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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  February 26, 2019 1:00pm-2:01pm +03

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zero. zero. zero zero i'm fully back to go this is a news hour live from my headquarters in doha coming up in the next sixty minutes indian warplanes strike targets along the border of pakistan administered kashmir as tensions over the disputed territory escalates. and confrontations between soldiers and protesters in indian administered kashmir after raids on people suspected of being separatist leader is also this hour north
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korean leader kim jong un a rise in vietnam for his highly anticipated second summit with u.s. president donald trump and iran foreign minister shocks the diplomatic world with a sudden resignation but there's no sign yet his boss will accept it. and i'm leah harding the owner of a super bowl champions robert kraft has been summoned on charges of soliciting prostitution we'll have more on the top story coming up in sports. thank you for joining as an air raids by indian fighter jets has further heightened tensions with pakistan which have been simmering since a suicide bombing in the disputed kashmir region pakistan's military tweeted these pictures showing what it says is debris from the air strikes close to the border between pakistan and pakistan administered kashmir they say they are no casualties
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and no damage this however is disputed by india's foreign ministry which says it was targeting the on group responsible for the february fourteenth bombing which left more than forty indian paramilitary soldiers dead a ministry spokesman says many fighters from the group jaish e mohammed have been killed in the face of danger a preemptive strike became absolutely necessary in an intelligence led operation in the early hours of today india struck the biggest training camp of the just a moment in balakot in this operation a very large number of gentian mamak terrorists trainers senior commanders and groups of jihad these who are being trained for free day in action were eliminated the government of india is firmly and resiliently committed to taking all necessary measures to fight the minutes of terrorism hence this nonmilitary
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preemptive action was specifically targeted at the jaish among but come. meanwhile in indian administered kashmir there's been a violent response to raids on the homes of people suspected of being separatist leader is their speaker our correspondent in new delhi now fay's jon miller phase let's start with the incident in pakistan administered kashmir the raids the pakistani have tweeted pictures what evidence is india providing about what really happened on the ground. fawley indian officials are being very tight lipped the only thing we are hearing from them is the clip we just heard from india's foreign secretary they may be releasing some more information soon but that what they have said is that these raid this airstrike was necessary they say they used the words purposely preemptive and nonmilitary nonmilitary in the sense that they weren't talking targeting any
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pakistani military civilian or infrastructure they were only targeting the armed group jaish e mohammed that has claimed responsibility for the suicide bombing against indian soldiers back on the fourteenth of february they also use the term preemptive which is something they've never used before it's usually a term we hear from the united states and israel they said they had credible intelligence that the group was going to strike again that's giving themselves justification of why they had to attack but also in a way trying to deescalate the situation with pakistan meantime though we've also heard from prime minister narendra modi while addressing a televised rally he's been saying that he's fulfilled his promise and showing people that he's quote in safe hands and he won't let india be a racist but as far as any evidence the indian officials are holding on to that for now yeah clearly two different narratives as far as what happened in pakistan administered kashmir the indian prime minister as you said spoke a short while ago he's been under a lot of pressure to take action in the wake of the suicide bombing and. this month
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will what happened today be enough to appease his supporters and also the targeting of separatists in indian administered kashmir. well on the streets of several indian cities including here in new delhi there has been sporadic protests people sporadic celebrations rather people been waving indian flags people we al jazeera has spoken to say that yes that school day glad that the attack happened the air strike they're glad that india reacted that some say they should have done it sooner or maybe they should keep hitting them more meantime as it's been going on though it's different situation in administer indeed and mr kashmir so-called separatist leaders have their homes raided and that led to a bunch of right residents a large number breaking curfew and clashing with security forces so while there celebration on the streets in india and indian administered kashmir this protest
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still going on thank you for that says john may live for us in new delhi meanwhile in a statement pakistan's foreign minister shah mahmood qureshi warned india not to challenge his country he said pakistan reserves a reasonable right to respond and the right to self-defense has come on haidar with more reaction from islam a bot. spokesman major. food is going to be organizing a press conference within the next few hours. foreign minister had already. called all syrian border. did intrude. with. them. on the ground.
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particularly. august on is going to be showing that within the next twenty four hours to prove its point. north. military. training ground it is going to be important. given the fact that. very seriously and. while it sounds speak to. who is a retired pakistani air force marshal who joins us live from islamabad thank you so much for being with us on al-jazeera there's a big difference of course between what india is saying and what pakistan is saying happened in pakistan administered kashmir from your experience what do you think went on here what is your understanding of the exact location of these strikes and what happened on the ground. i think first of all there was an
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impression close on was off about which is in the pakistani side of about this me. and it'll claim so out of a combat air patrol for cops to zero before the last four days when they had run out of probing our backs by the indians so tonight when this impression took place the indian names wedding gauge engagement from a quite a long long distance on that it got there for gup lot and knocked on the b.b.l. to reach out beyond visual event mistakes i think onboard saves the hoots of him his point was no escalation no escalation so last one of this thing happened the indian decided to extricate and that is when they'd done their work pakistanis had that big board meeting that they had by everything under the wings before that they can they surveyed foster and get out faster notwithstanding the claim that they have made no no indian channel has shown any any video footage cockpit video to
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gardening is the yes to proselyte by a doctor and they tell a great from the air and from ground it can be given to anyone across the internet no nothing has happened so but of course the movie has said for i've fulfilled my promise for that that's a fair savor for the so so it would seem that the pakistanis are downplaying the indian narrative here what would that suggest as size pakistan's response to it and what can we expect from his i'm a bot. i think pakistan with a concise restraint but push comes to shove we have forty fifth a bit people respond and god gets up and work the workers to be remembered when they talk of standoff capability and decision guy did what issues we had a small that air force but a bunch and in terms of range off off of the stand of weapons i can tell you that we are a shit better than what the indians can offer. now is
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boiling they cannot afford a confrontation so in case of a limited limited flight base place within question either they have a use for one that they have had all across the border they have a bigger problem at their hand and because and do proper thought and if so pitched against the stable a spike to some guess would be several eight being fired american extrication started you goes over the rainbow as them to bond building on their own and they can arc move and so i guess people will be telling them stand down stand down and so you think we're going to see a deescalation then intentions because as you said and as you know it's not the first time that these two a countries have experienced tensions that there's been a flare up of violence in the disputed kashmir region do you think this current situation is a serious escalation. it was a serious escalation in terms of there weren't that close here. but i think.
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when he said yes the start of what is easy really do you want to end up or is more before specially for india and pakistan so like i said that all the conditions are not like it escalate anything beyond this because a soldier fighting on the border is no escalation here don't blame incursion let's go for the lawmakers can go anywhere yeah it'll be interesting to see how the situation evolves thank you very much for speaking to us massoud a retired pakistani air force marshal joining us from islamabad. now as korean leader kim jong un has arrived in vietnam ahead of a second summit with the u.s. president donald trump their biggest priority is reaching an agreement on how to implement kim's promise to get rid of his nuclear weapons diplomatic editor james
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frey's reports from hanoi. kim jong il arriving in hanoi after a long journey by train from north korea all the way across china he's here for the latest stage one of the most unusual diplomatic process is ever into year range from the threat of imminent war made in the u.n. general assembly we will have no choice but to totally destroy north korea to ten months later a face to face summit the first time the leaders of these two countries technically still at war had ever met and there was an instant bond. and then we fell in love ok no really he wrote me beautiful letters and they're great let us. we fell in love even though former state department official from the above the administration was impressed i have
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a dozen criticisms of the trumpet administration foreign policy from presidential impulsiveness to disrespect in misuse of dedicated public servants in the u.s. government on this particular issue i am willing to give president trump credit for trying something new he's not correct when he says the see has never worked with north korea in fact it has produce positive results in the past but he is correct when he says it's never gotten us to the solution that we really want and live not to james say in hanoi james donald trump will arrive in a few hours what's on the agenda then in hanoi. four hours from now we see the u.s. president the north korean leader has been here for over four hours now he's actually left his hotel in the last few minutes for a visit to the north korean embassy we believe he may pay
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a courtesy call on vietnam's leaders in the coming hours to we understand that there may well be meetings going on between high level officials ahead of the actual summit which takes place wednesday and thursday and starts with a we're working dinner on wednesday evening vietnam time so the stage is set the stage is the rather smoky how noisy skyline you can see beside me let's discuss this venue a little bit more with new in viet haw who is managing director of the battle group asia regional consultancy it seems somewhat fitting that vietnam has been chosen for this summit between the u.s. and one of its enemies considering that gnome was once one of its enemies yes yes it's true and it's true that there was a power when vietnam war in so divided as not in south it's true that vietnam
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used to be the place that there's a concern when people don't travel here and that the places that have the concern on the human right however after the last leg of fourteen years when there's no more not ensoul in vietnam this is the place that it's been chosen because of its it can see the as the place of peace it is own so the place the way people can travel on freely and company and feel safe in in the year and it is also the country that actively involved in the political and of the reasons as well as. but the sea bed in so moving the security of the reasons and so i think that the message that the people who choose these place when i get when i say to the people in all over the one that. if how much the
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peace can bring meaning to our country and if there is a peace in that country and the home country and and change and tone into a peace keep us is no the idea is vietnam could be a model for north korea in many ways the key turning points in this country was number one the end of the vietnam war number two and i visited vietnam for the first time before this but the date of nine hundred ninety four that's when the u.s. lifted its symbolic go and there was like an economic tsunami coming in to vietnam nine hundred ninety four was also the day that kimmel some the original president the current ones the current ones grandfather died and powell went to his father if you compare the two countries north korea has two generation yes yes the and also that as the people i'm from the country who have suffered from economy some sense we would not never want any country in there won't that go through that
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experience and so we do believe and we hope that not korea if they have the opportunity like this it's going to go and it's going to become one day it's going to become like a vietnam and not only like to maintain the peace in that country but also involved in keeping the peace in the reason thank you very much for talking to us a very optimistic future presented there for north korea the vietnam model will it be allowed to do that and keep its nuclear weapons that is the key question because the u.s. side has always maintained nuclear disarmament has to take place of north korea north korea has said that there. idea of this is removing the whole nuclear threat from the korean peninsula that effectively means move it removing the u.s. military presence in korea and beyond korea these are difficult discussions that will get underway in the coming hours fully thank you very much james sprays
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a different matic editor live for us in hanoi much more still ahead on this hour just hearing news hour including a catholic cardinal who was one of the pope's closest advisers becomes the highest ranking church official to become convicted of child sex crimes plus why the u.k.'s main opposition leader looks to be changing his mind about a second breakfast at referendum and anthony joshua goes face to face with his heavyweight challenger that's coming up in sports later with me. but first iran's foreign minister mahmoud jobs a reef has quit and it's suggested infighting between parties and political factions may have been behind his decision and majority of iranian m.p.'s have now sent a letter to president hassan rouhani urging that zarif continue his job he played a central role in brokering the twenty fifty nuclear deal between iran and
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a number of world powers my kind of reports from the united nations. this was a moderate face of a nation apparently seeking reconciliation with western powers mohamad job you'd serif was educated in the us and served as ambassador to the united nations before becoming foreign minister in two thousand and thirteen. he was the driving force in the intense negotiations with the west a nuclear powers that led to what became known as the joint comprehensive plan of action an agreement to which iran agreed to limit sensitive nuclear activities and give access to international inspectors in return for the lifting of crippling economic sanctions. the deal now threatened by the unilateral decision of president trump to no longer abide by it it's a bad deal. it's a bad structure it's falling down should have never ever been made i blame congress i blame
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a lot of people for it but it should have never been made. in the months since the u.s. announcement there's been increasing criticism of the foreign minister by some elements in iran who had argued that it proved the foreign minister had been misled in negotiating the deal. a long time user of social media mohammed was well aware that twitter is restricted in iran and announced his resignation on instagram which is widely available i think the generosity of the dia and courageous people of iran and respect to deficiencies over the last sixty seven months he says i apologize sincerely for my inability to continue serving and for all the shortcomings and flaws during the term of my service be happy and proud the announcement came on the same day that syrian president bashar assad made a surprise visit to iran his first since
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a civil war broke out in syria eight years ago among those he met was a rainy and president hassan rouhani who's yet to confirm that he'll accept his foreign minister's resignation mike hanna al-jazeera. president hassan rouhani has yet to accept his foreign minister's resignation rouhani hasn't addressed the sudden stepping down of his foreign minister but instead describes the reef as at the front line of iran's battle against the u.s. now giving his reaction israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu said good riddance to his a reef who as we mentioned was iran's lead negotiator in the nuclear talks israeli prime minister tweeting this as long as i'm here iran will never acquire nuclear weapons and the u.s. secretary of state michael imperioli had this to say we note as a reef resignation we'll see if it sticks either way he end hasan rouhani i just front men for a corrupt religious mafia we know how many makes all final decisions policy is on
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change the regime must behave like a normal country and respect its people i want to bring in dorset has covered iran extensively door so first of all is it clear to you that the iranian president or the supreme leader will accept this resignation no we still don't know if they will and one of the reasons for that is there is no clear replacement for much of odds or if he's a very well liked politician within the government but of course he has been hinting at issues he's had with the conservative establishment in iran and just in the short while ago there are quotes coming out of the foreign ministry saying that the foreign minister himself has said that he's hoping his resignation would help in quote restoring the ministry to its legal position in foreign relations he's hinting at the fact that he hasn't been able to do his job and that means the conservative powers in the islamic republic are interfering according to him with what he's been tasked to do the timing of the resignation also very interesting
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coming on the day that bashar assad of syria was visiting tehran coincidence or not many say it's not they're saying that zarif was the. literally left out of this meeting in the pictures we see of the supreme leader meeting with bashar al assad we see clearly general hossam solo money in the shots from the courts force of the revolutionary guard as well as president rouhani but notably absent is a reef and it's clear that he was not invited to this event and of course he has been somebody that's been at the forefront of the negotiations when it comes to syria and a peace plan that iran has been pushing for zarif of course the face of ukrainian diplomacy but how is he viewed within iran and if his resignation is accepted what will be the public's reaction. well i think he's been he's been viewed as a very much international man of politics he's educated in the united states he has a ph d. in international law from denver university he's always been somebody who's been
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viewed as a very well rounded politician not just somebody who comes from a military background inside the islamic republic whether or not the next person who replaces him will be similar to that is very difficult to say because there's very few of those left in iran and president rouhani is in a very difficult position right now he the way zarif presented his resignation forces ronnie's him to accept it was not doing so will create a much bigger problem and if the resignation is accepted what will it mean of or for the twenty fifty nuclear deal with zarif was the architect of and the europeans are still in it the u.s. not in it obviously since the trumpet ministration came to power is the deal dead if the reef is gone well that is a big question i don't think it will be dead if he's gone i think he'll be much more difficult to sell to the rain in public the fact that it still exists since they haven't seen any tench of all results from it and now the financial
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restrictions that have been further imposed by the united states on iran and or any kind of involvement with in terms of getting businesses back into iran has become much more difficult so it just becomes a more difficult process thank you very much for that door here in the studio with us thank you dore sam the high level negotiations to end afghanistan seventeen year war on into this second day here in qatar senior taliban leaders are holding talks with the u.s. special envoy for peace. in doha afghan taliban co-founder and political chief ghani baradar is leading the discussions stephanie deca is covering those talks for us here in doha joins us now live on the news are up what's come out so far there's been very little information on these talks stephanie are you hearing anything. they're being very tight and we've just managed to establish where they're reaching forty through some investigative work but other than that they're not saying anything the only thing that we know through tweets from the u.s. envoy yesterday that they had
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a working meeting an informal introductory meeting yesterday at lunch and today is when the real discussions are taking place we expect them to take place over the next couple of days difficult things being discussed forty a nationwide cease fire the taleban talking to the afghan government they refused to do that so far u.s. troop withdrawal which is something the taliban insists upon fourteen thousand troops remain inside afghanistan and also to get the taliban to ensure that groups like isis which has been gaining ground and al qaida don't use the country as a staging ground it's complicated they've had forty years of conflict so as the u.s. envoy said following the last round of talks here in doha in january he said it's not going to be solved by just one meeting even if that meeting last week having said that the language coming out from all sides is of a potential optimism i think we'll have to wait and see what they agree on here what kind of timetable to this cease fire to the troop withdrawals and whether that can translate and be sustained on the ground in afghanistan thank you for that
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stuff taken live for us here in doha and i'm at the staff is here with us very shortly step colter with the weather and still ahead missy international criticizes the state of human rights in the middle east where look at which countries to report singles out and why nigeria's election and early polls show incumbent president mahmoud abbas hari is in the lead but the opposition says it's too early to saddle braids and coming up in sports with libya a round up of the n.b.a. action including a victory for the golden state warriors. hello there we've got a lot of rain in asia at the moment that shouldn't really be there this time of year it should be more or less completely dry and instead we've got this whole
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river of wet weather working its way across bangladesh and then up through parts of china now this is a region that as i say is new really dry for the past couple of days has been pretty soggy so for some of us in bangladesh them we've seen seventy four millimeters of rain in the last two days not an extraordinary amount but sixty one millimeters it was just in the last twenty four hours so certainly wet at the moment and as i say it should be dry this time of year in the entire month we normally expect to only forty millimeters so we were both the entire monthly average just in a day and that rain is set to continue for the weather that you can see on our chart there for today is gradually snaking its way up toward shanghai and shanghai is also expecting some fairly heavy rain as we head through the next few days so plenty more wet weather then still originating in the northeastern parts of india and then making its way northeast with even as we head through wednesday and into thursday that rain really doesn't go anywhere in a great hurry so if you're along this line then do expect more wet weather in fact for some of us in bangladesh they could be up to one hundred millimeters more rain
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in the next couple of days so that could cause a problem with flooding and you can see on thursday as it works its way northward it is going to turn wintry and bring us a lot of heavy snow here. every dude is being analyzed it's being weighed and measured. and it's not just. i mean most not fans of the state at the moment we are in a state of the universe that. did something that was her act rather take the risks of democracy. digital dissidents on al-jazeera. donald trump says he has a special bond with him john the north korean leader and the u.s. president are about to meet again in vietnam a letter they were shining is very comprehensive and i think both sides are going
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to be very impressed with eight months after that historic summit in singapore come a strike a deal on nuclear weapons and to finally end the korean war special coverage of the twenty seven. you're watching the news hour on al-jazeera with me for a reminder our top stories india say its military has carried out as strikes close to the border of pakistan and pakistani administered kashmir the target was an armed group behind a suicide attack in indian administered kashmir earlier this month but islamic law
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denies there were any casualties or damage done by the indian it strikes both korean leader kim jong un has arrived in vietnam as capital ahead of a second summit with u.s. president donald trump came was greeted by a god of honor after crossing into the country by trade. and iran's foreign minister. zarif has announced he is stepping down is sudden departure throws further dollars on the future of the twenty fifty nuclear deal which the u.s. pulled out of. now i am a senior national has a report looking at the state of human rights in the middle east and it says a lack of international justice only emboldens authorities to crack down on their citizens and freedom of speech the report singles out the case of journalist whose murder inside the saudi consulate in istanbul last october led to a global outcry amnesty laments that those responsible are yet to be brought to justice the report also highlights a jailing of rights activists made months or in the united arab emirates and that
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be a great job in bahrain who are both in prison for criticizing their government on social media and amnesty says egypt has become a more dangerous place for critics of the government than at any other time in recent history let's speak to him or riot who's the middle east regional director at amnesty international she is live from beirut thank you for being with us here but let's talk about the big picture for us and it's a worrying picture of human rights in the region certainly according to your reports what is fueling this cycle of abuse and what seem bold and governments as you say in your report to commit these abuses. internationally think two things have been happening in the last few years on the one hand you've had a number of authoritarian regimes trying to crack down on any form of dissent designed to ensure that the uprisings that happened in twenty eleven can never happen again and the other on the other hand you have a lot of western governments who might at certain points have engaged in
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discussions about human rights in a foreign policy willing to look the other way either because of security interests or migration interests overseas anomic interests in the region so you say western governments are willing to look the other way but there has been a global outcry since the murder of jamal many of these governments like saudi arabia now under the spotlight as they have never been before some countries like germany refusing to do arms deals with saudi arabia could this lead to concrete change and put other governments in check. we think that the case was incredibly important in twenty thousand if not one of the most important events and not not just because of the horror of what actually happened but because of the very rare international response now on this international have been documenting human rights abuses in saudi arabia for years we've very little international interest in it so i think the horror of what happened to going to shield she has created some momentum which we've seen translate at least on the part of denmark finland norway into
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a decision to halt arms sales to saudi arabia given how they are being used in yemen for the commission of human rights and abuses of international humanitarian law our hope is that that momentum can be sustained in particular towards yemen but also for renewed scrutiny on saudi arabia we are still calling for an independent u.n. investigation into the killing of. because only an independent un investigation can actually bring to light what happened and your reports. countries in particular egypt iran and saudi arabia where you say the crackdown on dissent and civil society densified significantly in twenty eighteen why do you believe the international response to violations in these countries has of been inadequate as you say i can see why in the case of egypt what about iran. for us twenty eighteen was a very significant year for iran because of the seven thousand arrests that took
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place in the aftermath of protests. significant in breadth significant in the cruelty of that and here again we've seen international actors including a number of european governments fail to raise human rights concerns i think for us on this international in the post twenty eleven moment there was a time when foreign policy was often combined with human rights on the table and since then we've gone back to an era of real politik where human rights just falls off that list of issues to just one briefly one last question here before we let you go is a picture of bleak throughout the region had there been some improvement so. we have noted a number of limited improvements often legislative in in lebanon or in palestine or into his ear when it comes to fighting violence against women for example and i would also point to the fact that intern is the it's not all black because the truth commission into news it did manage to refer to trial a number of prosecutions for crimes in the past so we have some hopes around
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accountability bill clinton is the and in lebanon but i think our report focuses on the broader picture because of the gravity of human rights abuses occurring elsewhere. international thank you very much for speaking to us. speculation is mounting that british prime minister to resign may will move towards delaying breaks it which is due to happen in just over a month shall give an update to parliament later on tuesday meanwhile the main opposition major party says it could support a second referendum on whether britain should leave the european union it would be a significant u. turn for leader jeremy corwin who is always resisted calls support the hugely divisive issue to another public vote is in london for a store and said to begin with the prime minister and why she is possibly looking for a delay to the departure date now. yeah i'm going to find out probably within about a couple of hours from now when she speaks to parliament's whether or not it's
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expected that she will step back from her stonewalling and her insistence that the u.k. is definitely in the european union a march twenty ninth just over a month from now with either her deal or no deal and the thing that's also the dynamic that stopped this sort of constipation in parliament has been the resignations of politicians from both sides over the course of last week and this is the thing that's really put the fear in sit down in the streets died there that there could be mass resignations from ministers inside sarees amaze own governments after a vote in parliament some are which would demands that the reason may organize is probably a lengthy delay now the length of the delay that tourism a suggesting known to be a couple of months what's called a technical delay to try still to get her deal through that night not be acceptable to majority parliament nor to the european union but in terms what it suggests is that there is literally so much fear now inside her own cabinet and inside her own
1:38 pm
party that no deal would be absolutely catastrophic that basically they're saying look if you won't rule out no deal then we're going to do it for you and so she's effectively being bounced and soon going back on what her solemn promise was that the u.k. would leave at the end of march and labor meanwhile edging closer to backing another referendum on britain's membership. yeah unequally that's jeremy corbin going back on his pledge to sit with either the the u.k. wants and will will will definitely leave and it should be under his terms of staying in a trade arrangement with the european union but all are in breakfast as well the vast majority of the labor party doesn't want to leave the european union at all and so he's now being bounced into supporting an idea of a second referendum with an option it is of not leaving the european union so all that might not get anywhere frankly through parliament but it what it suggests just lights reason organizing to delay the different ideas but their fact civilly solutions to the same thing there is now so much fear across parliament that the
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u.k. is not prepared at all for leaving without a deal the zone for structure in place it will cause economic collapse or no trade deals with other countries that would allow the u.k. economy to function they're basically saying on all sides to the government and to the executive look you know you know no deal just cannot happen if you won't guarantee that there we're going to go past you and do it for you so gradually things are shifting i think what you're definitely going to see is a delay and no deal is looking less and less likely thank you lawrence in london for us. a court in australia has convicted a top vatican cleric of child sexual abuse cardinal george palace found guilty of molesting two choir boys federal in one thousand nine hundred ninety six the pope's top financial adviser is the most senior roman catholic cleric to be convicted of child sex abuse andrew thomas reports. he is the highest ranking member of the catholic church ever to be convicted of child sexual abuse cardinal
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george pell a former archbishop of sydney and melbourne was most recently at the vatican in charge of the church's worldwide finances he was close to the pope now he's been found guilty of sexually abusing two quiet boys in a cathedral in melbourne in the one nine hundred ninety s. having somebody of such high status in the church having been convicted it. gives a sense that the strategy is moving in the right direction and no one's above the law pell's personal disgrace comes on top of criticism of his handling of sexual abuse by others that he was in charge of investigating into the fourteen he gave evidence to a national inquiry into institutional sexual abuse in australia i was accused of helping to cover up the sexual abuse of priests pell gave his evidence by video link claiming he was too frail to travel from the vatican to australia but when
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multiple accusations were made against him personally he was compelled to come to australia to defend himself i am innocent of these charges. whole idea of sexual abuse is power of attorney pal spent much of last year in court a first trial was abandoned after a jury failed to reach a decision but after a second trial a new jury found him guilty that conviction came last december but a legal suppression order banned it from being reported that was because pal was due to face another trial relating to different accusations dating from the one nine hundred seventy s. a judge ordered a legal suppression order banning any reporting of the trials to date in case jurors in the future trial were influenced by what they saw or heard of the previous ones journalists editors even people on twitter were threatened with up to five years in jail if they broke the order but don't choose state prosecutors
1:42 pm
dropped the future trial so december's verdict can now be reported and people here are demanding tough justice george pell is a monster a freak he has to be giles not know home detention none of this but very quick justice we want to seem in giles we want to see him for all i even help for ever peril has already started an appeal against his conviction before that's heard he is very likely to go to jail andrew thomas al-jazeera sydney. the u.n. security council is set to hold an open meeting on venezuela on tuesday at the request of the united states on monday venezuela denounced the regional bloc that lima group accusing it of waging a campaign to oust president nicolas maduro the fourteen member bloc had been holding talks in colombia along with u.s. vice president mike pence benson around a new round of sanctions on coast allies of maduro and urged regional partners to
1:43 pm
freeze the country's oil assets meanwhile at least twenty five people were believed to have been killed in violent confrontations along venezuela's border with brazil over the weekend where duras forces were trying to stop opposition supporters from bringing foreign aid into the country. and spoke with some of the survivors. says there is no uncertainty having survived the violence that erupted saturday in an area along venezuela's border with brazil he says it's clear to him the lethal force used by venezuelan security forces was deliberate. they came to militarily take this community they didn't arrive peacefully they were shooting to kill i can say that because i was shot another man who helped me he was also shot. videos like this one purport to show what happened in and around the venezuelan town of santa ana when security forces attempted to stop opposition supporters from bringing foreign aid into the country. while the number of dead has not been confirmed at
1:44 pm
least one official from the area now estimates it could be as high as twenty five. among the wounded are members of indigenous groups dozens of those injured in the confrontations were transported across the border for treatment. but again exclusive access to this hospital in the brazilian city of bo of easter where many of the wounded corroborated the amateur footage alfredo perot's tells me he and his children who are also recovering in this hospital were guarding their indigenous community when security forces showed up. they let me enter at six am there arrived and then started shooting they started shooting everybody that was in front of them it was a massacre they start of the massacre. the. doctors say it wasn't simply the injuries these people sustained that were life threatening john on the committee jim won't they didn't receive appropriate first aid because of the lack of emergency medical supplies in venezuela after the first patient
1:45 pm
showed up here we sent some materials back with the venezuelan ambulances to help them treat patients better all around pain is apparent and shock is palpable many of the patients we're speaking with her today say that even though things in venezuela have been bad for quite some time they never expected it would come to this. sixteen year old carlos had a set out toward the border with brazil on saturday so he could help get aid into his country he says that's when the shooting began and. when i fell down there were two people dead next to me that took me to the hospital and the hospital was full of people there was no space to put the injured people there were several people dead in the hospital. carlos is one day shy of turning seventeen his mother adriana is both worried for and proud of her boy she says she understands why he took the risk the whole innocent on the panel how the youth are
1:46 pm
the ones who are looking for a better future there was democracy jaring my childhood things that the children of today did not experience and that's what the youth of venezuela are looking for these days. demands that will no doubt be hard to achieve at a time when threat may be growing but resolve is also deepening mohammed atta boy in what i must state brazil. iraq's president says all i saw fight is of committed crimes against this country will go on trial this includes thirteen french citizens who have been transferred to iraq from syria assad presents on a made the announcement after meeting his french counterpart emmanuel mccall in paris. nigeria's opposition body has rejected early polling results which show the incumbent president mohammed in the lead the results of saturday's election is still trickling in but biharis supporters are celebrating already so far the
1:47 pm
president is ahead seven states to five the opposition people's democratic party has accused a.p.c. of colluding with the electoral commission to manipulate the results join a hole has the latest from a butcher. or the results continue to come in here across this vast country state by state we are around about the halfway point now and already president. going for his second consecutive term in office of course is taken as slim lead over his challenger a two coup a black card a businessman promising to deliver investment and jobs it's a slim lead as i say but results have yet to come in from the populous northwest of the country where were is expected to win well and if he does analysts believe his lead now may prove to be a salable meanwhile there are early signs that the final result when it comes will not go unchallenged on monday the people's democratic party of barker announced
1:48 pm
that it was rejecting all the results so far pointing to allegations of government use of intimidation of voters of manipulation of the votes of inducements to buy votes and incarceration even of officials these are allegations that the ruling party a.p.c. or president immediately dismissed saying the p.d.p. simply wants to discredit and destabilize the electoral process. cubans have overwhelmingly approved a new constitution which ratifies that one party socialist system it also offers some modest economic and social changes including the formal recognition of private property and the right to legal representation upon arrests the new constitutional so established as presidential term limits. this dog would win an olympic medal be able to record his sex just in the states. we.
1:49 pm
1:50 pm
time to source his the thank you folly well robert kraft is the owner of super bowl champions new england patriots where he's been summoned on charges of soliciting prostitution a court date has been set for april fourth but kraft does not have to appear in person seventy seven year old faces two charges of playing for sex at the orchids of asia spa in jupiter florida he denies it but police say they have video evidence each charge could carry a one year sentence but first time offenders are unlikely to get significant jail
1:51 pm
time craft is one of twenty five people facing similar charges connected to a larger investigation into human trafficking but officials stress that none of them are being charged with human trafficking. when i talk about human trafficking i'm talking about the general subject of human trafficking the larger picture there is no allegation that any of the defendants were involved in human trafficking they are not being charged as such but instead of talking about a particular defendant i like to make the conversation broader human trafficking is built on force fraud. or coercion it is evil in our midst. it is also fueled by the demand side demands from otherwise law abiding citizens who are. not aware or don't want to be aware about those being exploited. human trafficking often occurs in plain sight which is why i am hopeful that these pieces will encourage people to say something if they see something in for victims
1:52 pm
of this unreported crime to gain the courage. to let their voices be heard the pilot involved in the plane crash that killed cardiff city football or money on a solemn did not have a license for commercial flights cording to investigators they've released their first report looking into the crash which killed both sallah and pilot david and it includes new images of the wreckage of the plane which was found thirteen days after it vanished over the english channel back in january had been flying from france to wales after saying goodbye to his former teammates at a french club not the cause of the crash though is yet to be determined. we know that there's two organizations that are. connected with this aircraft one in the united states and one in the united kingdom neither of those organizations had applied for permission for this aircraft to be used on a commercial basis and the civil aviation authority has not being able to find any
1:53 pm
record that he has given out a clearance for the aircraft to be operated commercially so the bit of the picture we're missing is now the information from the federal aviation authority and we'll be asking them to provide that information the pilot had a private a private pilot's license and we'll be looking at the licensing in the validity of the license as part of our investigation but the problem we have at the moment is that his license was lost with the aircraft and the license would be the primary source of information for the validity so we're having to try and find that information elsewhere with the radar information we have is quite detailed and it shows the aircraft in a turn for about one hundred eighty degrees and in that turn the aircraft descended and then towards the end of the turn it climbed again and that's the last information we have from the radar so what we'll be trying to do is to see if we can get some of the evidence from the wreckage of the seabed to see if we can connect that lost radar information with the way the aircraft hit the surface of the sea to see whether or not that we can describe in greater detail the final
1:54 pm
final moments of the flight status it in what looks like celtic football manager brendan rodgers is set to leave and take over at leicester city rodgers has won back to back scottish premiership title since taking over at celtic in two thousand and sixteen and they're on track to make it three in a row but it's reported the club has given him permission to talk to leicester who sacked their manager cloud on saturday rodgers has managed in the premier league before he was in charge at liverpool for three years rodgers is said to be in leicester right now later on tuesday they play their first match sense sacking they've lost six of their last seven games and now they face at brighton in the premier league. the professional place to go with the job you know we see many managers come and go and they've been brought to day and that didn't go to there's going to be lots of speculation this is a fantastic club and it's a great opportunity for anybody who comes and takes a job because it's a great job heavyweight boxer is anthony joshua and draw millar have met again
1:55 pm
a week after they had to be separated at a media conference in new york this time they traded insults instead of blows in front of the press in london joshua is undefeated in the i.d.f. w.p.a. and w b o champion both are in the british capital to drum up in for their fight at madison square garden on june first. i'm a stripper movie so in a ring it's all about several rounds to be in the fly and stroll and if you still in the look is face when but when to reconstruct his face on june first i'm really looking forward to the challenge. that's always. the thing. that. you know. all the nervousness all that so. you know i mean i go this is what i've been doing this is when i was working for him so like i said before he's not the one no more coming you can come he's going to take you through times and through you know roger federer's campaign to an eight
1:56 pm
hundred eighty p. title is off to a successful start the swiss star beat philip kohlschreiber in the first round of the dubai championships the world number seven he's competing for the first time since the australian open suffered a midway shock but recovered nicely to eventually close out the match six four three six six one federer is also going for a record eight title to the. lead while over at the mexico open and. fellow swiss player stan wawrinka won his first round match against american qualifier ryan percent voting has dropped to number forty two in the world rankings after a struggle after struggling with a long term injury. and be a champions the golden state warriors bounce back from sunday's defeat to the houston rockets this time they were up against the charlotte hornets worriers star steph curry was back in his hometown and his mother was in the stands to watch her son in action there she is he didn't have his best night though but still managed
1:57 pm
to impress with three pointers like this one that workers went on to win comfortably one twenty one twenty. so. there was a dramatic finish to the game between the philadelphia seventy six ers and the new orleans pelicans trailing by one point with less than ten seconds left the pelicans had a chance to break and win the match but they failed to find the net and the seventy six years to get by the narrowest of margins. no matter how hard humans try animals tend to just be a bit better athletes than us like this dog named yuri his handler duke through my frisbee as part of the halftime show. at a football game in orlando florida and ended up stealing the show. because it yes he ran for seventy five meters and caught it with no hands is impressive fetching and sets a new world record for the longest for his because during a live sporting event. what a good boy well that's our sport now back to folly thank you very much for that that's it for this news hour on al-jazeera for me for you back to you and the whole
1:58 pm
team thank you for watching our team denis is with you next to stay with us on the issues there. to. the carter center.
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news is happening faster than ever before from different places from different people and you need to be passive backed you need to be able to reach people wherever they are and that means being across all social media platforms this is where all the ins lives as well as in front of a t.v. they're on the smartphone they're on the tablet they're on the computer. and that's the way al-jazeera is a fall into the true media network. it does look more and more like bangladesh is becoming a one party state give me one good reason why the opposition should have been voted to do part isn't the problem the human rights watch describes how opposition members have been arrested children even disappeared maybe have some goes head to head with a gal who is free. do you want to be a developed country they don't is disputing the economic revolution well i don't recall saying this is a development is not the same as democracy head to head on al-jazeera.
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india more planes strike targets along the border of pakistan administered kashmir as tensions over the disputed territory escalate. and confrontations between soldiers and protesters inside indian administered kashmir raids on people suspected of being separatist leader. hello and welcome to al-jazeera live from.


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