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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  February 26, 2019 9:00pm-10:01pm +03

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the investigation into michael flynn and also as you will know. next question octal field washington on al-jazeera. this is. you're watching the news hour live from headquarters and. coming up in the next sixty minutes donald trump arrives in vietnam for his second summit with north korea's kim jong il. while back in washington trump's former personal lawyer is expected to give explosive testimony about the u.s. president on capitol hill nigerian president mohammad who bihari extends his lead as vote counting crosses the halfway mark his supporters are already claiming
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victory standing by his ally iran's president rejects foreign minister mohammad javad zarif shock resignation. and sport chelsea manager but it's just sorry says he's keep it does still have a feature at the club. we don't want to kill he. has apologised after refusing to be stopped off during sunday's league cup final defeat. hello the us president donald trump has arrived in vietnam's capital ahead of talks with north korea's leader kim jong il and who is already in hanoi the biggest priority is to reach a more concrete agreement on denuclearization on the korean peninsula our diplomatic editor james bays takes a look at their turbulent relationship leading up to their first another second summits. arriving in hanoi after
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a long journey by train from north korea. china he's here for the latest stage of one of the most unusual diplomatic process is ever in two years it's ranged from the threat of imminent war made in the u.n. general assembly we will have no choice but to totally destroy north korea to ten months later a face to face summit the first time the leaders of these two countries technically still at war had ever met and there was an instant bond. and then we fell in love ok no really he wrote me beautiful letters and they're great let us. we fell in love even a former state department official from the obama administration was impressed i have a dozen criticisms of the trumpet ministration foreign policy from presidential impulsiveness
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to disrespect and misuse of dedicated public servants in the us government on this particular issue i am willing to give president trump credit for trying something new he's not correct when he says that diplomacy has never worked with north korea in fact it has produce positive results in the past but he is correct when he says it's never gotten us to the solution that we really want in the seven months since the singapore summit the diplomacy between the two sides has stalled they've now decided to get the two leaders back together to try and reenergize things. president donald trump is believed to assess foreign affairs by how it will be viewed domestically for now north korea is seen as one of his few policy successes turning the threat of imminent war into a fragile peace it's unlikely he'll want to jeopardize that by pressing the north
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koreans too hard in case the whole process collapses james bays out zero hawr. our white house correspondent kimberly halkett has the latest from hungary. with the arrival of the u.s. president donald trump in hanoi the arrival of kim jong un the north korean leader many hours earlier the summit is now officially under way they are trying to build on their last meeting in singapore where there is a lot of criticism that not much was accomplished beyond sort of a general pledge to work towards denuclearize a ship the white house saying that this time they will work on defining exactly what that means and produce deliverables in terms of accomplishing those goals the white house may have to offer more concessions to keep the north korean leader at the table those could include a formal agreement to end the korean war some sixty nine years later even
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potentially opening liaison offices in pyongyang and washington d.c. donald trump for his part claims that he has a very warm relationship with the north korean leader that he has given up nothing with the sanctions the united states has put in place remain intact but there is a lot of domestic pressure as well as international pressure on u.s. president donald trump that he is giving up too much too soon without seeing any concrete action being taken by north korea to end its nuclear program they say that there have been only modest diplomatic breakthroughs but the north continues to retain its weapons it continues to have the ability to launch weapons with miss silence and also continues to be able to research and build facilities there isn't even an inventory of its entire program something that initially the u.s. has demanded now that seems to be off the table at least for the moment still there
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is a lot to accomplish and there will be a lot that will take place over the next two days the first face to face meeting between the two leaders will take place on wednesday. so while donald trump seeks a diplomatic victory abroad back home his former personal lawyer is testifying to congress about trump's contacts with russia and alleged criminal conduct michael cohen arrived on capitol hill earlier to meet the senate intelligence committee behind closed doors he said to serve time in prison for lying to that committee and twenty seventeen he'll begin to give public testimony on sensitive and potentially explosive topics on wednesday she is joining us from washington d.c. with the latest on what he is really expected to say she. well behind closed doors there may be some potentially significant testimony that may and may affect ongoing investigations the senate intelligence committee clearly will want to know what cohen lied about last time around and who if anyone directed him to lie that could have implications on issues of obstruction of justice and so on but also they were
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talking about russia and then all the various other investigations the cover of the under way on wednesday however cohen will not be asked about anything that could potentially affect any ongoing investigation said we more of an accounting and an adding of detail on topics that we already know about cohen convicted of campaign finance violations amongst other amongst other crimes that is the payment of hush money to two women who claimed that they had affairs with donald trump cohen says he made those payments at the direction of donald trump told trump was directly implicated in that crime so we would expect him to talk a little bit more about that and perhaps show some corroboration for that. as well as also some other dirty laundry about how the trump organization works and how trump himself operates as a man as a character as a businessman as a presidential candidate we had a leak this morning saying that cohen would talk about the lies racism and cheating
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of donald trump so we expect that to be more of an anecdote to have more of a juicy testimony about stuff that we probably already know about on wednesday but cohen is convicted of lying to that committee in twenty seventeen she has been this is something that's trump administration is playing up. well exactly we got the statement from the white house disgraced felon michael cohen is going to prison for lying to congress and making other false statements sadly he will go before congress this week and we can expect more of the same it's lawful that anyone would take a convicted like cohen at his word and pathetic to see him given yet another opportunity to spread his lies a lot will depend on cohen giving some corroborative evidence i think i'm going to expect the republican members of the house who will be interviewing him on wednesday to be calling him a lie and say well why should we believe anything you say as a lot will depend on what karen is bringing with him to corroborate his charges but go also it's trying to suggest that he's a reformed person as well for history perhaps or maybe you know he has some still
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some hope that he can get a lighter sentence than the three years he's already been given so he will also talk about why he had he made his change you want to get his story on the record too but that will be a charge we hear all on wednesday he is a felon he is he has lied to congress before why why we should why should we believe you know ok if she have a town say thank you for india has launched air strikes close to the border between pakistan and pakistan administered kashmir its forces were targeting an armed group which claimed responsibility for one of the worst attacks in the disputed region for decades meal reports from new delhi these pictures released by the pakistani military show the damage it says was done by the indian air force near the town of balakot inside pakistan on a hillside in a force did uninhabited area a spokesman said there were no casualties but india says the airstrike hit a training camp of jaish e mohammad the armed group that claimed responsibility for this month's suicide
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bombing that killed forty indian troops indeed it ministered kashmir. indian officials say they chose to attack after pakistan failed to take action but has taken no concrete action to dismantle the infrastructure of did it ism on its soil . it was perceived that the gesture of moment was attempting other suicide at attacks in various parts of the country india has not provided any proof it hit its intended targets analysts say the reason for that may partly be not to further antagonize baucus don but on the streets of new delhi use of the strike was welcome. india has given a perfect reply to pakistan and this reply was a much needed one. and vs countrymen are extremely happy and we want to tank in the forces because. if one finished istead it isn't right to give them an answer if they keep it to be able to finish them. but the government is trying to keep the
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situation because indian officials are calling the air strike preemptive because their intelligence showed jaish e mohammad was planning another suicide attack there also describing it as nonmilitary because no pakistani military was targeted their explanation is being seen as a way to deescalate tensions between the countries but since then there have been raids and clashes in indian administered kashmir. indian security forces conducted morning raids against separatist leaders in srinagar imposing a curfew on the city and shutting off the internet. but a number of protesters defied the curfew and clashed with security forces. people living here say they've been on edge since the suicide bombing the deployment of ten thousand paramilitary troops at the weekend sparked rumors a major incident was going to take place and locals tell us they feel caught in the middle. of what will happen. to the
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both countries and all the neighboring countries to do shooters are no discussion moot issue to the right of that but resolution seems a long way off baucus on asserts its right to retaliate in india put its forces on the border on high alert that leaves the people of indeed and minister to me or fearing that whatever happens they will be caught in the middle as al jazeera. the capital of pakistan administered kashmir and has reaction from their. india after mad dog an indian tag inside buggers on it get it anyways buggers don said did not kill anybody on the ground and that the indians had to drop their payload after day card so i challenge my bugger tani interceptors the indians of course saying that they have killed hundred of paper that the military spokesman on the other hand saying that their dad was true there would be funerals bellegarde a populated area and people would come out and body their dead its head dead the
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indians had already tried to spring a surprise and he said earlier that he did not expect the indians to get away with that separate thing that buggers on right now bring their sobriety of faith on the bugger tawney prime minister had already called a national security committee of the cabinet he's met the military leadership and also are the people of pakistan should be ready for any eventuality the buggers on the foreign minister also held emergency meetings informing the or noise grid in islamabad about what had happened buggers on rubbishing their claim and it ignored the buggers any foreign minister had to say either pakistan kitchen and if there is aggression against pakistan we have the right to defend our country this situation is unfolding at a political level a diplomatic level and at a military level that just is planning and pakistan will respond. plenty more ahead
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on the al jazeera news hour including palestinians push back against jerry christers peace plan during his latest trip to the middle east to resume presents a new options on grex it including the possibility of a later departure date and testing times for mercedes a c f one champions face problems in their pre-season practice joe we'll have the details coming up in sports. my jury is ruling party says unofficial results so that incumbents who already has won the presidential election a.p.c. party officials say they're preparing to celebrate biharis victory president bahar is currently leading by nearly two million votes and the electoral commission has announced results from more than half the country the main opposition p.d.p. has accused the ruling party of trying to rig the polls john hall is joining us from a bush us oh is it a done deal done for already or do we expect any surprise as.
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well i'm outside the coalition's center with state level results are being announced by the independent electoral commission at the moment in a blue chip twenty six states have been declared here out of thirty six so they're not finished yet and the final result may not come until wednesday morning but already supporters of president who are out on the streets outside the part of the ruling party headquarters here in a budget that will likely spread to other parts of the country where mr boehner is popular is not popular everywhere of course because simply people have looked at the arithmetic across this vast country and they've done the math and worked out that there is no way for his challenger. to make up the difference mr abu bakar would have needed to do far better in the south where mr boehner is not popular than he has done in order to counter the results in the northwest where mr bihari is very popular and he simply hasn't made up the difference i spoke earlier to
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a politics expert martin oh bono is what he had to say. we've gotten to the point where it's actually a little bit clearer now where he's going to india elections because if you look at seeds destroying their schools of the strongest places where to cross are brought gotten these votes he's actually not doing so well in terms of numbers because the numbers coming out from the north especially from the cardinals like not western ne they have a very huge margin between nazi group so are you willing at this point to call this election for i mean yes i'm willing to call you for why because it's just played there's nowhere sic is going to get numbers so much of what's going forwards worry already has. his supporters told us they're expecting president rouhani any moment to come out and deliver a victory address he may well wait until the final results are real in on wednesday to do that. hasn't been heard from since the election on saturday but his party has
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spoken of course indicating that they are prepared to challenge this result saying yesterday on monday that they consider the results in correct totally unacceptable claiming the state use of the security forces and police to intimidate voters and to use minutes of various sorts to buy votes and the warre will be of course that they take those challenges to court or as many people i think will be very concerned about possibility that this whole thing descends into the court of public opinion where as you can possibly imagine after a week long delay and all the issues that were very public on election day on saturday tempers on the streets are pretty high ok john holl with an update from abuse i thank you. the u.n. security council is holding an open meeting on venezuela in the coming hours at the request of the united states on monday and as well as announced regional bloc lima group accusing it of waging a campaign to oust president nicolas maduro the fourteen member bloc had been
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holding talks in colombia along with the u.s. vice president mike pence pence announced a new round of sanctions on close allies of my duro and urged regional partners to freeze the country's oil assets well at least twenty five people were believed to have been killed in confrontations along run as well as border with brazil over the weekend maduro's forces were trying to stop opposition supporters from bringing u.s. aid into the country homage in june spoke with some of the survivors. says there is no uncertainty having survived the violence that erupted saturday in an area along venezuela's border with brazil he says it's clear to him the lethal force used by venezuelan security forces was deliberate for them until they came to militarily take this community they didn't arrive peacefully they were shooting to kill i can say that because i was shot another man help me he was also shot. videos like this one purport to show what happened in and around the venezuelan town of santa elena
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when security forces attempted to stop opposition supporters from bringing foreign aid into the country. while the number of dead has not been confirmed at least one official from the area now estimates it could be as high as twenty five. among the wounded are members of indigenous groups dozens of those injured in the confrontations were transported across the border for treatment. again exclusive access to this hospital in the brazilian city of boa vista where many of the wounded corroborated the amateur footage alfredo perot's tells me he and his children who are also recovering in this hospital were guarding their indigenous community when security forces showed up. at six am there arrived and then started shooting they started shooting everybody that was in front of them it was a massacre they start of the massacre. they have. doctors say it
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wasn't simply the injuries these people sustained that were life threatening john on the committee gym which they didn't receive appropriate first aid because of the lack of emergency medical supplies in venezuela after the first patient showed up here we sent some materials back with the venezuelan ambulances to help them treat patients better all around pain is apparent and shock is palpable many of the patients we're speaking with her today say that even though things in venezuela have been bad for quite some time they never expected it would come to this. sixteen year old carlos had set out toward the border with brazil on saturday so he could help get aid into his country he says that's when the shooting began on the base and. when i fell down there were two people dead next to me that took me to the hospital and the hospital was full of people there was no space to put the injured people there were several people dead in the hospital. carlos is one day
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shy of turning seventeen his mother adriana is both worried for and proud of her boy. she says she understands why he took the risk from. the youth are the ones who are looking for a better future there was democracy during my childhood things that the children of today did not experience and that's what the youth of business well are looking for these days. demands that will no doubt be hard to achieve at a time when threat may be growing but resolve is also deepening. in her i must state brazil. at least five people have been killed by syrian government airstrikes and who in a town in the rebel controlled province of idlib and we're hearing the victims include three children and two women activists say intensified fighting has forced thousands of civilians to flee many have moved to camps near the border with turkey a senior palestinian official saw about a cause has rejected the trumpet ministration suggestion that borders with israel
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should be eliminated so he was responding to comments made by trump's son in law and advisor jared kirshner who is behind the latest american middle east peace plan because there is now want to tour of the middle east sabato says any peace plan that does not include a palestinian state with east jerusalem as its capital is doomed to fail let's bring in al jazeera senior political analyst joining us here in the studio so not really a surprise that's a lot of causes come out against what chris there had to say speaking to arab media and not at all surprise what i've said to a news media i think we're still in the same logic right. jared. thinks he can resolve the israel palestine issue even though he couldn't even resolve one building in manhattan for some reason he thinks he's talented enough to take on a century long conflict. with with being so closely associated with israel
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is of course a problem that a lot of people are talking about but somehow the trump administration doesn't seem to think it's much. of a problem in fact they think of it as an asset in trusting john with resolving the palestinian problem is like a trusting. you know i'm just trying to come up with something that's learned nasty right but through this like in trusting the taliban with that with the american security it's like trusting israel's security to hamas. is such a radical zionist that in the line of radical zionists of the last twenty five years who were involved in the peace process on the american side he's really by far the most zionist and the two people along with him jason greenblatt and david friedman are also radical zionists so the idea that they would present something to the liking of saab erekat or to the international community of course is not going
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to become let's just drill down a little bit on what he had to say and in that interview he said one of the main principles of the plan was to eliminate the borders as they are today in order to guarantee freedom of movement for people and goods what is that what does that mean i mean look if it means one state solution whereby jews christians and muslims israelis and palestinians can all live together within one borders you know the mediterranean to the west and the jordan river to the east i think that's probably got end up being fine with most palestinians i just don't think it's fine with israelis so when you're going to start eliminating borders or redefining borders without referring to international law or without referring to any sense of justice and equality then of course not to be acceptable to that but as soon as was occupied by israel i do think that what jared means by that is that palestinians living on the israeli control but they would have some sort of an autonomy where
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they can move freely quote unquote but under the guise of israeli. so the notion that he's bringing in is a bit of a in a hodgepodge as it where there is no. there is nothing he's saying that's anchored in anything that we know like u.n. security council resolutions or past agreements or anything of that he just creating things as he's as he goes along. and that's why it's a better card says look nine hundred seven borders that's something we understand equal treatment to put a sin is israel is that something when they're sent sovereignty that's something we understand international law as i said something we understand but to talk in general terms about palestinian prosperity under israeli occupation or domination of course that's not the so what is missing over the next few days the mission of the over the next few days is is is to get gulf countries who are well to do in order to support some of the economic aspects of the american plan in israel
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palestine and that will probably be investing in some sort of palestinian israeli cooperation of some sort but that is one side over two or dual process one is the economic supported by the gulf countries and the other of course is the sticks so if there's there's got carrots and there's going to be israeli sticks meaning israel is going to continue to dominate to subtle to repress to jail palestinians to close in on policy and the the ship to continue the separations and the bombings of gaza and so on so forth until the palestinians look at it and say you know what maybe we should be we are better off with gulf money and american recognition instead of being under such israeli oppression alas the palestinians are seeing it that way not have mass and not fatah and although a sabbatical does refer to hamas being accomplice of some sorts. or complicit with question i think that's more internal palestinian politics and then to that they no
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palestinian today within the larger spectrum the greatest spectrum of the palestinian political political map would agree to anything that george bush is presenting in terms of foregoing or forgetting about a palestinian state a palestinian sovereignty withdrawal of israeli occupation forces and east jerusalem or rather i should say. being the capital of a palestinian state ok thank you. now britain's prime minister has offered parliament a chance to decide whether to delay breck's it or go for a potentially disastrous no deal departure so here's how her latest plan works to reason may will put her existing agreement to a second parliamentary vote by march the twelfth and decisively rejected it in january if it's vetoed again then parliament will be asked if the u.k. should depart with no deal if they turn that option down that
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a vote will be held on march the fourteenth on delaying the departure date which is currently march twenty nine lawrence lee has the latest from outside parliament in london. threesome a was reminded parliament that she had promised m.p.'s no fewer than one hundred and eight times over the course of the last few months that the u.k. would be leaving the european union on march twenty ninth and so you can imagine the fury from those who do want to leave will not date when she's now acknowledged that there is so much concern about the u.k. leaving without any sort of trade deal or plan and the economic catastrophe that people fear that that would lead to that she's not offering the chance to extend equally her opponents even sure that she's going to be true to her word because she keeps going back on promises and has done over and over again but if you assume for a second that she is choosing then the logic almost certainly now will be that on march twelfth m.p.'s will yet again vote down her plan on march the thirteenth they
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will vote down no deal because there's so little appetite for that amongst the fourteenth they will vote for an extension potentially for a couple of months and no more than that to give her vast amounts of time to try to come to an arrangement but the big question is what happens after that because of that period if there's no arrangements then as the prime minister pointed out no deal will still happen and the only alternative to that is revoking article fifty and not leaving the european union at all unless the your opinion grants yet another extension and so that's that many m.p.'s to accuse they say she's running out of roads and they're now saying she's trying to build more roads all the time and it's very very uncertain still what's going to happen but the chance i think they have an extension is almost inevitable still ahead on the island is there a news hour and catholic cardinal who is one of the pope's closest advisers becomes the highest ranking church official to be convicted of child sex crimes amnesty
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international criticizes the state of human rights in the middle east we look at which countries the report singles out and why and the dog groups the oversoul when . broke a record at a college football game about stories coming up in sports. hello there we go so very stormy weather that's blasting its way across the middle east at the moment this was the same system that brought us all our destructive weather over the southeastern parts of europe and now it's making its way through parts of turkey into syria and into lebanon as well heavy downpours out of this some snow as well but also some incredibly strong winds that are likely to be damaging at times the whole system is making its way eastwards looks pretty messy really for many of us on wednesday lots of wet weather around lots of wintery weather too and that
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continues even as we head through the day on thursday on thursday there will also be some unsettled weather in the eastern parts of the map and that will link spock to what's going on to the south so across the arabian peninsula at the moment and the cloud is building over the northern parts of saudi arabia we may see a few outbreaks of rain over the high ground in iran and then that system gradually sinks its way south was for thursday expect some wet weather across parts of the tom maybe a few showers here in doha and behind that is a system moves away it will get incredibly windy as we head through friday and into saturday a very very windy weekend before this was the south and there's some showers clowns in the impossible particularly heavy over parts of madagascar that we've also seen some lively showers in the eastern parts of south africa we could see a couple for wednesday. this week's thrice a new method of cremation is helping him to tradition become more enlightened
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mentally friendly and we visit a danish community and to have taken sustainability to new heights just a little and then on the horizon is some so i only know they are officially one hundred percent renewable and. look at that so this is it that's the energy right generated point of change on al-jazeera and the reported world on the. u.s. and british companies have announced the biggest discovery of natural gas in west africa but what to do with these untapped natural resources is already a source of heated debate nothing much has changed they still spend most of their days looking forward to for dry riverbed like this one five years on the syrians still feel battered or even those who managed to escape their country have been truly unable to escape the lure.
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hello again the top stories on the al-jazeera news hour the u.s. president donald trump has arrived in vietnam's capital annoyed for his second summit with north korean leader kim jong il and while back in washington donald trump's former personal lawyer michael cohen is expected to tell congress on wednesday if the president broke the law while in office. nigeria's ruling party says unofficial results show incumbents muhammadu buhari has won the presidential election a p.c. party officials say they're preparing to celebrate the main opposition p.d.p. has accused the ruling party if we're getting the votes. they are reigning in president hassan. rouhani has refused to accept the resignation of his foreign minister mohammad javad zarif made the shock announcement on instagram which the
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government says is not the appropriate channel and ally has suggested zarif decision was motivated by criticism of the nuclear deal he helped negotiate in twenty fifteen which the trumpet ministration withdrew from last year zero correspondent has reported extensively from iran so why is it that the president would refuse to accept the response of nation well i think it's because the president knows that this isn't the right time to have a cabinet reshuffle in his government he's under a lot of pressure because of the economic crisis in iran and also given the west's position on the nuclear deal and trump's decision to withdraw from the nuclear agreement if i think he sees the reef as a pet best person for this position and the guy remember there's only two years left in this government before there are the next presidential elections in iran and rouhani second term is it's they won't come back for another term so i think he sees this as a chance to finish what they started no matter how broken it is at this stage and
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his choice of mo differs ignition on social media instagram in particular is quite interesting absolutely because his preferred mode of communication and social media zarif that is is his twitter account but of course twitter is blocked in iran so instagram is what a lot of the officials use and i think it's interesting to note that zarif made this announcement in a post on a day when we saw the syrian president bashar assad in seron visiting the supreme leader and the president and notably absent was a reef himself who of course has been at the forefront of negotiations between the different parties to bring some kind of a peace agreement into syria so are we learning more about why he chose to resign and is it linked to about visits of the syrian president to iran well it's hard to say. but i think it's likely that he's been frustrated of course at all the criticism that he's received over the past few months and we've heard from various
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sources in the government that this is the fourth time actually that serif is try to resign that has not been accepted by the president so i think this is the final chance and i think it's very clear that the president rouhani does not want to see zero if go if he were honey that is except the reefs resignation there's this throw iranian foreign policy into disarray no i think what it would do is we would see a shift in iran's tone when it came to its foreign policy i think we would go back to something along the lines of say jilly or men who share more techie during the era of the very hard line conservative stance against the western powers whereas with rouhani we saw a much softer tone we saw western educated diplomats who came into these positions to try and negotiate a better environment for iran to work and within the international community to ride horses were thank you. the international community is being blamed for
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allowing governments in the middle east and africa to get away with human rights violations amnesty international says there is too much complacency that allows offending regimes to think they'll never face justice in a hundred reports. their crime was to speak out against those in power and what they consider as injustice activists across the middle east and north africa are behind bars for peacefully protesting that their plight is being highlighted by amnesty international which says the crackdown on freedom of speech and political opponents increased significantly in two thousand and eighteen particularly in three of the region's most powerful states iran saudi arabia and egypt which the human rights organization says is now a more dangerous place for critics than at any time in the past. these three countries are emblematic off the general situation of human rights
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across the region so in the run this past year alone over seven thousand people were put in prison just for participating in protests in egypt you have over a hundred people who were put in prison only for expressing their affiliates in saudi arabia to this women activists who've been campaigning for women's rights have been put in jail since may two thousand and eighteen and tortured and subject to sexual harassment and are still arbitrary it's. the list goes on researchers have documented abuses of the united arab emirates algeria yemen syria libya lebanon. amnesty international believes the lack of accountability and the lack of international pressure is what encourages governments in the middle east and north africa to continue committing human rights violations there is no fear of punishment accountability it says is essential not just to ensure justice for the
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victims but to prevent further violations. one of those victims saudi journalist she who was killed inside the saudi consulate in istanbul last year amnesty international calls it a cold blooded murder and an example of global in action to ensure those responses . are brought to justice the reason there's a national g. case is so incredibly important for us on this international is that finally finally it brought some scrutiny to saudi arabia's human rights record and finally a number of western states started making the responsible decisions with regards to their weapons sales to saudi arabia. but countries like the u.s. the u.k. and france are being asked to do the same amnesty international is not just criticizing what it calls authoritarian regimes for cracking down on any form of dissent it is blaming western governments who have been and are willing to look the other way when their interests are at stake. hundreds of
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students in algeria are protesting against president. for furth fifth term in office the students took to the streets in the capital demanding a change in leadership protests have been going on for the past four days they're the biggest in over a decades has been in power for more than twenty years but is rarely seen in public after suffering a stroke in twenty fourteen his candidacy was announced via a letter published on social media state media that is. the vatican has expressed its utmost respect for australia system after a top cleric was convicted of child sex crimes it also says cardinal george pell has the right to defend himself to the last level he was found guilty of molesting two choir boys at a cathedral in the city of melbourne in one thousand nine hundred six andrew thomas reports. he is the highest ranking member of the catholic church ever to be convicted of child sexual abuse cardinal george pell
9:41 pm
a former archbishop of sydney and of melbourne was most recently at the vatican in charge of the church's worldwide finances he was close to the pope now he's been found guilty of sexually abusing two quiet boys in a cathedral in melbourne in the one nine hundred ninety s. having somebody of such high status in the church having been convicted it. gives a sense that district is moving in the right direction and no one's above the law pell's personal disgrace comes on top of criticism of his handling of sexual abuse by others that he was in charge of investigating into the fourteen he gave evidence to a national inquiry into institutional sexual abuse in australia i was accused of helping to cover up the sexual abuse of priests pell gave his evidence by video link claiming he was too frail to travel from the vatican to australia but when multiple accusations were made against him personally he was compelled to come to australia
9:42 pm
to defend himself i am innocent of these charges. whole idea of sexual abuse is power to me pal spent much of last year in court a first trial was abandoned after a jury failed to reach a decision but after a second trial a new jury found him guilty but conviction came last december but a legal suppression order banned it from being reported that was because pal was due to face another trial relating to different accusations dating from the one nine hundred seventy s. a judge ordered a legal suppression order banning any reporting of the trials to date in case jurors in the future trial were influenced by what they saw or heard of the previous ones journalists editors even people on twitter were threatened with up to five years in jail if they broke the order but don't choose state prosecutors dropped the future trial so december it can now be reported and people here are
9:43 pm
demanding tough justice george pell is a monster a freak he has to be giles not go home detention none of this but very quick justice we want to seem angel we want to see here for all i even help for ever powell has already started an appeal against his conviction and the four that's heard he is very likely to go to jail after thomas al-jazeera city the democratic majority u.s. house the sec for a vote rejecting donald trump's declaration of a national emergency for the mexican border so trump made the declaration to get five point seven billion dollars in funding for a border war with mexico but the plan to censure trump may have trouble getting through the senate's one hundred reports. nancy pelosi plans to declare a state of nonemergency to let the executive branch get away with this assault on the constitution we would be delinquent in our duties to the oath of office that
9:44 pm
. on tuesday the house of representatives will vote on a measure to make president donald trump's declaration of an emergency at the mexican border and void that disapproval resolution is nearly certain to pass in a house newly controlled by democrats led by palosi sending a strong message to drop we're talking about it invasion of our country with drugs with human traffickers with all types of criminals and gangs trying to clear the emergency to bypass congress which denied him the five point seven billion dollars he requested to build a wall along the mexican border that declaration gives him access to more than eight billion dollars in emergency funds to build the wall the house disapproval resolution has the support of fifty eight former u.s. national security officials both democrats and republicans who've signed a letter saying there is no emergency at the border where illegal crossings are at
9:45 pm
a forty year low. it could still be a long time before president trump gets money for his border wall if he ever does first there's that emergency room in the house that could end in the senate where forty seven democrats need for republicans to join them to health it or if it passes there it could end with president drunk vetoing it and that's exactly what he's promised to do on the wall yes well i veto it one hundred percent congress appears to lack the two thirds majority it would need to override a presidential veto but there are also court challenges that seek to overturn trump state of emergency arguing that there is no emergency and that the constitution gives congress the power of the purse and then we have a threats a constitutional democracy. this is a president who does not respect the rule of law who does not respect them its own power who is basically saying not for the first time here but this is the latest example is basically saying i will do what i want is anyone going to stop me on
9:46 pm
thursday the house judiciary committee plans to scrutinize the one nine hundred seventy six national emergencies act and possibly to change it so no president can circumvent congress like this again john hendren al-jazeera washington. chinese telecoms giants why waste sells products to more than one hundred and seventy countries and is a key provider of infrastructure for the new five g. network to be rolled out in twenty twenty but it's found itself in the middle of a u.s. china trade war trial angela went to one of the biggest world mobile gatherings to find out more. this was supposed to be ways time to shine the world's largest provider of telecoms equipment is sponsoring the congress they launched that groundbreaking foldable phone hit that clouds a gathering around the chinese company in the united states sending a delegation of to pressure european countries to ban ways five g. infrastructure united states is asking other governments and the private sector to
9:47 pm
consider. the threat posed by wall way and other chinese information technology companies chinese law requires these firms to support and assist beijing's vast security apparatus the u.s. has accused way without evident of building back doors into its equipment which would allow china to spoil countries that it dumped its technology australia and new zealand have already banned while ways infrastructure but u.k. security service has found nothing to back up the u.s. accusations let me say this ask early as possible taking to the stage to defend his company was well as rotating chairman coopting highway has not and the we are never back and away one never anyone to do so in fact european network providers and this includes fees they rely on while we not just raise technology but to keep prices competitive they're now looking for the
9:48 pm
government to make up with decision on whether or not they can build on wall ways existing infrastructure will have to rip it out that could delay the rollout of five hundred networks and cost millions of dollars telecoms out of the say while way is a victim of its own success they dominate the market and removing them will have major repercussions of what we as invested. shoot amount of money into europe to make all of these up on and again you know anything you need to remove huawei thing you bring vehicle system not only in europe in the system but you know. you know it's ripple effects in other parts of the world countries now have to decide if way places at a just him at risk to security or is being used as a poor one in a technological cold war between the u.s. and china charlie and algis their boss in a slide on the al-jazeera news hour and sport twenty sixteen premier league
9:49 pm
champions leicester lyon up a new manager joe. just a moment. hello
9:50 pm
again time for the sports is with joe thank you chelsea manager meridia sorry has made it clear he's a man you just don't cross go keep it kept at it that by a guy is learning that the hard way italian says he's undecided about whether his headstrong player will start against tottenham on wednesday sorry was left fuming when his team's ninety three million dollars signing refused to be substituted
9:51 pm
jaring sunday's league cup final match against manchester city kept has since apologized and been fined a week's wages by the club he said sorry to the technical staff there but was not enough. and then he said the sorry too to the team mates to the club we don't want to to kill him he made a mistake big mistake there are some consequence if that consequence is to play he has to be ready to play i just received a call said where is the bench he has to be they need to do to go to the bench for chelsea a sixth in the table outside of the automatic champions league qualification thoughts the top two a both in action on wednesday man city play west ham while league leaders liverpool are at home to watch it. you gotta top six they don't have a lot of possession to see because they are there are a problem on the pecking thread good around set pieces stuff like that good ransack
9:52 pm
balls so deep defending all that stuff that is different from their play other teams. and they are much more. proactive let me say like this brendan rodgers has just been confirmed as the new manager of two thousand and sixteen primarily title win is less to city raw just spent the day at lest as king power stadium finalizing a deal slave scottish champions celtic one of his main rivals in scotland was rangers boss steven gerrard gorges was gerald's manager jaring his time at liverpool performing captain says the move is good news for leicester. and in stone ever so well at celtic over the last few years so it's no surprise that all the clubs are watching him and. i want to acquire the services because he's done a very good job in of itself where he plans on always a very good coach. unless that have obviously decided to close up or to have them sold and it's no surprise in terms of the timing of this thing sometimes you can't
9:53 pm
control. how do you run a harry managed to to the biggest title in the history in two thousand and sixteen the club when the premier league having started the season this five thousand one outside is maintaining those standards hasn't been easy ranieri was fired in two thousand and seventeen and two more managers have been and gone since then told who was sacked on sunday tragedy has also hit the club late last year lest his owner of the shy see it on a problem was one of five people killed in a helicopter crash a sports correspondent he wanting says the club will be hoping rodgers can bring some much needed stability. leicester has been an incredible story of triumph and tragedy over the past few years in fact i'd start the story back in twenty fifth day when they were very nearly relegated from the premier league which is powerful around the globe but their managers are not your peers and miraculously kept them in the league he was citing cardio right i won that league title in twenty six days
9:54 pm
of never seen a sports story like. value he himself was sacked his replacement was psychotic shakespear and then we had something to put all of this into perspective which was the tragic helicopter crash the owner of course was one of five people who died which i shivered at a problem. this was months ago of course this season and this wasn't just about the football club this was about the city the city so proud of its club were in mourning and still are so in extent the quickly football moves on now we have the man who carried himself with such dignity campolo sacked and in comes a new man brendan rodgers which causes its own tobin's brendan rodgers has won all eight of scotland's domestic trophies that were available since he came in to grant's going in the summer of twenty six day but him leaving shows you how scottish football itself has problems these days with its status and standing aside
9:55 pm
from sosa usually and it's the premier league and the lure of the premier league and the money as well that the premier league can offer as well as the glory where madrid coach santiago's laurie claims there is no rift between him and his forward carrick bale bale has been on the bench for rails last two games and refused to celebrate after scoring the decisive goal in his side's two one victory of live on tape on sunday bell take on bass player in the semifinal of the spanish cup on wednesday the tie is poised at one one after the first leg before they got a demo solo out of we've done a lot of talking about gareth our thinking is now set on our next game we've got a hue. match coming up we fought hard to get this far so we have to be one hundred percent focused on the return leg doris's all the players are all united and share the clear objective of winning. former captain sanath jayasuriya has been banned from all cricket related activity for two years just syria has made it to failing to cooperate with
9:56 pm
a corruption investigation the country's sports minister says the game's governing body writes sri lanka as the world's most corrupt cricket nation. the billionaire owner of super bowl champions the new england patriots has been formally charged with soliciting prostitution rob across the case will be heard in court in early april the seventy seven year old american faces two charges of paying for sex at a spa in jupiter florida he denies the allegations but police say they have video evidence croft is one of twenty five people facing similar charges connected to a larger investigation into human trafficking human trafficking is built on force fraud or coercion it is evil in our midst. it is also fueled by the demand side demands from otherwise law abiding citizens who are. not aware or don't want to be aware about those being exploited now if one teams have been back out on the track in the second round of pre-season
9:57 pm
testing in barcelona mclaren's london or a set the fastest time of the day but later had to be hold back to the carriage on a flatbed truck when he twice had mechanical problems to sadie's completed more laps than anyone else last week that technical issues during cheese say zoltan in session f l terry bought us and five time world champion lewis hamilton eleventh and twelfth fastest out of thirteen. no matter how hard humans try animals tend to just be better athletes like this dog named yuri his handler jeep threw him a frisbee as part of a half time show at a football game in orlando florida an eerie and upstaging the show with this seventy five mi to catch is impressive fetching sets a new world record for the longest frisbee catch during a live sporting events that a treat for that. all right that is a useful for now more later during ok joe thank you very much for that and thanks
9:58 pm
for watching the news hour on al-jazeera lauren taylor will be with you in just a moment with more news on al jazeera thanks for watching by. the christian priest you are a friend of the palestinians is a true friend over everyone and champion of the palestinian cause. and activist who is willing to sacrifice his freedom. for his beliefs. al-jazeera world tells the extraordinary story of the archbishop
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al-jazeera. i know. that you. or somebody like. donald trump and kim jong un arrive in vietnam for the historic second summit discussing north korea's pledge to give up its nuclear weapons are back in washington trumps for the personal lawyers expected to give expression testimony about the u.s. president on capitol hill. this is al jazeera live from london also coming up nigeria's ruling party says unofficial results show president why would double harry as an unassailable lead in the elect.


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