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upcoming elections you know there has been a lot of talk that since that attack on february fourteenth where forty one indian paramilitary soldiers were killed in that the indian prime minister has been under this pressure to act against jaish e mohammad which is the pakistan based group and a lot of indians actually supported the indian government taking action against the group even if it is in pakistan but again how did cush midis feel after that attack it was in their home state what how would they like to have seen it resolved do they agree with the action taken by the indian government yesterday when it carried out that attack basically the akash leaders don't want any confrontation separatist leaders or here they are saying given the media buys there and they're all saying the issue should be resolved peacefully but they say that it is because of the indian ocean indian human rights violation by indian troops in
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kashmir that is leading the young generation to take up arms and who join the army struggle. and the boy who carried out that attack on dick or do i mean they said that he was closer to take such extreme step then indian troops talked to him in gear. door years back and offer that he joined the militants just because i thank you for your time on this we do appreciate it that is meeting journalist as well because he lived in st i thank you. now to our other big story donald trump and kim jong un has started their second summit this once being hosted by vietnam where the u.s. president hailed north korea's leader and said he's hoping for success talks the two met for short one on one mazen before having dinner told him that his country
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has tremendous economic potential he's having to convince north korea to give up its nuclear weapons kim all want punishing u.s. sanctions to be lifted in return we have full coverage for the diplomatic editor james bays and our white house correspondent kelly how could god have had a way live to them after another of our correspondents and vietnam's capital adrian brown wraps up the latest developments. in the formal talks are on the way this was billed as a casual get together between north korea's leader kim jong un and us president don't drop their message of what the first summit was a great success and i think this one hopefully will be equal or greater. they made a lot of progress and i think the biggest problem was our relationship is really a good one. here we are today sitting next to each other and this time i am
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convinced that an excellent outcome will be produced that all people can welcome and i will do my best to make that happen this is their first meeting since the historic single pool summit almost nine months ago then at a casual dinner the leaders had just two aides each as well as their interpreters the evening helping to set the toad ahead of thursday's meetings. at the heart of their discussions will be the sprawling yongbyon nuclear complex experts say plutonium and highly enriched uranium are produced here essential materials for a nuclear weapon dismantling it could win concessions from the united states like an easing of sanctions but. the singapore summit was more symbolism than substance and ahead of these talks in hanoi president trump a sort to play down expectations of
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a significant breakthrough and even if kim were to agree to give up the nuclear weapons we know about it would still be a long and complicated process here for you to fulfill what is like north korea vietnam for a bit a war with the united states more than forty years after that conflict ended the countries achieve strong economic growth while preserving one party rule and trump was happy to fly the flag of his host saying north korea could thrive if it follows vietnam's example. we both felt very good about having this very important summit in vietnam because you really are an example as to what can happen with good thinking. if thursday's talks go well a city wants synonymous with war could become a symbol for peace. i feel very happy because world leaders are coming to vietnam to talk about peace to see each other and to shake hands. but this summit has to be
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about more than handshakes and friendly gestures it needs to set a framework for future talks and there could be many more of those adrian brown al-jazeera hanoi and a diplomatic editor james is joining us live from hanoi as we said a little bit earlier saying he's hoping for a successful talks but what does success mean to each during the second summit. what does it mean to the two sides and what does it mean to the wider. community watching this the regional countries and the international community they are watching this closely in places like beijing in seoul in tokyo and in new york where obviously the u.n. security council is key with regard to the sanctions i think they know that they're not going to get a massive breakthrough moment with north korea giving up all its nuclear program
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here and now they're not even going to get north korea making a declaration of exactly what's in its nuclear program and saying be there all our missiles these are all our facilities the best they can hope for is some progress and then the start of a sort of process so progress and process that can keep this going what was the big breakthrough at the last summit in singapore some seven months ago was just that it happened the fact that there was this meeting between these two leaders of two countries who are techniques technically still at war this time around having just another meeting really isn't good enough they have to get something concrete but don't expect it to be anything massive but how much of that progress and the process that you talk about james will depend on whether or not they can actually agree eight to mom and sensing a poor and what denuclearization means.
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well they do have disagreements on this the u.s. position has always been that what they mean is north korea must get rid of its missiles and of all of its nuclear program it has two parts to a nuclear bomb or uranium and the plutonium path they want everything declare everything red off that's been the longstanding u.s. position north korea by denuclearization means removing the threat of nuclear war in north korea on the korean peninsula and in the whole region now by that it means that there could be no military threat from a nuclear power the u.s. is a nuclear power it has a military not just in south korea but it has military elsewhere in the region notably in japan so north korea i think means but a nuclear iran they should yes we'll do our bit when you go to remove all your armed forces from the region that's something the u.s.
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military won't be keen to do because it wants to remain there in readiness if there is still a threat from north korea so this i think is the difficulty they have a difference of opinion on this the south koreans i think have been trying to frame the whole discussion in a different way because they know that this has been a breaking point in the past and that's why they've had wider discussion not just about the nuclear facilities of north korea but about a wider peace between the two koreas talk of economic development reconciliation of trying to have infrastructure projects roads and rail going across career these are the sort of things they're hoping will encourage north korea the other key factor in all this is the idea of actually ending the korean war that is something that would be i think relatively easy to arrange because the fighting stopped way back in one nine hundred fifty three but there is only an
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armistice in place. it was never a sure a peace treaty so they could agree at the summit not to end the korean war here in hanoi bot to have a meeting of all the parties and those parties of north korea the u.s. and china and quite possibly others because the u.s. was representing the united nations in the korean war and have a final declaration that the war is over james thank you very much for that that's a diplomatic editor james bays live in hanoi let's go now to our white house correspondent kelly health and she's also in hanoi james going through the very big and complex issues that might be addressed that there might be progress on but is president trump prepared for this company because he has been quite distracted on on wednesday morning. yeah there are a lot of domestic distractions and i'll get to some of those in a moment but i want to pick up on something james was talking about and that is the
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possibility is offering the enticement to the north korean leader in exchange for some sort of roadmap for denuclearize ation that there may be some formal declaration end to the korean war the president was asked directly about that by the media pool covering this face to face dinner between the two leaders and he would simply say we'll see so donald trump what he is saying right now in advance of these discussions that will take place all day on thursday is that we will see with regard to whether or not there will be some sort of declaration end to the korean war which does have to be signed by some other parties but whether that may be something that will come out of this how do i sum it pulling back from this the president continues to kind of spin all of this is this being very successful he is trying to distract from some of the more negative headlines that are taking place back in the united states one being the testimony that is set to take place in
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congress in the house of representatives before a committee involving his former lawyer longtime fixer michael cohen i know my colleague she has her town he will be talking about that in a moment i certainly don't want to steal any of those headlines but suffice to say that the president is very keen to go watch that testimony in fact telling him he believes this will be a very quick dinner presumably wanting to wrap that up so that he can watch those hearings take place or at committee thank you very much for that phenomena the committee how it could live and handle and as can be mentioned back in washington president former person noire michael cohen both soon began what many believe will be explosive public testimony on capitol hill coleen says he's looking forward to telling the truth about donald trump's contacts with russia and accusations of criminal conduct trump tweeted from. and i repeat in previous remarks that column is lying an attempt to reduce his jail sentence while she half a ton c is joining us live from washington now and we have an idea an idea she half
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of what color will be saying and it's not good. now there are a few surprises here too we knew that that michael cohen was going to present his former boss at unflattering light and sure enough he's going to call him a calm a racist someone who didn't even want to run for president or had no intention of becoming president he just saw the campaign as a as one large infomercial we also knew that michael was going to tie donald trump directly to cohen's own felonies of campaign finance violations that is the payment of hush money to women who had claimed to have had an affair with donald trump cohen will present check at a check that all trump personally signed and reimbursement for some but hush money what we didn't know and this is just broken in the last forty five minutes so say is don't know is michael curry will implicate dole trump jr donald trump's son in the payment or least the reimbursement of what michael cohen claims was the hush
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money he paid to women in violation of campaign finance laws without something new the other thing that's raising eyebrows is we were told not to expect anything on radio in russia because the campaign the committee chairman had said he didn't want to get in the way of ongoing investigations either in other congressional committees or by prosecutors but michael cohen is going to talk quite a bit about russia in his in his opening statement at least first of all he's going to say that donald trump was informed ahead of time by the lobbyist roger stone to wiki leaks was going to release information damaging to hillary clinton now prosecutors allege that that that hacked information from the democratic national committee was supplied to wiki leaks by russia wiki leaks always denied that but that's getting people rather excited for those who are looking. for evidence of collusion it's a bit vague that i mean always been told is yeah this this information might be coming out is going to be coming out in a few weeks time donald trump says wouldn't that be great if there's no specific
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city about what information the other part that's connected to russia is that trump tower meeting where donald trump and various other members of the trump organization met with russian russian nationals ostensibly to get dirt on hillary clinton michael cohen is going to say that he suspects donald trump was informed of that meeting ahead of time again my own troubles or said he wasn't aware of that meeting ahead of time so those are all interesting in the context of the special counsel investigation because michael cohen is saying something different what donald trump has always said in the lot will now depend on or donald trump told the special counsel robert mueller and what. robert mueller believes thirdly in relation to russia michael cohen is going to say doldrum didn't tell michael cohen to lie to congress about the negotiations regarding the development of a trump tower in moscow in twenty sixteen that's one of the things that michael has been charged with but he did certainly suggest that michael cohen should lie to congress that has implications for obstruction of justice allegations against
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donald trump and current going to say that trump's lawyers did look at the testimony cohen was going to give to congress giving misleading information and give the green light for that information so that's interesting in addition beyond that there's so much in here there's also allegations about potential tax fraud and potential fraud from the trump organization itself she helped thank you very much for that as shihab rattansi with all the very latest on that live and washington thank you now to egypt where at least twenty eight people have been killed and fifty others injured after a fiery crash and central railway station ran away officials say travel ran into a barrier at high speed causing its fuel tank to explode egypt's transport minister has resigned let's go now to timothy khalid as he's a nonresident fellow at the institute for middle east policy and he's joining us live from cairo good to have you with us firstly you hearing any more information about this incident. so far we've heard the that most of the
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injuries are from severe burning from the from the explosion the fuel tanker of the train. beyond the beyond the minister resigning we haven't got much in terms of. the political reaction yet to the parliamentary committee responsible for transportation. expresses concern about this further damaging egypt's reputation internationally the time that it doesn't need to be in further pressure . and the state has announced. that it will be giving money to the families of the victims to. help them. again railway officials as wave mentioned said the train ran into a barrier at high speed causing its fuel tank to explode what is egypt's safety record like when it comes to what strains and and railway system
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well there's been a long term problem of the railway structure in egypt at least every year there's a major x. in the claims quite large number of lives so this is not it is unfortunately not something that people aren't used to. the real minister the transportation minister had made requests for a large amount of funding to upgrade the infrastructure of the rail network up particularly in upper egypt. not too long ago but i don't believe that all those funds were dispersed. it's not clear that would have affected this particular incident but in general there's there's been a lot of need for a major overhaul of the rail network in egypt and there is some progress on new networks but it's still nowhere near where it is to be in terms of safety to called us thank you very much for your time but some of the calls us live in cairo thank you. still ahead on the news out of the hot he wins a second term as president but the main opposition is challenging the result always
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a historian who says georgia is trying to keep a lid on the secrets of its soviet pasta and there's a new job for this formula one mitch and me is here with that story. on the president's on donald trump jr was promised damaging information about the hillary clinton allegation to see the investigation stick around to see the trump campaign with russia did you at any time former f.b.i. director james comey in any way shape or form to close sort of down the investigation into michael flynn and also as you know. next question bottle field washington on al jazeera. examining the headlines setting the discussions a warning from the risks of the no deal breaker sharing personal stories with
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a global audience you have your own intelligence network to tell you where to go and build explore an abundance of world class programming designed to inform motivate and inspire people to write the world is watching on al-jazeera. good to have you with us on the al-jazeera news hour these raw top stories pakistan's prime minister and iran call on this calling for a dialogue after both india and pakistan say they've shot down each other's fighter jets. to indian planes and captured two pilots one of them hospital
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india says it shot down one pakistani aircraft and lost one of its own. at least twenty eight people have been killed and fifty others injured after a fiery crash in cairo's central railway station railway officials say a try and ran into a barrier at high speed because in its fuel tank to explode egypt's transport minister has resigned. and u.s. president donald trump and north korean leader kim jong un have started this second summit and vietnam's capital the two had a short meeting before the summit continues on thursday. but let's take a look now at how we got here last june. on how the first ever so much between a north korean leader and a sitting u.s. president the meeting in singapore came after months of escalating to. mentions a month later a confidential u.n. report said north korea was still developing its nuclear program and violating
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international sanctions an organist trump asked u.s. secretary of state pompei o to cancel the trip to north korea citing insufficient progress on denuclearization pale eventually met kim two months later in pyongyang he said international inspectors would be allowed into a nuclear testing site to verify north korea's claims that it was being dismantled earlier this month trump announced during his annual state of the union address to congress that a second summit with kim be held in vietnam and a week later the commander of u.s. forces in south korea said that he had seen little to no verifiable change in pyongyang's military capabilities following last year's first meeting with trump well let's get more on this now as we are joined by malik chinoy he's the author of meltdown the inside story of the north korean nuclear crisis and he's a visit of the country several times he's joining us live from hong kong mr chinoy very good to have you with us on al-jazeera as we mentioned you have been to north
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korea many times perhaps more times than most people have so from what's you you know what you've been hearing and what you can tell how genuine do you think the north is now after that meeting in singapore about denuclearization and how much progress has been made on that. i don't think kim jong un intends to give up his nuclear weapons but he does seem willing to take some steps to slow down the vellum and of the nuclear program to roll back some elements of it if the price is right and what he wants from donald trump is an easing of sanctions he wants a declaration that the korean war is over and above all he wants a broader change in the whole dynamic of hostility in tension and bad relations that has characterized north korean dealings with the united states for so many decades he does seem genuine about wanting this change of environment the question
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is how much is he willing to give to get it and i don't think it's going to include getting rid of his nukes and given that you know the north koreans do seem a lot more prepared for these talks than the u.s. president all the u.s. delegation which way do you see it going. i think one of the things to watch very carefully is the american side we have seen in the run up to this summit very mixed signals there are people in the trumpet ministration like national security advisor john bolton who's always been against diplomatic dealings with north korea trump himself seems to want to embrace kim jong un but trump is clearly a guy who doesn't read briefing books he's not familiar with all the details and a lot of what may come out of this summit is going to depend on the details if the north makes commitments for example to freeze activity at its yongbyon nuclear reactor how's that going to work will there be inspectors what will be the extent
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of it what will kim get in return so there are a lot of details on not sure the american side is really equipped to manage that but even if the american side isn't equipped to manage that could if we see progress on those issues could we see you know other parties coming en to manage those things. i think more likely is a situation where the north koreans make certain commitments and donald trump then trumpets this as a huge diplomatic breakthrough i think he's going to feel even greater pressure to present this as an enormous step forward in his quest to win the nobel peace prize to counter all the bad publicity that's going to be coming out of the hearings in washington where his former lawyer is going to say all sorts of negative things about tribe but the devil is going to be in the details and at the end of this summit i think it's going to be important to look closely at what's the follow up
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is there a mechanism for lower level people for experts diplomats to try and work this through or is kim kim just going to make some broad vague commitments and trump is going to say ok problem solved that's what he did in singapore last june message and i thank you for your time on this that is mike chinoy live in hong kong thank you now the syrian government and its allies have intensified attacks on the problems of at lead but more than forty civilians reportedly killed in recent weeks the bombardment has been targeting towns along the main road which links syria with neighboring countries and as they know how the reports reclaiming the damascus electorate highway seems to be the objective. attacks are intensifying and they are indiscriminate civilians are the majority of the casualties. the southern countryside of it live is an active front lines out of towns are now battlegrounds . they're being targeted by syrian government forces and their allies the
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northwestern province is supposed to be a deescalation zone and a turkish russian guaranteed ceasefire should be in place. because from. the killing this is. going to states must. stop. them from getting closer to the. government artillery fire has specifically been targeting two major towns and moderate noman further north they fall along a strategic highway five that connects the provincial capitals of hama it lived in aleppo all before the war it was a major trade route and the main access road to the north well there's one to hold a circle on the syrian government and russia want to control that until a national highway which was through country one this road is very important for the government to revive international trade specially after they took control of the jordan border and the crossing there are still at the. reopening of five along
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with the m four another highway that also runs it live was supposed to have happened by the end of last year it was part of the september cease fire deal between russia and turkey that prevented a wide scale assault by the government since then. a group many of the international community consider linked to al qaida took control of much of it live from turkey backed opposition fighters russia is calling on turkey to fulfill its commitments which includes disarming and removing so-called radical fighters from a demilitarized zone that rings the province moscow is showing impatience president vladimir putin says support for a cease fire is temporary but at the same time moscow insists no wide scale military offensive is being planned. already thousands of syrians have been made homeless in recent weeks and many headed north towards turkey's borders turkey says significant progress has been made in talks with russia and iran to secure the
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province but it didn't provide details regardless damascus seems to be pressing ahead with its campaign to retake the m five highway sen of beirut. to nigeria now where the president has been re-elected for a second for yet mohamed providing one fifty five percent of the vote at opposition leader. has rejected the result and plans to challenge it in court out of a toss of reports from. president muhammadu buhari supporters are jubilant there's a picture ready at their party headquarters confirmation that has won four more years of power in nigeria africa's biggest economy and top oil producer. you. need. to believe. we. really need. to start. with
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these. are. the main opposition leader has called for the cancellation of results in some states his party p.d.p. some voters will add intimidated or bribed charges the ruling a.p.c. party rejects all results. by the independent national electoral commission i'm not. on a stepped up. party and some nigerians worry a disputed election could lead to violence against it has been increased in most parts of the country as a precaution. president biharis first term was next nigeria may no longer be in recession but unemployment and inflation are now in double digits and his efforts to fight corruption and improve security remain a work in progress his supporters know that but for now at least it's time to
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celebrate. their publisher. saying a catholic cleric has been remanded in custody in australia until his sentence for child sex offenses next month cardinal george pell was heckled as he arrived at court where the judge revoked his bail was found guilty of molesting two choir boys that are now one cathedral in one thousand nine hundred six bell has been one of the pope's first saying advisors faces up to fifty years in prison i know the events of yesterday i know for a fact that that would have brought all that back to perth all their families people that i lost and my thoughts are really with their mothers. i've listened to their stories and i know their pine and i know the pine wood of my will filled it all again yesterday and it would have been a really tough try for them in it will be tougher going to die as these issues continue to be about there's look there's a legal process is underway that will follow suit yesterday i was i was appalled
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and shocked. the head of the norwegian refugee council has called out what he describes as the hypocrisy of yemen's biggest aid donors saudi arabia the u.a.e. and the u.s. who he says a fueling the conflict there jaan egeland was speaking at a donors conference in geneva where two point six billion dollars was pledged meanwhile united nations chief antonio terrorist says u.n. teams have arrived at food storage depos in the port city of hadera for the first time in six months they've been trying to distribute aid that's been stuck because of years of fighting between the saudi and the rotty coalition and hope the rebels now clean drinking water is also and chronically short supply for yemenis as. reports. this is how. every day fetching water for himself and his family the merest well is a many kilometers from his home a camp for the displaced he starts the search for water at dawn it can take more
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than three hours to get enough to fill a small container. i am not able to continue with my studies i only search for water we have been fleeing for more but four years first to flood. but due to heavy shelling we had to come to this camp it is hard to find shelter food medicine or water here. more than eight wells around the malacca camp in hodge a province have dried up it's no surprise considering five hundred families live here in the past clean water was provided by oxfam but the water tanks are now empty the charity planted it permanent wells but as the fighting intensified in the area its workers were forced to leave. now when people at this camp find water the quality is poor and i know you know a lot. less terror for water most of our children's are from dehydration and very
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real and skin diseases as a result water shortages are common in yemen is one of the most water scarce countries in the world because of the war around twenty million yemenis have no access to clean water and sanitation. and due to fighting out the port city of her data the main entry point for the fast majority of aid entering the country other vital supplies have also been cut off. according to the u.n. almost three quarters of yemen's population of just under thirty million are close to starvation and children are among the most vulnerable. twelve year old fatima is suffering from extreme malnutrition it's almost paralyzed her and without treatment she will die. the u.n. brokered a cease fire in her data late last year.


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