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tv   Inside Story 2019 Ep 58  Al Jazeera  February 27, 2019 8:32pm-9:01pm +03

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listing spring the expectation and then some kind of keeping the momentum behind the continuous progress even after the hollow is something and so on the current government has been working very hard on that right ok thank you very much indeed b.j. came talking to us live from seoul thank you so much never going to go back to hanoi to the vietnamese capital our white house correspondent kelly out there and kimberly it was really hard to hear the exchanges between president trump and chairman kim but what i picked up on and james diplomatic editor also heard and that was a certain. a certain bitterness if you like about the way president trump said the the results from the singapore summit had been received he thought that he was being unfairly judged i mean this seems to be kind of a theme doesn't it for president trump he thinks singapore went brilliantly well and a lot of people think not very much was actually achieved. right
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there what we do know about donald trump is that he does not like criticism and that has been on his mind some of the criticism of the outcome of singapore so recently in fact that he was tweeting about it just before that meeting them face to face meeting at the metropolitan tell the president saying that it was unfair reporting this is a common theme for this president when he doesn't like how something he's done is being portrayed in the news media but let's think for a moment about singapore and the goals that were sort of laid out as they accepted that historic summit essentially you know there were really four pillars in place to establish new relations that there would be peace on the korean peninsula that there would be an affirmation for there to be denuclearized nation by north korea and that there would be a recovery of the remains of u.s. soldiers that were killed or missing in action some of that has started to happen
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but most of it has not when you pull back from it the think about all of this the north still retains its weapons still retains the ability to fire those weapons with missiles it still retains the ability for researching building facilities it's refused to turn over an inventory of its sites something at one point the u.s. was demanding before any of these talks could progress and they don't even agree on the mere definition of denuclearization from the north side it appears that may mean arms control from the u.s. side it means and eradication so there's no question that the media has been for some time criticizing the outcome of singapore putting in doubt the possibilities of what could happen in hanoi because not only is that the media making these observations but it's members of congress even members of the president's own
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cabinet for example the director of national intelligence dan coats testifying before a senate committee said. that he doesn't believe and this is backed up by the cia director gina haskell that there's any intention on the part of the north korean leader to denuclearize so the president has been wrestling about this he tries to put a positive spin he's a marketer by trade and certainly he's tried to do this with these very complex talks and is getting some frustration you see that spilling over in front of the cameras the fact that people are pointing out the finer details not a strong point of donald trump that these talks could take a very long time something we should point out the president has acknowledged and we know the business in the military the deal is kind of like the lifeblood if you like of of the trump modus operandi i mean he's signed a couple of big deals hasn't. as a note in the direction of kim to say look what you can have if you play ball with
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us you can you two can have a share in prosperity like vietnam. yeah not only is there the promise of economic prosperity martine but there have been musings about the potential for a formal agreement to end the korean war potentially opening liaison office is in pyongyang as well as washington d.c. you know there's a lot on the table that needs to be discussed kara's been the problem up to this point there are envoys from the united states employed is the u.s. envoy to north korea steven begin in the north korean counterpart lots of talking has led up to this but what we are told is that from the north korean standpoint really thing no one bit this is a president that makes deals on the fly that none of this sort of preamble discussion really matters what matters the president's shown this on everything
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from. the nafta agreement renegotiating that between canada the united states and mexico to china that he can make these deals at a moment's notice so they know that what matters is what happens in that face to face meeting that's why they were so much attention not only in this dinner but the meetings that will take place over the next twenty four hours because so much of it can be done in advance but this is a president that operates spur of the moment and anything is possible and i should point out that's what concerns many of the president's critics particularly in the u.s. congress that fear the president doesn't understand the nuances in the subtleties of this type of diplomacy and may give away too much and may potentially have already given north korea the upper hand ok kimberly thank you kimberly how could there i want a house correspondent who's traveled with the trauma team let's go back now to james bays a diplomatic editor and james kimberly there pointing out the real apprehension
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surrounding. don't know trump and his into the what are very very complex negotiations many people even from with his team really rather worry that he doesn't grow some food of it. well that is a winery and it's worth reminding you that because we've been used to two years of president donald trump but this is not usual this isn't how diplomacy is normally done look back at the iran negotiations they went on for literally years of low level negotiations and in fact in those negotiations president obama never actually got involved directly in negotiating he may have met a rainy and but he never got involved in the actual negotiations this is very different it's starting back to front it's a top down approach that we've seen now with two summits between the two leaders joining me again is dr larry king of the university of hong kong it's all about the
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chemistry with these two men the way they are doing this we didn't learn much about of substance in this what we've just seen but you watched it closely what did you learn well well first of all i think it is a pretty positive sign that those two leaders to the pretty friendly to each other ultimately in negotiation in national news. chemistry have two leaders do matter and so i think so far they look confident a lot more relaxed that they looked in singapore and also one thing that was kind of interesting was that i think i saw a big smile on chairman kim phase one president trump talked about how much of a potential on the earth has for economic development they get time alone now maybe finishing in about five minutes or so twenty minutes we're told and then they are joined by a slightly bigger group for the working dinner the two foreign ministers joinery on
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ho on the north korean side secretary of state mike pump on the u.s. side and then the other two participants are interesting because we have kim young child who is an expert on the north korean. clear program on the north korean side and mike will they had lots of hats for the white house but certainly doesn't know much about new clears nuclear affairs or about north korean affairs when you look at those two teams on either side it looks what with the detail the north koreans might have the advantage well definitely it does seem like it's personally going to have them working on this issue for years whereas on the american side they don't really have much expertise on i don't know it coolio or nuclear hang on a minute they have someone who's worked on this for years and they keep him away from the table john bolton yeah that is that is a very good sign for north korea that he couldn't or didn't join the negotiating
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table why is that what do they think of him the north koreans north john bolton is the national security adviser of the u.s. is normally you'd expect him to be the right hand of the president of things like this but he's very much a hawk on this issue isn't he right if for a very long time john bolton that was against talking to north korea he didn't like the agreed framework that was signed in one thousand nine hundred four and so i think it is a good sign for north korea and what to the north koreans think of john bolton. well well probably they don't want him here in the way. in terms of a possible outlines of a deal that could satisfy both sides and give us a little bit of progress and the start of a process what could we see do you think well some dismantle this mental image of some nuclear missile silos maybe the from getting nuclear test site maybe the. missile launch site and possibly the younger nuclear facilities where they produce
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nuclear facility us that the be used for nuclear weapons are for them food for in the with korea though could be a pretty happy home for president tran a thing as of that could be a good outcome for kim jong in some sort of a thank release and maybe a listing agreement to you in the end the korean war in the future in the new in the near future the near future setting up another very important summit potentially if they're going to end the korean war dr larry king thank you worth reminding our viewers the korean war of course ended the fighting in one nine hundred fifty three but they never did a peace treaty they did what's called an armistice the u.s. siding on behalf of the united nations china signing a north korea signing setting up the prospect that those three could get back together we also in the near future martin have the prospect of another south korea north korea summit this time with kim we think going to solve interesting times
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indeed gainsborough is a diplomatic editor thank you very much indeed but one of the issues that really concerns a lot of people who are campaigning on the issue of north korea's human rights record because it's an issue that they say quite often is ignored specifics of a sore point for south koreans whose relatives were allegedly abducted by forces from the north during that war the korean war that james was just referring to rob mcbride reports now from the city of pardieu. decades after the fighting ended they are the korean war lingering victims whose faces are gradually fading into history but for their living family members they are painful reminders of stolen lives lekan chan was just twelve when he last saw his father taken by invading troops along with thousands of other south korean men back to north korea from
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which they never returned because i had six brothers and sisters and my mother had to bring us up by herself she got a job as a cleaner our life was horrible the south korean government has been keeping the issue alive recently opening a museum close to the demilitarized zone separating the north and the south the abductees were mostly technicians and did ministry to us who were of value to north korea the north has always denied they were taken against their will most are thought to be long since dead but son could still be alive and the organization representing their families wants their plight to be included on summit agendas. i want they should now for all future talks and for north korea to be responsible for resolving this issue. and it's my hope that the remains of the ep the keys are returned to their families we want the north koreans to recognize what they have
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done on our holidays for it behind the summit smiles a dark shared history still waiting to be resolved in spite of the progress over the past year just what happened to thousands of people from the south who disappeared north of this border during the korean war remains a mystery but the continuing summits offer the hope at least about one day their families will finally have answers robert pride al-jazeera pardieu south korea. and those are the pictures now all of us president donald trump and kim jong un have just met in hanoi in the vietnamese capital and in the last hour they're going to have a dinner now meet for dinner before the real work begins tomorrow on the issue of new clear eyes ation among many others that they started last year in singapore.
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we're expecting as as we mentioned we're expecting them to have dinner tonight and tomorrow and the talks donald trump will be joined by his secretary of state peo kim jong un will be joined by his on minister and others on those very important talks on denuclearization. so as we mentioned this is the second summit between the two leaders the first things took place in singapore last year and at the time it was the first time that a u.s. president and a north korean leader had sat down together. let's listen to what trump had to say a little earlier which was a great success and i think this is where we will be equal or greater. we made
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a lot of progress and i think the biggest growth was our relationship is really a good one i think in your country has tremendous economic potential unbelievable unlimited. and i look forward to watching it happen and helping it to happen and we will help there . so again we are seeing the latest pictures of the two leaders donald trump there and kim jong un have met in the last hour and the vietnamese capital and donald trump saying that a lot of progress has been made from they last met in singapore and saying that perhaps the biggest success of that meeting in singapore was that they have a good relationship that personally their relationship is a very good one they are going to be discussing of course the issue of denuclearization fully when they hold talks on thursday.
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trump has hailed the host vietnam meanwhile as an example for north korea saying that it too can become an economic powerhouse if denuclearization talks go while. this is coming eight months after the first summit took place in singapore last year we'll have more all the updates on this for you in just a little awkward. donald trump in north korea's kim jong. sation. i don't welcome to al-jazeera live for my head in the job hall with me elizabeth
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rodham also ahead the loss of at least one indian aircraft and cost what is shelling in the disputed region of the closing of airspace in large areas of india and. talks with india says he wants. to prevail. of the. president but the main opposition rejects the result. u.s. president donald trump has held north korea's kim jong il as a great leader during this second meeting in the vietnamese capital the two of the holding one on one talks on hanoi before having dinner to get. country had tremendous economic potential he's hoping to convince them to give up his nuclear
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weapons during two days of talks eight months after a first summit in singapore. first it was a great success and i think it's one hopefully will be equal or greater than the first little other program and i think the biggest progress was our relationship it is really a good thing to do your country has tremendous economic potential unbelievable unlimited. i think. you. and i look forward to watching it happen and helping it to happen and we will help but there. is going to our white house correspondent committee health which is live at the international media in hanoi and as we've been reporting in following cambodia they have met saying the summit a big success as the because progress they have a good relationship but also alluding to the fact that some have said that not a lot of progress has been achieved.
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yeah that's right and it seems that donald trump is bristling at the characterization that a lot hasn't been accomplished. you know we spoke i'm prepared for the summit back in washington with many of those experts that have been following denuclearization talks with north korea the united states that have been on again off again the efforts to try and get to this point they certainly give donald trump the credit for getting these face to face meetings recognizing the historic nature of that but that was singapore now we're in one hundred where there is much more meat that needs to be on the bones if you will and this is not a strong point of donald trump he is a man that speaks in very broad strokes and sometimes getting down to the details is not his his specialty and so this is something that has been repeatedly pointed out by not just the u.s. media but the media from all around the world and it appears donald trump is
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continuing to bristle at that suggestion presumably because he's been in his hotel for many hours in advance of this face to face meeting with kim jong un watching some of the coverage there's no question that this is also something that many of his advisors are concerned about that as he has this meeting with kim jong un that he may not understand the subtleties the nuances and that he may give away more the fear being that he is being played by the north korean leader who simply buying time to continue to expand his nuclear program well the president has a decidedly different set of tools namely denuclearization and who is the president with the committee who is going to be taking part in these very important tools. he. yes what we know that for now at the moment as they dine that he is accompanied by the u.s. secretary of state mike pump aoe who has. had his own thorny relationship with the
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north korean negotiators this he's worked to prepare for these talks as well as mick mulvaney his acting chief of staff notable is that not at this dinner is the national security advisor john bolton who you will recall even before entering into the trumpet ministration at one time penned an editorial for the wall street journal making the argument for a preemptive strike potentially on north korea he is not a fan of these talks he does not believe that they will yield the results that donald trump is donald trump branding his sort of unique diplomacy that if you sell the opportunity of economic prosperity that kim jong il would will be willing to give up his nuclear arsenal but i can tell you that there are many not just john bolton the national security advisor this feel this way but also many members of congress who have privately and publicly said that they are concerned about these talks that they believe that the administration should continue its maximum pressure campaign until there is some sort of tangible and concrete roadmap put in
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place in terms of denuclearize ation and then of course we have to point to the very conflicting and contradictory statements of the director of national intelligence dan coats before a senate intelligence committee in that hearing saying in fact that he personally believes that kim jong un will never give up his nuclear arsenal that this is what gives him legitimacy on the international stage something perhaps that donald trump's advisors worry the president does not fully comprehend committee thank you very much for that for now that his committee how could live in hanoi we're joined now by diplomatic editor james. in the city a lot of work to do james and they haven't done it together i guess for real work begins tomorrow. the real work would begin tomorrow in terms of sitting down around what we think will be a boardroom table a north korean delegation and a u.s.
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delegation trying to find something that they can agree on but that both can show a bit of progress and the start of a process i think that's what they need to do from this both sides i think need to show that they have made more. progress from singapore because singapore just by showing up it was a historic summit these are two countries technically still at war their leaders have never met that was the deliverable from from from singapore this phrase deliverable is the one the white house use they say there will be something that is the deliverable from this summit it's not clear exactly what it will be and whether north korea is prepared to make any major concessions what is clear is this is a most unusual process normally there is a lot of work behind the scenes of a low level they come up with some sort of plan some sort of agreement and then at
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the summit they sign it that certainly wasn't the case in singapore perhaps there's been a bit more work done this time by various special envoys and perhaps they have something pre-prepared but we already still have them questioning the definition of denuclearization they still haven't really agreed what that term means and this is pretty important to north korea has never actually admits he'd what its nuclear capability is it's never given a list of we have these missiles we have these nuclear facilities we have this much this much plutonium they've never made that declaration it where anyone on the air i think thinks it knows what north korea has but obviously it. you know running a nuclear program when you want an advantage you try and keep things as secret as possible so that may well be planned to start in facilities that no one knows about
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and until we know james is there any idea about whether they are willing to reveal that information. we think knauss at this stage that would be a big concession by the north korean side what you've got to remember is that this process has been different because it's been top down and the two leaders really leading it themselves which is very very unusual also in some ways the u.s. hasn't been in the leading role here because this all started the new relationship between north korea and the rest of the world at the winter olympics almost a year ago and that was very much the work of south korea because you've got two different negotiations going on at the same time you've got the u.s. and north korea and you've got south korea and north korea and that adds a different dynamic to it it's not just about the narrow issue of north korea's nuclear program but it's clearly the problem the world in the u.s.
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wants to solve but south korea is talking about all sorts of other things which might encourage north korea not just the idea of economic development of being like a country like vietnam one day but also the important korean factors the idea of unity and reconciliation career is effectively one country which has been divided now for seventy years james we're looking now at live pictures of the two leaders of donald trump and ken john and sitting down to have that dennet together and one of the few things that we head for president trump say after they shook hands was that he thought he perhaps would make a success from the last summit was that they have. a very good relationship a very good personal relationship.
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thank you very much relatively short sided in that hotel on some toes are all of the compiler hotel they seem to have built up quite a group or can they translate. that is just something that could deliver something concrete that's the test of this summer's. version thank you guys again. live pictures of just losing those pictures now u.s. president donald trump and kemp john on sitting down for dinner and hanoi so again james that that is one of the key questions they seem to have a good relationship but one side is of course as you've been talking about a lot more prepared for this that the out there. and if you look at that dinner table one side is obviously knows these issues so who law because they are the north koreans and their nuclear program is the main business of north north korea in terms of their national security that is what they
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have long believed has kept their country a go it kept it from being absorbed by south korea but by being invaded by anyone else by being disarmed by others they believe their nuclear program has be their ticket to survival all of the three on the north korean side on the u.s. side really not experts in asia not experts in the nuclear program president trump doesn't know any of the details of this might very early has had various jobs in the white house he's certainly a talented guy a former congressman he's been in charge of the budget office he's now the the acting chief of staff but he's no expert in north korea or nuclear physics the one who perhaps anyone else is also an ex congressman but then did quite a crucial job that i think gave him a real insight into this.


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