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tv   Winds Of Change  Al Jazeera  February 27, 2019 12:33pm-1:01pm +03

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but by simply turning its pursuit into policy time has done what no other country have. at least one indian aircraft crashes and cross borders shelling in the disputed kashmir region raises tensions between india and pakistan to dangerous levels. below and this year with al jazeera live from doha also coming up mohamed you bihari wins a second term as nigeria's president but the main opposition rejects the result also. we both felt very good about having this very important summit
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in vietnam donald trump praises the head of his second meeting with north korea's kim jong il and in hanoi. about back home in washington a setback for the u.s. president's mexico border wall and upcoming testimony by his former lawyer threatening to overshadow the event. the party of stone says it shot down two indian fighter jets while they were in pakistani airspace and they claim they have arrested an indian pilot as tensions in the future of kashmir region were that india says only one of its helicopters crashed and that was because of technical failure. well pakistan's foreign office
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says the pakistani air force undertook strikes across the line of construct control from pakistani air space the sole purpose of this action was to demonstrate our rights will and capability for self defense we do not wish to escalate but are fully prepared if forced into that paradigm well india and pakistan have also been exchanging heavy fire across the line of control india says five of its soldiers have been injured pakistan's for the say six civilians of being killed by indian mortar shells in pakistani administered kashmir on tuesday india's military said it carried out air strikes close to the border of pakistan and pakistan administered kashmir. it said were in response to a suicide bomb attack that killed at least forty of its soldiers earlier in the month. two correspondents on this story we've got fez jamil who's in the indian
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capital new delhi first so let's go to imran khan he's in the pakistan capital islamabad and there are an increasing number of claimant counter claims and accusations of incursions and transgressions in iran give us a sense of what islam about feels like today. about certainly feels like it's always felt like a city that is very safe but what we're hearing from the line of control and it is that kashmir is a statement from the interest as a public relations agency that the army's saying is two fighter jets were shot down by pakistani forces one hundred teleni village in indian administers. the one on the pakistani administered kashmir side of things there also saying that one pilot has been arrested and two of them are dead now this is a very big. early hours of this world again ian said that they weren't interested
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in escalating the conflict any further. which is why they say jaish of the home they blame appear to be behind the. suicide attack which triggered this latest escalation however we're now hearing that the indian air forces did try and mount a second strike and that's where those two aircraft are going down this is incredibly serious a lot of people in the offices around the foreign office of. the army headquarters which is just down the road there will be taking a look at what to do next now that they say they have allegedly this pilot in today it really depends on what the army say next that we are expecting a press conference from them some point right that city then from the pakistan capital islamabad and our correspondent on let's go over now to the indian capital new delhi and speak to our correspondent there says jamil says so we understand
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then that the pakistani military have been on a heightened state of alert now for several days what is the situation in india with all of these claims and as i say counter claims of these alleged aggressions if you like along the line of control. martina's you said there's been claims and counterclaims but indian officials are being very tight lipped it's a very different narrative on this side what al-jazeera has been able to confirm a few minutes ago is that locals though are in the rejoice and sectors of india that mr bush near have told analogise here at that they saw bombs fall from an aircraft but there's been no official confirmation locals also said another i'd unidentified aircraft has crashed in the area again indian officials are not confirming it this is coming from locals on the ground we can't confirm though that there was separately an aircraft crash outside of the capital srinagar we can't
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confirm what type of aircraft it is though indian media had been reporting it first that it was a jet fighter but people on the ground are saying it looks more like a helicopter and two charred bodies have been found inside that what we can confirm from the indian side what they have said officially is that air space throughout indeed and mr kashmir has been shut down flights are not being allowed in or out as well as any other plights on the way have been diverted now as imran told us you know there's a lot of stories claims counterclaims going along and that india had been trying to deescalate the situation but it seems that hasn't happened the situation has definitely escalated all right fred jamil live from the indian capital new delhi thank you write to other news now the nigerian president has won a second four year term the election commission says he won more than fifteen million votes in saturday's delayed election hot the main opposition p.d.p.
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has accused the ruling party of rigging the polls from the capital of his how. president mohamed to behati supporters minute visit to the at the party headquarters in a preacher confirmation that prada has won four more years of power in nigeria africa's biggest economy and top oil producer. moving. in the. world. at the main opposition leader has called for the cancellation of results in some states his party p.d.p. says some voters will add intimidated or bribed charges the ruling a.p.c. party rejects all results being on now. by the independent national
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electoral commission m that is incorrect. on a step that will throw our party under some nigerians worry a disputed election could lead to violence occurred it has been increased in most parts of the country as a precaution. president biharis first term was next nigeria may not only be in recession but unemployment and inflation are now in double digits and his efforts to fight corruption and improve security remain a work in progress his supporters know that but for now at least it's time to celebrate. their publisher. in the coming hours the u.s. president and north korea's leader will meet in vietnam's capital hanoi for a second time donald trump has hailed vietnam as an example for north korea saying it too can become an economic powerhouse if denuclearize asian talks go well well
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now from our correspondent a german brown. u.s. president donald trump is used to the line vietnam's leaders less so. but trump summit with north korea's leader kim jong il has changed all that before his first meeting with kim on wednesday he met the host of this summit the country's prime minister and president on behalf of the united states i want to thank you very much for hosting and hopefully great things will happen later on with our meeting like north korea vietnam was once an enemy of the united states yet in spite of the history the relationship is now good with vietnam regarded as a strategic partner of the u.s. in asia. but it's trump's relationship with kim that's now the priority the hanoi summit to build on a historic meeting in singapore in june where they made of a commitment to rid the korean peninsula of some of the most powerful weapons
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created this time they need to agree a framework for how that'll happen vietnam was an acceptable choice to kim for this summit it's one of the few countries with the north korean embassy which came visited on tuesday night. and like china vietnam's achieve strong economic growth while preserving one party rule thriving like few places on earth according to trump also tweeted that north korea's potential was also also there is both curiosity and excitement about the two leaders this city is now playing host to and i hope that a city once synonymous with war could perhaps become a symbol of something else i feel very happy because world leaders are coming to vietnam to talk about peace to see each other and to shake hands call i think this is a good opportunity for hanoi and it can help us in many ways i'm proud because i was born here and i think the fact that donald trump and khinjan are in hanoi shows
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it's a safe city i think it will change the way the world thinks about theater. at this temple worshipers burn incense which they consider to be a link between humans and heaven and now this city itself may become a bridge between two men who've in the past threatened nuclear war. adrian brown al jazeera hanoi all right let's go live now to another of our correspondents who is there in the vietnamese capital way hey and wayne what do we think donald trump specifically wants to achieve from this last time we remember there was a lot of talk about civic jury member complete verifiable irreversible denuclearization is that still on the table is that still the goal. well i think slowly but steadily over the past few months since that summit really in june of last year in singapore the first time that these two leaders had met
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there's been a steady rolling back of the expectations when it comes to verifiable denuclearization the big question being will the north koreans denuclearize completely how do the americans verify that and will the u.s. and its allies south korea japan and the rest be willing to reward the north korean government the north korean regime along the path of denuclearization or will the u.s. stick to its initial goal by saying that we will only reward them in terms of sanctions relief when denuclearization is complete and then the big question becomes how do you verify that they want to get independence inspectors independent monitors into north korea to verify that what the north koreans are saying they have done they have actually done you remember last year also we saw the destruction of the nuclear test site they invited some media organizations from outside north korea in
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there to witness these very spectacular explosions in the mountains in north korea but we haven't been able to verify whether or not that nuclear test facility has in fact been disabled so going forward i think that's going to be a very important subject between donald trump and kim jong un verifying what exactly they have done and are willing to do in the future wayne hey live in the vietnamese capital hanoi thank you. still to come at al-jazeera the syrian highway that's becoming the focus of president assad's forces in the last a rebel stronghold plus. am was. one of the world's youngest orchestras marks its first decade on stage. and.
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it's been a record breaking lee warm for fabrice out of the whole winter for some parts of western europe i think particular british isles a bit also the netherlands belgium france and spain it's warm but not record breaking the sun is larger because of the static nature of the weather pattern we've got warmer already from daytime sunshine and sort of draw of warmth coming out from the science of eighteen degrees in the focus and that's probably conservative i'm expecting twenty ish in london and although we've had a bit of a surge of cold weather around on the eastern side of europe we still talking about temperatures that are that normal fiona's kiev is cold it and i'm chris colder for back up to ten in athens we're going in the right direction and his i think turkey where you're going to see the real anomaly with snow and rain moving eastwards even when the sun comes out is two three anchor athens is back up to normal and here we
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are back up to above normal sixteen in vienna for that train of winds that will be a change of weather type in the british isles and rest of northern europe the wind in particular being notable and it may well be wind the third from the eastern med at the moment is just catching the eastern side of libya it will drift to trust the levant in the next day or so leaving finer weather behind. donald presence on donald trump jr was promised damaging information about hillary clinton allegation like to see ongoing investigation stick the troops did the trump count. with russia did you at any time of the urge the former f.b.i. director james comey in any way shape or form a closer to back down the investigation into michael flynn and also as you will know. next question battlefield washington on al-jazeera.


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