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tv   The Stream 2019 Ep 32  Al Jazeera  February 26, 2019 7:32am-8:01am +03

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it has denounced a coalition of western the national merican nations accusing them of waging a ferocious campaign to unseat president nicolas maduro earlier the lima group back to motion for a democratic transition of power in venezuela but it refused to endorse the use of force by outside powers according the strayer has convicted a top vatican cleric of child sex crimes cardinal george pell was found guilty of molesting two choir boys at a melbourne cathedral in one nine hundred ninety six the points top financial advisor was the most senior roman catholic cleric to be convicted of child abuse the u.k.'s main opposition party is prepared to back a second referendum on leaving the european union labor leader jeremy called and says he'll support an amendment in favor of a public vote to prevent a quote damaging tory breaks it will those are the headlines on al-jazeera the stream is coming up next. we understand the differences and the similarities of cultures of course of the
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world. so no matter where you call home i'll just bring you the news and current affairs that matter to. al-jazeera. hi i'm femi oke a enjoying the stream it today why a palestinian rights activist asking young jews to return the birthright family could be locked away take a look at the controversy around the tug birthright israel program do you have questions or comments about the trip or even gone on it yourself tell us about it in the chat and we'll do our best to include your comments in the conversation. since one thousand nine hundred ninety israel has enabled thousands of young jewish people around the well to visit israel the nonprofit program takes participants on
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an all expenses paid journey through the country but palestinian rights activists say the trip whitewashes the israel palestine conflict effectively ignoring the occupation critics have also questioned the ethics of the program noting the inability of palestinians in the diaspora to return to their ancestral home that in july twenty eight thousand a small group of birthright israel participants from the activist group if not now walked off the trip protesting what they called the year a share of the palestinian experience supporters of the program have accused demonstrators of using a free trip to make a political statement at the expense of people who might not otherwise be able to afford it but groups like jewish voice for peace say young jews should recognize the dispossession of palestinians and reject the program take a listen to what j.v. campus chord meter my adoree said about the return the birthright campaign. returning the birthrate is not only about boycotting all birth rate programs but also about fighting for palestinian refugees to be able to return home so when we
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say return the birthright we're saying young jews support palestinian right of return well to help us understand the purpose of the trip and the criticism it's received arielle sobel is a writer based in los angeles california she attended birthright israel as a first year university student in denver colorado been fields as an academic advisor who witnessed a protest by the if not now activists are setting bethany's a mini as they spoke so when for the if not now group and she was one of five women who walked off the trip in july and his sala is associate director of outreach for the group american muslims for palestine would be good to have you here i'm just curious for our international audience who may not be familiar with the trips what is it like to go on a trip why would you do it you stop. it's it's a life changing experience i think for me and for a lot of people on my trip and people i've spoken to of got on the trip they said
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up close because it's a free trip to israel it's a chance to go somewhere they haven't been before and then it turns into a life changing cultural experience maybe it's a spiritual experience a religious experience chance to experience a culture that for a lot of american jews we know very very little about you very only stay with this free trip to asia is it did you see it when you were younger is it like a holiday. you go and go. the right word i think. i don't know says when i was younger but more sort of coming into sort of young adulthood but it's it's an experience i think more than is a holiday and it's an opportunity to learn. so i wouldn't call it a holiday at all i would say that it's like a pilgrimage just as many muslims visit to visit the holiest sites in islam to jerusalem has the holiest sites of the jewish religion so it is a rare opportunity where people regardless of how much money you can make
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a visit the holiest sites in the world for your religion and also experience most american jews or jews in places that are even western areas tory towards jews like france and england it's the one experience you can have in your life in a place where you're not i know already where your identity is not on the fringe where it is normal to be a jew and it's also a really big part of a lot of jewish people finding connection to their roots because it is safer for most jews to assimilate to american or french read or restaurant culture so therefore this is a place where they don't have to similate and they have the full freedom to live in their jewish identity so it's a really immensely meaningful experience that. has no social our class discrimination which is really meaningful to a lot of people from our walks of life a couple people online that would agree with you there are all this is out on twitter she says i went on birthright in two thousand and two i would never have been able to afford it on my own and so i'm so glad for the experience another
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person writes says i went on birthright and its intent is to reconnect jews with their heritage and roots it was not a political trip and any time something was brought up both sides were represented we showed a t. shirt of one of the ones that they wore on their trip there bethany i want to bring you in here because he talks about it not being a political trip is that how you felt so it's marketed very much as a political but i would say it's a political if kind of a false idea for anything and especially to bring a group of people to a place like israel which is so political there's really no such thing as an a political party you find your experience. i met some lovely people and i did see some really meaningful and important sights. but it was also an incredibly disconcerting experience i don't i don't think that i was able to engage in
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a meaningful conversation with my peers about things that are really important to me so what my jewish identity is rooted in which is kind of this legacy of social activism and what it means to be in israel while while the occupation of palestine is happening and we were able to really have authentic genuine conversation about the occupation. i want to play some of the p.r. material that she was for birthright so young people jewish people. can see what's in store for them what kind of impact that it was a life changing impact a life changing trip so i'm just going to play a little bit of this and i would love to hear your reaction. i feel more jewish than i did before i feel more correct to it so i can tell you about my experiences that i can tell you about the history of the people i jewish you're not you're not christian issue you're not catholic like why why is there this is shown in there go
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on like. that sort of like it was like the final like in my heart. i definitely feel a new sense of connection with my family my true gave me a better understanding of what like my grandmother's family had gone through and proctor and i definitely understand myself better after the trip the journey certainly did not end when i got home how could i say that it ended when i have relationships that are still burgeoning i feel very comfortable in israel i feel very at home with its release. i mean i think it's it's totally great that young jews have a place to feel home however not at the expense of the indigenous palestinian people i think it's absolutely ludicrous that
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a young jewish boy or girl from boston or philadelphia or new york can arrive at tel aviv airport and claim citizenship to a land they have no absolutely no connection to besides their religious connection to to the to the land while a few miles south in gaza palestinian youth are dying being shot and killed by israeli snipers simply trying to return to their indigenous homeland so i think the contradiction is so clear and i think that young jews are are seeing what's clearly in front of them that israel is an apartheid state engaged in the ethnic cleansing of the palestinian people and that's why we see such a big break among jewish youth and maybe we can talk about that a little bit too. i mean i would love to discuss why it's important for someone like me to be able to immigrate to israel so this is a rising problem all over the room right now
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a large majority of jews in england fear that they will have to leave england because the government is so anti semitic so i never stener asian american my father was born in distaste persons camp for auschwitz survivors my grandparents were in auschwitz and historically jewish people have no place to go and have no place to exist and the majority of people who have claims this is in israel are indeed refugees and the people who are trying to claim it for example on jews in china where it is illegal to be jewish and you'll be persecuted being jewish and most them have been murdered by mouse aidan's government the majority of the choose to live in israel actually from misrata so they're actually indigenous to the sea. part of the role this house means in our racially exactly the same as palestinians and they have condemned groups like if not now and use force for peace recently they asked the jewish indigenous to middle east and africa who are ethnically exactly the same just different in religion as house didion's asters force refused
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to remove all references just misrati as a part of history at large i would guess because you could you could talk for the entire program you are well known to speak at what i wanted to get to your point in a point all's that jewish people young jewish people feel disconnected and the trip helps them connect is that the point you know that's not my point ok as you make a brief re scheck my class he's claiming that jewish people should have a right to return when jewish people aren't risk and most people come to israel refugees the existence of israel and existence the right of return is imperative for jews who are under siege and fearing for their lives across the world that doesn't mean that how city and rights and how it's doing right of return should exist separate to that but to a race the fact that anti-semitism and fear of the jewish people around the world comes from a very white very privileged concept of jewish life that most of it not now and people like j.p. represent they are wealthy kids from america who have no knowledge of actually
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being marginalized or being jewish so it's really easy for them to i cannot i don't i hate to get some other people into the conversation. yeah i mean i think that again claiming that young children teenagers grow up their entire lives in america the grandparents grew up in america have a right to return to a land that they have no connection to is ludicrous i'm sorry but there is no connectives in israel that's insane there can you see that my entire religion revolves around israel i must say i'm not saying that. i'm saying the street i'm saying that i'm not i'm saying that when when young you participate in birthright and erase the existence of palestinians and do not demand the right to return for palestinians they are effectively engaged in the process of ethnic cleansing of the palestinian people erasing the palestinian people and their history from that lenin so the birthright courage that it's not a monolith many jews resign as most american jews believe in
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a two state solution and believe in the situation of palestinians but if we're talking about the birthright program of mystical or we know for a fact that birthright upon upon arrival hands out maps to young jews that erase the entirety the west bank it doesn't erase the we we've seen there are things that i mean there's been coverage on this is nothing new you know i'm able to talk about this one thing that i was given by my birthright toward guides and when we pressed them why isn't the west bank on this map i mean the west bank is internationally recognized they they said they refused to recognize it and call them very or the islamophobia tropes to justify that so i'm not surprised you or someone and it's not now or can't you should stop and she meant islamophobia that's a big narrative in a lot of programming you guys have tweeted out that jewish establishment is islamophobia and that's probably why it's not now it's very much reviled by jewish
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use you know ninety two percent of jews identifies for its rather very critical of israel's policies i do. actually i think occupation and discrimination against. the current government of israel is i cannot stand not i'll tell you cause you guys making people marry. for a moment we have for people is conversation and everybody following online as well so hold tight for a moment just so we can share the conversation you're making a point very strongly so i want to actually pick up on a point that you ended there with ariel you said that you were poor the occupation our community would definitely agree people online so this is a tweet that is circulating around j v p p s u says as a young jew i have returned the birthright because a free trip on stolen land doesn't define my judaism we also heard it from arabs so people of palestinian descent who told us we very touching poignant stories about how these trips make them feel here's a comment we got from ronnie allen he's the co-founder of the palestine solidarity
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alliance hunter college and here's what he told the stream i call on young jews to boycott birthright because as a palestinian american i am banned from entering my own net but meanwhile birthright offers a free trip exclusively for jews with the aim of white washing the israeli military occupation and went danish denial of the refugee rights of return we need our allies to stand on the right side of history but i'm doing complicity in their own communities rather than partaking of trip funded by the government of benjamin that's and you know. so when he mentions white washing there what's your take on this i don't think that's a fair characterization of what the trip is i think it's easy to say that it's white washing because you want to see what you want to see and that was what we felt like a lot of us on our trip with the folks that walked off is they saw what they wanted to see they kept talking about a map that doesn't show the west bank and yet the maps we got clearly delineated
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the official political boundaries based on different treaties from different years you know we pointed out where the security fence or border wall or whatever it is that people want to call it we pointed it out every time we passed it we had open conversation about it and honestly it was a chance for us to see what that occupation looks like in real life it was a chance for jews from america who are often feel very disconnected from this israeli from israeli politics sort of we see it from afar but it was a chance for us to actually see it in person and then get a sense for how do we reconcile our judaism with the israeli government and again like going on birthright is not an endorsement of the netanyahu government it's not an endorsement of the occupation it's a chance to connect with our roots to connect with our culture and to connect with young jews from across the country so i think it's much more than just saying like i don't think it's fair to characterize going on this trip as an endorsement of the occupation of the netanyahu government. i think that's actually been a really big point for if not now and for this birthright campaign in particular
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way so a lot of the discomfort that i experienced and that those that i walked off with experienced were the connections drawn between netanyahu and trump on our trip particularly we went on different trips but around the math and around the border wall right i was in our on my birthright trip wall the kind of scandal broke about trump administration detaining children at the border and separating them from their parents and the correlations were just so so clear for us and the kind of rising fascism that shared by both trump and netanyahu. and i was on a different trip them back and trips are run by different providers but our our guide and our providers were open to that discussion let's be very transparent about this if not now what are you trying to do did you deliberately go on a trip knowing the at some point you're going to get off the trip that you it was
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a protest and you were going to try and be as destructive as possible to try and make maybe review their program and how they talk about israel i went on the ship very critical so i did go on the trip intending to ask questions to potentially make people uncomfortable and have conversations i did not know that i would be walking off my birthright trip when i went on. so i was really hoping that i could engage with my community a and ask uncomfortable questions and together we could kind of learn about the occupation and maybe per push the kind of institution of birthright a little a little further towards transparency towards the left towards mean open to this conversation so you can honestly say you deliberately trying to disrupt this entire visit the program didn't come with that in mind because i'm going to show a clip right now if you want to you all reading a statement. so you don't cannot. helped you what that statement the morning before before i left or like two am. we decided about me in the group of
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women who are on the trip with me decided about halfway through the trip they were going to let me play this for everybody so this is what it looks like when people who objects to the birthright to or decide that they're going to disrupt it have a. back asking questions and trying to teach. i have not been able to do that and as a result the five of us. will be going out to check breaking the silence about the occupation. in the back of the house in their nightmares or so much that you guys let's get off this week let me tell you she was. like. santa we knew this it would be. ok if you're going because like it should be she's not sure there was to be
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a few hours so you can see what happens there when activist stand here's another account on this is a separate trip emily on twitter says yesterday and she wrote this in december my third day after getting kicked off birthright for asking about the separation wall i found myself standing in front of the checkpoint in east jerusalem at five am she goes on to tell a story that includes this tweet and what she says palestinians ensure the cages behind this this wall this checkpoint wait however long it takes and hope that today they don't miss school or work or a doctor's appointment because the border guard is having a bad day so these are the conversations that some people are saying they wanted to have on the other side of that debate though we got a video comment from someone who says she did have those conversations this is leah she's from brooklyn and here's what she told the story many times leah rosensweig i live in brooklyn new york when i went in birthright about two years ago and wanted to go initially because my grandparents were holocaust survivors and it was important for me to understand israel is
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a safe place for jews in the world but i also understood that given the state of israel and its occupation of palestine today it's important to have more nuanced and complex conversations about what's going on in my career i was lucky to have those kinds of talks of his fence and i hope all groups can have the same experience. so those talks were those things ariel that you participated in or happened on your trip or do you think they're ones that should have happened. yeah i did i actually had some of the most heated conversations about israel in my entire life my birthright rep. and actually there was like a lot of contention i had with other americans and with this round out the occupation was discussed pretty have at least and although i i don't have to speak for you as a spokesperson for me not now but if not now has a web page devoted for arranging destructions of birth a trip you can it's called not just a treat trip. and you can tell them if you're attending a lot of form and let them know what kind of support you need and one of the
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options is i want you to action in march i knew someone i went to high school with him the next day he took over the if not now social media to do it now so let's please lay to rest that this is not a film speech like there are social media takeovers it's part of a campaign and that's ok you're allowed to protest israel but you're taking away dollars from low income people can come when there's money up strips that are specifically about this game is absolutely ridiculous considering sheldon adelson one of the richest billionaires in america is the founder of target birthright program and set up a little since politics are very clear we all are well aware of what he stands for and his relationship with benjamin netanyahu and so i think it's very descriptive and illustrate of of the program of birthright in particular where they go to palestine and the engage in their tourism and then the term israel are you not do you not see the germans around they don't go to houses that are so let me finish my point and then and then they organize programs where benjamin netanyahu himself
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comes and speaks to the participants and so it's kind of agenda it's clear what kind of agenda this program is pushing where young jews are going and seeing israeli soldiers meeting with individuals in israeli government essentially as it was saying whitewashing israel's crimes order to build an image of israel within the minds of so many young jews. to establish a politic. within their minds about what israel stands for and i think that is absolutely correct let me just add anything to sign for let me just add this because we actually spoke to tackling the flight they sent us a statement for this conversation a couple of things that they noted have a look here on a laptop my laptop here welcoming feedback from participants on ways our educational programming can be enhanced but then skipping to this current trend of
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disrupting tours we want to tolerate political activist groups leveraging our platform to generate publicity for their courses i'm not sure what that lack of toleration actually means for the future we have a little bit of time left i want to give it to the community really care about this live from ryan on you tube he says why not just make a free trip that includes palestine and addresses the injustices face i think more people would be open to it especially the younger generations i'm going to give this one to you but in the form of tell us very brief because we're almost out of time in the show what does it take for you to be able to plan a trip to pastime we have many things to take into consideration security primarily one of them and one of the main things that palestinians think about when you're thinking about going to palestine is the the overshadowing thread of denial which many of us face on whether we're crossing the allenby bridge from jordan into palestine or landing in been during an airport and so this is one of the things that is
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a major problem for us that we are our return is not guaranteed there's no there's no right to return for palestinians even though we are the indigenous inhabitants of the homeland and. just as indigenous. young jews have immediate birthright upon arrival and so this is the contradiction that we see here is the problem that we see here and this is why programs like birthright we see are a problem because they continue to exacerbate the issue head. error you wrote an op ed that intel asked us to. and i think that's a great point but i think privileges nuanced so we have privilege when we can walk through airport security and just say birthright to get through and we have privilege when we can tell our viewers how they asked americans to try and get through security check points ahead. of a huge conversation that continues to rumble thank you so much for bringing that debate to. at. c.-max time.
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at night. patrol the streets. of. the maternal approach to. the stories. told by the people who live mothers of rincon. and the. u.s. and british companies have announced the biggest discovery of. but what to do with these resources is already a source of heated debate nothing much has changed they still spend most of the days looking forward to drive this one five years on the syrians still
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feel for even those who managed to escape their country truly to escape the war. the fact. the smallest place on the planet and one that could soon be lost. it's an international team of scientists is determined not to let that happen without intervention give the big i would say to a vast now it's a race against time to try and save the species take a close look it's in the motions to stave off extinction. al-jazeera is there when a story breaks but it's also good to see what happens next iteration on put it wired by the readers for a model the barricade of the old seven streets that lead to here the movies now has been all about change people have gone to hear beriah the mission of the national
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army is to search the entire complex and i'll just there are stories about telling it from the people's first but to what they think is happening in their culture. a dramatic escalation of tensions as endian planes reportedly bomb targets in pockets and pakistan administered kashmir. welcome to al jazeera live from my headquarters in doha made the product also ahead north korean leader kim jong un arrives in vietnam ahead of the summit with the us president donald trump. iran's foreign minister says he's stepping down citing his shortcomings while in office.


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