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tv   Episode 2  Al Jazeera  February 26, 2019 3:00pm-3:58pm +03

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cuba's unfinished space on al-jazeera. al-jazeera this is an opportunity to understand in a very different way where there. is and we don't need. one fully back to go with a look at our main stories here on al-jazeera india says its military has carried out as strikes close to the border of pakistan and pakistani administered kashmir it says the target was an armed group behind a suicide attack in indian administered kashmir earlier this month but as denies there were any casualties or damage done by the indian ass right. in the face of the minutes danger a preemptive strike became absolutely necessary in an intelligence led operation in the early hours of today india struck the biggest training camp of the gesture
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moment in balakot in this operation a very large number of gentian mama terrorists trainers senior commanders and groups of jihad these who are being trained for free then action were eliminated the government of india is firmly and resolutely committed to taking all necessary measures to fight the minutes of terrorism hence this nonmilitary preemptive action was specifically targeted at the junction man but camp pakistan's foreign minister says it's on forces are prepared for all eventualities either pakistan cannot if there is aggression against pakistan we have the right to defend our country this equation is unfolding a political level a diplomatic level and at a military level pakistan is planning and pakistan will respond. al jazeera says jameel has more now from new delhi. indian officials are being very tight lipped
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the only thing we are hearing from them is the clip we just heard from india's foreign secretary they may be releasing some more information soon but that what they have said is that these raid this airstrike was necessary they say they used the words purposely preemptive and nonmilitary nonmilitary in the sense that they weren't talking targeting any pakistani military civilian or infrastructure they were only targeting the armed group jaish e mohammed that has claimed responsibility for the suicide bombing against indian soldiers back on the fourteenth of february they also use the term pre emptive which is something they've never used before it's usually a term we hear from the united states and israel they said they had credible intelligence that the group was going to strike again. in other news north korean leader kim jong un has arrived in vietnam's capital ahead of a second summit with the u.s. president donald trump came was greeted by a god of honor after crossing into the country by train iran's foreign minister
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mahmoud java zarif has announced his stepping down this further doubt on the future of the twenty fifty nuclear deal which the u.s. for last year high level negotiations and afghanistan seventeen year war are into this second day in qatar senior taliban leaders are holding talks with the u.s. special envoy for peace on may how designed here in doha afghan taliban co-founder and political chief. baradar is leading the discussions stephanie decker has more. the talks are expected to kick off in earnest on tuesday monday we saw a series of introductory meetings in a working lunch between the americans and the taliban delegation difficult issues on the table but certainly everyone we've spoken to when it comes to afghan watchers and analysts and n.-g. o. workers most of the people. in afghanistan are watching this closely in there is a feeling that perhaps this time something may be achieved however they remain difficult and complicated topics a nationwide ceasefire need to be addressed and implement
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a timetable for the withdrawal of american troops around fourteen thousand remain in afghanistan the americans are trying to get the taliban to speak to the afghan government this is something they have refused to do so far and also they want to get assurances that groups like isis which have been gaining ground in afghanistan and al qaida don't use it as a staging ground for future attacks so timetables need to be looked at logistics need to be looked at so i think we have to take a step back wait and see what can be achieved here over the next coming days and then whether that can be implemented and sustained in the ground in afghanistan and the vatican has expressed its utmost respect for strain is judicial system after the conviction of a top cleric of child sex crimes cardinal george bell was found guilty of molesting two choir boys at a melbourne cathedral in one nine hundred ninety six those are the headlines digital dissidents is next.
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no it was the war and the person in the n.s.a. who did what he absolutely should have done. being a patriot doesn't move you know obedience to a. putting aside your obligations to your people to your country for the benefit of your government because the office reaches. her she needs reveals very concretely. streaming after talking ation how the us has our own records shows that it was involved in one way or another in the deaths of more than one hundred twenty thousand people in iraq and afghanistan between two thousand and four and two thousand and ten. and the u.s. government's response is maybe hypothetically as a result of this release of this material some afghan family or u.s.
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soldier. could face risks. we will likely. face is the cost in human lives on tomorrow's battlefield or in in some in some some place where we will put our military forces the end result as a last year of the earth or the single person as a result. if you let go of your rights for a moment you lost a lot of time and that's why this matters is because it and we didn't know we were told. for some people there superheroes are others simply traitors whistleblowers like daniel ellsberg thomas drake william binney and would snowden. hackers an eye. activists like the wiki leaks founder julian assange and the former british secret service agent an emotional they warn us about the complete
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surveillance of our society they oppose intelligence agencies governments and corporations and for this they are threatened hounded and imprisoned. why are they so committed what drives them. the intelligence services enough the only ones monitoring communications and processing massive data. also private corporations like google amazon facebook and apple collect millions of pieces of information about us to analyze and monetize.
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that's a click is a self that's not on sacked dot com i have a personal mission dr cynthia watched off this i don't see once they're on it's just there are no in v.h.f. and a slick not a sit down or stuffed tiger suit does all school boy to be honest. we don't really know what exactly happens with their own digital trails. our data is transferred invisibly to huge data centers. sublimating into a complex new identity creating our digital self. into undeveloped blink this myth the fish that's the sky in a human it didn't have it doesn't make it it's an ending of then thought into this you see if you do that stuff one may have the boss start with. you if you know it's
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off the house for the want and thought stunt one for the finished imma be so much money that is close to an s.t.d. it is against us but it's an awful and he shot and says he and everyone gets smarter because of this technology because it's free or very inexpensive and the empowerment of people is the secret to technological progress. we are all participating in this enormous transition where billions of people are joining our party or joining our fun in joining our anxiety. misaligned it would a missile with and if we do balance fall in d.v.d. i don't doubt that shots ahumada fly high it always starts with no you put looked at some of them given the new developments in machine intelligence will make us far far smarter as a result and this means everyone on the planet genetics revolution has a huge and positive impact on the way we treat disease progression disease and so
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and so on it's all basically because these smartphones are really super computers. and. yet sign on it gunson being a fun time as well you just telephone not just via just this is a gotten him going to them and been nice to him and i'm from no one's a smartphone into who was in touch i have it's like. it would be a slice minimum of war vs and yes i see how my vance into it was in touch in the middle ones. with the advent of the smartphone we have become even more visible. so early under those glitches but. then it's not just i phones that i was laughing
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i mean most small phones of these days smartphones capture our communication behavior along when where and with whom we talk apps collect data about our user behavior even our health data in addition many people use digital data storage like clouds carelessly handing over their information all of our communities. are being intercepted a lack of endorsements or automatic and that means that all of our use or all mark's russians are associations. who we talk to who needs who we hate. as the old internet saying goes if it's for free and you are the product because the use of all those convenient digital online services are only seemingly for free because we paying with our debt.
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we have neither inside nor overview about our digital self and absolutely no possibility to actively control it. then it's a bit stale online as a c. have a command been. for vented a bit as they missed us to sniff so then you've got to spit sublist and now it's an increase in v.h.f. they can be out on cannot decide which of the he'll be at is that supposed capital at home lots on fit buy it in internet get on. this will be missed this is a few min kept. going up to date up brokerage child undersized consequently frenzy at rest and on hand field sit under a few mit. beating such highest and allow french bacon to put sesson into account
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in spouse us mit diden tustin talked in z. for i'm nuts and fruit was a victim cow of. want that's so much better than i was vietnam s. not you can watch fashion so owned by speed size of yet alpha titan if you offered to buy my house for inform on like i did and think the less trust the been with some and you hundred fifty rushed us to been would soon come under hostile explicit seem to see for light and it was understood that since the smashed and i'll go it's most unprofessional so far than one vial empties it looks close it gets old and get out too much and he kind of did to point out. the data we create our digital self is also of interest as a juicy source of information for the intelligence community. so quickly it is now being put placed on you asked networks infrastructure like trying to get a structure tapping straight in enabled
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by critical partnerships the full extent of which have still not been revealed to this day not even from the snow disclosures eighteen t. for aizen and a number of others but that's where it started with the phone companies ok group was it was rapidly expanded to include emails and all related information internet usage and all related from ation and financial transactions. the revelations by edward snowden provide detailed insight into the relationship between intelligence services and private companies. telephone metadata and web browsing histories of great interest to the intelligence community. see that's really industrial relations. they were tapping the fiber lines between
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the google servers yeah they didn't even know this is going on google dot ok so i mean that's the point they can tap lines anywhere in the world and when they do that they can get it between the servers of any but any company. from my perspective i think it's in massive collusion between the big corporations and big government and with. the military security complex they have agreements between them where they will pay money for data if they produce data for n.s.a. or they will also pay for access and like for example the the room in the eighteenth the facility in san francisco that has the n.s.a. . it's the n.s.a. room that has the tappan on an hourly fee data and it's really eighteen t. that has them maintain that room facebook is evil in my view have been saying as he is it's the spies wet dream it does real for up all information and it's just there on a plate for the spies to access and we know they do put through back doors and things
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and yet that's a defamation is taken weeks or months together we're going into vigil they extend what google of information to google has is nothing near what n.s.a. does for example they do not have they have access to the emails if they're using g. mail for example but not all the other service providers and they don't so they don't have that data to do a composite view of what people are doing nor do they have access to all the fiber optic lines around the world nor do they see the banking transactions or the financial transactions or all the phone calls they don't see that sort of vast amount of information that google does not have. so that's something that is leading to increasing concentrations of power and you
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get some smart people these are companies and then these cracks to the national security sector as contractors. so the creative viber. see. market capitalism. for ok so. many of the companies concerned reacted immediately to the snowden revelations they proclaim and advertise seemingly tap proof mobile phones and texting services followed by public announcements pleading that they will no longer put up with the pressure of the intelligence services. the way in which technology companies have reacted in the wake of the snowden. leaks means that the level of cooperation between technology companies and and
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intelligence agencies has gone down and that's that's that's added to the threat in some ways. it would be slightly bizarre if all the advances in technology in the use of bulk data analysis which are improving. the performance of business improving the health care. delivery and so on some how national security was allowed to use that. is not as if the more secure you get the less purpose you have all the more previous you have the less security you have these you know in a free society like we enjoy in the west. your freedoms are guaranteed by security and so the job of western governments is to find the optimal levels of privacy and security supposed to maximize. as
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a consequence of the september eleventh attacks the technical capabilities of the intelligence services were massively expanded international collaboration of national spy organizations was also intensified not always without friction and problems they have similar aims like combating international terrorism they get they listen in on one another. after the nine eleven hit there was this perspective that germany had had screwed up that the security service accrued up that they had harbored terrorists. cells and homburg. you have a number of the hijackers. transited through live there play in there. it was a significant cell there's no question about that and there's a whole history behind it and i think i think as i said i said this even publicly
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said this in terms of the testimony for the bundestag the germany within europe was declared. a target number one and i believe i believe. significant pressure but clearly out of the secret partnership and cooperation to be indian others was expanded and we know that now there's again more evidence has come out there was a special agreement this secret and expanded sharing it basically gave the united states car blodgett but also it was it was a b. and b. . not going to cooperate or going to help facilitate. this spring two thousand and fifteen a scandal erupts in germany regarding the close and secret collaboration between the german intelligence service be n.d. and the n.s.a. .
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the b. and d. cooperated with the n.s.a. to spy on european politicians and assisted the united states in attempts of industrial espionage. when the press reported that the chancellor rhee had known about the scandal since two thousand and eight it peaked with the german opposition threatening to sue its own government over the b endianness a fair. victorian . now it's become this new. zine. in and as a cause an opinion dean went in and. from the indies and in these activities. just give us some us and to get up as it's your and
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i'm in one go but even better voted to move here is that you will be conscious item of get picked in beijing and fun toys shipped. in with these and forking and a foothold. since two thousand and fourteen in nk wire into the snowden revelations meets in the bundestag for the first time i whistle blower from the usa reports to the parliamentary committee about the n.s.a. and its into relations with the german d.n.d. . william binney confirm the very close relationship between the b. n.d.
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and the n.s.a. to the commission of a relationship that already existed during his time in the us intelligence service . as if you're looking at the vanity and this. was and it was office it is controversial insignia and then this in the field for a base of a hoax on deny him took this year. get all the out of couldn't this instrument's the parliament how to control it and off it contains to an equal to move in ten of the better than awfully good things to fit in filed a c. l for some synthesis so if we can involve we hadn't to see here stuff taught in any law he contains that agnon the meat and if we can't get out and
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sit on the stuff it's moved into parliament house you control clean room so i mean from what i can see they have the same problem getting information from the b. and d. that the congress has from getting of getting information from the n.s.a. it is the either won't tell them or they lie to them one of the other i mean that's what's been going on in the in the us government the point is that in our in our case we've been this snowden material has made it obvious that they've been lying to the government that's why intelligence agencies are that they are tossed to do things in secret that are unlawful. or politically embarrassing you see intelligence agencies aren't aren't controllable unless they're really heavily monitored and there's a verification and unquestionable verification process they don't have that now that's the problem in our country too we do not have an undue unequivocal verification process that the agencies can't can't can't corrupt we are how we
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conclude this is team in the minds of the things that there's been this step element that is in control into leading is kicked out so and i can this commuters are going to parliament that is you can totally immune them into some talk when these talks are going to ongoing when i mean all governments seem to be in a position of having to trust their intelligence agencies telling them the truth. that is questionable nothing will happen in terms of any self-regulation as organizations are too secretive too complex to walk back to his house that regular . the german chancellor in the bundestag parliamentary control committee are officially responsible for the control of the b. and d. . only with a more comprehensive and effective control of the intelligence agencies can civil rights and privacy be properly protected. what other
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options are there to prevent abuse or possible illegal activities by the spies. often only intelligence insiders are left to go public reveal institutional violations and become whistleblowers get there's disparity between these individuals on the one side and the governments and intelligence services on the other and so the whistleblowers and activists soon find out what happens when they challenge these organizations. as a would consider navy stop and be a given the tool each would have to go home saw me as and good luck to get. this being bandied react to your own admission you were team whistleblower snowden fifty one i'm yaki you but i then shot and mutton. and.
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they are too old to be aereo good reason snowden some suits are. tied on the side kind basically just out. get through to get told by a club our best estimate must see vincent two one for been given isn't very good. after his revelations in two thousand and thirteen edward snowden tried to flee from hong kong to south america via moscow but the u.s. revoked his passport he couldn't continue his journey from moscow and had to apply for asylum in russia. started had been criticized about ending up in russia headed up in russia because the state department canceled his passport and so he couldn't fly other version i mean the incredible our goal why would they do that that allows them to make the argument that he's working for russia and they can apply the nine hundred seventeen act why would they want to apply the nine hundred seventy because the one nine hundred seventeen act carries with it the
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death penalty and they want to get in the death penalty the n.s.a. commission in the bundestag actually wanted to call snowden as a witness many voices in the german public support the idea to grant edward snowden asylum in germany. monch on al-jazeera maggi has done debates discusses and dissect the big issues of our times in head to heads thailand votes on march the twenty fourth and its first general election since the twenty fourteen military coup join us for special coverage in a powerful new film residents of occupied jerusalem share their thoughts on its
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cost present and future shop deal or no deal what does the future hold for breaks it will bring you the latest as the march the twenty ninth deadline for the u.k. to meet the new edges nira and we examine the development of an unusual alliance between radical buddhist monks and the military in million mom march on al-jazeera . the president's son donald trump jr was promised a damaging information about hillary clinton the allegation like to see an investigation says the troops did in the trunk of colluding with russia did you at any time of the urge the former f.b.i. director james comey in any way shape or form a closer to back down the investigation into michael flynn and also as you will know next question bottle filled washington on al-jazeera. last and abandoned. found and saved one on one east reveals how one
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shower is giving pakistan's lost children a new chance at life on al-jazeera. well again i'm fully back to bo with the headlines on al-jazeera india says its military has carried out as strikes close to the border of pakistan and pakistani administered kashmir and says the target was an encore behind a suicide attack in indian administered kashmir earlier this month in the face of imminent danger of a preemptive strike became absolutely necessary in an intelligence led operation in the early hours of today india struck the biggest training camp of the gesture moment in balakot in this operation
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a very large number of gentian mama terrorists trainers senior commanders and groups of jihad these who being trained for feeding action were eliminated the government of india is firmly and resolutely committed to taking all necessary measures to fight the minutes of terrorism hence this nonmilitary preemptive action was specifically targeted at the moment the camp pakistan's foreign minister says its armed forces are prepared for all eventualities either pakistan cannot if there is aggression against pakistan we have the right to defend our country this equation is unfolding at the political level the diplomatic level and at a military level pakistan is planning and pakistan will respond. in other news north korean leader kim jong un has arrived in vietnam's capital ahead of a second summit with u.s. president donald trump came was greeted by
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a god of honor after crossing into the country by train iran's foreign minister mahmoud jobs arief has announced his stepping down this stalls for the dot on the future of the twenty fifty nuclear deal which the u.s. pulled out of last year high level negotiations to end afghanistan seventeen year war i into their second day in qatar senior taliban leaders are holding talks with the u.s. special envoy for peace. in doha and the vatican has expressed its at most respects forestry is judicial system after the conviction of a top cleric of child sex crimes cardinal george pell was found guilty of molesting two choir boys at a melbourne cathedral in one nine hundred ninety six the pope's top financial advisor is the most senior roman catholic cleric to be convicted of child abuse. with headlines on al-jazeera digital dissidents continues next year to say this.
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to me peter would say whom. is seafood keep to them it was snowden. because in twenty or more miss political folks. will even be told sign one was of concern really kewl not up to the on the. list of it was no. a moment. here and to the health even further could it be conflicting in this case . i was leave it on. somebody can i didn't but i was stunned as if it involved as it was noted not touched on came in mystery yet soon exploded. could said ticking off the moment he had known to prove an opiate of couldn't this i was leaving just wouldn't still if somebody kind of. pushed in is. seeking my name feelin it what snowden. could command not
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a chance to commit. a song for a month that he leaks it's my. name. on this dog. has gotten cells crushed didn't listen good. examples guy my dance is team. blue sky but if the guns and diplomatic depression deal of a monopoly as above on the internet where he says now an organization that is in conflict with the f.b.i. the cia the national security agency that you see educated such. an organization that is well known. to these agencies and in an organization that they are. walter raleigh fort dix drove into this kind of fog it does just by tolls
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and see in the distance and that's what often seen us through diplomatic cables always come but intimate connotation is it when pushed upon us as a. as a. d.m. i listen to kid of us as we didn't cave it's come down for the indignity and the seventy's of us went up to dusty bush on the hook a human toll in the vehicle does that sound just stuck in. the us plot against julian a son came to light in two thousand and eleven as part of the so-called strat for hacks. strad corps a texas based consulting company developing geostrategic all strategies for the us government jeremy hammond the hacker who copied a total of five million emails from the strad for server was sends to ten years in prison at the end of two thousand and thirteen. how
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means data theft included controversial messages by the vice president of stratford to the u.s. government they contained a multistage strategy proposal of how to deal with a songe two weeks after the hacker attack the accusations of rape surfaced in sweden. the business instead for peon doesn't the traditional shooting room and introduce could you to your own so it. fits again in middle this is what started to get to potent when does a fetus up with. busy typing julian insecurely finish but so far before it was as a need just got talking to start to take it to you know you can take i'm sticking hutson on this with you could open it in tides of hope but you know that she did in sweden perceive this december second buys just as i just got on a scale of this is us in the median doctor of. the sun she traveled to sweden in two thousand and ten for a series of lecture. their investigation proceedings into sexual misdemeanors
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against two swedish women were open. a son said he was being subjected to a smear campaign and refuted the allegations when interpol issued an arrest warrant for him he went underground within twenty twenty four hours it had been dropped by the same prosecutor and stalking me and i and dropped and she said that there was no crime at all. that it being committed. so later on it came out in the supreme court here that both women concerned i had not followed the complaint and that one of them had said that the police had made this up after a brief game of hide and seek a songe handed himself into the london police in december two thousand and ten and was remanded in custody released on bail with electronic ankle monitor a son fought in court against his extradition to sweden on
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a number of occasions. the walls were closing in both from the from the us side he was clearly ready and from the. swedish side and from the u.k. . at the time. in june two thousand and twelve i had a lot of. surveillance and also. as a lady came out was spying on us and the national security agency only because. there was a risk a plane coming to the embassy to apply for asylum that that action would be seen and that i would be interdicted. i was extremely well disguised well i didn't look anything like i normally look. it's true that you heard something a week and stole the suit. the soup the stunning the she was correct yes. we
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. will everything was different. and the reason you put this turn in your sure is to change your game because their day can be quite recognizable and that's not an issue if someone's to seeing you in the newspaper and that it is an issue for a surveillance team. since june two thousand and twelve the sun has been stranded at the ecuadorian embassy in london. at that time i said well i'll be happy to go to sweden provided there's a guarantee of. exhibition to united states. because the london independent had already revealed that the us and sweden were in informal talks about expediting me from sweden if you render do we call that rendering.
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you know that's what the one of the dark side activities that we've been doing. taking people up the street anywhere in the world and sending them to different places for torture or in prison. escapees i'm sure i didn't even father of a kind i leapt in five eight zero. up to psych to hear these and snowden. and julian bizarreness on julian guns guns thought this. a month on god to biggest of them for vicki dixon julian was a. lunch tifton some of us that spot on and on for because expend this wasn't long before his credit remote a preview of his. guns inside the glided five thousand seen on the time
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you and i will spend together for the killings on the most. distant to some kind of sponsors thousand mimeo you know once the stories over the journalists skip often break the stories they've made their careers and their suppliers that time try having broken and created with no hope of proper employment again. you know having left behind your whole way of life your social circle everything and in the case of intelligence for supply of course you face automatic prosecution and conviction today so it's a very high price to pay. well i mean the real threat came when the f.b.i. came into my house and when i was getting out of the shower and pointed a pistol at me. it i was getting out of the shower getting drowned dried off and they came in pip pointing a pistol at me and also my family so it was a threat and it was hard to threaten people and then after that the department of justice attempted to fabricate evidence and and indict us i was very publicly
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indicted with a ten felony is a ten felony count indictment under the espionage act facing thirty five years in prison that was that was the final price you government or the inside the intelligence community there trumpeting these things they're holding these guys up it as examples to say look if you say what's going on line even if this even if you do it for the right reasons even if you do it at the right all there will be a record caution you know they talk about internal channels of mama that these guys used in terms of analysts and they may people like thomas drake they ended up getting indicted. and this is something that i paid very close attention and i learned a great deal from it was very rare in american history to get charged with espionage for non spy seventy's in fact i was actually only the second whistleblower charged
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a white man or the first was dana oils when he went to the baltimore sun he did not reveal classified tricks you know they charged with classified but that was a hoax say there was a fraud they reclassified material that they found in his computer which was not conscious right and he had every reason to believe that he would not be prosecuted for what he gave to baltimore sun he would lose his john. he would lose his clearance rate if his very serious serious challenge depended on terror and in fact most the judge he should have been out with reporters after. he was taking a very serious risk but i don't if you risk if he thought he would be prosecuted i don't i was blacklisted i was president i god i was radioactive no government agency would take me nor nor any contractor with the government it was off limits and n.s.a. made it crystal clear even though there were attempts by even prior to my indictment to find work it all they would all come to naught so i ended up as
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a wage rate employee at one of the retail stores in the greater d.c. area where i still work but unable to find any other work at all of any kind that was the price you have no job you have no career you have no you have no pension all those years i served in the government i'm now a traitor and an enemy of the state. the price thomas drake another whistle blowers pay for warning against the danger of a surveillance state is high loss of friends and family. flight into exile or long prison sentences under more stringent conditions professional isolation and personal financial collapse.
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this is so we here is so mirrors. you didn't hear it dish everything is organized everything is. just.
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how far we've got on our efficiency. or race the sovereignty of individuals. i see how far an institution would go to raise freedom. for a person's life. and the only way they can do that is to control them every single second of the day and measure it at the same time. i chose to vote myself inside the system. never imagining what i did. that i'd be charged with espionage. for having defended the constitution protecting my constitution became a state crime. to stay. a
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crime. and we have the power. you don't. in the end all they had left to do was assassinate me. at the character that's all they had left. assassinate. which is the only in the form. of control right. it doesn't matter what even the crimes against the state are. your unexceptable. you're not fit to work in the government or see or be a citizen. yet you do not deserve prison. because you're the wrong guy. where we have that in history.
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that goes. you just described how the f.b.i. team interrogated me in a similar room and they played the good cop bad cop with themselves and they brought the chief prosecutor and he threatened me with spying the rest of my life in prison unless i cooperated with their investigation and he said you better start talking and i simply said i'm not going to plea bargain the truth. he says we have more than enough evidence to put you away for a long long time i was declared an enemy of the state i committed crimes against state. but i'm standing here free and i can't be to tell you what it means because . so i'm thanking you for polina up the mirror to my own government ok i was right
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because i'm free i did not end up in the dark hole. ok. now i'm glad the west won in that regard and yet how paradoxical it is that the technology of the west is now being used to mass surveillance on a scale of the stars he never could have imagined. i don't need one agent two hundred eighty quote unquote east german citizen. the computer takes care of it for me that's the real machine. that makes a lot easier to. buy publicly call for the dissolution of that essay you can't reform it the reason over form possible the last thing left which is true is to cut
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funding. the problem is they weren't smart enough to understand what they were creating but they in fact were creating this master study and network i mean this is like the study and super steroids. the study had all these data all this data on a lot of people but it was all handwritten in paper and files and so on very difficult to manipulate also hard to keep up to date hard to keep complete none of that is a problem any more or less especially with this electronic acquisition of information that makes it really simple so i referred to this is the study on super steroids you know and this is an n.s.a. i now refer to as the new study agency time after time after time mass surveillance as. wanting it has been unable to prevent so the most significant
3:51 pm
terrorists these terrorists terrorist incidents of our day it never prevented the boston marathon bombing it certainly didn't prevent them the latest the charlie hebdo massacre in paris why is that i call these things data bulk failures simply because when you have x. keyscore and you send your people in to look at all this ball data there there's just a non dated with information they can get through it. a swedish but he did tease it as the folks voted for us started by currently list when did. this enough to take the photos by thought on the missing or theme. parties thought of the meeting would more than it is in this next the. about is just off top don't see here only on twenty or domain chrysalis net's fic is the new model
3:52 pm
based on the effect. on facts a call yesterday. from one of the four pings that and so could have. with the next big evolutionary step we will face the expansion of the so-called internet of things watches for ages but also our clothing will be equipped with internet connections to produce ever increasing and ever more precise data about us through automation artificial intelligence an ever perfected algorithms machines will soon be able to predict our behavior. what happens to a society that is consciously aware of being primarily observed where every step every action leaves a trail. our lives in a surveillance society will be reduced to simmering in
3:53 pm
a convenience hell. confirmation behavior self-censorship mere consumerism labeled as freedom of choice. is going to do it so if you're going to some in. the middle age then most us money because i'm topos own visit from the field. of the inning does it need to shouldn't come last night as well i mean the eve of a it's only as many students on them as god that eleven and the seat god or huge money for you above you hadn't even x. the cuff. negative or. misting someone the only aren t. can have a her own privacy our own security is to take it into iran hands we can't trust the corporations we can't trust our government and we send certain cannot trust the spy agencies to respect our privacy and respect the law so that's the reason to be
3:54 pm
hopeful small organization a very committed people. when even faced by a giant intelligence bureaucracy like the national security agency like to see a earlier case in the pentagon the state department exert your can survive and even thrive. ok it could get a bloody nose doing it but but still stand up i'm not telling people to do i'm not telling you what to believe you know and it's ok if you think it's ok if you disagree with me it's ok for everybody you know to look at this because we have to decide how we feel right we've got to stop thinking that what's on the news is the gospel truth what honestly she says behind the podium is exactly the right answer what i say is something that you've all i could be totally full of. you've got to figure out what you believe and stand or if you have to stand or enough and
3:55 pm
whether i'm a good guy whether i'm of that whether i'm a hero whether i'm a traitor none of that matters criticize me hate me let's think about what matters in the issues right think about the world you want to live you and then be a part of those that. have a heavy rains have been plaguing parts of south america recently the satellite picture
3:56 pm
is picking up the heaviest downpours quite clearly through possible livea that the power and into the southern parts of brazil this system doesn't really move anywhere in a great hurry as we head through the next few days as still this region is looking at some very very wet weather and further north that would also be some showers to to the south of all of that is quite cool for us in what is always only twenty two inches day but it. does it warm up we get to around twenty seven as we head into wednesday now up to a central america is largely fine and dry but the winds are bringing in a few clouds and they could just squeeze out one or two showers most likely every passenger make it there for wednesday and will say three hundred jirus and down towards costa rica as well one or two shopper showers here for north america we're certainly has a very stormy weather blizzard conditions very very strong winds but the system responsible is spiraling away to the east now and things for many of us coming down they won't be completely quiet over the next few days though we've got another system that's making its way in that's giving us some snow over the rockies there and gradually that will edge its way towards the great lakes as we head through
3:57 pm
wednesday so more wintery weather for the northwest more snow across the great lakes region and further south are also got some heavy rain creeping in here. sponsored timing with. my. doctor. tomorrow if you got or no daddy needed to do it are on a. foot really what we're talking.


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