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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 27, 2019 2:00pm-2:34pm +03

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are you the or at the head of the oil company is a national guard general they are very much part of the of the set up and i think office of amnesty which is a hard has made. may be attractive to people in the lower ranks and they're the ones who have gone over so far but to the seedier officers who are doing very well from the present i don't think they really trust the opposition and they not at all sure what the future would be under under a government controlled by. the opposition so that i think that their calculation at least for the present is better staying where they are so what might it take to sway them because people often say that the military holds the key to this crisis and the way that it goes one way or the other. well it's very hard to say i mean the massive demonstrations that we've been under and when we saw pictures at the weekend of people pleading with women police officers at the border to to let the aid through and then penetrate the police officers were in tears but they didn't
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let me through and it. was a surprise i think to no position when the huge street demonstrations or to pass it took place in caracas and other cities. didn't. didn't sway the military they stopped the massive repression in recent demonstrations but they they didn't show any sign of a budging and i think if the oil sanctions which we heard about if they do start to make things better play and palpably worse for for the country as a whole some of the more military officers and there are plenty who've been expressing uneasy discontent and so on to my to concentrate their minds even more and they may feel that this has got to stop and some action has to be taken but it hasn't happened yet i think the opposition have to realize and i think the countries supporting the opposition who are accepting that this is in for the long haul it's not going to be quick whatever happens although the military is not
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swayed and indeed it appears as a column is saying to be digging in and then back kill people over the weekend showing these opposition attempts to bring in the aid when that does not look good does it but there is already lost a lot of support amongst venezuelan people i mean that's only going to lead to more . well one of them on a society surely gruffalo or i think the actions taken by one why don't we have to remember it is an unelected man trying to unconstitutionally take a few presidential power this is a coup de time this is really the reborn a patrick spirit in many sectors across minutes waiting to the armed forces but many civilian sectors who wouldn't necessarily consider themselves government support this but a family against any sort of foreign intervention or any for an imposition on business when we have to look at this in historical context of u.s.
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intervention in venezuela those in the region and even the last fifty years and any sort of anything that smells of u.s. intervention even find contrary planes coming from the u.s. military landing pete promoters across the border as we saw it on the weekend and really really rekindles this pattern experience across the country i would probably politically actually end up pushing people into the middle or accomplishment you really have a significant support base as we saw in that not just look at the weekend i'm just i think this is a deeper look i've read because i can see she was itching to get in do you agree with us how yes i am or no actually i really don't i do agree that there's always sensitivity about you know u.s. and u.s. intervention or the u.s. role and that's historical and that's latin america there's a great book written by a venezuelan called the latin americans their love hate relationship with the united states which takes a rather more nuanced view than what is being presented by my fellow panelists i do want to differ however i am i am venice well and by the way and i have
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a lot of friends there still and i have traveled to venice while i was there during the protests and twenty seventeen and have kept in touch since they had even in twenty seventeen the military had a great concern about whether they were actually following the constitution the concept of constitutionality was very important they are i have a. up that in fact that why though is that constitutional president i know for a fact that by the you know lopez had conversations with other other counterparts in the region where he considered the fact that he understood privately that the that is a constitutional president but that he cannot flip that he doesn't believe the amnesty that he can't bring enough men to support him and therefore was going to stay put the question of why those presidency being constitutional has been settled it is in fact and in fact mother should never even have run for the presidency in
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two thousand and thirteen when travis did not present himself for the presidency because he was dead in cuba. they had. should have been a you who was then the president of the national assembly the only reason why mother would all run is because he was annoying to by travis but that was against the constitution that travis wrote so mother was a two time usurper and the filling of the void of the national above the president of the national assembly by god though is foreseen in that constitution ok even the senior military in private conversations accept that so that needs to be that needs to be settled that's off the table i do agree that they have a very hard time flipping because they are so they are there or they are so in bed with massive criminal activity including drug trafficking charice financing grand scale corruption that they probably have some doubts as to a what their fate would be and whether honesty is actually credible ok's as we've seen in argentina and chile and other places they will get an activist judge who
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won't accept the amnesty call and whether or not you believe that is the rightful president at this point in time the fact is he's not in the country at the moment he's in colombia and he has a travel ban to go to that do you think he's going to be allowed back into venezuela. well we have to say i mean he seems confident that he will be here when asked in colombia what he was going to do he said well i'm not i'm going to fly back to my computer to the air force as a president would. resume my my timidity is whether he will then be arrested of course what we have to wait and see i think he's. banking on the government not daring to do ok such a blatantly provocative thing but what we don't know and i would hope if he does do this this return this week we will have to leave orphans were just another thirty seconds that we have left should madrone let him back in and not arrest him let him
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run this course well he's quite clearly broken and lawrence where no one with a broken numerous law and someone of the legal system he should be arrested and there are many people across the country clamoring for his arrest or maybe if not the wife of political move by moore. later just to let it run in saudi's already losing massive amounts of support an amendment he lost many allies over the weekend and he's losing his support base ok maybe clever from her or just believe in your venoms are out well that remains to be seen as to what the backing of around fifty countries so perhaps whatever would agree with that final thoughts there from april but many thanks to all of you for joining us today paul dobson lesson human and clint harding and thank you too for watching you can see the program again any time by visiting our website that's al jazeera dot com the fed's gotten do go to our facebook page that's facebook dot com for slash a.j. inside story you can also join the conversation on twitter handlers at a.j.
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inside story from me laura kyle and the whole team here by finale. this week's thrice a new method of cremation is helping him to tradition become more enlightened mentally friendly and we visit a danish community and who have taken sustainability to new heights just when they're on the horizon to some so that they are officially one hundred percent renewable and. look at that so this is it that's the end of the right to carry that point of change on al-jazeera the dissolute mother waits on the border between ukraine and russian occupied crimea for news of her missing son. numerous young three men have disappeared following her arrest these disappeared other
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victims of a crackdown on the top population of crimea by russia since its occupation in two thousand and fourteen. before the invasion of two thousand and fourteen crimea was a part of another country ukraine really formed when the soviet union broke up into separate states but many russians including the president vladimir putin were unhappy with this. russia is determined to keep its alleged abuse of human rights away from public scrutiny. as the only indigenous group still openly opposing the truth is russia sees this muslim minority as a threat. the loss of at least one indian at crofton cross for the shelling of the disputed
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kashmir region raise tensions between india and pakistan to dangerous levels. hello and welcome to our jazeera live from doha i'm martine dennis also coming up. a second term as nigeria's president but the main opposition rejects the result. we both felt very good about having this very important summit in vietnam. donald trump praises the head of his second meeting with north korea's kim jong il and in the hanoi. in the syrian highway this becoming the faker's of president assad's forces in the last rebel stronghold.
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of pakistan says it shot down two indian fighter jets and taken two pilots into custody as tensions in the disputed kashmir region were but india says only one of its aircraft crashed and that was because of technical failure and space around indian administered kashmir has been shut down or pakistan's foreign office says the pakistani air force undertook strikes across the line of control from pakistani air space the sole purpose of this action was to demonstrate our right will and capability for self defense we do not wish to escalate but a fully prepared if forced into that paradigm. and in europe pakistan have been exchanging heavy fire across the line of control india says five of its soldiers have been injured pakistan's police say six civilians have been killed by indian losses shells in pakistani administered kashmir on tuesday india's military said it
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carried out as strikes close to the border of pakistan and pakistan administered kashmir in response to the suicide bombing earlier this month that killed at least forty indian soldiers are it will speak to our correspondent merely new delhi in just a little while first let's go to imran khan he is in the pakistan capital islamabad and pakistan military then emphasizing the fact that they're prepared they're willing they're able but they prefer not to escalate tensions within the year. that's right some very strong statements coming out not just from the foreign office will also from the pakistani military as well they are insisting that two aircraft were shot down two indian air force aircraft were shot down one of them landed in a distant kashmir the other landed in pakistan a pakistani administered kashmir they also say that they have one pilot in custody
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now the audience of his public relations. say that in the coming hours they are going to put the pilots in a press conference on display for the world to see now this is a real ratcheting up of tensions across the line of control not only on the air but also on the ground as well we've heard nothing from the government of pakistan so far but what happens next is going to be crucial whether the indians will retaliate whether they'll issue a statement others already said that want to craft crashed but the pakistanis here insisting that they shot to crawford all right thank you for that imran khan is our correspondent in the pakistan capital now to the indian capital and says jim mail says pakistan is giving their account of the last twenty four hours the indians giving them as but the fact is tensions are perhaps the highest they have been between these two countries for maybe two decades.
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martine that likely is the case but unlike pakistani military officials indian officials are being much more tight lipped the only thing that's been reported through indian media is some officials saying denying pakistan's claims that its pilots were captured they say all their pilots were accounted for the only thing we can really confirm from the indian side is that the airspace has been shut down over indian administered kashmir and the airports there least three of them have been affected. now what we can also confirm is that an aircraft did go down outside the capital srinagar but there's been conflict informations at first people were saying that a jet had crashed but others on the ground have been telling al-jazeera and other media that looks more like a helicopter although to confirm that confirmation has come in at two charred bodies were found inside now a short time ago also witnesses locals on the ground in the districts of her jory
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and indeed an issue of kashmir reported seeing a bomb being dropped from an aircraft and later on they say another unidentified aircraft crashed again this is coming from locals but indian officials are not saying anything at the moment and this entire situation was exactly what india was trying to avoid they say tuesday's strike against the armed groups in in baucus on territory was directly the result of a suicide bombing against its troops on february fourteenth since then they've been using language such as nonmilitary targets a preemptive strike to try to deescalate the situation that was one of the reasons analysts gave is why india gave no hard proof of its airstrikes but as we can see from wednesday none of that actually mattered and the situation has definitely escalated. jamelle life from new delhi. well the nigerian president has won a second four year term the election commission says he took more than fifteen
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million votes in saturday's delayed election the main opposition though the p.d.p. has accused the ruling party of rigging the result from a bridge or his her. president muhammadu buhari supporters are jubilant there's a picture rally at their party headquarters in a confirmation that has won four more years of power in nigeria africa's biggest economy and top oil producer. certainly you live. in your. belief. you. believe. we live in the new world food stuff. you are using the word. the main opposition leader has called for the cancellation of results in some states his party p.d.p.
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says some voters will add intimidated or bribed charges the ruling a.p.c. party rejects all results. by the independent national electoral commission i met. in court. on a step to. some nigerians worry a disputed election could lead to violence occurred has been increased in most parts of the country as a precaution. president biharis first home was next nigeria may no longer be in recession but unemployment and inflation are now in double digits and his efforts to fight corruption and improve security remain a work in progress his supporters know that but for now at least it's time to celebrate. their butcher. now in the coming hours u.s. president and north korea's leader will meet in vietnam's capital hanoi for
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a second time donald trump has hailed vietnam as an example for north korea saying it can become an economic powerhouse if the. talks go well well now from a correspondent brown. us president donald trump is used to the limelight. vietnam's leaders less so. but trump summit with north korea's leader kim jong un has changed all that before his first meeting with kim on wednesday he met the host of this summit the country's prime minister and president on behalf of the united states i want to thank you very much for hosting and hopefully great things will happen later on with our meeting like north korea vietnam was once an enemy of the united states yet in spite of the history the relationship is now good with vietnam regarded as a strategic partner of the u.s. in asia but it's trump's relationship with kim that's now the priority the hanoi
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summit to build on a historic meeting in singapore in june where they made of a commitment to rid the korean peninsula of some of the most powerful weapons created this time they need to agree a framework for how that'll happen vietnam was an acceptable choice to kim for this summit it's one of the few countries with a north korean embassy which can visited on tuesday night. and like china vietnam's achieve strong economic growth while preserving one party rule thriving like few places on earth according to trump who also tweeted that north korea's potential was also also.


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