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tv   Inside Story 2019 Ep 57  Al Jazeera  February 27, 2019 2:32pm-3:02pm +03

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on wednesday he met the host of this summit the country's prime minister and president on behalf of the united states i want to thank you very much for hosting and hopefully great things will happen later on with our meeting like north korea vietnam was once an enemy of the united states yet in spite of the history the relationship is now good with vietnam regarded as a strategic partner of the u.s. in asia. but it's trump's relationship with kim that's now the priority that hanoi summit aims to build on a historic meeting in singapore in june where they made of a commitment to rid the korean peninsula of some of the most powerful weapons created this time they need to agree a framework for how that'll happen vietnam was an acceptable choice to kim for this summit it's one of the few countries with the north korean embassy which came visited on tuesday night. and like china vietnam's achieve strong economic growth
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while preserving one party rule thriving like few places on earth according to trump who also tweeted that north korea's potential was also also there is both curiosity and excitement about the two leaders this city is now playing host to and i hope that a city once anonymous with war could perhaps become a symbol of something else i feel very happy because world leaders are coming to vietnam to talk about peace to see each other and to shake hands call i think this is a good opportunity for hanoi and it can help us in many ways i'm proud because i was born here and i think the fact that donald trump and khinjan are in hanoi shows it's a safe city i think it will change the way the world thinks about vietnam at this temple worshipers burn incense which they consider to be a link between humans and heaven and now this city itself may become a bridge between two men who've in the past threatened nuclear war. adrian brown al
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jazeera hanoi. right let's go to another of our correspondents in the vietnamese capital wayne hey wayne says kim jong un is being offered this tantalizing glimpse of of what could lie ahead for his own country but the two men president and the north korean leader they have yet to meet. yes that's correct they really has been about sideline issues certainly for the u.s. president donald trump who has met as you saw in adrian's piece there with his counterparts in the vietnamese government with the president and the prime minister he signed several significant trade deals with vietnam in those meetings and again he was full of praise of the vietnamese economy which really has been one of the world's economic success stories coming from the ravages of war which ended in one thousand nine hundred fifty five to now having one of the best performing economies
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in the world in the selling point from donald trump is that. it could attempt to replicate this if he agrees to denuclearize the korean peninsula denuclearize his own country and that he too could reform north korea's economy while still maintaining control similar to what we have seen happen in vietnam so the first face to face meeting between kim jong un and donald trump at summits number two if you like in hanoi will take place in a few hours on wednesday night we believe that there will be a brief meeting between the pair before they go into a dinner with other members of their respective delegations but the main summit the main meeting where we expect some sort of agreements to be announced will take place on thursday in hanoi as well all right thank you very much for now wayne and of course we're told you're a bit later as we get closer to that event thank you. still to come here
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al-jazeera wold piles a divided as well meeting to discuss what to do about venezuela. hello get a welcome back to your international weather forecast all of the last several days across parts of central and western europe we have seen temperatures that are really have been above average in temperatures have been broken want to take you here towards brussels where on tuesday they actually broke one of the highest temperatures they have seen in february reaching twenty point two degrees for the day and you can see what they did on the stay a beautiful day there many people getting out to the parks and outside enjoying their lunches outside as well now we do expect to see this continue today we're going to be having this out of high pressure dominating and this is really keeping
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a lot of sun as well as winds coming out of the south particularly out here towards the west so this is the be the trend for today and we're going to sing those temperatures really staying into the high teens for many locations where paris at eighteen been one thousand degrees there london at eighteen degrees and zurich is going to be about fifteen degrees but as we go from wednesday to thursday that's one to start to see a change more over here towards the west more clouds and rain coming into the picture in those temperatures are beginning to come down well as we go way down here across another part of africa we are going to see some windy conditions as well across parts of libya over here towards egypt clouds down here towards oswald but for cairo it is going to be a most quite a day for you with the temps there of twenty. two with a sponsored by countdown and. the fact. this morning coffee place on the planet and one that could soon be tossed up on with an international team of scientists is determined not to let that happen without intervention to give the
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ticket and i would say here too that vast amounts of race against time to try and favor a species take a crisis that's in the national deep down stave off extinction techno onal jazeera . a reminder of our main stories here at al-jazeera pakistan says it shot down two indian fighter jets while they were in pakistani airspace they've arrested one indian pilots and another is in hospital but india says only one of its aircraft crashed and that was because of a technical failure and space meanwhile around indian administered kashmir has been
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shut down. as tensions reach dangerous levels pakistan's military insists it doesn't want a war with india. the government of pakistan the armed forces of pakistan and the people of pakistan we have always been a message of peace to india. and the route to peace goes through. both countries have the capability and capacity. but ball is actually the failure of policy which india needs to understand. the nigerian president mohammed who bihari is one the second four year term the main opposition party that has rejected the results and says it may mount a legal challenge and call. and u.s. president donald trump is due to be at the north korean leader kim jong il and in the vietnamese capital in the coming hours it will be their second summit. so while
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donald trump is away his immigration policies are policies are under attack at home a new report is detailing reports of children being abused that immigration detention centers will have worn that in just a little while the. first john hendren reports on a new set for the president's mexico border wall. yes the two hundred forty five days so one eighty two using their newfound power house democrats leveled a direct rebuke at president trump table the house voted to reverse trump's declaration of an emergency on the mexican border the vote followed a spirited sometimes contentious debate how many dead americans does it take for open border advocates to support border security democrats say trump is exceeding his constitutional authority going around congress after it passed a spending bill that specifically denied him money for a border wall building
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a wall much faster is not an american city that's political theater dot's political posturing for twenty twenty true plans to use that declaration to access eight billion dollars in emergency funds to build the wall ninety percent of the drugs and the big stuff goes out to the desert makes a left and goes where you don't have any wall i'm going to call it a wall and you know they're likely to call it a barrier it's a wall it's a big beautiful powerful steel wall the bill now moves to the senate where if all forty seven democrats vote together they would still need for republicans to join them to pass it they appear to have at least three republican senator susan collins lisa murkowski in thom tillis say they will vote to overturn trump's order if republicans in congress line up behind the president the message will be clear he can do what he wants if some republicans even
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a few say no that might at least you know provide some reason for him to be carefully if the senate votes with the house the president would be forced to veto the measure as he's promised to do and congress is unlikely to muster the two thirds majority it needs to override him but there would be no mistaking when it comes to declaring an emergency on the border the president is largely going it alone. even if opponents of the president's emergency order fail with the white house and congress they could still succeed with the third branch of government the courts where they are already arguing that there is no emergency south of the border john hendren al jazeera washington they came alone children in a foreign country taken into custody and now democrats in congress have released internal documents that say thousands of them made allegations they were sexually assaulted where they were being held by a us government agency from twenty fourteen in till last year a total of four thousand five hundred fifty six claims of assault were made one
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thousand three hundred three were deemed credible enough to be sent to investigators in all one hundred seventy claims were against a member of the detention staff the man in charge of the program was defensive before a congressional hearing those are not h.h.s. staff in any of those allegations that statement is false those are white house no no no no no sir those are not a chicken white king of allegations demanding way because again what i'm going to write play my time commander white i don't have a lot of time and you know what i've seen you know what i've seen in these reports that were delivered to us buried in stacks of documents this thick without any any notation i saw thousands of cases of sexual abuse if not by h.h.s. staff them by the people that h.a.h.a. staff overseas. i will make that clarification it doesn't make what happened anything less horrific u.s.
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president donald trump and first order to even more children to be labeled as unaccompanied after they were stripped from their parents at the border under fire he later changed the policy and the courts also stepped in and ordered the children returned many still have not been the new information comes as the democrats now in control of the house promised to investigate the policy for the first time sending subpoenas to trump administration officials promising to expose what happened behind the barbed wire in the camps where the children were kept calling. washington meanwhile the president's former personal lawyer says he's looking forward to in his words telling the truth about donald trump's contacts with russia and alleged criminal conduct out michael carey has been giving testimony to the senate intelligence committee he set to serve time in prison for lying to the committee and twenty seventy on wednesday he'll be giving public testimony on sensitive and potentially explosive topics. at this point in time i really
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appreciate the opportunity that was given to me to clear the record and to tell the truth and i look forward to tomorrow to being able to in my voice to tell the american people my story and i'm going to let the american people decide exactly who's telling the truth. the syrian government and its allies have intensified attacks on the province of it live with more than forty civilians reportedly killed in recent weeks the bombardment has been targeting towns along the main road which links syria with neighboring countries and design the holder reports reclaiming the damascus aleppo highway seems to be the objective of. attacks are in terms of fire and they are indiscriminate civilians are the majority of the casualties in. the southern countryside is an active frontline the. towns are now battlegrounds.
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they are being targeted by syrian government forces and their allies the northwestern province is supposed to be a deescalation zone and a turkish russian guaranteed ceasefire should be in place. was going to say that the killings this is something that god the states must stop this is. just not great you. are getting the. government artillery fire has specifically been targeting two major towns and moderate noman further north they fall along a strategic highway five that connects the provincial capitals of how much it looked in aleppo before the war it was a major trade route and the main access road to the north although there's not the whole of a circle on the syrian government and russia want to control that until a national highway which was through country one this road is very important for the government to revive international trade is especially after they took control
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of the jordan border and the crossing there are still at the. reopening of a log with the m. four another highway that also runs it lib was supposed to have happened by the end of last year it was part of the september ceasefire deal between russia and turkey that prevented a wide scale assault by the government since then. a group many of the international community consider linked to al qaida took control of much of it live from turkey backed opposition fighters russia is calling on turkey to fulfill its commitments which includes disarming and removing so-called radical fighters from a demilitarized zone that rings the province moscow is showing impatience president vladimir putin says support for a cease fire is temporary but at the same time moscow insists no wide scale military offensive is being planned. already thousands of syrians have been made homeless in recent weeks and many headed north towards turkey's borders turkey says
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significant progress has been made in talks with russia and iran to secure the province but it didn't provide details regardless damascus seems to be pressing ahead with its campaign to retake the m five highway senator beirut iran's foreign minister is back at work after his boss president rouhani rejected his resignation the president says allowing mohamed javelins a receptor wouldn't have been in the country's best interests there if announced he was quitting on monday on instagram and he didn't give a reason. the u.s. special envoy to venezuela has un security council members to sanction nicholas my daughter's government after a blockade from getting into the country over the weekend at least twenty five people were killed in violence along the border and trucks carrying food and medical supplies were set alight we ask that others join us in sanctioning those who've been involved in the violence over the last weekend and who are fattened by
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the spoils of the muro regimes corruption we ask of member states contribute to addressing the humanitarian situation venezuela dozens of nations already have generally have generously done and we ask you to recognize the nature of the madeira regime and question.


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