sponsored by katherine. it does look more and more like bangladesh is becoming a one party state give me one good reason why the opposition should have been voted to do part isn't the problem the human rights watch describes how opposition members have been arrested killed and even disappeared maybe have goes head to head with. do we want to do
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a development they don't is disputing the economic revolution went on record saying this is a development is not the same as democracy head to head on al-jazeera. donald trump says he has a special bond with. the north korean leader and the us president are about to meet again in vietnam a letter they were signing is very comprehensive and i think both sides are going to be very impressed with eight months soft of a historic summit in singapore company strike a deal on nuclear weapons and to finally end the korean war special coverage of the twenty seven.
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well again you're watching i just a reminder of on top stories through south korean leader kim jong un has arrived in vietnam ahead of a second summit with u.s. president donald trump the u.s. is calling on north korea to give up its nuclear weapons. iran's foreign minister mohamad. he is stepping down sudden departure throws further doubt on the future of the twenty fifteen nuclear deal which the u.s. pulled out of last year. venezuela's denounced the coalition of western and latin american nations accusing them of waging a campaign to unseat president nicolas maduro earlier the lima group backed a motion for a democratic transition of power in venezuela without the use of force. in australia has convicted a top vatican cleric of child sex crimes called george pell was found guilty of
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molesting two choir boys at a melbourne cathedral in one thousand nine hundred ninety six the pope's top financial adviser is the most senior roman catholic cleric to be convicted of child abuse. more on this now for us from sydney so andrew how significant is this. hugely significant george pell was the most senior catholic in the world to be charged personally of allegations of child sexual abuse and he's now the most senior catholic in the world to be convicted of them now he was most recently in the vatican as one of the confidant of the pope overseeing all the church's finances but before that he was archbishop here in sydney and before that he was archbishop of melbourne and it was then in the mid one nine hundred ninety s. that he's now been convicted of sexually abusing two teenage boys to thirteen year old boys in a small back room of the church of the israel in the center of melbourne after mass
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he came into this room he found the boys where they shouldn't have been they were sneaking off drinking some wine he told them they were in trouble and the jury has now found he then sexually abused them he fondled one of the boys he pushed the genitals of both the boys into his mouth those are the charges of which he was convicted so strangely serious charges they date back twenty two years in between those events happening in the mid one nine hundred ninety s. and his seniority in the church growing he oversaw australia's catholic church's response to allegations of sexual abuse by other priests australia wide so he was hugely important in that royal commission process as it became in subsequent years he gave evidence from the vatican saying he was too ill to travel back to australia to give evidence that royal commission and then these allegations came up that he personally had abused teenage boys in his private career here in australia and he was compelled to return to australia to face trial he was in court most of last
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year he was actually convicted of these offenses back in december but until now we can report it. yeah that's right he was that he was found guilty in this. as you say why is that way we are only hearing about it now. well there was a suppression order in place it's very complicated unlike for example the united states where everything in court is very open and you can know everything that's going on and this sort of idea that a court could say you can't reveal something that's happened until we say so it might seem alien in many parts of the world behaved australia is taken very seriously and what happened was that cardinal pell was actually accused of two lots if you like of sexual abuse some in the mid one nine hundred ninety s. some of which five of which he's now be convicted of and we can reveal that but there are some other incidents of the swimming pool in the one nine hundred seventy s. that he was also accused of now for various reasons the trial of those offenses is alleged offenses was going to take place after this first trial and it was jus to
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begin very soon in fact and what the judge in the first trial said is that nothing could be reported of the first trial including the verdict until that second trial had concluded the fear was that jurors members of the public who were part of that trial would be important if they knew the result of the personal as all choose day that second trial won't be going ahead the prosecutors have dropped it and that's why we can reveal all this now or andy thomas live for us there in. the u.k. his main opposition party is prepared to back a second referee referendum now on breaks it labor leader jeremy coleman says he will support an amendment in favor of a public vote to prevent what he called a damaging tory gregg's it prime minister to resign may has been trying to win support for a deal from her own conservative party as well as often impedes the u.k. is set to leave the european union on march twenty ninth. it could have an immediate and drastic impact on the u.k.'s national health service especially of
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the u.k. leaves the e.u. without a deal the findings published in the medical journal the lancet suggests there could be shortages of medicines vaccines and staff has more breaks it and all its possible forms is bad for britain's health services putting lives at risk. that's the conclusion of months of research looking at different break six scenarios from leaving the e.u. without a deal to a slower managed departure one of the biggest worries is about recruiting and retaining staff under no deal breaks it the government proposes a minimum salary threshold of forty thousand dollars which could limit immigration of vital health workers to the u.k. including nurses and new to qualified doctors there's already a critical shortage of medical staff the report's authors say breaks it will deepen the problem there is an argument that you could say that the people who are no
5:38 am
longer coming from the e.u. can come from the rest of the world and that's fine but then you lose all the safeguards that the u.s. has built up the mechanisms so there are going to be a lot of problems with staffing the n.h.s. of course we can train more people but it takes about ten years to train a doctor so that's not a short term solution the report also warns that in the event of a no deal british citizens living in the e.u. in the united was in britain will no longer be able to access each other's health services for free raising fears for older residents including thousands of brits who've retired to spain sunny coastline without new laws and imports and exports supplies of medicines blood products vaccinations a medical equipment are also at risk some medicines can be stockpiled but others such as radioactive isotopes used to detect cancers cannot. the health of a national health service remains central to the break to debate in the run up to the twenty sixteen breaks that referendum the vote leave campaign claims that every
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week three hundred fifty million pounds four hundred sixty million dollars would return to the british economy if the u.k. voted to leave the e.u. the claim was even put on the side of a bus but it wasn't true despite that a lot of people still believe it whatever happens here in the u.k. the health of the economy matters if it contracts as it has been doing over the past few months but it's likely to put the n.h.s. under increasing strain. the u.k.'s health secretary matt hancock has written to doctors and hospitals outlining the government's plans to ensure britain has an additional six weeks of supplies in the event of a no deal breck's it thousands of extra fridges have been bought to stockpile drugs the u.k.'s preparing for a possible national emergency many of the country's leading doctors say the diagnosis isn't good nieve barca al-jazeera london nigeria's main opposition party is rejecting early presidential election results accusing the government of
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manipulating the vote they're still counting the votes with a few regions and now. it is expected to be a tight race between president mohammed main rival at. the election. thirty five people were killed jonah how. the results are trickling in but it could be a long wait before the winner is known close tallies in the states that have announced results indicate a tight race with both the main parties declaring victory on social media nigeria's election was the biggest ever exercise in democracy on the african continent and in a country just twenty years into its democratic era after decades of military rule problems were bound to occur your recommendations short term to political parties and candidates include. to respect the rule of law and to call on supporters to
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remain peaceful before during and after the announcement of results monitoring groups were present in force and on tuesday delivered a mixed verdict impact is implemented in elections in twenty nineteen was a step in terms of what should have been improvements in it so it makes as was really a concern that the ability of nigerian citizens to freely make decisions about who . has not yet been entrenched on election day citizen video flooded social media showing incidents of violence at some polling stations the independent electoral commission i nick has confirmed incidents of ballot box destruction voter intimidation and the abduction of election officials a number of polling stations were unable to open or had polling disrupted by malfunctioning equipment as those observer briefings continue this is the european one going on behind me most seem to agree that those incidents don't fatally
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undermine the overall credibility of the election although they do point to a system that isn't evolving and maturing but rather seems to be repeating the mistakes of the past and. there are signs that turnout has been low possibly lower even the forty four percent who voted in two thousand and fifteen in africa's most populous nation more than half of it made up of young people and more than half of them unemployed low voter turnout points to a disconnect between politics and the people not least in the image of presidential candidates in their seventy's representing the past vying for the attention of a generation looking to the future jonah how al-jazeera. a people. had been panic buying field after the deployment of thousands a paramilitary troops to the region. has. a disorganized crowd tries to queue up and one of the few fuel stations still open in
5:43 am
srinagar there's been a rush on petrol and cooking fuel for the past two days as rumors spread about a possible escalation and conflict in the region certain so they don't think it will stop there is some benefit or do they want but the fuel doesn't last leaving many running on empty. since yesterday i have gone to five petrol pumps but no petrol was available i have to go somewhere but it's becoming difficult to travel. with snow blocking the main highway fuel trucks are not expected to come in anytime soon so how do you get all the patrol pumps had fuel for two to four days recently the government deployed more troops which created a panic we had about twenty two thousand liters of fuel which usually last for a few days but because of these rumors people rushed to the petrol pump and in one day i saw that all of. the deployment of ten thousand paramilitary soldiers has added to an already tense situation following this month's attacked claimed by
5:44 am
a pakistan based armed group which killed at least forty one troops added to that india's supreme court will soon hear a case challenging the indian constitution's article thirty five which allows special rights and privileges to permanent residents of jumbo and kashmir that's been raging some local politicians opt to remove. if there is any tinkering with article thirty five a there will be a worse situation in kashmir i'm not pregnant or trying to scare you i'm telling the truth. india continues to hold responsible for attacks in the area despite pakistan's repeated denials political leaders. the leaders of india and pakistan are speaking to each other through public statements prime minister. on what he calls actionable intelligence but the government maintains that armed groups claiming responsibility for attacks is proof enough. speaking at the inauguration of
5:45 am
a war memorial on monday the avoided the topic of kashmir instead focusing on his pre-election campaign pitch. but in kashmir the reality is an increased military presence in the region and people scrambling to get what they can today not knowing what will happen tomorrow as. you delhi u.s. president says he wants some american troops to remain in iraq. or u.s. forces to leave the country but there is debate among sunni and kurdish politicians who say the iraqi army cannot manage the threat from. has more. fighters with the u.s. backed syrian democratic forces attacked. in the syrian village of the last remaining controlled territory close to the border with iraq in two thousand and
5:46 am
fifteen controlled around that ninety thousand square kilometers of territory across syria and iraq. after more than two years of fighting involving a u.s. led a multinational coalition the territorial battle against eisel is all but one. so what happens to the approximately six thousand u.s. troops still in iraq u.s. presidents donald trump a seen here a visiting american soldiers at the assad air base in december says he wants some troops to remain in iraq to as he puts it keep an eye on neighboring iran the comment has angered many of iraq's shia politicians pricilla cazaly is leader of the powerful pro iran group saw a bill hoc and withouten with the had any trumps recent statement had nothing to do with the welfare of iraq the targeting of iran from here is totally unacceptable that iran is iraq's biggest and most powerful ally in the region pro iran armed
5:47 am
groups have been highly effective in the fight against eisel. well. there is a clash among iraqi politicians many of whom don't want iraq to be potentially a launching pad for u.s. policies against neighboring countries primarily iran kurdish peshmerga forces have been stationed at this position since two thousand and fourteen but commanders here tell us that i still sleep purcell's a still operate in the surrounding countryside and villages close by so it's probably not surprising that those commanders along with kurdish and sunni arab politicians say they don't want american forces to leave iraq because they doubt their ability to be able to deal with the threat alone. it is important to keep the coordination and cooperation between the kurdish forces and the u.s. led coalition in this region it is vital to keep long term political and security
5:48 am
relationships in order to preserve the security. of many in iraq say the departure of u.s. troops from the country in two thousand and eleven was one of the reasons why isis spread so fast. anger and scorn was polled on iraq's army which fled mosul without a fight about the billions of dollars of american supplied weapons to eisele two thousand and fourteen. the shia led coalition in iraq's parliament has determined that u.s. troops must soon leave iraq it's renewed strengths to put forward a bill that if voted into law would force all u.s. forces out and this shows the president trumps iran policy has potentially huge political and security ramifications for its neighbor that has already suffered decades of war started out as era more the iraq. and we're going to.
5:49 am
head of the blows that's coming up. a half. a who.
5:50 am
he has. thanks very much investigators have released their first report into the air crash that killed cardiff city footballer and millions and includes new images of the wreckage of the plane which was found thirteen days after a vanishing over the english channel in january sala had been flying from france to wales after saying goodbye is former teammate sutton and the cause of the crash is
5:51 am
yet to be determined the radar information we have is quite detailed and it shows the aircraft in a turn through about one hundred eighty degrees and in that turn the aircraft descended and then towards the end of the turn it climbed again and that's the last date information we have from the radar so what we'll be trying to do is to see if we can get some of the evidence from the wreckage of the seabed to see if we can connect that lost radar information with the way the aircraft hit the surface of the sea to see whether or not that we can describe in greater detail the final final moments of the flight the interim report raises questions over whether the plane and pilot were licensed to carry cell on the flight our correspondent lee wellings has more. well it's important to reiterate that this is an interim report from the air accident investigation branch so if you think of it like a jigsaw puzzle there are still places to put in vital pieces and we can't come to absolute conclusions yet it's important to point that out but there are three areas
5:52 am
that really stood out here for me and one in the report was airworthiness a plane that was manufactured back in nineteen eighty-four twelve hundred hours of flight time since his last overhaul of the questions being asked was the plane fit to be in the air another area is what i call permissions was a plane that's licensed in the united states i bought a fly from france to wales it appears not so more questions will be asked in that area of the investigation and the third thing was about the pilot this comes on the what they called flight crew licensing was. actually cleared to take commercial passengers perhaps it would have come under an area cost sharing which is a very murky area which needs again further investigation and to whether he should have been allowed to fly in. his family or back in argentina after the funeral his funeral and actually one. will hopefully get most of the answers by late when this
5:53 am
report is complete the other thing to mention is the background wrangling between cardiff and not over the payment of a transfer fee the first installment hasn't been paid by cardiff who are looking for more answers before they part with that money and i think that situation between the clubs sadly will only intensify. roger federer's campaign to win a one hundred eighty p. title has had a successful start so a star being philip hall shriver in the first round of the device championships the world number seven who was competing for the first time since the australian open subject in midway's shot but recovered nicely eventually occurs at the match six four. three six six one federer is also going for a record eight title into. texas. a controversial cartoon depicting serena williams throwing a tantrum during her u.s. open final loss has been deemed not racist by australia's media watchdog
5:54 am
a cartoon which appeared in the herald sun newspaper when williams lost to naomi asako was widely condemned the australian press council ruled on monday its standards were not breached meanwhile serena has been headlining a new politically charged ad campaign for nike focuses on empowering women in sports the ad has sort of been viewed millions of times online. the woman boxing is crazy. going to. be crazy. enough to try changing. double or ten to. twenty three grand slams having to be coming back from the last. crazy crazy. so if they want to.
5:55 am
show them what crazy can be. now it's not all about women's sports though sports marketing expert simon chadwick says it's a business move and the timing of the ad may not be entirely coincidental. this is all about selling training shoes it's all about selling vocal shit it's all about santa is selling. alternately what nike is in the business of doing it does late socialcam to the claim that it is simply adopting currently important causes developments that many people find important is the means through which to sell it to some training shoes on the one hand these are very important issues that do need to be addressed however there are so many consistencies with a night not least if you go back ten years ago we were in the midst of for example the tiger woods scandal but more recently there will be legal cases in which nike is involved several people working for nixon who wouldn't work if an i.q.
5:56 am
brought actions against. people of the people working tonight on the basis of gender discrimination and it is believed by some that there is a very much a culture inside knight and so what nike is doing now with this latest campaign news is not only a olds with what mike is trying to present itself as but essentially is in front of fundamental contradiction of how it really is within the company cricket's world governing body says there's no reason why india as well can't match against pakistan will go ahead despite calls from india to boycott it this match was thrown into doubt after a pox on based armed group claimed responsibility for an attack that killed forty indian soldiers in indian administered kashmir earlier this month the basically i has expressed this concern over the safety of its players fifty over world champions india are set to meet in pakistan on june sixteenth and manchester have a way boxers antony josh winds around miller have met again a week after they had to be separated at
5:57 am
a media conference in new york this time they traded insults instead of blow us in front of the press and london joshua is the undefeated ib after deadly v.a. and champion both are in the british capital to drum up and to see as them for their fight on madison square garden on june first. i'm a stripper movie so in a ring it's all but several rounds i'll still be in that flight and stroll and if you still and look at his face. a little reconstruct his face on june first i'm really looking forward to the challenge and i'm ready for anything man that has always been against me like i said man the fans can fight for their face who can fight for you know britney's nails can't fight for all the nervousness all the hype talk can't fight for me you know i mean i got this is us is what i've been doing this is what came from so like i said before he's not the popular one no more come the u.k. i'm still waiting on here is it is i'm going to take you through times of free now and that's all your support for now more later. and that's it for this news hour
5:58 am
elizabeth problem a lot more news for a couple. of weather online. for the winter for them we've got this or if you join us on the set all of us have been colonized in some form or some fashion this is a dialogue we are talking about illegal friend you have seen what it can do to somebody people are using multiple drugs including a funnel and some people are secular out everyone has a voice from that your boss your twitter and you could be on the street join the global conversation on al-jazeera examining the headlines setting the discussions a warning from air boss over the risks of a no deal breaks in sharing class in all stories with a global audience you have your own intelligence network on the ground to tell you where to go and we'll go explore an abundance of world class programming designed
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to inform motivate and inspire resilient people are truly afraid the world is watching on al-jazeera at night in a stock somali patrolled streets police and not. for lack of. tired of gang violence they use the maternal approach to prevent crime. but it. is. a do. the stories we don't often hear told by the people who live the mothers of ring could be this is europe on al-jazeera and monday put it world on. u.s. and british companies have announced the biggest discovery of natural gas in west africa but what to do with these untapped natural resources is already a source of heated debate nothing much has changed they still spend most of their days looking. four to form
6:00 am
a dry riverbed like this one five years on the syrians still feel battered or even those who managed to escape their country have been truly unable to escape the u.s. . north korean leader kim jong un arrives in vietnam ahead of his summit with the u.s. president donald trump. and welcome to alex's there on live from my headquarters in doha with me and as the product also ahead iran's foreign minister says he's stepping down sizing has shortcomings while in office. a coalition of latin american countries say it's time for venezuelan president nicolas maduro to go but ridge.


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