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rice and some so i only know they are officially one hundred percent renewable and . look at that this is it that's the energy right to make that point of change on al-jazeera. donald trump arrives in vietnam for his second summit with north korea's kim jong il. while back in washington transformer person a lawyer is expected to give explosive testimony about the u.s. president on capitol hill. watching our desire a lie from headquarters and i'm telling you navigate also ahead threats run counter threats ratchet up the tension even further after indian fighter jets strike targets along the border of pakistan administered kashmir. i know members across
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the house are genuinely want it's that time is running out deadlocked and up against a deadline britain's prime minister offers parliament three choices. hello the us president donald trump and the north korean leader kim jong un are both now in vietnam for their second summit there are due to have dinner on wednesday night before the main event on thursday when they'll try to agree on how to implement north korea's promise to give up nuclear weapons in a moment our white house correspondent kelly will look at the significance of this summit location but first here is our diplomatic editor james. kim jong arriving in hanoi after a long journey by train from north korea the way across china he's here for the latest one of the most unusual diplomatic process is ever into your range from the
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threat of imminent made in the u.n. general assembly we will have no choice but you totally destroy north korea to ten months later a face to face summit the first time the leaders of these two countries technically still at war but ever met and there was an instant. and then we fell in love ok no really he wrote me beautiful letters and they're great let us. we fell in love even a former state department official from the obama administration was impressed i have a dozen criticisms of the trumpet ministration foreign policy from presidential impulsiveness to disrespect and misuse of dedicated public servants in the u.s. government on this particular issue i am willing to give president trump credit for
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trying something new he's not correct when he says that the plumber c. has never worked with north korea in fact it has produce positive results in the past but he is correct when he says it's never gotten us to the solution that we really want in the seven months since the singapore summit the diplomacy between the two sides has stalled they've now decided to get the two leaders back together to try and reenergize things. president donald trump is believed to assess foreign affairs by how it will be viewed domestically for now north korea is seen as one of his few policy successes turning the threat of imminent war into a fragile peace it's unlikely he'll want to jeopardize that by pressing the north koreans too hard in case the whole process collapses james bays out zero one on. almost a half century after the end of the war in vietnam jim garcia has traveled to the
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vietnam veterans memorial wall to honor those who fought and died in the conflict i think. garcia's father was a marine who served two tours in the vietnam war the conflict cost more than fifty eight thousand american lives most of them mow morial ised here in washington d.c. u.s. president donald trump avoided military service during vietnam citing bone spurs something he's been heavily criticized for. but his truck heads to the vietnamese capital of hanoi to meet north korean leader kim jong un for the second face to face summit the country will serve as an example how old photos can become friends . from the one nine hundred fifty s. through to the early one nine hundred seventy s. the united states sent its men to fight in vietnam a generation later
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a nine hundred ninety four bill clinton and other u.s. president who avoided military service looked at the trade embargo on the scot in this country completely changing vietnam's relationship with the united states since then the vietnamese economy has been. the us is now one of vietnam's biggest trading partners like vietnam after the war the us and north korea have no formal diplomatic or economic ties we think that north korea. and jim and kim have a tremendous potential as an economic force. as the u.s. tries to convince young to abandon its nuclear weapons program. some analysts say kim should look to vietnam as an example of what's possible it's really quite remarkable and it is a reminder to kim jong un that we the united states are capable of moving beyond previously adversarial relationships like vietnam north korea can learn much about
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transforming its economy despite u.s. efforts to isolate it it's one of the so-called carrots trump is dangling as a means of negotiating peace the challenge may be convincing the north korean leader a deal isn't a sign of surrender kimberly health al-jazeera annoy so while what happens in hanoi back in washington the u.s. president's former personal lawyer is expected to give an account of what he claims to know about trump's contacts with russia and alleged criminal conduct michael cohen arrives on capitol hill there he is earlier to meet the senate intelligence committee behind closed doors he's set to serve time in prison for lying to that committee in twenty seventeen but he'll begin to give public testimony of sensitive explosive topics on wednesday she have returns he is joining us from washington what's expected to say she. well we understand that
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this testimony today of the senate intelligence committee and nothing is off limits according to the chairman as you said that he might get rather a frosty reception michael cohen because he has admitted to lying to this committee in the past specifically actually about donald trump's business dealings with russia his attempts to have a trump tower in moscow so we expect russia to be a major issue in today's private briefing with the senate intelligence committee that won't be a topic on wednesday when cohen appears before the house oversight committee the house oversight committee says it's not going to talk about any any topic that may affect any on during investigation so what it does mean though is wednesday in this public testimony we expect cohen to give evidence to testify the donald trump directed him to make payments to two women during the presidential election in violation of campaign finance law and bring corroborating evidence that donald trump was is implicated in michael cohen's crimes we're also getting various leaks
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from people who claim to know about michael kearns testimony but he will give a wider picture granular picture of donald trump's conduct both in business and as a as a presidential candidate and in office got courage to talk about trump's law is racism and cheating and trump landed in hanoi just a few hours ago see how but presumably he'll be watching this very closely as there been any reaction from the white house so far. we do have a reaction from the white house that they released a statement saying look it's our sound as the press secretary recent statement saying disgraced felon michael cohen is going to prison for lying to congress and making other false statements sadly he will go before congress this week and we can expect more of the same it's lawful that anyone would take a convicted cohen at his word and pathetic to see him given yet another opportunity to spread his lies and we can expect babs that criticism being leveled out kohen by republicans wednesday and the public hearing how can you trust her and he's already
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admitted to the lie he's a convicted felon now and it has to be said though that beyond the spectacle of wednesday we're not expecting any major new information that will lead to enormous long term consequences for donald trump it must be unnerving for all of trump to see someone from his inner circle spill the beans in congress in front of all the cameras but beyond that we're expecting anything terribly new what we are expecting is color and a grand you know portrait of donald trump but we will have these these charges as well that the cones and in fact whether there's any damage as far as all trucks basis is concerned well that's a very clear i've told trump to say look it's just another which on this night which showed that continues even with the international stage trying to bring peace to the korean peninsula got it ok shihab rattansi with an update from washington thank you india has launched air strikes close to the border between pakistan and pakistan administered kashmir its forces were targeting an armed group which claimed responsibility for one of the worst attacks in the disputed region for
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decades fay's jamil reports from new delhi. these pictures released by the pakistani military show the damage it says was done by the indian air force near the town of balakot inside pakistan on a hillside in a four sted uninhabited area a spokesman said there were no casualties but india says the airstrike hit a training camp of jaish e mohammad the armed group that claimed responsibility for this month's suicide bombing that killed forty indian troops in india to minister to. indian officials say they chose to attack after pakistan failed to take action. to dismantle the infrastructure on its soil. it was deceived the moment was attempting other suicide at attacks in various parts of the country india has not provided any proof it hit its intended targets analysts say the
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reason for that may partly be not to further antagonize baucus don but on the streets of new delhi use of the strike was welcome. india has given a perfect apply to pakistan and this reply was a much needed one. and vs countrymen are extremely happy and we want to tank in the forces. it won finished istead it isn't right to give them an answer if they keep it to be able to finish them. but the government is trying to keep the situation because indian officials are calling the air strike preemptive because their intelligence showed jaish e mohammad was planning another suicide attack there also describing it as nonmilitary because no pakistani military was targeted their explanation is being seen as a way to deescalate tensions between the countries but since then there have been raids and clashes in indian administered kashmir. indian security forces conducted morning raids against separatist leaders in srinagar imposing
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a curfew on the city and shutting off the internet. but a number of protesters defied the curfew and clashed with security forces. people living here say they've been on edge since the suicide bombing the deployment of ten thousand paramilitary troops at the weekend sparked rumors a major incident was going to take place and locals tell us they feel caught in the middle. of what happened. to the both countries and all the neighboring countries to do shooters on a discussion with issue to the right. but resolution seems a long way off pakistan asserts its right to retaliate and india put its forces on the border on high alert that leaves the people have indeed and minister to me are fearing that whatever happens they will be caught in the middle as al jazeera new delhi. the capital of pakistan administered kashmir and has
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what action from their. indeed ofter mad dog an indian art tag infected bugger thought he'd get it he went down and did not kill anybody on the ground and idea indian had to drop their payload off today. except the indian and of course staying there to have killed hundreds of people in the military spokesman on the other hand saying that they have died were true there would be a funeral in. a populated area and people would come out and body their day eat their dead the indians had already tried to spring a surprise and he feared that he did not expect the indians to get away with that bright thing that buggered on right now to bring us a bride of its own the blogger tony prime minister had already called a national security committee of the cabinet he's met them in a true leadership and also are the people of august are and should be ready for any eventuality any foreign minister will go ahead and emergency meeting informing the
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. what had happened by guest on rubbishing the claim and it in order to bugger to any foreign minister had to say. if there is aggression against pakistan we have the right to defend our country this equation is a folding a political level the diplomatic level the military level is planning in pakistan a little response a check on the weather is coming up next and then the diplomatic dilemma iran's president hassan rouhani refuses to accept his foreign minister's resignation and the vatican response to the child sex conviction of one of the pope's closest advisers.
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there was a very stormy weather that. blasting its way across the middle east at the moment this was the same system that brought us all our destructive weather over the southeast in parts of europe and now it's making its way through parts of turkey into syria and into lebanon as well heavy downpours out of this some snow as well but also some incredibly strong winds that are likely to be damaging at times the whole system is making its way eastwards looks pretty messy really for many of us on wednesday lots of wet weather around lots of wintery weather too and that continues even as we head through the day on thursday on thursday that will also be some unsettled weather in the eastern parts of i'm up in that we links back to what's going on to the south so across the arabian peninsula at the moment and the cloud is building over the northern parts of saudi arabia we may see a few outbreaks of rain over the high ground in iran and then that system gradually sinks its way south was for thursday expect some wet weather across parts of the tom maybe a few showers here in doha and behind that is a system moves away it will get incredibly windy as we head through friday and into
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saturday a very very windy weekend before this was the south and there's some showers found in the northern possible particularly heavy over parts of madagascar we've also seen some lively showers in the eastern parts of south africa we could see a couple more for wednesday. donald trump says he has a special bond with him join the north korean leader and the u.s. president are about to meet again in vietnam letter that was signed he was very comprehensive and i think both sides are going to be very briskly eight months off to the historic summits in singapore company strike a deal on nuclear weapons to finally end the korean special coverage on separate the twenty seven.
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hello again the top stories on al-jazeera this hour you the u.s. president donald trump has now arrived in vietnam's capital the noise for his second summit with the north korean leader kim jong il while back in washington donald trump's former personal lawyer michael cohen is expected to tell congress on wednesday if the president broke the law while in office. says it has the right to defend itself after india's air force fired on areas close to the border between pakistan and pakistani administered kashmir the target was an armed group responsible for a suicide attack which killed more than forty indian paramilitary soldiers earlier this month. now the iranian president hassan rouhani has refused to accept the
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resignation of his foreign minister zarif made the shock announcements on instagram which the government says is nothing appropriate channel an ally has suggested zarif decision was motivated by criticism of the nuclear deal he helped to negotiate in twenty fifteen which the trumpet ministration withdrew from last year zero score spondon dorsett jabari has reported extensively from iran so you must know the inner workings of the government or so why would hassan rouhani refuse to accept the resource of nation well this is apparently not the first time the foreign minister has tried to leave his position he's been very unhappy with the amount of criticism from the conservative camp that he has received about all that the foreign ministry has been doing since they came into power in two thousand and thirteen but the president and his office his chief of staff has said that their resignation is not accepted because it hasn't gone through the official channels meaning that zarif has not submitted a letter of resignation to the president's office he's just posted his intentions
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on an instagram account and that is not acceptable in terms of the official protocol what is interesting is that that post was posted on his and center instagram accounts nearly twenty four hours ago we have not heard anything from the foreign minister since and there hasn't been any official. response from him either but we've seen the president hassan rouhani today as well as supreme leader a to a different events where they did not say anything about zarif intentions to resign and the reefs choice of social media in particular the instagram to announce his resignation is somewhat interesting it questionable absolutely will first of all zarif. most prefer more of communication on social media is twitter but that is of course banned in iran so he uses instagram and he's in the country i think. from what we understand and what sources close to him have told us is that he's tried to
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resign in the past this is his fourth attempt and this time he went public trying to resign thinking that that kind of pressure would force the president hassan rouhani to accept his resignation but he only has you have to remember almost nearly just over two years left in his chairman this government in office so there really isn't a valid reason for him to leave his post now and of course there's not a clear replacement for him at this stage ok there's a jabari thank you. now at least five people have been killed by the syrian government airstrikes and who and that's a town in the rebel controlled province of idlib we're also hearing the victims include three children and two women activists are saying intensified fighting has forced thousands of civilians to flee in many a move to kemp's near the turkish border britain's prime minister has offered parliament a chance to decide whether to delay breck's it or go for a potentially disastrous no deal departure so here is how her latest plan works to
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resume a will put her existing you would draw agreement to a second parliamentary vote by march the twelfth they decisively rejected it back in january now if it's vetoed again parliament will be asked of the u.k. should depart with no deal if they turn that option down then a vote will be held on march the fourteenth on delaying the departure date which is currently march the twenty ninth lawrence lee is joining us from london what do you make of to reason may be giving all these options and all these choices lawrence. well i mean on one level she's folded you know and she was reminded in parliament by one of her own employees that she valued no fewer than a hundred and eight times in parliaments that the u.k. would be leaving the european union on march twenty ninth this year and now she said ok fine there's a revolt in parliament so i hear you don't want no deal and she won't rule out no
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deal and so under that amount of enormous pressure from m.p.'s on her own side saying that they would resign and votes against her she has accepted that sequence the you've just described and assuming that that happens then then then there would be an extension and it buys her another couple of months but no one's really very happy about it people who oppose and really don't want no deal think that she's possibly just trying to buy time bricks it says who do want to leave think she's think she's given in and given up but as she said it does give people a chance to figure out something else to do here's how the exchange went in parliament between her and the opposition is jenny colvin who still insists that she's kicking the can down the road. ultimately the choices we face would remain changed leave whether to leave with no deal or have no bricks it so when it comes to that motion tomorrow the house needs to come together as we did
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on the twenty ninth of january and send a clear message that there is a stable majority in favor of leaving the e.u. with the deal we believe in getting good terms of our right and that's why we believe in our alternative plan the prime minister's botched deal provides no certainty or guarantees for the future and was comprehensively rejected by this house we cannot risk our country's industry and people's livelihoods and so if somehow if it somehow does pass in some form at a later stage we believe there must be a consummate republic both deceived people feel that's what they voted for. so let's assume just for a second now on the twelfth of march that argument votes again for
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a second time against her deal that seems that seems very likely and then the next day they vote against no deal that's almost inevitable and based on events they vote for an extension of something like a couple of months the question everybody is now asking here is well what happens at the end of that because you then got a couple of months to try to get over the line now if that happens then the u.k. leaves presumably in or around the time of the european elections but if it doesn't that becomes more or less a straight choice which is no deal crushing out which parliament doesn't want or revoking article fifty and not leaving the european union at all which is up to reason may to do and she says she won't do that so because of all those reasons and unless they can get yet another extension. from the european union many people now think that the reason the whole reason why she's done this is to buy herself time effectively is a full cent piece ultimately it's a backing deal even if they don't like it so there's
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a good deal it sounds like she's in listening mode but there's a good deal of suspicion all around parliament at the moment as to what their ultimate motivations are in sense of this extension is just awful all right lawrence lee thank you. the head of the norwegian refugee council has called what he calls the hypocrisy of yemen's biggest aid donors saudi arabia the u.a.e. and the u.s. who he says are fueling the conflict there yan egland was speaking at a donors conference in geneva where two point six billion dollars was pledged meanwhile the united nations chief antonio terrorist says u.n. teams have arrived at a food storage depot in the port city of data for the first time in six months they're going to try to distribute aid that's been stuck because of years of fighting between the saudi u.a.e. led coalition and hold the rebels. lace pledges will help humanitarians across yemen reach even more women men and children died needs. and they are all parties to provide safe and restricted and condition and conditional humanitarian access to
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all parts of the country to respect international humanitarian law and the protection of civilians and civilian infrastructure the vatican has expressed its utmost respect for australia's judicial system after a top cleric was convicted of child sex crimes it also says cardinal george pell has the right to defend himself to the last level he was found guilty of molesting two choir boys at a cathedral in the city of melbourne in one thousand nine hundred six andrew thomas reports. he is the highest ranking member of the catholic church ever to be convicted of child sexual abuse cardinal george pell a former archbishop of sydney and of melbourne was most recently at the vatican in charge of the church's worldwide finances he was close to the pope now he's been found guilty of sexually abusing two quiet boys in a cathedral in melbourne in the one nine hundred ninety s.
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having somebody of such high status in the church having being convicted it. gives a sense the district is moving in the right direction and no one's above the law pell's personal disgrace comes on top of criticism of his handling of sexual abuse by others that he was in charge of investigating in twenty fourteen he gave evidence to a national inquiry into institutional sexual abuse in australia and was accused of helping to cover up the sexual abuse of priests pell gave his evidence by video link claiming he was too frail to travel from the vatican to australia but when multiple accusations were made against him personally he was compelled to come to australia to defend himself i am innocent of these charges. whole idea of sexual abuse is power to me pal spent much of last year in court a first trial was abandoned after a jury failed to reach
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a decision but after a second trial a new jury found him guilty but conviction came last december but a legal suppression order banned it from being reported that was because pal was due to face another trial relating to different accusations facing from the one nine hundred seventy s. a judge ordered a legal suppression order banning any reporting of the trials to date in case jurors in the future trial were influenced by what they saw or heard of the previous ones journalists editors even people on twitter were threatened with up to five years in jail if they broke the order but don't choose state prosecutors dropped the future trial so december's verdict can now be reported and people here are demanding tough justice george pell is a monster a freak he has to be giles no home detention none of this but very quick justice we want to seem angel we want to see here for all i even help for ever powell has
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already started an appeal against his conviction of the four that's hurt he is very likely to go to jail after thomas al-jazeera sydney and cubans have overwhelming approved a new constitution which ratified the one party socialist system and also offer some modest economic and social changes including the formal recognition of private property and the right to legal representation upon arrest the new constitution also establishes presidential term limits for an essential has more from have. many people voted because they thought that this constitution would be it was very positive with many new things like the new presidential term limits the big three to the figure of the prime minister also it doesn't ban same sex marriage which allows that in the future of paves the way for in the future that there would be a possibility that there could be same sex marriage here in cuba many people thought
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also that this is not very positive in the sense that it doesn't make cuba a much more open country because it a try and socialism as the sole guiding force and the constitution says so she still remains revokable for the constitution. hello again the headlines on al-jazeera the u.s. president donald trump has arrived in vietnam for his second summit with the north korean leader kim jong il and over the next two days they'll try to settle on a way to rid the korean peninsula of nuclear weapons as kim has promised to do in return kim will press for relief from promising u.s. sanctions meanwhile in washington donald trump's former personal lawyer is expected to give an account of what he claims to know about trump's contacts with russia and alleged criminal conduct michael cohen arrived on capitol hill earlier to meet the
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senate intelligence committee behind closed doors he said to serve time in prison for lying to the committee and twenty seventeen. says its military has carried out air strikes close to the border between pakistan and pakistani administered kashmir the target was an armed group responsible for a suicide attack in indian administered kashmir earlier this month. they were a new president hassan rouhani has refused to accept the resignation of his foreign minister javad zarif made the shock announcement on instagram which the government says is not the appropriate channel and ally has suggested zarif decision was motivated by criticism of the nuclear deal he helped to negotiate in twenty fifteen which the trumpet administration withdrew from last year britain's prime minister to resign may has given parliament the option of choosing between leaving the e.u. with or without a deal or ask the e.u. to postpone. parliament will have a second vote on her current withdrawal agreement by march the twelfth ultimately
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the choices we face would remain changed leave with a deal leave with no deal or have no bricks it so when it comes to that notion tomorrow the house needs to come together as we did on the twenty ninth of january and send a clear message that there is a stable majority in favor of leaving the e.u. with the deal the vatican has expressed its utmost respect for australia's judicial system after the conviction of a top cleric of child sex crimes cardinal george pell was found guilty of molesting two cry our choir boys at a melbourne cathedral in one thousand nine hundred six the pope's top financial adviser is the most senior roman catholic cleric to be convicted of child abuse those are the headlines on al-jazeera inside story is coming up next then it's the news hour all see you then bye bye.
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pressure grows on venezuela's president the u.s. and around says more sanctions to force nicolas maduro from office but he is standing refusing to let a day in and closing borders russia is warning against u.s. military intervention so what happens next this is inside story. there and welcome to the program i'm laura kajal we'll stand by you and to liberty is restored.


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