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tv   Piano Ukraine Uprising  Al Jazeera  February 27, 2019 7:32pm-8:01pm +03

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i did it didn't want to escalate the crisis. sort of one year but i and we decided to take action today we only wanted to show india that we're able to and if you come into our land we will always retaliate to indian jets across the border and they were shot down i will say the pilots are with us the problem is where do we go from here this is a very important issue i am addressing india it is very important that we use wisdom here are the latest round of tensions began when a suicide attack killed forty indian paramilitary forces that was on february the fourteenth a pakistan based group claimed responsibility for that a new delhi blamed islam a bad allegations pakistan is reject right fred shemale is our correspondent in the indian capital first so let's go to america and he's our correspondent in islamabad and in iran we've heard and seen your namesake the prime minister imran khan
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striking a very reasonable tone if you like and in suggesting that a better sense needs to prevail saying pakistan has no wish to escalate the situation and get into a conflict with india. that's right in his televised address to the nation which i have to say was watched by many people just simply looking around where i am people were very interested to see where he would take this and this was a very impassioned plea for cooler heads to prevail he gave examples from history where tensions have escalated into war war the wars become a thing within themselves and what he's also saying is that pakistan would defend its own borders and did defend its own borders but now he wants to sit down with the indian prime minister and talk this out whether the indians are going to listen to that or not remains to be seen we haven't had any reaction from the indians as of yet but this comes off the back of the closing of aspace in pakistan all
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commercial flights been stopped from coming into the country that are actually another way reason by tensions are so high in this country another example of what tensions are so high however what we need to see now is what the reaction from the indians will be this was a message by the prime minister very much toward the indians and very much towards new delhi to sit down for talks all right imran khan live and thank you very much let's go now to the indian capital and correspondent there fez jamail and has there been any response and from the indian government to. offer offer of dialogue and requests that better sense prevails. not as yet martine but the question that imraan khan asked is the same question
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that all indian politicians and a lot of indians are asking as well where do we go from here india was trying to deescalate the situation since their airstrikes took place on tuesday they used terms like preemptive and non military saying that they were about to be attacked or to their intelligence that's why they had no choice but to strike and they emphasize how they didn't they use the term nonmilitary shy try to push the idea that this was not an attack on pakistan or box on the military or civilians simply on the armed groups who publicly attacked india but unfortunately as we've seen from wednesday's incidents that that did not happen tensions have escalated and martine the interesting thing is although the indian officials are being very tight lipped right now they are being very tightlipped rather people on the ground are say they have a lot of fear indians are saying they don't know what's going to happen they're very shocked by this escalation and people in kashmir been telling al jazeera that
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they're very afraid of what's going on shelling is taking place on both sides of the line of control separate india and pakistan administered kashmir and also we've been told that local hospitals that they've actually told al dizzier they're going and painting the red cross logo on the top of hospitals fearing there could be an air strike here so india is still in the indian officials haven't yet responded but they're contemplating what imran khan said seeing if there's a way out of this situation live in new delhi thinking. the u.s. president donald trump is on his way to meet the north korean leader. in hanoi donald trump has hailed the hosts of vietnam as an example for north korea saying it can become an economic powerhouse if. more for our
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correspondent. us president donald trump is used to the limelight. vietnam's leaders less so but trump's summit with north korea's leader kim jong il has changed all that before his first meeting with kim on wednesday he met the host of this summit the country's prime minister and president on behalf of the united states i want to thank you very much for hosting and hopefully great things will happen later on with our meeting like north korea vietnam was once an enemy of the united states yet in spite of the history the relationship is now good with vietnam regarded as a strategic partner of the u.s. in asia. but it's trump's relationship with kim that's now the priority the hanoi summit to build on a historic meeting in singapore in june where they made of a commitment to rid the korean peninsula of some of the most powerful weapons
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created this time they need to agree a framework for how that'll happen vietnam was an acceptable choice to kim for this summit it's one of the few countries with the north korean embassy which came visited on tuesday night. and like china vietnam's achieve strong economic growth while preserving one party rule thriving like few places on earth according to trump also tweeted that north korea's potential was also also there is both curiosity and excitement about the two leaders this city is now playing host to and i hope that a city once synonymous with war could perhaps become a symbol of something else i feel very happy because world leaders are coming to vietnam to talk about peace to see each other and to shake hands call i think this is a good opportunity for hanoi and it can help us in many ways i'm proud because i was born here and i think the fact that donald trump and khinjan are in hanoi shows
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it's a safe city i think it will change the way the world thinks about vietnam at this temple worshipers burn incense which they consider to be a link between humans and heaven and now this city itself may become a bridge between two men who've in the past threatened nuclear war adrian brown al jazeera hanoi. right we can first here's our white house correspondent kimberly halkett she's at the international media center in hanoi and president trying very keen is indeed to almost dangle in front of kim jong il in the possibilities the potential if you like that if he behaves himself and does what is asked of him he could have all of the riches of a thriving hanoi a thriving vietnam. yes though in a word the president described it martinez awesome that future that bright economic
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prosperity that donald trump is selling if you will to the north korean leader kim jong un at least that is what the unique brand of diplomacy in many ways has been described as something that sort of touts the economic prosperity as you point out in exchange for denuclearization we're certain that that is part of the what will be discussed between these two leaders as they sit down for dinner that is set to happen very shortly we know the president has left his hotel and he is now en route to the metropole hotel where he will dine with the north korean leader along with his acting chief of staff of the secretary of state mike pompei o but certainly the president has also been very defensive of some of the coverage of the sort of relationship between the two best far the president spent the afternoon at his hotel and presumably was watching some of the coverage and tweeted about this in fact saying that the sort of some ways it summarize ation that little has been
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accomplished or even the intentions of his relationship being anything other than genuine he called false reporting so clearly the president is bristling at some of the coverage thus far in advance of that high stakes meeting kerry that brings me on to my next question and that is you know how far is the drama. but i think. outside of it ovah shot doing what the president is trying to achieve in vietnam. certainly the president's trying to how what is happening here on the ground in hanoi is being what is most important but the domestic headlines are going to be difficult for the president the coming hours that's when his long time friend lawyer fixer michael cohen will be testifying before the house oversight committee we've already seen the advance preparations in terms of the opening statement that michael cohen will deliver this is a man who once said he would take
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a bullet for donald trump it's not pretty in fact the we know michael cohen is set to call donald trump a racist a conman a cheat he's also saying that he will provide documents that essentially proves that trump has participated in a licit x. namely writing a check from his personal bank account to reimburse michael cohen for those hush money payments some one hundred thirty thousand dollars to adult film star stormy daniels the two in the president's alleged have had an affair he's also a point apparently going to be talking about contrary to donald trump's denials that donald trump did know in fact in advance about that wiki leaks dump of e-mails that were hacked by into by the democratic national committee and many people say change the outcome of the two thousand and sixteen presidential election donald trump clearly has this on his mind we know that he's going to be back at his hotel after this meeting with kim jong un in time to watch this testimony he's also been tweeting about it trying to discredit his once long time friend saying and pointing
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out that he's been disbarred for lying and being a fraud and donald trump arguing that michael cohen is simply speaking to the house oversight committee lying in order to reduce his prison sentence so clearly as the president goes into a very difficult meeting negotiations on denuclearization it is those domestic distractions that are on his mind all right kimberly thanks very much indeed really what house correspondent now we can go to another post and says here that diplomatic. it's a james bays from kimberly telling us there james donald trump has got quite a lot on his mind anyway what sort of expectation should we be having from this first initial contact between the president of the united states and the leader of north korea. and that first initial contact since the last summit in singapore seven months ago is just moments away we have
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live pictures right now of the road that i think you'll see any moment now the motorcade of president trump coming along to the metropole hotel in hanoi which is where the meeting is going to take place president trump left his hotel some time ago we also have pictures not much happening of the live pictures which i think you can see right now that's the hotel of chairman kim he has not left his hotel yet so it looks like president trouble with that first as kimberly mentioned the plan is for them first to meet face to face maybe twenty minutes maybe more the white house says twenty minutes that is supposed to happen at half past the hour the two leaders in a room on their own trying to rebuild that report that they certainly built in singapore and then a working dinner they will have to close advisors and an interpreter at dinner the
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guest list that for that is interesting. both leaders will have their foreign ministers here so my pompei o will be there real young hole on the north korean side the other guests i think actually if we're going to be talking about the concrete details of this probably helps the north koreans because they've got keen can young who is one of the main negotiators the one of the people who's been absolutely handling this file whereas the white house has got might move amy who is certainly a very talented man a former congressman filled many hats for the white house he's currently the acting chief of staff but he's not someone who's been involved in this process until now so he's not someone who's up to speed on the very detailed and complex details of the nuclear program so. if you look at the dinner guests as a little bit of advantage for the north koreans i think in many ways there is more
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of an advantage for the north koreans anyway because the north koreans have been dealing with this file their whole professional lives and kim himself was born and bred to this position remember the nuclear program in north korea goes all the way back to kim's grandfather who inherited nuclear technology originally from the soviet union then got the help of egypt and down the line north korea got the help of pakistan to perfect their nuclear program ry of pictures coming in now as we speak we can see the road in the convoy as trump has now arrived at the metropole hotel ready for this face to face meeting still about sixteen seventeen no sorry about thirty minutes forty minutes to go before that meeting martin and no sign yet of the north korean leader leaving his hotel all right which brings us to the next obvious question and that is what is on the table because we understand from the kinds of messages that president trump has has put out before today that perhaps
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he's not going for what was known as c.v.s. the full monte if you like the full complete irreversible and there are a fireball decider denuclearization that's not necessarily what is after he's going to perhaps settle for less. actually don't use the words seavey had now they become a dirty word north korea doesn't like the phrase see vids it's something that was first used by the us back in the days when north korea really didn't like the us in the bush administration so the americans have quietly got rid of that language of complete verifiable irreversible denuclearization and they're now talking about a full final verify denuclearization is exactly the same thing but they're not using that phrase anymore because it was a bit of
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a red rag to the north koreans you've seen more convoys more flashing lights in the in the in on the roads here in hanoi that's because kim is now on his way to the metropole for this face to face beach saying the traffic has all been stopped teeming streets here but no one's allowed to be anywhere near these routes of these motorcades right now security i was wondering around the streets of hanoi a little bit earlier extremely tight this is not the sort of thing vietnam normally stages they're determined not to make any mistakes with this one and the security as tight as it could possibly be as you see there the motorcade arriving towards the metropole hotel ahead of the first face to face meeting with.


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